i mean watch the damn video

what i thought when i watched  “ a date with markiplier “ video

  • wait … we can choose our story 
  • wow … i actually have a valentine date this year 
  • that chef does not look friendly 
  • romance or horror ? you mean love or death right 
  •  looks like i am gonna spend the rest of the day finding all the endings
  • oops i accidentally killed mark
  • well looks like dark is my date now
  • wait .. is that Tyler with mark on his face ? 
  • wait whAt ?!? nooo i wanted to marry mark for real 
  • could you imagine dating mark ? 
  • nice pony tail mark 
  • LET . HIM . DIG . THE . GOD . DAMN . HOLE 
  • it litterily 10 min of this , help 
  • “ let me see what in your pants “ “ excuse me ? “ 
  • wow i actually killed someone 
  • “ looks like you choose wrong “  “ naaah i’m good “ 
  • sooooo are we gonna talk about tyler’s ass ? 
  • oops killed mark again 
  • FIRST RULE OF HORROR MOVIES : never . split . up 
  • am i the only one who tapped the screen like an idiot 
  • did i mention i killed mark 
  • wait , i am  allergic to peanut butter AND tuna , HEELP 
  • DAMN IT ! i knew i was a dog all along 
  • *sigh* what the hell was in that dinner 

… Am I the only one who keeps watching the first few seconds of this video when Niall said “fuck” in THAT voice?! I mean, he’s adorable throughout most of the video but those first few seconds… damn it.


I was meaning to say this for some time now so yeah…. those “fans” & haters who say/said Laurent ‘lost it’ / doesn’t dance like before and he no longer is a beast… well damn you must be feeling stupid right now lol
This is why he changed his style of dancing to EVOLVE as a dancer and those who complained about his style changing it must hurt your eyes to watch THIS PERFECTION and feel the burn LMAO
I’m glad I’m not one of those les twins “fans” that go on their videos to complain about stupid stuff like 'why they change’ coz seriously if you don’t appreciate how hard they both work to get better then when they were in 2010-2012 I doubt you are real fan of theirs to begin with - just saying. EDIT: Of course they both killed it! (I love when they dance together the most lol) but the point of this post was for me to vent my growing frustration after reading TONS of really hurtful comments towards Laurent’s dancing. -peace-

A/N: After 1x07 I typed out a quick little text post (which you can read here) and it inspired me to make it a full-fledged fic about Jughead moving in with Fred & Archie. Hopefully this will help pass a little time until the new episode. Almost 5k words of Bughead fluff. Enjoy!

just looking for something (something like home)

He moves in with the Andrews men early on a Saturday morning.

Not that he could really call it moving in considering his entire life fits into a backpack but at least he’s got a room to call his own.

The basement, to be exact.

Fred sets up a cot in the corner, near boxes of Christmas decorations (he’s pretty sure those haven’t been touched since Archie’s mom left) and old rusty tools and lawn equipment. He sets his backpack on a rickety tool bench but doesn’t move to unpack.

“Sorry it’s so cold down here,” Fred is saying as he throws a fitted flannel sheet over the cot’s mattress. “We’ll get you a space heater or something before winter comes.”

“Alright,” Jughead says although he’s not really paying attention. It’s not that he’s not grateful for Fred’s generosity, he is but he can’t help but think about his dad at home alone. Probably drunk, even though he promised to get his act together.

Just a month, maybe two.

Not a chance in hell.

Jughead is glad Archie is at football practice because there’s a question on the tip of his tongue that he’s a little embarrassed to ask.

“Just curious,” he starts but his voice shakes a little and his hands are sweating. He runs them down the front of his pants and clears his throat. “Is there a uh… um…a girl policy?”

Judging from Fred’s expression he’s just as surprised Jughead asked as he is.

“A girl policy,” Fred repeats. “Well, Archie has girls over but they usually keep the door open. And no sleepovers.”

Jughead laughs and holds up his hands. “Yeah, of course. That’s not really what I was talking about. More just…in general.”

Fred gives him a knowing smile and it makes him want to melt into the hard concrete floor under his feet.

“Betty is more than welcome in this house whenever she wants. She always has been and that won’t change just because you’re dating.”


What a foreign concept. It’s something he’s still getting used to, if he’s being honest. He’s never had a real girlfriend before and he’s not even sure he knows how to be a boyfriend.

Then again, Betty kissed him after he walked her home so he’s hoping that means he’s doing alright so far.

“Great,” he says a little too enthusiastically and he blushes a little when Fred grins. “Thanks, I mean. Betty is…”

“A great girl,” Fred finishes and Jughead nods. “You’re a lucky guy, Jug.”

He just laughs and shakes his head because that is a statement that is so unfairly untrue that if he didn’t laugh about it he’d probably cry.

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Bts reacting to their gf being a famous olympic figure skater!


He’s away on a trip but he’s still watching your performance live. Once they call you up for first place he absolutely loses it and rings you up.

“Baby you did so good! I’m so proud of you! You looked absolutely magnificent and graceful! You better teach me when I get back!”

*is actually hysterical and so into your career bc “wow thats so cool!”*

Damn what a supportive bf… where do I get one?


“How could you keep this secret from me?!”

“What do you mean?! You never asked babe…”

“Well…It would’ve been a good idea to tell me sooner, okay? Also can you show me videos of you?”

“You wanna see my bod? ;)”

“If I wanted to see anyones bod it’d be mine!… maybe yours too… No wait shh just show me your choreo!”


After you show him a video of you doing your thing on the ice he starts praising you. Like you know how in church they have a rhythm to singing “Aaaaaameeeeen” well instead of that he says “Jaaaaaagiiiiii” in that same way.


He would ask if he could watch you practice. While he was watching you he was slightly scared at the stunt you pulled but also amazed.

“Dang you might just have more swag then me…”

“So what I’m hearing is I’m cooler than you?”

“Eh don’t push it.”


*Is amazed and shook*

“H-how?… You do it so flawlessly and effortlessly…You’re so beautiful and graceful.”

Look at that. You broke him again. stop doing that.


“Bet I could do that too.” *hella cocky*

“Jimin, what?”

“You heard me! Lets have a race or something, bet ill beat your ass.”

“Shut your bubble gum dum dum looking ass up.”

“;-; I’m just kidding babe damn chill. You’re glorious.”


“So I-im not the most talented one?…”

“Jungkook its not that big of a deal love.”

“How does an over achiever become a lower than standards. Is sand called sand because its between the sea and land? If you drop soap on the floor, is the soap dirty or the floor clean? Why do noses run but feet smell?”


In reality he’d be extremely proud and would call you guys a power couple!

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Honestly, I haven't really been all that "in" to schneeple (or chase honestly but some of your bingaverage headcanons brought me back whoops). This basically means I haven't really been looking at the edits/headcanons/watching the videos with him in it but after today's video, which added a lot to his character, I find myself getting excited to see more of him! I feel like Jack (and Robin) did a really good job with making him seem interesting and "good!" ~🌱anon

same! it’s just so damn interesting to see his character progression. like, in the first video we see of schneeplestein, his patient is just an operation game, and he tells us not to swallow our phones, and he just seems like this overall rather silly character.

but looking at him now, seeing how terrified he was about losing jack, how fondly he talked about chase and jack, becoming confused whenever anti would take over him, it made him a more human character in my opinion. we feel for him, we desperately want to help him. he may be just a character, but he feels very real.

and i think that’s why i think jack is such a great actor. like able to turn this character into one that feels genuinely real is fucking amazing. mad props to him, man. 

Tiffany fan girling over Kendrick Lamar at Coachella on her instastory (instagram). She also posted this and said she’s in love. (cute!)

“U know ur obsessed…(even more) when you can’t fall asleep after..watching him live 😱listening to all his music till now. & now watching his interview on the album #DAMN im in…❤i mean inspired 😭😍”

I was watching some videos from OTRA tour and there’s a Ziam moment at Singapure that made me look again.

Litlle Lima Bean was beatboxing, minding his own business, taking care of his own beat, and then THEN something caught his attention and he just NEEDS to look again.

What was it, I ask you, fam, that caught Lima’s attention, or better WHO WAS IT?

Yea, fam, it’s Zod. I mean: it’s Zod acknowledging Liam’s talent on beatboxing

I mean, look at his face. It’s a face that says “damn, boo; you rock, boo; you’re awesome, boo; congrats for being you, boo”, lOOK AT HIS FACE

And Liam’s reaction is just



I don’t want to add my opinion into this massive shitstorm because all of this is becoming a little too much for me and I can’t take it…..

But I at least have to say this. 

Sean did not backstab Felix. 

If acknowledging the fact that your friend messed up, while still being there for them, is backstabbing, then….you may need to look up what a friend is. 

Now if Sean just straight up denounced Felix and completed separated himself from him, then that’s a whole other story, but that’s not what happened. Sean stood by his word that Felix was a decent person who messed up and now has to face the consequences, whatever they are. He even said that he was still there for him. I can see how some might see that as him “throwing Felix under the bus”, but…..if your friend messes up, you can’t ignore it like that. You just can’t. It’s a tough situation to be in. 

Yes, I understand that he didn’t go enough into the media side of it in the video, but enough people have covered that topic pretty well, and he wasn’t defending what they did exactly. He was saying that the media could do what they did, which doesn’t mean he agrees with it (and he doesn’t). You can understand something but not agree with it. For some reason, that’s hard for people to understand….

Could he have elaborated more and been clearer on that? Yes, of course, that would have helped a lot, but making a perfect video that perfectly explains everything you want to say is damn near impossible. If you’re someone who hasn’t watched a lot of his videos, or you already don’t like him, it’s easy for you to misinterpret this as him being “too lenient” on the media. And I get that, because he focused more on Felix than the media, it looks like he’s taking sides. The “wrong” side. 

You don’t always have to take a side. Not every “fight” requires you to take a side. And if you don’t choose, it doesn’t mean you’re abandoning someone or you’re too afraid. Being able to see and understand both sides, and acknowledge the faults in both without needing to declare one a “winner”, is not a bad thing. And it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be there for one of the sides. 

And before you say it, I have watched Sean for a while and it is possible I’m biased because of it. But if I see someone mess up no matter who it is, I will speak up about it. Sean has made mistakes in the past, I know he has, but sharing your balanced opinion is not a mistake. So I’m going to defend him. 

Of course, I’m just a person on the internet, so what do I really know about the situation, but I could say the same to you: You can’t tell someone how they should react to something. Felix hasn’t said anything on the matter yet, if at all, so we don’t know how he reacted to this. From Sean’s tumblr post last night, I would like to think that Felix didn’t react as harshly as some other people did. 

And to those people, I say: Back. Off. 

Opinions exist for a reason, so allow people to share theirs and don’t try to force them to change it.

I’m not trying to start something, but I woke up this morning to Sean’s tweets saying that he regretted his video, and it broke my heart. I was so proud of Sean for saying what he did– for proving that you can be a good friend while also saying that your friend made a mistake– but then everyone took it way too far and started oversimplifying things and making generalizations. That’s not okay, and I won’t stand for that.

You can’t bully someone into retracting an opinion that they believe in. 

Just stop it.


And Sean (@therealjacksepticeye), I’m sure I’m not the only one who is here for you if you need it. Your opinion is not wrong, and people can’t pressure you to change it like this. 

We’re here. 

(I know I didn’t address everything, but I don’t feel like writing a novel. I’m also so tired of this, and I want it all to end.)

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im so confused ive been seeing be more chill around more and i cant seem to find what it is? is it the musical or something else?

be more is a musical that was performed like ,,, 2 years ago i think?

the overall plot starts pretty basic: a “loser” wants to be popular and more notable at his school and he wants his crush to like him back!

then it gets less basic as more elements are introduced, namely the squip, which is a supercomputer u take in pill form that implants itself in your brain and tells you what to do to be more cool (chill) essentially

things kinda go haywire from there but one of the actors described it as “little shop of horrors meets mean girls with a dash of the matrix” and i thought that was pretty damn close yeah

its vERY SILLY and i love it to bits! unfortunately there isnt anywhere u can watch it online, no camera rip or anything but!! there are videos promoing the play from forever ago as well as an audio rip on youtube! heres some links for ya anon

audio rip!

soundtrack! (also on spotify!)

preview trailer!  another trailer! (that i had never seen before holy shit)  making of soundtrack! (this ones my fav)  actual bits of rehearsal!

there are other vids out there as well as STELLAR ANIMATICS that are what dragged me in but i hope u give it a scope! its a really fun time and makes me smile a whole lot haha

Damn, all the cameras and stuff will make Jack’s drumming videos SO cool to watch! I mean they’re already cool, but now we gor different perspectives and everything! It’s a nice change having those videos once in a while! :D I also love setups videos hahah

I haven't seen one of these yet so boom let's go

Transformers: Prime characters as stuff I’ve done:

Optimus Prime: fell asleep with my arms crossed while reading an important book

Ratchet: screamed at a spider and tried to smash it with an umbrella and ended up breaking it and then yelled at the spider for making me break it

Bumblebee: stayed up till 2am watching various memes all centred around bumblebee and “what bee says” videos

Arcee: said “you’re a human. Can you build me a large intestine” to a friend when they said I should know which hormone starts ovulation because I am female

Bulkhead: spent all night revising formulas for a test and could only recite said formulas for the rest of the next day

Wheeljack: in maths I changed all the word problems to have the word “bomb” in them

Smokescreen: leapt up in the middle of class and gestured at the board with jazz hands when a photo of Optimus Prime was shown in a physics lesson (it was about transformers- the power grid kind)

Ultra Magnus: pretended an inflatable hammer was the forge of solus prime

Jack: rode my bike to the middle of nowhere and then realised I forgot to bring my book so just sat there for an hour

Miko: dyed my hair red and blue and was optimus for Halloween

Raf: coded a program to quiz people on their knowledge of transformers that was so in detail nobody could pass it without the specific answers

Megatron: staged an overly extravagant swordfight with a pair of metre rulers over who was the most “extra” of the two of us

Starscream: threatened to stab someone with a knife several times for insulting my fashion sense

Knockout: had to watch a video on illegal Street racing as part of a school programme to deter us and all I could think was “damn those cars look cool”

Breakdown: bought a hammerhead shark plush and named it after a hammer brand

Soundwave: listened to cotton eyed Joe at 2am and tried to decipher what the lyrics mean (turns out nobody knows)

Shockwave: poured salt onto my friend’s food and told them it now matched their personality

Predaking: put on a terribly posh British voice when reading quotes in my English class

Arachnid: when we went to an army event with my school and the teacher asked where we should go next yelled “HELICOPTER” at the top of my voice

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Top five Fruitshipping moments. Cause I want to see a good show don't tell relationship and we have plenty of moments to fill a large variety of these lists.

Oh god just 5??? Okay I got this be still my heart

5. Episode 2, Yuzu and Yuya’s action duel

Okay I know this is pretty early in the series and it can be seen as platonic, but you get so much character from this scene and grounds of a solid friendship between them. Like:

Yuzu’s getting shit because she was rude to Yuya like some of the fandom does to her lol but instead she just goes with it.

Like at this point of the story we now know both Yuya and Yuzu are entertainers, and now we get to see them doing what they love together and how they work off each other.

Not to mention this scene is funny as hell. Like wow it’s just showing us two cuties performing together (granted it’s not perfect because Yuya’s in funk atm) and I already fell for their dynamic at this point and its only ep 2. 

ALSO they fucking used Plain Plain (where this duel took place) in episode 141 to rip my god damn heart out and to show this duel had meaning and we should realize that we’re missing Yuzu.

4. Yuya is PISSED/cry baby (eps 50 + 51)

At this point in the show we’ve gotten a good basis on their relationship. Yuya and Yuzu are childhood friends with the same goal and they inspire each other to become stronger. Pretty standard and honestly nothing new.

And then they get separated.

Like I did NOT expected them to act the way they did when this happened (at least Yuya because when has a main protag ever cared that much for the female protag minus Anzu from season 0)

I am 98% sure that this is the first time Yuya has cried openly to people without his goggles AND ITS CAUSE OF YUZU. This boy has hidden his emotions about his dad, his bullying, and pendulum summoning but Yuzu’s apparent capture is what got Yuya to finally show his sadness and not cover them with jokes and his goggles.

Yuya as we know, when he’s not berserker, is a pacifist but he’s going out of character because he’s so mentally distraught and sad. Like the only person I would get like that for is my twin so to me this speaks volumes since Yuya values Yuzu’s well being over his own values.  

And then in Yugioh it’s a known thing that the female protags most times stay on the side line and cheer on the main protag AND THEYRE ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT AND IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO YUYA. Like apparently Yuma’s says something similar to Kotori near the end of Zexal but I’m not there yet but like this is ep 50 compared to 140-something.

Looking back this is super important. Like when Zarc got revived he stated he was surprised/thrilled that there was more to Pendulum Summoning than he first thought (combining all the three methods w/ it) and the reason Yuya was able to do it was because of Yuzu. He was able to go beyond Zarc’s expectations and plans BECAUSE OF YUZU.

God when has a main protag screamed out a female protags name like that before in yugioh??? 

Yuzu is also a cry baby three episodes down the line.

3. Yuzu saves Yuya from Zarc

It speaks volumes when nearly all your friends (including your bff THE MAN Gonzengaka) can’t save from Satan, but the moment you say one sentence to you, you regain some control.

Like god, I love their relationship. Zarc and Ray are literally trying to destroy the other but these two can break through their previous lives soul’s to communicate with one another cause of how god damn much they mean to each other.

Listen if you go across DIMENSIONS to get save someone in Yugioh YOU KNOW your ship is real (Spiritshipping and Keyshipping being the other prime examples). But like in my fruitshipping video (which ya’ll should watch) this moment is when I used the lyrics ‘no distance can ever keep us apart’ because WOW dimensions AND demonic/angelic possessions isn’t enough sever the bond between these two.

Also my otp tag.

2. Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Lowkey this moment is up so high because Yuya’s just fucking amazing in this scene. Like Zarc’s influence is getting stronger but like LIST OF THINGS THAT HAVE CAUSED YUYA SO GO BERSERKER 

-Ep 39 with Zarc’s trigger words and Yuya didn’t even remember it

-Yuto’s memories of being attacked the Academia 

-Being electrocuted in the god damn brain

-Being in the same area as all four boys that causes a hole to open in the sky

-Creepy old guys touching Yuzu

Like one of these things is not like the other lol

Seriously though, the others are near close to psychological torture and PTSD but someone touching Yuzu inappropriately invokes the same amount of rage from Yuya. THATS A HUGE ASS COMPARISON. Also the scene was gorgeous god damn.

1. Yuzu inspires Yuya during Friendship Cup

Okay this moment…THIS is when Fruitshipping went from a casual ship to god damn otp for me.

So for the past couple eps, Yuya has been feeling like shit (ground facility, losing Jack, missing Yuzu), of course Yuzu doesn’t know some of bad shit that’s going on, but goddamit the citrus is going to show the tomato that she’s okay.

Like dueling for other people is nothing new to yugioh but holy SHIT

Of course Yuzu doesn’t know the cost of losing, but all she wants to do is make Yuya feel at ease (which the poor boy hasn’t felt in so long fuck)

Yuzu hasn’t spoken to Yuya this entire arc but she knows how he’s feeling right now. She knows Yuya. This just furthers the belief that they’ve known each other for so god damn long and are ‘irreplaceable’ to one another.

Look at how goddamn surprised he is. Like instead of worrying about herself, she’s worried about him?? Granted this might have to do with Yuya’s self worth issues And as the duel goes on, it’s not just her feelings she trying to convey to Yuya (hot-blooded and shivers). Instead of ‘oh look it’s your love-interest’s feelings’ she shows that everyone from back in Standard are also with Yuya.



Just…fuck me. 

Rogue Part 2

Dean Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: A request. Not going to state the request, it will give too much away!! But a hunt against Demon’s goes terrible wrong. What happens when Dean realizes that you are back.

Catch Up Here: Part 1

“Y/N.” I whispered, recognizing the beautiful face anywhere, even in the bad footage of the surveillance video. Watching closely, I looked for any sign that her body was being possessed. That, or for glowing eyes that stated she might be a shape shifter. Anything to explain why the girl I loved was in the video in front of me killing helpless human beings. That wasn’t the girl I knew, and it made my heart break even more.

“I wasn’t sure at first, but this second video confirmed it. Dean, I’m so sorry. But you know what this means.” Sam said softly as I could hear Cas pacing behind me.

“Damn it.” I muttered as I forced myself past Cas, pulling a new bottle of whiskey out of the cabinet. With this type of news I wasn’t sure there would be even whiskey in the world to take away the pain.

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OK, It’s 2am right now so that means it’s time to start over analyzing because I’m tired.

So, this is on set of the season finale and it’s just Jake and Zooey. Look at Jake, what is he doing with his mouth? My thought is that it’s a mint in his mouth because they’re gonna kiss. The reason I think this is because I remember watching a video of Jake saying he had a mint before he kissed Zooey the first time. So why wouldn’t he do that again, ya know, to be considerate.

Forgive the terrible stream of thought. I can’t write worth a damn when I’m tired but I had to put this out there.


@pandatree2008 requested: B.A.P reaction to you, their S/O, fangirling over their new song~

Remember: This is only my opinion and English is not my first language so there may be some mistakes. I hope you like it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING FOR B.A.P!!!!


Smile. Smile. Smile! He would smile, a lot surprise and would think that you are the cutest human being on earth. He loves it that you support the group and that you like their songs so much that his heart would flutter and he would be so happy omg. And cuddles OMG CUDDLES I´m so soft help and would think that you are the cutest human being on earth. He loves it that you support the group and that you like their songs so much that his heart would flutter and he would be so happy omg. And cuddles OMG CUDDLES I´m so soft help Maybe taking pics of you or making a video of your fangirling..

Originally posted by eddycakeway18


He would be so proud! Of his members and well, mostly of himself that you like his group so much and that you enjoy their music so much. He would probably tease you a bit after some weeks and would show some videos he made while you were busy watching the MV the 9th time. That boy would watch you the whole time and would be so damn happy that you love it. I also see him hugging you because he can´t deal with the cuteness of his s/o. I wish Maybe telling you to calm down, but you are adorable so he doesn’t really mean it.

Originally posted by mrssuga


That cutie couldn´t stop smiling for the whole day because his s/o is so cute and he loves the reaction you have after seeing something he/all of them put so much work into it! I also see him telling everyone how much you loved it. Would also be a lil´ squish and couldn´t stop hugging and kissing you while you watch the MV again and fangirl over and over again. Lowkey fanboying with you when Yongguk and Himchan appear.

Originally posted by daehyunny


That dude would smirk and grin and would be so damn proud. “You like my voice huh?” You just hit his shoulder but smile and nod. “You know I love it.” He would hug you and watch you smiling and fangirling and would shower you with kisses. Later, when you ask him he would also sing for you so you can fangirl again.

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He would look at you and smile to himself while thinking how much he loves and adores you. After a while, you would approach him because you didn´t hear anything of him. “Am I annoying? You just sit there and do nothing?” “WHAT no!! I love you and I just realized how much. And you are so adorable I wanted to look at you without interrupting you.” He smiles shyly and opens his arms so you can cuddle and holds you tight.

Originally posted by daehyunny


Happy dance. He would be so happy because you are happy and would fanboy with you and scream with you so he can share this moment with you. The boy would be all smiley and hugs you tightly just because you are so cute.  "You really like it so much, darling?“ He would ask later and you just kiss him and say yes because you love his rapping so much.

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The gifs are not mine, cr to owner

All My Idols Ch 30: Playing With Everyone Else

“No!” Seungri looks likes something out of a horror as he crawls cross the ground and wraps himself around the older’s leg. “They will never let me take her out again.”

“I’m fine with that,” Youngbae tries to kick the other off but he is on there pretty good.

“You don’t want to spend time with me anyway,” I snap with my arms across my chest. “You made it pretty clear that you don’t care about me.”

“Charlie,” Daesung wraps his arm around me, “You know he loves you, he’s just drunk and jealous.”

Seungri nods, “How could I not be? I’m gone for five seconds and you already have someone sitting in my spot.”

“You said you were going to talk to a friend, they came up and ask if we could talk, I said yes but only until you came back. But you never came back! I wasn’t just going to shoo them away.”

“Why not?”

“You do realize that you are the one who walked away to talk to a friend, right?”

He scoffs, “So now I can’t talk to other people when we go out?”

I look to the others for help but they just shrug.

“Why is everyone yelling right now?” Seunghyun groans as he comes into the hall. He rubs his eyes before looking right at me. His thin eye study my ruined makeup, eye liner and mascara helped my tears leave black lines down my pink tinted cheeks. I must look like a mess. But he doesn’t say anything about that, instead he takes off one of his slippers and sends it flying at the youngest member, hitting him right in the face. “What the hell did you do?” He seethes.

“Hyung please, give me one second, Charlie and I are having a moment!” The youngest now grips Youngbae’s leg for protection.

“Charlie,” Jiyong yawns softy, rubbing his eyes, not yet able to see the interesting scene going on in front of him. Seunghyun grips his other slipper, ready to throw it, Youngbae is shielding his own face incase of bad aim. Seungri gripping the older man’s leg for dear life while Daesung starts moving towards them to defuse the situation. Jiyong peeks enough to see where I am but from his lack of reaction I’m guessing he hasn’t seen my face. He shuffles over to me and wraps himself around me, “I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep well, you and Seungri must have just gotten back. Did you guys have a fun night out?”

Again I look to the others for help, suddenly hesitant to get the poor panda man in trouble with the sleepy dragon. But I loose my chance to protect him when I don’t respond, Jiyong leans away and blinks at me. His brow creases, he sniffs the air around me and frowns, “You reek of alcohol, how much did Seungri let you drink? Why are you crying? What the hell happened while you were out? I thought I heard Seungri come home a few hours ago…are you just getting home now?”

“He left her at the club with those three guys that left EXO and passed out on the couch, right?” Youngbae explains, looking to me for conformation that he didn’t leave anything out.

“Yea,” I admit.

Jiyong cups my cheeks gently, forcing me to look up at him, “Okay lets make sure I hear you right before I throw his ass out of the fucking window. He left you alone for hours with three guys you just met today, yes?”

I nod.

He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes he places a soft kiss on my forehead, “Thank you for making it home safe.” I would be lying if I said his calmness didn’t surprise me, but that is short lasted. “Now I want you to go wash your face, change into some clean clothes and go to bed in mine and Hyung’s room, okay?”


He shushes me, “You look tired, and I really don’t want you to see me mad. So go to bed, we will be there soon.” With a big smile he shoos me in the direction of their room. I hesitantly obey, not wanting to upset him myself. Just as I reach their room I hear Seungri let out the most unmanly scream I’ve ever heard, “I am going to murder you.”


“They look ready to murder someone,” Hanbin notes when we finally have a chance to step away from oppas today. They have been a lot more protective today than usual, not allowing Seungri anywhere near me since last night, not that I really mind. I’m still upset that he could just do that to me, jealous or not, that’s not how we treat each other.

“I’m surprised they haven’t,” I sip on my smoothie, trying to ignore the hostile atmosphere creeping up behind me. I snatch Hanbin’s hand and pull him along, yelling over my shoulder, “I’m going to say hi to a few people, be back soon!” I peek back to see Jiyong pouting in the doorway of their dressing before turning on his heel and shuffling back in with the others. A breath of relief finally leaves me lips.

“What’s with the hostility this morning? I thought they were over the moon to have you to themselves on vacation for awhile.”

“Seungri got childish last night and we got in a fight and it just made things really messy. I’m just going to avoid that for awhile, I haven’t been able to hang out with you guys a lot lately so lets mess around before you have to go practice!”

He hesitates, “I’m actually heading there now, you can come along and watch though. You have the best eyes when it comes to our dancing.”

“Of course!” I let him lead me to where the others are waiting on stage. “Hey!”

“Noona!” They rush up to me and Bobby manages to pick me up in the chaos.

“I’ve missed you!” He hugs me tight, treating me like a rag doll and dangling me inches off the ground.

“I’ve missed you too now let me down so I can hug my oppa,” I pat on his large chest to release me.

He obeys with a grumble but steps out of the way for his little hyung to come through and get a hug, “You’ve been MIA lately.”

“I know but with the flu and ankle thing happening one after the other Big bang were stressed out so I gave their hearts a rest and rested at home. But you have no room to judge, you guys are basically the kings of Japan at this point from how often you are there.”

“Trust me, we are tired of it too, we want to be home more, we miss our princess,” He strokes my head affectionately.

“Speaking of which,” Donghyuk pipes in, “Noona, would you want to do a warm up run with us to dumb and dumber? We haven’t done that for along time.”

“Are you guys sure that it’s okay?” I peak over at the staff who look ready to get to work.

“Yea it’ll be fine, lets do this!” Bobby claps his hands together.

“Charlie-ya?” A familiar staff person questions.

“She is going to do a run through with us,” Hanbin informs him.

The man nods, not questioning it beyond that, just starts the music and I rush to my starting position. I’m grinning ear to ear as we half dance along chaotically to the music like idiots. They randomly throw their mics at me during shouting parts, Bobby even gives it to me during his rap with Hanbin. I enjoy the hip thrusts and idiotic monkey dance we do, I sue all of my energy to jump around with them at the end, jumping right into Hanbin’s arms and have him spin me around a few times before letting go and perfectly doing the ending pose.

The staff stares at us a bit dumbstruck for a moment but I don’t care, the minute we unfreeze we are dying laughing on the stage. It’s been so long since I’ve had fun moment with these boys, I’ve missed them.

“Um Princess?” A staff manager comes forward making us quickly right ourselves and scramble to our feet.

“I’m sorry for causing such an uproar, I can go,” I quickly offer not wanting to make things anymore awkward.

The older man blushes and shakes his head, “No don’t go, I was wondering actually if you would be willing to preform with them, if they are okay with that.”

“Charlie noona preform with us?” Chanwoo beams.

“Of course she can!” They all agree.

“Woah, woah, woah, guys I can’t preform. Sure it’s fun to run around and dance with you but I am a horrible dancer and I have a horrible voice.”

The manager shakes his head again, “You did great out there! We can show if you would like.”

He brings me behind one of the cameras and presses a couple of buttons on the small screen next to it. The video from moments before starts playing. I watch, completely focused on myself and I’m surprised to admit I look pretty good out there. I mean I’m no idea but I do the right steps and moves, not quite idol status but I have my own swagger in my moves. Then comes the time I’m dreading, Bobby’s rap. My whole body is on edge as Bobby hands me the mic and I begin rapping with much more fluidity than I thought I ever could.

“Damn Noona, you killed it!” Bobby gives me a hind five.

“So do you still think you can’t do it?” Manager questions.

“I’ll do it, but I make no promises that I’ll be able to do that well tonight with everyone watching.

“Come on Noona,” Hanbin wraps his arm around my shoulders, “You will do great okay?”

I sigh but nod, “Okay, but I want one thing before I do it.”


“I want one of those leather coats you guys wear, I want one so bad.”

“We will see what we can do,” He kisses the side of my head making me giggle.

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Management/the label are just feeding so many damn lies. Like down is about friendship and holding each other down my ass. The music video has nothing to do with the meaning they told the girls to tell in interviews and since they keep pushing the sex sells narrative it's making lauren seem like a hypocrite which leads to her getting even more hate for shit she can't control. I hope the rest of the singles aren't like this

It’s so fucking sad to watch, because the girls are trying to save their image through these interviews - they’re trying to pick up the label’s mess - they’re trapped, like they’ve always been.

BTS Reaction to you fangirling about BS&T

Anon requested:  Can i request a bts reaction to their girlfriend HARDCORE fangirling about how good they look in the BST mv? :) thanks~

Deadass would be me as a girlfriend not even going to lie.

Jungkook: Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at your reaction, he’d roll his eyes while you watched the MV on your laptop and basically groaned with how good your boyfriend looked. “Come on!” You groaned yet again. “How can someone look this good, like it’s not natural!” Jungkook laughed again at your frustration and simply started to shake his head.

“Jagi, I didn’t look that goo-” His words were soon cut off by a very loud girlfriend.

“Don’t you even try to say you don’t look good because I swear, I will smack you so hard Jungkook it’s not even funny.”

“But I wasn’t even the-”


“I’m just telling the truth!”


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V: “God I miss your blonde hair.” You let out a sigh. Taehyung would be watching you as you stared at the computer screen, a big smile would be etched on your face while your eyes stayed glued to the screen. “But God,” You groaned looking from the computer screen to your boyfriend. “Enough with that god damn tongue. You’re literally trying to give everyone heart attacks.” You laughed before looking back to the screen. You continued to watch it and continued to squeal even more as you saw your handsome boyfriend. “Why do you have to look so good oh my god.” Taehyung just laughed at all your compliments and shook his head slightly, you saw his head move and immediately pointed at him, eyes still on the music video. “Don’t you dare disagree with my Kim Taehyung.”

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Jimin: You were bouncing up and down waiting for the MV to load on Youtube, you cursed your shitty internet connection for not loading quicker. Once the video downloaded you immediately screamed at seeing your boyfriend. “Oh there you go fucking with my heart again.” You laughed once seeing your boyfriends old dark grey hair. You honestly loved that color on his and seeing it once again in such a good quality music video had your heart speeding up again. “Park Jimin!” You yelled and immediately heard footsteps running from your bedroom to the living room, a sleepy Jimin appeared and you soon questioned how he didn’t wake up from your first scream. 

“Huh? What? Is there a fire?” He’d be looking around to see a perfectly calm surrounding and a too excited girlfriend of his bouncing up and down. “You’re watching the music video aren’t you?” 

“You looks so good!” 

“I’m going to bed.” 

“Hey, wait-”

“Wake me up when it’s over.”


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J-Hope: “Oh shit my boyfriend’s getting wet.” You heard a laugh come from behind you and to your amusement you saw your boyfriend who had just came out of the shower, hair dripping wet. 

“I mean technically I am.” he replied, sitting down next to you in nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. “You’re watching this…again?”

“You. Look. So. Damn. Fine.” You enunciate every word as you replayed the video once again. “Like oh my god your dancing, and your hair I loved your hair that color when are you dyeing it back? And you got so much screen time I loved it and your dancing, oh my god.”

“You mentioned my dancing twice.”

“It deserves to be mentioned twice! You just did such a good job Hobi, oh my god you look so good.” You were speaking quickly trying to get all your compliments out and soon sighed as you began watching your boyfriend again. “So good.”

“I think we get-”


Rap Monster: Namjoon couldn’t help but smile when he saw your face light up when his part came on. You would smile wide at the screen, eyes transfixed to it and when his verse ended that’s when all hell broke loose.

“You look so good! Like, I can’t even! Namjoon who even are you? Who was that? You literally looked so fucking good I can’t.” You fell backwards from sitting on your bed, laptop in lap and felt your head hit the pillows. You let out a loud sigh and Namjoon just laughed while shaking his head. 

“Don’t you think that’s a bit dramatic? I didn’t look that-”

“Watch it.” You said pointing your finger directly at him and soon turning your head to look at him. “You looked very handsome now if you say you aren’t I will literally smack the shit out of you. Got it?”

Namjoon quickly shook his head repeating your words. “Got it.” You turned your head back and sat up clicking the replay button while the music was starting you heard Namjoon mumble “I didn’t look that good.” and before he knew it your hand met the back side of his head. “OW!”

Suga: Once you saw your boyfriend appear on the screen you snapped your head at him with wide eyes. He’d be shocked by your expression at first, he’d think you’d smile or squeal like you usually do for his music videos but no. He got a wide eyed girlfriend staring at him like he was a fish in a bowl. “What?” He’d have to ask since you hadn’t said anything.

“Who. Gave. You. THE. RIGHT.” You enunciated each word, getting louder as the sentence ended. 

“What?” Yoongi let out a laugh as he was still slightly confused by your words but still found your new reaction amusing. 

“You look so fine! oh my god, your black hair, the fans are going to die for it you have no idea.”

“And how do you know that? They could totally hate it.”

“If you don’t remember, I was a fan at one point. So that clearly means that I know what the fans want and like, and I like this so they must like this.” You’d click the replay the video for maybe the 50th time that day and you’d just seeing Yoongi’s hand shut the laptop, you’d try and snatch it but he’d quickly take it from your lap and walk away with it. “Hey!” You’d call at him but he’d continue walking out of the living room in the dorm and up to his room “MIN YOONGI I WASN’T DONE FANGIRLING OVER MY DAMN BOYFRIEND!”

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Jin: Jin would watch as your reactions changed each time you saw him. You’d be all giddy one second and then groan and fall back the next. He’d laugh so hard his stomach would start hurting from all your different reactions.

“You literally looked like a god, how did I get lucky enough to be dating a god? Honestly, you’re looking so good Jin, like so good. Did I mention-”

“That I looked so good?” Jin laughed again and you simply rolled your eyes and continued to watch the music video. You’d constantly compliment your boyfriend on all the screen time you god and nearly let out a deafening scream once you saw the ending.