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So many tomatoes in this strip

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my ex: i think i’m a lesbian not bisexual

me: that’s cool

my ex: no its not its so hard being gay in this society we’re so hated

me: i mean we have it pretty good these days people are getting more accepting 

my ex: no you don’t get it you’re not gay


I can’t wait until we get new interviews where Louis claims they have been dating for a “few weeks”, no wait he’s “single”, it’s “casual”, no wait a “few months”, like “6 months”, no like “a year”. I also can’t wait for the articles that will claim they started dating in January, or was it February, or maybe it was March, followed by articles that say it was December and nobody will bat an eyelash even though he was “dating” Danielle in December. And after all of that he will wish her a happy anniversary on twitter in like June or something random like that.

She was killing before killing was cool. She’s so cool so cool. So. Cool.

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Nath/Nino + 'the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU ?

i’m…..suddenly so into this that i got carried away lol

words: 1409

Nino didn’t know what kind of an idiot could manage to trip off the fire alarm at three in the goddamn morning, but he was going to assume it was a special brand of idiot that he was thirty seconds away from chewing out. He needed to wake up in four hours to get to work on time. He didn’t deserve this. 

He was about to grab his noise canceling headphones and listen to music until he fell asleep, but then Nino heard frantic knocking on his front door and cursed loudly in his empty room. God, that was probably the landlord trying to figure out which apartment the alarm was coming from. Nino grabbed a tank top and put on his glasses, hoping that this was just some moron leaving their gas burners on by accident so that Nino could just crawl back into bed. 

So when he opened the door, the last thing he expected to see was a cute guy standing in the hallway in his underwear, bouncing on his toes and looking like he was two seconds away from having a panic attack. 

“Hey!” he piped up a little too loudly. “Horrible hour. I know. Quick question. Are you good at putting out fires?”

Nino blinked. “Putting out fires? Is there a fire in your apartment?”

“Um, maybe?” his neighbor winced, speaking almost too quickly for Nino to understand him. “Kitchen, technically, but uh, yeah. I kinda panicked and knocked on the first door I saw.”

“Oh my God, you left your apartment burning!?” Nino exclaimed, propping his door open with a shoe. “Where do you live?”

The two of them jogged down the hallway to the next apartment over and Nino almost slipped on this stranger’s welcome mat as he booked it inside, following the grey smoke that was billowing out of the kitchen and making the fire alarm screech. Nino covered his mouth with the crook of his elbow and was able to see a small saucepan on the stovetop that was currently holding a small fire and burning whatever contents were inside. Nino put the cold water in the sink on full blast, snatched up a kitchen towel, and threw the pot into the sink to extinguish the fire. 

Luckily, a fire extinguisher wasn’t necessary and the charred food – Jesus, what the hell was this dude trying to cook? – was immediately put out leaving nothing but an apartment full of smoke. 

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do u shave ur legs

Can’t say I’ve ever had the occasion to, no. Always thought it seemed dumb as hell for society to just up and decide half the population needed to do something that much a pain in the ass.

This actually got me thinkin’ and I looked it up. Turns out the entire idea of lady folks shavin’ hair off all these assorted places nature saw fit to put it was literally entirely created by razor companies to sell razors to ladies too. And then color ‘em pink and mark ‘em up by like ten bucks more. Y’all been getting the shit end of the stick for centuries, this is just dumb as hell.

whenever someone asks me something irl and i don’t immediately have the answer, i reply by softly saying ‘interesting,’ and furrowing my brows, thus tricking the other person into thinking i’m very wise

Netflix movie 'You Get Me'

Lemme go ahead and summarize this trash movie for ya so you can’t spare yourself the hour and a half.

High school Guy (douchebag) overacts at party cause he finds out the “love of his life” isn’t a virgin and leaves party to fuck random mysterious chick he doesn’t know. Goes on to lead stranger on; turns out she completely fits the trope/stereotype of mentally ill young teen girl with a super duper scary past of being institutionalized. She proceeds to go off her meds and of course becomes murderous.

Typical, amirite?

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I never understood why people say that Freed looks girly anyway. Is it his long hair? I bet if he had short hair people wouldn't say that he looks more feminine. Only yesterday I saw a post arguing that Freed does but the arguments were kinda weird and invalid b/c it was anime comparions and something about Freed having a rounder face or not-masculine clothes what isn't even a thing so I got kinda confused lol but whatever

Ah I believe I know which post you are referring to but yesterday I didn’t have the energy to comment/join the discussion so I just left it at that.

Anyway, much like you do I think it has to do a lot with his long hair and stereotypes (which is p dumb). I mean, we HAVE seen him with short hair

and um no, i cannot see anything ‘girly’ here either. To me he looks like a serious mafia guy who’s handsome and beautiful all the same. And the change of his hair length does NOT change anything about his facial features, obviously.

So I think many just go ahead and blame the long hair or ‘think’ it because of the long hair. Long hair on men is a discussed topic I think and there’s two opinions; either it looks good or it does not and Freed certainly rocks it. Hell, in some cultures long hair on men is/was considered a sign of strength and manliness. And nowadays is becoming more acceptable again, I think perfect examples are Brock O’Hurn or Gil Ofarim lmao.

About the face shapes, idk man I can’t really say something about this because honestly Mashima himself keeps changing them up in all of charas, it’s never 100% constant.

he has more time/more detailed work when he draws his twitter sketches of one single character because obviously one character is less work/and he’s more time for it than getting 20 pages of a chapter done with many characters. And Mashima gave us this blessing

Holy hot damn So I mean look at him?? Wtf he’s so handsome and he has the more oval/sharper face shape here as well and you get a better idea of his body statue as well (now knowing that this coat hides those nicely tones abs and arm muscles)

About his clothes uh well I don’t see anything feminine about it nor abt any of his behavior he is shown so I kinda do not get that too? No need to say more here I think. xD

The one facial feature that makes him look a bit ‘softer’ (idk what word to use lmao) to some is probably his added lashes but again, that’s not a women-only thing, he’s not an exception. Two examples:

At some point I had thought maybe it could be the eyebrows too but then I noticed lmao no literally 90% of the guys have thin eyebrows except for Laxus (and probably Orga).

So yes, Mashima did great with his design honestly and balancing out his long hair and facial features. I’ve seen guys with long hair that really honestly looked really feminine (which is not bad btw, men can have feminine touches and females can have masculine touches that’s just natural and does not equal x looks like a girl/x looks like a man, just to clarify!!)

Thank you.

Greg and Rose fusion

In the episode “we need to talk” Greg is told by pearl, that he can’t fuse with rose and that fusion is the ultimate connection between gems.

later greg dances with rose to try and fuse with her. (now this can be taken in a more obvious way, but i thought it would be fun to think of this too)

after not being able to fuse, they laugh it off and continue to have fun together, pearl asks why they are still dancing if the fusion didn’t work. Garnet says that it did work.

Garnet could have seen many futures that had Steven part of it, so in a way, the fusion did work.

A Cold Awakening: Ch 13/?

Summary:  Modern crime AU. Twenty years have gone by since Storybrooke was shaken to the core by a gruesome crime that went unsolved. Sheriff David Nolan and his partner, daughter Emma are forced to revisit the crime. At the same time, Killian Jones and his older brother Liam have been drawn back to the town they had longed to never see again, struggling to find their own answers.
As taunting notes and clues show up they are taken on a journey to finally bring justice for the Jones family. And Emma Nolan finds herself caught in a situation more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Notes: Hi everyone, thanks so much for the support once again I can’t say enough how much it means to me. Here is chapter 13 and I hope you enjoy. Feel free to read, rate, review, direct message me, just say hello. Whatever floats your boat! 

The remainder of the story can be found on AO3 and ffnet

Words: 8700 

Rating: F for fluffy

The events following the discovery of the recipe book/journal seemed to move in a fast motion that Emma could barely keep up with. Her mind too tangled with the fact that whomever had left it, had been at her home. On her porch. On her steps. Waltzed right up to the front door and deposited what was supposed to be an insanely helpful piece of evidence. But what Emma found, as she dove deep into the final years of Moira Jones’ life, was that the answers she was looking for would not come so easily.

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