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bertholt, at this point, it’s either your waifu or your laifu

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To fic writers, new and old: Google your titles before you post something. There are a number of reasons to do this, but yeah.  It takes like five seconds to slap a phrase in quotes and run it through the Google machine; you could save yourself a lot of heartache and embarrassment by doing it.


me: i’ve got so many things to do im so stressed and anxious and aaahhhh

me: but what if i drew every clara outfit ever


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Kai Parker x Reader


Kai kidnaps Elena’s twin sister thinking she is Elena so he can practice magic on her.

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After absorbing the spell keeping all the supernatural creatures out of Mystic Falls , it didn’t take long for Kai to realise he had started losing control over all the magic he had absorbed. Some of the spells he was trying to do were not working , others did something completely different than the thing he intended to do. He needed to practice and he knew exactly who to practice with .. or more like practice on.

“So you can finally come home and we can have Christmas together ?” Y/N said excitedly on the phone with her twin sister Elena Gilbert.
“Yes ! Damon just told me and … I’m headed there right now. Do you want to come ? We haven’t been all of us together in forever !”
Y/N glanced at all the books on her bed. Teachers didn’t understand the concept of Christmas vacation. She sighed and decided that friends and family is way more important than the damn studies. If it came to that , she can always ask one of her friends to compell her teacher for an extension.
“Sure , I’ll be right over.” Y/N got up and got dressed quickly.
She arrived at the Salvatore house before her sister and noticed the mistletoe hanging above. Damon was obviously trying to find a way to get back together with Elena. Y/N rang on the bell and waited for someone to open the door. A few moments later Damon opened.
“Mistletoe. Clever!” she said smiling but soon realised something was not right. Damon was looking right through her as if she wasn’t even there.
“Hello? Anybody there?” he asked confused.
“Damon , come on ! Aren’t you gonna let me in … ?” she started to say but he closed the door before she could finish.
Y/N stared for a moment at the door in confusion. What was going on ?!
“I might’ve put a cloaking spell on us. How genious is that?” a familiar male voice said from behind her. Y/N turned around to find Kai Parker standing there. Before she even had time to process what’s happening he knocked her out.

When Y/N woke up she was in one of the classrooms in her old high school , having no memory how she got there. Spending time with Kai was definitely something she had wanted to do but kidnapping was not what she had in mind.
“Finally, you are awake.” Kai said with a smirk.
Y/N tried to free her hands but couldn’t , soon enough it became clear it was pointless , she sighed and turned to Kai.
“Why am I here Kai ?”
“It’s your old high school.” he said innocently as if he had no idea what she was talking about.
“No , I don’t mean school…”
“Oh , you mean here HERE.” he said taking a sip of his coke. “Well, the magic I absorbed from the Travellers spell might’ve been a bit too much. Magic is literally oozing out of me and I realised that if  I start merging with Jo right now , she might turn to mush or whatever leaving me with no twin for the merge. So , that’s why you are here , Elena. I need to get my magic under control by practicing with you .. or more like ON you.” Kai said smiling.
“Kai , I’m not … ” Y/N tried to speak but for some reason no sound would come out. The more she tried the worse it got , it was as if air was being sucked out of her lungs every time she tried.
“Shhh .. I am trying to focus.” he said. Kai sat across from her.
A moment later Y/N felt something cutting her face. He was starring at her , a smile on his face as he moved his finger across the air.
“Ouch … Kai what are you doing?” Y/N asked feeling relieved she can talk again. Maybe this time she’d be able to clear up the confusion…
“Oh nothing , just … working on my self control.” he said leaning in to wipe the blood off her face. His hand was so soft and Y/N’s heart skipped a beat having him stand so close. Suddenly Kai’s expression changed , he seemed worried.
“Why aren’t you healing ?”
Y/N let out a short laugh. “Maybe if you had let me finish earlier you wouldn’t have to ask.” she snapped at him. He looked annoyed and confused. “I am NOT Elena.” she said calmly.
Kai’s eyes widened in shock , he swallowed hard and turned around cursing under his breath. THIS was NOT supposed to happen. he thought. He didn’t want to hurt her , he never wanted to hurt her
A few minutes passed before Kai turned around , an apologetic look on his face. Y/N had never seen him look like that. He laughed nervously and kneeled down , untying her hands.
“I um … I thought you were Elena. I’m … I’m sorry for hurting you.”
Y/N stared at him in disbelief. Was he for real ?
“Kai Parker , apologising? That’s a first…” she said unsure what was happening. “Is this a trick?”
Kai didn’t reply. He looked almost offended , a look of hurt flashing through his face. Y/N rubbed her wrists and got up. She glanced at him , he had sat on one of the desks,  his head in his hands.
“Kai ?” she tried to get his attention unsuccesfully.
Kai couldn’t stop thinking about what he had done. The realisation of what he could’ve done to Y/N if he had tried another spell or if the spell had done something unexpected crushing his heart. He couldn’t even look at her.
A few minutes passed and Kai didn’t show any signs of acknowledging Y/N’s words , she sighed and turned around getting ready to leave.
“Wait.” he said suddenly , grabbing her wrist , making her turn around. “Look , I REALLY AM sorry. I thought you were Elena , I’d never … I’d never hurt you intentionally.”
“What are you talking about Kai ?” Y/N asked confused. “It’s OK to hurt my sister but not me?! I don’t understand anything…” She kept starring at him , waiting for an answer but he just stood there silent looking at his feet , not releasing his grip on her hand.
“Are you going to - ?“ 
All of the sudden Kai’s lips crashed with hers , not letting her finish. Y/N stared at him in shock and confusion , a million thoughts going through her head. When did he release the grip on my wrist ? Y/N asked herself  when Kai pulled away from the kiss. He was breathless , just like her. Kai touched her face , the exact spot where the had cut her using magic and she felt warmth spread across her cheek , the stinging disappearing.
"I love you , Y/N.” he said , his voice soft , “and I know you don’t feel the same way because how can someone so kind like you feel that way about a person like me.” he  said slightly shrugging his shoulders ,a small smile showing on his face. “I’ve hurt your friends and now I’ve hurt you and .. I hate myself for it because this is not the way I imagined confessing my feelings for you.” he chuckled nervously. “You are everything I’ve ever needed in my life , the piece I didn’t know was missing and now I’ve lost you before even -”
“Stop talking.” Y/N said trying to process everything Kai had just said. She had feelings for him too but never even thought that Kai would feel the same , she hoped but …
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , he looked broken.
“Please , let me finish. I’ll except your rejection after that , I just need to say it.” he pleaded.
Y/N rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand for a moment and sighed , looking directly in his eyes. Her sister would definitely freak out and her friends would think she had gone completely off the rocker crazy , but Y/N didn’t care. She grabbed his shirt pulling him closer and kissed him deeply. Kai was started for a split second but then he wrapped his hands around her , kissing her back and pulling her so close there was no space between them.
“I love you too Kai.” she said resting her forehead on his. “I love you.” Y/N repeated , looking him directly in the eyes. Kai grinned and pulled her into another kiss.

“What the hell?!” a very familiar voice said.
Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other to find Elena and Damon starring at them in complete shock and disgust.
Kai had an amused look on his face when Y/N turned to look at him. He was starring at the newcomer’s expressions trying to suppress a laugh. For some reason that made Y/N laugh and a moment later Kai started laughing too.
“Yep , your sister has lost it.”
“Shut up Damon.” Y/N snapped annoyed. “It’s none of your business.” She took Kai’s hand and pushed their way pass Elena and Damon.
“Where do you think you are going ?” asked Elena.
Y/N turned around for a second to look at her sister. “To have fun!” she replied still laughing , Kai’s arm around her waist.
NOTE : I hope you guys like this one. :) It’s definitely one of my favorite imagines. Also to the anon who requested it - THANK YOU for requesting this specifically. It was so much fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it ! :)




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I just want to say, I totally get why you and the others are doing the blackout. I don't make much content for this particular fandom, but a lot of things I've worked on for other fandoms have been posted against my wishes, so I know how shitty you guys feel. I even allow reposting of my work so long as my original post is linked, but some assholes won't even do that much. One jerk even played victim and insulted me when I asked for proper credit. So yeah, I agree with your reason to protest.

This, exactly this. You totally get it, Nonny.

We’re just asking for respect. Why is that such a hard thing to grasp…?


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I’m sorry about what happened that night.’

as someone who adore foxes, i promised myself to draw volpina, i can’t wait to see her in action!!


it’s so weird how everyone in this fandom is like anti-whatever this character. and honestly i understand a dislike for a character, but making essay long posts about characters who are badly written isn’t gonna change a thing, my guy. 
and it’s always directed at a female character, so it’s like????? ok. 

  • Hanzo: Jesse, we need to talk.
  • McCree: Is this about the banker?
  • Hanzo: No, this is about- wait, what about a banker?
  • McCree: Uhh, nuthin', continue.
  • Hanzo: No, this is about the other day.
  • McCree: Oh, you mean the school.
  • Hanzo: Yes, I mean the- wait, what?! What about a school!?
  • McCree: Hmm? What school? Shoot boy, I don't know a lick of what you're sayin.
  • Hanzo: I'm talking about the meeting!
  • McCree: Ahh, well rest assured, now we have the money and the drugs!

This is me praying that; this was the very first page
          not where the
storyline ends; my thoughts will echo your name
until I see you again

No One Could Be As Stubbon-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#37 Prompt:#2

Word Count: 1,532

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: I decided to take a break from the smut for now, I’m just not really feeling it and I figured after the pain I just caused with ‘All We Need Is A Signature’ we could all use some light, fluffy, and slightly predictable writing. So that is what these next 4 imagines are going to be. Also probably going to be on the shorter side. But I hope you enjoy anyway.


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  • What she says: I am fine
  • What she means: What about Yamamoto's mother? Kokuyo gang wears a school uniforn but do they attend classes? Why did Varia not get enough screen time? Will Haru find her own love and happiness since Tsuna loves Kyoko? What does M.M stand for? What is Fran's back story? Why does Hibari hate crowds? Who is Aria's father and who is Yuni's? Too much to ask.