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With all the spec surrounding 5.20 do you think it will explain why Oliver never touches Felicity this season? I wish we got his POV!! I mean I've spent all season watching, waiting for him to touch her but it's like he can't - or won't -cause he can't help himself!!! What do you think? Ahhhh!!!!

Yes, I absolutely do think 5x20 will explain this, 100%. And I think it’s both ways, why she won’t touch him either! She does little things, but it’s nothing - nothing - like the Felicity Smoak we know and love. There is a tangible distance between them…

Like a wall…

And I think 5x20 will show us what exactly happened over the summer that led to this unspoken “rule” between them. 

one thing I love about Yuri on Ice is how filled with… positivity it is. Because they all make mistakes, they all aren’t perfect, yet they all go on, and find happiness. The writers didn’t delve in overused angst tropes that hurt the character needleslly and I think that’s great? 

JJ doesn’t win yet he’s loved and supported by his family and girlfriend, and it’s important even if he was kind of a jerk. Because whe you’re the “best one”, you’ve got so much more pressure to keep being the best, and you’re always afraid to fail and disappoint everyone. Here they showed that if you fail it doesn’t mean that people won’t love you. 

Yurio wins the gold medal, but his resolve is to beat Yuri, because winning doesn’t mean having reached the end, but only another milestone. And he’s so mature to know that. 

Yuri fails again to win the gold, but this time he doesn’t let himself feel down. He wanted that gold medal for himself and Victor, but you see him beaming on the podium anyway. Because he now knows it’s only a matter of time before he can have it. 

Not to mention the relationship between Yuri and Victor, that’s so mature and supporting and respectful and where do you even see that in media? I know it would have been much better if they showed a kiss or explicitly said the three words for a number of reasons, but this felt real, tangible. They showed a love so believable it didn’t need to be stressed.

And these are only the things that come to my mind about this last episode. And I mean, it doesn’t mean that life it’s like that, there are always struggles, but the point is that you can tackle those struggles and overcome them I think? Even if you need to take one year to think about it. Maybe it can give you more perspective to make a better choice later. 

And tbh I don’t know where I was going with this post, I’m just glad Yuri on Ice exists. 

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So Anxiety as a personified character only first showed up recently, but who was the first of your 4 personality characters to show up? I'm guessing either Logic or Morality.

You mean as a character?? In terms of the history of all of my content, including my vines, I believe my Dad character was the first to pop up in “Dad Jokes Just Got Legit”. It was either Dad or the Prince character! I can’t recall the first time I used the Prince outfit… I believe it was for a vine called “A Fairtytale Ending!”. If you just mean in terms of my youtube videos, Logic, Morality, and Creativity all popped up at the same time in the video “My True Identity”. 

I also want to stress that it’s important to not address them as different “personalities”. The characters are all meant to portray facets of my one personality. It’s important, in the future, for me and for anyone who likes the characters, to really understand the difference here, because to refer to them as different personalities can be misconstrued as appropriative of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with DID, and if my characters and my interactions with them are slightly resembling it, I want to make sure that it is portrayed in a positive, manageable fashion, but I do want that distinction to be noted so as not to appropriate the disorder or offend! In the future, I hope to do a video about DID, and that will require a lot of research and, like I usually prefer doing, I would like to have someone with the disorder to talk with me about it for the video, so I and viewers can learn together!

The idea that anyone out there has a genuinely easy time drawing Jack Morrison is honestly baffling to me but it MUST just be me because

He’s got the Default White Dude thing going but I can’t do?? it????? I can do a character study every day of the week and he’s gonna come out looking a little different every time

Unusual Song Lyrics for the Signs
  • Aries: "Show me someone who says they've got no baggage, I'll show you somebody whose got no story, nothing gory means no glory but baby please don't bore me" (Sloppy Seconds, Watsky)
  • Taurus: "I'm a princess, cut from marble smoother than stone, and the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold" (Yellow Flicker Beat, Lorde)
  • Gemini: "One more sad movie star divorce, three hundred died in an airplane wreck and you think of all the people suffering and you bury that pain, but you can tell me everything, and we’ll ride on that wave" (King of the world, Weezer)
  • Cancer: "And I know what it feels like, what it feels like being alone. You let them take, you let them take you home, and I know what it feels like to wanna be held, you get so tired, you get so tired of being cold" (Fragile, Rozes)
  • Leo: "This chest is full of memories of gold and silver tears. I'll give you more to own than all of this, I'll give you more than years" (Slow Your Breath Down, Future of Forestry)
  • Virgo: "So what are you waiting for, cuz someone could love you more, I'm just a lost boy" (Lost Boy, Troye Sivan)
  • Libra: "When I wake up, the dream isn't done. I wanna see your face and know I've made it home" (Painting Flowers, All Time Low)
  • Scorpio: "I feel like I could die beside you, with anyone else it's not the same. And I would do anything to last, when you undo my belt, I melt" (Melt, Heyrocco)
  • Sagittarius: "I can't keep my feet up off the edge, I kinda like the feeling of standing close to death, like when you're driving me crazy" (After Midnight, Blink 182)
  • Capricorn: "Gave you a minute when you needed an hour. Chose to push it aside instead of leaving behind you. If any word that I said could've made you forget I would have given you them all, but it was all in your head" (Bridges, Broods)
  • Aquarius: "Give me a pen, call me Mr. Benzedrine, but don't call the doctor, I wanna blow off steam" (20 Dollar Nose Bleed, Fall Out Boy)
  • Pisces: "Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man, these lyrics aren't for everyone only if you understand" (Message Man, twenty one pilots)
Garnet lied about Blue

When the latest batch of episodes leaked I could not for the life of me get over how different Blue Diamond was from how she seemed in The Answer. I mean look at this shit

In her story, Garnet portrayed Blue as as a calm, cold, ruthless queen who would had no issue with ordering Ruby’s death on the spot for stepping out of line, that’s a pretty far cry from the big moping blueberry that we got here.

Now you can go and say that this was before Pink Diamond was shattered, but look at Blue’s court. It’s all bluish and pinkish gems with none of any other color, and the rubies assigned to Sapphire didn’t have a diamond on their uniform to show who they were working for. This was right after Pink Died!

Now take a moment to rewatch how Garnet acted when Blue Diamond was involved. Garnet was scared, mortally terrified of Blue, to the point that she didn’t want to get anywhere near her.

Do you think someone this terrified could really have given an accurate recollection of what happened on the day she was sentenced to death?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt for a minute that Blue called for Ruby to be shattered, but I don’t think it was because Garnet broke some insane interracial love taboo. No, Blue had her sister’s murderer right there in front of her, and Sapphire had confirmed that she would face judgement…


Does this mean Blue Diamond was right to have Ruby executed? Fuck no it doesn’t, but all the same Blue here isn’t the insane, bigoted, love-hating tyrant that Garnet told us she was. She’s a deeply hurt, deeply flawed individual in a position of power struggling to hold it together after she watched her sister’s killer escape justice because a bumbling guard distracted everyone!

So yeah, she may still ordered an execution, but give Blue a break. At least half a break. This definitely was not in cold blood.

The keyhole

Same group as “Everything hurts” and time
Just got magic keys and need to find a keyhole

Druid: what’s a keyhole?

Half-orc: trys explaining it and makes hand gestures *ends up making an inappropriate gesture*

Party:(ooc) laughing

Druid: I don’t think I like that

On our way Back to the village we stop by the druid refugee camp

Druid:*goes up to the chief and asks* what does this mean *makes same hand gesture*

Chief: why are you showing me that gesture?

Druid: that’s what a keyhole is right?

Chief:*explains what a keyhole is*


Back at the Capitol going to our guild and gets stopped by guards

Context: guild hall vanished the guards are doing an investigation

Druid:* for the heck of it roles to seduce guard*

Roles nat 20

While investigating us separately the seduced guard gets druids personal info (date 1)

Druid: I can make Berry’s!

Guard roles nat 1 to see if he still likes her

Gets in thralled and hands her a rock that can call him


Druid gets lost and calls guard (date 2)

Each roll a total of 5 on what to do

The guard roles high and druid roles a 2

They depart for the guards home

Druid: (OOC) *at the end of season* I found the keyhole it was in me the whole time!


#TeamSupergirl or #TeamFlash CHOOSE A SIDE

  • Me: *showing family members my sketchbook*
  • Me: so this is you guys, *flips page* and here's our dog *flips page* um... That's- that's just, you know...
  • Me: *frantically flips through fan art* just, uh, this is- you don't wanna- I've got some normal, I mean, better, ones in the back, I think.
  • Grandma: ...
  • Me: *laughs nervously*
  • Grandma: why are all the boys holding hands?
  • Me: it's bromance I swear.
I'm Sorry to Be the Voice of Reason

I’m seeing a lot of rumours floating around about a fourth episode.

Has this entire experience taught you nothing? There is no fourth episode. It would be a stupid marketing ploy to embed a whole Episode in subtext for us to find. The writers would not be so eager to shut us down if there were a fourth episode. There would be explicit evidence from the BBC if there were a fourth episode, not random clues and messages that mean nothing. The 404 error is a common web browser error for a broken page. We caused that with our complaints. Apple Tree Yard is just another show, and I don’t know how it got dragged into this mess. We thought there was a deeper meaning to it all, but there isn’t. There never was.

I understand everyone is grasping at any straw of hope right now, but listening to our hearts is what got them broken.

They betrayed us. They hurt the entire community.

I appreciate your efforts. You all are fantastic people who work so hard. We’ve always had to hope for queer representation in any way we can. We’ve already been feeding off crumbs. We’re accustomed to reading between the lines.

But the dog bowl is empty, my friends, and these efforts are licking dust off the floor.

And even if they were to come out with another episode or with season five, what are you expecting–a sudden one-eighty that confirms Johnlock and makes everything okay? No. They’ve shown their true colors. They don’t give a damn about us. They will continue to queerbait us for ratings. We’ll continue to make our theories about BBC Johnlock being endgame, when clearly, it never will be.

We’re an optimistic community, I know. We have every right to hope, but we no longer have reason to expect better from BBC Sherlock. The least we can do is learn from our mistake.

Moftiss doesn’t care about us. They never did.

Yuri on Ice - Ambiguity vs Explicitness

I feel like this is a discussion that comes and goes in this fandom, and now that it’s somewhat come back, I feel that I’d like to add my 2 cents to the conversation.

This got long so you’ll find the post under the cut.

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  • Mum: this "Chloe" you so adore--
  • Lucifer: adore? pfft what, I do not adore
  • Lucifer: I mean yeah she's hot, I've got eyes, I can see she's attractive
  • Lucifer: and I like her
  • Lucifer: and I respect her
  • Lucifer: as a co-worker
  • Lucifer: and a friend
  • Lucifer: but she's just a friend, that I work with
  • Lucifer: and ask out to dinner
  • Lucifer: and cuddle with
  • Lucifer: and follow around like a puppy
  • Lucifer: and make deals with Dad for
  • Lucifer: that's all
  • Lucifer: honestly Mother, "adore", what a ridiculous notion

In retrospect, Critical Role is pretty much all of my favorite things in one package, so it’s no surprise I got into it the way I did. Like, here’s a story that’s entirely based on a rejection of the grimdark fantasy tropes, that’s about hope in terrible times and love and rebellion and the family you make for yourself, that’s about well-meaning fuck-ups finding strength in each other and doing amazing things. It’s got the hilarious behind-the-scenes cast stuff built into the structure of the show. It’s got three female leads with deep and varied and complex motivations who’re allowed to be angry or upset or happy without getting punished by the narrative. It doesn’t give in for long to the temptation of lazy storytelling or characterization; assumptions get flipped on a regular basis. The most important-to-the-story and fan-adored recurring NPCs are a gay sorcerer, a bisexual wizard, and her paladin girlfriend. And the fanbase volunteers to do amazing stuff like calculate running statistics throughout the show or transcribe whole dang episodes just to make the show deeper and more accessible and more fun for a wider audience. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s improving steadily, and there are 265 hours of just straight-up gameplay to watch, with another four hours or so every single week. It’s absurd. What a cool thing that exists.

my aesthetic: adam and ronan both being Smug AF because everyone thinks they have the Hottest, Most Amazing Boyfriend

adam’s college friends being utterly dumbfounded when ronan shows up one weekend all tattooed and muscley in a pair of expensive, ripped jeans and a motorcycle jacket, looking like he stepped out of a damn punk fashion magazine or something. “you said he was a farmer.” “you said he had a kid.” “you said he nearly got kicked out of high school.” “you didn’t say he was so hot. i mean, he’s scary-hot, but still hot.” “damn, you’re one lucky guy, parrish.” adam’s just enjoying all the reactions, because he’s kind of been looking forward to this exact moment all semester long. ronan’s kind of a dick at first, of course, but he warms up to them and pretty soon they’re all laughing hysterically because ronan is fucking hilarious, and he has the wildest stories, seriously, parrish, where did you find this guy. and eventually when he starts drunkenly reciting latin poetry, everyone just groans, because, like, of course he’s a secret genius too. and so adam’s boyfriend is granted instant legend status. adam just smiles at him proudly all night and ronan just says appreciatively “your friends are assholes. i like them.”

ronan’s farmer friends take one look at adam and they’re like “you didn’t say your ivy league boyfriend was a model.” “he sure is pretty.” “you could cut glass with them cheekbones.” they ask about him all the time when he’s away at college and ronan can’t help but brag a little about his achievements so they tell him how proud they are of how well he’s doing while adam looks simultaneously touched and bemused. they jokingly ask ronan what a grump like him did to snag such a nice, sweet, well-mannered boy and he just rolls his eyes but murmurs “i ask myself that every day.” adam just says “he’s not all bad” with a wry smile. most of their kids (opal’s friends) are basically in love with him; they think he’s so handsome and smart and cool. he tells him about all the exciting stuff he’s working on at school and talks to them about science and space and robots and all the stuff he was interested in when he was a kid and ronan is Melting into a puddle of goo. “you’re really great with them” he tells him later. and adam blushes and says “stop.” and ronan’s like “no, you’re fucking amazing. i really do wonder how i got so lucky every single day.” and adam just looks at him for a moment and quietly says “me too. this is all i’ve ever wanted.” and ronan says “i’m happy.” and adam says “me too.”

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.the one where Louis’ pretty sure he’s already loved and lost his soulmate, and then he meets Harry.Harry’s a frat boy who is head over heels for Louis and Louis wants nothing to do with him.Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.Monica: You’ve got to see her again.
Ross: And why do you care so much?
Monica: Because! You could get to live out my fantasy!
Ross: You had fantasies about Emily?
Monica: No! Y’know, the fantasy! Meet someone from a strange land, fall madly in love, and spend the rest of your lives together.

The one where Harry Styles moves to Connecticut from England for nine months as a part of a study abroad program, and he just so happens to move in with Louis Tomlinson and family.Louis is an architecture student who can only think about the future. Harry is a baseball player who can only think about right now. Both are lonely for different reasons. Boybands bring them together.
Or, this may just be a long love letter to Louis’ voice, I’m not sure.
Based on the following prompt: Harry and Louis are university students who go to the same bar on the weekends. The bar has karaoke and Louis likes to sing Disney/Musical/Boyband songs sometimes. Harry thinks he’s cute so he starts singing Disney/Musical/Boyband songs and flirting with him while he’s on stage.Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate; he just never expected him to be wearing a red snapback and to chew gum like an entitled Mercedes owner.
A spring break (kind of) fake relationship AULouis comes to university looking for a drama degree and a purpose in life. He gets significantly more than he bargained for.
He’s got a secret stash of weed under the floorboards, his grades are going to shit and his mates keep getting pissed. There are secret passageways in the wardrobes and he really needs to get Niall a girlfriend. And most importantly, he can’t take his mind off the mysterious law student down the hall…Louis Tomlinson is a law student with a simple but effective four step plan: 1. Finish law school. 2. Get hired somewhere awesome. 3. Marry his best friend and boyfriend of two years, Harry. 4. Live happily ever after.
Harry Styles doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, where he wants to go, who he wants to be, or if he even wants the college degree he’s almost completed. All he does know is who he’ll be with forever, as long as Louis wants to keep him around.
Or: the painfully realistic college au where everyone’s poor, lovesick, tired of school, terrified of the future, and still having the greatest times of their lives.“You’d better run, cause there’s no way you can hide from me.”
Harry and Louis are the two most popular boys at SDSU, but they don’t get along. At all. They belong to rival fraternities and they are constantly playing pranks and screwing with each other. Everyone can see that the school slut and the pretty boy would never be friends, but when alcohol and parties are thrown in the mix, things can change.The next second, Harry is firing back, “If I wanted to kill you I could have just poisoned your fajitas.”
Louis rolls his eyes. “Clever boy.”
Harry feels his skin start to prickle with irritation. The way Louis talks to him, so condescending… Like he’s smarter than Harry… Fuck that.
“I don’t have time for this,” Harry says. “Some of us have schoolwork to do. And jobs to get to. So if you’ll excuse me.”
Harry doesn’t wait for a reply before he pushes past Louis, hoisting his bag further up his shoulder and rushing towards the door. No, not rushing. That would imply Louis is chasing him out. He walks to the door hastily.
He’s not sure, but he thinks he hears Louis mutter “Fucking wanker” before the door to the flat clicks shut behind him.
…Or, the one where Harry and Louis are unlikely uni flatmates who definitely don’t like each other and definitely won’t fall in love (even if Liam and Niall think otherwise).Harry can’t believe it when Louis, the boy he’s always had a tempestuous rivalry with, asks him to be his boyfriend. Well, pose as his boyfriend, that is—for a new television game show in which young couples are quizzed on how well they know each other for a jackpot of thirty grand.
Reluctantly, Harry agrees—because he’s got student loans to pay off, hasn’t he? What’s the harm? And he can totally deal with keeping his secret thing for Louis under wraps too. This is all just to win some money. It’s fine. No big deal. What could possibly go wrong?
Well, everything. Obviously.Louis is a film student, Harry is a musician, and shooting a music video doesn’t help on the path of trying not to fall in love.Everybody knows that Louis has never been one for serious boyfriends. His reputation around campus precedes him, which is why he doesn’t think twice before proudly telling his mother about his new and completely fabricated relationship with his oddly quiet and completely gorgeous new roommate Harry to shut her up about his lack of commitment. It’s the perfect lie; a flawless plan, or at least it was until Louis’ ordered to bring his fabulous new boyfriend home.louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.

Uni AU, in which Harry is a part-time yoga instructor with rock hard nipples and skin-tight leggings, and Louis most definitely isn’t charmed.

After a seemingly meaningless one night stand, Louis accepts that he’ll never see Harry Styles again. The plan goes to shit when Harry ends up on his cheer team.
Basically, Louis’s cheer captain, and Harry doesn’t end up on the bleachers.Louis doesn’t do relationships. He’s been there, done it, got the scars to prove it. Never letting anyone too close, Louis can be head over heels for someone for one night but when morning comes, he will be out of the door, no feelings and no regrets.
Harry always gives too much, trusts too easily, falls too quickly. Even when he gets nothing in return.
Forced to attend University, Harry bumps into his sister’s roommate and another time, another day Harry would have been a goner the very second he’d laid eyes on Louis. But he’s already got the perfect boyfriend and Louis is the complete opposite of perfect.
Louis isn’t someone who Harry thought he could ever be with, and Louis never thought he’d break his rules for anyone.
Sometimes being wrong isn’t so bad after all.The Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done.It’s been over a year since Louis broke up with Harry and Harry still believes in forever. And maybe the world does, too.Tumblr!AU.
Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.Harry’s just finished his first year of uni on his way to becoming Dr. Harry Styles, Neurosurgeon. He’s young, he has endless potential, three amazing best mates, a new love and the world at his fingertips. The fact that his new boyfriend may or may not be a sex-worker, of course, throws a wrench into the works. But it’s not true. Really.
It most definitely might not be entirely true. And that’s all Harry needs to know.The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did.Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).
Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.
A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

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Care to share why your anti CW Betty? You're entitled to your opinion but im curious to know why

Yeah dude! Here’s a short list:

1) The entire show is suddenly centered around her and her problems. Like, I get it, she has an unbelievably stressful and terrifying life but my boi Jughead over here is struggling with homelessness and his drunken father and his broken family?? And Ronnie is still struggling with the sudden loss of her dad??? And Archie is a victim of sexual abuse and trying to find himself???? Girl, I know you got it rough but you’re not the only one.
2) A follow up of the previous reason, this is RIVERDALE; this is a show about all of the main characters (that means that’s supposed to include Josie and Cheryl too) but it’s still basically a Betty Double Digest. One of the writers of the show also said she’s their favorite character which is why the entire plot revolves around her.
3) She is literally a Mary Sue. I think the writers were trying to make this fantastic, groundbreaking character arc from her but in episode one she was too afraid to try on a new lipstick shade and then suddenly in episode six she’s ransacking her mom’s purse and breaking into cars. That’s not a character arc that’s just the writers hopping from one personality to another.
4) Every other character is constantly villainized to make Betty’s character look better. Archie is portrayed as this complete asshole because he doesn’t feel romantically towards her??? She acted entitled to his affection just because she’s known him the longest???? Calm tf down like I get it, that sucks, but you can’t just blame him for it.
5) In the comics, she’s not like the ultimate character she is here. This is just because I’ve lived off of the comics since forever, but she’s suddenly got all of the best character traits leaving all the other characters to be portrayed as incomplete, the problematic fav, or just an antagonist. Like she suddenly has Veronica’s confidence, Juggie’s sass, Reggie’s complete devotion to his friends, etc. that just rubbed me wrong.
6) Torturing and almost killing a man is not “girl power” it’s just attempted homicide I’m sorry guys
7) She’s being paired with literally the only canon asexual (and seemingly aro) character I’ve ever seen and that makes me so angry

That’s just a few lmao

A Poem I just typed up.

*Sees you during blackout*

Wants to blow your back out…

Attempts to enter DM,

Usually just back out 😪

Reblogs you from a distance,

“Likes” to show my interest,

“Dm always open”

Well let me find the entrance,

Now how should I approach her,

I mean…My jokes are pretty bomb,

I could tell her that she’s beautiful,

But she probly hears it all the time,

Plus I’m try to be different from the other guys that talk to her,

Offer every thing I got

then cuff her like I was an officer,

But easier said then done..

I want reblog your tagged/Me until you see my name on every one,

Not to be weird

but just so that’ll you’ll notice me,

So that when I slide in your DM that you’ll really know it’s me.

But fuck it,

Ima just give it all I got,

Hoping you can hear me out,

- Sincerely Just a random guy trying to shoot his shot✊

i’m seeing in the heights in london for the last time in couple of hours,, it’s ridiculous how much this show means to me and i’m going to miss it so much!

i’m still on a break for a couple more days, but i just wanted to show you some more of my progress with my obc rotoscope whilst i’ve got a little spare time 😊😊


When I’m reading a fic, I can tell pretty much immediately when a Black character is written by a white person because a lot of yall very obviously have no clue what to do with anything other than whiteness and it SHOWS.

Yall either try to whitewash them and their cultures while still referring to them as the darker one every five seconds or you go SOARING past all the warning signs and go straight into stereotypes and half assed AAVE that you don’t know the meaning of.

Yall got me tired