i mean ugly

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hey elly do yo have any theory or random thought about what is going to happen next? i mean some ugly humans said lena dies in ep15 but katie is back and ppl have been wrong before (thank god) i'm srsly counting on paps and stans for set pics

i have no theories because i aint stupid enough to understand what the supergirl writers are trying to do next

your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.

what i say: im fine

what i mean: how fucking DARE they do that to Reid? he was only trying to help his sick mother who he cares DEEPLY about to risk his job and freedom for, and yet the send him to jail because they believe he has a risk of fleeing if granted bail? I WANT THAT JUDGE FIRED. and do not get me started on how the epsiode before this luke alvez so determinedly rescued his boyrfriend Reid from being put in jail in mexico, only for him and the rest of the team to watch him BE PUT IN HANDCUFFS AND TAKEN AWAY WITHOUT EVEN BEING ABLE TO SAY ONE WORD TO HIM. also, why has no one spoken to Morgan about this? Morgan would be by Reid's side through all of this if he was still with the team, and i know DAMN WELL Morgan's ass would have been called up Reid already if he knew about what was going on to talk to him and make sure he's alright. THOSE TWO WERE LIKE BROTHERS. and let me have a GO at this judge who soul heartedly believes that DRUGGED REID'S high speed chase with the police puts him at risk for fleeing, despite having no criminal record and being a fantastic agent at the bureau for 14 YEARS. this entire story arc is doing reid so WRONG

actually bothers me how hateful some girls can be with girl groups, like, yes you dont like them is ok, you dont have to stan them but why you have to say they are “too cute, too sexy, too slut, they are not talented,they dont write their own music, etc” man…this girls also work as hard as boy groups no matter if they are part of the big 3 or not.