i mean who wears headbands like that

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU PART 18 Full Translation

The Ceremony


Pages 187-200

After the ceremony, a banquet was held, a reservation was made at Renji’s favourite bar and eatery, ‘Daruma Bar’, not far from the Kuchiki clan’s ceremonial shrine.

Based on reflection of what had happened last time, this time it was Renji who decided to conduct the arrangements for the restaurant, but complaints arose from Rangiku immediately, “if only you had left it up to Kuchiki, we might have been able to drink at a high class ryotei restaurant again~!”

“High class restaurant? what do you mean, lieutenant!?”

When the 13th division’s third seat, Kotsubaki Sentaro pressed Rukia for a reply, he received a shoulder tackle from Kiyone who interrupted the conversation.

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The meanest person I've ever met

Back in middle school, my father lost his job, and was having a hard time getting a new one. Because of this, my household had to cut down to only buying what was completely necessary (food, water, medicine and bills) to make sure we wouldn’t lose what was left of our money. This was a really difficult time for our family. This situation my family was in is important to the story.

Also, by this time, I was out of my weeaboo phase, and more into a phase where I was obsessed with drawing.

When I first started seventh grade, I befriended a girl we’ll call Yui. She was my only friend who attended my school, since my best friend had moved away to California over the summer.

Let’s talk about Yui for a little bit. Yui was nice (at first). Yui was a weeaboo, but not a severe one. Honestly, I was jealous of Yui since she had more stuff than me.

Our friendship was awesome at first. We would meet after school and read manga in the library. I would draw all the time, and Yui would show me her art she did at her house. I found out all of Yui’s drawings were traced, but this isn’t really important to the story. We would also talk about anything else that was on our minds. I really thought that this friendship was going to go smoothly.

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An adventure - Calum smut

Author’s intro note : Ever wanted to do your bestie’s brother? No? But what if the brother was Calum Hood…?

“This dress. Honestly Mali!” I praised my best friend, who looked nothing but dashing in a pale peach summer dress with a camel and golden belt.

“Sure? I mean it’s not too casual?”

“Nah, you wanna keep it simple really, it’s for a job sure but a fashion one and they already hired you anyway! You can wear a chic headband along to pump it up maybe.”

“I feel like we are 16 again and going to prom” Mali giggled.

“Except no one is looking for a date at the moment! You’re gonna be so happy in London, Brit guys are so hot!”

“Hell yeah” she nodded eagerly. “You’re lucky you have Ben though, I’m jealous as fuck.”

“Things haven’t been dreamy lately but I guess it’s comfortable.” I sighed.

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Each of your portraits in full resolution (in alphabetical order) (very long post) in case you weren’t sure if you recognized some people correctly or if you want to make sure you have enough feathers or just take a closer look or use the pic as your icon or whtever

I won’t tag everyone, because only first five would appear tags, and if I drew you you should at least be following me and see it without tagging, otherwise you’re ruDE and I’ll replace your face with another face. Also some of you apparently changed your urls since you’ve submitted the pics, you can message me and I’ll fix them.

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my theory

gUYS i just came up with an idea

so you all know how hinata is standing out from the other characters in the posters (she is looking kind of sad and facing sideways)

and we also know about those quotes:

  • Naruto: I got something i absolutely must tell ya.. wait for me
  • Sasuke: If he isn’t around.. you have to be protected by me, i guess
  • Kakashi: I have faith in my people, but for confidence i’d never let them go on any dangerous missions, you know.

bUT look at sasukes quote!!!!! i bet he is saying it to hinata!

i mean look at her at the headshot she clearly looks like she needs to be protected!!! (even though i do think that hinata needs to be one badass motherfucker here)

and if kakashi is really the new hokage he says thay he wouldnt let his people go on any dangerous missions bUT sasuke (who isnt wearing any konoha headband) isnt considered as “his people” anymore so he can go and rescue/save hinata from whatever dangerous situation she might be

and what if they get to know each other better while they are together????

i mean how cool would that be?? knowing that they have never interacted in the manga and how similar they are to each other, i mean just imagine how badass they would look fighting together (also just imagine how badass their baby would be)

and lets not forget about the serious and determined look at sasukes face in his headshot (look at his hand)

also, why their sketches havent come out yet?? WHY??? we still dont have the full character design for sasuke and hinata

i mean, as they are in the main cast it should have been released together with the others characters designs UNLESS there is something about them that we still dont know, something major for the plot that we still cant know

ok, idk, i just want this to happen so bad bc hOW COME SASUKE AND HINATA HAVE NEVER INTERACTED? they both have super cool eyes abilities that they have inherited from their clans and idk their personalities kind of complete each other and i feel that they would understand each other (if that makes sense)

ok, i guess thats it, what do you guys think??

Analyzing The Perfection That Is Harry Styles P.1


It’s just that he’s so cute and perfect that i needed to share.

I mean 




Harry’s hair is so important

and I feel that if you touch it your life will change forever

I mean

It looks so soft 

So touchable 












IT’S LIKE *Aladdin’s voice* A WHOLE NEW WORLD







so as you can tell I really love Harry’s hair 


so yeaah..

Earlier this weekend I was raving about the leggings I’m wearing in this photo and today’s practice made me love them even more. When I practice inversions, my belly and my pedicure are my ‘wild card’ elements- my pedicure always gets jacked up from the constant toe dragging, and my belly is always flopping around like a deflated basketball. Cure for the messed up pedicure? Gel pedicure. Cure for the flopping belly? THESE PANTS. Who knew that pants without a compression element could so effectively contain my belly? Also, can we talk about the awesomeness of this headband? I mean, the little bit of hair I have is unbelievably unruly and this headband keeps it in check w/o squeezing my scalp. In other news, it’s effing adorable. The badass designer responsible for my new garb is Nikki of Kobieta (www.shopkobieta.com)

Want to win one of these headbands in the color of your choice? To enter, just comment below (on instagram, you tumblr fiends) about your favorite yoga posture and why it rocks your world. For example, I kind of live for #camelpose- it makes my whole body sing every time it shows up in my practice. Last day to enter is this Saturday (5/17)!

#scorpionpose #invertyoself #forearmstand

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anonymous asked:

Sorry, I don't remember some of the anime... can you elaborate on the unlikable-ness of Soul?

I’ll probably have more to say about this after the anime concludes its run on Toonami (late February or early March?), but I advise watching Episode 42 this weekend, which epitomizes how different Anime!Soul is from his manga counterpart—for good and for bad.

I would have held off until this weekend to write this response, but I likely will not be online all day Saturday due to work.  (Apologies in advance to people who come to my site for Toonami liveblogging, obviously for my scintillating, so-not-biased regard for Sword Art Online.)  So I will give a hastily typed response now. 

Whereas the manga had more chapters in which to develop the relationship between Maka and Soul, the anime is not as effective in developing three different narrative threads related to their relationship—especially when some key aspects of Soul’s back story (such as why the Black Blood Demon refers to him as “Evans”) are not developed in the anime but are not only explored in the manga but are key moments that define his relationships with Maka and other characters. 

The major difference for me regarding Soul is that his story in the manga is the journey of a young man learning (1) that he need not posture as Mr. Cool Guy, (2) that just because he will become a Death Scythe, he need not work solo, and (3) that it is not that he protects his meister, or that she protects her weapon, but that the two protect each other. 

Spoilers below. 

(Also, I rant a bit below.  If you thought my whining about Sword Art Online was bad…well, no, what I have to say is less bad, although I still have some criticism against Anime!Soul and even Anime!Maka.)

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