i mean with the dress and the background etc

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People are just being ignorant. People who don't understand cultural appropriation are the loudest and the ones who are the first to call it out when it's not even there. I feel like your cosplay is more representative and creative than cultural appropriation. Now if you denied Nani's race/ ethnicity or were disrespectful towards her character or her culture that'd be another story, but clearly you didn't do that. You're Nani cosplay is wonderful!

Thank you, I wasn’t trying to deny her background.. some people are saying if a non black person dressed as a black character it would get called out and I’m like huh? If someone that is not black wanted to dress like for example: Suzie from the rugrats.. by all means wear her yellow and purple dress, as long as youre not doing blackface, yellowface, etc then there should be no problem cosplaying another character. but idk i’m just trying to see the other side and why it offended people so i can better understand and learn

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Do you think that maybe the colors are just complimentary and made to look the movie look better? I don't think there's any hidden meaning to it. I could be wrong but it's just a thought! I don't think they would put that much in-detail thought into a children's movie

There’s so much thought put behind every movie, not just Frozen, you would be surprised. Details like expressions, actions, background, objects, foreshadowing, animation in general, etc. However, on this ask I’ll just focus on the colors and clothing and the importance they have but that “no one would put thought in”

  • Elsa has ice powers and she is represented with snowflakes. Her dress is ice blue to bring out and show a cold feeling to the viewer. When Anna is the whole contrary and she wears more vibrant colors. 
  • Anna is dressed in bright pink and blue to show hey bright and cheerful personality but also to contrast with Elsa.
  • Elsa is cold while Anna is hot, then Elsa wears long sleeves while Anna wears short sleeves. 
  • On that same note, Anna is more childish and she wears two braids, when Elsa is more mature and wears only one braid. Also because Elsa is the first born and Anna is the second born.
  • When Hans and Anna hang out in the coronation, he acts like a mirror and copies her actions mainly to try to gain her trust (which is Hans’ aim to get Arendelle). Anyhow, he wears green like Anna does so they combine and go with. 
  • However, Kristoff is not only the complete opposite of Hans and unlike him, he wears dark colors. Also contrasts with Anna who wears bright colors.
  • On the rosemaling note, Anna is playful and she gets floral rosemaling, when Hans’ more elegant. Kristoff has very small rosemaling on his clothing because he’s more reserved but it can be seen on his belt. Elsa also gets very elegant rosemaling but she loses it when she changes her dress to represent her changing and letting go of her past and how she lets go of her title of monarch at Arendelle.

It’s true that to make something look good you use colors to make it look visually attractive but how do you know what colors to use, how to combine them, how dresses are supposed to look, etc. For all this you need development and people who focus and works on this.