i mean.

It started out so sweet…

Then of course he decided to use his sultriest voice so it got a little hotter. But the focus wasn’t on his face so it was still sweet even if you could hear the sexual undertones.

And then bam, wiggling eyebrows, confident smirk, and that thing he does with his nose??? And I’m just sat there like “pls keep it in your pants there are other people around this table”

How to go from “sweet” to “horny” in a half second, an essay by Sheldon Cooper.

kou-shis  asked:

i HAVE A LITTLE STORY LETS GO hinata asks kageyama to 'help' (pfft yeah right he knows how to handle her perfectly) him babysit natsu every time she's asleep it turns into a night/afternoon of sweet kisses, makeouts, and cuddles ;u;





Like, just picture them tucking Natsu in after an afternoon of playing and all, so they just go back to the living room, watch some volleyball matches but in the blink of an eye turns out it’s 1AM, Kageyama had agreed to stay over, and, somehow, Hinata ended up resting on the setter’s lap… it was fine, nothing Kags couldn’t deal with but somewhere along the way, the little redhead fell asleep and the raven only noticed when he was already running his fingers through the other’s hair, absentmindedly. After a while he decides that he should be a nice boyfriend so he carries Hinata to his room, their room; halfway up the stairs the little decoy opens his eyes just to tug on his teammate’s shirt a soft “Sleep with me tonight…”  dying in the silence that surrounded them, a short nod being the only sign that Tobio had even heard it. 

Imagine Kageyama laying Hinata down over the covers and bringing out some other blankets because he knows it would take too long to tuck him in and that’s not what the setter wants, he doesn’t want to wake up the other. They just lie there, the taller male just staring at the bundle of sunshine that found the way to in between his arms. Imagine Kags just giving him a little peck on the lips to say goodnight even if the other isn’t awake and murmuring a gruff “I love you, idiot.” before going to sleep himself.


you totes gave me feels i AM DYING