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Come Here Little Girl

Word count: 2,366

Warning: SMUT, daddy kink, rough sex, slight bondage

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @thedevilsbestie for your request!

On a hunt, Y/N is surprised to find out in such circumstances, a kink that she has – as is Dean. They try it out when they get back to the motel room.

“I am not doing that. No way!” You shouted through the motel room.
“Come on Y/N this is where he’s going to be and it’s probably our only chance to kill him.” Dean argued. “I have to go too.”
You snorted, “You get to wear clothes though, you don’t have to go in your fucking underwear!”
You had been on this case for the past two weeks trying to find the vampire that was terrorising the city, so of course you wanted to kill the son of a bitch. But the only problem was that he only showed his face once a fortnight at a club downtown. The club looked like your average sort of club from the outside but in reality it was invite only. Not only that but the invites were for men who had girlfriends and partners that would come along only in their underwear (or less) and then, “I don’t even want to think about what sort of stuff happens in that club at night.”

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Before It’s Too Late (part 2)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: feelings and stuff, Nat, Pepper, Peggy and Wanda being assholes

A/N: here’s your part 2! hope you like :) I wanna know who you guys picture Kristen to be (based off the small lil description I wrote about her in this). I really wanna know!!

The date went well. Like really well. Bucky didn’t come home and say how weird she was or how annoying she was - no. He came home saying how perfect she was. How she knew how to keep a conversation going. They went on another date. And then another… and another until he asked her out.

She said yes.

So now it’s been a month and him and Kristen are very happy and you can’t do anything but pretend to be happy because on the inside you want to scream and ugly cry every time you see - even think - of them.

But unfortunately, you still have hope. It’s only been a month, right? Bucky’s not the type to be tied down in a relationship. It won’t last. Right? Sometimes you agree but whenever you see the genuine smile Kristen brings to Bucky’s face, you rethink.

When he told you about him and Kristen dating, you wanted to yell no; say that he was making a mistake because you were right there, in love with him and would give anything in the world to be with him. But you saw the sparkle in his eyes when he said her name and you couldn’t brush off the big smile he had on when he talked about her, so you kept your mouth shut and told him how happy you were for him.

All of your friends immediately asked if you were okay or how you felt about it all but you just smiled and told them you were happy because he was happy. And all you’ve ever wanted was for Bucky to be happy. They didn’t buy it.

You wanted to hate Kristen - you really did. You wanted to hate her because she stole Bucky’s heart. Because that was supposed to be you that he looked at with loving eyes, not her. But you couldn’t hate her, no matter how hard you tried because damn it she was just so perfect.

Kristen was beautiful - she was a goddess. She had thick light brown hair that stopped in the middle of her back and her smile could literally light up the darkest room and her laugh - oh god you hate to admit it but her laugh was pleasant to hear. She was funny as well but kind and had a big heart. Oh, how you wanted to hate her.

And because things are serious between the two, Bucky wants you and Kristen to spend the day together. Ever since they started dating, you refrained yourself from spending time with her for too long. You couldn’t do it. But Bucky wants his best friend and girlfriend - the two most important girls in his life - to get along and you’ve just realized that you can’t say no to Bucky.

So here you are in Peggy’s dorm with Wanda and Natasha, talking about everything.

“You don’t have to do it, Y/N.” Natasha says from her spot on Peggy’s bed where she was cuddling Wanda.

“Yeah, just say you have something important to do.” Wanda adds.

“Or just tell Bucky to fuck off with his ‘I want the two most important girls in my life to get along’ shit.” Peggy mocks Bucky’s voice and you all laugh.

You lick your lips. “No, no, I’m not gonna do that. It’ll crush him. I’m just gonna do it. Hopefully the day will go by fast. I just want Bucky to be happy.” you sigh out.

“And what about your happiness?” Pepper - the girl Tony’s been pining after - spoke up. “I know we’ve only know each other for three years now but Y/N your happiness means just as much as Bucky’s and it’s not fair that you have to suffer in order for him to be happy.”

“Ooo, she’s got a point.” Wanda nods.

“Fuck it up, Potts!” Nat hoots.

You shake your head at your friends.

“But in all seriousness, Y/N, if you want I can knock some sense into Bucky for you.” Peggy says and you smile.

“For an art major who should have a sharp eye when it comes to art certainly can’t see the real masterpiece in front of him.” Pepper adds.

Your smile grows.

“You’re the masterpiece, if you didn’t know.” Natasha spoke with a grin.

“Thanks Nat, I think I got that.”

It went silent for a good minute, you just staring down at your shoes as your smile slowly dissipated. You were thinking too hard again. If Bucky were there he would scold you for it. You could hear him now. “Stop thinking so hard! Your brain is gonna bust outta that pretty little head of yours!”

“Y/N?” Nat’s voice pulled you from your thoughts. When you look up, seeing all their eyes on you, you know that the mood shifted to down right seriousness. “You need to tell him before it’s too late. It’s not good for you to keep it in.”

“I’m fine, Nat. Plus we all know Bucky doesn’t do relationships. This one won’t last.” you respond, trying to convince them but mostly trying to convince yourself.

“Okay but let’s say this one does last. You’re his best friend which means you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. You can’t keep your feelings all bottled up Y/N. It’s not good. You’ll end up hurting yourself.” when you don’t respond she speaks again. “Stop hurting yourself like this.”

You hadn’t noticed the tear that rolled down your face but when you did, you immediately wiped it away and you let out a pained chuckle. “It’s too late anyways. Nothing good will come out of me telling him that I’m in love with him. If I told him, it’s very well possible that I’d lose him as my friend and I’m not risking that.”

“We just don’t like seeing you hurt.” Peggy spoke softly as she placed a comforting hand on your thigh. You smile, putting your hand on top of hers and squeezing it lightly.

“I love you guys, you know that?”

Wanda smiled. “We love you too.”

You push your hair back and let out a sigh before checking the time on your phone. “Oh shit I gotta go, Bucky texted me three times.”

You start gathering your things and head towards the door just as Peggy shouts your name. “Don’t push yourself with this, okay?”

You nod.

“And for the love of cupcakes and all things sweet, please tell Bucky how you feel, before it’s too late.” Natasha adds.

You give her a thin smile. “It’s already too late, remember?”

She doesn’t respond and you pull open the door, being met with Bucky who had his fist in the air, about to knock. Panic sets in. How long was he there for? Did he hear what you said? How much of it did he hear?

“Bucky,” you breathed, slapping a hand against your chest as your heart continued to beat rapidly. “What’re you doing here?”

He puts his fist down. “I texted you like three times and you didn’t answer so I went down to your apartment and no one was there then I figured if you weren’t at home that you must be at Peggy’s so I came here.”

“Jeez Barnes, let the girl live.” Peggy says and the girls snicker.

Bucky ignores her remark and continues. “I thought you were bailing on me and then I was like ‘wait, Y/N would never do that, she’d give me a reason for not being able to show up’ which brings me to my next question; Are you sure you want to do this? Because I know how you are around new people and if you don’t want to do this today we could always reschedule.”

You bite your lip and turn to face your friends who each gave you looks that said ‘stay and let us prevent the heartbreak that is bound to happen’. But you couldn’t do that to Bucky. So, you turn back to him and smile.

“No, sorry, I just lost track of time. Let’s go.”

“So how’s the relationship?” you ask Kristen as the two of you walked around the mall together.

“It’s amazing.” she beamed. “It’s so nice to spend time with you. Bucky never shuts up about you. He always goes on about how amazing you are and how funny you are - that you’re just a joy to be around and now that I’m spending time with you, I can see why he thinks that. You’re truly an amazing person.”

You smile.

Why the fuck does she have to be so nice. She’s making it difficult to hate her.

“Thank you.” you take the compliment like a champ. “And it’s nice to hang out with you too. It’s fun.”

Kristen gives you a warm smile as the two of you continue your journey throughout the mall, stopping now and then to go into some stores.

“You know,” she hummed. “I was hesitant about giving Bucky a chance.”

You snap your head towards her. “Why?”

“Well I had asked around about him and most girls said he was an asshole. That he’d go on dates and not call them the next day - or ever. Some even said he cut all contact after they had sex and I didn’t want to be in that place. So when he first asked me out, I said no. Then he started complimenting me, giving me flowers and all that and I was like ‘maybe they were wrong, maybe I should give him a chance’ and so I did. Best decision of my life.” you smile and she continues. “He’s a sweetheart. I’ve never felt this way with anyone before. Bucky makes me feel completed. It might be a bit too early in our relationship to say this but… I think he’s the one.”

Your eyes widen and she chuckles when she noticed. “I know it sounds super crazy but I truly believe he’s it for me.”

You can feel your eyes water. They really like each other. They’re probably meant to be together and honestly, what did you think was going to happen? That it would be like one of those cliché fanfictions you read in high school where the best friends realize they’ve been in love with each other for a long time and end up together, happily ever after? No. This was real life, not fanfiction. Bucky has never seen you like that and he never will. All you can do is suck it up and hope that that this crush goes away and fast.

“Bucky really does like you.” you say softly. “I can assure you that you have made a good decision, dating him. He’s a good person and a good friend. You’re one lucky girl.”

Kristen smiles bright. “Does this mean you accept me? Because Bucky said he didn’t want to continue our relationship if you didn’t.. like me. Your opinion means a lot to him and I wouldn’t want to continue to date him if you didn’t like me.”

“Frankly, it doesn’t matter what I think.” you respond. “But to kill the suspense, yes I accept you. Welcome to the family.”

Kristen squeals and hugs you tightly, saying ‘thank you’ over and over again. You pat her back until she pulls away. “This means so much to me, honestly! We can go shopping together and you can help me - ooo you can help me get a gift for him, his birthday is coming up and oh! You can-”

She was cut off by your phone ringing. You murmur a ‘sorry’ before pulling it out, eyebrows furrowing when you read Pepper’s name. “I have to take this.”

Kristen nods and you answer the phone, bringing it up to your ear. “Hello?”

“Y/N! Oh thank god you answered. Listen, Wanda decided to take the stairs down instead of the elevator and she fell down them and now she’s in the hospital and I-I - just come, quick!” she spoke quickly, panic laced in her voice.

Your eyes widen. “Pepper, calm down okay? I’ll be there right now. What hospital is she at?”

Kristen gives you a worried look but you don’t notice. Pepper names the hospital and you tell her that you’re on your way before hanging up. “I’m sorry Kristen, my friend is in the hospital and she needs me.”

“Don’t worry! Go! I hope she’s okay.”

You nod and slip your phone into your pocket.

“Do you want a ride to the hospital?”

You remember that you arrived at the mall in Kristen’s car and curse.

“No, that’s alright, I can take the bus. The hospital isn’t far from here anyways.”

“Are you sure? I can-”

“Kristen, I promise it’s okay. I’ve got to go but it was nice hanging out with you.” you give her a smile and she flashes one in return. You say your goodbyes before leaving the mall. As you’re about to walk to the bus station, a car pulls up next to you. Peggy’s car.

“Peggy, what the-” you start but you immediately frown when you see Natasha, Pepper and Wanda - who looked perfectly fine - sitting inside.

“Get in loser.” Peggy says and Wanda opens the back door for you.

“What’s going on? Wanda looks fine.” you say as you got in the car.

“We lied. We came to save you.” Natasha replied.

Peggy drove away from the mall and you shake your head. Your friends were a bunch of assholes.

A/N: Tell me what ya thiinnnkkkkkkk. I know it’s pretty slow rn but stay tuned my friends :) I’ll edit l8ter.


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I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one random afternoon in the studio, a soft beat filling the silence in the small, dimly lit room as you curled up even more snugly into Yoongi’s blanket on the black leather sofa. His back faced towards you, bits of his blueish black hair sticking out from beneath his black beanie, his head bobbing slightly to the beat as he clicked away on his mouse. From the side, you could see the black mask tucked under his chin with one strap behind each ear, his fair skin strikingly pale due to the contrast with his dark clothing and onyx eyes. He chewed on his bottom lip in concentration, mumbling softly to himself as his other hand fiddled around with the different controls on his sound board. He was in the zone, as per usual, and over the course of the past few months, you’d come to learn very quickly that he did not appreciate being bothered while he was in this state. Just like the very first time you’d met in your composition class.

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Human: Two

Originally posted by nochujungkookie

One | Two | Three | Four

Pairing: Jungkook x reader [feat: Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon]
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut. Ability!AU Scifi!AU
Word Count: 2.5k

“what is it like to even be human?”

All Jungkook could remember were the events that was being unfolded right in front of him, everything else being untraceable. Being forced into a war he wasn’t even aware that was happening, being paired up with Taehyung and Yoongi during this ‘war’. They were pushed into this, being forced to kill the unknown enemy, relying on their so called abilities to keep them safe. Many questions were left unanswered, that was until he met you. More questions raised up, more confusion being added, and only a few things being answered. How can you tell the difference between human, and non-human?

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Be Kind

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:   1171
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request either a Jensen or Jared x reader (your choice!) where she their PA on set and they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time, but she’s afraid to move forward because she knows how harsh the fandom can be and she’s scared of getting close to him?

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know.

         “Good morning, Y/N,” Jensen smiled as soon as you walked onto the set with two cups of coffee and your usual planner to keep track of everything Jensen was supposed to do that day and the coming days.

           “Good morning,” you smiled as well. Being a personal assistant for Jensen Ackles was the best job you could have ever asked for. Not only did he treat you like a normal person, but he treated you like a friend, “I have coffee.”

           “Because you’re amazing,” he said, taking the coffee you offered him.

           “I try,” you grinned, taking a sip of the other coffee.

           “So, what’s on the agenda for the weekend?” Jensen asked as the two of you walked toward where he was going to be filming a scene.

           “You’re actually free this weekend,” you told him.

           “So, that means you’re free?” he asked.

           You nodded, “I guess that’s what it means too.”

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Scott McCall AU (part 4)

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry this took a while, I’m thinking this will end soon…but remember, I have 2 other soulmate AUs planned as well. Please enjoy and send me feedback please! I’d really like to know what you guys think about this series since it’s so new to me, also thank you for 5.7k I love you all so much!


You and Scott hadn’t stopped texting since you met in the dimly lit store. You had told your parents and your mom immediately dragged you to go shopping for your date.

“I don’t really want to wear a dress.” You sighed.

“Honey, you brought only jeans and shorts, at least dress up a little bit. It’s not everyday you get to go on a first date with your soulmate.” She reasoned.

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LEGION Recap: 1x01

Last spring when I was getting mildly sloshed off cheap French rosés and falling in love with the X-Men, I did not know it was because my compass heart had swung unerringly to the superhero franchise that, in its infinite batshit whimsy, would see fit to produce an eight-episode kaleidoscopic mutant concept piece less than one year later, as if the surrealist inventive fuckery inherent in the X-Men universe had just been waiting for me, DTF.

And then Legion had to wait for me a bit more, as historically I’ve only ever managed to watch one TV show at a time. Why? BECAUSE I DO NOTHING BY HALVES, SON. And presently I am still lost in space with my beloved golden-hearts on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

But then I saw a gifset of what looked like Jemaine Clement in a pale suit on some sort of Mylar-draped soundstage, and that was fucking it. I could feel a give in my ribs as I was pulled toward my true north, to Legion, to the show seemingly made out of scraps and spangles fished out of my own head.

So let’s do it. Let’s do two shows at once. Let’s see what my capacity for sustained enthusiasm actually is. Let’s open up all the valves, let’s set fire to tears, LET’S GO.

Legion - Season 1, ‘Chapter 1’

Wooouuuld you like this show to begin with a deeply stylized growing-up montage set to “Happy Jack” by The Who, hyper-slo-mo snapshots all centered in frame, quaint and retro until our boy hits age of onset and begins screaming it into a distorted symmetrical Wes Anderson nightmare? Hohoho, would I.


Troubled kid grows into troubled man, until his big haunted eyes see no more hope, and he tries to hang himself with an electrical cord, which sparks like synapses (!!! guys) into a sparkling candle on a cupcake — his birthday. Thirty-odd complete revolutions around the sun for David, the last five spent inside this mental institution, which outfits its patients in burnt orange track jackets with yellow stripes, because THE SIXTIES, groovy.

Dan Stevens does a pretty passable American accent, it turns out. His most amazing transformation is still when he left his second chin in Downton Abbey and suddenly looked like his own hot evil twin, but this is good too.

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Mulder’s Journal

Entry One (Millennium):

Scully,  Dana,

I’ve been sitting here for close to an hour now, just trying to find the words. Trying to figure out how to tell you what I learned today.

And then I remembered. You wrote to me in a journal, once. Maybe it’s fitting that I do the same, now. At the very least, maybe it will help me make sense of things enough in my head that I can tell you out loud. Once I can find the words, then I just have to find the courage to say them.

Unfortunately, that might be the hardest part.

Maybe it’s because I’m not ready to believe it yet, myself. More likely it’s because I can’t bring myself to do anything that might dampen the beautiful light in your eyes. You’ve been through more than enough pain for one lifetime; how could I possibly justify causing you more?

Jesus, you’re not even here and I’m still stalling.

Okay. Here it is in black and white: There’s something wrong with my brain. I’m sick.

The doctors don’t know what it is, but as of today, they know some of the things it’s not. It’s not cancer or an aneurysm. It’s not whatever happened before with the artifact. It’s not multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s or Alzheimer’s. I should be relieved, but… better the devil you know, right?

So, they don’t know what’s wrong with me. They’re going to do some more tests soon. And I know I should tell you. Hell, if it were you, I’d want to know. When you were sick, before, I hated being in the dark. So I get it, and I’ll tell you. I will. It’s just…

You were so happy this morning. It’s a brand new year, and we wrapped up that case last night (zombies, Scully, we fought actual zombies and won, I just want you to remember that), and then it was so late by the time we got back to my apartment that you actually stayed over. You woke up in my bed this morning, which is undeniably the best way I’ve ever started a new year, and I got to make you breakfast (not bad for a guy with one fully functional arm) and take you back to bed again after. It was too perfect to ruin, to tell you that I had an appointment to get my brain checked out this afternoon. And then after, once I had my laundry list of non-answers… I still don’t know how to break it to you.

I’m a coward, Dana. You’ll be here soon, and I had every intention of telling you tonight, and writing this out was supposed to help, but all it’s done is remind me how beautiful your smile is, how happy you’ve been these past few weeks. I can’t take that away from you. Not yet. Besides, maybe the doctors will have more answers for me after the next appointment. It can wait a little longer.

I’ll tell you soon. I promise. Just not yet.

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Smoaked 5/6

Summary: Felicity and her young daughter Molly move to Star City to escape a stalker ex-boyfriend.

Thank you all so much for your amazing comments and kudos! I am so grateful!! Thank you so much for proofing @almondblossomme!

All chapters are available on AO3.

                                       Chapter 5: Complicated Women

“I want to help.”

Oliver was about to leave and head into ARGUS. A replacement bodyguard had arrived. He turned when he heard Felicity.

“You want to help? Find Cooper?”

She nodded.

It was just them in Smoaked as the morning rush had ended. Oliver had just returned to confirm, he had brought Molly safely to school. They figured it was best to keep with her routine for now, of course she was being closely watched.

“What exactly would you like to do? You do know, you’ve already helped by telling John about your experience being kidnapped.”

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Evermore: Why Beauty & the Beast lives on throughout generations

“Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone. But when all else has been forgotten… Still our song lives on.”

Everyone knows the story: how a beautiful young woman fell in love with a hideous beast, lifting a 10-year-long curse from his castle and all who lived there. This is as the song goes, “A tale as old as time”, and anyone who’s anyone would have at least watched this Disney classic at least once. Though I’d like to believe we all managed to watch it more times that we would like to admit. 

But Beauty and the Beast is more than just a love story; a romance between two different people who at first hated each other but eventually grew fond of one another. No. There’s more to this story than what meets the eyes and the most recent live-action remake showed us exactly that and even made us realize what made us love this tale so much in the first place.

I grew up watching Disney films. These stories are the borders of my childhood; the foundation of my beliefs apart from the things taught by parents and teachers. Beauty and the Beast basically taught me never to judge a book by its cover. Funny I should say that considering Belle is portrayed as a bookworm. But it’s true that the tale taught us the value of beauty and how it is not determined by appearance but found within.

This is such a timely theme, considering we live in a world where physical beauty is so important. People strive to be beautiful—to stay beautiful. Judging by the countless beauty advertisements, movie actors and actresses that glitter under lights like stars, we have truly built a “beautiful world.”

Though from another perspective, is it really a beautiful world when there is so much wickedness going on? There are wars being fought; injustices prevailing; evil and insecurities residing in people’s minds and hearts. The world may look beautiful on the outside, but what about on the inside? In order to make this words truly beautiful, people must learn not to let hate rule in their hearts; to be good. I believe everyone is ‘innately good’, no one was born bad… much like the Beast who was only influenced by his cruel father, turning him heartless and unkind. 

People — mostly girls should also be more accepting of themselves. A lot of girls find it hard to tell themselves that they are beautiful, even more so to accept compliments from others. It is sad but this world has made its own standards of beauty which we have fooled ourselves into believing. If you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to have a common standard for beauty since it’s subjective. We all have different perspectives. Best to keep that in mind next time you look into a mirror. 

Apart from that main message of this story, Beauty and the Beast actually teaches us more things about life—and ourselves—which was very evident in the live-action remake.

One being: girls can be heroines too.

It’s always the knight in shining armor; Prince charming who sweeps us off our feet or defeats the might dragon and saves the damsel in distress. Belle was actually one of the few Disney princesses who didn’t act like a “princess” and did more than just stand there and look pretty, hoping for Prince charming to come and save her from that so-called “provincial life”. Belle was a very active character and even ended up saving everyone in the end. She should definitely be a role model to young girls as she embodies a strong and independent personality which women need to take note of in order to break through ongoing inequalities in society. 

If Belle can save the day, why can’t you? And it’s actually quite amazing how recent Disney princesses like Moana and Elsa from Frozen—or even other classic princesses like Mulan are taking more active roles. 

Beauty and the Beast also has one of the most beautiful — and meaningful songs ever composed in Disney history. So when I discovered that there were going to be new tracks, I was simply overjoyed!

“Days in the Sun” was a beautiful track filled with much hope and longing. Although I adored “Human Again” (and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit saddened at first when I found out that it wouldn’t be in the film), I thought Days in the Sun fitted really well into the scoring and storyline. 

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure
I was innocent and certain
Now I’m wiser but unsure

- from Days in the Sun

Belle’s part in this song really stood out for me as it can be related to our world and how amidst all the sadness and hardships we go through, love and hope are the two things that thrive and keep us going. Also, is it not true that when we were younger and innocent, we were always certain of the things we wanted? Our dreams were pretty clear then and we had it all figured out on who we wanted to be like or what we wanted to do. But as we grew older, we changed—dreams change which often left us unsure. Being wiser doesn’t mean you would know everything…it simply means learning to question things—learning to doubt even.

“Evermore” was my favorite track for this film simply because the beast was humanized through this song…making us see that he is truly indeed a person underneath that beastly appearance.  

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me
Be a part of everything I do
Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in…

And be with me forevermore

- from Evermore

It such a sad song and I loved how the Beast was able to show his sorrow at Belle’s departure and express his feelings for her through this scene. His act of letting her go was already a clear sign of his love for her but this song took it to a whole new level when he practically sang how he’d only love her forevermore and that no matter how far she may be from him, he would always be reminded of her.

While watching that scene, I couldn’t help but cry (yes I cried twice when I saw it for the second time) and its not only because I felt through the Beast’s pain but also because I realized we were all the Beast in a way. We’re all flawed, we’re all hurting, and we’ve all lost someone along the way; be it a loved one, a significant other, or a friend. But the memory of them remains and no matter how sad it makes us when we think about them and all that might have been, our experiences with them inspire us and has made us stronger. You know I’ve always believed you can’t un-love someone whom you “truly loved”. Because that love we gave was real, and you can’t really take it back. To move on, you can only love someone more. 

“How Does a Moment Last Forever” basically captured the essence of this beautiful tale. The whole song practically breathes and lives on quotes so I’m not going to mention my favorites because I would end up writing the whole thing. It’s a beautiful song about life and the beauty of its imperfections; and how love is what binds everything together.  

Beauty and the Beast truly has a lot to say about real life and it’s amazing how a fairytale can affect us so much. We fell in love with it in the books… when Disney released the animated version in 1991…and today as we witness it come alive in 2017. Beauty and the Beast taught us that beauty is found within and that love is a powerful catalyst. Most importantly, and I’d say this as it is not said enough, this story taught us about second chances and that it can be granted to those who try to change and become better people.

“Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong.” - from Beauty & the Beast

I truly enjoyed watching this film again and dare I say it was as good as watching it for the first time back when I was a little girl. Now that I’m an adult, it became more meaningful and the experience was spellbinding. This is why I think Beauty and the Beast will continue to live on throughout generations… because it is a story with depth; one that teaches us so much about ourselves… 

Teaches us that amidst all the sorrows and hardships, there is love and there is hope. And that’s basically all you need for wonders to happen. 

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PS: And to all the hopeless romantics out there…or to those simply looking for their one true love, don’t lose hope. I think everyone thinks they’re not worth it but hey, if Belle can love someone who was as flawed as the Beast … someone can love you too. No matter how crazy or imperfect you may be. 

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halloweek; day three

nitenai bokura wa hosoi ito de tsunagatte iru

Becoming a vampire isn’t really a big deal. All Bellamy has to do is switch to night shift, set up a subscribe and save order for cow blood on Amazon, and give up garlic bread. It’s pretty straightforward.

His new partner, though. She’s an issue.

based on prompt: ‘Buddy cop story where both officers are trying to hide that they’re vampires from each other.’ for anonymous

written by: Chash / @ponyregrets
edit by: Cat / @catja 
word count: 8517

The problem with being a vampire (or any other supernatural being) is the same problem there is with everything else, from what Bellamy can tell: the farther you are from being a cishet rich white human male, the harder it is. And of those, Bellamy is only a cis human guy, which means that his whole life he’s been dealing with shitty people who have shitty assumptions about him based on his race, class, sexuality, or some combination of the three. His life is basically one continuous intersectionality failure even before he becomes a vampire.

So, yeah. It’s going to be a pain.

“A pain,” Miller repeats.

“Yeah,” he says. “It’s not like I can’t deal with it, but, man. It’s going to suck.”

“If you say pun intended, I’m going to murder you.”

He snorts. “Shit, I wasn’t even trying. I wish that had been intentional. Maybe I’m just going to be a really good vampire. I’m a natural.”

“Fuck, I can’t believe we’re friends.”

“Plenty of people deal with this shit every day,” Bellamy points out. “It’s doable. One in–”

“If you start talking vampire statistics, I swear to god, I will go and find a stake and murder you.”

“Which would be a hate crime. Dick.” He flops back on the bed, putting his arm over his eyes. It’s very livable, being a vampire. Or very unlivable. It’s doable, he knows that much. Millions of people live semi-normal lives every day, as vampires.

“Vampire cops aren’t exactly popular,” Miller points out. Which he knew, obviously, but it was one of those things he hadn’t been wanting to dwell on too much.

“I know. I don’t have to tell anybody.”

“That’s seriously your plan?”

“I’ll tell your dad,” he says. Captain Miller is a good guy, and he likes Bellamy. “I need to put it in the arrest report anyway. So I explain the situation, tell him why I want to keep it on the down-low, ask to get reassigned to night shift. And then I just keep it quiet.”

“Drink blood out of a nalgene?”

He shrugs. “Thermos. Pretend it’s coffee.”

Miller shakes his head. “If my dad thinks you can try it, I guess you can.”

“I’m not letting this ruin my life,” he says, firm. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

At least Miller is a good enough friend to not point out that it already ruined his life. He’s undead now. When your life ends, it’s also ruined, kind of by default.

But he can still make the best of it.

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The 12 Big Lessons I Took from My Art School Education

The big graduate exhibition at OCAD U just wrapped up this past weekend and, while I have made posts on what I learned my first and second year at OCAD, this one will summarize the major things I learned over the course of getting my degree. Hopefully, this will help someone out who’s going into the Illustration program at OCAD, or any art or design degree anywhere. On with the show, and as always, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need advice!

1. Just Do it Time. Management.

I think I’ve mentioned this point in almost every single one of my advice posts, and I’ll say it again at the top. Managing your time and schedule is key to getting things done, not “feeling motivated”. Because you will not feel motivated every day, not even close, and it’s not a failure on your part- that’s just life. In my opinion, you need three things: a planner, a place for your to-do list to live, and a place to quickly jot down ideas and notes as they occur to you

Put everything down, every deadline, class, work shift, coffee date, and party, in your planner so you won’t need to exhaust your brain remembering what’s coming up during the week. For a successful to-do list, break down tasks into easy little bites. And by committing to paper every little sketch, quote, whatever comes to mind, you won’t waste energy trying to remember that cool idea you had at 4 am, or last week on the train. I try to look over my sketchbooks once every 3 months to see if there’s anything actionable in those pages.

2. You Can’t Please Everyone. 

No, really, you can’t. This one I learned the hard way, and far too late. I am a people pleaser, and the hardest thing for me to do is have a spine rather than try to pander my illustrations to whichever professor, class, or client I have. I mean, it’s helpful to be receptive to feedback, but there’s a line between that and losing your own voice. Try to please yourself at least as much as others. Keep in mind your big goals, your weaknesses you want to work on, the type of art you want to create. This ensures that every project becomes your project, not just something you have to get done. 

3. Don’t Stop

I like to compare artistic skill with athletic skill. Mostly because it’s the only way I would ever be compared to an athlete hahaha. But really- a star athlete might have been born predisposed to being muscley, but there’s no way they became track stars just by showing up. They put in hours of training, and eat whey smoothies, or whatever active people do I don’t know. Fitbits? …hemp seeds?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Likewise, you need to work out your creative muscles or else you won’t be art buff. Whatever works for you- sketch challenges, drawing from life, practicing patterns, experimenting with new media, just keep at the art thing. Even if you hate your style and yourself and feel like giving up and all you can draw are stick people … especially then … keep going.

4. This Graph :

5. Take Notes In Crit

Now this one I learned very late and only started doing this during thesis crit. 

Make two columns. One for positive feedback, one for negative. I realised that by not recording feedback, I was missing out on small mistakes I was repeatedly making, that I could easily avoid if I just…remembered what they were. (For instance, when I’m very stressed out with a drawing, I will often put hands backwards…) 

I also learned what people liked about my work- by recording what positive feedback I was receiving, I was able to tangibly figure out what my strengths were as well, rather than just vaguely thinking “I have to fix xyz but people also said some nice things!”

6. Be Nice

Be nice to your classmates- now I don’t mean baby them. Or even critique sandwich when you have something to say in crit. I mean, like … if a classmate is clearly having a rough time after a crit, maybe be sure to tell them on your way out from class how much you liked xyz part of their piece. Ask a classmate if they want to grab coffee with you on break. Wave and say hi to classmates in the halls, even if they don’t say hi back or don’t seem to want to talk to you. Just, like, things that sometimes we forget to do when we’re having a hard enough time remembering to be kind to ourselves. It can feel pointless when you get nothing back but an odd look 9 times out of 10 but … usually it’s a good idea.

7. Talk to your Profs

Your profs are wells of knowledge, tips, insights, and funny jokes. It is such a waste, if you really like a prof, to not take the time to ask them a quick question during breaks or after class. They’re usually pretty rad people (except when they’re not) even if they’re intimidating and scary and hate your work- they can help!

8. Do Not …

-Be the only person who asks long, convoluted questions in a lecture course in the middle of the class. Ask on your own time during breaks please, we are all inwardly groaning and you are dragging the class on an unrelated spiel.

-Leave your dirty brushes in water, you’ll ruin them.

-Excuse away every negative crit you receive with ‘That was on purpose.’ Even if it was, maybe it wasn’t a good descision…

-Be too hard on yourself.

9. Do …

-Make time for socializing

-Invest in good materials

-Voice your opinions in crit, even if you disagree with a classmate. Especially then, actually, let it be a dialogue!

10. Stretch:

11. Podcasts!

Podcasts and audiobooks are tops for distracting your left brain and staying engaged when you’re working on art! My reccomendations:

Editorial-y: This American Life, 99 Percent Invisible, Radiolab

Story driven: Snap Judgement, Alice Isn’t Dead, Welcome to Nightvale

About the Internet: Reply All, Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer

Buisness/Time Management-y: Clients from Hell, Cortex, StartUp

“Two Dudes Talking”: Your Dreams My Nightmares, Hello Internet, Nerd Poker

12. You’re Not an Expert and Will Probably Never Feel Like One (at Least Not for Long)

In my opinion, in creative fields like mine/ours, nobody is an “expert”, because there’s always a new technique to try, a new subject to explore, new software, new inspirations. Like, as soon as you feel like you’re pretty good at drawing cows

You go to this obscure art opening on a whim one thursday night and see this genius pull this out of wherever amazing ideas come from and it turns your life upside-down: **

And you’re like “shoot…I didn’t even begin to understand all the ways I could approach drawing cows. I have no idea about anything!” And you feel dumb and small- but don’t! 

Creativity, forcibly, involves creation … and re-creation, and growing, and new stuff. New ideas in your brain, old techniques that you used that you burn up in your head because you realise they’re dumb, new artists who are 4 years younger than you and a million times better. And that’s awesome, because as long as there’s that, your creative output and our field never goes stagnant. Just remember that everyone always has everything more to learn about everything and you won’t feel frustrated yourself.

So that’s It! That’s all of the big advices I have. All the wisdom I’ve gleaned from my four years at OCAD U, broad strokes, are here. As always, my inbox is open so feel free to message me for specific questions or advice, or go to my FAQ. Hugs and kisses to all. Follow me on instagram.



**Okay so that’s obviously an exxagerated example (and the picasso drawing is a bull, not a cow…) but you get my gist. 

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 2

What’s that? It’s the Wartime Miniseries PART 2!

We’re at the Deep Space 9
We’re at the Terok Nor
We’re at the combination Deep Space 9 and Terok Nor

[dance breakdown]

6x04 ‘Behind the Lines’
- Nog has managed to produce BRANDY from somewhere, because “I may be a cadet, but I’m still a Ferengi.” Nog is that dude in The Great Escape who can always get you stuff, isn’t he.
- THE DEFIANT CREW HAS A CEREMONY FOR WHEN THEY USE UP A POWER CELL. Chief O’Brien PRESENTS IT to Captain Sisko, who then GIVES A ROUSING SPEECH with CALL-AND-RESPONSE ELEMENTS. do you know how much I love call-and-response??? it’s a whole personal story, having to do with Moby-Dick and my high school English teacher, and, in retrospect, the fact that he was the one who used to be a Captain in the Marine Corps…. anyway, can attest that call-and-response is a guaranteed way to create strong group bonding AND startle awful vice principals your enemies. y’know looking back, that my English teacher was seen by the administration as a defiant Romantic revolutionary with a young literati army is also making a lot of sense….
- me last time: “what strange new rhythms will you all have fallen into out here”
  Ben to his Admiral right now: “It’s just a little ritual we fell into”

mmmm Kira providing this diegetic VO of what’s going through this Cardassian’s head at the bar while she and Rom look down on him from the second level, GOOD STUFF

- Kira: “How did you get ahold of Damar’s pad anyway?”
  Rom: “I’m good with my hands.”
  high oh.
- I think that Jem’Hadar just broke a Cardassian’s back over his knee? what kinda fight choreography can you guys afford these days!
- Weyoun, through a grin: “Our men need to see that we’re still allies. Smile.”

Is This Helping

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I Knocked her up Dude - Grayson

Warning: Mommy and Daddy issues, and Abuse.




OKay no this is really bad, and I mean really bad. I can’t no. No no. I just won’t accept it. Two lines. Those pink lines showed on the test. I panicked. I rushed back into my room and grabbed the other box I bought and ripped it open. I grabbed the test and rushed back into the bathroom and peed onto the stick and waited for it to show if I was truly pregnant or not.

One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. The whole time I was pacing around the bathroom. I looked down at the test and fell to the ground. “I can’t.” I whispered as I felt tears starting to fall. I covered my eyes as my body started to shake from me crying. “I just can’t.” 

“Oh best friend!!!!!” I removed my hands from covering my eyes and looked over seeing my friends making her way to me. She stopped in her tracks though once she saw me. “Girl what’s wrong?” She asked walking closer. She looked onto the counter with the sink and made an ‘O’ with her mouth.

“Your pregnant?” She asked. “Obviously. You see the test.” I said annoyed. “Is it Grayson’s?” She asked. “Who else’s would it be.” I said. I was no in a good mood and I can tell that. “If you weren’t pregnant I would so think you were on your period.” Y/bff/n said. “Ha ha, funny.” I rolled my eyes. 

“You have to tell Grayson.” She said sitting cross legged in front of me. “I’m scared.” I whispered bringing my leg to my chest holding them tightly. “I know baby, I know. It’s going to be scary, but I know Grayson and he would never leave you. He would help and stay with you because he would want to keep it.” Y/bff/n explained. I let out a shaky breath.

“I also mean with my parents. My dad’s a god damn priest fro heaven’s shake. Do you know how hard it was to convince him to let me and Grayson date?” I asked her. She nodded and bite her lip. “It was a at most three months.” She answered. “Exactly and telling him and my mother I’m pregnant. God they are going to kick me out.” I whispered. 

“How about we worry about one thing at a time. You can call Grayson over I’ll distract your parents, and you can tell him. You can figure out how to tell your parents along with his. Even though I think you should get an important and get like on of those pictures of the small little baby.” She asked. I nodded slowly. She grabbed hold of my wrist and helped me up onto my feet. She lead me back into my room and handed me my phone.

I let out a breath and unlocked it with my thumb print and went into contacts. I hit onto the contacts labeled : Boyfrand, and hit the call button.

Ring … Ring … Ring

“Hey baby what’s up?” Grayson answered on the other lined. “Ca-can you come over?” I asked stumbling over my first word. “Actually I’m like right down the street. I was heading over to ask you out to diner later actually.” He answered. “That would be amazing.” I smiled slightly. “Good. If you would of sad no I would of had to cancel everything.” He laughed. “I will always say yes. Maybe.” I smiled more.

Every time I spoke a word to Grayson a smile would always form onto my face. Even with a hard day he would always turn it upside down. “Hello Earth to Y/n you there.” I heard Grayson laughing. “Oh huh? Yeah yeah I’m here. Sorry I went into la la land.” I giggled. “I’m outside. Let me in please? Don’t want to listen to the lecture your father will give me.” He laughed. “Yeah i’ll be there soon.” I answered and hung up.

“Okay go distract my parents. I know they like to listen in when Grayson is here. They should be in my dad’s office.” I told Y/bff/n. She nodded quickly and walked a head of me to the door but then stopped. She turned to me and wiped the tears on my face and smiled. I whispered a thank you and she went to the opposite side of the house well I went down the stairs and rushed to the door sliding across the wood floors from wearing socks. I grabbed onto the door handle and opened it to revel my beautiful boyfriend.

“Hey pretty lady.” He smiled and pulled me into a quick kiss. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away. “Let’s go up to my room.” I smiled grabbing his hand and leading him up there. “Your in a hurry.” he laughed. “Well you know me.” I chuckled. We both walked up the stairs and went to my room. I closed the door and locked the door. Grayson laid down on my bed and placed his hands behind his head. 

“What did you want to talk about?” He asked. “I have to tell you something. That is going to change our lives.” I breathed out sitting in front of him on my bed. “Your not moving away are you?” She asked, fear flustering over his face. “No no. I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here. At least I hope.” I said frowning a bit.

“Y/n what’s going on?” Grayson asked. “I’m pregnant Gray.” I said all out. Just get it over with I always say. Grayson tilted his head but then returned it to it’s straight position. Soon a big smile fell upon his lips. “Y/n. Th-that’s fucking amazing.” He smiled pulling me into a hug. “Your not leaving right?” I asked just to make sure. “Never in a million years I would think to even leave.” He smiled.

“Now we just have to tell my parents.” I frowned. “Tell us what?” My dad asked walking into my room holding the key in his hand as he moved his arms to be folded. My best friend standing behind him and my mother mouthing sorry to me. I let out a breath and got out of Grayson’s arms and got up and went in front of them. “I-I. Your not going to like what I’m going to tell you.” I said looking down at my feet.

“Look at me when your talking to me.” My father said. I nodded and looked up into his y/e/c eyes. The same as mine. “I-I.” I couldn’t say it. I just couldn’t. “Spit it out.” My dad said starting to get angry. “I’m pregnant.” I said.

The back of his hand came in contact with my face and I stumbled back. I placed my hand on the red hand print and felt it sting from my skin touching it. I saw y/bff/n eyes go wide as everything went in slow motion. Grayson was by my wide and was saying something I couldn’t work out. And then everything came back to me. Everything went back into his normal speed.

“Get your stuff paced and the hell out of my house! Your kind is not welcomed into this house of the lord!” He yelled at me. Tears started to fall from my eyes once again. Stinging the mark on my face. “Let’s go to my place.” Grayson whispered in my ear. I nodded at his request and he picked me up. He held onto me and looked at y/bff/n and she nodded. She pushed past my parents and past us as Grayson carried me down the stairs.

Grayson’s P.o.v

“So that’s why you want her to stay here?” Ethan asked. I nodded my head. My hands trembling still with horror as I watched Y/n’s father hit the girl I loved. “You got her knocked up.” He breathed out. “I knocked her up dude and I want to keep it. I want to stay. I want to marry her.” I said looking at Ethan who smiled at me. “Y/n is like a sister to me. She can stay as long as she wants. But You guys should find a place of your own by time the baby comes.” He explained. I nodded.

“Just make sure to move in next door.” I smiled at Ethan. He nodded back at me and I got up from the couch and grabbed the bag of ice and cloth and headed towards my room where Y/n was resting. As I walked in I saw her best friend Y/bff/n pulling her hair into a messy bun.

“Ladies.” I said as I lightly pressed the bag against Y/n’s cheek. She smiled at me. I kissed her temple and looked at Y/bff/n. She smiled at me and nodded. “Treat them well.” She said at me. “Don’t worry I will.” I smiled. “I’ll go to your house and snatch some things for you. I’ll bring them tomorrow.” She then said towards Y/n. She nodded and left my room.

Y/n turned her head and I saw the stained tears that laid on her face. “I love you Y/n.” I smiled at her. Her lips turned into a smile. It was the first time I’ve said it. Or either of us for that matter. Even though we’ve been dating around for almost a year. I was just to scared. “I love you too.” She smiled and embraced me.

Since I uploaded only one today or tonight I will post one on Thursday. I’m going to be rewriting some of my very first ones just to get back into the hang of things, but after that and in between imagines like this will be posted. Just remember these take me maybe half and hour to an hour to write and it’s very time com-summing. But thanks for reading I hoped you enjoyed it!

HoneyMoon Phase

Yoongi x Reader

1.5k of Angst

Warnings: Brief Mention of Death

Originally posted by nvmyg

Do you recall…..

The time when we belonged together? The time when we thought nothing could separate us?
Do you remember….
When I would call you sweet pet names and love you till day’s end? When I would help you on your bad days and you would help me on mine?
Do you know… that I miss you?

Of course you don’t. You are Min Yoongi. The Prince of this vile city.

Is this city really vile? …No. I just hate reliving everything from when I was with you…. as I walk down the streets to the park I see you and me. I see us, walking around without a care in the world. Stuck in the stupid honeymoon stage. That stupid place where everything seems wonderful and good. It’s the calm before the storm. The day before the night. The beauty before the ashes. What a stupid concept… The Honeymoon Stage.

Why would you ever want to be a part of it? Sure… it feels good when you’re in it, but the minute things go south… Everything just seems to fall apart. Isn’t it beautiful? The way we fall apart. It’s magical, and it’s tragic. The ways we break our own hearts.

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Secret - Len Snart x Reader

Prompt: Len is jealous of Barry being close to you because you and have been secretly dating. After a romantic night you decide that maybe you shouldn’t be a secret and he later shows up at work to give you the answer you want.

Words: 2240

Warning: None, I believe. 

A/n: I was working on a Snart story but it went bad, I didn't like it and then the other day in the middle of class this idea came into my head. Anyways, Happy Reading!

Y/F/F = your favorite flowers 

Originally posted by fy-gameofthrones

Y/n’s POV

“I don’t see what the big deal is, I am dating Len Snart the infamous Captain Cold. I am not killing anybody.” I say through the phone to Barry as I carefully park in my driveway.

“But he might kill someone, he might even do worst.”

“What is worst than killing?” I ask turning off the engine and stepping out. There is a long silence from the other line before I hear a heavy sigh.

“I don’t know but I am sure he could come up with something.”

“Bartholomew Henry Allen, you listen to me right now, okay? I am with Snart, yes he has done bad things but he has changed and you have to admit that at least. I love him and who is becoming and I want to be with him.” I stop walking to my door when I realized I just said I love Snart. Did I? We have been secretly dating for a couple of months and he is actually a better person that he makes others believe so maybe I do love him. I mean, who wouldn’t? Underneath all that cold exterior he is actually almost a hopeless romantic.

“I’m just worried about you, you are like the younger sister that I love and need to protect that I never had. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” I open my front door struggling to hold lab results in one hand and the phone on the other at the same time.

“Aw, Barry that is so sweet,” I swing the other door open, “I feel the same way, you know. But can we keep this a secret? Just for now, please?” I put my books down on the table and notice the kitchen light is on and a tall figure standing on the hallway. It was too dark to see but anybody with a brain knows you shoot first and ask questions later when someone breaks into your house.

“Yeah, but you have to tell Cisco and Caitlin soon. The longer you wait the more upset they will be that you kept it from them that long.” Barry says as I grab my pocket knife ready to attack whoever broke into my house.  

“You are right, I will see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, take care. Love you.”

“Love you too” I hang up abruptly and turn on the hallway light my knife raised ready to face whoever this was.

“Snart?” When I see who it is my heart dropped because he didn’t have his signature smirk or emotionless face. He looked sad and hurt.

“You love Barry?” he ask skeptical but still upset.

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Character Analysis: Terushima Yuuji

I often see Terushima getting reduced to the one moment he asked Kiyoko for her phone number and was rather persistent about it although she clearly rejected him. However, instead of immediately judging him for that and not even giving his character a chance I thought that his behaviour was actually very realistic. I’m pretty sure in real life there are lots of high school boys asking girls for their phone numbers and nearly begging when they get rejected instead of simply accepting it.

Not that I think it’s a good thing to do but I don’t think he had any bad intentions and maybe didn’t even realise how uncomfortable he made her. Moreover, I briefly want to mention the thing most people probably already heard: Nishinoya and Tanaka don’t show better behaviour at all. They basically glorify her and the things they frequently do would make me definitely uncomfortable too if I was her.

That being said, I think he is a character that’s just as interesting and likeable as every other character in Haikyuu. I mean, we don’t reduce Tanaka to his hot-bloodedness nor Oikawa to his fake cheerful self nor Iwaizumi to an angry brute nor Kageyama to a socially awkward simpleton (and I could go on with that for almost every character in Haikyuu) so why should we do that to Terushima? I know that there are lots of people who think like me but I never came across a full character analysis so here we go.

(complete analysis + manga panels below the cut because this got long)

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I’ll Treat You Better Next Time

Originally posted by ukwonder

[A fight with Zico]
Genre: Angst/Romance

*Strap in boys and girls this ones going to be a long one. My longest one shot at 3k. 

Six weeks.

It had been six weeks since you’d actually seen Zico. Normally you’d be understanding he was a very busy man. Rapper, producers, leader and he was in high demand especially these days. He was working on Show Me The Money as well as preparing for Block B’s comeback, but six weeks was just too long to go without actually seeing your boyfriend. It wasn’t as if he was on tour or promoting he was just a few blocks away at the studio that he basically barricaded himself in.

You made sure that you brought food, and clothes and just dropped them off for him. Occasionally you’d get Taewoon to deliver something since you knew he’d have a slightly easier chance of getting to his brother.

Normally it wouldn’t be this bad, you had a life of your own so you understood keeping a healthy distance from one another and that was part of your relationship that worked so well. You worked full time at an office and it was pretty daunting, and having some time to yourself was nice. It allowed you to go and visit your mom, and to spend some time with friends. Dating Zico for three years had gotten you used to his routines and how he got when it was album time. However six weeks started to make you wonder if you were even still in a relationship. He’d call occasionally, skype call here and there, but he hadn’t been home in over a month.

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