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Given that Sabriel confirms in Goldenhand that dragons really are just a shape Free Magic creatures can take on, à la Clariel’s dragon, is it troubling or fitting that the Abhorsens of old seemed to enjoy decorating their furniture with dragons?

“I wish I could give you a new ending.”





Imagine being pregnant with Theo’s child

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“Pregnant? What do you mean you’re pregnant?” Stiles asked as he got up and started pacing back and forth across your room.

“I mean I’m pregnant, Stiles, as in, in nine months I’m going to give birth to a baby, do you need me to pull up the Websters dictionary and give you the exact definition?” You shot back rolling your eyes.

“Who?” Stiles asked pausing at your desk.

“I’ll tell you that after you help me break the news to dad.” You said.

“That bad?” Stiles asked. “Fine I’ll help you tell dad, we’ll tell him as soon as he gets home.” He told you coming to sit by you on the bed.

You rested your head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around you.

“It’s Theo isn’t it?” He asked with a deep sigh.

“Yeah.” You said in a whisper.

“Alright, we’ll figure this out, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.” Stiles told you.

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  • Everyone is staying at Person C's house. Person A and B are being flirty and cute.
  • Person C (talking to A): so you can sleep with B
  • Person A: *smirks*
  • Person C (Backpedaling): I meant to share a bed
  • Person A and B: *continue to giggle*
  • Person C: No! Not in the office *pauses* Or in my room! Do it in your own room
  • Person A: I don't have a room here!
  • Person C: and by your room I mean outside

1. Cut your hair every now and then. Fresh starts are always nicer than you think. Who needs split ends anyways.

2. Pick a song you really like. Listen to that song a lot. And I mean a lot. Dance around your room naked to that song, beat the song lifeless till it annoys the hell out of you. Then pick a new song and go through the same process. We all need to really hear music, we need to understand what the song we are listening to is really about.

3. Paint your toes black, make it as perfect as possible. Then, scratch it off. Remember nothing is permanent.

4. Go on a run with your dog. Try to race him and beat him. Realize you can out run many things. Then go back and pet your dog, realize that some things you need to go back for.

5. Decorate a plain backpack. Glue on sparkles, glitter, diamonds, newspaper and magazine clippings, lace & ribbon, anything else that may fancy you. Remember, you don’t have to be the same person you were a minute ago.

6. Buy some pretty lights and string them up in your room. Turn off all the lights except for one when you go to bed. Remember it isn’t always dark and lonely. Change your perspective.

7. Lay outside one night. Breathe in breathe out. Accept that you are only one person and cannot do everything at one time. You can take your time. The creator of the stars you’re looking up at did not do it all in one day. Pace yourself.

8. Get up every morning and stand in front of the mirror. Naked, fully clothed, backwards, upside down, who cares how, just do it. Observe yourself. Notice the wrinkles under your eyes from laughing a lot. Count your freckles. Admire your ass. Then name 3 things you love about yourself. You need to love yourself.

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Ok I just heard wakemeup by ed sheeran for the first time and the lyrics got me shook. "Your eyes turn from green to grey " "You should never cut your hair coz I love the way you flick it off your shoulder " So camren. I mean why not get a room already?

Same reaction Lovey!😍😏


You were laying on your bed, going through several different escape plans from the institute that would raise little suspicion, when Alec suddenly burst into your room. He was furious, that much was clear from the set of his shoulder and his hands that were set in fist against his his sides. You sat up quickly and motioned for him to shut the door.

“Want to tell me what’s wrong?”

“This is a goddamn disaster.” He said, steaming. 

You nodded, not denying that, “Yeah. Aldertree is a bit of a dick.” 

Alec grumbled his approval and began pacing the length of your room. 

“I mean,” Alec started in, “How could he think Jace is traitor! Jace has been the most hardworking shadowhunter this institute has seen in years and now when he needs our help, we just throw him away like nothing. I know Jace, better than anyone– especially more than Aldertree who’s never even met him– and I know he would never work with Valentine.” Alec was practically growling the words out at this point and stopped at one end of your room to hit the wall, “And now Magnus…” He trailed off, pain leaking into his furious features. 

“What’s up with Magnus?” You said. They had looked a little tense the last time you had seen them, but you didn’t think that had escalated so soon. 

“He’s just, being difficult.” Alec said tiredly, “He left to go drink at his apartment when he could be here helping us find Jace. Especially now, when even my own people won’t help me. I asked him to do this simple thing and after everything I’ve done for him, he said no.” 

“After everything you’ve done for him?” You said questioningly, “Alec what have you done for him?” 

He whipped around to look at you, clearly offended, “My wedding?! I risked everything to be with him. I could have been kicked out of my family, possibly de-runed, and all to be with him.” 

You scoffed at him, shaking your head, “Alec I’m sorry to break it to you, but you didn’t do that for Magnus. You did that for yourself.” Before he could cut you off you pressed on, “You said it yourself, it was time you made decision that were in your best interest and when you finally realized that marrying Lydia wasn’t going to do that, you didn’t do it and you chose Magnus. I’m not saying it was selfish or anything, but you kissed Magnus more for your statement than for him.” 

Alec stared at you, furiously dumbfounded for a moment before his defensive stance dropped and he leaned against the wall. “I guess you’re right.” 

“No need to guess.” You said cheekily and patted the spot next to you for him to sit down. He shuffled over and plopped down heavily. 

The two of you sat in silence for a moment as Alec worked things over in his brain. You couldn’t help but feel for him, knowing that navigating his first relationship– with a warlock no less- was bound to have it’s struggles. You rested your hand on his knee, giving it a slight squeeze before you broke the silence.

“Listen Alec,” You started, “You need to remember that we’re on your side in this. I know the past few weeks have been insanely hectic and thing’s have been changing left and right, but me, Magnus, and Izzy, we’re all behind you in this and we’re trying to help you the best we can. But you also have to remember that we’re going through just as much as you are.” You paused letting that sink in. Alec nodded stonily and flopped back on your bed. 

“You’re right.” He said, “I haven’t really thought about how you guys all feel about this. I’m sorry.” 

“Apology accepted,” You said and patted his leg, “Now who else do you think you should say that to?”

He blushed slightly and rolled his eyes at you before getting up from the bed and fixing his jacket, “I’ll go over now and talk to him.” 

“Good.” You got up as well and walked him to the door, “Just tell him know how you feel, honestly, and apologize and everything will be okay, alright?” 

“Right,” He said, looking equal parts nervous and determined, “I’ll see you later. Let me know if anything happens with Jace.”

“Will do, now go get your man!” 


Imogen: Could you turn the tv down? I have a massive headache.

Knox: You literally just paint all day at a studio for a living, how could you possibly get a headache from that?

Imogen: I got a headache from hearing you attack that keyboard in your room.

Knox: You mean play? I was playing it. I thought it sounded pretty great.

Imogen: If that’s what you want to call it, then sure.


For my sis @sunlightschadow, who’s not feeling well! Hope you enjoy!

There were many benefits to dating a (THE) son of Apollo.
Beyond the blinding melting sunshine, the constant bright smiles, and the mushy rushy romance stuff; you also got a personal doctor, all to yourself (sometimes).
Overtime, the gloomy shadow of gay emo lord that was Nico Di Angelo, realized this.
Months past and everything about Will was still enamoring, in a captivating way.
It wasn’t that obvious.
“SOLACE GET OUT OF MY CABIN!” Nico attempted to shout but the scratchy burning throat made it come out like a soft whisper.
“You need care. And tea. Do you have a sink somewhere in this dark pit-“ Nico gave him a glare at those words. Will should’ve known better. “I mean VAMPIRE CAVE that is your room?”
“I’m not a vampire but I will bite you.” Nico groaned, causing his throat more pain, as he rolled over in his beds.
“I don’t think now is the time.” Will said slyly.  “Hey have you changed your sheets in the past 6 months? I can bring some from the infirmary”
No response.
“Nico. Please. Listen to me.” Will sighed.
“Alright. I didn’t want to… But obviously I can’t take of this by myself… I’m taking you to the infirmary, sunshine.”
“Nooooo…” Nico complained, eyes still shut tight.
“Sorry handsome, rules are rules.” Will carefully wrapped his arms around Nico, easily picking him up.
Will slowly opened the door, walking out.
“THE SUN!” Nico shielded his eyes.
“Shussshhh shusshhh. Yes, love, that is the sun.” Will laughed lightly, briskly making his way to the shelter of the infirmary.
“Kayla!!! We got a code green.”
“Green? Someone… Throwing up because they got kicked in the stomach?” Kayla replied, the green tips of her hair swishing as she popped her head through the door between the Apollo cabin and the infirmary.
“No Green is when someone fell off the lava wall.”
“Green. If you’d remember. Is a unidentifiable minor illness.” Will sighed, setting Nico on soft mattress.
“OH! So no ones dying.”
“Not unless you can’t help me figure this out.” Will said sarcastically with a smirk.
“Your death jokes are rubbing off on him Di Angelo.” Kayla said accusingly to Nico as she walked in.
“Yeah yeah.” Nico moved around, brushing the sheets around.
“What do you think?” Will asked Kayla. He knew, but he’d been trying to make sure his other siblings could act as nurses in case, as it always did, a emergency happened.
“Fever? Sinus conjestion. Probably knowing him he hasn’t been eating anything healthy, or at all.”
“His normal diet is fried oil.” Will frowns.
“Mac Donalds isn’t just fried oil Solace.” Nico complained, eyes squinting.
“Get some food in him and we might not have to do an IV.” Kayla said confidently, but there was a lingering ‘right?’.
Will nodded to her assuringly, “Can you get some meds while I change out his sheets?”
“Sure thing Doc.” Kayla saluted.
Will grabbed some white sheets and blue sky blankets and threw them over his shoulders, carrying them to Nico’s cabin. Will smirked cause he could finally turn on the lights, he flipped the switch.
It was so messy he almost wanted to turn the lights off. Clothes (including the ones Nico stole from Will when he didn’t wanna do laundry) and junk was everywhere around the wooden floor.
Will shook his head.
He had A LOT of work to do. Nico’s room was as cluttered as his mind.
He picked up the pillow first, he was expecting a lot of dirt, but he didn’t expect to find Nico’s journal. Will wasn’t going to read it, but he saw something, large print with the words ‘For Sunshine.’
He slowly slid it open, peeling it open.
“Dear Will,
I know. I’m not a writer or anything. I told you that. But you said this was a good idea.
You want me to write letters and other stuff. And the first thing I thought of was you. With your sunshine in your smile and hair and your personality.
You are the light of my light…
Yeah. I love you Will Solace.
I’m just too afraid to tell you.
your ’sunshine’”
Will pierced his lower lip, and slid it into the journal again, putting it under the new pillow.
After finishing changing the sheets, putting the clothes in two laundry baskets, and dusting, he was satisfied it could actually house his far too good and angelic (but a mess of a) boyfriend.
He walked back into the infirmary, his eyes widen again as he saw Nico, still a sickly green shade of green.
“You left me alone.” Nico frowned.
Will smiled lightly, walking over and wrapping his arms around Nico’s chest.
“I know. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, I promise. Let’s head back to your cabin.” Will nuzzled him.
Nico put his arms around Will’s shoulder as he walked, legs weak.
They finally reached his door, Will opened it up, waiting for Nico’s reaction.
“You… Cleaned.” Nico gaps a bit.
“Thanks I guess.” Nico said, laying down on the now bright bed. But Will saw the grateful smile.
“Um… You should get some sleep and I could-“
“Will. Lay down with me.” Nico asked, it didn’t seem like much but Nico wasn’t one for physical attention. Or any type of attention. He sounded desperate.
Will smiled, “Of course sunshine.” He walked over, sitting on the edge of the bed. Nico wrapped his arms around him, Will slipped under the covers, they held each other tight.
“I… Um… Want you to know… That… I love you. I do. I wasn’t sure if I should tell you.. I have for awhile. I just wanted to let you know… Otherwise I’d feel like I was lying… ” Will said.
“Solace. Shush.” Nico said. Will waited nervously, he watched Nico’s lips part and curl into a smirk. “I love you too sunshine.“

Can’t think of a better way to end a day where I went in to work to do SENA tests with the last 6 kids in my class, analyse the data from said tests, finish yesterday’s marking and then do some work on my program, despite the fact that today is one of my days off, than coming home to find a bunch of NEON RAINBOW ROSES from my best teacher friend at the front door.

Ghost - Part 2 - Jungkook angst

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ey bby’s. Don’t say anything; I’m a slow writer and I own up to it completely.
Part 1 /
Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

“Yah Jungkookie,” you moaned at the boy - man, you should say now; he was nothing like the young boy that used to tug on your ponytail and try to trip you over - “Your room is honestly a pigsty. I mean, my room is messy, but you’ve literally got layers and layers of grime everywhere.”

The lump on the middle of the bed remained motionless.

“Idiot. You’ll thank me one day, you know. The things I do for you.” you sighed scornfully, turning away from him and picking up a few random articles of clothing from the floor, putting them neatly in their designated place, or you threw them into the washing basket.

He still hadn’t moved, but it’s not like you noticed. Honestly, you hadn’t noticed a lot these last few days.

You didn’t like to dwell on it though. When you tried to think too deeply about… Well, anything, you got a splitting headache.

You were startled, however, when the door suddenly barged open about twenty minutes after you had started your mission of tidying up Kookie’s room and revealed a boy, about yours and Jungkook’s age, with flaming orange hair.

He was small in stature, but well built, and he was stunningly beautiful for a man. However, your eyes kept going back to his hair; it was so bright and rich with colour that it was entrancing. How did he get it quite that shade of orange?

“Jungkook,” he said in a voice that was so soft and velvety you wanted to fall into his arms and never leave. “Yah, Jungkook!”

The lump in the bed groaned, shifting slightly before turning over and not replying.

The beautiful boy sighed, going over to the bed - stepping gingerly through the chaos on the floor - before he landed a heavy hit on Jungkook’s body.

He grunted, throwing the covers off himself with a vigour you had never seen from him so quickly after he had just woken up.

“What?!” he spat, startling you. However, the flame haired boy was unfazed, leaning away slightly.

“Get up and shower, you reek. We have a radio show to do.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“Get the fuck up Jungkook, I’m sick of this shit,” the stranger suddenly spat and your nostrils flared in anger - who was this and why were they talking to Jungkook like this? What had he done? “It’s been months, you can’t just lie in bed, only leaving to go to the hospital.”

Hospital? Come again?

“I said I don’t want to go, Jimin.”

Jimin? Why did that name sound so familiar?

“And I told you to get up anyway. We’ve had to make excuses for so long about your absences and your shitty attitude and volatile behaviour; we don’t want to do it anymore. So you get up, get washed, and come into the living room where we’re all waiting for you.”


“It’s time for you to move on.”

With those words, Jimin left, leaving Jungkook looking like his entire world had been torn away from him.


Needless to say, you were confused. You didn’t know where Jungkook was taking you, but it seemed to be urgent.

He had followed Jimin’s orders, to some extent; he had gotten up, showered, dressed, but then bolted past all of the unfamiliar boys in the living room. You barely got a look at them, only noticing the vast array of hair colours, before you had ran after Jungkook out of the apartment.

“Jungkook!” you yelled after him, wishing he would slow his footsteps down. You were always a fast runner, but he was determined, heading somewhere with a purpose. You could barely keep up. “Where are you going?”

He didn’t answer. You didn’t notice.

You had been running for a long time - too long, really - until he had finally started to slow down into a jog. You still didn’t understand what was going on and where the two of you were going, until he turned the corner and the massive hospital building loomed ahead of the two of you.

He slowed down even more into a fast walk, and it was hard to keep up with him, especially as he walked straight into the hospital building and you had to dodge around people scurrying past to even keep him in sight. Even though you might not have known why the two of you were in a hospital, it didn’t mean you wanted to lose him in the crowd.

Seriously, why was it so busy? How many people were sick or injured? The entire world? It was times like this you hated living in Seoul.

“Jungkook! What are we doing here?” you cried over the noise from the crowd.

He didn’t answer. You didn’t notice.

He had gotten to the receptionist, and you could only see his lips forming words to the woman behind the desk. She typed something in and said something back. He bowed his head slightly in thanks, and the two of you were on your way again, heading down a corridor to the elevators. He pressed the button to call the elevator to you, and before long, you were in the small metal box with several other people, the two of you being forced apart.

You were squashed against the wall, pressing your entire body up against it to try and get away from a man that seemed entirely too comfortable so close to you.

Honestly, it looked and felt like he didn’t even know you were there.

Deciding not to try and question Jungkook in this silent elevator filled with strangers, you left it for a while, just staring down at your slightly warped reflection in the wall of the elevator. Even though you couldn’t see the finer details, you could see what you were wearing and you cringed at your choice. You looked like death.

Finally, Jungkook walked out of the elevator as the doors slid open for the nth time, and you followed him out, trotting behind him as he stalked down the corridor. He walked past nurses and doctors who all seemed to recognise him, and he even said a few greetings to some.

“Jungkook, seriously, what’s going on? Who’s in here?” you questioned again, staring at the side of his face. You didn’t notice the dark circles under his eyes, you didn’t notice the spots that had started to break out over his face due to negligence, you didn’t notice the way his eyes seemed to have lost their lustre.

He didn’t answer. You didn’t notice.

He stopped suddenly in front of a door that you could barely look at the number for until he was opening it and striding in quickly. You prayed momentarily that the room was empty, so you wouldn’t have to make hurried excuses for Jungkook’s rude behaviour, and your prayers were seemingly answered. All that was in there were a few chairs, the standard hospital machines that were beeping, and a woman lying in the bed.

The two of you walked further into the room, Jungkook turning the shut the door behind you, and your eyes watched him approach the bed oh so slowly, carefully picking up the hand of the motionless woman in the bed. The way that he held the hand reminded you of the way someone would hold a bubble; so afraid of it bursting that they were almost reluctant to breathe near it.

As he stared at the face of the woman, eyes suddenly filling up, you turned to look at her too.

She was incredibly familiar, agonisingly so. You couldn’t, for the life of you, remember her name at all, even though it was on the tip of your tongue. Her hair was splayed on the pillows around her, her skin looking as thin as paper. She had noticeably lost a lot of weight recently and even though she was sleeping right now, she looked like she hadn’t slept for years.

All together, she looked like something was really, incredibly wrong with her. Not to mention the huge gash across the right side of her forehead, curving over her scalp and disappearing behind her head.

Her hair was shaved around the wound, but the rest of it remained, leaving a messy hairstyle behind. You weren’t able to ponder it too much, though, because suddenly, there was a splitting agony in your head that brought you to your knees. Your hands clutched at your cranium, a cry of pain leaving your lips, and you swore you saw God.

“Fuck!” the yell escaped your lips before you could stop it, and just like that, the pain stopped.

You breathed. You waited for it to return. You opened your eyes, looked up at Jungkook who hadn’t even reacted to what had just happened to you. You turned your gaze to the woman in the bed, the woman that looked so familiar you almost begged him to tell you who it was, until you caught sight of the patient chart on the wall.


“Jungkook…” you whispered, still lying crumpled on the floor, gasping for breath and tear tracks down your face.  “Is that me?”

He didn’t answer.

You noticed.


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Tom- Matt, you cannot tell Edd.

Matt- fine.

Tom- M-Matt. stop. I… I just… I cant…


Tom- I don’t know what I’m doing, my body is so hot, it hurts. it doesn’t even feel like its mine… I’m sorry. 


Matt- I know Tom.

Matt- I just need to figure you out, that’s all. you can sleep in my room, I’ll tell Edd and Tord not to come in. I can chill on the couch.

Tom-… thanks…

Edd- Matt, thank god you came out! I-

Matt- Edd, don’t go in there, just leave Tom alone for the night. He’ll be fine in the morning… I hope…

Edd- does that mean he’s staying in your room…?

Matt- yeah, just for the night. I’ll switch with him and stay in the couch.

Edd- are you going to sleep?

Matt- probably not, maybe tomorrow or the next day. see you tomorrow Edd.

Edd- night…

okay the new SU was cute and I liked the fact that Steven got pissed but he didn’t get any answers (I mean, the Room does sorta just make very basic things from your own thoughts, I don’t think it’d be able to give him the actual answers because that was just a false Rose) and i just hope we get…SOMETHING soon.