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Seven Years (Kai) 1. Timeless Love

Seven years. An obsession? A crush? Or maybe…just love at first sight.

Fourth grade, a time when a child can be happy and free. They usually think about stuffed animals and having fun right? Well, that’s not how I experienced it.

You can say I had more…mature thoughts?

Well anyway, fourth grade. We all gathered in the gymnasium to see the new elections for the school president.

Of course you had the overachiever kid who does sports and gets good grades. Sitting next to my friend, we chatted over the boring speech each candidate gave. “I’m so grateful for having blah blah blah blah,” the usual speeches but my friend and I made a game where we filled in what they were really saying. For example, "I like to eat frogs and poop. Thank you so much for letting me pee my pants in school.“ Stuff like that. Real mature right?

But all that changed. Now, you might think I was over exaggerating when I describe this, but I’m sincere. It was like he just shined with happiness and bubbles? I don’t know but that’s how I remember it. Just bubbles of light floating around him. 

As he walked up to the podium, he took the microphone and just simply smiled. I couldn’t help but stare as he continued through his speech.

Shaking my friend I almost yelled, "I like him!”

You know what she did? Laugh. She laughed! And! He heard it! She was so loud! She just laughed as he stared at us from the back of the gym. It was an embarrassing time but also one of the best. His first glance at me.

After his speech, I was the loudest clapper until the teachers yelled at me thinking I was fooling around. Hey, you can’t suppress love right?

Ok, flash forward to middle school. A time where the hormones kick in and relationships last a day.

Finally I could spend two years with him. Two years of passing in the hallway and maybe even talking to each other. Oh did I forget to mention? He’s a year older but ya know what they say, age doesn’t matter.

Anyway, he fitted the criteria for perfect. Awesome talents for music and super smart! Double advanced math, like come on, how do you do that?

He was my hero and student model. But all that had to fade.

My friend, not the one before but a different one, ran up to me and said, “I found a really cute guy and you have to help me be with him?”

I was so excited for her until she told me who it was. 

“Kai! He is so cute and smart! Do you know him?! Can you help me?!”

I couldn’t just tell her and crush her crush. So I played the pathetic friend.

“Um, sure. What do you need me to do?”

Oh boy did that crush me on the inside. It felt as if multiple nails started puncturing my heart. But I had to pull through.

“Ok, so you have lunch with him right?”


“Yay! Ok, so just go talk to him and tell him about me and just get him to like me! Is that ok? If it’s too much I’ll ask someone else…”

“No! I mean, no it’s ok. I will help you.”

Hey, if I actually get to talk to him, why not?

So came lunch. I could just feel all the butterflies and frogs leap inside my stomach. He was sitting at his brothers’ table. 

First of all, walking up to an all boys table is freaking hard. Second, he was there all with his smiles and everything.

Gotta calm down. Breathe.

For a 13 year old, this was pretty hard.

Walking up to him I shyly asked, “Are you Kai?”

He looked up in mid laugh with his friends, “Um yeah.”

Pointing towards my friend I said, “Do you know her?”

He looked over and nodded, “I’ve seen her before. Why do you ask?”

I could feel my hands get damp, “Um, she uh, likes you so would you go out with her?”

He stared at me blank faced, “Go out? I don’t know her. How can you expect me to go out with someone I don’t know?”


His friend piped up, “Hey! Lay off the guy! He doesn’t want to date her so just back off!”

I looked at the floor, “I…I just wanted…”

“Wanted to what?!”

Kai stood up, “Chanyeol please. I’m not a 3 year old I can speak for myself.”

He sighed and looked at me, “Hey, don’t get upset. I just don’t want to date someone I don’t know. Is that ok?”

I looked up and half heatedly smiled, “Yeah.”

He smiled back, “Good.”

As I walked away I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. 

Is it bad to feel relieved? 

“So what did he say?!”

I stumbled my words, “He uh…he’s not ready to be in a relationship and he doesn’t know you so he said no. Sorry.”

She sighed, “Well, it was a shot right?”

“Yeah…but what do you like about him?”

She looked up, “What?”

“What do you like so much about him?”

She thought a bit, “His face? I don’t know. I just do.

"Well that’s no reason to like someone.”

She scoffed, “What? No reason? Well who do you like?!”

I stuttered, “I uh…nothing nevermind.”

I walked away and that was the last time I talked to her until later years.

Junior High went on. Kai and I never talked again but I still kept him in my heart. Even when I didn’t see him in my last year, I knew to hold on one more year until High School. Then I would have 3 years with him and this time I wasn’t going to back down. 

Freshmen. The “children” of the bunch. I was a so called “nerd” mixed with a few “popular kids” but no one really noticed me. But I didn’t care, all I knew is that I had to study hard and I get to see Kai everyday for the next 3 years.

I actually got into advance English. I felt achieved and actually proud of myself. At least I had one thing to relate with him.

Walking to lunch, I spotted him. He was sitting with my dance friend and a few others but I felt so elated to actually have lunch with him. 

Sitting with my friends, I couldn’t help but glance over a couple of times just to see him.

“Hey_____, it’s Kaiii,” my friend teased.

“Yeah I know shut up!”

“He’s looking at you.”

“No he’s not.”

“Look for yourself.”

Daring to peek over, I saw his eyes land on mine. Only a second until we both looked away but it still got my heart racing.


“Shhhh please. I might get a stroke at the rate my heart is going.”

We laughed and I looked back one last time to see we met eyes once again.

Walking into English, I saw my friend clinging onto Kai’s younger brother that was in my grade.

“You can’t move! My boy can’t move!”

His brother laughed and patted my friends head, “It’s ok man! I’ll come visit.”

I sat still in my chair just staring into space. My friend in front of me waved a hand in front of my face, “Earth to ______? You ok?”

“He’s moving,” I said monotonously.


“He’s moving. After all this time, he’s moving.”

Hey guys! So here’s the new story inspired by my little problem. Well not so little but you get it lol. Yeah, it’s hard to lose your first crush even after liking them for so long but you have to let go eventually right? It’s hard but I’ll have to see how it plays out. Love you guys!-    a-bit-crooked


So I was at my cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s coworker’s house… as you do on a normal afternoon. And my cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s coworker’s brother was over and he brought his brief case… because brief cases are very in right now in the writing world and not electronically controlled at all!! 

So anyway… turns out my cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s coworker’s brother is a writer for the show but not really because he’s a producer but he’s also an editor and works at disney so he definitely carries rough drafts of scripts 24/7 so this was totally understandable. Anyway being the fan that we are we took his brief case and we snooped!! 

We found some Austin and Ally spoilers of one teenager proposing to another teenager on a Disney Channel show… such a usual thing to occur on such a channel. But we also found Girl Meets New Years spoilers and they are RUCAS spoilers hahahahahahahahahlucayasuxassssshahahahaha

These are the spoilers:

Spoiler 1: Josh is in the episode… which was already revealed but I’m going to add it in here to make this look authentic! :)

Spoiler 2: Maya and Riley plot which is SO SHOCKING because when is that ever the case, also I will avoid telling you what they are fighting about to make this as vague and believable as possible!  

Spoiler 3: Lots of alcohol reference because this is Disney Channel and alcohol references are the key objective of Disney Channel, plus my cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s coworker’s brother LOVES and cannot get enough of! I would also like to point out Maya IS NOT HAVING ANY FUN IN THIS EPISODE WHATSOEVER and her having a red solo cup (a symbol of partying) is totally normal for a girl apparently alone by herself… not at a party!

Spoiler 4: Zay is here but not a lot cause then that would bring lucaya into the picture and WHO WANTS THAT?! Also, Vanessa just can’t get enough.

Spoiler 5: Belgium 1831 is mentioned as usual but I will NOt tell you because that wasn’t in the spoilers but every single apparent rucas moment was of course!

Spoiler 6: Rucas hugs twice!!! I still don’t know the actual story or plot because why would that be in my cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s coworker’s brother’s scripts?!?! Like when is plot or storyline ever going to be valuable to a story you feel me…

Spoiler 7: Maya gets called annoying by Lucas. [yay] He steps back from her to take center for rucas. I mean I refer to Maya as annoying too… isn’t it funny how alike I am to these spoilers?! that’s so weird…. :)

Spoiler 8: Brother shit is brought up again because who would’ve guessed that topic when the writers have only stated it like 17 times. Emphasis on the shit part because it’s true no offense.

Spoiler 9: Someone that’s not lucas takes interest in Maya… surprisingly because she’s so annoying. Am I right Frair?!!

Spoiler 10: Ah I almost forgot to include Farkle or else nobody would have found this believable ! Um so yea he’s stuck on a fire escape. Hold on Belgium 1831 was about getting stuck on fire escapes…

Spoiler 11: Almost forgot Auggie too!! and he’s uhh um let’s just say he’s not in the episode

Spoiler 12: Corpanga cause totally believable and once again not vague whatsoever.

Spoiler 13: Setting Matthew’s house cause that’s a believable place right?? Thank god feeww!

Spoiler 14: MAYA MIGHT BE MOVING! How is it that everything I’ve ever wished for is all coming together :)))))

Spoiler 15: RUCAS MOMENT

Spoiler 16: Farkle has a conflict but then its solved in a later episode that I could also spoil but um yea I’m just going to stick to New Years right now

Spoiler 17: MAYA BEING IN PAIN :)


This is only the rough draft because I guess my cousin’s dog’s neighbor’s coworker’s brother’s job only allows a few spoilers in his job which just happen to be rucas spoilers. I would also like to remind you that lucaya is slowly rotting, you’re welcome!

“lucas and mRUCAS IS BOMB AF” - maya

“*says commor vague phase that could and can’t sound very believable*” -zay

“i hate maya cuz RUCAS IS BOMB AF” - lucas

“quit being annoying and look how BOMB AF RUCAS IS” - lucas to maya

“*in pain and upset*” - maya

“i support RUCAS CAUSE ITS BOMB AF” - farkle

“*common cory saying*” - cory

“riley i love you and WE BOM-” - lucas

“no” - josh (sidenote i am LOVING his development in this quote)

“happy new year” - zay (sidenote this quote really surprised me like where did this come from???)

“not true cuz RUCAS IS BOMB AF” - lucas

“what did you say to her cause i dont want RUCAS to stop being BOMB AF”      - farkle

“i’m leaving forever because RUCAS RUNS THE WORLDNOW HAHAHA and plus im rlly annoying” - maya

That’s all I got! Hope he didn’t notice I took his totally trendy brief case!! But as a lyal fan I won’t give it back til he shows me THE RUCAS PROPOSAL :OOO

Til next time xoxo 

So! It was no shock that I enjoyed chapter 70! I mean I got

  • Erekuri interacting. *clutches chest* My BrOTP.
  • Mikasa’s adorable face when she’s jealous.
  • Armin saying Historia’s name. And calling her a goddess. (SHUT UP, I KNOW I’M IN TOO DEEP WITH THIS SHIP THAT I’LL TAKE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT.)
  • Jean’s. Hair. Sign me the fuck up.
  • Erejearmin being together in the beginning. Helloooo BrOT3.
  • Hanji! Levi! Erwin!
  • ….’Mr. Hanji’???
  • Yay for Marlo joining! Too bad for Hitch though. He’s so oblivious oh my god.
  • Squad Levi eating together. I’m sorry I just love them so much as a group.
  • The subtle Eremika moments sprinkled here and there!
  • Connie going back to his village and Eren going to see Shadis? Oh man. I mean this chapter was pretty chill compared to the other chapters we’ve had, and who knows what’s gonna be thrown at us.
  • Who’s. Gonna. Get. The titan. Serum. *vibrates*
  • Reiner and Bertolt and Bigfoo-ImeanApeTitan!
  • Yeah um that dude looks too much like Grisha and who gave him the right to be packin’.