i mean video games are animated too!

A problem I have with a lot of Aliens media and fan depictions is the tendency to rationalize and animalize the aliens.

Like making it all about the pseudo insect hive hierarchy introduced in the second movie, or making the alien too much like the host’s species, or deciding that they are “just pure animal instinct”, or wanting to know their origin…

I mean don’t get me wrong, understanding things is cool in real life, but we are talking about a fictional monster that was literally inspired by nightmares. It doesn’t have to “make sense”, it only needs to be scary, and uncertainity is scary.

When we understand something, we feel “in control” in a way, even if we are in danger. The alien is all about taking the feeling of being in control away from us, it subjugates its victims; so if anything I hope future Alien movies (and comics, and videogames, and fan works and anything) try to go against what we think we know about the aliens, and take us by surprise albeit without revealing too much, just enough.

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I want to talk to you but I'm scared

darling, i am five foot two, i wear almost exclusively pastels, i still own stuffed animals, i say ohmygoodness way too much, i call everyone sweetheart, and i can’t be mean to video game characters because it makes me feel bad. there is quite literally nothing intimidating about me

to be honest i didin’t like how mean the animals could be in the gamecube version of animal crossing. snooty villagers straight up looked down on you and called you stupid and smelly and annoying, saying you talk too much and basically calling you worthless shit. cranky villagers were so angry all the time that is verged on being amusing. but snooty villagers were just straight up nasty. and the peppy girls were actually really mean and not that peppy. i would’ve called them “obnoxious and rude” instead of “peppy” in the gamecube version. pinky said i was lame just because i answered “no” to expanding my house, then stormed off furious. when i talked to her again, she insulted me. one time she also tricked me into buying a carpet for a very expensive price. that was not cool.

even the NORMAL-type girls (who are supposed to be the sweetest?) say things like “why would i ever want to be friends with someone like you?” when they get sad. it actually made my heart sank.

i don’t like being called worthless, even in a game. i play games to escape. i don’t need to be reminded about the mean people from real life when i play a video game.

i love new leaf because the animals no longer say nasty things. they all love you and you’re all like family with one another. they’re so much nicer, it’s beautiful. honest to goodness i love it. the “snooty” girls are more like “fashionistas” and older sisters, sweet with a little spicy. cranky males in new leaf are basically your protective dad and it’s just too sweet. there are things that annoy the cranky males, and your character isn’t one of those things. i just feel welcome in new leaf.