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Hiiiii if it's not too much, can you do a Niall one where your his best friend and asks you to be date for the CMAs bc he knows you're a country music fan??

Sorry it took so long, but I made it a little romantic :) Hope you enjoy!

CMA 2017

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#15 You Overhear Him Talking About You

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You and Niall, along with the other boys, were invited over to Liam’s flat for the night to watch movies and eat dinner. After you were all full of pizza, Liam started Oblivion, chosen by Zayn. During the movie you were cuddled up with Niall on the couch, resting your head on his chest and he had his arms around you. About an hour into the movie everyone was chatting quietly every now and then about the movie other stuff, when you decided to rest your eyes. Although you were tired you didn’t fall asleep because the topic of Niall’s conversation with Liam kept you awake to hear more. “Hey, Liam?” Niall whispered once he thought you were asleep “Yeah?” he replied in the same hushed tone sitting on the other side of Niall. “There’s something that I really want to tell Y/N, but I’m really not sure how to tell her, I’m not good at expressing my feelings.” “Well, what is it you want to tell her?” “That I love her…” “Oh wow, are you positive, because if you are then I’d just tell her.” “I’m absolutely positive, but what if she doesn’t feel the same way?” “Niall, look down,” You could practically feel Niall’s eyes looking at you, “ even I can see that she feels the same way just by how good you two are together, don’t worry.” Liam said reassuring him. You could feel his breath as he replied, “You’re right, I think she’s the one, I’m not wasting anymore time with this, I’ll tell her tonight once we get home, thanks Liam that means a lot.” He added while rubbing your arm affectionately. “No problem buddy, make sure to let me know how it goes.” Later that evening once you and Niall arrived back at your shared flat he said those three little words only to have you repeat them back to him.


It was a normal Wednesday night so just like every other Wednesday you went to the gym with your friends after work. You made your way home to your shared flat with Zayn and parked the car in the driveway. Walking up to the front door you saw Zayn through the window on the phone so you quietly unlocked the door and snuck in as to not disturb him. You were about to make your way upstairs to take a shower, since you didn’t smell the greatest, until you heard your name come up in Zayn’s conversation. “Yes, mom, I love Y/N so much, I want you to meet her as soon as possible, I just know you will love her as much as I do, she’s perfect.” You stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened to the rest of the conversation he was having with Patricia until he hung up. Before you snuck up the stairs once he hung up the phone you heard him clear his throat and knew you were busted. “Were you listening to my conversation?” he asked with a smirk placed across his face. “Maybe…” you responded with a mischievous grin on your lips. “Well, I want you to know that what I said is true, I truly believe my mother will love you as much as I do, and I’m taking you with me the next time I go home to visit,” he said wrapping his arms around your waist. “I’ll be looking forward to that, I love you too Zayn, I’m gonna go take a quick shower, do you wanna get some dinner afterwards?” you replied “That sounds good.” He said placing a quick kiss to your lips. “And you better use a lot of soap, you reek!” he added smacking your butt when before you scoffed at his comment and headed upstairs to get cleaned up.


You and your friend were looking around a local jewelry store one afternoon, you were looking at engagement rings for your friend, in order to help her boyfriend pick the perfect one. After a few minutes of looking around your friends phone rang so she excused herself and stepped to the side to answer while you continued looking at the rings in the display cases surrounding you. When your friend came back over to you she looked surprised. “What is it?” You asked her curiously. “Did you know Louis would be here?” She asked “No… He’s here?” You replied just as surprised as she was. “Yeah, he’s checking out at the front, it looked like he was buying a necklace or something, you should go see, but make sure he doesn’t see you!” She added before pushing you towards the front where you stood behind a shelf, peeking around the corner to see Louis at the desk. “Whose the necklace for? Someone special, or for a special occasion?” The store clerk asked. “No reason, it’s for my girlfriend and she’s more than that, she means the world to me and I want to give her something special to let her know how much she actually means to me.” He said smiling at the thought of you. “Well, I think this should do the trick, your girlfriend is one lucky girl.” The clerk replied before handing Louis the ribbon wrapped box and his receipt. Louis agreed before he left and you headed back over to your friend telling her what Louis had said about you. “Aww, you two are so cute, if you don’t get married one day something is wrong with this world.” She said causing you to blush at the thought of you getting married to him.


“Hey the boys are coming over tonight, you can join us if you don’t have plans.” Harry said walking into the kitchen where you were sitting at the bar on your laptop. “Sure that sounds like fun.” You replied. Later in the evening when the boys were all over you all watched movies and played video games. You noticed how late it had gotten and decided to head upstairs to get sleep before work the next day. “Babe, I think I’m gonna turn in for the night, I’ve got work early in the morning.” You said standing up from the couch. “Okay , I’ll be up in a bit.” He replied kissing you in the cheek. You said your goodbyes to the rest of the boys and headed upstairs. Once you were dressed in a clean t-shirt and shorts, ready to climb in bed, you noticed that you had forgotten your phone from downstairs. Not thinking about it twice you headed back down the stairs but stopped before entering the living room when you heard Louis mention your name. “How much do you like Y/N, it seams like you guys are getting pretty serious.” Louis asked. “I don’t like her, I love her, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I guess we are getting serious, she just makes me so happy.” You began to feel bad about eavesdropping so you decided to reveal your presence to the group. “Aww, babe.” You cooed, smiling while leaning against the doorframe. “Babe, you weren’t supposed to hear that.” He said blushing. “But it’s okay because I feel exactly the same.” You replied making your way over to him and kissing him on the lips.


You had just arrived at the stadium for the boys show that night, you were going to surprise Liam and you made sure everyone but Liam knew so that they could help you sneak in to see him. Paul had communicated with you throughout the week and told you where to meet him. As you neared the back doors the deafening screams from the fans grew louder and caused chills so run through your body in excitement.”Y/N, over here.” Paul whispered to you once you made your way through the door. You followed Paul down a corridor that lead to the arena with the crazed fans. On your way you passed by Liam’s dressing room, along with four others side by side and Paul told you to meet Liam there after the show. Paul escorted you to a seat in the front row close to the edge so you could get out and backstage fast, and so Liam wouldn’t be able to spot you from the stage. “Liam’s gonna be so happy, I’m glad he found someone like you, Y/N, I’ll see you after.” Paul said with a smile. “Thanks Paul, for everything, I wouldn’t be here without you.” You replied before he returned backstage. Once the stadium was packed with screaming fans the lights dimmed and the concert began. Soon after, the boys were singing their last song from the setlist and saying their goodbyes, before walking off stage. You quickly snuck backstage and ran to Liam’s dressing room to hide. A few minutes passed ad you heard the boys voices coming your way. “I wish Y/N was here, I miss her so damn much, it’s so frustrating being away from her this long.” You heard Liam say causing you to blush. “Well, I’m sure she misses you too, and you’ll be seeing her sooner than you think.” Niall replied to him and you quietly chuckled to yourself. The boys all went their separate ways to their individual rooms and you saw your boyfriend enter the room. “Sometimes wishes do come true.” You said standing up from your hiding spot. Liam’s eyes widened and his smile grew as he ran over to where you were standing. “Oh my god! Y/N, I missed you so much!” he said with with his arms wrapped around you. “I missed you to Li.” “I love you so much, you have no idea.” He said placing kisses all over your face. “I think I do.” You said laughing a bit before kissing him on the lips passionately.

BSM 17 You Get Pregnant By 5SOS Member Part 27

Parts 1-26

(Inspiration struck! haha, enjoy) :)

Liam: (Ashton) It was Ashton’s first day back to the studio since Lily’s birth and on his way, he wished he’d had stayed at home with you and the kids. “Ashton!” paparazzi screamed after him, and he just shook them off, that was until they brought you and the kids up. “Don’t you think 21 is too young to have 2 children, Ashton? (YN) is only 20, i think that’s too young, you guys seriously should’ve waited!” That was enough for Ashton to snap. “I don’t give a shit what you think! Your guys’ opinions haven’t changed what i’ve done in my life before, why would it do something now? Yes i’m 21. Yes i’m engaged. Yes i have two children and i wouldn’t change it for anything, so if you guys would so kindly leave, leave!” he then stormed through the studio, found the guys, sat in a chair and put his head down on a table. “What’s wrong?” Michael asked, fixing a string on his guitar. Ashton lifted his head, his eyes becoming red and puffy, the paparazzi’s comments really hitting him. “Paps decided to scold me about being 21, engaged and a father to two kids. I really don’t give a shit, i’m happy with my life. I love (YN)! I love Aj and i love Lily, i wouldn’t change my life for anything.” Michael smirked. “Tell the paps that everytime, they’ll have to back off at some point!”

Niall: (Ashton) “There’s (YN) with her fiancee Ashton and their two kids, Rian who is a year and a half old, and little Lucas, just a month old.” “Rian’s two!” you muttered under your breath after you heard the reporter on the television screen. “The younger sister of Niall Horan of One Direction was seen with her tiny little family in her native Ireland. Now, doesn’t her and Ashton seem to be too young to have two children under two years old? Seems like they’re just rushing things. I mean, two babies and now they decide to get married? (YN) clearly must be jealous of the attention her big brother has been receiving these past few years and has decided that it’s her time to shine. Wow, (YN), didn’t know you could snoop that low. Check back in with us for more wannabe celebrity news tomorrow at noon!” Turning off the tv you, wiped a tear from your eye and both Ashton and Niall looked at you all sympathetic. You stood up and ran into Ashton’s arms, Niall hugged you also. “I’m not jealous, i’m not trying anything funny, i just wanted to be happy, Ni, and i am happy with my family. I have Ashton, i love him, i’m not a jealous bitch.” you sob, and Niall chuckled without emotion. “I know you’re not, you’re still my loving little sister who has her own life that the paparazzi need to stay away from. I know you’re happy, i wouldn’t want it to change for anything. I love you, (YN)!”

Louis: (Michael) “Sydney get back here!” Michael called out, following her through the park while you walked behind holding onto Eleanor. “Sydney, listen to your dad.” you made an effort and Sydney stopped and walked back to Michael, taking his hand. “Sorry daddy.” “No worries princess.” he smiled down at her. “Having problems?” A random couple asked and Michael glanced back at you before going back to the couple and shaking his head. “No, we’re not. Everything is alright, thanks for asking.” “Two kids at your guys’ age though? My cousin is a huge fan of your band and (YN)’s brother, Louis’ band, so i know your ages.” the wife of the couple asked. “I don’t see how you guys can handle two kids at your age especially with your career.” Michael had to take a deep breath to prevent him from yelling. You took a step closer to him and held his hand with your free one while he brought Sydney closer to him. “It may not be how i pictured my life, but, i love my three girls. They’re my world. I’d like to keep my life the way it is now. It’s gonna be a struggle, but it’s a struggle i can’t wait to overcome, so, thank you for your concern but we’ll be alright raising our two girls before we get married in a few months.”

Harry: (Calum) Harry stormed into your house, and practically whipped a magazine onto the kitchen island where you and Calum were having lunch with the kids. “What’s this?” Calum asks, taking the magazine. Harry was fuming. “Thought you might want to read what reporters and paps are saying about you two.” Calum scanned the article while you burped Gemma. “What are they saying about us?” “You’re too young to be married and have two kids and that you’re only doing this to suck more fame from Calum and try to get yourself to be like the worlds most famous girl or some shit like that.” You scoffed. “I don’t want any of that. If i had it my way, me and Calum would be just like any other couple that married young and had kids young. I don’t want any more fame, not to insult you Harry, but i got enough fame from just being your sister, i kind of wish i didn’t have that fame. I want a normal life.” Harry nodded. “No insult, (YN), i understand. I wish they would’ve just left you alone, but no they have to go and ruin everyone in the family with fame.” Calum put an arm around you. “Everything will be alright, (YN), it may not be the most perfect normal life, but i’ll do my very best to make it the best life that you could ever have, other people will be jealous of the life me and you have.”

Zayn: (Luke) “Holy hell, Lucas. You’re 23 you have a wife, you have three kids, how the hell are you going to keep up with the band the way you’re going and keep your family all happy at the same time?” Jack asked him on a random day that Luke brought all the kids over to his mom’s house to give you a break. While holding baby Perrie in his arms he glared at his brother. “It may not be the life that i had dreamed up, it’s a lot more detailed and confused now, but, i’m working it out as i go on.” His brother scoffed at him. “Wow, seriously wrap it up Luke, you can’t afford this right now.” Luckily Liz walked in at that moment. “Jack, leave Luke alone. Things may look difficult now, and may seem impossible to get through, but your brother can do it. He never thought that the band would make it as far as it did, he never thought he’d find a girl and he never thought he’d have a family, but look at him, he has it all now. He’s working it out as he goes on, let him. He’s going to make mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes. He may be young, but god damn it i know that he can do it. Luke, may i hold my granddaughter please?”