i mean who the hell asks someone that really

The real life.

For two years I had a great girlfriend. Yes she was a she-male. We never saw each other as a sissy, gay or st8. We saw each other as lovers.

Whenever someone found out she was different, there was always questions. How, why and of course..who does what in the bedroom?

Those questions always made me so damn made. I mean really. Who in the hell ask that question to a male/female couple. I never thought of asking a couple “hey, do you ride him or just missionary”
If I did I would expect a drity look or smack across my face.

Instead we would just look at them and say. “Nice question, do you know where you lost it. Your mind….when and where did you lose you mind”

I guess I’m saying if you know a couple such as us. Treat them like any other couple. Treat them like you would want to be treated. Every couple has problems. Try and not be one of their problems.

Support love.

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Hello! Regarding the Twin Ciel Theory, if this theory was true, what do you think is the actual name of our current and alive Ciel?^^ (I'm not particularly fond of this theory, I'd prefer the ones that involve his mental state)

Hi. Oh well, since I’m not really fond of that theory, either, I haven’t really thought about what the name of our!Ciel would be if the 2CT were true. So maybe you should rather ask someone who’s more into that theory. ^^

But let’s see, I’ll give you a cracky idea. Since the twins are always described as somewhat opposites (shy/confident; sick/healthy;…) maybe that would be the case with their names, too. ‘Ciel’ is French and means ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’. So the opposite might be ‘earth’ or ‘hell’ and in French that would be ‘terre’ or ‘enfer’. So here you go. Our!Ciel’s name is either Terre or Enfer. 

But who would call their child ‘Hell’? XD

Aria is A: The Great Charlemagne & Aria, + Distracting A + B in the Box = Brother in the Box? Big “A” is Charles thats the REVEAL But UBER A is still to Come!

see marlene’s interview:

This is Big “A” … but not Uber “A”: When asked about the Big “A” reveal, King clarified that “This is the person who stole the game from Mona.” However, when asked if there is also an Uber “A,” she said, “I’m not going to tell you just yet because that might ruin it down the line. I’m not going to comment on Uber ‘A.’” Translation: There could very well still be someone out there. “ - MARLENE

EDIT: now this could also bring back in clues on aria having a sister/brother. this post is to rethink this charles reveal. “am i destroying everything i touch? - aria

this could be marlene’s way of tripping us up on what the hell she means by BIG A and BIG A reveal and i cna understand why if she really wanted to make one of the liars A and suspect number 1 is ARIA. when we get to season 6, we will leave off at the dollhouse. meaning possibly UBER A can be revealed to us. Like i said, i had to think on this and im not backing down from the suspicion on aria and how she can still be A. Aria is still a huge suspicion and still can be A!  Marlene confirmed charlemagne was indeed a clue and the root name for charles. There’s a really good theory going around how ali said she had cece distract A while ali saved emily from being sawed in half. who was cece fighting with? Aria.

cece distracting A? Aria? Uber A?

There’s a B in the Box - Marlene King Maybe B for Brother?


lets not forget, this family photo is in arias room

more clues to come with this, if you’d like to see my other posts to support this on the aria/ wren and the extended montgomery family ,check out my blog or this post on how the book frankenstein can relate to what we know now and aria.

thanks for your interest in my posts, i look at all perspectives and sides as well as share my perspective and thoughts:) im just saying for the aria is a fandom, it may not be over just yet may not be… *photos i do not take credit for*

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I was going to come back, BUT after hearing what I heard today I have decided against it, I will say this how ever. some off you really need to relearn what respect and boundaries and privacy mean. admiring someone yes ok fine good yay. stalking them to the point where they have to keep moving, no not cool don’t do that. they are still human beings, imagine you in their shoes, everyday a stranger at your door asking to come in. you wouldn’t like it would you ? for people who are introverted this can become hell, and so stressful they get ill because of it. it’s tempting to want to meet the one you look up to most, but keep in mind that they have a right to a safe haven where they can calm down, and let their mind come to rest. if you don’t understand that then you really need to re-evaluate where you are going with your life. I get it fans are important and shouldn’t be shunned, but they have to remain respectful at all times. I said it a hundred times before and I’ll probably will have to say it a hundred times more.

  YOUTUBERS ARE NOT YOUR TOYS THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS yes they provide you with laughs and emotions but that does not mean they can’t have a life of their own on the side. 

really this should not be a thing that needs to be said, do not stalk people, ever famous or not, you can get in trouble for it. those who do, shame on you.