i mean you're welcome to not ship it


“Hyung loves you too!”

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yo yo yo! just wondering if you had any fluffy zelink shit. i recently finished and am falling HAAAARD for these two. i would dm you but it kept saying something went screwy.

when do I not have fluffy zelink up my sleeve

Tp zelink-

Zelda likes to spend hours reading in the royal library but Link doesn’t like the idea of sitting around for so long so he joins her and likes to act out scenes while she reads out loud to him.
He’s gotten so into the stories one time he began swinging his sword around and Zelda thought it was adorable till he jumped on a table and started yelling and she had to find a way to get him down before someone caught them making a ruckus.

Botw zelink-

Surprisingly, Link found out that Zelda is a master at fishing.
One day he was just baiting the fish and waiting for them to get trapped in his reach, but Zelda pulled out a shock arrow and hit the water with it, and immediately she got almost 20 fish. He didn’t think it was possible but he somehow fell even more in love with her??? Amazing.

Another thing they like to do is just hang out at the shrine that overlooks Tarrey Town. It’s got such a perfect view for them to see all of Akkala and sometimes fireflies come out at night which just adds to the beauty of it all. Link likes to lie down and let Zelda put flowers in his hair while she just talks about anything and everything to him. He waited a century to hear her voice again and he loves every second with her.

They also like to visit the Lovers Pond near Lurelin Village. At first it was because Zelda never got to go before the calamity, then it was because all around the pond Silent Princess flowers had begun to bloom and he loved seeing her face when she saw those pretty little flowers.
Zelda also loves swimming and almost knocked Link unconscious when he saw her in her swimwear, which made for quite a few jokes from the villagers when they saw Link sputtering and red faced.

SS zelink-

After settling into their new home on the surface, Zelda found some pretty spots in Faron Woods for picnics and has found a new past time of practicing on her harp with Link.
He on the other hand likes to bring her to the Lanaryu Great Sea and show her all of the cool things he’s found while off adventuring. Shes absolutely amazed by it all and is particularly fond of ancient flowers. The little robots love her as well and like to make fun of Link. She thinks they’re cute but he just grins and bears the playful jabs.

there you go some zelink to sustain u

  • Margaery Tyrell: *dies*
  • Catelyn Stark: (in heaven) Ooooooh my God!!!! Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg okay... OKAY. Catelyn play it cool. Breathe. Don't mess this up. You got this. You fucking got this.
  • Margaery Tyrell: Hello? Am I dead? Lady Stark... is that you--
  • Margaery Tyrell: I... beg your pardon?
  • Catelyn Stark: I mean... welcome to heaven? Haha ha. Hahaha. (Internally: ...fuck...FUCK!!!!)

I banished discourse talk from my blog but okay here we go one last time because I keep seeing it around: if being a sheither to you means brushing shidgers under a bus in order to “look good” to antis, who don’t even care about you, then please go. I want nothing to do with you.

My blog is and has always been a safe space to anyone regardless of their ship and this isn’t about to change.

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Oh I didn't know there wouldn't be a time jump! Ok that's a lot more feasible then. And you're right, they're definitely going to use bughead sex scenes a huge draw to the show after how hot that scene was and the audience reactions to it. I mean they've even upstaged Varchie who are supposed to be the "sexy" ship element to the show whereas bughead is more about innocent, pure love! I can't even imagine how hot their actual first time will be and now I cannot wait!! Thank you <3

You’re welcome Nonnie! RAS did say that in one of the multiple interviews he gave after the finale, so you can rest assured that big moment for Bughead is definitely coming (pun intended) in Season 2. And Bughead managed to subvert all assumptions about them being sweet, innocent and pure with that absolutely sinful sex scene that was just so tastefully executed that it left me begging for more! That will have to help us tide through this hiatus until we have an even more sinful (hoping) sex scene to destroy us!

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OH MY GOD! I thought I was the only one picturing Star and Marco as shoujo characters XD Your art brought it to reality so thank you so much! Also, if it's not much could you please draw Star doing that basic shoujo confession to Marco (if you want to i mean cuz maybe you don't ship them and I respect that)? That'd be awesome! Also, you've got a new follower so keep doing what you're best at! :333

Here you go! ^^ I’m sorry if it’s not what you hoped for because it’s based on my own life and my life is a literal shoujo anime (not really, my love life sucks, that’s all). I worked on this at a really fast pace because of stuff I need to do for school; or life in general. And your welcome, I’m happy to make your hopes and dreams come true! And yeah I sure don’t ship Starco with all my Starcoweek stuff and the Starco things I rebbloged on my main blog. Nope. Don’t ship them at all *coughstarcoismyotpcough* Btw thanks for following my random art blog :D A person who follows means a lot to me. Only 30 more before I hit the 100 followers milestone. Thank you so much!

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Hey I just recently joined the Persona 4 fandom and fell in love with Kannao, then I found your blog and I fell in love with your art. You're a great artist and I just wanted to know that I appreciate you.

Hello and welcome aboard the Kannao ship! (actually an unsinkable canoe Kannao)

I’m glad you found my blog which contains a lot of Kannaos because they are really precious! Thank you so much, it means a lot. I’m happy to share my love for Kannao to everyone! ♥

Mass Effect 1 - a (not so) short summary
  • Anderson: this is a routine mission
  • Shepard: why there is a badass turian spectre with us then?
  • Anderson: dang you got me this is actually the beginning of a 3 games hell
  • ---
  • Nihlus: I work better alone
  • Nihlus: *dies*
  • Jenkins: yooo I'm all pumped up let's go kick some asses you'll be proud of me commander you'll see
  • Jenkins: *dies*
  • Shepard: this shitty game started like 20 minutes ago and 2 people died already
  • Shepard: well I'm sure there will be no more deaths afterward
  • ---
  • Ashley: look at my white and pink armor
  • Shepard: girl it's blue and black
  • Kaidan: are you 2 bitches blind it's fucking gold and white
  • Anderson: move your fat asses you fashion-tard twats
  • Anderson: it's brown and green to me tho
  • ---
  • Shepard: Kaidan what is that
  • Kaidan: it's an ugly sack of living gas
  • Shepard: no shit I'm talking about that big ass ship-shaped thing in the sky
  • Ashley: crap look at those blue mutant fuckers
  • Kaidan: are those geths?!
  • Shepard: what is this nightmare it's just half an hour gameplay and we are already in a pool full of shit
  • ---
  • Kaidan: what is this artifact
  • Ashley: it seems prothen
  • Shepard: it seems dangerous
  • Kaidan: yeah you're right better touch it
  • Kaidan: *touches it* fuCK
  • Shepard: Kaidan you fuckhead get out of-WHAT THE SHET
  • Ashley: jesus christ let's get out of here I gotta save my orange and grey armor
  • ---
  • Shepard: *wakes up on the Normandy* where am I
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy read the previous line
  • Shepard: are you drunk
  • Chakwas: yes
  • Shepard: cool where is Anderson
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy
  • Shepard: shut
  • Anderson: Sheppy we are fucked let's go to the Citadel the council will surely help us
  • ---
  • Udina: Saren is evil
  • Council: OMG Saren is that tru
  • Saren: nah
  • Council: human bitches stop wasting our time you can all go fuck an Elcor
  • Shepard: nice what now
  • ---
  • Garrus: hello yes I'm the very reason of the tears of thousands of fan girls I can help
  • Shepard: I can't romance you in this game tho
  • Garrus: yeah too bad we will recover in the next 2 games don't worry
  • Garrus: anyway Saren is evil
  • Shepard: I knew it do you got some evidence?
  • Garrus: my sexyness is the only evidence you need
  • ---
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: who are you and what do you want
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: alright join my squad
  • ---
  • Tali: Saren is evil I got evidence
  • Shepard: dang are you some kind of Assassin's Creed character from the future
  • Tali: rude
  • ---
  • Shepard: here the proof that Saren is a motherfucker
  • Council: yeah well solve it by yourself 'cause where not doing shit
  • Anderson: listen here you narcissist bugs
  • Council: Shepard we declare you first human spectre
  • Shepard: nice
  • ---
  • Anderson: so take my ship you're the boss now
  • Shepard: well thank you what are you gonna do
  • Anderson: absolutely nothing thanks for asking
  • ---
  • Joker: so we can go rescue an asari bitch if you want she has information I think
  • Shepard: why you so mean
  • Joker: I have crystal bones
  • ---
  • Liara: OMG free me I love you
  • Shepard: chill
  • Liara: thanks for saving me let's have sex
  • Shepard: you're welcome but slow down like for real
  • Liara: I'm sorry I will beg for forgiveness by having your babies
  • Shepard: girl
  • ---
  • Liara: ah here we are in Noveria seems like a nice planet isn't it
  • Benezia: I'm fundamentally good but I'll try to kill you anyway
  • Shepard: not if I'll kill you first biatch
  • Benezia: *dies*
  • Liara: mother no
  • Shepard: I'm sorry do you wanna talk about it
  • Liara: yes let's talk about this naked in your cabin
  • Rachni Queen: free me
  • Shepard: holy shit a shiny parasect
  • Garrus: Shepard that's the Rachni Queen
  • Shepard: where's my pokeball
  • ---
  • Shepard: next destination: Virmire. I'm sure everything will be just fine
  • Shepard: nope
  • Player: nope
  • Everyone: nope
  • ---
  • Shepard: fuck you know what? Enough with these shit let's go kill Saren
  • Saren: come and get it punk
  • Shepard: damn where did he go
  • Anderson: Shepshit the citadel is under attack by Saren and the Sovereign get you ass here and fight
  • Anderson: also the council is under attack do you want to save them?
  • Shepard: they're just a bunch of assholes they did nothing to help us those useless sluts
  • Shepard: yeah let's save them
  • ---
  • Shepard: Saren you son of a cockroach stop this nonsense
  • Saren: sorry bae *shoots himself*
  • Shepard: shit that worked we won
  • Saren: *turns into a powerful undead nightmare controlled by Sovereign*
  • Shepard: are you kidding me
  • ---
  • Anderson: yooo you did it child
  • Council: yeah thanks I guess now humans will have a seat in the council
  • Council: who will become the new human ambassador? Shepard you decide
  • Udina: choose me
  • Anderson: don't choose me
  • Shepard: I choose Anderson
  • Anderson: son of varren

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Hello! I'm always so damn fond of what you're writing! For the Drabble Challenge. I couldn't decide myself between number 6 “I need a place to stay.” and 22 “Did you just hiss at me?” for Winteriron? I mean, I don't know if I can give you a ship for that but... here it is if you need it. I hope it's inspiring you thank you! <3

[[ Awww thank you so much! That is super sweet of you <3 I hope you like what I came up with, and of course you’re more than welcome to pick a ship as well. ]]

It’s ass o’clock in the morning, and Bucky is drooling into his pillow when a pounding at his door startles him out of a light doze. Bucky snorts and spends a moment slapping at his bedside table before he realises it’s not his alarm. Reluctantly, Bucky pushes himself up out of bed, wiping his face with his flesh hand and stumbling towards the door. Honestly, whoever it is, he may possibly kill them, even if it’s Steve; Avengers Academy is busy enough that he rarely gets to bed at a decent hour, he doesn’t need his sleep disturbed as well.

Savagely, Bucky throws open the door,
“Alright, what’s the damn emergency?” He snarls. Of all things, he did not expect Tony Stark standing on his doorstep, shrunk into his hoodie like he wants to disappear.
“I, uh, need a place to stay?” He offers, tentative like he’s not sure if he should even try. Bucky blinks, and then blinks again when the words don’t make any more sense.
“The hell is wrong with your dorm?” As he’s speaking, however, Bucky moves out of the way and let’s Tony slide in.
“M’locked out.” He mumbles, scuffing what Bucky is only just noticing is a bare foot along the floor. Actually, now that he’s looking, Tony looks like he’s in his pajamas. “I’m sorry I woke you, I was looking for Rhodey, but I sort of forgot which dorm is his and now I’m here, and you’re here, so I guess we’re committed to this. Unless you want me to go which, yeah, I can go, I’ll just-” Bucky flaps a hand in Tony’s face and the genius startles to a stop.
“Wait, back up, you’re locked out? Didn’t you make the tech? How are you locked out?” He questions, and pointedly does not find it adorable when a delightful blush spreads across Tony’s cheeks.
“I guess locked out is the wrong word. I think Loki transported my place into another dimension, so by locked out I mean I kind of don’t have a room to go to right now.” 

Bucky scrubs both hands across his face, more carefully in the case of his prosthetic, and releases a long sigh.
“Another dimension. Of course.” Bucky shakes his head, and then reaches out to snag Tony’s wrist. He tugs the genius along behind him into his room and let’s go to faceplant into the pillow he’d recently vacated.
“M’too tired to wonder what you did to make Loki transport your damn room. Shuddup and go to sleep.” He decides aloud. There’s a long moment of stillness while Bucky waits for Tony to take the hint. Finally, he feels the bed dip under extra weight and then blankets are carefully spread over the both of them. Bucky hums, pleased, and settles into the blanket nest. He’s just starting to doze, warmed by the blankets and Tony’s body heat, when there’s a sharp hiss,
“Did you just hiss at me?” He cracks one eye open, and yes, Tony is wearing the kind of irritated expression that might preclude a hiss.
“Barnes, is your laptop a damn Apple?” He sounds like he’s just realised Bucky likes eating children and cheerfully kicking puppies off cliffs.
“Oh my god, Stark, go to sleep.” Bucky huffs, and reaches out to reel a spluttering Tony into his chest. With his brand new teddy squished close, Bucky falls asleep faster than he can ever remember.

And in the morning? The morning breath is totally worth it for the blush on Tony’s cheeks. He may send Loki flowers, that’ll really confuse him.

  • i think the biggest pernico shippers are jason, athena, and poseidon because think about it
  • Nico: I have a crush on percy. thats the truth. Thats the big secret.
  • Jason on the outside: hey thats cool man
  • Jason on the inside: ANGRKQVKD YES OTP OTP
  • *on olympus*
  • *all the gods gasp*
  • Aphrodite: you're welcome.
So my drawing Buddy came over annnnnnd......
  • Buddy: Hey I'm finally done with this comic!
  • Me: *Looks up from my character designs* Huh? The one you just started? Or the one you been working on for three days?
  • Buddy: Yeah.....Take a look! I'm pretty proud of it......
  • Me: *Takes her note book and read the comic*
  • Buddy: *Plays with her thumbs* Do you like it?
  • Me: *Chuckles* Love it♥ You know thats my favorite ship! Why would I not like this! *Grins*
  • Buddy: Mines too.....*Blushes and smiles*
  • Me: *hands her back her book* When you gonna Ink, color, and post that bad boy? Alot of other shippers would love it!
  • Buddy: Post it......Like where?
  • Me: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. ....I don't know. Somewhere, where people will enjoy your art work.
  • Buddy: No!.....I mean....I'll ink and color it......But I'm not gonna post it.......
  • Me: And why not?
  • Buddy: .....Because.....Well you know I only have a tumblr account and.....Well.....If you look that tag up there is so much hate and harassment. You know I can't handle any type of harassment! *frowns*
  • Me: Oh.....Yeah i've seen it. *Shrugs and sighs* I say you shouldn't let that stop ya but I understand what you mean.
  • Buddy: You aren't.....phased by this?
  • Me: Nah.....
  • Buddy: Why Not...? You draw and write too......
  • Me: Here is how I see it: Those haters.....Well Bashers is a better term.....are very childish. And I ain't aint got no time to be fighting with a child or someone who acts as such. If you strongly dislike the ship, Turn around and get out the tag. Stop filling the tag with unneeded hate and drama. And if people don't tag a peice of art work and it bugs you that much, You can make a public post or ask that person to tag their stuff next time. As long as you do it nicely.
  • Buddy: I see.....
  • Me: People who like one ship have as much right to like that ship as people who don't like it to not like it.
  • Buddy: .....Wha.....
  • Me: What i mean is shippers have the right to ship whatever they like. And other shippers have the right to dislike whatever they don't.
  • Buddy: Oooooh
  • Me: Right. And If you and other people who don't deal with harassment well feel scared to post something as simple as a little fluffy comic. There is a problem. Everyone should welcome all the people in their fandom. No matter what they ship.
  • Buddy: I guess you're right.
  • Me: Tumblr and other websites/Mobile apps shouldn't be a war zone.
  • Buddy: Yeahh......
  • Me: But to get back to the topic: I think you should ink it, add that color, and post it. Let everyone see you're amazing work. But if you don't wanna, I won't make you.
  • Buddy: ......Yeeeeah I might! You really think people would like it.
  • Me: Yeah, FlutterShy!
  • Buddy: *Groans* For the last time.....I'm not a pink and yellow pony! *Whines*
  • Me: *Snorts* You sure as hell act like her.
  • Buddy: Imma tell my boyfriend on you. .....
  • Me: So? I'll kick his ass.....again!
  • Buddy: ........
  • Me: ........*Grins*
  • Boths: *Starts laughing*

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Hello! An obligatory thank you for posting spoilers every week, you're a god among men. I have a question about the note at the end of chapter 314. Is it true that the translation of that is "but don't worry, hakuryuu still has judar!" ? All ships aside, it seems very strange that Ohtaka would word it like this.

You are welcome, dear ♥♥♥

Yep, it does say that, but not so straightforward. It says ”白龍には相棒がいるさ!!”. 相棒 has the furigana for “Judar”, however, the word 相棒 (read aibou) actually means partner/close friend/accomplice. Therefore, the phrase can also be translated as “Hakuryuu still has his partner/friend!!”, referring to Judar.

(PS: I just realized you might have been asking if it was meant in a “shipping hint” way? If that was the case, then I would have to say that it didn’t sound like that at all - to me it was more like “well, he still has his friend!”.)