i mean up to an extent

do you ever just feel….like you’re not here? in both ways, but mentally you’re just spaced out and physically you can’t feel a thing. it’s a weird fucking feeling. i had that this morning when i was walking through the mall and it was like i couldn’t even feel my feet hitting the ground. my eyes were glazed over and looking past everyone, and whenever ppl did make eyecontact wih me i instantly felt like i was being put on the spot. i felt like i was just floating through space even though i did rationally know that if i were to bump into someone, they’d give me a nasty look because watch out, damn it. but i just felt so odd and out of place?? like i was there, but i wasn’t really there, like i might as well have been invisible

Kokichi Oma - The Ultimate Dictator

I just have to talk about him. I mean, he already became my favourite so quickly, but there are already hints at clues that could reveal something about him.

Firstly, if we take a look at his clothes, it is apparent that they are not really… up do date if you know what I mean. 

They are already a bit torn to some extent, buttons are missing, even the cape is mostly torn somehow. And that is indeed strange because the others have still suitable clothes on. Nothing torn, nothing that indicates poverty, harsh circumstances or neglect. He really tried to keep his suit together as much as he could, but it’s starting to, well, crumble. And this, in turn, is even more odd considering that he is supposed to be above them, socially at least. 

The contrast between white and black in regards to his appearance could also relate to taoism, the two complementary natures of the universe, yin and yang, are often symbolized in black and white, Ancient games of strategy, such as go and chess, use black and white to represent the two sides. White is also often asscoiated with royality, purity but also cleansing (in a religious context) and death. 

Then we have his hat. Guys, the Hitler references… were on point.

(They actually only removed the Hackenkreuz, the very symbol of Nazi Germany. And damn, I hope no officials are going to see my search history o.O) He really does wear a part of the Nazi attire. And considering what the wiki states: 

While the characters “総統” may also be used to translate as “President”, and still do in Japanese for President of Taiwan (中華民国総統) and in Chinese language, nowadays the kanji in Japanese is associated with “dictators”. Ironically, the Japanese kanji for Presidents (of USA, for example), “大統領”, means “junta leader” in Chinese language.

  • Another translation of his title could be “Ultimate Führer”, the German word “Führer” meaning ‘leader’ or 'guide’. However, it was most notoriously employed in history to refer to Adolf Hitler, dictator of the German Reich from 1933 to 1945.

I have no doubt that he assumes said role, not as a ruler, not as a president, but as a dictator

The next point, which is acutally tied to my previous point, is the following:

  • Oma:
  • slightly, a bit, small, narrow , good fortune, good luck, auspiciousness
  • Kokichi:
  • horse , 王 king; ruler; sovereign; monarch; tycoon; magnate; champion; master

His family name Oma, while difficult to make out, could mean as follow: either he has slightly auspacious (which could relate to the killing game) or small fortune

I think the small fortune part is far more interesting, though. Does he come from humble origins? This would be a great parallel to other dictators. Granted, not every dictator was strictly poor (Adolf Hitler), but not many of them were truly wealthy either (Fidel Castro). It, at least, would match his clothes, a hypothetically strong emphasis on his heritage.

Another possibility would be that his predecessors were poor in past times, but managed to climb up the social and career ladder with, well, questionable means. This happens ever so often and far more common than you think. The thing is, evenif that’s the case, he personally must have fallen real hard. Maybe it was his parents, maybe he was abandondoned or an outcast of his family, wich would explain his eccentric personality (like Cornelius Sulla, who was born into an already impoverished family. The term “dictator” got his first negative connotations through him.)

(It wouldn’t even surprise me if he was born with health deficits. Some famous dictators were physically not on the healthy side)

Either way, tyrants abuse an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly. Dictatorships are often characterised by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; economic underdevelopment; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of lawprocedures; these include one-party state, and cult of personality.

This is going to be a problem. We have to remember that they are in a killing game. The atmosphere is already tense. The introduction and rules about said game are probably already made. And around that time, he will try to establish his dominance, as that’s his Ultimate Talent. If that isn’t going to be problematic for him, I don’t know what will. And even if he asserts his power and maintains it, he is going to be quickly the next target. No one wants to be additionally in a dictatorship if shit is already going down. At they could techinically assume that if they disobey him, they might be the next target as well. 

But I have also to say something about his talent. It isn’t just a role, it comes with a certain set of skills. Someone mentioned that he looks like a lady’s man and to be honest I have little doubt about that. Dictators often happen to be convincing, calculating and… even charismatic, the three Cs (you can add crazy to it, Caligula crazy I mean. Oh gosh, someone stop me please. And please, don’t google him, for your own sanity’s sake). I have little doubt that these students might put up with him for quite some time, no matter if female or male, for he has the respective skills to manipulate them and shape them according to his will. That he has a colourful personality, or possibly at the same time a frightening one, might help matters. So no, I don’t think that he is going to get amused smiles when he is opposing someone. 

Another addition would be his scarf. It has a checkerboard pattern, the very symbol of warfare and/or strategy. I am really really looking foward to see how he operates, how he deceives and how he might catch Kaede lying. If we take into account of what we already know of him and what his position his, this game is certainly going to be fun.

Jungkook Hickey thoughts

Okay, when I read it all I was a bit *shook* haha, very funny. 

I, like a lot of people don’t want to think that it’s actually a hickey, but I honestly think it is. I’ve noticed a change in Kookie’s behaviour recently from interviews to reality shows- he seems so much more confident and happy. 

Kookie’s my bias wrecker, so he has some sort of weird place in my heart. I think we should be happy as ARMY’s, because it’s kind of weird for 19 year old boy to not have any experience with the opposite sex to the extent he won’t ask anyone out. 

I mean, he’s grown up. He’s not shy Kookie, and this is what I mean by us having to probably get use to seeing Kookie’s personality now change. Imagine if Kookie entered BTS when he was 19 and construct a personality based off that, not his past. He’s not going to be *jungshook* like he was when he was 14. Jungkook is an extremely mature guy for his age, he’s super smart and hard working, witty and should probably have what other guys his age have the experience to do. 

It feels weird though, right guys? Like, oh my god. You, Kookie, could very well be in a relationship and we have no clue about it. 

But, it’s a good thing in a way. 

I think as time goes by we have to remind our selves that a lot of what we see of the boys is a construct, some of its true and some of its exaggerated for us. It’s how capitalism works. The music industry, is capital. It’s about concepts that sell. So no, we need to re-adjust how we see Kookie. 

In no way does this sacrifice an artists integrity, but you guys know BTS do things to please fans- which is modelled after what we like seeing as girls and dictated by the market research BigHit do. 

On the other hand, I could be being really good and it could very well be that it’s not even a hickey, it’s like some sort of weird rash. (But it’s SO not). I thought BigHit would do a better job of covering it up though, if they respected privacy enough. 

It’s weird, knowing that Kookie could be in a relationship (a seriously physical one by the looks too). 

Also me: Hold up though, how the fuck does Kookie even have time to have a relationship when all they do is bang on about how difficult it is to even sleep let alone have a relationship?

Also me: I’m pretty sure they have had no time to even rest, so even if Kook is in a relationship, it has to be with someone from BigHit (trainees included).

Also me: Why the fuck is this your business? Stick to writing fanfics. 

To be fair, the rest of them probably had relationships before being thrown into the spotlight. Poor Kook, he’s going to go through relationships in the spotlight. That’s something we as fans, need to be very careful about. We want a healthy Jungkook, not one that is frustrated and has to break up with his girlfriend. 

Rant over, I feel much better getting my thoughts out. 

Dorky Autumn Sheith HCs

Because everyone seems like they could use some positivity and happy thoughts.  (forgive the brief double-post; tumblr’s tagging system is dumb)

Pre-Kerberos (wherein I am assuming Keith and Shiro knew each other before Shiro was promoted, thus their familiarity isn’t as off-putting):

  • Shiro gets terrible allergies this time of year (he swears they’re seasonal, while Keith insists that the lack of vegetation means that–no, Shiro, you’re just inhaling desert dust).  Cue Keith stopping by every day with a pack of tissues and a crooked half-smile that Shiro secretly adores.
    •  (He might or might not be over-exaggerating the extent to which his “allergies” are causing him grief.) 
  • Training sessions that begin in full, Garrison-standardized winter get-up (because, hey, it’s getting colder). Each layer gradually being stripped off as the rigorous nature of their sparring gets more and more intense. They each decide to stop at shirts and pants, for the other’s sake (and their own). When they leave afterward, they occasionally forget to re-dress, and thus freeze their asses off running back to their respective living quarters.
  • Shiro learning (or, rather, coming to the realization) that Keith has never had a Christmas (or any other fun winter festivities) surrounded by… Well, by virtually anybody. The winter holidays are right around the corner, and he decides that he’s going to rope Keith into some December-time fun, Shirogane Family style. 
  • Keith and Shiro taking the bike out for a spin one night in November, taking it out to Keith’s Desert Dream Getaway™. The weather has turned crisp (as this is a cold-natured desert–I’m thinking something like Nevada’s Great Desert Basin, because it’s close to Garrison, Utah, and because… Well, Aliens.) 
  • Keith grabbing a blanket from the shack, dusting it off, and setting it out on the sand. They sit and watch a lunar eclipse together, curled up underneath a second quilt. Shiro is leaning his weight against Keith’s side, and Keith has an arm draped comfortably across the other’s sweater-warmed shoulders. Despite the chilly nip in the air around them, Keith has never felt a warmth quite like this.
  • They share their first kiss that night ‘neath the red of the moon, chaste and hesitant–knowing the implications of a newly-appointed senior officer kissing a cadet. 
  • Though still very close, they don’t breach the topic again before Shiro leaves in two months’ time.


  • Zarkon (along with a myriad of other threats) has long been defeated, and the universe is doing relatively well. The 5 paladins from earth are long-past their prime, and have retired from years of defending the universe to go about their own lives (maybe others have taken their place at this point?). 
  • Keith and Shiro, now happily married, have taken up residence in Keith’s old Love Shack™(baaaaby~♪); maybe Shiro works as a professor at the reformed Garrison, and Keith continues to fly occasional missions for the military? (though only when it is required of him–both he and Shiro have had enough “space” to last a millennium)
  • They have the other former paladins over toward the tail end of autumn for a feast/fun festivities (it runs in tandem with Shiro’s birthday at the start of winter, so it works out well). It usually ends with all five (plus anyone else who can visit–Allura and Coran visited a couple of times, Matt makes a point to come along any year that he can) too exhausted to move. 
  • They spend their evenings together whenever possible, the biggest solace from the stressors of daytime. In the fall, they curl up on the sofa every night that they both have at home, supporting each others’ weights and sipping hot cocoa–Keith’s with mini marshmallows, Shiro’s with a cinnamon stick, and both with a bit of gritty desert sand (it’s coarse, and rough… And it gets everywhere, beverages included). Even so, it’s an acquired texture that they’ve both missed in their time piloting Voltron and living off of food-goo for years. 
  • When it finally snows one particularly cold autumn, the two are absolutely ecstatic. After all, not only does it rarely snow in the desert, but it never snows in space. Shiro wakes up first, notices the odd whiteness outside their window, and all but tugs Keith out of bed right then and there. 
    • When they finally get outside, it’s a thin layer (barely enough to cover the brush and sand in front of the shack), but they’re both enthralled by it. They have a makeshift snowball fight (which, given the combination of sand and slush, went about as well as you can imagine) and build a tiny snow-lion for in front of their abode.
  • Keith and Shiro spend the remainder of their lives happy, safe, and together.
Don’t Worry--We’re Still Here!

Uh, hey everybody!  Dipper Pines here.  And yes, don’t worry–me, Mabel, and everyone else at the Shack is still very much alive.

Well, uh, to an extent.  Turns out some of those Lilliputtian guys actually followed us to Piedmont and tried to beat us with golf clubs in our sleep?  So yeah, not fun.

But yeah, I know what you guys are thinking…”Are you still gonna answer the rest of the questions in your inbox?  You’re not getting bored of the whole askblog thing, are you?  Why’d you just up and vanish like a Category 8 ghost on a bad day?”

The answers to those questions are yes, no, and, uh, I can totally explain.

See, no more summer means no more summer break.  And trust me, Mabel and I are up to our eyeballs in homework.  Sure, I’ve handled a decent course load in the past, but like, 8th grade is rougher than I thought it’d be, man! 

Turns out actually being honest in your “What I Did This Summer” essay isn’t always good enough for the more skeptical teachers.  So guess who’s been rewriting that for the past four hours.

Meanwhile, Grunkle Stan and Great Uncle Ford seem totally chill with answering asks from their boat or whatever, but it seems like they’ve been pretty busy too.  Apparently some kinda sea monster took a bite of their rudder the other day, so they’ve been super occupied.

Also, I can’t imagine they get very good wi-fi out there to check the askbox in the first place? So there’s that.

And of course, Soos is running the shack, Wendy, Pacifica, and all the others are back in school, like…everybody’s got a pretty full plate!

The only person in town that I can think of that isn’t busy is Toby Determined.  But, I, uh, I wouldn’t let him touch this blog with a fifty-foot pole.  No offense.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is we’re going on a bit of a hiatus.  Sure, a lot has happened that we’d love to talk about!  But until things settle down for everyone, I feel like we won’t be able to give you more than one-word answers.  And I mean, that’s just lame for everyone, right?

But rest assured, the blog isn’t closing downAnd no, we’re not gonna disappear indefinitely and consider that a hiatus, either.  We will be back, and hopefully soon!  We’ve just got a lot to take care of before we do.

So yeah, guys!  Thanks for being so patient and stuff. Like, seriously, that really means a lot to us.  You all really are great, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things so we can get to all your questions!  Cause trust me, there’s a lot to get to.

‘Til then, stay tuned, y’know?

We’ll see you soon!


The things we’ve wanted from life have always been very different. I don’t want children. Partly because I struggle with taking care of myself most days. The other half of it being I like being selfish. Either way, you never stop saying I’d be a good mother. You point out all the ways in which even in my claimed selfishness I find room to put others before myself. I guess to some extent you’re right. I’m just scared of commitment. You of all people should know that. It’s the reason why we broke up. I didn’t want to commit my whole life to making you happy and taking care of you. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it because you deserve it more than anyone else. You deserve the kind of love that nurtures you when you need it and until you don’t. I just could never be that for you. I wish I could. That’s why I’m choosing to let you go now before it’s too late and you’ve wasted more time than necessary on something that could never really work. I know you think otherwise. I’ve always been more of a realist than you. Either way, I hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope you’re loved far and beyond what you think you deserve because I know you think so little of yourself. Your awkward silences, your nervous habits- someone is going to love those things about you. You’ve got to stop worrying so much that you’re not good enough or that you aren’t where you’re supposed to be because although you are not yet the person you’re intended to be, you’re on your way and that’s farther than most people have gotten in life. You don’t give up easy, not where it counts but sometimes you should. This is one of those things. I am one of those things. It’s enough for me that we tried and that you taught me how to share more of myself with you and the world. I want to say thank you for that. Thank you for bringing me out into the sunlight and for teaching me that the world isn’t as scary as I’ve made it out to be. It’s much kinder than I thought and there’s more room for hope than despair. So this is to say thank you for sharing this small but important part of your life and my own. Thank you for believing in me on the days where I couldn’t. Thank you for loving me in my darkness and thank you for loving me until even I began to see the light in myself too.

amirosebooks  asked:

I'm watching 11.15 right now and this comment from Dean to Sam "Will you please try not to ruin one of the nicest things dad ever did for us?" really stood out for me. I mean, obviously Dean has always put on a show of "Dad did his best/wasn't totally fucked up/THIS IS FINE" in regards to John and their childhood for Sam, but it's always been pretty clear to me that Sam never actually believed it. How much of that smoke and mirrors is for Dean himself?

Heck, I think at least a little bit of it is self-defense.

But Sam may never have bought all the “John is great” stuff, but I don’t think he ever understood the full extent of what John and Dean (initially under John’s orders) truly tried to keep from him.

I think 3.08 was really eye opening for Sam in this way. I mean, they’d given us some hints earlier on (with Max in 1.14, and Dean’s reaction to Sam’s comment that they were actually pretty lucky with John that they didn’t end up having a childhood like Max did; with everything from 1.18 that showed us just how different Dean’s childhood was from Sam’s… that it was essentially nonexistent), but SAM never got that full story out of Dean even then.

In 3.08, we start to really see the different layers of Dean’s performance for Sam, and Sam starts to get a small idea of this concept too, but it’s still something we the audience have a much clearer picture of, while Sam is still mostly in the dark. Dean’s “Dad’s great!” was just one level of the performance Dean had to construct to keep even the essential nature of their lives hidden from Sam. The superficial veneer laid atop a mountain of secrets and lies that kept Sam “protected” from the supernatural.

I wrote something the other day (and others have written tons on the subject too) about how John was both protective of Sam, but also terrified of him and what connection he may have to the “thing” that killed Mary. I think at first he may have even been terrified that Sam WAS the thing that killed Mary… so keeping Sam in the dark until he learned the entire truth for himself was as much for Sam’s protection as his own. It became a life strategy.

His last words to Dean were that he had to save Sam, and if he couldn’t, then he’d have to kill Sam… I mean, that says a lot toward John’s really mixed feelings about Sam and the lengths he tried to go to in his attempt to “save Sam” from the supernatural.

It’s not really until 9.07 that I think Sam really started to get an idea of just how much Dean sacrificed of himself as a buffer between him and John, and that Dean has always known full well that John wasn’t an ideal parent. But the story became the story, to quote Dean in 9.07, and it just became easier for Dean to believe in the make believe version he’d been forced to build up in his mind. 

But because of all that, the fact that deep down Dean really does know all the truth and horror that Sam had been sheltered from all those years, god how much harder does he truly cling to those very few memories of times he was actually ALLOWED to just be a kid, to just sit at a wrestling show and cheer for his favorite and not have to hide anything or make up a story or anything else. 

I think it’s been a while since Dean tried to delude himself with even the performance of “John was a good dad,” but his comment to Sam in 11.15 didn’t have anything to do with John. Sure, the pretext of going to the funeral was that it was “John’s favorite wrestler,” but the wrestling show itself, that was something Dean wanted to remember for himself. Like the memory of his first B&E sneaking out to watch Gunner Lawless on pay per view. It was more about one of those few small moments where Dean actually FELT like a proper kid, doing something just for fun, and then Sam made that snide comment about the dad drinking and essentially taking his kid to the show for purely selfish reasons (cheap beer, keep the kid distracted) rather than doing something FOR the kid because it was something the kid truly enjoyed…

I hope that makes sense, I’ve been completely distracted watching 1.09 while trying to type this up. :P

Dear Felix,

So, I’ve watched your ‘My Response’ video. I have to say that when you teared up, my heart broke. I’m sorry that you are being attacked like this and from your videos, we can see how this issue has been going on for quite some time. Years in fact. I don’t know why there are people out there who seems like they’re holding some sort of grudge towards you. Now they pushed it to an extent where your show got cancelled (THIS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH), the contract got severed, and people labelled you as anti-semantic. I mean, yes, i have to say here that the joke went a bit too far but for the media to take things out of context is downright unfair from the way i see it.

You contribute a lot more than you did any harm. Why is that not in the spotlight? Push charities aside, you saved so many lives out there as PewDiePie ( @pewdie ). You made our days better, you made us laugh, you helped some of us walk through difficult lives and situations. That is what the media needs to shine their spotlight on!

Despite all these bullshit, I just want you to know that there are still many of us bros that stands with you, supporting you. Yes, we made fun of you, your hair, calling you names, calling you the Kazoo kid, sassing you, teasing you and all that but in the end, we still love you. You did so much for us. Now, we will be the one that will held your hands and we will walk with you through this.

p/s: Be careful with your jokes next time buddy. Don’t push the boundaries too far. 

2.00 am,

You can watch the video here

What dating Stiles Stilinski would be like?

You sleeping over at his house whenever the Sheriff has to take a late shift at the station. But you’re pretty sure the Sheriff knows about you and Stiles’s little arrangement, he trusts both of you enough to say the least.

Helping him look through unsolved cases that might be linked to the supernatural, staying up late nights, talking about other things and drinking enough coffee until you don’t even feel remotely human.

Him throwing crushed notes at you in class just to get your attention to wink at you.

You picking up his habit of carrying pencils with you wherever you go (whether tucked behind your ear, in between your lips or in your hair)

When going to confront a bad guy, Stiles tells you to stay behind him so he can protect you with his baseball bat. “ I can’t afford to lose you Y/N, you mean too much to me.” He doesn’t tell you to stay home though because he knows that to some extent you can protect yourself and you wanna help your friends as well.

After Allison died you went into a state of shock because she was your best friend (besides Stiles) , the person you would go to if you were facing any problems and someone you could confide in. Stiles spend every moment with you, whether it was just cuddling you while watching a movie to distract you, holding your hand while walking along the hallways in school or sneaking into your room at night to hold you close when you got nightmares. He is someone who is always there for you.

Studying at your house for any tests coming up would be very productive for the first 30 minutes and after that it would lead to both of you making out on your bed or just hugging each other and talking about each others day.

Stiles coming by your house everyday to pick you up for school in Roscoe. Sometimes your parents would invite him in to have breakfast with them and despite the number of times Stiles has met them he is always super nervous about making a bad impression or saying something stupid ( but you think it is cute and makes you laugh) Although sometimes if you both are in a rush, you both would just grab something on the way to school at your favorite cafe on your way to school.

At lunch he would always hold your hand underneath the table.

Everyone in the pack thinking that both of you are so good for each other because you make each other so happy.

When Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune, you were the one he thought of while fighting against the Dark Spirits mind games. You are the one who made him strong enough to fight back.

Watching Stiles play lacrosse after school whether at training (where you would do your homework ) or at an actual game, he would always be trying to catch your attention by trying to show off his skills in the sport (when he messed up though, you would be watching and it made you laugh so hard you had tears in your eyes, Stiles would just smile a shy smile and turn red. Scott catching on to what happened and ruffling Stiles hair mumbling to him that he was so whipped for you). 

 You had to admit he did look extremely good in his jersey ( especially with his lean body) . But he always told you that you looked better in it and sometimes he would give it to you to wear before a game so that everyone would know you were his and it made him feel so lucky to have gotten a girl like you. 

Going to Derek’s loft for a pack meeting and sometimes the werewolf would chat and flirt with you just to annoy your poor boyfriend. “Hey Sourwolf, why don’t you just give it a rest.” Derek would smirk and leave you two alone. And this is where you will grab Stiles and pull him towards you to kiss him. “ Don’t worry Batman, I’ll always be yours and only your Catwoman.”

Although you might not have known a lot about Star Wars, after dating Stiles for awhile, it was one of your favorite topics to talk about with him. Both of you would stay up late watching Star Wars and start talking like Yoda around each other. “Stiles, your math notes can I borrow, hmm..”  “For you Y/N anything, Yes hmmmm..”  ( it drives everyone around both of you crazy)

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Am I the only one that actually liked the fact that Jonathan and Nancy didn’t get together at the ending of season 1? What this does is not force the two together, but we get to see in the up coming seasons (hopefully) how their friendship develops and the bond between them grow stronger.

I mean, the chemistry is there. No doubt about it. You can tell Jonathan definitely has feelings for her, with all the staring, its undeniable.  We can also tell that Nancy too does like him as well. Maybe not to the extent that he does, but its still there.

Originally posted by gibbinsdimples

What the writers did right was not forcing them together at the end. Instead, they decided to build the romantic tension between the two, which makes the pay off more enjoyable when (if) they are endgame. I believe its something more than a high school crush, but something that can last into the future. I think Steve is someone for her right now, but Jonathan is someone that will be there for her forever.

Originally posted by martinsti

Although the character development for Steve was done well, thats all that seems to be left for his character. We get to see him change, but whats left for him now that hes not the same person he was at the beginning of the show? They could do something interesting with him, but it seem that he doesn’t really have that much left to offer.

 I think with season 2, we’re going to get a lot more of this love triangle, and for once, I’m okay with it. I enjoy all three characters, but, in the end, I feel as if the emotional bond between jonathan and nancy is a lot stronger and will last longer than hers with steve.

If the end of tld tells me anything, it’s that Sherlock is his own white knight.

Not John.

Because despite getting beat up by John, he’s still there to comfort John when he sees John cry. He still tried to reach out to John and asked “are you ok” when John was about to leave 20 minutes early.

Sherlock went through hell and back, not just with the drugs, but also the fact that the most important person in his life told him off, told him to stay away, beat him up, and even after all that John still wanted to leave 20 minutes early– I mean the sheer amount of times his existence and effort is repeatedly rejected by John, that leaves quite a huge emotional trauma y'know, especially considering the extent Sherlock went through to try to make John happy.

And yet despite all that pain, Sherlock is still continuously trying to stand on his own two feet and having enough strength to comfort John too.

Sherlock is his own white knight.

And Sherlock’s right, he doesn’t need romantic entanglement to fulfil his life coz all he needs to do to be whole is to love himself. Because everyone, even John, is capable of hurting him. And in the end the only one person he needs to feel whole is just himself

Jack has inspired me to think again.

I’ve wanted to be an actor for a while. Apparently since I was a kid. I have been into design, acting, singing, etc…

And I’ve been into spite. Simply, I want to do something major with my life not only for me, but to prove myself. To show to the people who thought I’d fall victim to my depression that I did not. I want to become something great. I have my ups and downs, feeling like I will fall to my depression at times…

Whether my goals of potentially being hired by Youtubers or gaming companies for art, or I take a different path, break my anxiety and go into the entertainment business, I’m just glad for people like Jack and Mark to help me think. To be inspirations and to an extent, aspirations.

I don’t want to be just another suicide or family wreck. I want to be something. Something other than just another poor depressed asshole. I don’t care if that means name recognition or not. I just want success. And being an adult soon… It’s scary as all hell… I’m rambling at this point, but hell, I need it off my chest.

So this year, I hope to kick the depression that’s coming back. Stop giving a shit what people think about me, no matter how weird and odd my art may be. Get my life together. Live up to what I wanted to be. Gain stability. yadda yadda…


I wish the best for everyone else this year as well.

Edit: I just wanted to add.. Without these communities, I wouldn’t be where I am with art… And I’d like to thank Mark, Jack and everyone else for that. I feel like this rant here makes no sense. Just wanted to get things off my chest.

Seriously, without drawing almost every single fuckin day… idk where I’d be with art.

Ok so let’s really talk about this scene in 12x07 Rock Never Dies. 

I think this scene is really important. I think the writers are actually trying to inspire feelings of empathy for Crowley to the main audience for once. That’s pretty groundbreaking. It’s not just what’s been happening in the past, where Crowley has had bad shit happen to him and the other characters pretty much laugh at him for it, but here Dean is actually showing concern. 

Dean enters the shot and says “How you feelin’?”
To which Castiel replies “Well I’m not dead.” I mean it’s interesting he says that. He got beaten on by Lucifer a little (in comparison, Crowley got thrown across the room and was beaten on with a fucking guitar. The sounds of the beat down and his grunts of pain were brief but were enough to make me tense up). But in this scene, Castiel’s face is fine. In this shot we see the extent of Castiel’s injuries- which is nothing. His face looks fine and unmarred. He’s not just “not dead”, he’s fine. 

Meanwhile we have Crowley in the same shot. He doesn’t speak and doesn’t reply to Dean’s question, which was aimed at both of them (it might as well have been but I’m not entirely sure). Instead, Crowley remains silent which is interesting. Crowley has been very vocal about being mistreated in any form in the past. Whether that’s physical torture, Lucifer humiliating him in hell, the Winchesters keeping him locked up in the bunker, the Winchesters getting him addicted to blood, his mother in general (I could go on but you get my point). Anytime he has brought it up or tried to vent about anything he gets mocked or shrugged off. I’ve never found it funny, but I can tell it’s been used to get a laugh out of the audience. But interestingly Crowley says nothing here. Instead his appearance speaks for him. True it’s Castiel that says “Well I’m not dead.” But combined with Crowley’s appearance, I think those words relate to him more. 

His injuries aren’t expanded on a lot, but only enough (I mean, we saw what happened to him. We witnessed it. That spoke loud and it didn’t need to be limited into dialogue which I thought was a smart move by the writers). They aren’t brushed over and we see Dean showing concern for Crowley.  

You said you were gonna draw Lucifer’s fire, you drew some serious fire.
All focus is on Crowley in this shot, with Dean regarding Crowley with a clearly worried expression. In a following shot Dean looks over Crowley twice, expression shifting from worry to a look that’s more angered, as if he’s actually pissed off by the damage done by Lucifer. It’s also worth note that in the first shot (I’ve cut the gif short so it works better), Dean casts a brief look to Castiel, but his eyes quickly return to Crowley. In my opinion that shows who the priority is to him.

Not to mention, the show gives us 3 separate shots of Crowley. First a more collective shot with Sam, Dean and Castiel (1st image). Then we get a closer one. 

and then one of just Crowley

The focus is primarily on Crowley in that last shot. We completely see the gruesome damage inflicted on him. It’s not a half arsed scratch and a bit of blood either. He’s got deep dark gashes on both sides of his face and I don’t even know what is happening with his eye. Cas has got a bit of blood on his coat sure, but nobody in this scene can compare with Crowley. 

Crowley’s injuries and Crowley in general becomes more… visible in this scene. It follows Dean from the left, panning and stopping at this. Crowley is the centre. You could say Sam is as well, but Sam is looking or at least is standing in Crowley’s direction, which I’d say places him in the centre (and this combined with Dean’s gaze).

As I said before, I think this scene (although short), is important. It’s a step forwards from villain and comic relief to a character that is actually being shown concern for. Throughout this entire episode Crowley is seen helping out, getting information and so forth. He serves as comic relief here and there, with Castiel whining about him to the Winchesters, as well as his general way through LA connections. But at the end of the episode, he helps fight Lucifer with Castiel so that he can cause a distraction. He knows he’s going to get the shit beaten out of him, and yet he does it. This scene shows us that he suffered the most for it. And I think that’s important.

Super quick fan art of Raphael from the Shadowhunters TV series. I loved the mortal instruments books in high school, and though I outgrew them to a certain extent, its interesting how things can come back later and be there for you again. Finding out that Raphael is ace made me so happy! Score one for representation. Maybe one day I can tell people I’m ace and they won’t give the typical look that usually means they think I am making it up.

Hello!! I’m Jacey and i really need to add to my measly college fund so I’m gonna start up commissions!!

Here’s what I will draw (With references):

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  • Complex outfit designs
  • Semi-complex monsters
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Here’s what I won’t draw:

  • Porn/sex/whatever
  • Furries (I mean i could try but I can guarantee it’ll end badly for the both of us)
  • Animals (for the same reason as above lmao)
  • Anything gross(pedophilia/transphobia/homophobia/abuse)

Send me an ask if you’re interested!!

adding a character will add to the price but not by much.

if you don’t want to or can’t commission me then maybe spread this around? I’d really appreciate it!!

honestly i don’t even have the heart to yell at southerners that they don’t know the meaning of cold since someone from germany told me how they live there… those poor people… i almost wept…. then i looked up RUSSIA….. my god

seriously why is this meme even about northern vs. southern americans. we don’t even know the extent of our own hubris

Who’s quirk fixed the dogs?

Alright then, Reservoir Dogs confirmed alive and well after that rather gruesome wreckage.

This leaves me questioning the mechanics behind Overhaul’s quirk, whether its a deconstruct/reconstruct kind of ability, since we do see some signs that he has blown up a member along with what appears to be a possible welding/melding quirk, a different member’s I’m sure. 

Actually theres a lot of damage being done here to such an extent I wonder how any of them are perfectly intact.

So I have two questions about all this:

If this is Overhaul’s quirk in effect, for the circumstances surrounding the reservoir incident, what does that mean for these guys? Will Mange and Mr Compress be back to normal next time we see them?

If not, does that mean Eri has an incredibly advanced healing quirk which is the reason behind her essential role in overhaul’s plans? After all, healing quirks are rare and to a level greater than Recovery Girl’s would warrant bad guy bait. 

Really worried about this ‘I’m her dad’ story since I’m getting the vibes she’s an unregistered child with an even sketchier background to explain why she’s in yakuza custody.


Christmas?! It’s the day after Halloween?!?!”
Consider these Christmas gift preorders then! I’ve decided to hold my usual commission sale for Christmas at this time of month so there is plenty of time for me to make the best present you’re hoping to give to someone! (Or maybe yourself!)

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Important Information:

  • I do not draw NSFW (to an extent, suggestive dress and poses are usually fine)
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