i mean...there are nips

I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS

  • Danny: It’s just.. Look I care about you, Steve. And this kind of stuff, the emotional stuff, it’s not your thing. I thought I’d save you the trouble.
  • Steve: Maybe I don’t wanna be saved the trouble. Maybe I want the trouble. I haven’t wanted the trouble in a long time, but with you, the trouble doesn’t seem so troubling. I don’t know, I thought… I guess I thought you felt the same way.
  • Danny: Maybe I do. I don’t know. I’m not exactly the biggest confronter of feelings. I mean, clearly there's something between us. Maybe my head was saying “Nip it in the bud”, because my heart was saying something else. Look, I have feelings for you, Steve. Maybe I even love you.
  • Steve: Wow. This is going pretty fast, don’t you think?
  • Danny: What?
  • Steve: We have a really good friendship going. Why screw up a good thing? Friends?
  • Danny: Friends.
  • Steve: Oh my god, you just did it again.
  • Danny: I did not.
  • Steve: You did, you little minx.
  • Danny: Okay you’re right, I did..
  • Steve: Why are you so afraid of giving this a chance?
  • Danny: Because I am scared of how much I like you.
  • Steve: Wow, this is a bad idea.
  • Danny: You’re right, this is a mistake.
  • Steve: Yes. No.
  • Danny: I love you.
  • Steve: Let’s be friends.
  • Danny: Okay. Friends then.
  • Steve: I love you.
  • Danny: Let’s get married.
  • Steve: No, you’re smothering me.
  • Danny: Okay, forget it.

wait a minute

Hardenshipping with full-body tattooed Maxie (minus face and hands). 

Archie’s all excited like ‘well your turtleneck isnt a dumb onesie- fuck are you wearing another fucking shirt? i mean it’s cool with the magma and the camerupt and the… nip…ples…….. holy shit this isnt a shirt holy shit you have a rad tattoo holy shit’

Maxie just smirks like a little shit all 'there’s way more where that came from ~wink wonk~’