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Hi! I read the modern jaime lannister x reader and i absolutely loved it. May i request a modern jaime lannister x stark reader. They are married and have christmas dinner with the starks and new years eve dinner with the lannisters or something. Thanks!!!

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader ; Jon x Ygritte ; Robb x Talisa ; Caitlyn x Ned
Fandom: GoT ; ASoIaF
Warnings: /

A/N: so glad you enjoyed the last one, darling! I sure as hell hope you enjoy this one just as much <3 (also, somehow, in all my jaime x reader fics, the reader turns out to be pregnant. I think that’s my subconscious, understanding that poor jaime needs a healthy relationship and a kid with someone who isn’t his sister lol)


December 25th ; Christmas Dinner ; Stark Manor

Jaime pulled up in front of the house and, a sigh escaping you, while memories of your childhood flooded back. They weren’t exactly bad memories. That’s not why you were upset, but your Christmas dinners were always so crowded. Not only did you have six siblings, but Robb and Jon now had wife and children as well. And while you loved all of them, you really couldn’t stand being with all of them at the same time, because, despite of your age, you always ended up screaming at each other. No matter how much you loved them and they loved you.

“I know you don’t like these parties, but always remember the bright side..”

“Which is?” you turned to face your husband.

“Next week we’ll be with my family,” he grinned devilishly.

You snorted and then started laughing.

You weren’t sure which day would be worse.

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Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  More matthew tkachuk I beg of youuuu. Maybe it could be about giving him concert tickets for his birthday? Your last of him was absolutely fantastic [Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. I’m not sure if this is the one you wanted but I hope you still enjoy!:)]

2.  Could yo do a matt tkachuk one where you surprise him for his birthday? [Here it is!! Enjoy!!:)]

Word count: 1, 092

Originally posted by strmedaddy

The cake looked like it was a love child of a red brick and mud. Needless to say, your first foray into birthday cake making has been a bust. At least you can cook a mean spaghetti and meatballs, if it really comes down to party food. Or tacos – but those are still to be judged.

The cake, though. Ugh, it’s taking all of your self-control not to smash your face in it and wallow in self-pity. He’s going to be home in a few minutes and you have nothing to show him for his birthday because you went in over your head. Damn it, you should have just reserved a table at your favorite restaurant like he told you and not try your hand at this surprise birthday dinner thing.

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Not Bad of A Choice (Baekhyun) ~ Part 1

So, I’m making this another series for you! forbyun I’m making the two requests into one, is that okay? The smut will come soon. I’m not sure how many parts there’s going to be but please look forward to it ^0^.


To my right was my mother, to my left was my father and right smack in front of me was Byun Baekhyun. On his right sat his father and his mother on the left. The two of us were awkwardly picking at the food on our plates, wondering why our parents brought us to this restaurant.

“Now, kids, you’re probably wondering why we’ve dragged you out here.” my father wiped his mouth with a napkin. I looked up.

“Yes, an answer would be helpful, dad.” I replied. I knew I was being a bit moody but the next episode of my drama was on TV and I’m going to miss it if we stay here any longer.

“This is important business. Now, as you both know, our two families are very close together.” mother spoke next. I wasn’t liking where this conversation was going and from the look of it, Baekhyun didn’t either. We shared a look before back to our parents.

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Of Princesses And Scoundrels

Emma gets one last addition to her team for the trip to the Underworld, and Killian makes a new friend. Because scoundrels don’t stay dead.

(I blame @qqueenofhades for at least half of this.)

Emma expects the mist that roils out across the lake, the boat that parts it like an ominous cheese knife, the dark figure standing at the prow. She expects to feel a little sense of dread at the idea of marching into the Underworld, and she does, a little shiver running up her spine.

She does not expect the portal.

But there it is, a shimmer in the air coalescing into a swirling vortex of bright yellow light a little distance away, up in the sky.

And the thing that emerges from it…

The ovoid shape hovers in the air for a moment, long enough for Emma’s jaw to drop.

“Really?” she asks no one in particular. “Aliens, too?”

Henry is grinning. “Awesome.”

The spaceship settles down almost gently onto the grass. The whine of its engines slides down the scale and dies. There’s a hiss as white steam vents from a few places in the irregular hull. It’s a dilapidated-looking thing, Emma reflects, the hull blackened as if by fire in several places.

A ramp lowers on one side, and a figure strides down it.

It’s not an alien. It’s a perfectly normal-looking human woman. She’s short, slender, and dark-haired, and she’s dressed in grey pants, sensible boots, and a white tunic and blouse. She seems perfectly at ease with everyone staring at her. Her dark eyes sweep the group, and settle on Emma.

“Greetings,” she says, with a smile that transforms her features from a little forbidding to strikingly beautiful. “I’m sorry to intrude. My name is Leia Organa Solo. I was told this is the way to a place called the Underworld.”

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Pancakes and Plastic Cups (4/?)

Skimmons neighbours AU. Part four in the Moving In Series. (part I), (part II), (part III). 

One strip of daylight falls precisely over Skye’s eyes and she stirs slightly. Her cheek is pressed against something soft and warm that rises and falls with her own breathing, her legs are tangled up in the sheets and it feels like someone is painting the Mona Lisa between her shoulder blades.

Even without opening her eyes she realises she’s not in her own house, or her own room. It smells different, more feminine for some reason. It smells like Jemma; like soft soap, lotion and the remnants of perfume. Skye is lying on Jemma’s bare tummy, her arms wrapped around her, the covers draped around them.

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Home Again ‘Cross The Sea

based on a prompt by the one and only Dee startswithhope: “Killian inviting Emma (and Henry) to go on a summer long sailing trip outside of Storybrooke.” I’m in the mood for some fluff. I’m not sure if this is what you expected, but it’s what floated through my mind while I was lying on a beach in Kos, Greece.

Also on ff.net and ao3.

“Are you sure, dad?” Emma asked. “Six weeks are a long time.”

“And God knows after everything you’ve been through, you deserve a little time for yourself,” David told her firmly, “the three of you do.” He motioned his head towards Killian and Henry who were carrying wooden boxes across the gangway of the Jolly Roger.

Emma’s fond look followed her son and the man she loved, and she smiled. Six weeks crossing the sea on the Jolly Roger, only the three of them, no impending danger, no life-threatening force to worry about after their last ordeal – it sounded like a dream. Still, part of her felt guilty about turning her back on Storybrooke even for a limited amount of time, the rest of her family and friends, leaving her parents and Regina in charge, leaving it up to them to deal with any eventual crisis that might appear. After all, like Killian had once said, there was always a crisis. So, she protested again: “Yeah, but what if…”

“Aren’t you a little full of yourself, Savior?” Regina mocked with that slight innate regal arrogance in her voice that was so much her, but the underlying warmth in her tone took the edge off it; so did the barely perceptible, but nevertheless fond smile around her mouth. She knew what she owed her former enemy.

Emma played along and rolled her eyes. “I’m sure you can handle it,” she replied. “But six weeks without Henry?”

“Of course I will miss him,” the other woman replied, “but your father is right. I think this vacation is also good for him.” She nodded towards the tall teenage boy who was just elbowing Killian and saying something to him with a whimsical expression on his face to which the pirate laughed and smacked Henry’s shoulder. “Looks like he’s quite fond of Captain Guyliner,” the former Evil Queen stated soberly. “The next family vacation is mine,” she finished and waved Emma off. “Now go!”

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our moms are co-workers and set us up on a date and we only agree to make them happy, with Klaine please?

oh yessss

I adapted it a little ;)

Ever since his dad left, Blaine knew that his mom wouldn’t stay idle and that she would find a job, if only to get back her self-respect.

He didn’t expect her to get a job at a garage–his mom? Small, precious, always perfectly dressed Pam Anderson, getting under the hood of massive cars and fixing them?

No, Blaine has to admit that he didn’t see it coming.

But he also has to admit that it’s good to see her smiling so widely, if tiredly, when she comes home from work, with grease under her nails and stories about her customers and her co-workers.

“… and Burt’s son keeps on surprising me,” she says over dinner one evening, while Blaine pulls the lasagnas out of the oven. “One moment he’s complaining about the poor quality of the skin products available at the Lima’s pharmacy, and the next he’s fixing this huge Hummer by himself.”

“So he’s multifaceted,” Blaine says, sitting down and wiggling his fingers until his mother gives him her plate. “Everybody has more than one side, mom.”

“Like you,” she says with a smile, “liking football and musicals …”

“I guess,” Blaine replies, digging into his plate.

“You know what would be a great idea?” she asks, and he looks up, cheek bulging with his mouthful.

“You should go on a date with Pam’s boy.”

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Fic: Homecoming (1/1)

Summary: Emma nodded before taking a deep breath and setting her shoulders. She was clearly shoring up her courage for the question she was about to ask. “Do you really think we can be happy here? In this house, I mean.” (or, Emma and Killian make a home together)
Author’s Note:
This is what is known as a majorly insistent plotbunny. I actually had a different version of it all written out but didn’t at all like the execution of it. I still liked the idea, so I reworked it into what you see below, which I like a lot better. Mama Snow and Captain Swan goodness here, ladies and gents! Feedback is a writer’s ice cream sundae! Hope you like. :)


At ff.net and below.


Snow White had known her daughter for what was in her opinion far too few years. She could count the number of times over those far too few years that she had seen her Emma simply pick at her meal on one hand.

Today, unfortunately, was one of those times.

This impromptu mother-daughter lunch date at Granny’s had been a joint effort between her and Charming. Their little girl needed to learn to build some relaxation time into her days. Who better to teach her than her parents?

As expected, Emma had tried to insist that she couldn’t go. She had too much paperwork to catch up on and her patrol was in twenty minutes! When Charming offered to take both her paperwork and her patrol, she didn’t have an argumentative leg to stand on. So now here she and Snow sat in a booth across from each other at Granny’s. Snow at least was eating her lunch. Emma was simply spinning a French fry in the puddle of ketchup on her plate, her mind seemingly miles elsewhere.

“Is everything all right, Emma?” Snow asked, trying her best to sound nonchalant. Though Emma was indeed getting better with sharing what was bothering her, her first instinct when asked was still to insist everything was fine, even when it clearly wasn’t.

An achingly familiar conflict crossed Emma’s features. The young part of Emma who hadn’t had parents to rely on clearly wanted to speak her mind but the independent part of Emma wanted just as badly to handle it herself like she always had. It was an internal conflict Snow hadn’t seen in a while, a slight shoring up of the walls Snow had been sure were trampled to the ground.

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That's okay and thank you.

PROMPT: Okay, so we got a little mixed up in our messaging, so I lost the prompt, but I believe it was that Regina reveals/tells/brags to Snow about her relationship with Emma? Or something along those lines? If not, just message me, love, and I’ll adjust.

Here’s my take on it:

Since Neverland, Snow had been randomly inviting Regina over for dinner. It was her attempt at sparking a strangely comfortable yet simultaneously awkward and tense friendship with her former stepmother. Regina played along, because playing happy little family put her in Snow and Charming’s somewhat-good, but still not-so-great graces, and that helped ease things overall.

Normally, she wouldn’t care, but she refused to draw Henry into the middle of their ages-old feud any longer; plus, these days, Regina truly was much happier than she could ever recall being.

Her relationship with Henry was not only on the mend, but thriving. She no longer evoked constant jeers or screams from the townspeople, and she was getting laid on a regular basis. Relatively, she believed she may have found love again.

Regina had made her thoughts on the matter of her relationship with the Savior very clear. She was quite ready to go public with their romance; or at least, to inform their shared son and Emma’s parents. Emma, however, was on the opposite side of the fence. She kept using the excuse of letting things “settle down” first, despite the fact that it had been nearly nine months since their return from the land of demented teens, and as far as Regina was concerned, things were pretty damn settled.

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Prompt: Regina is able to say ' I love you' to anyone except the person she's in love with ( This person being Emma, of course). The words literally will not form in her mouth when she tries to say them. Emma naturally feels hurt and rejected and Regina has no clue what's going. Was she cursed or someone put a spell on her? Angst with an eventual happy ending.

Sorry it took so long. Hope you enjoy!

Regina snapped awake.

Rubbing her fingers to her temples, she sat against the backboard of her bed attempting to collect the pieces of the strange dream she had just had.

She was in her bed asleep when the door cracked open and a dark figure entered the room. She felt a small prick on her left ring finger that sent a sudden chill throughout her body and the shadow suddenly vanished.

Her cell phone rang, snapping her from her thoughts. The irritated frown she wore suddenly vanished as she saw, “Emma Swan,” on the screen.

“Good Morning,” she said sleepily.

“Morning, beautiful,” came the blonde’s voice on the other end.

“You’re up early, aren’t you?”

“Yup, got a disturbance call about an hour ago, but it was a false alarm. I figured you’d be awake and wanted to say good morning,” Regina smiled to herself as Emma spoke.

“How incredibly sappy of you, dear,” smiled Regina as she stepped out of bed.

“Whatever, you like it,” teased the blonde causing Regina to blush.

“Think what you’d like, Sheriff,” said Regina trying to stifle the excitement in her voice.

“Mmmhmm… well we’ll see what you think when I meet you at Granny’s for lunch,”

“Very well, dear- see you then,” replied Regina.

“See ya,” said the blonde, “Oh hey, Regina?”

“Yes, dear?”

“I love you,” smiled the blonde. The words came out a bit shaky seeing as how the previous evening had been the first time the new couple began saying them to each other.

Regina smiled widely and opened her mouth to reply, “I…” she held her hand to her throat and coughed, “I…” she coughed a couple more times, “Emma, I…” she opened and closed her mouth, but for some reason she couldn’t form the words.

“Regina?” inquired Emma, “You okay?” but the brunette continued to clear her throat and cough, “Hey, um, you okay?”

“I have… to… go…” said the brunette in between coughs.

“Okay,” said the blonde uncertainly, “Granny’s at one, right?”

“Yes,” Regina coughed out before hanging up. She tossed her phone onto her bed and ran to the bathroom. After chugging a couple glasses of water she cleared her throat and looked at herself in the mirror.

What the hell just happened?

She looked at her reflection, “Emma, I love you,” she said- her voice strong and clear. Her brows furrowed in confusion- perhaps she had just had a dry throat.

Later that day

“I think Henry’s on to us,” murmured Emma as she shoved a couple fries into her mouth.

“What makes you think that?” said Regina stealing a fry from the blonde’s plate.

“He was looking at us all funny the other night at dinner,”

“How so?”

“I don’t know, like he was happy, annoyed, and confused at the same time,”

“That’s certainly a variety,” replied Regina stealing another fry earning her a quick slap on the hand from Emma.

“Mine,” said the blonde with a smirk. Regina cocked an eyebrow, but couldn’t suppress the smile that began to dance across her face.

“Anyway,” said Regina reaching over Emma’s hands and grabbing another fry, “perhaps we should discuss telling him about us,”

“Yeah, we should probably do it soon before anyone else finds out and decides to open their big mouth,” replied Emma with a slow nod.

“Indeed,” whispered Regina as she reached over to Emma’s plate to steal a couple more fries.

“You’re lucky I love you,” murmured the blonde looking down at her half-empty plate of fries and then back up at Regina.

“Mmmm… and I…” Regina stopped again. I love you, I love you, I love you, she thought, “I….” she cleared her throat, “I…” I LOVE YOU.

Emma stared across the table at her.

“Did we move to fast?” asked the blonde, a slight tremble in her voice as she looked hesitantly across the table at the flustered brunette.

No, I just… I…” I love you. Regina suddenly felt hot. She could think the words, but couldn’t seem to say them out loud. What the hell is happening? “I have to go,” she said hastily as she stood up from the booth and quickly left the diner.

She walked briskly down Main Street, her face flushed.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” she mused out loud, “I said it plenty of times last night. I love you, I love you, I love you,” she rolled her eyes, “Oh of course I can say it now that she’s not here. I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!” she unconsciously yelled.


Regina looked to her left in horror. There stood Snow White, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Regina felt her lip twitch as she flipped her hair and continued walking down the street.

Eventually, Regina got to her office and decided to bury herself in her work. It last a few minutes before her door burst open, revealing a concerned Emma.

“What’s wrong?” said the blonde.

“N-nothing,” stammered Regina nervously.

“Did I do something wrong? Did I fuck this up already?” asked Emma, the panic in her voice growing.

“No,” sighed Regina as she walked around her desk to face the blonde.

“Then what’s going on?”

“I… I don’t know,” whispered the brunette.

“Don’t bullshit me, Regina,” said the blonde suddenly getting angry, “I love you. I thought you loved me too, but I guess I was wrong,” she turned on her heel to leave, but Regina reached out her hand, gently grabbing the blonde by the elbow.

“No Emma wait, I do. I really do,”

“You do, what?” replied the blonde crossing her arms.

“I…I……I……” Regina stammered, unable to say the three words she longed to say.

“That’s what I thought,” said Emma plainly before stomping out of the room and slamming the door.

“I love you,” Regina whispered towards the closed door. She sank to her chair, tears forming in her eyes as she realized that, yet again, she has destroyed her chance at love.


“Mom, you okay?” asked Henry timidly as he watched his brunette mother push her food around her plate.

“Hmmmm? Oh, yes, dear- I’m fine,” she said flatly.

“Mom, we promised no more lying. What’s wrong?” Regina sighed deeply as she set her fork down and looked towards the caring eyes of her son.

“I hurt someone I care about,” she whispered.

“You what?!Who?!

“No, it’s not what you think,” said Regina quickly.

“Did you use magic on someone?” Henry said, his features hardening.

“No,” said Regina firmly, taking her son’s hand in hers, “I just wasn’t able to say something that needed to be said, and Emma got hurt,”

“Emma? It was Emma?”


“But you said Emma,”

“No I didn’t,”


Regina gave a large sigh.

“Fine, yes it was Emma,”

“What happened?”

“Henry, I don’t think it’s proper to talk about this with you…”

“But I could help! Besides, I already know you two are dating…”

“You… what?”

“Come on… late nights out, blushing, inside jokes, lovey-dovey glances… it’s textbook,”

Regina opened and closed her mouth absolutely flabbergasted. She and Emma had gone through great lengths to keep this as secret as possible, but perhaps they weren’t as good as they thought.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now because it’s over,” murmured Regina with a frown.

“What? How can it be over?”

“I ruined everything, Henry,” said Regina. She could feel the tears brimming to the surface and she tried to push them down.

“What happened?”

“I couldn’t say that I loved her,” whispered Regina.

“And you do?”

“Yes,” said Regina quietly with a nod, “And I told her so last night, but today I can’t seem to physically say the words to her,”

Henry sat back in his chair, his face suddenly drained of all color.

“Henry? What’s wrong?”

“It’s my fault,” whispered Henry.

“No, don’t be thinking like that- the only person to blame is…”

“Me,” he said as his hands started to shake, “I was irritated by how long you guys were taking, and I thought that if I could help nudge things along- then we could all just jump forward to our happy ending,” he said with his eyes downcast.

“Henry… what did you do?”

“I tried to make a love potion, but I must have screwed something up,”

“You what?!” screeched Regina.

“I got one of your books out of your study and tried to make a love potion. All I had to do was mix the ingredients, dip a small pin in the potion and prick your finger and poof happy ending! I didn’t mean to ruin anything!”

Regina’s mind raced. She was so furious she couldn’t even seem to collect a coherent thought. Then she remembered her dream… it hadn’t been a dream.

“You do not fool around with magic, do you hear me? You could have severely injured yourself, you could have killed someone,” said Regina firmly, her eyes in flames, “This is something we’ll have to talk about when we have more time, but for the moment I need you to show me which spell you used right now,” she said as she stood up from the table.

Henry showed her the spell and the two went through the steps and found he had made a slight error, not a fatal error- but one that would severely alter the outcome of the potion.

Regina immediately set to work on the reverse potion and once it was done, hastily drank it.

“Did it work?” asked Henry from his chair in the corner.

“We’ll find out, grab your coat,” said Regina sternly.

She drove as quickly as she could to the loft and bolted up the stairs, attacking the door to the loft with both fists.

“I LOVE YOU!” screamed Regina as the door swung open. Her face dropped as she saw Snow White standing in front of her.

“What?” said the shocked woman.

“Not now,” said Regina pushing by Snow and entering the loft, “Emma? Emma?

The blonde came down the stairs with knitted eyebrows.

“Regina? What are you…” but before she could finish her sentence, the brunette closed her mouth with an earth shattering kiss.

“I love you,” smiled the brunette, “Emma Swan, I love you, I love you, I love you,”

“I love you,” said Emma a bit confused, but her joy exceeded any other emotion she could possibly be feeling. She wrapped her arms around Regina and pulled her into more passionate kisses.

The two became completely oblivious to their surroundings and fell onto the couch, placing kisses all over one another.

“I guess it worked,” said a happy, yet slightly disgusted Henry, from the doorway.

“What?” said Snow- her eyes the size of two large saucers.

“Happy Birthday, Kindachi!”

Summary: It’s Kindaichi’s birthday. Nevertheless, his birthday’s on a Saturday, but nobody seems to know or congratulated him. Kindaichi is sent by his mother to the grocery store, and why not? He has nothing better to do. What Kindaichi would never dare dream becomes reality.


Oikawa was standing in front of the door of the house of Kindaichi, the whole team of Seijoh behind him. Everyone carried a gift in their hands, big and small, and Iwaizumi was holding a large box, which most likely hold the cake in it. Said cake had caused a lot of problems, all of their shirts need to be washed immediately, all buried in the flour; an insufferable kitchen at school, where the will be in trouble for. However, anyone can say with confidence; it was worth it. In the box is a cake that’s baked with heart and soul and the looks is something to be proud of.

 “Yahaba?” Oikawa asked to Yahaba who had walked a circle around the small house. 

“Mission Complete.”

“Is this any kind of a bad James Bond film or what?”

“So rude, Iwa-chan! We have to make sure Kindaichi isn’t home before we go in.”

“We’ve called his mother, she knows we’re coming.”

“Still, we have to make 200% sure he’s not home right now”

“Just knock on the door,” Kunimi broke the conversation between the captain and the vice captain.

“We can’t just knock on the door and say ‘hey’, Kunimi-chan.”

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“So is this where you’ve beenspending all your time away from me?” I teased, sitting atop the neutralcolored counter. I crossed my feet at my ankles and leaned back, taking in my surrounding area. A large leather couch was pushed to the back of the room where there was desks on either side. Swivel chairs were scattered all around the room and the top of the art surround sound system and soundboard. The light was dimmed just right and only one other person remained in the room with me, Chance being that other one. I nodded my head along to the beat of a song that didn’t yet have lyrics to but sounded good thus far. During my lunch break, I decided to drive down to check out what Chance was doing. For the past few years, he was indeed working on music as something to do for the hell of it. Now, I think it’s something that he takes way more seriously than just a simple hobby.

“Yes, my lair. All the hits been produced down here,”

“You talking about Ten Day?”

He nodded and I took a sip of my Mango Madness Snapple drink and placed it back down beside me and grabbed my rice and chicken plate from the Halal stand on the corner of nearly every other block. “I still love Windows,” I mumbled after swallowing the little bit of food in my mouth. For the fun of it, he decided to make a few songs and experiment. Out of experimenting, he found something that he was good at and put out a collection of different songs that ultimately ended up on his mixtape. I had preconceived notions that, that would be something that he did once and only once but I guess not.

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Wherein Darcy sells Thor out. (Out of Town)

subjunctive: They’re going to meet Frigga too soon, right?? What an awkward moment for Frigga to meet Jane, lol.

Riana1: I do want the awkward family dinner- I really want the awkward family dinner, specially where Frigga describes the horrible cuteness of Loki and Thor’s childhood to Jane and Darcy, including Loki’s horse crazy phase when he was like six and declared himself Sleipnir’s mama and Thor dressed up in his mother’s clothes.

helikesitheymikey: somebody finally trying to see why on earth Darcy and Thor haven’t become friends with sexual benefits


So it’s been awhile since we checked in on Jane and Darcy the ex-pats. But now the holiday season is over, and this little retail worker bee can start thinking about things other than visual merchandising standards again.




Darcy did not see this one coming.

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