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Am I he only one who doesn't understand this GMA thing? It makes no sense. Once it airs on GMA it will spread everywhere so it's basically just releasing the song ahead of schedule. What was the countdown for then?? And also if they don't post the video on his youtube it will only lead to lesser views on his official channel cause other versions will be around.... And people in the US hear the song, and if they like it they can't even buy it.... This all doesn't make any sense business wise...

Dude I got nothing.   I’m honestly sitting here trying to puzzle it out and make a rational argument for how it will work but….I can’t.  Maybe it’s because it’s been a very long (and very busy) day for us and my brain is tired of thinking rationally. but…it’s definitely a weird an interesting choice.  and on a US morning show??? when most of the promo has been fairly UK focused??? I mean yes there are a few exceptions especially with regards to radio stations but it still leans more towards the UK.  I’m…lost.  I would love it if someone could make a good argument for why this is a good idea though.  I’m open to suggestions. 

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OK LOUIS WE GET IT. TWO GHOSTS IS ABOUT YOU. (White shirt? Check. Tattoo showing? Check)

He’s definitely on something with the white t-shirt/tattoo pics

I mean in theory yes, we could all get annoyed that her from the One Show is being paid less than him from the One Show. I’m sure we can all theoretically agree that isn’t right.

But also: they are both being paid a fuck-tonne of money in return for hosting a mediocre TV show. Which makes it difficult to care really, because both of them have more money than they’ll ever need. The problem with the wage gap debate is we always focus it on people right at the very top, which means fousing on women who are doing very nicely for themselves anyway. Besides Alex Jones was involved in a patronising show called “Shop Well for Less,” where families were made to swap the good ketchup for the Aldi own brand and then pretend on camera that it tastes the same, so I guess if she practices what she preaches she should get by, right?

We don’t have access to information from the other end of the scale - the care workers, cleaners and minimum wage staff who are agonising over every penny spent. That’s where the wage gap becomes particularly destructive - it’s where an extra 20p an hour can make a real difference. And every time we see articles about the wage gap in relation to BBC presenters, company leaders and movie stars, it reinforces the notion that this is something that affects rich people, and is therefore not a priority for change.

Stop focusing your feminism on famous people. Okay, people shouldn’t call Theresa May the c-word probably, although she is one. We shouldn’t be paying different wages to two TV presenters doing the same job and we shouldn’t be harassing famous actresses with comments about their bodies. I’m not saying any of it is inconsequential. But it’s the tip of the iceberg. Multiply that a hundred times and add in a dozen layers of complexity and you begin to get the idea what life is like for everyone else.


Title: Dear Fellow Traveller
Song: Dear Fellow Traveler – Sea Wolf
Subject: Fraser/Kowalski, due South
Summary:  Fraser & Kowalski are a beautiful fairytale romance filled with heroics and insecurity and a bajillion campfires, fight me.
Alternate Viewing: Vimeo, password: duesouth