i mean video games are animated too!

Frisk pigeon falling with DETERMINATION ! C’est génial =D

I was full of determination to finish it for you all !!

Well, I got so many requests from you, precious fans, to animate something about “Undertale”…. so there is “Underfail” :D

Long time since I parodiate something and well, I saw so many awesome fanarts of this game …. I wanted to try and make it a present for you all =D (hoping I’m not too late, hoho !)

The animation is a little too fast sometimes and that’s normal =) I put hidden things, so you have to stop the video to see them all :D

This game is amazing, I mean PIXEL ART aaah ! (love this retro style <3) and the musics are awesome, the characters are really interesting, how not to make fanarts about them all ?

A huge thank to Toby’s fox and all the team for making such a good game and being able to create something that link people together (so many fanarts x) )

Well, I hope you will like it, took some free time to make and it was cool ^^

(couldn’t put them all, so many awesome characters ^^’) 

Hoping the creators will see this one day :’) 


Someone hurt their eye in this trailer for Castlevania’s Netflix animated series ⊟ 

You can see what I mean at the 1:05 mark. Looks painful. The rest of the trailer seems promising, though! Written by venerated graphic novelist Warren Ellis and animated by Frederator Studios (Adventure Time), the show will premiere on Netflix on July 7. The staples of the Castlevania series all seem to be there – Dracula, skeletons impaled on spikes, whip guy, etc. – and we even have some pandering to video game fans in the intro too. 👌🏾 👌🏾 

BUY Castlevania stuff

hi! i’m shout. im a freelance pixel artist. ive been around for like 4 years now helping people make video games and sometimes things that arent video games. anyway, i specialize in stupid anime bullshit

i’m opening commissions to tumblr again for pixel art, for gamedev and otherwise, which really just means that i’ll do like standalone avatar portraits and vanity shots if you pay me, too

(it went well the first time, so the second round should be even better, right?)

my rates start at 10usd / 32x32 sprite + 5usd / additional animation frame / tile + 20usd / character design, but for large projects like video games ive been known to put out discounts and for very complicated characters (like, for instance, if you want me to draw and animate a 64x64 tetsuya nomura character) (’ses zippers) i tend to markup. i also markup slightly for sprites with a larger base resolution then 32x32, but can do pretty much any scale from like 8x8 to like 96x96 (and really at that point it’s not even pixel art anymore, just really fuckin small raster art)

(if you want, i can usually provide sketches of any characters you have me design, as well)

i’m also an experienced game maker dev (going on like, 6 years at least) so inquire within about other gamedev work, in case you want my expertise (not just my art) (please do both, though) on a game you’re working on

if you have questions, dont be afraid to just speak up, by the way! like, i dont bite. i mostly just talk about cel animated anime and say the word ‘xabungle’ over and over like im trying to summon it in a mirror

you can also reach me at shout#6597 on discord, and shoutscion@gmail.com if you genuinely enjoy writing and sending emails or somethin

What would you serve her?

Some Pixel Art Practice! (Click to enlarge since Tumblr is weird)

I painstakingly re-created the animations and format of the VA-11 HALL-A menu and did my own sprite using Marilag.

I hope you all know this means I am going to make a million sprites from now on. This is too much power for one person to have.

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For an artist who's starting out with commissions, what pricing methods would you recommend? Assuming they can make clean lineart and have some skills that would make them marketable, how should they know what kind of prices can match their skills and attract potential buyers, especially if it's their first commies?

The method I usually see suggested to people is calculating your ideal wage per hour. Say you need to make $15/hr on a piece, and something of that complexity usually takes 4 hours, you’d charge $60. The exact rate is up to you and your earning needs, but it should definitely be more than minimum wage. Art, being skilled work, demands skilled pay.

Talking of skills … they’re strangely irrelevant, somehow? Skill doesn’t really determine what you should charge, need does, and the kind of people who regularly complain that “this isn’t worth the money” probably aren’t your clientele anyway. In my experience, if someone’s first interaction with you is to express surprise that “prices are too high”, they probably don’t plan to pay you at all. Clients, at least the clients who commission me, never draw a connection between my skills and my prices, except to say I don’t charge them enough. And since this is a personal, customized luxury good, at its core, people genuinely want to pay what it’s worth. More on that from Kihu in this post

If you’re worried that you’ll charge too much, don’t, because underselling is a more endemic problem than overselling. Artists who charge less than a pizza for whole illustrations, or animators who sell ten seconds of work for less than a video game, bring down the social expectations of commissioned art, because people will expect other artists to work that cheaply. That means people see low prices, so they insist on paying less, artists succumb to the pressure, they get exploited, and art stays cheap, while artists stay poor. This is the same reason no one should ever work for free: it devalues not only your own work, but others’ work as well. 

Hope that helps! If anyone else has questions about this I’ll do my best to answer.


So story time.

I have a friend who wants to make video games with his buddies one day. One of his ideas would be a terrifying creature in the world that was a mix between, I kid you not, a centipede and a dolphin. Each time he brought it up his friends would shut him down completely, even if he was saying it as a joke, because they thought it was too scary and it wouldn’t work. It was kinda mean how they went about it. So I was like..

Aight, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. And uh…well they were right about it being terrifying. But yeah here’s the Celaphin.

things my daughter has said, pt. 2

“I bet the aliens would let me have cookies.”
“I’m using the Ouija board to make more friends.”
“This is the worst day ever and there haven’t even been that many days.”
“I hate updates. No one wants them.”
“Sometimes I look in the mirror and get sad because I’m taller in my head.”
“Don’t touch that. I definitely haven’t eaten enough.”
“Just imagine a nipple with a big ball of skin. That’s all it is!”
“I’m only interested in fake marriages.”
“It’s ruined now. I can’t even look at it.”
“Frozen was a plot to make people like snow.”
“Does anyone actually like being cold? I don’t think so.”
“I don’t believe in it and if I don’t believe in it, I don’t have to do it.”
“That’s the law? Well, that’s stupid.”
“I’m revolting. Is that the one that means ‘not doing it’ or does that mean ‘gross’?”
“Words should only mean one thing.”
“I’m gross but I’m not doing it.”
“It would be really nice if the world would stop.”
“Songs sound a lot better when I can’t understand what they’re saying.”
“I want a job where I can use fake blood and play video games.”
“Do you know why animals are better? Because they don’t talk.”
“I can’t be mean and say ‘shut up’ but please don’t make any more noise.”
“If everything would stop for a bit, that’d be great.”
“I thought I was too old for naps but I was very wrong.”

Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Nyota Uhura.

Back in the 60’s Uhura from Star Trek was a female character that was badly needed. And to this day she’s an icon for black people just as much as she was for them back then. She was a black character that wasn’t in a menial role but was a respected officer. She wasn’t a character that appeared one-off or got killed off she was featured in books, films, video games, the animated series, all kinds of stuff to do with the Star Trek franchise.

She was competent, intelligent, beautiful, a fluent linguist skilled in philology and cryptography, an excellent singer and capable of taking charge if need be. Uhura. Whose name literally means freedom.

Next Time: A badass lady from a show cancelled far too soon…you know which one i mean.

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Hi! I'm the anon who requested the stranger flirting with RFA HCs and I wanted to say that they're all so goood. Idk, I was really craving seeing their reactions (especially Yoosung >< lol) and you wrote it perfectly *^* Could I request another one? I'm not sure if you did something like this already but... MC bringing RFA (and V+Saeran again, if it doesn't take too much of your time!) to an anime/video game convention? Bonus: who MC and they cosplay as! Hehe ^-^ Thanks, I love your writing!

//ayy, no problem my dude. that means a lot ^^ lol, also, sorry for including yoosung in like everything? he just fits so many characters. So, in order, the characters are from the animes: Noragami, Yuri!!! On Ice, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Bungou Stray Dogs, Blue Exorcist (I haven’t finished this yet so i’m sorry if Yukio actually turns out to betray someone or something), and Tokyo Ghoul


  • you’re hiyori but just forget yatori for a second
  • Saeyoung might come and be Yato
  • he’s totally seen Noragami before, so he knows what’s going on, and you guys discuss theories n headcanons on the way there
  • you’ve decided to be Hiyori when her soul has slipped out, and he loves your tail
  • If you’ve got Saeyoung as your Yato, if he catches Yoosung staring at you, he’ll pretend to get stung
  • it’s perfect and people can’t get enough of you guys
  • “We’re so doing this again next year”


  • they’ve got the same personality and he can totally pull it off, except for maybe the ponytail, but it’s chill
  • you’re OBVIOUSLY yuri (katsuki)
  • “hmm… so i’m supposed to be very playful and you have to blush easily? that shouldn’t be a challenge at all!”
  • he gets excited because you get excited, because he knows that you really love cons and YOI
  • you guys are CHEERED on when you get there and so many people want photos of Vikturi
  • it’s the cutest because people are so happy that you guys play the parts so well


  • you’re Bishamon and she’s Kazuma
  • she keeps fretting over both of your cosplays because if you guys are gonna do this, you’d be going all out, not just a half ased attempt
  • she wants people to know who you guys are without asking
  • they aren’t too popular of characters but people still appreciate how you guys fit the parts
  • “So what does it mean that I’m your exemplar in this context?”
  • “well… you’re my blessed vessel, so it’s like you’re my most trusted Regalia, and so you lead me and give me advice, because Gods can be influenced by other things than good, you know?”
  • she gets herself more confused but all she knows is that Bishamon and Kazuma have a very strong relationship, just like the two of you, and she grows to enjoy the convention
  • “…can we go again next year?”


  • he’s kinda confused about it in the first place??
  • but you assure him that cosplaying is fun!!
  • you promised him that the character you’re dressing him up as is really similar to him
  • you’re totally Gou
  • “so i’m supposed to like swimming?”
  • “not just like, love it. Haru finds it very poetic and beautiful, especially the water. he’ll swim anywhere and everywhere there is water”
  • he gets more interested in the anime world as you keep talking about other shows and mechanics, and he thinks that he could fit Levi Ackerman, too
  • “hmm… maybe we can do that next year, and i’ll be Sasha”
  • if yoosung comes along, he’d TOTALLY be nagisa


  • he’s totally being Dazai and you’re being Chuuya
  • he can’t stop taking your hat off
  • he says that he doesn’t want to pretend to hate you in a playful way, he just wants to love you in a playful way
  • if yoosung comes, he’s being Kenji
  • you guys have definitely both seen the anime together
  • “DOGGGGSSS!!!”
  • people flip because soukoku kisses
  • soukoku everything
  • hand games, macarena, and just fluffy stuff that people want to screech at


  • he’s a little hesitant about it, but you assure him that it’s fine and there won’t be any problems
  • you decided to dress up as Yukio and Rin Okumura, because both of you enjoyed watching Blue Exorcist together
  • he’s happy that he doesn’t totally hate the character he’s playing, because he thinks Yukio is p reasonable and they aren’t too different
  • he generally just likes the concept of the anime, and the con goes better than he expected it to
  • he sees that everyone there has something in common, and it’s actually very nice, because anime is just one giant community, even though it is sometimes a little split on Subs v. Dubs. AN// im personally a sub person
  • he enjoys seeing you so happy taking photos with other people and characters and making happy memories to last a lifetime


  • he’s kaneki and you’re touka
  • he actually really loves the mask, and he feels he can relate to kaneki and it’s kinda sad but!! it’s okay
  • if saeyoung or yoosung comes along, they’d probably be Hide
  • he likes the idea of kagunes
  • he’s kinda nervous about it but sees you lookin chill and cool like “yo dude it’s gonna be fine it’ll be full of awkward people just like us”
  • “these are really flippin cool. can i wear them everyday??”
  • your costumes are by far the most popular there
  • he isn’t really used to be around so many people, but he just gets absorbed into kaneki that it doesn’t bother him anymore

gaylesbodyke  asked:

I don't understand why people send you so many hateful messages tbh; most of your posts are just cute animals/anime/video game stuff! anyway, I love you very much sweetie, and I hope those losers don't get you down <3

Aww, I love you too, sweetie! I mean, I have a good idea why they do, but whatever. It’s like going to complain at Best Buy that one of the employees is gay. Like, I’m just gonna do my thing :)

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4 from the nostalgic ask for Harley, Enoch, and Miles?

4. do you sleep with stuffed animals?

Enoch: Nah, not really. I have them still, but they live on a shelf over my door. Sometimes when I play video games my baby sister will crawl up and fall asleep on my chest, and she’s a pretty light sleeper when it comes to sensing movement so I don’t really want to wake her by getting up, so I fall asleep on the couch too. I mean, she’s probably still small enough to count as a stuffed animal.

Harley: Do I look like I’m five to you? Or Molly? Do I look like Molly? Don’t answer that…

Miles: Um, just one. It’s a… it’s a tiger Build-A-Bear that my parents took me to make when I was three. I sleep with it sometimes because it reminds me of them. But only when I have nightmares. Which is… actually a lot, so… Yes.

{I love how you asked Harley, the grumpasaurus rex, if he sleeps with stuffed animals, that just… tickles my funny bone, idk.}

to be honest i didin’t like how mean the animals could be in the gamecube version of animal crossing. snooty villagers straight up looked down on you and called you stupid and smelly and annoying, saying you talk too much and basically calling you worthless shit. cranky villagers were so angry all the time that is verged on being amusing. but snooty villagers were just straight up nasty. and the peppy girls were actually really mean and not that peppy. i would’ve called them “obnoxious and rude” instead of “peppy” in the gamecube version. pinky said i was lame just because i answered “no” to expanding my house, then stormed off furious. when i talked to her again, she insulted me. one time she also tricked me into buying a carpet for a very expensive price. that was not cool.

even the NORMAL-type girls (who are supposed to be the sweetest?) say things like “why would i ever want to be friends with someone like you?” when they get sad. it actually made my heart sank.

i don’t like being called worthless, even in a game. i play games to escape. i don’t need to be reminded about the mean people from real life when i play a video game.

i love new leaf because the animals no longer say nasty things. they all love you and you’re all like family with one another. they’re so much nicer, it’s beautiful. honest to goodness i love it. the “snooty” girls are more like “fashionistas” and older sisters, sweet with a little spicy. cranky males in new leaf are basically your protective dad and it’s just too sweet. there are things that annoy the cranky males, and your character isn’t one of those things. i just feel welcome in new leaf.

okie so my dash has been pretty slow recently, which means i need more blogs to follow. -3-

so reblog this if you post…

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  • idk man i’m pretty open to anime and video games and the like in general
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to be honest there’s a lot more i want to see but this post has already gone on for too long so uhhh just reblog please? :D thank youuu~

I feel like Michaels girlfriend would be kind of nerdy and dorky, but like, really fiery and confident at the same time. Like I can just imagine him bumping into her and and her dropping her stuff, and when he leans down to get her stuff he’d see that she’s wearing super beat up sneakers and he’d chuckle and straighten and without thinking be like,
‘Whats with your shoes?’ And she’d turn red and snap 'what’s with your face?’ And she’d see the burn scar and be like
'Oh, sorry. what happened?’ And he’d tell her what happened and she shrug and be like, 'well at least you look like Zuko from Avatar.’
And he’d light up because he likes avatar too and he’d ask her out and they’d talk about all their favorite animes and video games and I feel like she’d always speak her mind, even if she didn’t mean too which means she’d spend all her time roasting the boys like,
'No Luke you can’t take my bike,you can barely walk in a straight line.’
'Calum put some clothes on it’s not that great.’
I also feel like it would be super common to find her and Michael playing video games in noting but their underwear till 2 am, watching netflix and eating off their stomachs. I can imagine him stealing some of her Chinese food and her throwing a noodle at him- leading to a huge food fight that you both had to complain about cleaning up later.
I can imagine the first time they buy a house together, when after they move in, trying to paint the walls when Michael comes up behind her with paint on his hands and smacks her butt, and when she looks down there’s a purple hand print on her right ass cheek of her jeans I have no idea I just feel like they’d be so in love and Michael would barely talk about her in interviews because what they do is their own personal business and it shouldn’t matter to anyone what they do.