i mean what were they doing

With the “Wanted” event coming up I’m going to talk about something that’s been bugging me about su that I don’t see many other people talking about and the reason I am preemptively pissed off about the whole thing: Backgrounds

When su started the backgrounds where always really nicely done and a huge part of why i loved the show as it really didn’t look like a ton of other shows out there. Even with other shows that had more detailed backgrounds like gravity falls (especially towards the end) I always felt that su’s had the most stylistic cohesion which I admit is a personal bias but what the hell.

Backgrounds were creative, very nice looking and fit with the character designs very well and they still look really pretty.

I mean look at these! they’re so nice and sparkly and detailed! there was effort and style and substance and it looks great.

Back when homeworld had just been introduced i saw a lot of fan concepts about what it would look like and i was super pumped to see it since it would be an entirely new and creative environment that a talented group of artists would be creating and visualizing. Now we’re actually going (technically for the second time) and what do we get?

literally just colors in geometric shapes for character to float around in.

even in the more detailed shots they still don’t try that hard

they’re still messy and not quite as detailed.

su has been suffering from backgroung-sucking-itis for a while now and in my humble opinion watching this happen over the seasons it’s been a downward slope of less effort being put in and a reliance on the soft lined gradient style of the backgrounds.

not only have the backgrounds become less detailed but now the characters don’t even blend in with the backgrounds and just kind of.. float

the sharp thick lines and bright colors of the characters and the soft thin-lined pastel backgrounds don’t… really,, blend anymore and no one has shadows and where both the characters and bg are steadily looking worse its just.. sad at this point.

i started this post planning to rant and honestly? im just sad and disappointed and the backgrounds aren’t shiny and sparkly and nice anymore and all the characters look really ugly and homeworld looks like some random abstract screensavers and im.. tired.

I Don't See a Problem Here

This happened during my first session joining a new table of players at a comic shop.  The Table in question had four people who had never really played 5E before and were still rather new to D&D itself.  I joined the table with one other new player but the only people at the table that really knew the game beyond the name was myself and the DM.

Context:  The party was staying in a small village in Faerun and during their adventures had helped fight off some dangerous orcs and thugs that were causing problems, on top of a whole slew of shenanigans I was not there for.  Before my arrival the group was composed of a Dragonborn Eldritch Knight, an Elf Wizard, a human Cleric/Fighter, and a Human Rogue.  The town they were staying in fell under attack by an orc raid, particularly nasty including goblins, Hobgoblins orcs and ogres.  Their party was asked to go found one of the retreating bands of forces and find some means of what they are doing and where they are going and would be rewarded even more handsomely if they go to the hidden base and deal with it themselves.  On their way from town they meet two people: My character, a Elf Monk who had taken a vow which basically meant he kept himself blindfolded to the world, and another character, an Elf Tempest Domain Cleric.

Stopping our travels to town we agree to join the party in find their problem causers, and with a series of successfully high rolls it is the Blind Monk who tracks the band of enemies to their camping spot for the party.  At which point we spent several minutes talking about an intricate plan that immediately dissolved when our super stealthy human Rouge rolled a Nat 1 crossing a stream to sneak up on the group ensuing in a long, drawn out combat at which point my character is struck down during combat because our Tempest Cleric decided to hide behind the wizard and refused to use healing spells. Eventually we are winning but not before the majority of the party is hurt pretty badly.  The level of the people at the table was level 3, the Cleric and the monk who joined in had to start at level 1 per DM rules.

DM (to me): Alright and I need another death saving throw from you

Me (OOC) : It’s not like it can go that badly I already have two successful saving throws.

*Rolls a nat 1*

The whole table is silent for a moment.  Before the fighter/cleric and rogue finish off the last Ogre that had been with the group.  As this is going on the Dragonborn Eldritch Knight is heading in my direction, combat is ended and we can start interacting as a group rather than in a set order.

Eldritch Knight: I want to go over to the fallen monk and see if I can help stabilize him.

Me ooc: Whoa whoa hey!  How about we let the Clerics try this before you.  I mean they are supposed to be geared for this.

Tempest Cleric:  I don’t have any healing spells.

Me: …

Fighter/Cleric:  Well I mean I haven’t used my cleric abilities in a while but I can heal you.

DM (To the Eldritch Knight): I mean, are you sure you want to try instead of letting the Cleric-

Eldritch Knight: I want to stabilize the Monk!

The Eldritch Knight, who was not only a new player but one of the most frustrating Min/Maxing players I had ever met proceeds to walk over to my character and put his hands on my chest and, the player who never rolled under a 15 on rolls and modifiers rolls his die.

*Rolls a Nat 1*

Everyone: …

Dm (looks to me apologetically):  And you reach out to try and see if there is a means to stabilize the monk but since this is so far out of your field and uncertain you end up aggravating the wounds killing him outright.

Me:  You know for a monk that can’t see a lot of things, I sort of feel like he saw that coming. 

At least they brought his body back with them so he could be buried properly.

Day Two | Part 2

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,533

A/N: ANOTHER ONE! Thank you all for the feedback on Day One! I can’t believe how many of you guys are excited for this series. Anyways, enjoy, and don’t kill me. Part 1 can be found here.

When you got home yesterday, a nap turned into a full night’s sleep. When you woke up, you had about a dozen text messages from Peter. You didn’t bother opening them, instead you got up and went to shower. You looked at yourself in the mirror and had puffy eyes. You could only hope they would be gone by the time you got to school because you didn’t want anyone asking what was wrong. As soon as you thought of it, you remembered that you had to help Peter today. You were scared for him that he would be rejected, but who would reject a sweet person like Peter?

You sighed and started your shower, and your mind was running through every scenario that could possibly happen today. You had to think of what would happen if Liz said yes or if Liz said no, and ways to congratulate or comfort Peter. You just knew today wasn’t going to be easy at all. When you got out of the shower, you walked to your closet and pulled out denim jeans and a floral Hawaiian shirt, it was a simple outfit, but it got the job done for today’s theme. You didn’t bother with your appearance today, you just combed your hair and went to the kitchen where you grabbed a granola bar and a banana, and that was your breakfast. You hoped as you walked down the stairs that you wouldn’t run into Peter. It was too early to deal with him right now.

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unpopular opinion: if Keith and Shiro are related then Keith is obviously the one who cooks, simply cause no one can be worse than Shiro

listen i absolutely agree omg. i mean i kinda hc that broganes are both terrible at cooking and/or that they both eat really weird shit but it’s absolutely instigated by shiro, and keith learned it from him. 

that reminds me, we were joking in the gc about this the other day and talking about like….broganes eating chocolate sauce on hot dogs?? and just

keith: [in the kitchen, pouring chocolate sauce all over a hot dog]
lance: [walks in and screams in horror] WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
shiro: [also walks in] oh hey you’re making choco-dogs?? make me one

French Girls | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/U: I guess this is what I call a fucking blurb. HAAH OKAY . Also shout out to @nobravery for helping me with all this French!! 

Word Count: 2,918

Songs:   From Gold - Nova Amor (Shawn’s) & La vie en rose - Édith Piaf (Her’s) 

“Your music taste is so… nice.” I said as I crossed my legs on Shawn’s bed.

It was late in the evening and it was dark already outside. Shawn’s window was cracked open and I could hear crickets between song changes.

“You don’t sound confident in that statement,” Shawn said smiling as he stood up from this dresser that had his average sound system on top.

I smiled nervously. “No, no. I do mean it, it just that it’s a little different from mine, but I still really like it.”

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the timing is all wrong pt. 2- h.s imagine

Originally posted by irinagudronchik

after the many requests and messages, here’s part 2!

“Well technically she broke up with me.” Harry quickly added.

You wore a confused look on your face before you sighed and quickly told him to come inside. Harry entered your apartment and headed over to the kitchen. You sat on one of the barstools and looked at him from across the counter. “What do you mean she broke up with you?”

Harry sighed and leaned against the counter. He played with his bottom lip before answering, “She claims that lately I’ve been neglecting her and focusing on you.” He looked at your expression before continuing, “She admitted that she’s always been jealous of how close we were. She made me choose between the two of you.” Your mouth dropped a little. Amazed that something so evil could come out of Brooklyn’s mouth. Harry stood back up and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know. I was so mad that she would even think to ask me that. We started fighting and I just told her that i didn’t want to be in this kind of a relationship anymore.” You raised your eyebrow, beckoning him to continue. “So what happened?”

Harry sighed and looked down at his fingers. “So she took that as a sign and officially declared us broken up.” You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist., giving him hug. “I’m sorry, H.”

Harry wrapped his arms around you and gave you a kiss on the top of your head. “Don’t be. I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t respect our friendship.”

You leaned your head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. “I don’t want to be the reason why you guys broke up though. Maybe I should call her. Talk this out.” You stepped out of Harry’s embrace and started to reach your phone before Harry grabbed your arm. “Y/N, me and Brooklyn weren’t right for each other. It was bound to happen at some point.”

You sighed and nodded. “So what do you wanna do then to forget about this? Do you want to throw eggs at her house?” You smiled, remembering the last time a girl broke up with Harry, the two of you got shit wasted and started to egg their house before running away when you heard police sirens.

Harry threw his head back in laughter, clearly remembering what you were referring to. “Actually, I have something else in my mind.” Harry replied, a smirk on his face.

“To be fair with you, I would rather be egging someone’s house right now.” You laughed, cracking an egg into a bowl. Harry came up beside you, hands full of all the necessary ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. He chuckled before saying, “I know but I’m in the mood for something sweet. And you know your chocolate chip cookies are to die for.” You flipped your hair back, “Oh I know.” Harry smiled at you before beginning to measure out the sugar. A devious thought popped into your head as you watched Harry. Slowly your hand started inching towards the flour bag. You grabbed a handful of flour and called out, “Harry?” As he turned to look at you properly, you released the flour into his face. You laughed loudly before adding, “Oops.” Harry smiled brightly and grabbed a handful himself and throwing it at you. The two of you began a food war, throwing handfuls of sugar and flour. Just as Harry was about to crack an egg above your head, your phone started to ring. “Time out!” You quickly yelled. Harry chuckled before nodding, starting to clean the mess you guys made. You giggled and pulled out your phone, “Hello?”

“Hey beautiful. Was wonderin’ if you wanted to grab some dinner tonight.” Louis replied on the other side of the phone. You picked a chocolate chip out of your hair and replied back, “Actually, I don’t really want to get ready to go out. Why don’t you come over with some takeout?” Louis nodded his head, already heading out the door. “Sure thing, beautiful. I’ll see you in a bit.” The two of you exchanged your goodbyes and hung up. You walked back into the kitchen and saw Harry beginning to scoop out the batter and forming little balls of dough. Harry looked at you and smiled before continuing to roll out the dough, “Who was that?” You stood beside him once again, “Louis. He’s coming with dinner. You’re more than welcomed to join.”

Something in Harry suddenly clicked. Maybe he was enjoying the alone time you guys were having together but he suddenly he found himself jealous of Louis coming in the picture. He cleared his throat before subtly trying to ask, “What’s going on between the two of you anyways?”

Your cheeks instantly went red and you paused before saying, “I don’t know. We haven’t made things official but..I really like him.”

Harry nodded, his stomach instantly forming into knots. “I think I might just head home.” He then started to rinse his hands under the sink. You placed the cookies into the oven. “What? You don’t want to wait until the cookies are done?”

Harry shook his head before making his way over to you. “I think Jeff mentioned something about going out tonight anyways. I’ll see you later, ok love?” He placed a kiss on your cheek before giving you a hug.

You wore a confused look on your face before retuning the hug. You walked Harry to the door while he waved goodbye. After he left, you furrowed your eyebrows together. Weird. You quickly ran to your room and started cleaning yourself off before Louis arrived.

“God, it smells amazing in here.” Louis said while placing the Chinese takeout on the coffee table in the living room.

“Yeah. Me and Harry made some cookies earlier!” You called out, grabbing some plates and utensils from the kitchen. Louis sat on your couch, eyebrows furrowed together. “Harry was over?”

You walked back into the living room and placed the plates down. “Yeah. Him and Brooklyn broke up.” Louis nodded while staring at you opening a takeout box, “How is he?” You began scoping some rice onto your plate and replied back, “He’s actually fine.” Louis started to feel a pit of jealousy. Now that Harry was single, he could suddenly realize the perfect girl was right in front of him and..Louis couldn’t have that. He grabbed the plate out of your hands. “What are you-” you began to ask but was quickly interrupted when Louis brought his lips to yours. You instantly kissed back, hands reaching behind his neck. He slowly laid you down on the couch and started to run his hand underneath your shirt.

The two of you were tangled together on the sheets of your bed. Clothes were scattered around in the hallway from the living room to your bedroom. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to Louis’s naked chest while he snored the night away, hand resting on your lower back. You were about to drift off to sleep as well until a faint knock on the door made you open your eyes. You looked across Louis at the clock on the bed side table. 2:20pm. You slowly untangled from Louis. He stirred a little before cuddling more into his pillow. You grabbed his shirt and put it on before looking out of the peephole on the door.

“Harry? What’s wrong?” You asked, opening the door to see a disheveled Harry, smelling of alcohol. Harry’s eyes quickly went over your attire before he called out, “Oh no! I’m already too late aren’t I!”

You quickly shushed him and beckoned him to come inside. Harry entered your apartment and quickly but gently pushed you against the door. He started to place kisses all over your face. “Harry? What’s going on?” You asked, gently pushing him away from you. Harry shook his head and tried pulling you closer to him. “Don’t be with him. We belong together.” You gasped quietly. Before you had the chance to respond, Louis came into the room with his boxers on. He looked between you and Harry. “Y/N?”

thank you guys so much for the requests and sweet messages about part 1! i hope i did everyone’s justice lol. let me know if you guys want a part 3! are you team harry or team louis? 

So… Splatoon 2nd Anniversary is right here.

I did’t get the game on Day 1 because I thought it wasn’t for me. I mean, shooter game? Online multiplayer? Nothing of that interested me that much back then. But the visuals and style of the game were amazing, so I quickly got interested anyway. Also, some friends I trust told me the game was lots of fun and easy to learn. That was one part of the reason why I bought the game.

But some other very relevant things that influenced me into getting the game were some very early arts of a very cute inkling couple created by @tamarinfrog​ / @cafe-cardamari​ . Everyone knows I like romance and fluff a lot, so I enjoyed very much the idea that squids could be shippable, haha!

If Clementine and Whinter are to blame for me getting into this new game and fandom that brings me joys and challenges every day, I thought it was only fair for me to draw those two today.

Those two characters never stopped evolving since they were created, and one day, by the will of their creator, they will live new adventures outside Splatoon. And I will love them regardless of the universe.

… and now, if you excuse me, I’m going to sleep because, well, it’s almost 6 AM… oops.

Dan: Did you eat the last biscuit?

Phil: What do you mean?

Dan: I mean there’s an empty box of biscuits in the cupboard. Why would you put the box back when it’s empty? That’s just mean!

Phil: We both know it’s a cruel world.

Dan: Ugh, Phil! You knew those were my favourite!

Phil: Is it too late now to say I’m kinda sorry?


Dan: Are you quoting Justin Bieber to me? Incorrectly?

  • Gryffindor : hey guys, look what I got !
  • Hufflepuff : is this one of the "handspinner" thingies ?
  • Ravenclaw : what does it do ?
  • Gryffindor : it spins ! *spins the handspinner*
  • Slytherin : *arriving* is this one of the autistic gadgets ?
  • Ravenclaw : "autistic gadgets" ?
  • Slytherin : yeah, apparently they find it mesmerizing.
  • Hufflepuff : it probably helps them concentrate.
  • Slytherin : anyway, I don't see the point.
  • Ravenclaw : I mean, maybe if we could find a way to translate the movement into energy...
  • Slytherin : or if the little prongs were in fact small blades...
  • Gryffindor : how the hell does every conversation end up like this ?
  • Me : so... what do you think about fanfictions? I mean do you like it?
  • Friend : omg this is so weird I don't understand why people read this... but what about you?
  • Me : er... you're so right! Who reads this anyway?
  • My brain : are you serious? I though we were friends

deanwinchcester  asked:

I've seen so many people say that it was AU Cas who stabbed Lucifer and then got stabbed and died but if Sam and Dean were never born then the war between heaven and hell would've likely started earlier and Jimmy would've been a lot younger or may not have been Cas' vessel at all. I mean he wouldn't have looked like our Cas, with that tie or that coat. And didn't Bobby say that angels wore... I don't remember. Was it ears around their necks? What do you think about AU Cas (if he's still alive)?

yeah, AU angels wear baby ear necklaces.

And demons in that AU are NOT like “our” demons. They’re physical bodies with weird skin and horns. So why would angels in that AU be grace possessing people? Why wouldn’t their true forms be equally physical to the demons? At least, that’s my logic.

I think the AU wasn’t just a divergence from our world at that moment Azazel killed John. I have a feeling that Azazel didn’t even OFFER her a deal, because in that world the angels and demons didn’t bother with the “middleman” of working their plans through humanity. They just fought each other directly. I think it’s a fundamentally different sort of world, with very different “magic.”

They’d just reminded us about the French Mistake universe where magic didn’t exist AT ALL. Where there WERE NO ANGELS OR DEMONS AT ALL.

Plus it didn’t look like they had shopping malls in that AU. It was a very Mad Max sort of world, you know? Even if Cas DID look like Jimmy in that AU, I can’t imagine any scenario in which he’d be wearing OUR Cas’s modern business clothes. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I get that folks are clinging to this idea because they don’t want OUR Cas to be dead… but he is. We know he isn’t going to STAY dead though. Just like in 7.01 when he was reanimated almost immediately (but “contaminated” by the Leviathan), I think he’s going to be reanimated almost immediately in 13.01, but “contaminated” by Jack’s orange grace.

I’ve also read several theories that go to ridiculously convoluted lengths to postulate MULTIPLE AU’s that are very similar to ours, just to explain Cas’s “odd” behavior from scene to scene in 12.23. I get a headache just trying to follow along on them, because there’s one key piece of info they’re all overlooking in an effort to explain what seems VERY consistent to me…

It simply requires us to accept that Cas hasn’t been entirely under his own control since Jack touched him in 12.19.

If you begin from that assumption, EVERYTHING else Cas does in 12.23 makes perfect sense.

And we don’t have to jump through flaming hoops backward to try and find any more reason for it.

Exactly the way Tasha Banes seemed SO much like herself until she was compelled into serving the witch’s needs or wants in 12.20, Cas has seemed very much like himself EXCEPT WHEN JACK OVERRODE HIM OUT OF “NECESSITY.”

Like trying to keep Sam and Dean away from the rift, or trying to explain the rift to them, or reassuring Kelly about everything having to do with the vision of “paradise” Jack would bring to the world. That… was not Cas. I mean, it WAS Cas, but it was Jack influencing him with that weird golden grace.

(and yes this extends to Cas healing Dean both in 12.19 AND in 12.23 when we got to SEE him actively using Jack’s golden grace instead of his usual blue-white grace)

At least, that seems like the most reasonable explanation for everything to me.


I’m sorry for the delay, I really am. As requested, here follows my analysis of these two and their relationship.

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anonymous asked:

Rdj pisses me off bc - along with the two things you pointed out - he fucked with CA:CW. Like I get it, marvel pays him a shit ton of money (not to mention the bonus he got for CW) so he wants to have bigger roles but this wasn't his movie. We could've gotten a real Captain America movie but he complained about not having enough screen time and we were left with this mess. I feel like him and kevin feigie really fucked up the mcu (they may have messed with the possibility of Cap!Sam)

I mean it was Feige really. YOU KNOW WHAT GETS TO ME THE MOST. They chose to do Civil War bc DC announced Batman vs Superman. And I get wanting competition. I understand it, this is the industry I’m working to get into, I get it. But Marvel have consistently made more money at the box office than DC. The Dark Knight, which is DC’s best film and their top selling film, made $158,411,483 on its opening weekend. The Avengers, which is not Marvel’s best film but it is their best selling film, that made $207,438,708 in its opening weekend. Guardians 2, which is Marvel’s 5th best selling film made $146,510,104 on its opening weekend, compared to DC’s Man of Steel which is their 5th best selling which made $116,619,362. Marvel’s 10th best selling movie still made $32,054,843 more on opening weekend than DC’s 10th best selling movie.

Marvel have literally not had a single opening weekend or total profit where they’ve made less than DC. And the reason for that was that they were making better fucking movies. DC we’re making superhero movies. And they were good superhero movies. They were visually very impressive, but they lacked any real substance. Marvel were making good character based movies that were easy to relate to and they happened to also be superheroes. And people loved that. That was what set them apart. And they sacrificed that with Civil War in order to compete with something that wasn’t really competition for them. They could have given us a proper solid Cap 3 and still made more money than the DC film. But instead we just got a superhero film. Visually it was impressive but the actual substance? Lacking.


anonymous asked:

Rosy, you said the showrunners were VERY careful to say to everyone else that they loved each other. What do you mean by that Rosy? Are you talking about the other couples saying i love you to each other (i dont remember if this happened in 413 or not) or are you saying the other characters were able to see Bellarke's feelings? I do agree that there was no closure. Even though C gave this heartfelt speech, B couldn't really respond and it was cut short.

No. I don’t think I was saying just couples. Bellamy told Octavia. Octavia told Bellamy. Abby told Clarke (but Clarke refused to respond because that would be goodbye) Abby told Marcus. Memori. Monty and Harper told each other. Monty and Jasper told each other. They all said the word “love.”

The end of the season was about confirming their love for each other and making sure they KNEW. And yet, with two aborted confessions, neither Bellamy nor Clarke could tell the other how they FELT about each other. 

You’re right, Clarke gave that heartfelt speech to get him to live on without her. But she started it out saying “it’s no secret that I didn’t like you but….” she never really got to the end of that ‘but’, moving on into Octavia (as always she talks about octavia rather than her own feelings) and then into how awesome he is and what he needs when they are not together, because she thinks she’s dying. And then they are cut short and the last thing they say to each other is not “I love you,” but “hurry.” 

It’s definitely left hanging. And we’re left waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips how to write a limbing character?

I’m assuming you mean limping??

First: why are they limping? Does it hurt them? Do they use any aids or pills? all the physical stuffz, you know? It doesn’t need to be fancy if you don’t have a reason for it- could just be ‘unexplained tendon pain’. Yes that’s a thing. If you want specific articles on treatments/exercises/symptoms/that sort of nonsense, just hit me up with what sort of condition you’re going with and I’ll look into it

Someone with a congenital limp (meaning they were born with it) that doesn’t hurt may not use a walking aid or brace, even if the limp is quite severe. By contrast, someone who experiences fatigue or pain in the ankle, knee, or hip, or someone who developed the limp later in life will probably carry around a cane, even if they don’t always use it.

Someone with a limp will pay very close attention to distances, the incline of the ground, and stairs. Stairs are a gatdamn nightmare, and plenty of people with limps will go out of their way to avoid them, including waiting for a crowded elevator. they’ll also likely pay more attention to things like benches and be more nosey about where exactly things are, especially if walking. Also wintertime writing- a character with a limp is going to be Loud about every unsalted patch of ice.

MOST IMPORTANTLY HOWEVER, and i cannot stress this enough

jokes. Jokes are the keystone to writing a good limping character (or any character really). Seriously, I named my cane after a dick joke. God knows how many friends i have with walking issues/ limps who joke about our ages versus our health, dramatic overreactions to facing a flight of stairs, ect ect ect. write all the jokes. every person with a health issue pokes fun at their health. It’s natural and not seeing it in media is always so confusing and it makes it pretty obvious that whoever is writing this character probably doesnt know anybody irl to base them off of.

let me know if there’s anything i missed!!!!


Requested by anonymous

Children of Ares were assholes, so who better to steal from? You snuck into their cabin while they were all out training and searched the cabin for valuables.

“This is nice” you snickered looking at the shiny knife you had pulled out from one of their mattresses “would be terrible if someone were to steal it”.

“Hmm isn’t stealing supposed to be wrong?” You jumped and spun around to see the famous Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus standing there smirking at you. Damn, there goes your record of never being caught.
“What are you doing here?! I mean ah I wasn’t stealing…”.

“Sure” Leo chuckled rolling his eyes “and I’m not incredibly handsome. And to answer your question I was just here to drop off a sword I repaired”.

You groaned “so what? Are you going to rat me out?”.

“Nah” Leo shrugged “in fact some of these kids are real jerks. Let me help you out”.


I don’t understand the argument that Hanna & the kids have come to other races and not been photographed, so the fact that they were photographed this time somehow means it was intentional and they’re fine with it. The fact that they never have before shows that they do not want to be photographed. The presence of what appears to be a bodyguard in the pic, who appears to be objecting to it, shows that they do not want to be photographed. 

The fact that they have come to races before and very conspicuously avoided being photographed is all the more reason to assume they did not consent to this.  I’m sure they’ve walked from the motorhome to a car or whatever many times, but most people either respect Seb’s wishes or obey the bodyguard and don’t try to sneakily take pictures, because that’s a shitty thing to do. Just because one asshole managed to sneak a picture does not mean Seb has suddenly changed his very strongly held opinions. 

People saying he was asking for it by bringing them to Monaco - I guess he should never bring them to any race, because there’s always a chance someone will be a jerk and post sneaky pictures of innocent kids on the internet. Yeah, there is always a chance, but just because someone succeeded doesn’t mean you should help them invade his family’s privacy by spreading them all over!

If he’s suddenly fine with the kids being photographed this weekend, why weren’t they cheering him on in the Ferrari garage, or down in parc ferme to greet him or photographed openly in the paddock by real, accredited photographers? Probably because the real, legit photographers know they would be sued and blacklisted and lose their F1 press credentials in a heartbeat if they invaded Seb’s privacy against his wishes!

We don’t know for sure the circumstances of this one picture but we do know for an absolute fact that Seb has said over and over again for YEARS now that he fears for his family’s safety and that his privacy is very important to him.

So regardless of all the justifications and excuses you can think of, if there’s even a CHANCE that the picture was taken without his consent, the decent thing to do if you really respected his privacy would be to not spread pictures that 100% contradict EVERY SINGLE THING he’s ever said on the subject.

me: okay so I’m bored out of my mind and have 5-6 hours to kill, what kind of useful things can I do to kill the time?
me: *compiles a list of things which need to be done around the house and gets set up to go do them*
my brain: i fully support this idea. this sounds like fun!
me: *is partway through the FIRST task* 
my brain: woah woah WOAH hold up here are you sure you don’t just want to mindlessly click around the internet for the whole time? or maybe sleep?
me: my bed sheets are already in the washing machine, I can’t sleep now
my brain: yeah but… are you sure you wanna be… y’know… *horrified whisper* …productive? 

Saesangs are back at it again. Doing everything they can to get close to their oppas. Not only are they risking their lives, but they’re also risking the lives of the idols’ themselves. 

Most recently, from the posts I have seen so far, NCT DREAM, our precious Dreamies, were in an accident and nearly injured all because of saesangs. True, not all saesangs are this extreme, but some go beyond the line. They want to get closer to the Dreamies? I mean, who wouldn’t? But causing a car accident because you wanted to get closer to them isn’t what you do. 

I love the Dreamies so much, and it makes my heart break into two knowing that this happened. I’m glad none of them were injured, but it was a close call. I hope this doesn’t happen again with any of the Dreamies, or to any of the other NCT members for that matter. I pray for all idols, and for them to never get hurt from saesangs. But somehow, saesangs don’t know when to stop.

For now, all fans can do is hope.