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What a #1 Win Means in Kpop

I saw someone on youtube say that many girl groups who cry are over exaggerating and are faking emotions to be dramatic, and only few groups (this person was referring to EXID as being one of the few) are truly emotional when they cry. First of all, why the fuck was it necessary to trash on other groups when they win, even if you were trying to bring EXID up, you shit talked other groups in the process. Shame on you, EXID fans know Hani loves and protects girl groups like crazy and she’s a huge supporter of girls supporting other girls, and you’re out here shit talking girl groups for unnecessary reasons. Second, a #1 win means so much in kpop, it doesn’t matter who you are, those first #1 wins mean something. a #1 win means your future as an idol has become alot more secure. the first #1 is the start of so many other great things like getting that first paycheck, which means paying your parents, it’s the first sign of true success in the industry. So groups like EXID, f(x), AoA, they had to wait some time for that first #1, and it was super emotional because it meant finally having some place in the industry. But even for groups like 2ne1, blackpink, twice, miss a, groups who got #1 early on, it’s still really emotional, it’s a sign that the training has paid off. Especially for Twice, who got their #1 on the 1 year anniversary of their survival show, where just a year ago, their fates as singers were unclear, but a year later, they got their first taste of true victory. Even f(x), their first win for 4 walls in 2015, it was really emotional, it was their first album without sulli, and they were gone for so long and disbandment rumors were everywhere, it meant alot. So no one is fucking exaggerating their emotions when they win #1, in fact, many try to suppress it, CL didn’t cry when 2ne1 got #1, she felt that leaders can’t cry. Victoria tried not to cry either. See, girl groups are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Being emotionless means you’re an ungrateful bitch, being emotional means you’re an attention whore. People need to stop with this attitude, and let these girl groups enjoy their successes in the industry however it may be. Whether they’re laughing, crying, smiling, or just bowing, what gave you the right to call them a bitch based off of that action?

Show of hands, how many people did ‘Mindful Education’ hit way too close to home for?

It seemed throughout the series thus far Steven has managed to maintain his innocence, and that itself hasn’t changed. But it also seemed like nothing bothered him- at least not too much. But we’ve been building up to this, and its been a long time coming. 

I think Bismuth was the first time Steven really started to realize that he (and the Crystal Gems) had done some things that were truly morally gray. ‘Us Vs. Them’ was nothing new to him, but it’s different when you’re facing someone that’s one of your own. That didn’t mean the fight wasn’t necessary, but it also doesn’t mean it was any easier to face. 

Jasper was obviously different- she’s been presented as nothing but a villain through the series. But Steven? Given the opportunity he still wants to help, because that’s just who he is. Thing is, you can’t give advise to someone who isn’t ready to listen. It’s not your fault that they aren’t taking the helping hand you’re trying to give, but it still hurts when they don’t. 

Eyeball was a combination of Steven’s most pressing issues (and possibly why she was imagined as the biggest of Stevonnie’s visions). He tried to take the tactic of saying he WAS his mother- not that Eyeball believed him at first. Then she cracks her gem, and lets him help her despite herself. This of course ultimately becomes his undoing. Because Steven managed to heal her gem, she finally believes that he is Rose Quartz and wants him dead. For someone who believes in helping anyone no matter what, and always believes the best in people, this is probably a pretty big blow for him. At the time he was obviously focused on staying alive, which happened to result in sending her spiraling out into endless space. It was necessary, but it was a blow on two fronts: He finally used his mother’s legendary abilities to do what she would have done (heal someone), but ends up doing something that might effectively kill them when things went wrong- which when it comes to light, is also something that she probably would have done.

And it doesn’t sit easy with him. 

Up until this point all Steven ever wanted to do was to be able to fill his mother’s shoes. We already had this:

I’m not Rose Quartz.

But what happens when you discover that the person you’ve been trying so hard to become did things  you would never, not even in your wildest dreams, do? Worse yet: What happens when you do those exact same things?

When you spend too much time trying to be someone else, you start to lose yourself.  Steven feels not only that he has to be Rose Quartz, but that everyone else expects him to be Rose Quartz too. Above all, he just wants to make everyone happy, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness in return. So if that means suppressing everything he’s feeling about what’s happened, that’s what he’s going to try to do. 

And that’s when Rose goes from this:

To this:

You can’t hold all that inside and function long term, you just can’t. 

It’s scary to face the parts of yourself that you don’t like, and even harder to face the things you’ve done that you’re not proud of. But your inner demons are part of you too, and if you don’t face them they will devour you. 

Worse yet they can hurt the people around you and destroy the relationships that keep you whole. If you try to constantly push down the things that are haunting you for the sake of everyone around you, you will only isolate and destroy yourself. 

Garnet Said it best:

To find balance you must understand your feelings. To understand your feelings, you must see them clearly without running from them.

And that is a lesson we could all do to learn.

Cassian Andor x reader being parents...

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  • Cassian is the best father ever!!!!
  • Since he apparently lost his family when he was little, he knows the truly value of having you and his son
  • Because I have this headcanon that his first child would be a boy (which he always wanted)
  • Of course he wants to have a little girl as well, but that’s story for another request lol
  • Okay so he loves his baby boy so fucking much
  • I mean, sometimes he needs to stay away from him because of his job
  • But both of them know that is necessary - plus, Cassian is a hero in your son’s eyes
  • Your son calls him “dada”
  • When he’s around, he spends a lot of time with his boy
  • And as captain, he has some kind of liberty on the base
  • Which allows him to kind of allow his son to play on ships and X-Wings (you know, teaching him how they work, these kind of things)
  • But Cassian always put his son away from the blasters as much as he can
  • He’s also the parent that is “hard” to deal with
  • I mean, he wants the best for his son, so sometimes he can be a little bit too demanding
  • Cassian wants to educate his son as best as he can, to teach him values, how to be polite, smart, a great person, and also a good fighter
  • Now when it comes to you, your son also has a good and close relationship with you
  • It’s different from his relationship with Cassian I would say, but anyway
  • You know, different types of connections
  • You’re the one who always put him to sleep, even when he was little
  • Cassian was the one who used to sing for him, but your arms always made him feel more relaxed
  • You’re also the one who sleeps with him when he has nightmares (especially when his father is away from home)
  • You represent to him a protective figure maybe more than Cassian does
  • Your son sleeps with you every single night when Cassian is away
  • Talking a little bit about family, it’s a tradition for the three of you to have dinner together
  • There are nights when Cassian is busy with his work, but when you send him a message saying that it’s time for dinner, he stops every single thing he’s doing
  • It’s a personal thing for Cassian, to sit on a table with his two favorite persons, asking them how was their day
  • He couldn’t do that when he was little, so he wants his son to be able to have these nice moments with his parents
  • Well, afterall family is all that really matters, right?

Princess Tutu character arcs:

Duck: “I’m just a duck. I can’t do anything.” to “I am just a duck, but I can still do what I can to help. That’s who I truly am, and I have no shame for it.”

Fakir: “I am a knight, and I will protect Mytho by myself by any means necessary.” to “I will lay down my sword and write stories about Duck, and I will give her strength so she can help Mytho in all the ways I can’t.”

Rue: “No matter how unlovable and horrible a wretch I may be, Mytho will be mine.” to “I regret what I did to everyone. But I didn’t deserve what happened to me. I can’t believe Mytho loves me just as I am, and I am so grateful.”

Mytho: “I will sacrifice myself to protect everyone. I will love everyone equally, and give my love to all.” to “I am not pure. I am not perfect. I want to continue to love everything, but I want to love Rue the most.”

“not if it was your switch”

If the MCU is America’s collective post-9/11 id-fic (and it totally is), Cap 2 is already starting to look like an artifact of the Obama era. Because if Cap 2 has a fatal flaw, it’s failure to grapple head-on with the seductive, numbing fantasy that something like Project Insight could be a necessary evil–even a justifiable evil–as long as it stays in the hands of responsible, measured, well-meaning people who have no interest in abusing their power and really, truly are only in it to protect others.

I think the movie does ultimately reject that fantasy, at the moment where Nick Fury responds to “it’s the next step, if you have the courage to take it” with “no, I have the courage not to.” But it chickens out of explicit condemnation and leaves a lot of mixed messages and easy outs for self-justification. More than that, it never quite lands on a resolution for the tensions it raises between “power that no men can be trusted with” and “power that only good men can be trusted with.”

Given what 2016 hath wrought, it’d be interesting to see an alternate take on Project Insight. One where SHIELD is entirely responsible for its development and initial operation, and manages to keep their own use of it moderately dubious rather than outright evil–but once HYDRA set their sights on taking it over, SHIELD’s unaccountable security culture is a hideously effective vector for HYDRA’s brand of totalitarianism. Set up the infrastructure for a police state, and every jackbooted thug in the vicinity will be salivating for a chance to control it; even if it’s possible to use it responsibly, that doesn’t mean squat if you can’t shut out the opportunistic maniacs working the system from the inside for a chance to get their finger on the switch.

Love and Love

“I love you,” he says forty-three miles outside of Saskatchewan, but he didn’t mean it that way. Cas had been deep into bite number two of the double bacon extra cheese burger that Dean had bought for him. He had lost enough of his grace now that such meals were more than molecules although not entirely necessary for existence.

Dean smiled at the declaration. Whether it was dedicated to the burger or to him for delivering it hardly mattered. It was Cas speaking from a place of happiness, and how often did he truly get to experience pleasure anymore.

“I love you,” he said when he tossed his body in a heap onto the memory foam mattress that Dean had set up for him in his room back at the bunker. The time on the road had been long this time, and although he did not strictly require sleep, sometimes he enjoyed the simple pleasures of just lying down in his own bed. Dean stood in the doorway and smiled at his back, trenchcoat fanning out around him like wings.

His face was pressed into the pillow, and Dean thought about how nice it was too finally have Cas here in a more permanent way. He had called the bunker home the other day, and something in Dean had warmed at the thought that at least one thing in the universe was finally right.

“I love you,” he said to the shower. Dean heard the declaration past the door as he wandered to his own room. The water pressure was a little slice of heaven. He couldn’t blame Cas for loving it. He paused in mid step, though when he heard the words. He replayed them and imagined them delivered in a different way.

He continued on his path to the bedroom, feeling happy and frustrated in equal measure. He tossed himself on his bed, pulled on his head phones, and drowned his thoughts in hard, fast songs.

“I love you,” he said again, this time to nothing in particular, and Dean had had just about enough of that. He did not know when it had become a problem. He told himself that it shouldn’t matter, but sometimes what one tells themselves in the too quiet night cannot live on in the light of day.

Dean stared at him in the big empty glade, sweat slicked from the heat and the demon kill that brought them there. The heat smelled like the warm pelts of animals. The breeze did nothing to chill them. It merely kicked up puffs of dust to add an extra layer to the skin.

“I love you,” he repeated, still standing there in the heat, angel blade gripped right in his hand. Dean took in the words again, and their surroundings. What was there to love out here? His weapon, for bringing down the demon, his coat for shielding him from the sun, the taste of dust… Dean’s mind swam through the possibilities, until Cas stepped up to him.

“I love you,” this time quiet and close enough to make the words a tangible thing between them. Dean swallowed down a joke that would fuck up the moment. He felt like the universe really really was finally right, like a good meal, a perfect mattress, excellent shower pressure, and Cas staying right here with him. Cas opened his mouth again as if he was going to repeat himself. This time, Dean did not let him.

Post Timeless 1x13 Thoughts

I also love how they are setting up Wyatt and Flynn to be foils of one another. 

Sure, up until now, on the surface they seem like polar opposites. Wyatt the straight-laced soldier fighting for his country, Flynn the renegade villain determined to get his revenge. 

But their stories are actually pretty similar, which is classic foil set up. Both are reeling over the murder of their family. Both desperate to fix it. Both make less than stellar decisions as they try to achieve their ends. Both have a certain chemistry with Lucy. 

But after this week, I think we will see the true foil separation emerge. 

Wyatt truly got to see the dark side of getting what you want by any means necessary, which is what Flynn has long since decided he is ok with doing. The ends justify his means. But Wyatt killed an innocent person (albeit indirectly) to achieve his desired mission this week. To save the person he loved. And we saw his utter remorse at this when he and Rufus got back in the Lifeboat. He was wrecked and guilty, and he knows that this isn’t what Jessica would want from him. We’ve yet to see this kind of remorse from Flynn, even when pushed by people somewhat in his counsel. 

Wyatt then returned to learn that his recklessness was all for naught. Jessica is still dead. And as where I think Flynn would have continued to go after what he wanted, I don’t think Wyatt will. The ends won’t justify his means. I don’t think he’ll be able to reconcile killing innocent people with saving Jessica. I think while in similar circumstances, he and Flynn’s choices will begin to differ more and more and more. 

They both have the potential for a great villain backstory and set up. But if I’ve learned anything from my time as a Oncer, it’s that it’s not our pasts but our choices that define us, that separate heroes from villains. 

And I think even after the awfulness of the trip back to 1983, Wyatt’s still one of the heroes of this tale.

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#excerpt from a book I'll never write

What does that truly mean? Exactly what it sounds like. You can only be given so many bread crumbs in travelling the path of a loaf.

You could cast shadows to your own pages. You could decide who brings light and who brings right to the villains. You could have the power to bind characters, find boons to be assitance in your grandest quest, and define the contexts and textures and texts. Most importantly, when you feel it is necessary, you can put down a bookmark and pick up where you last left. It may never seem likely, but there will always be a place for a book mark in your own story.

This story is capable of touching hearts without hitting shelves. You are storyteller and story; documentary and document.

I’m wicked smart. They’ve always said that. My grades have never been stellar, but I have this ability to find the quickest, most effective path between two points and do exactly what’s necessary to take it. Really, I’m not into overachieving. Sometimes it means pushing myself, but usually it just means being deliberate in my actions. It’s weird. A lot of people perceive my actions as unstructured or random, but they really, truly are not. I meander, but I do so with purpose. I never did my homework because I realized that I didn’t need to. That I didn’t need straight As to get where I wanted to go. It just wasn’t necessary, so I didn’t strain myself. And for what it’s worth, I’ve almost always been right.

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Dan, do you have any advice on how to live when you desperately don't want to?

Yeah. Make a reason to be. I’m not somebody who believes we get second chances. I am also not somebody who thinks people should just quit before they are ahead either. I could take the whole “ everyone will miss you route,” but you already know that. However! What I will tell you is that if you think you have nothing to lose then you have everything to gain. Life’s gonna beat the snot out of you. Life will not guarantee you society’s definition of success. What life will guarantee you the chance to succeed in the pursuit of happiness. It’s up to you to choose to obtain it by any means necessary. If you feel that you truly don’t want to live then I challenge you to face and conquer what ever is bullying you out of that desire like so many others have, because if you do then the next time you hear the same question you just asked me YOU will stand where I am now. Had I quit you would have never heard these words from me.

There’s a parallel temptation among leftists and social democrats who, in their ongoing attempt to show that neoliberal capitalism is failing, attempt to tie that failure to the rise of Trump. If economic suffering among lower-class whites caused Trump, the reasoning goes, then the solution is to address that suffering through a more generous welfare state and better economic policy, achieved through a multiethnic working-class coalition that includes those Trump supporters. Yes, these supporters may be racist, but it’s important not to say mean things about them lest they fall out of the coalition.

I actually agree that the current capitalist regime is failing. We need truly universal health care, universal child care, a universal child allowance or basic income, and programs to address deep poverty. Redistribution is a very good, necessary thing.

But we have a good case study we can examine to see if Western European–style welfare states can prevent far-right racist backlashes from popping up. It’s called Western Europe. And Sweden’s justly acclaimed welfare state did not prevent the rise of the viciously anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, which has its origins in the Swedish neo-fascist and white supremacist movements and is now the third-largest party in Swedish parliament.

Nor did Austria’s welfare state prevent the far-right Freedom Party — led by Jörg Haider, who praised Hitler for having a “proper employment policy” — from entering government in 1999. France’s crèches and best-in-the-world government health care didn’t prevent Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has been repeatedly convicted of Holocaust denial, from reaching the runoff for the 2002 presidential elections. It has not stopped his successor and daughter Marine from leading polling for next year’s presidential elections. The Netherlands’ comprehensive welfare state has not prevented first Pim Fortuyn and then Geert Wilders from becoming major political forces, with the latter leading most polls for the next elections.

Nor has Germany’s strong, manufacturing-heavy and export-oriented economy, arguably the strongest in Europe, kept the far-right AfD party from gaining in recent local elections. It’s telling to note that while economically thriving Germany is facing a far-right menace, Spain, where unemployment is 20 percent (similar to the US in the Great Depression), has no far-right movement of much consequence.

Comprehensive welfare states are very, very good. They do not solve racism. Whites in both Europe and America have made it very clear that they will not accept becoming a demographic minority without a fight, and will continue to vote for candidates that speak to that concern and promise immigration policies that put off white minority status for as long as possible.

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Is it truly necessary to be mean? Of course, express your opinion all you want. But does it NEED to be rude, and does it NEED to be in an aggressive manner? :(

Oh yeah I’m so aggressive and mean 🙄 The devil himself

I feel like no one is disgusted enough about Aden’s death. I really don’t think the beheaded thing was necessary. I mean we were all angry how they used Lexa’s death for shock value… this is children for fucks sake. Used for shock value. Again. It was even highlighted by Murphy how young they all where just to make sure the audience truly realised it.

I would really like to see us trending about this and copying the cw in but i don’t have enough followers to get it going.

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Txt Msg: Otabek, this is Yura's grandfather. I have talked to him and will now talk to you in same manner. I do not know what has happened between the two of you and it is not necessary that you tell me. I just want to make a comment: I learnt long ago that troubles are not permanent. Your heart, your soul and what you feel... This, my friend, is what truly lasts. You have a strong will and a pure heart, Otabek. I trust you and my grandson will do what is right. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you so much. This means a lot coming from you. I’ll take your words to heart and keep them forever in my soul. I’m so glad I can consider you apart of my family.

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Nice to meet you, Artimis. My question for you is: what do you think makes someone a good or bad ("evil") person? Can anyone ever be truly bad, and, likewise, can anyone be truly good? And, how do you see yourself? Do you believe that "the ends justify the means"?

I think evil is defined by those who would seek self-fulfillment at the expense of the innocent and benevolent. Therefore, there’s room in the moral spectrum to be truly bad/good. I see myself as…the necessary middle, or grey, if you will. The ends do not always justify the means, but many times they do.

Gleggie: A Lesson To Maintain

“To burn always with this hard gemlike flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.”  - Walter Pater

This is my first ever meta on the pair, and while I always liked them, always was protective of them, my feelings for them was put into high gear in recent seasons (probably, truly beginning in S5). With the recent speculations, the Lucille talks, I found myself wanting to put both Glenn and Maggie into a box, sending them far away to live happily ever after where no one can touch them, no one could cause any harm.  What was the reason I was having these intense feelings about Gleggie? Well, that would mean taking a deeper look into what makes this relationship so different than any other on this show, and why they are necessary for the narrative moving forward.

Let’s talk Gleggie, under the cut…

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Take a picture or two and then put down the damn phone. Feel the fireworks in your chest, not through your screen. Let your favorite band’s voice bring you to tears without distraction. Laugh hard with your friends without feeling the need to show everyone on the internet or snapchat or insta you are having a good time. Posit it after, once you are home. Or don’t post it at all. When you stop constantly updating the world about what you are doing, you will realize you are free. You have the world at your fingertips, and I don’t mean through a touch screen anymore. You can walk on a trial with your best friend and have the deepest discussion in your life and only the two of you will know, you can realize how beautiful your mother’s eyes are, you can take necessary time to be truly 100% alone with you and your thoughts to figure out who you are. And no one will know. That’s the beauty of it. No one will know except you and the people you truly love, the people experiencing it with you. And those will make better stories than the stories you post on snapchat, which disappear after 24 hours.
—  I’m tired of trying to talk to my friends and not seeing their eyes
I’d prefer the beginning of the show [S1] because is was OUR show and because this is what we do best but when we decided to introduce super powers and stuff like this, there was no going back. The main concern is to give our show a new feeling, like a new lair. I don’t think it is necessary to get a new lair every time to get the show stronger. I think we did a great job with CQC and all the weapons and guns. I think it gave a truer meaning to the show. When we introduced the magic in arrow, we didn’t do it the best way possible. However I do believe it was really cool from a comic fan point of view, we truly enjoyed it a different way. But we didn’t really feel in our own show anymore. A bit left out and all over the place somehow.

I feel that if the Assassins truly supported freedom they wouldn’t support any type of government, even democracy, because the Templars would still be able to take control by any means necessary and plant puppet leaders into office *cough George W. Bush cough*. Through there puppet leaders laws could be put in place to create there New World Order and limit the freedom the Assassins claim to support. 

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Okay so this post is going to be extra long and I don’t even know if it’ll make sense but whateve. 

So, After watching the teasers, reading other theories and exo’s spoilers. I thought lucky ones being lucky isn’t as good as it sounds (maybe because I love the monster concept the best.) Anyways, we’ve seen Chanyeol, Kai, Xiumin and Baeukhyun do the horn sign and i thought maybe they are part of the monster cult, which necessary doesn’t have to mean the worst. Probably being “monsters”means they are fully aware who they really are and their powers and where they come from, etc. The lucky ones are unaware, drugged or completely their memory and knowledge is hazy, thus not knowing who they are. The monster side of the group is trying to help them, get their group together once again and embrace who they truly are. 

SO, after looking through video after video I came up with several connection that also include Chen and Sehun Originally I only thought of Chanyeol, Kai and Xiumin are part of the Monsters bc all three had the brightest hair, could symbolize breaking them apart from the norm of the lucky ones. Standing their ground and embracing who they are. But the trailer came out and got me thinking. 

Sehun and Chen are seen running together. But there is no sign of distress. Determination? They show no signs of being chased but instead running forward. They never look back, aware nothing is behind them. Possibility 1 is they know their way around and not really part of Monsters. 2, They are trying to find someone or the rest of the group. 

A second pair we see is Chanyeol and Baekhyun, now this threw me off a little because they are actually in distress when they are running. At first, i thought maybe Chanyeol is fooling Baekhyun to get him to following him. 

It’s possible they have been found out and are trying to lose whoever is chasing them. But it also got me thinking of Chen and Sehun, maybe they have been brain washed and chasing them?

BUT when we see ChanBaek running they run towards a double door, but when we see them again they go through  a single door. Sehun and Chen are seen running away from that door. So are they really chasing ChanBaek? Could the actually be running to find Kyungsoo? After that scene you see Kyungsoo. Is that actually all of the members goal,to find Kyungsoo and escape. 

Another reason that brought my attention to the possible monster group is in Love Me Right, you see Xiumin, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun together. Could be a hang out, could be planning something.  From the beginning we have always seen Kai teleports from member to member and Chanyeol investigates their powers. Especially in what is love. It makes me believe Kai is the most aware of who they are and he is trying to bring them all together to the original state they really are. 

First with Xiumin, in LMR we see him with Chen and seem to be partnered doing experiments and creating something. This is one reason why I believe Chen is also involved, with a few other things we see later on. SO, with these experiments, Kai probably believes Xiumin could help the rest of the members to get back to their normal selves after being brainwashed. 

In Xiumin’s pathcode, instead of running away like some members, he ran towards something. After watching the tv screen in the video, you can see a location and time. Edinburgh 15:25

 what is significant about this location and time…Sehun. Once Xiumin sees this he runs to find him,but something strange also happens. Maybe it’s just my eyes but as you continue to see, the white static almost looks like a person morphing into a wolf. Hmm wolf era? Are they wolves? Monsters? Aliens? 

When you go to Sehun’s pathcode it actually starts at 15:24. Thinking maybe when 25 minute mark hits something important appears. Nothing really stood out to me though.

I’m still trying to figure out this map, but I’ll just leave it here if anyone finds something to it. 

At the end of Sehun’s pathcode, he sees a solar eclipse. Which reminds me of Chen. In his Pathcode, he also see a solar eclipse. I figure the solar eclipse might hold some deep or scary meaning since they both ran. It could be a sign that one of their members is near. Kai or Xiumin? The resurfacing of someone’s powers?

Now things get interesting in Chen’s PC. So we see a lot of books near Chen and some close ups of these books. One of the books contains information of organic analysis, another has a title along the lines of physiological basis of mind. THIS brings me back to LMR and experimenting with Xiumin. This is huge in the theory of both Xiumin and Chen are trying to come up with some kind of antidote and experimenting on the members.

In Kai’s PC he obviously knows someone is onto him. Possibly someone knows Kai is aware of his and the rest of the members identity. Trying to stop Kai from bringing all the members together?

It gets a little creepy in Baekhyun, right after he gets that message you hear a male voice. I tried listening several times and I hear “Someone is looking” and he makes a run for it. Could be Kai warning Baekhyun. Could be someone who brain washed Baekhyun and warning him about Kai or Xiumin coming. But at the end he gives up running and embraces the fact he got caught by whoever was chasing him. 

 DO’s PC, he has these metal spheres that remind a lot during MAMA mv when Luhan also had spheres. It’s possible since Luhan is no longer part of this, DO took over. The spheres help locate the members. I’m not 100% certain DO can be involved in the Monsters crew, since he was capture and drugged. Before he was caught he was part of it and was a big key in finding the members. 

This part also lead me to believe Luhan was part of gathering members and knew about their Identity. When Kai and Luhan saw each other in MAMA, they smiled. Everyone who Kai saw, they had a more serious face. 

This scene of What is Love I thought, since the beginning he was being chased down but we later see him with Xiumin leading me to believe they were the first to break free along with Chanyeol who was researching about the powers, but was not aware of Kai and Xiumin yet. 

These are just a few things I saw that connected to each other and possibly hint to what monsters and lucky ones concept is about or just this whole exo theory in general, but we honestly might not even get a full answer. Ah, I love theories and making my head hurt. Let me know what you think or if you have anything else to add or point out. I’d love to hear it!