i mean you're welcome to not ship it

  • SAM: Ok, all right, look. Let's get logical about this, ok? We'll make a list. Maria and Sharon, pros and cons. Oh. We'll put their names in bold, with different fonts, and I can use different colors for each column.
  • STEVE: Can't we just use a pen?
  • SAM: No, Amish boy.
  • BUCKY: Ok, let's start with the cons, 'cause they're more fun. All right, Maria first.
  • STEVE: I don't know. I mean, all right, I guess you can say she's a little harsh sometimes.
  • BUCY: You could say that.
  • STEVE: And I guess, you know, sometimes, she's a little bossy, you know. And she's the biggest liar in the world. Oh, and Sharon and I, we have a lot in common 'cause of Peggy of course, but Maria's just too much to handle.
  • SAM: Got it. You guys wanna play Doom? Or we could keep doing this. What else?
  • STEVE: I don't know.
  • BUCKY: Oh, her ankles are a little chubby.
  • sAM: Ok, let's do Sharon. What's wrong with her?
  • STEVE: She's not Maria.

i’ll be loving you for quite some time // a mix for pretending your ships are happy (for alicia)

i. certain things - james arthur // ii. photograph - ed sheeran // iii. i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last (cover) // ix. mine - taylor swift // x. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons // xi. something i need - onerepublic // xii. thinking out loud - ed sheeran // xii. can’t help falling in love - keaton henson (cover) // xiii. stay stay stay - taylor swift