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Male and female signs I know

Aries Male: Very awkward at first, super easy to approach. Laughs super loud and is actually v shy. Super playful and loving, caring for those close to him. Not one for anger unless provoked

Aries Female: Loves to argue with people but never means to hurt their feelings, passionate about who and what they love, actually super lazy but athletic. Creative as fuck and very cuddly

Taurus Male: Quite at first then super funny and loud, pretty random and like never cried. Really handsome and very fashionable, a born smooth talker and kinda insensitive

Taurus Female: Worried about something literally all the time, very sweet and scared of being a burden, likes to have fun and party, super chill and loves babies

Gemini Male: laughs a lot, super awkward but actually not awkward at all, open about certain things but also extremely closed off about others, loves videos games and fun people

Gemini Female: everyone thinks you’re a Bitch at first, super funny and actually really smart, random facts all the time about anything (usually never on topic), likes clean and kinda crowded spaces, loves people but hates them all

Cancer Male: really weird sense of humour, happy being alone, loves family a lot, refuses to let go of past relationships, super shy at first, hard working, actually a sensitive nerd

Cancer Female: actually super indecisive, never fucking tells you if they’re upset, loves random adventures as long as they have people they love with them, Netflix binges are a normal things

Leo Male: cocky as fuck but super insecure, loves attention, somehow always has money for food, laughs at his own jokes more than he laughs at other peoples, “what should I do with my hair?”

Leo Female: aggressive, likes to tease people (in a loving way), loves but hates being teased back, cries whenever they feel they’re not good enough, exaggerated storied, really funny

Virgo Male: unique style, cries when they get pissed off at someone they love, constantly stressed out, simple things make them laugh really hard, not very good at telling jokes, loves people way too much

Virgo Female: bad ass TBH, easily attached, cute style, lots of stories to tell, being around them is comforting, seems to have their life together basically all the time, lowkey freak

Libra Male: knows so many people but considered like 10 of them their friends, easily excited, good advice, good at making decisions for everyone but themselves, introvert who loves people

Libra Female: makes lots of weird noises, always has a story to tell, actually really stressed out, laughs a lot, constant confusion, “what should I do/get/pick/say/eat/buy/etc.?”

Scorpio Male: a dick in a funny way, quite at first, not afraid to tell you if you’re annoying, loves to tease, shares pics about sex on fb

Scorpio Female: will fight you, not afraid to talk to strangers, loves being home and doing nothing, hood playlists, dreams about relationships, their stories are important

Sagittarius Male: fuck boy, funny as fuck, not very loud, drinks a lot, rebel who cares too much about everything, once they’re attached they stay attached

Sagittarius Female: school makes them cry, lots of relationships that last a long time, cute style but wants to look bad ass, willing to fight u, memes

Capricorn Male: really quite but somehow everyone knows them, videos games all the time, can’t express feelings and breakdowns like one a year

Capricorn Female: actually pretty loud and fun, hard to keep in touch with, can’t fall out of love with that one person, critical of a lot of things without meaning to be

Aquarius Male: knows like everyone, meme master, laughs when you laugh, not talk to them for a year and then easily pick up convo like nothing happened

Aquarius Female: super cheeky, doesn’t really argue about anything, chill as fuck, loves loud and fun people, fascinated by people and the way they do things, delicate but will kick ur ass if they have to

Pisces Male: not good at expressing things, shy, v giggly, resting Bitch face, loner, comfortable to talk to

Pisces Female: aesthetic snapchat, love fun and lowkey dangerous things, once they hate you they hate you, weird sense of humour, in their own world

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

I googled the cabbie’s number

Image from here.

771126 looked like a date to me, but backwards.

77/11/26 or 26th November 1977. I googled it and the very first hit was something called the Southern Television Broadcast Interruption that happened on that date. This is it:

This video is titled “alien broadcast” or something, but it’s actually real footage of a real thing that happened on 26th November 1977 (a real hoax, done by people, not aliens). It was a broadcast interruption through the Hannington transmitter of the Independent Broadcasting Authority in the UK on 26th Nov, 1977. The interruption is generally considered to be a hoax, and the hijaker remains unknown. The interruption lasted 6 minutes, and took over the sound, leaving the video signal unaltered aside from some picture distortion. The speaker claimed to be a representative of the “Intergalactic Association”. It interrupted the news, then transmission returned to normal shortly after. Southern Television later apologised for a “breakthrough in sound”.

An explanation is given for how this security breach could have happened:  “At that time, the Hannington UHF television transmitter was unusual in being one of the few transmitters which rebroadcast an off-air signal received from another transmitter (Southern Television’s Rowridge transmitter on the Isle of Wight), rather than being fed directly by a landline. As a consequence it was open to this kind of signal intrusion, as even a relatively low-powered transmission very close to the receiver could overwhelm its reception of the intended signal, resulting in the unauthorised transmission being amplified and rebroadcast across a far wider area. The IBA stated that to carry out a hoax would take “a considerable amount of technical know-how" and a spokesman for Southern Television confirmed that "A hoaxer jammed our transmitter in the wilds of North Hampshire by taking another transmitter very close to it.” However, like the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion a decade later, the identity of the intruder was never confirmed.

** Which means they had planned the HLV broadcast signal interruption story line before they even made the props for ASiP **

After all that I went on to casually start reading about Max Headroom (a weird thing I actually watched on TV in the 80s when I was little and the satire and subtext of it were beyond me) and found the British made pilot, titled “20 minutes into the future”. Weirdly, it’s very very relevant, and I don’t know if this cabbie number clue was meant to point me towards this, but it did anyway. I pointed out shortly after TLD aired that “20 minutes” had been said quite a few times in TLD, and that it was probably important (also see this and this). Also, mentions of 20 minutes in TLD and elsewhere are almost without fail a reference to something that’s going to happen in 20 minutes time, that is, 20 minutes in the future, as if it’s a countdown to something. Culverton’s life will change in exactly 20 minutes. John asks Sherlock if he will be okay by himself for 20 minutes.

To tell you the short version for now… the movie “Max Headroom: 20 minutes into the future” is about an evil television network hiding a dangerous truth from it’s viewers. People are dying because of this secret, in a most violent and terrifying way. A journalist is working to uncover the truth, and while doing so has an accident and is “brain dead” at one point before resurrecting himself from a morgue and coming back to complete his mission - *spoiler* the hero (the journalist) finally uncovers the truth! And reveals it to all via a live television transmission. 

I also like this parallel …The evil television network had taken the face of a dead man (the journalist) and used circa 1985 computer technology to animate his face so that he could continue to appear on camera in order to convince the public that he was still alive. Essentially, they turned him into a puppet.

The fact that we only see Moriarty’s head, and the unusual choice of backdrop for this shot of dummy!Jim which looks like it might possibly have been inspired by the amazing Max Headroom animation grid background..

…is all hopefully just a reference to the fact that someone was using Jim’s image to trick the public into thinking he was still alive when he wasn’t (even though in the movie he was actually still alive). Basically, the movie is about the media as a villain, hiding truths from viewers and brainwashing them, and a small band of rebel journalists (from within the evil media) who go on a mission to reveal this truth to the public. And they do reveal it, and the rebels win :) You can watch the movie here.

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*places tin foil hat on head*

So, this codex entry - I’d never really paid particular attention to it [I mean, it is just a list of books, right? Boring.]


Take a look at the last title.

Elvehan Diis Falsis: Triew Metod Dracas

That caught my eye. Elvehan is very, very close to Elvenan. I can only assume the book is in Tevene [seeing how similar it is to Latin] so off I went to Google Translate. And here’s what I found out:

Diis Falsies means “false gods”.

Which [potentially] gives us “Elvenan False Gods”. We know, from what Solas mentions in Trespasser, that the Evanuris were false gods, who existed in the time of Arlathan. Very strange that a Tevene book mentions them.

The second half was more difficult to translate. The best I could come up with was:

Metod is very close to the latin word meto, which means “mow/ cut off/ reap”. I’m particularly interested in “cut off”, although I suppose “reap” is a possibility too.

Dracas is very similar to draco, which is latin for dragon. 

I wasn’t able to translate Triew. The closest I came was the latin word triens, which means “a third”. Since I’m not reasonably convinced on this word, I’ll remove it for now.

So we have Elvenan False Gods: [Triew] + Cut Off + Dragons

Now, things get interesting. Could the dragons refer to the Old Gods? If so, then ‘cut off’ could refer to the Evanuris being ‘cut off’ from their dragons - and what cut them off? The Veil. So does that mean there’s a bigger connection between the Old Gods and the Evanuris than we know?

Which brings us to the biggest puzzle of all: Who knew enough about the Evanuris, the creation of the Veil, and Tevene in order to write the book? The author is unknown. It might be possible that someone translated it from Elven, and if that were the case - who was the original author? It likely would have been someone who worked for/with Fen’harel. If that’s the case… then would this mysterious author still be around?

One thing is for certain, though. Solas spent his time in the Inquisition learning as much as he could about everything, using its resources to obtain access to books he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to as an elven apostate. I wonder how he learned about that particular book, though…

anonymous asked:

Do you think Lena knows that Kara is Supergirl?

Hi Anon.

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the question. 

Does Kara love potstickers? ;-)

Originally posted by nova-in-the-attic

I believe the answer to your question and the one I just posed would be a resounding ‘yes’. 

2.19 just further reinforced that Lena is wickedly smart. If she figured out Queen Rhea was an alien so quickly, I would think that she would be able to figure out that Kara is not of this Earth too. 

I mean Rhea tipped her off with the ‘gods’ comment and I think some of the schooling jargon. Lena then further confirmed her hunch with her alien detection device. This all occurred very, very quickly. 

Kara ‘I flew here on a bus’ Danvers has given Lena ample evidence for her to be a bit curious about her mild mannered reporter friend. 

Originally posted by dianahprince


-Kara’s very close friendship with Supergirl.

-Kara’s immediate defense of aliens + her reaction to the detection device.

-Um, Kara’s disguise? I know it’s comic lore and I certainly respect that, but Lena has been around both Kara and Supergirl a lot at this point…so maybe she’d at least notice a certain familiarity?

 -Kara seems to know a lot about particular situations that she probably shouldn’t know about. 

-Kara/Supergirl showing up after Lena has interacted with Kara/Supergirl. So, the balcony rescue or the Kryptonite-Explosion-Kara-Danvers-Believes-In-You event. They both seem to always be there for Lena at just the right time.

-The list goes on, so etc. 

Originally posted by flyingtothelesbianrainbow

Also, Lena has purposefully (imo) made some remarks or reactions that seem to indicate she knows of Kara’s double life. Most notably: 


-”Well, that’s lucky!”…Seriously, her reaction was that of forced surprise. There have been many screen caps of her expression because most viewed it as comical because she has to know, given that reaction. 

-”What’s your kryponite?” ….I’m not sure if this needs an explanation. I believe Lena was messing with Kara about her Supergirl  identity when she asked this. 

- “ Supergirl may have saved me, but Kara Danvers, you are my hero”. Lena acknowledges both aspects of Kara with this line, but more importantly she states that Kara is her hero. I think she purposefully did that because she’s grateful to both, but knows that there is only one Kara, who’s also Supergirl.  

-The list goes on, so etc.

Both the comics and the show’s canon establishes that Lena Luthor is brilliant. She’s a genius. 

I believe that Lena Luthor is aware of Kara’s double identity. 

Why hasn’t Lena brought up the fact that Kara looks amazing in primary colors? 

Because Lena Luthor is very understanding and supportive of Kara Danvers. 

This character trait is supported by: 


-Early on in their relationship, Lena aids Kara by giving her information on Roulette because Kara asked for help.

 -Lena not being angry that Kara missed their kombucha date, rather she visited Kara at CatCo to make sure she was okay. 

-Lena inquiring about Kara’s well-being when she notices Kara’s failed attempts at ‘grief baking’

-The series of phone calls in 2.19. Lena could tell Kara was upset just by her voice and later called her again to check on her. Also, scored herself another date.

-the list goes on, so etc. Lena is really amazing, okay? 

So, why hasn’t Lena confronted Kara about Supergirl? 

Originally posted by lexaheda39

Because she’s respecting Kara by letting her tell her when she’s ready.

Imagine #14 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by @kkkkkennedyyyyy: Hello! So I came across your blog and being the slut I am for Xmen would like to request an imagine. If it is not too much to ask can I request a Charles Xavier one where he is jealous of your relationship with another xmen (maybe Erik Lehnsherr, or Alex Summers) and then the ending can be all fluffy and stuff… Also can it be through the reader’s perspective? You are awesome. Thank you!

Originally posted by jmcavoy--fan

Not my gif

Words: 1934

Warnings: fem!reader, typos, swearing

A/N: So, I feel like I was half asleep writing this, I hope it’s readable! Enjoy! xoxo

„That’s it for today.“, you ended your lesson and then added: „And don’t forget your assignments, some of you can’t afford a bad score right now.“ Collective moaning accompanied the familiar sound of talking and laughing students gradually leaving your classroom to start their free afternoon. Some of them seemed to be in quite a hurry, you realized and grinned at Peter’s back that was just disappearing around the corner. He knew that you had referred to his grades before. And you knew that his essay wouldn’t be anywhere close to well done, probably not even close to ‘you tried’. Oh, what were you gonna do about that kid, you thought to yourself. Such a smart guy and so absolutely not interested in using his brain for anything else than pranks and music.

You were so lost in thoughts that you didn’t notice the figure sneaking up next to you and when you heard Erik’s voice, you almost jumped. And you might have let out a suppressed scream before turning to your best friend and hitting him with your notebook. “Jesus Christ!”, you hissed. “Just me.”, he replied and you rolled your eyes. “Your kid…”, you gestured vaguely towards the door, “is going to fail my class, if he doesn’t get off his ass soon. Tell him that. You can quote me.”

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Is Mira Bridger a Mirialan?

This Is Mira Bridger, mother of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels:

And I highly suspect Mira is a Mirialan. Let me present the evidence. *shuffles papers and adjusts glasses*

#1: Her Nails- I noticed right away her fingernails are black. Guess what? Mirialan’s nails are black.

Both Luminara and Barriss have black nails.

#2: Skin- From what I can tell, there seems to be a slight greenish/olive hue to Mira’s skin when compared to Ezra’s. It’s not very noticeable due to the slight discoloration of the image (since it’s taken from a hologram), so this might just be my imagination.

#3: Outfit- Mira is wearing an outfit and hat that is very reminiscent of the outfits worn by both Luminara and Barriss. (I’ve also noticed Mira seems to bare a very striking resemblance to Luminara.)

#4: Name- This might mean nothing, but I have noticed the name “Mira” is very close to “Mirialan”.

Mirialan- shortened to Miria- take away the “i” and you have “Mira”.

#5: Where Are Her Face Markings?- The face markings are tattoos that represent achievements. It is very possible Mira never got any or at least never got any on her face.



I’m probably waaay off base, and I’m not even convinced. I just find the coincidences very interesting. I’m sure once we learn more about Mira Bridger, the pieces will come together.

(35) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

Ignis: …
Ignis: Wow, Gladio. You look terribly hot from up here. ;)
Gladio: …
Gladio: Iggy, it’s not the appropiate moment. Now you two try to get down.

Not gonna lie I wish harry styles would date me, I really really really do. But he would never and that’s sad, yeah. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stab and hate whatever other female gets close to him or is RUMOURED to have been in close proximity to the man. He can date. We don’t even know if he’s dating. Chill the freak out. He’s not actually yours for you to do this to him. And the girl; dating him or not, deserves as much respect as any other human being…

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Hello 😊 sooooo I've JUST recently gotten into SHINee ( honestly I've been wanting to get into SHINee for a while but I've just been lazy until now) so I'm new to the fandom--whooop! - So I was wondering, is there anything I should know about SHINee? Also could you recommend me anything SHINee related?

welcome to the fandom, sweetpea!

there’s a lot of history to tell from these past ten years, so I’ll give you a condensed version of things (there was this huge masterpost/introduction on shinee I was going to link but I can’t seem to find anywhere otl; I’ll keep searching for it, though); even more so because… I believe it’s easier, in fact, to learn about them slowly and steadily as you become more and more involved with them.

so, take all the time you need! it’s really more exciting to fall in love with the boys little by little tbh.

forget about the typical roles found in kpop groups: all five are vocals (and visuals). shinee as a whole is very different from currently active/3rd generation groups - even though they’ve been on the run for longer, they are still young, they always bring in new, exciting concepts and flawless performances and tend to be compared to rookies in what concerns their energy on stage; meaning, they work as hard and with as much enthusiasm as a group that just debuted. 

taemin is very clumsy and has a habit of losing/breaking things by accident. (important: he hates bugs and I don’t say this lightly.) he’s very reserved and an introvert, but he loves his close friends and family dearly. usually more comfortable somewhere with food available. the personification of persistence and passion for what he does. also, he’s a soloist with three (Korean: Ace and Press It / Japanese: Sayonara Hitori) successful albums released. (you can find my - heavily biased - picks of favorite taem videos here.)

oh and still related to taemin - we have this thing where chanting his name brings in luck, apparently

minho is everyone’s dream boy: acts, raps, sings, writes his own lyrics, is gorgeous and charming and athletic, always working hard to become a better version of himself and the sweetest being you’ll ever hear about. he’s tall and big and all, yes, but don’t fool yourself: he’s soft, affectionate, touchy and a Real sap 24/7. his dad pretty much adopted the other four. he starred on a movie titled ‘Derailed’ recently; on KBS’s Hwarang: The Beginning and a bunch of dramas you can find on a masterlist at the end of this post.

key is a hardworking, inspirational and real example of someone who’s been through a lot and has a lot to useful advice to share based on previous experiences (also, he’s the king of aesthetics). he knows where he stands and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone - that’s why he’s the one to quickly shut down any member who’s being Too Much during an interview/show/etc; which is funny, because key himself is full of energy and will like, do the most for as long as he can get away with it. he’s been featured in a bunch of musicals and took part in a duo, Toheart, back in 2014. solo projects include a collab song with Axodus and an ost with NCT’S Doyoung.

a guide on how much of a sweetheart is kim jonghyun - he’s a complex being with a heart much too big and we’re always learning something new about him. I think the best way to get to know him is through the blue night radio; as its dj, he often shares bits of himself you’ll learn to put together little by little and love as a whole. he’s a soloist, too, with two officially promoted albums (Base and She Is) and a self-composed compilation (Story Op.1) released.

onew is their strength, their main pillar; someone who doesn’t impose his views on the boys and who, in exchange, is extremely respected and loved by each of them (despite his dad jokes and bad puns - they adore him, I’m not even joking). no wonder he won leader of the year back in 2015. ah, yes - he’s a prime example of sunshine incarnate. (he acts, too! he was a rockstar on the musical Rock of Ages and a doctor on Descendants of the Sun.)

the boys are so genuine in themselves, to each other and to everyone else those who work with them are all about compliments and admiration

and it’s not without a reason everyone says they are a family

the importance of the year 2013 to shinee and shawols 

some songs you might want to check out (p.s.: their Japanese discography is amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)

they really like dogs

they’ve won a shit ton of awards since debut

they dote on their youngest like actual brothers

they are a mess™

shawolsource’s tag for masterposts of videos on each member + dl link for all their mvs (the last part compiled by me)

must watch (in my humble opinion): The Ultimate GroupSHINee’s Surprise Party for JonghyunVlive SHINee Begins and this mess of a promotional video

something I highly recommend checking on in terms of dancing and singing skills and the relationship between the members in general: their concerts. the first one I’ve ever watched was the SHINee World Concert III (which is still my favorite!) and if there’s anything that made me fall even harder for them, like… that was it. I can’t find link for all of them, sadly, but here you have the JATSWCII and SWCIV in full and playlists for the BMU TourI’m Your Boy Tour and DxDxD Tour.

some blogs that will help you out getting familiar with them are @fyjjong and @shineesubbed.

shawols wouldn’t ever miss a chance to go on and on about anything shinee, so - any questions, opinions or requests, don’t hesitate to hit one of us up. ♡

The Devil’s Secret

From this request: One where the reader is living with the Winchesters and is really in love with Lucifer, but always is quiet around him because she knows that he hates humans. Only Lucifer likes her too and gets really jealous that she is so comfortable around Castiel and Gadreel, but not him, so one day he just snaps and decides to claim her, and it leads to lovey dovey smut



Lucifer walked into the library and immediately grit his teeth. You were seated at one of the tables with the Winchesters and the two of Lucifer’s brothers who had taken up residence at the bunker. A board was spread between you, along with piles of colorful paper.

“Your turn, Cas,” you said, handing two dice to the angel.

Lucifer watched as he threw the dice, watching them skitter across the board. Castiel picked up a tiny object and moved it around the board, landing on the corner.

“Free parking!” you said, cheerfully. “You get all the money in the middle, Cas.”

“But I’m not driving a car,” the angel said, a confused crease in his brow.

“Just take it,” you said, picking the colorful paper from the middle of the board and handing it to the angel.

“Dammit,” Dean said. “I could’ve really used that.”

Cas tried to hand the money to Dean but you stopped him.

“Don’t you dare,” you said with a small smile. “Dean’s just a sore loser.”

At that moment, Gadreel’s eyes turned upwards, finding Lucifer standing in the shadows. “Brother. Would you like to play? Y/N is a good teacher.”

You looked over at Lucifer, the smile falling from your lips. Your expression didn’t change to a frown—more…. Concern? Fear? Uncertainty?

“No,” Lucifer finally said. “There’s no point.”

“I believe the point is to gain lots of money,” Castiel said.

“And property,” Gadreel added.

Lucifer rolled his eyes. His eyes met yours and he held contact for a good twenty seconds before disappearing down the hall.



Your head shot up. Upon finding Lucifer standing in your doorway, you dropped the bottle of lotion you had in your hands. “L-Lucifer.”

“Why,” he said again, slower this time, drawing out the single syllable. “Why do you find it so appealing to talk to my brothers?”

“I… I don’t…”

Lucifer closed the space between the two of you quickly, stalking like a lion. “Am I not appealing?”

“No. I mean, yes. I mean…”


“You’re very appealing but you’re also very frightening and I know you don’t like humans and–”

“Stop,” Lucifer said, holding a hand up. He studied you, taking time to process the string of words you’d said in a rush as if trying to fit them all into a mere second. “You… think I’m appealing?”

You gave a small shrug, a small nod.

“Yet you’re scared of me.”

“You’re… very powerful,” you said in a squeak.

“So are my brothers.”

You bit your bottom lip so hard, Lucifer was afraid you’d start bleeding. He gently reached forward and pulled your lip from your teeth.

“You think I don’t like humans.”

You said nothing, simply sat. Lucifer could feel the air trembling around you.

“But you’re wrong,” he continued. “I like some humans. One in particular.” Lucifer cocked his head to the side. “Any guesses as to who I’m talking about?”

You blinked a few times. “M-me?”

“Right you are, sweet-cheeks. Now… what are we going to do about that?”

You opened and closed your mouth a few times, looking like an adorable little fish. Lucifer leaned down and kissed you, startling you for a moment. But soon you melted against his lips, your hands reaching up and looping around his neck, pulling you closer to him.

Your bodies began to converse on a level you’d never imagined. Before the two of you realized it, you were stretched out on the bed, Lucifer’s body completely covering yours. His lips had moved from yours down to your neck; you could feel him sucking harshly, no doubt leaving a mark that would be visible for days to come. Your fingers tangled themselves in his hair, encouraging him to use your body as a canvas, before slipping down to his front, pulling at the soft cloth of his shirt.

Lucifer gave a grunt and with a wave of his hand, your clothing disappeared, as well as his. You let out a whimper of surprise, glancing down at Lucifer’s toned form before attempting to cover your naked form with your arms.

“No, no,” Lucifer said, his hands finding your wrists, pulling your arms away. “None of that.”

“Lucifer,” you whispered, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Do you…”

“I love you, little one,” Lucifer said, staring down at you with the kindest eyes you’d ever seen. “I promise, nothing will hurt you so long as you are mine.”

You believed him.

You believed his words more than you’d ever believed anyone before.

You opened your heart, body, and soul to him, letting him take what he wanted.

But he wasn’t just taking… he was also giving. He gave himself over to you, letting you see and feel the most vulnerable areas of him.

BTS Reaction To You Being Close With Got7′s Jackson.

“ How would bts react to you being close to Jackson Wang from got7? 😋 “ ~Anon

Yayyyy thank you so much for requesting!!, hope you really like it and of course continue requesting reactions, ships, mtls and etc!!!


~Admin Dee

SeokJin:- frankly I think Jin wouldn’t really care if you were close with any of the boys of Got7 or in fact any members of any K-pop band, he likes Got7′s music so he most probably wouldn’t mind you being close with Jackson, well unless lots of skinship is involved then I think that’s another thing coming.

Originally posted by yoongichii

Yoongi:- Yoongi just naturally gives off the possessive and jealous vibe, at first he’ll be sceptical of Jackson being your close friend but after some time he’ll slowly get used to it, but trust me he’ll still be very wary of Jackson, especially if he’s taking a lot from your time he’ll just message you something like “ ya idiot.” and you’d automatically know that he’d want to cuddle and just spend time with you.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok:- Hoseok would definitely get along with Jackson, I mean come on they’re both very very cheerful and active, Hoseok would show some cool dance moves to Jackson and Jackson will show off his martial arts moves to him probably resulting to a competition, the only thing that Hoseok won’t like about Jackson is him taking all your attention, like if he feels that your not giving him the attention he needs he’ll just start to go crazy, break out to random dance routines, jumping all around you and well you get the idea.

Originally posted by hohbi

Namjoon:- Namjoon and Jackson are actually really close friends, but you being close with Jackson is another thing, Namjoon hates it, Jackson is the type of person that likes skinship he’ll most probably want to hold your hand or wrap his arm around you and just basically touch you, to Namjoon you are his and he hates any man being near you yet alone touch you, 102% of the time you’re with Jackson, Namjoon will be glaring daggers at him.

“ Don’t touch what is mine, Jackson.”

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Jimin:- Jimin would be really self-conscious and jealous, I mean when you said that you would be going out with Jackson today he would immediately say no, he would hold onto you and seriously never let go even if you beg him a million times he would not budge.

“ you know you are my girlfriend .” “ I know Jimin.” “ Then why are you going out with him!”  

Originally posted by sosjimin

Taehyung:- Taehyung seems like the type of person that wouldn’t mind you hanging out with Jackson only if he knew his boundaries, in fact, all three of you will most probably be hanging out together, but don’t always expect that to happen Tae will still want his girlfriend all for himself.

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Jungkook:- Like Yoongi, Jungkook gives off the jealous type, and well sometimes he is, you really wouldn’t know what was up with this boy, one minute he doesn’t mind you hanging out with Jackson and then the next he is completely against the idea.

“Okay have fun with Jackson!”

1 minute later

“yah! why are you going out with him aren’t I your boyfriend??”

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) could you do first kiss with chocobros and ravus headcanons?

Heck yes I can, Nonny! If you’ve had your first kiss and remember it–you know we’re in for a wild ride.


  • He’s a late bloomer and his first kiss is somewhere between graduating high school and going off on the boyband’s world tour
  • He also probably wouldn’t make the first move
  • You’d have to be the one to break “the touch barrier” and hold his hand, also the first to flirt with him, tell him you like him, everything
  • I sound like a damn Cosmopolitan article
  • So of course you’re the one that leans in and kisses him
  • He doesn’t pull away because damn he wanted this for a while and he’s not going to do anything that might stop it now because this is awesome
  • As it turns out, Noctis really likes kissing you. Now that you’ve kissed him, he’s going to find excuses to kiss you literally all the time. You’re welcome


  • Ignis is a very clean kisser. He likes things short and sweet and, dare I say, gentle
  • Is anyone surprised? Kissing is a very emotional thing for Ignis; he sees it as being very important in a relationship, but the transition into kissing someone is even more important
  • A kiss from Ignis means comfort and trust that he can’t put into words, thus necessitating the kiss
  • You two would just be spending time together and you’ve fallen into a comfortable silence. You’re probably sitting close together and he’s holding your hand
  • Then he’ll just lean over and kiss you. It’s slow and soft and doesn’t last long, but he’s certain that he means it when he does it


  • Is a kissing expert, don’t even try to argue with me on this one
  • He knows how to use his lips and tongue and even teeth to get the reaction he wants out of a person, to make a person feel something
  • That said, the first time he kisses you isn’t going to be as intense as he knows how to kiss. It’s better to work up to that, right?
  • So the first time he kisses you is probably ridiculously casual. You’re both probably in your pajamas and the two of you are just talking at the end of the day
  • You notice his eyes kind of glaze over while you’re in the middle of a sentence and you think he isn’t listening–which he’s not
  • When you accuse him of that? He’s going to lean over and give you the slowest, sweetest kiss ever


  • Kissing is awesome and fun and he loves to do it! 
  • That said, he hasn’t kissed much. But he likes to experiment and see what he likes and what you like
  • Kissing isn’t just a mouth-to-mouth activity for Prompto, either
  • Before he kisses you “on the lips” as those teen magazines, he’s already kissed your hands and cheeks and forehead
  • Most of these kisses are playful in nature, so the first time he kisses your lips will be equally as such
  • Like, I can see him playfully kissing all over your face before slowing down and pressing this long, completely adoring kiss on your lips
  • And he’d pull away with this smile like he’s so proud and so happy with himself–before he laughs and does it again


  • Think Ignis but more reserved. Ravus honestly enjoys kissing, enjoys having feelings and relationships, but he shuts a lot of his emotions off because he thinks he has to
  • So when you get far enough under his skin that he’s comfortable enough to touch you–that’s your moment to strike, so to speak, and kiss him
  • Because, like Noctis, you’ll have to initiate almost everything with him in order to help him bring down the walls he built up
  • He’ll be talking about something, maybe even his feelings for you, in these hushed and frightened whispers because that’s how he feels about his own emotions
  • And you’ll just feel so much warmth in your chest–from love and sympathy and so many other things–that you’re the one who ends up leaning over to kiss him
  • He stares at you, kind of freaked out, but ultimately decides to kiss you again
My NT Family #1

The INTJ daughter (me)
-Likes to sleep
-Been focused on the same topic since she has use of memory
-Usually cleans to relax
-Loves the family pet
-Not fond of family gatherings
-Always with headphones
-The one that always breaks stuff
-and bumps into everything
-Naps everywhere
-Is almost always studying something.
-Not spontaneous at all
-Loves having a routine
-Hates being pushed around
-Has it’s own times for everything
-Eats to relieve stress
-Doesn’t like being interrupted
-Not affectionate
-Huge night owl
-Can’t do empathy
-Losses everything
-Spends too much time in fictional universes
-Half-listens all conversations
-Only two close friends
-Lots of sarcasm
-Has it’s own notebook for writing/reading/anime/tv shows
-In its own world 24/7
Common phrases include:
-”Sorry, wasn’t listening.”
-”That’s stupid.”
-”Don’t mess up with my routine.”
-”I’m doing something right now.”
-”I don’t want to go out today, or ever.”

The ENTP dad:
-Has lots of sudden ideas that he abandons a week later
-He goes out and has dinner with his friends a lot
-Collects memes of politicians and sends it to all of their WhatsApp contacts
-Dad jokes
-Loud telephone conversations that wake me up
-Tells lots of anecdotes
-Hates injustice
-Forces us to get outside
-Loves having people over
-Knows literally everyone
-and everyone knows him
-Is extroverted; but wants its own space as well
-Can adapt to sudden things easily
-Starts lots of books that he doesn’t finish
-Always willing to speak its mind
-Always honest
-Has his own way of doing empathy
-Curious about everything
-”Look, they’re dancing flamenco!”
Common phrases include:
-”A sudden idea came to me.”
-”If you think about it, it’s irrational.”
-”So I started talking to him/her and found out…”
-”Sometimes I wonder how people don’t think.”
- “It was an utterly bizarre situation.”
-”Today we are eating outside.”
-”How was that called?”

The INTP brother
-Enjoys ENTP’s memes
-Loves video games
-Knows everything about computer tech
-Does not have strong opinions about stuff
-Very introverted
-Has friends but not close ones
-Loves to discuss politics
-Watches lots of documentaries
-Proud nerd
-History geek
-Gains knowledge through unconventional means: History video games, random movies, tv shows, videogames, videogames
-Wide music taste
-Very witty comebacks
-Usually bossed around
-Has random occurrences and projects he never finishes
-Has lots of theories about how things work
-People love him
-Excellent conversational skills he hides
-Has very few preferences
Common phrases include:
-”I don’t have a preference.”
-”I’m tired of people’s stupidity.”
-”I’m too tired for that.”
-”Going out is too much trouble.”
-”Is that supposed to be an insult?”

Survive the Wasteland: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

In the end, planning for a trip as long and uncertain as a journey to the Vault was no small task. Though they began right away, neither Kageyama nor Shouyou knew what they might find, on the road or in the Vault itself. They would need to be prepared.

But Shouyou had to prepare himself in other ways that didn’t involve packing, sorting through supplies, taking inventory of their ammunition stock. He needed to steel himself, mentally, for the journey ahead.

He was doing better than expected. Every time his thoughts wandered to that shrouded, unsure part of his memories, they were replaced by newer, better ones. Meals at the cramped table in the hospital, running through the trees under rainy skies, the callouses on Kageyama’s palms and the way his fingers were a bit too large for Shouyou to wind through his own, though he always did it anyway.

Still, he wasn’t entirely himself. Sometimes, he would become unfocused, as the two halves of his thoughts collided. It was during one of these times, on the evening before they departed, that Yamaguchi caught his strangeness.

“Shouyou, are you done with that?”

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I know you already have an interpretation of Harry's movie, but I'm looking forward to your vision, you're so good at it. Thank you for your wonderful work.


Harry is so handsome in the video. And judging by the quality of his acting, he learned a lot on set with Dunkirk and he’s going to be superb in it.

However, I do not understand the video.

SOTT has a lot of imagery alluding to the apocalypse, as depicted in the Book of Revelations– the last show, best clothes, rising into the atmosphere, you look pretty good down there (the people left behind), but you ain’t really good, the bullet. These allusions are reinforced by promo imagery– the red sunset/ sunrise cover, the submersion into water, the television ad with Harry walking toward light, dripping in baptismal water.

The album cover of water depicts purification; the pink color alludes to newborns, nudity, and rebirth.


The music video does not, imho, understand the dramatic arc of the song.

I’m not a movie maker or anything like that, so take this with a grain of salt.

A 6-minute video has to have momentum and narrative tension. Even if we’re watching a nature documentary, some conflict is happening, some character development.

This video is a narrative mess. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. An art thing? A technology thing? A visual metaphor? An ad for Harry Styles, solo artist? It doesn’t have vision or integrity. It’s all over the place.

Close-ups and wide shots alternate randomly. Sometimes the camera cuts away in the middle of a musical phrase. How the shots are used do not correlate at all to verse/ chorus, chest voice/ falsetto; the camera switches in the middle of phrases, for no reason. The tension gets cut off with shots of scenery that say nothing, except, “look at this shot we took with an expensive wide range lens.” Wow, what a great lens.

Blurred shots come into focus haphazardly. Close-ups of Harry’s hands are gorgeous, but do not develop into any visual, poetic meaning.

When Harry first takes off, there is narrative momentum, but it gets cut off awkwardly when we see him back on the ground. There’s no explanation why? And before we can try to understand it, it’s cut away again.

The shots of Harry against the sunset are very beautiful. But by then, I don’t trust the director anymore. I’m seeing a very expensive, very pretty… ad, I guess, for a song that promises so much, but is ultimately about… a handsome guy? An ad for Gucci?

Other interpretations might be more valid than mine. I know not every music video has to mean something. But, take for example two videos from other 1D guys. Zayn’s “Still Got Time,” with all the random, NSFW imagery, is shot so precisely and esthetically coherently– the visual cutaways aligned with the rhythm of the music, the intimacy of images matched the intimacy of sound. The video for “Just Hold On,” for all its (maybe) cheesy special effects, was charming and had narrative momentum, and the camera switches actually made sense. The visual and audio worked together. One could sense an organizing principle other than: look at the expensive pretty.