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Some autistic Bitty thoughts

(Tagging @ftchocoholic, because autistic headcanon. Thanks to @kitrona and some of the @omgtransplease folks from when I was on there and probably @justaphage and others whose names I’ve forgotten to mention for bouncing ideas with me while this was still percolating.)

  • Everyone knows that autistic people have trouble with social skills. Right there in the definition. “Inappropriate social interaction”, “unaware of others’ emotions”, “poor eye contact”, blah blah blah, autistic people are not charming.
  • Ha.
  • See, here’s the thing. (Okay, here’s the grossly oversimplified thing - save your nitpicks for the end.) Allistic people have is basically social interaction hardware accelerators - built-in specialized tools for interacting with other (allistic) people. Autistic people have to rely on social scripts and a whole lot of training, instead.
  • You know where people have detailed and elaborate social scripts and train you from childhood to follow them? The American South.
  • (…you know what drives the development of unusually acute awareness of the emotional states of people around you? Bullying.)
  • So, Bitty. Charming, friendly, put-together, gets along well with people.
  • Main hobbies are cooking and vlogging, both of which usually involve him going somewhere quiet and doing something by himself or with someone he specifically invites in. Hobbies that don’t require interacting with people face-to-face.
  • Loves interacting with people via writing (comments on the vlog and emails from fans, Twitter, texting).
  • Special interest in Beyonce and possibly baking.
  • Touch-averse. I mean, yes, PTSD, but sensory overload is a thing and it can be pretty overwhelming.
  • His three best friends at Samwell are Shitty, Lardo, and Jack. Two out of the three are really clearly autistic, and he gets along with them like a house on fire.
  • (Feel free to send me more autistic Shitty metas, by the way. I would not object to three out of three.)
  • Seriously, 99% of people, Jack is the hockey robot. Bitty never seems to feel that way. Hell, he gets Jack to open up.
  • (You know who else gets along with Jack like that? Chowder. You know who else is really obviously autistic? Chowder. You know who Bitty’s favorite frog is? Chowder.)
  • Señor Bunny. Like, seriously, Señor Bunny. So many allistic people just do not get how important someone like Señor Bunny can be.
  • I mean, look at the blog post for Hi, Honey parts I and II.

    “… oh no … um … are you sitting on–”
    “I put him in the window.”
    “Oh! ha ha … watching it rain…”

    I mean, ♥. Jack gets it.

  • And maybe if Bitty were less emotionally exhausted and in a place he felt less safe, he’d have hidden the extent of his anthropomorphizing of Señor Bun there, but this is a place where those barriers are dropped, at least mostly.
  • And … I mean, that’s really why I love this hc? Because he’s gonna have that place.
  • Like, for real for real, Bitty can come home to Jack, put on Beyonce, give him a hug, and go cook something and not even try to force his brain to remember language until it wants to, and it’ll be completely okay. He can put down his weapons for a while and breathe.

So, yeah. That’s my sales pitch for Eric Richard “Bitty” Bittle being autistic. Thank you for listening.

Trickster Times Two

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Part 3 of “The French Mispeight” [part 1] [part 2]

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Words: 1300+

Beta-reader: @blessedbebucky

[General masterlist]

A/N: So this is my first and probably last time writing for actors, so I hope it’s okay. And don’t worry, there’ll be one or two more parts!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Oh. My. God.” The actor who played God managed to stutter out. “RICH?!”

Richard looked between Gabriel and Rob. “Hey, don’t look at me! I didn’t do this!”

“We’re in so much trouble…” You muttered, covering your face with your hands.

“Fellas-” Gabriel tried to add in.

“How else do you explain the doppelganger?!” Rob cried.

“Fellas!” Gabriel repeated, louder this time.

“You think I’m not freaking out?” Asked Speight, who was very clearly freaking out. “Because I’m freaking out!”

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BBRae Week: Day 5

Casual Love vs Marriage

Yeah, both.

Friday nights were drinking nights.

No matter how busy their lives got, or how complicated, that was never likely to change, and it was something the group was rather vigilant on.

It had been a year that Kory and Richard were married, and the crew wanted to do something big for their best friends, to help celebrate when they got back from their anniversary getaway.

They’d made reservations at the couple’s favourite bar, invited everyone that had ever befriended them, and pooled in some hard-earned cash to buy out most the beer and liquor the place served.

Raven, Terra, and Karen had volunteered to show up early and put up a few decorations before anyone got there. Luckily, the original gang had spent so much time and money at this bar, that the owner had virtually no qualms with helping them out, especially when they’d often left him and his staff a generous tip by the end of every night.

It also helped that their presence, being former Teen Titans, drove in revenue and attention to the otherwise quiet establishment. It was always a full house any Friday the team decided to hit it up for their weekly drinking and socializing festivities.

“You know, it doesn’t look too shabby,” Victor had remarked when he’d stepped into the closed off area of the bar the girls had been decorating. His mechanical fingers rubbed at his chin as he contemplated the room around him.

“You say that like you almost expected it to look like shit,” Terra scoffed, folding her arms over her chest.

[but there’s more under the cut!]

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anonymous asked:

Honestly.. I feel like sometimes Jensen doesnt actually get his character at all what he "gets" are the traits he conincidentally happens to share with Dean and those traits of Dean that align with in his favor, everything CANONICAL about Dean he dislikes he seems to dismiss lol

Hey there! I guess this is in response to my frustratred tag the other day, because Jensen said Dean only likes classic rock or something, but the truth is, I don’t really know enough about Jensen, or acting, to give a competent answer to this. I think it must be strange to play the same person for years, and I guess that, depending on your approach to the profession, it could influence you and change you quite deeply; as for how you influence and change the character - that’s a fascinating discussion. I’m assuming you know that famous Charlton Heston anecdote - how he managed to film the entire movie Ben Hur without noticing the glaring gay subtext everyone else (screenwriter, director, his fellow actors) was working into it - a fascinating insight in how on some productions everyone’s doing their own thing, and some can’t see the full picture until the very end (or, in Heston’s case, until someone points it out to him). I guess the same is true for child actors - depending on the movie, child actors aren’t told much about the scenes they’re filming, and they aren’t allowed to know what else is going on if the subject matter is not age-appropriate; yet they can still offer beautiful, outstanding performances - something that seems to negate the idea that you have to truly understand your role to do it well. And as for how much thought and preparation is given to a character - I seem to remember, but I may be wrong, that when Marlon Brando turned up on the set of The Godfather, he hadn’t even read the script - unlike Al Pacino, who’d basically been to Sicily or something - and yet he immediately felt he couldn’t perform as they wanted him to - that it wasn’t right - and so he raided the make-up stand, filled his mouth with cotton balls, and then proceeded to blow everyone’s socks off by showing them how the role was meant to be played.

So, you know - I don’t keep up with the actors, and I really don’t know how they like to work. I seem to remember Jensen saying he’d thought about Dean’s past, and that he’d refused to play some scenes with Jared in the way they were written because the gay subtext was off the charts and he didn’t like it, but other than that - from my humble corner of fanfiction writing, I know what it’s like to write a story where one person controls everything, and how even that is a sad illusion, because you think you’ve crafted this well-planned structure of drama and feels and you pat yourself on the back because it’s exactly what you wanted and then you re-read it and you realize there’s a lot of stuff in there you never intended to put in but sounds right, all the same, and next someone leaves you a paragraph-long comment about how clever you’ve been with colours and you’re like, dafuq, I didn’t do anything with colours, so you read it again and yep, the reader was right and you were wrong and that’s your brain doing things when you’re asleep or being horrifyingly self-aware or some shit. And when I think about the work that goes into a movie, or, worse, a TV show, my head legit hurts. There are just so many bloody people involved, and of course there are directions, there’s an idea of what they’re filming and why, but all the same - when you hear about Wanek picking things because they remind him of his hometown and Richard directing in a certain way because there was a specific thing he wanted to achieve that he’d seen somewhere and he’d never forgotten, and of course Jensen and Jared with their own pasts and presents and baggage and everything else - that’s why I sometimes say I don’t know if we should (if I should) write metas at all, because when you analyze books, you can just about do the thing - you can read the author’s biography and their other novels and their love letters and take a class on the historical period they lived in and whatever else - but with TV and cinema, how are you even supposed to know if the choices that are made are relevant to the story they want to tell, happy accidents influenced by someone’s personal life or something reality is forcing them to do (illnesses, pregnancies, budget constraints). Like, I guess we can write and write about Derek dying in GA and how that makes sense with the story, was even hinted at three seasons in advance or some shit, but the truth is, there was a RL disagreement there, and if GA had have been a novel - paper people and not actors - Derek would most probably have survived. So what’s the point, really? And that goes for Jensen’s performance and opinions too: they’re relevant and important, but they’re not everything, and they’re certainly not the ultimate explanation of what and who Dean is.

As for Jensen ‘disliking’ parts of Dean - sometimes I see him as the well-meaning father who accepts and loves his gay kid but will also tell him not to act ‘too girly’ outside the house because he’ll get beaten up, because, come on - Jensen must be aware of how his character is perceived. If he wasn’t in the beginning, there’s no way he doesn’t know by now. And while at cons he sometimes cracks down on, as you say, those things he dislikes about Dean, on screen he cheerfully plays the hell out of them, including making choices that, I’d bet half my liver on it, where not in any script - like pretending he had a boner after seeing Cas back in S8. So, well - I don’t know if it’s a personal thing, a not-being-allowed-to-discuss-some-issues thing, or if he just knows they’d lose half their (GOP) audience with a bisexual character in the lead, but - my feeling is that Jensen knows full well what he’s doing, and he’s okay with it, but he’d rather it wasn’t too obvious because real!Dean, like fictional!Dean, can be hurt by coming out - if not physically, then in the ratings. 

(But, as I said, I don’t really know much about that world, so this is just my personal view on the matter, and I don’t have any presumption of being right.)

The Story of Richard & Monika

It’s a reach (though still not as long as Hoechs, lbr), but Hoechlin is the Richard and Monika is his mustache.  Work with me here!)

Okay, so disclaimer:

It’s entirely possible that they met, liked each other and are super cute and into each other. However, unless you’re new (welcome!), you know that we dabble only in the messy and It’s Ya Boy, Hoechs has a history of being reeeeeeal messy.  So we’re going to go down that path with lots of hobrien speculation on the way.

Roll around with us!

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A Good Man

Before watching BBC Sherlock I had never read ACD, largely because I had somewhere picked up the ridiculous notion that cannon Holmes is cold and unfeeling. When I finally started watching the show, with considerable skepticism, I was certainly intrigued by the storytelling and instantly drawn to John and fascinated by Sherlock. Nevertheless, there seemed reason to fear that it was going to offer exactly what I didn’t want to see: a story about a detective who one is expected to love because he is clever and sexy and abrasive, but who has no real heart to him. That, I knew, was a story I would struggle to invest in. 

But then, John asked why Lestrade let Sherlock hang around. And Lestrade began by admitting that he was desperate for the help; but then he added this:

Originally posted by kestrellady

That was it. That, right there, is the line that sold me on the show. I’ll admit it feels a bit heavy-handed; but it is one of my favorite lines anyway because it gave me permission to love Sherlock in all his faults and in the eager hope that he would develop into the good man he already showed glimpses of becoming. That was the first arc I became invested in, long before I shipped  Johnlock and even before I fully latched onto John and Sherlock’s friendship. So Lestrade’s line in TPF: “He’s better than [a great man]: he’s a good one,” ought to have felt deeply satisfying: the culmination of the story arc that drew me into this series in the first place. But it didn’t. In fact, I saw the line coming a few beats before it was spoken and positively grimaced when it was actually spoken.

There are a lot of reasons the line is so unsatisfying, of course, the primary one being the deeply unsatisfying nature of the whole episode and the flood of cheap, rushed callbacks in the last few minutes. There is also the fact that it is clumsily delivered (in terms of writing, not acting), and that Lestrade wasn’t present for the events of TFP, increasing the sense that the statement didn’t grow organically from this moment of the story. But I think there is also a broader reason this line feels wrong: it is not only misplaced within the episode, but misplaced within the series as a whole. The statement appears either too late or too early in Sherlock’s development: the timing isn’t right.

(Continued below the cut, because this wound up rather longer than expected!)

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Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: Thorin starts worrying you and so does Frerin

Pairing: Thorin x Sister!Reader; OC x Reader.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 16

Next Chapter: Chapter 18

Your hopes are immediately smashed as Thorin forces all of you to find the cursed Arkenstone. The only ones allowed to rest was Bilbo, Balin, and you, but because everyone else was working, you decided to help. You were not about to let them suffer this alone. Everyone had suffered enough.

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Prompt: A small mountain town finds themselves welcoming a new resident and his daughter, but what effect will this have on the other residents? On you? Welcome to Crawford.  
Word Count: 1003
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Oooh yeah part 2. You all make my heart melt, I love you!

Amazing header done by @wonders-of-the-enterprise


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Trick Or Treat

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1361
This is the nest part in my Holiday Series

Christmas Party Embarrassment,
New Year’s Kiss,
I Love You,
Just Kiss Me,
Easter Sunday.
I’m A Fool For You
Happy Birthday 

Warning: implied sexy time, clown, panic attack

A/N: If you want to be tagged in something, send me an ask.

          You were lying on the couch in your trailer with your head in Jensen’s lap as he played with your hair, “Halloween’s coming up,” he said.

           You nodded, “Yeah.”

           “Do you wanna dress up or do you just want to stay home and watch movies and stuff?” he asked.

           You shrugged, “Do you want to dress up?”

           “I thought it’d be kinda fun. Jared and I were talking about doing a Halloween party with everyone.”

           “Way to plan it,” you laughed, “Halloween’s only a week away.”

           Jensen shrugged, “All we gotta do is let everyone know when and where and tell them to come in costume.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Sounds like a plan.”

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I interrupt my semi-hiatus with a Cockles update (among other things)


Basically, if you’re going to a con, I highly suggest you go with someone??? Cause this time around I was by myself and while I still had fun, met people and got to hang around with Bunny and Kiriei for a little bit, it was still kind of lonely. :( SO yeah. But anyways…

I won’t bore you with all the con details, so here’s my personal highlights:

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The Baby Project pt. 1

Lucas and Maya take home ec and have to take care of a baby together for a week

It started off as a normal day of classes. Maya had fallen asleep in first period precalculus resulting in her copying Lucas’s notes in biology the next period. The next period was English, the one class besides art that Maya actually paid attention in and it was Lucas who copied her notes. But that was where the normal day of classes ended. Lucas and Maya walked through the halls together to basically every class since they had the same exact schedule. Maya had tried to get her guidance counselor to switch at least one of her classes so that she didn’t have to see the boy every minute of the six hours spent in school, but every other class that she could have switched into was conveniently full. When the two entered their home ec class together they shared a look of confusion after looking at the board. It read “Congratulations!”

“Please take a seat Ms. Hart and Mr. Friar,” Mrs. Richardson requested.

Lucas shrugged and began walking to his shared table with Maya close behind him, still slightly confused. They talked with some of their classmates around them until the bell rang signaling it was time for class. Maya turned towards the board and rested her head on her elbow, preparing for her second nap of the day. Lucas rolled his eyes at her, but decided to ignore her and make sure his handwriting was extra neat for notes today.

“As some of you noticed when you walked into class today, there are some congratulations that need to be said,” Mrs. Richardson began, making her way towards the back of the room. “As juniors, most of you are probably looking at colleges now or at least starting to. That can be a lot of responsibility for people your age. I am sure that all of you are beginning to consider where you want your lives to go; what kind of jobs you want, if you want to move away from the city or stay in the heart of it, and maybe even if you want to get married some day. There is one thing that all of these decisions require. Responsibility.”

A loud clanging noise made Maya sit up straight and look back to where her teacher stood with a cart full of plastic baby dolls. Her eyes went wide and she groaned. Every junior that took home ec was required to participate in the “baby project,” and every year there were horror stories of how the babies caused failing grades. The cart was wheeled to the front of the room and everyone seemed to be as aggravated as Maya that it was finally time.

“So I gather that all of you know what is coming next,” Mrs. Richardson laughed. “For the next week each of you will be partnered up with a classmate and given a baby to take care of. You will be graded on how well you take care of the child and your grade on this project will count for 65% of your semester grade.”

“What?” Maya shouted, completely appalled by the percentage for which this dumb plastic baby counted for. “You are joking, right Mrs. R?”

“I’m afraid I’m not. This project will help teach all of you to be responsible for someone other than yourself. It will also teach teamwork, patience, and some of the consequences that can come out of unprotected sex. This is a very important assignment and if you do it right, you will be rewarded.”

Maya groaned and let her head fall onto the desk hopelessly. Maybe if she got a good partner they would do all of the work and she could pass without having to do much of anything. Everyone began picking names out of a hat on Mrs. Richardson’s desk to decide their future baby mama/daddy for the week. Maya waited for her name to be called since she was at the last table to pick names, but it never was.

“It seems like the last two people we have to pair up are Maya and Lucas.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Maya grumbled at the same time Lucas said “are you sure there are no other names?”

“You two may want to have a better attitude about this project if you want to pass. Now one of you come up here and grab your child.”

Something about the way Mrs. Richardson said “your child” made Maya want to vomit, so it was Lucas who stood up to grab the doll. He walked back and sat the plastic monster in between the two of them and they both just stared at it for a minute as their teacher went on to explain how the baby dolls would work.

“All you need to do is treat it how you would treat a real baby and you will be fine. The babies will require things such as feeding, diaper changes, attention, sleep, and burping. If you fail to do these things, the baby will continue to cry. Every minute that the baby cries without being attended to is points off of your grade. There is a vocal recorder inside of your child in case any foul play is suspected and you will each be required to wear one of these bracelets that will allow only you to take care of your child. You heard me, no hiring babysitters or just letting your parents do all of the work. At the end of the week you will all return your babies in the condition that you received them in or else there will be points taken off of your grade. Any rough housing and there will be points off of your grade. Get the gist? You can all take the rest of the class to become acquainted with your new spouse and child by filling out this birth certificate and information sheet for your new baby. Congratulations parents, I have faith in all of you.”

Mrs. Richardson handed the papers out to each pair and wrapped the clunky electronic bracelets around each students’ wrist. When she got to Maya and Lucas she stopped. “I think that you two will learn a lot about both each other and yourselves from this assignment. All you have to do is do it right, you hear me?”

The pair nodded and accepted the papers reluctantly. Lucas had just begun to write both of their names down as the parents on the birth certificate when Maya scoffed.

“What?” He asked sounding rather annoyed with her.

“I just can’t believe we got stuck with each other for yet another project. It’s almost comical if you think about it.” Somehow Maya and Lucas had been paired up for every class assignment that they had since the seventh grade. It was almost like their teachers had some sort of pact with each other that they would only pair the two together.

“This one was all fate,” he muttered as he signed his name before handing the paper and pen over to the blonde. “She had everyone pick out of a hat.”

Maya quickly scribbled her name and shrugged. “Whatever. Do we have a name for this little monster?”

Lucas lifted the baby off of their table and held it in front of them. The doll was wearing a yellow onesie, not giving away it’s gender. “We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl, how can we name it?”

Maya looked at him like he was the biggest idiot on the planet, which in her mind he was. “There is a way you can find that out, you know?”

The boy who could be taken out by a 200 pound linebacker and get up within seconds suddenly looked like he was going to cry or hurl, maybe even both. “I am not looking ‘down there’ Maya, you do it!”

She laughed loudly earning them quite a few glares from surrounding students. “You’re gonna have to look at it’s privates at some point Lucas, we have to change its diaper! Besides, I went through long, tiring, and painful hours of labor to bring this little baby into the world, the least you can do is tell me whether it has a penis or a vagina.”

He cringed and looked at her with pleading eyes. “It’s a fake baby, Maya! You didn’t birth anything!” She shook her head adamantly and he groaned before removing the onesie and checking underneath the diaper. He sighed sounding relieved and smirked at Maya. “Congrats, it’s a boy.”

Maya’s eyes lit up and a big smile found its way to her lips. “I have the perfect name for him.”

Lucas suddenly realized where she was going with this and shook his head furiously. “We are not naming our child after any of your stupid nicknames for me, Maya. I mean it!”

The small blonde rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest like a toddler. “You’re no fun. This means we have to agree on a name then.”

Lucas began to throw out names, all of which Maya denied claiming that they were either “too boring” or that she knew someone with that name and could not let her fake baby grow up to be like them.

“What about Colton,” he finally sighed sounding defeated. When she didn’t immediately shoot it down he wrote it down on the paper quickly before she could object.

“Excuse me, Huckleberry but I did not agree to that name!”

He shrugged and smirked triumphantly. “You didn’t object either and I am sick of trying to come up with names. You can even give him whatever middle name you want now.”

Maya glared at him and took the paper back before filling out the baby’s middle name as “Richard.” Lucas looked at her in confusion and she smirked to herself, not bothering to explain her choice. The two continued to fill out information such as the eye color and hair color of the baby and who the god parents would be. It was an easy choice of Riley and Farkle since Lucas and Maya were their child’s godparents when that had been a thing.

The bell finally rang signaling the end of the period and the two both went to walk away without the baby. They argued for a minute over who would have the first baby shift, but Maya someone pulled out a win. It didn’t matter much who held the baby anyways since the two were going to the same lunch.

And thus began the baby project.

anonymous asked:

My problem now with the ship quote is that making it canon brings a whole host of problems where there wasn't. Seeing it in a Thorin/Bilbo light now makes the ship abusive, to the point where I wonder what anyone who could ever like fluff is smoking. Now there's a huge rash of shit with Thorin as a rapist and yes people can have whatever kink they like but to me that is so lazy and offensive. If you like the ship dark, fine. But you can't turn around and OTP it with any happiness. (Cont)

That’s the problem with interpreting that quote as shippy. I understand fandom can’t take flawed characters like Thorin and Thranduil without turning them into abusive monsters. Think about what seeing Thorin/Bilbo as a canon romance implies. It implies canon abusive relationship when it wasn’t previously, and that’s being forced on everyone. Do we need this crap in this fandom too?

Anon, please stop and think about what you’re trying to say to me, and in effect to other Bagginshield shippers.

You are telling me what YOU think the ship is going to look like in the highly unlikely event that at some point in the movie, Thorin and Bilbo throw down and do the nasty. You are trying to convince ME/US about things that we have ALREADY come to consider as shippers.

I think if you took even just a little time to read fanfics and look at fanart of the ship, you’ll see that while we stick to the personalities of the characters, we are able to write them into non-canon situations that does NOT have to include abuse and rape even if Thorin does succumb to the gold-sickness. We have things called “Fix-It Alternate Universes” that range from Thorin being cured forever of the gold-sickness to Thorin, Fili and Kili not meeting their ends at the Battle of Five Armies, to Thorin marrying Bilbo and making him Consort, to Bilbo taking Thorin back to the Shire with him instead because it might be better for him, and so on and so forth. There is STILL a relationship, but none of the rape and abuse and violence and whatever else you fear would exist in an in-character version of the relationship.

What I REALLY want to know is why you immediately think that a relationship with gold-sick!Thorin would lead to rape and abuse JUST because RA said “singularly obsessed with Bilbo.” I said it before, and I’m going to say it again - You do know “obsession” does not immediately connote rape and abuse, right? Not that I’m denying that it can, I just mean to say that it doesn’t have to

But let’s be real here - this ask was NEVER going to go anywhere seeing as you started it with “being canon.” Apparently you haven’t yet quite gleaned that a) we shippers are not idiots, b) we shippers are not trying to foist change upon the ACTUAL canon just to include a homoerotic relationship between the two main characters, c) what we shippers REALLY TRULY APPRECIATE about the quote is that a version of what WE see as shippers rings true for Richard and his performance, and while he doesn’t mean it romantically or sexually, what his quote offers is the possibility of seeing more of Thorin through what happens to him with Bilbo.

Now there’s a huge rash of shit with Thorin as a rapist“ - Honey, please. I have been shipping Bagginshield for at least a year now, and only one in 30 fics EVER include him being a rapist. And you know what, before you came to with your ask, I saw NONE of this “DOES RA THINK THORIN IS GOING TO BE A RAPIST” “rash of shit.”  And while I’m not denying the possibility of it going that way, I also can assume that it DOESN’T end up that way. 

But you can’t turn around and OTP it with any happiness.” - I’ve already said that YES, WE ACTUALLY CAN, because we are creating our fanon!canon around the actual canon and are manipulating situations in the actual canon WITHOUT ACTUALLY CHANGING THE ACTUAL CANON, and we are doing it for us, not for people who don’t want to see it the millions of different ways that we do. But if you’d like ACTUAL CANON EVIDENCE that yes, we CAN turn around and OTP it with happiness, allow me to remind you that I, as a fan interpreting the canon differently from you (apparently), can think that Thorin comes to his senses while the Battle rages on outside his Mountain, and that’s why he EVENTUALLY decides to take his Company and join the Battle, if at least to defend the gold he had come SO FAR to reclaim. In the actual canon, Thorin spends literally his last few breaths trying to redeem himself to Bilbo, who has become a friend, for how he had spoken to him and what he had done while caught in the clutches of the dragon sickness. Sure, serial abusers and some rapists sometimes apologize to their victims only to turn around and hurt them again, BUT AGAIN I SAY, does Thorin have to be locked into that kind of person when he can be other versions?

And what the hell is this supposed to mean? - “I understand fandom can’t take flawed characters like Thorin and Thranduil without turning them into abusive monsters.“ - Look at how you continue to insult fandom and shippers, whether intentionally or not. This also goes to show that you haven’t seen ALL of fandom - people like Loki and Hannibal Lecter have GIGANTIC fandoms, and God knows they’re as flawed as flawed can be, and yet you have pockets of fans who will see them as misunderstood creatures and not even the bad guys when yeah, they are actually the bad guys. So how dare you insinuate that fandom will automatically see a con to a character and peg them as evil and nothing else? How dare you assume that your path of thinking is everybody’s path of thinking? Also, how dare you say that Thorin and Thranduil can be nothing but “abusive monsters” just because they’ve done things that aren’t exactly on the “GOOD” end of the spectrum? In this one sentence alone, you’ve shown just how much or how little you understand of people in general. This is borderline character profiling, which, hey, let’s not get into what else that could lead to.

It implies canon abusive relationship when it wasn’t previously, and that’s being forced on everyone - Pardon my French, but this is a tres stupid argument to make, mostly because of that last part. “That’s being forced on everyone.” Why, because you saw a shippy post in the tag? You think we make shippy posts to force our opinions on non-shippers? How dare you assume we shippers do ANYTHING for non-shippers. People who liked the shippy post clicked “like” or “reblog” on it, people who didn’t, didn’t click anything. They just scrolled past. You are literally the only person to come to with a problem. And I’ve posted our conversations in the tag as well, and again, same thing - people who agreed clicked “like” or “reblog,” others who didn’t, decided not to bother because there’s plenty of other things in the tag to see anyway.

And let me just point out one more thing that you seem to have missed the last time you sent me an ask - There have been Bagginshield shippers since people realized they could ship two characters together. You have been an RA fan for I don’t know how long, but I’m pretty sure the two timelines have been running parallel with each other for a very long time. Wasn’t your blogging life just slightly easier before you came to me and told me you have a problem with us shippers and us shipping Bagginshield? I fully understand that you have a problem with it and that’s why you don’t ship it, that’s why NONE of my arguments (at least until this point) have included me asking you to just TRY. Even in this ask, I’m not asking you to TRY and ship Bagginshield, all I said was that if you took the time to check out just one or two of the fics for the ship, you’d see that there are SO many other paths for that relationship to follow. 

In conclusion - maybe YOU see Thorin as becoming nothing but pure evil once the gold-sickness has taken over, but we don’t. And you are clearly NEVER going to understand that your train of thought is FAR different from ours, mainly because you automatically assume “rape and abuse” in connection with “singular obsession,” while WE see that quote as something to fuel what we already LOVE to do with the ship in our own little world. 

Spacewalker - Michael Clifford AU

summary: the one where michael’s video game obsession lands him a spot on a super secret government team.

Michael was so close. All he had to do was get past this last level of Spacewalker and he could finally get back to his life. He’d gotten the game on sale a few weeks ago and it was a little cheesy but he hadn’t been able to stop playing it since.

He’d already finished it a few times and saved the human race from the attack of the Gorjd but he was kind of obsessing about getting the high score. The first time he’d finished the game he’d only been about 5000 points off hitting the leaderboard, and after the second time he was in the top five. Since then he’d been sitting in second place but he couldn’t quite crack the top spot and it was starting to get to him.

After hitting the buttons on the controller a few more times he managed to shoot down the last of the enemy ships and the credits started playing on the screen. He waited impatiently for the final score to come up and when it finally did he let out a loud groan and threw his controller down onto the table with more force than was absolutely necessary.

He was still in second place and ‘Player 45’ still had him beat by about 600 points.

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