i mean with all those Important Days where ultimately nothing really happens but it feels like representative for some reason

Main Character vs Protagonist vs Hero

One of the things that came up a few times in some of the asks I was getting was how can I say that Clarke is the main character and then say [whatever issue a given anon had with my interpretation of how the narrative views Clarke] and it got me thinking about how we define main characters and what that means.

Disclaimer,  I am not an expert in narrative structure/character archetypes/literature in general. This is entirely coming from my (often times obsessive) exposure to stories and some for funsies self assigned homework I’ve done over the years because I think story structure is neat. I’m probably wrong about stuff. Feel free to correct me but if you’re going to be hostile about it I’ll probably ignore it because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry not sorry.

Putting most of this under the cut because SURPRISE it got long. Apologies to everyone on mobile.

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Okay but literally the problems between Myka and Helena and the reasons they’re not living off somewhere happily ever after, come down to two things: Helena’s scars and Helena’s orientations (particularly her romantic orientation). And then, just to complicate things further, you get the two working together in a painful harmony.

Let’s start with the scars. Helena’s scars stem from her daughter’s death and every godawful thing that followed and the actions she took out of revenge and grief. Trying to face them would drive her mad - some have already driven her mad. Therefore, out of self-preservation, in order to regain some sort of Normal Human functioning, she has to shove those scars away and just Not Deal. The warehouse provides a convenient box to store these scars (because everything happened after she started as an agent, because she used the warehouse for some of her awful actions). It all gets shoved to the side and locked away and that’s how she can live in Wisconsin as Emily Lake. By not dealing. Now it’s not neat and tidy because she does still love the artifact chase and puzzles and misses that sense of wonder. But puzzles and wonder isn’t what the warehouse represents to her anymore. It represents darkness and grief and pain and systematically hurting everyone she cares about. She can’t return to the warehouse at the risk of reopening that box and destroying whatever’s left of herself.

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