i mean you shouldn't but you do

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

Things We Shouldn’t Do (Part 3 of  ?)

Chapter word count: 7.4k (28.8k total)

Summary: “The history between the two of you is well known,” Marcus went on, talking over Clarke’s continued splutters.  “And it hasn’t escaped the notice of certain news organizations–”
“What, you mean fucking TMZ?” Clarke interjected.
Marcus sighed.  “It would be in the best interest of the show and I think both your careers if you were to be seen as a couple.”
“A dating couple,” Marcus added as if that hadn’t been clear.
Bellamy and Clarke exploded simultaneously.“If we what?” Clarke demanded at the same time that Bellamy just started laughing.  He slipped sideways, dangerously close to falling out of his chair.

Clarke is at the bottom of a downward spiral and Bellamy is riding an all-time career high when they’re cast as the leads of Marcus Kane’s newest drama.  The entertainment world expects a blowup of immense proportions between the two feuding actors but get a hard to explain romance instead.  Or: a fake dating celebrities AU.

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Clarke Griffin woke up on day one of San Diego Comic-Con with the heat of another body pressed into her back and Bellamy Blake’s arm thrown over her torso, holding her fast.  It wasn’t how they’d fallen asleep last night, each of them militantly on their side of the bed, too nervous of crossing an invisible line that even casual shifts in position made them both tense.

It was, however, not unwelcome.  Bellamy smelled like laundry detergent and something that reminded Clarke of Octavia, and his breath was ruffling the hair at her temple in a delightfully intimate way that Clarke hadn’t realized she’d missed.

This hadn’t happened in Arizona.  Or, that was to say it had once, but they’d both rocketed out of bed when they’d realized it and had never spoken of it again.  Bellamy’s arm around her waist didn’t necessarily feel coupley.  It didn’t feel like the first few times Clarke had woken up wrapped around Lexa, or one of her other significant others.  It didn’t have that requisite awkwardness, the “oh, shit, did I do something wrong?” feeling that settled in her stomach while she waited for the other person to wake up and either pull her closer or push her away.  No, waking up with Bellamy’s arm around her waist felt natural, easy, right.

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Ngl the fact that so many gross people follow this blog makes me not want to use it anymore.

  • Kuro: We have some lightly fried fish fillets leftover for dinner
  • Mahiru: It's 1:15 in the morning.
  • Kuro: Do you want the lightly fried fish fillets or not?
  • Mahiru: Yeah
  • Kuro: Come get the lightly fried fish fillets while you can.
  • Mahiru: You just made them?
  • Kuro: No, I told you, the lightly fried fish fillets are leftover
  • Mahiru: Say lightly fried fish fillets one more time, I dare you.

Only God can judge you but bear in mind that God will judge you

ugh @ the group of foreign skam viewers getting upset by a few (not even actually bad) comments from norwegian viewers, like these people never expected to have to deal with thousands of people all over the world and their opinions and questions 24/7

everyone doing this calm down and understand that we’ve basically taken up a big part of these people’s lives now as they try to give us all the information we need to watch and enjoy this show- without them we wouldn’t be here

they’ve been nothing but respectful and loving, they are just trying to help spread a show they love while also help maintain its integrity (protecting the actors and all), they know they are only addressing a very small percentage of the foreign fans and make sure to say that every time but even though it’s a small group does that mean they shouldn’t address the problems at all?

can all of ya’ll understand that sometimes people don’t say what they mean in the best way but that doesn’t make them angry or a bad person- or have we not been watching the same show?

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Why do you tag Louis pictures "fan service" ?

He he he…. *insert evil face emoji*  Because that is EXACTLY what it is..!
Look at this guy, he knows precisely what he’s doing and he is oh so aware that this is what we are waiting for… Hence: fan service! See what I mean:

…and like….. THIS was a bonus round fan service BONANZA for the very loyal fans, thank you very much….!! 

Okay, so…pretty frequently I see people wondering why some artists are as popular as they are when they’re “not actually good at art” or whatever.  Well, for one thing, that’s an opinion, not an objective fact.  But it might also help to consider other factors, such as:

1. Prodigious technical skills, based on a traditional interpretation of the term “skill”.  Aesthetically-pleasing, well-made art.  Stellar craftsmanship.  Et cetera.
This is not strictly necessary, however, if you have one or more of these in addition to even decent technical skills:
2. Niche appeal.  A unique style, a favorite character/ship a fraction of the fandom is passionate about, or a skill few other people have acquired (like animation, for instance).
3. Powerful concept.  Not just making pretty doodles, but art with a narrative or a wealth of extra details or thought-provoking features.
4. Wow value.  I think this really only works in combination with a really good concept, but if you can really power through something huge and impressive that other people wouldn’t generally have the dedication for, they tend to sit up and take notice.
5. Prolific creation.  Making a lot of stuff keeps people interested, even if all of it isn’t super-wow-awesome.
6. Being nice to people doesn’t hurt.

This isn’t meant to be a guide to popularity–rather, next time you’re like “why is that person’s art so popular?  I think they suck”, you might consider these points and then try not to obsess over it.  The artist, after all, is just doing what they enjoy.

Don’t post that you’re sad, angry, bitter, frustrated because people will unfollow you, ignore you, tell you you’re winning, etc. Tumblr can be a heaven or hell. You might care but that doesn’t mean others do. Someone always gets offended or stop talking to you for no reason.

Also, many times kissing ass of what gets you noticed. Being to invested on a fandom will drain you, and when you begin to compare yourself, you lose yourself and instead of being a good experience Tumblr becomes a place that destroys you. Maybe all social media is like that. The popular gets revered no matter what they do, while the rest either follows into those steps or remain in the shadows.

Good night.

Where have you been?

I’ve gotten variations on this question a lot in the past couple of days, so I’ll assure everyone: I am still here and (mostly) okay, sort of drifting along. I haven’t been doing much in the way of fic because I’ve decided I’m going to pursue a MFA in creative writing, which means I have to pull a manuscript out of my ass, and let me tell you, it’s harder than it sounds. I’m going to be working on it pretty intensively in April with @bpdcecilpalmer for camp nanowrimo, too, so I’m still going to sort of be lurking in fandom during that time.

As an aside, if anyone’s interesting in being a sounding board for a piece of non-fandom writing / looking it over / helping me while I sob uncontrollably because I’m afraid I won’t be a “real” enough writer for the programs I’m hoping to apply to this fall, please let me know. The suffering is real, and I have so many body parts crossed in hope that the admissions committees like me when the time comes that it’s getting hard to type.

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give me a character (from anything ever) in my ask and I’ll rate:

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

DO I EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF??? HONESTLY???? I will spare you all from my incoherent screaming but….I mean… come ON

hahahahaha kill me

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

Kuroo is just all kinds of awesome that I am not ):

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno | WHY ISN’T MARRY AN OPTION?????!!!

Kuroo is literally the anime embodiment of “my type.” Not even just his looks (though I truly am a sucker for tall, dark haired boys,) but his personality is what really gets me. I. Am. So. Into. TEASING. Like, guys that constantly provoke people (in a funny but loving manner) is my thing. Always has been. I mean, Bokuto even calls him the “provocation expert” and BOY AM I DOWN WITH IT. He is also so incredibly loyal to his friends and I adore that. He is motivated, caring, hard-working, and DESERVES THE WORLD. I COULD WRITE AN ESSAY BUT I WON’T. I JUST REALLY LOVE KUROO TESTUROU OKAY? OKAY GLAD THAT’S OUT OF THE WAY.

If Rex and Finn have taught me anything, it’s that having a trooper designation that ends in 7 means I’m gonna like that character.

Also that following orders vs your own moral code can be a slippery slope and you need a sexy pilot type and someone with a high-class British accent to help you out. Oh, and at least one girl younger than you.

Who you should fight: undertale edition
  • Toriel: Don't. She is very fun and happy, with a genuine enthusiasm for snails and teaching. Don't fight Toriel.
  • Undine: I mean, Sure, go for it, you'll get your ass kicked and she'll probably rant about how her morals and friendship keep her strong through the entire battle. But it would be worth it to have the honor of being punched in the face by her. Do. Do fight undine.
  • Papyrus: No. He's precious. Don't fight Papyrus.
  • Alphys: Iffy. She wouldn't really be able to fight back because she's a huge nerd, there wouldn't be any point to it.
  • Flowey the flower: Do. Punch this little shit in the face. He deserves it. Do it for me. Fight Flowey the flower.
  • Asgore: Once you start a fight, you won't be able to back out. He seems sweet but if pushed he'll fight to the death. Don't fight Asgore.
  • Mettaton/Mettaton X: Punch this robot weirdo all you want he'll just make a huge show of it and be overdramatic and unpredictable, filming the whole thing live and if it gets decent ratings he'll probably be happy about getting his ass kicked. Please fight Mettaton.
  • Sans: Don't.