i mean w hat

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Send “⁇” for a DRUNK text.

TXT 4:28 AM : Heyyy nami, gurl, pal, best firned hows u?????

TXT 4:32 AM: Just wwanna tell u that i dk how youre doing this

TXT 4:34 AM: I mean, what the heck, you sail the sea with hot people all the time

TXT 4:35 AM: okay chopper and bone kun aren’t really what i call fuck material you feel me

TXT 4:37 AM: And that cyborg guy probably has bolts on his dick so lets not

TXT 4:38 AM: And Luffy and Usopp are probably like mega ultra extra virgin oil

TXT 4:39 AM: And Sanji’s heart eyed habits are kind of a turn off 

TXT 4:42 AM:

TXT 4:45 AM: Hey Nami, can Robin do the hand thing ? B) u know w hat i mean

TXT 4:47 AM: Nami are you sleeping I need answers.

TXT 4:49 AM: Does Zoro has a bigg dick i need to know for science, ushishi~

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There's two giant rainbow cocks outside Sydney opera house, this is the appeal of Australia (I wouldn't know the appeal, I live near the capital city no one knows the name of)

w haT i am sh ook what does this mean

this song is so good, i mean in no way am i intrigued and excited by the idea of “kissing a girl and liking it” but objectively…she just has a nice voice… what do you mean “girls can’t kiss girls” w hat do yo u mean..why am i cryin g wHY AM I C RYING