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Sansa and her “Stark connection”

Since the fandom is always saying how Sansa is not a Real Stark ™    I wanted to  make a post in which I explain why Sansa, born in the Winter (unlike Arya or Bran or Rickon born in the long Summer), in Winterfell (unlike Jon or Robb born in the south) will always be a Stark ( no Lannister or Baelish or whatever…), no matter who she is forced to marry (to survive I might add..). 

 In AGOT Sansa (before her father died, and when she was meant to marry joffrey) is already very proud of her Stark origins. 

Alyn carried the Stark banner. When she saw him rein in beside Lord Beric to exchange words, it made Sansa feel ever so proud.

While prefering The Seven (like her mother) she does admire the poetry of the old gods. 

Besides, even if she could leave the castle, where would she go? It was enough that she could walk in the yard, pick flowers in Myrcella’s garden, and visit the sept to pray for her father. Sometimes she prayed in the godswood as well, since the Starks kept the old gods.

By the time she reached the godswood, the noises had faded to a faint rattle of steel and a distant shouting. Sansa pulled her cloak tighter. The air was rich with the smells of earth and leaf. Lady would have liked this place, she thought. There was something wild about a godswood; even here, in the heart of the castle at the heart of the city, you could feel the old gods watching with a thousand unseen eyes.

While she is called little bird, or little dove (when people want to undermine her), she is called wolf  too.

Tyrion found himself thinking of his wife. Not Sansa; his first wife, Tysha. The whore wife, not the wolf wife.

“Your Grace has forgotten the Lady Sansa,” said Pycelle.

The queen bristled. “I most certainly have not forgotten that little she-wolf.” She refused to say the girl’s name.

And Sansa herself when she is in put  a hard position takes courage in her Stark origins. Its something that gives her  strength:

Do as you’re told, sweetling, it won’t be so bad. Wolves are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?

“Brave. Sansa took a deep breath. I am a Stark, yes, I can be brave.

"Winterfell?” Robert was small for eight, a stick of a boy with splotchy skin and eyes that were always runny. Under one arm he clutched the threadbare cloth doll he carried everywhere.

Winterfell is the seat of House Stark,” Sansa told her husband-to-be. “The great castle of the north.”

“Do you require guarding?” Marillion said lightly. “I am composing a new song, you should know. A song so sweet and sad it will melt even your frozen heart. ‘The Roadside Rose,’ I mean to call it. About a baseborn girl so beautiful she bewitched every man who laid eyes upon her.

I am a Stark of Winterfell, she longed to tell him. Instead she nodded, and let him escort her down the tower steps and along a bridge. 

 Petyr put his arm around her. “What if it is truth he wants, and justice for his murdered lady?” He smiled. “I know Lord Nestor, sweetling. Do you imagine I’d ever let him harm my daughter?

"I am not your daughter, she thought. I am Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard’s daughter and Lady Catelyn’s, the blood of Winterfell.

"As was bringing me here, when you swore to take me home.”She wondered where this courage had come from, to speak to him so frankly. From Winterfell, she thought. I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell.

I will tell my aunt that I don’t want to marry Robert. Not even the High Septon himself could declare a woman married if she refused to say the vows. She wasn’t a beggar, no matter what her aunt said. She was thirteen, a woman flowered and wed, the heir to Winterfell.

.His seamed and solemn face brought back all of Sansa’s memories of his time at Winterfell. She remembered him at table, speaking quietly with her mother. She heard his voice booming off the walls when he rode back from a hunt with a buck behind his saddle. She could see him in the yard, a practice sword in hand, hammering her father to the ground and turning to defeat Ser Rodrik as well. He will know me. How could he not? She considered throwing herself at his feet to beg for his protection. He never fought for Robb, why should he fight for me?

From the high battlements of the gatehouse, the whole world spread out below them. Sansa could see the Great Sept of Baelor on Visenya’s hill, where her father had died. At the other end of the Street of the Sisters stood the fire-blackened ruins of the Dragonpit. To the west, the swollen red sun was half-hidden behind the Gate of the Gods. The salt sea was at her back, and to the south was the fish market and the docks and the swirling torrent of the Blackwater Rush. And to the north …She turned that way, and saw only the city, streets and alleys and hills and bottoms and more streets and more alleys and the stone of distant walls. Yet she knew that beyond them was open country, farms and fields and forests, and beyond that, north and north and north again, stood Winterfell.

but personally my favorite line about Sansa being always a Stark and belonging North in Winterfell  (Never a Lannister! , no matter who she marries) is this quote by Ned: 

When it was over, he said, “Choose four men and have them take the body north. Bury her at Winterfell.”

“All that way?” Jory said, astonished.

“All that way,” Ned affirmed. “The Lannister woman shall never have this skin.

Sansa whole story (to me) is about her journey retaking her Stark origins which were stolen from her in the worst of way, just like they killed her wolf Lady. But just like Lady remains, Sansa place is and always will be in the north, as a Stark of Winterfell. 

You’re kissing me gently
The way I like it
And all I can think is,
“You’re so lovely,
And you’re so mine.”

I know a lot of things are just meant to be temporary.
Distance sometimes kills a long-time love
No matter how hard you fight it
And “I miss you” sometimes loses its meaning
No matter how much you try to mean it
But why should it matter, how long our love lasts?
With you, I always get lost in time.
We could be together for an eternity
And I still wouldn’t have enough.

You look at me inquisitively and smile.
I can’t help but smile back
Because my heart feels warm whenever you’re around
Like it’s a fountain of sunlight that’s spilling over the edges,
Drowning everyone in proximity with a loving light.

You smile
And I melt into sunlight.
Oh god, you’re lovely
And oh god, you’re mine.

—  A dedication to the light of my life
Scars, lovers and a bath - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#1 counting each other’s freckles/beauty marks/scars/etc, #17 calling each other by a pet name and #19 taking a bath together. 

Well look at that, two post in the span of a few hours, I felt inspired today…Starting with Bruce, might do Logan later. So I mixed all the prompts together, and here’s the result, warning slightly NSFW and also language yow, I really hope you like it… :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You lived for those alone time with your Bruce. It happened so rarely…

Actually, you couldn’t even remember when was the last time you had a bath with him. It must have been at least over three years ago. You had a lot of showers together, every morning in fact…but a relaxing bath ? Didn’t happen in years.

Bruce was caressing your arms ups and down lovingly, and was just enjoying the moment, humming lowly a song you didn’t recognize. 

You grabbed one of his hand and traced a soft line from the tip of his fingers to his bicep, where you laid your palm. His arm was so big and muscular that your hand couldn’t even wrap itself around it.


You took him away from his daydreaming with your word. Raising your head so you could see his face, he just couldn’t help but smile at you.

-What was that sweetheart ?

-Twelve. You have twelve scars on this arm.

You let go of it, putting his right arm back in the water, and then took his left one in your hands. Both your tiny hands could barely wrap around it…You ran a finger on it tenderly, counting his scars.

-One…two…three…oh this one is huge…five….

He shivered under your touch, and you smiled some more. Oh the effect you had on him. He pressed his lips to your neck lightly, his free hand on your thigh.

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😊Truth Detector (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:Can I request an Ethan x Reader where the reader is best friends with Ethan and Grayson and they’re doing the lie detector test and somehow the reader ends up hooked up the machine and it comes out that she like Ethan (sorry if this doesn’t make any sense. I love your writing tho 💖💖)

Warnings: Too cute ❤️❤️

A/N: Okay I thought this sounded so cute so I decided to write it but I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for the requests! I have finals coming up so requests are still OPEN but I may not post them till after the first week of May! :)

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Hey guys what’s up?” The boys introduced their channel as I sit on the sidelines waiting to be introduced. I didn’t have plans to be in this video at all, but the boys were using my dad’s lie detector and my dad would kill me if they broke it or anything so I decided to be here and make sure they don’t do anything stupid.

“We have our lovely friend Y/N here today. This is her dad’s lie detector so she has to make sure we don’t break it or anything with how these results come out.” Grayson laughs as he stands to help Ethan hook up to the machine. “Yo Y/N how do you work this thing?” Grayson asks as he attempts to wrap the belt around Ethan. When they lifted up Ethan’s shirt I could see his abs and his smile which drove me crazy. He had such a cute smile which made my insides flutter. His abs looked so good against his charcoal sweatshirt. He was looking down fiddling with the belt between his fingers. I would have to wrap my arm around him to lock the belt into place against his belly button. “Earth to Y/N.” I heard Grayson say and I shake my head and look to him.

“Huh?” I asked and the boys laughed.

“Y/N you can’t keep daydreaming about us like that. We need help.” Ethan says chuckling. My heart melts as I feel my face begin to heat up. Was I that obvious? I didn’t mean to stare, but I can’t help it sometimes. “We need your help.” Ethan says and I walk over to the boys. Ethan had the belt on completely backwards. I started laughing as my fingers turn the belt around and I tighten the leather against his stomach. I look up to him and he was smiling down at me. I could feel my cheeks heat up. “Thanks.” He says and I smile back nodding.

“No problem.” I walked back to my seat as the boys did their video. I just scrolled on twitter while I heard the boys bicker back and forth over the questions.

“Y/N get over here we need help to end this argument.” Ethan hollers at me. I look up at the boys from my phone when they call me over. I walk over to them confused. “Who do you think is more attractive? Gray or me?” Ethan asks as I feel my stomach twist in knots again. I didn’t want to play this game.

“I mean you’re both attractive.” I said as I could feel my cheeks turning red again. Hopefully the boys don’t notice my cheeks changing colors.

“Well yeah we know that but who is more attractive? Ethan or me?” Grayson asks and Ethan turns his body around to face me. Both their dark eyes on me send chills throughout my body.

“Yeah Y/N who is more attractive? Me, a sexy stud muffin or Gray, an awkward golden potato?” He asks which sent me into a fit of laughter.

“I’m not an awkward potato. Remember when you peed your pants at our meet and greet?” Gray retorts sending me laughing harder. “Okay enough bickering. Y/N you’re the tie breaker! Who is it?” Grayson asks and I shrugged. I liked them both they were both fantastic. However, Ethan was the one I was more drawn to. He was always making me laugh and we just clicked. I couldn’t explain it. That skunk stripe in his fluffy hair, his black Ramones shirt, his thick pink lips with that gorgeous white smile, and his arms. The way they would wrap around me whenever he would be leaving for a trip or whenever he just missed me. He was always so warm and he always smelled of Giorgio Armani cologne.

“Wait I have an idea!” Ethan shouts as he attempts to rip the belt off of him. “Let’s ask Y/N who is more attractive with this on!” Ethan then pushes me down in his seat while he sits on my lap straddling me.

“Ethan!” I shrieked as he pulled my shirt up and wrapped the belt around my waist. I blushed but I tried to act like I hated him. I knew how this test worked. The test checks for changes from normal body functions so I just had to distract myself by chewing on my cheek or digging my nails into my skin.

“Okay let’s have some fun with this. Let’s ask some good questions now. Y/N am I more attractive than Ethan?” Grayson asks and I blushed hard.

“You’re both attractive. Please–”

“Grayson asked a question Y/N. Do you think he’s more attractive than me?” Ethan asked me looking me dead in the eyes.

“Yeah I think you’re more attractive than Ethan.” I said and Grayson’s grin grows while Ethan has a smirk spreading across his face.

“Yes okay! Did you ever have a crush on one of us?” Grayson asks biting his knuckle while watching me. Ethan decides to sit in the seat next to him.

“No I already answered my question.” I said as I tried to take the belt off but Ethan stopped me.

“Answer this one.” He says so calmly. For some reason it’s as if I was under his spell.

“Yes.” I said and they both smile at each other.

“Was it me?” Ethan asks as he pulls out a stick of gum and chews on it.

“No.” I said smirking and he stops chewing and his mouth hangs open.

“Was it me?” Grayson asks smiling.

“Nope.” I said leaning back in my chair and crossing my arms. The boys both looked at me and smirked.

“Well if you won’t tell us then your results will.” Grayson says and he scooched over to the computer and my eyes widen. Ethan notices and he smiles a cheeky grin across his face. “Okay for the first result on if I was more attractive than Ethan you said yes and that was…” Grayson stops and looks between Ethan and I. “A lie.” He says and Ethan’s grin grows and so do his eyes. “Okay I’ll pretend that didn’t sting. Next one, Ethan asked if you ever had a crush on him and you said no and your results show…” I looked down to my feet while Grayson scrolled for the results in complete and utter shyness. I was too embarrassed for Grayson to say anything but I could feel Ethan’s eyes on me.

“A lie.” Ethan says and looks at me again. “Do you still like me?” He asks and I looked up at him.


“Grayson go outside.” Ethan says not breaking eye contact with me.

“Fine. We’ll do the outro later I guess.” He says as he pushes out his chair and walks up the stairs leaving Ethan and I alone.

“Do you still like me Y/N?” He asks again. I felt my heart racing like it was going to jump out of my chest.

“Yeah.” I said not looking up at him. He looks at the screen and smiles.

“The results show you are telling the truth.” He says and I smile still looking down at my feet. I hear Ethan scoot his chair out from the table which causes me to look up. He’s now standing in front of me leaning against the table. “This is the last question then we can take the detector off.” I nod as I look back down to my feet. He lifts my chin up to look in his dark eyes which glow to me for some reason. “Do you want to kiss me?” I look up at him confused.

“What?” I asked again even though I know exactly what he said. He started to chuckle again.

“You heard me.” He says taking my hand in his. My stomach was doing somersaults now. “Do you want to kiss me? Because I kinda wanna really kiss you.” I swallowed hard at Ethan’s comment. I looked up at him and muttered the only word I knew at that moment.

“Yes.” And with that Ethan grabbed my hands and pulled me up to meet him. We looked each other in the eyes as his hands rest on my hips and my arms lock around his neck. He leans back and looks at the screen then to me. He smiles and then presses his lips gently to mine. His kiss had a faint taste of mint to them. They were soft and cool as I pulled him closer to me. Our heads moved in sync and so did our bodies. He lightly gripped my hips and pushed me closer into him. I could feel him smiling into the kiss. We then pulled apart and panted lightly.

“That was better than I’ve ever thought.” He says which causes us both to laugh.

“Agreed.” We then heard Grayson walking down the stairs as he saw us all tangled together.

“Woah did not expect to see this.” He says laughing. “Come on E we gotta finish off the video.” He says and Ethan kisses my nose.

“Wait for me?” He asks and I nodded.

“Of course. I’ll be over there.” I said pointing to my seat. I unravel myself from his arms and I go to my seat as I wait for the boys to wrap up their video so Grayson could tease Ethan and I and ask us 20 questions. 

Xx Thanks for the request :)



  • riches and wonders by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: In some universes, love blossoms in swimming pools. In others, there are kittens involved.

  • #hashtag by Bellakitse
    Summary: Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.


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Breaking Down

Request: I love your stories so much! If it is no trouble I was wondering if you could write a newtxreader where the reader feels like she has been a burden to Newt and it gets to the point when she leaves when he isn’t noticing? And then he comes to find her? Really angsty please? Thanks! 

Word Count: 2,106

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The pot clatters to the ground, breaking open and sending black dirt rolling across the floor. Newt cranes his head around from where he’s working. He watches the shrivelfig bounce across the ground and ricochet off his boot.

Wiping his hands on a towel, he leans down and lifts it. “Efficient.”

You return his grin with your own half-hearted smile as you turn to grab a broom.

Newt notices your insincerity. “You okay, love?”

Your back to Newt, you nod. “Fine.”

He focuses back on the potion in front of him. “You sure?”

“Positive,” you murmur. Guilt tugs at you. You don’t like lying to Newt, but this isn’t his problem.

You go to sweep up the spilled dirt, but before you can even touch a grain of it with the broom, it starts spinning around. The pieces of the pot reassemble themselves, and the dirt shoots back into the mended pot. Newt doesn’t need to look at you for you to know he’s smiling.

“No need for the broom, love, I’ve got it.”

You stare at the clean ground, unmoving. Of course you’d mess up and break something Newt needed. Of course he’d need to clean up after you.

“Everything okay?” The nonchalant question comes from over his shoulder as he stirs the mixture.

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The Hardest Goodbye

Request: ‘You should write a reggie x reader where they’re dating and Reggie has to leave riverdale for good because of school or something and its really sad, like a homage to Ross Butler. Make me cry’ 

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Warnings: none, this is the fluffiest shit I’ve ever written

Word count: 3316

A/N: I really tried with this one, I knew I needed to write this as soon as I got the request. P.S Ross Butler will always be the best Reggie Mantle

Originally posted by meu-papel-de-carta

(also before y’all come for me I know this gif’s from 13 rw, but I thought it was cute ok)

I awoke this morning feeling as grey as the cloud covered sky outside my window. The day had finally arrived, the day I’d been dreading for weeks. It was the day Reggie Mantle would be moving away from Riverdale, for good. 

It was exactly 1 month and 3 days ago when he told me he’d been offered a place at a prestigious football based school. I was over the moon for him, I remember feeling so proud. My boyfriend was going to be a famous athlete.

 That was until he told me that this school happened to be halfway across the country. Then the pride was replaced with a feeling of nausea, and it had stuck with me every day since.

I tried my best to be supportive and not let him know that with every passing day my heart broke a little more, I became an expert at putting up a front. I did this because I could tell how much he really wanted to go by the way his eyes would light up each and every time he spoke about it. Sometimes I’d slip up with my facade and he’d always be able to tell. “Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll skype every day and I’ll come visit you. I promise”. He would say over and over again. I’d always just nod and smile and pretend that this would be enough.

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anonymous asked:

Rfa+saeran hc how they cuddle/show affection?

Yay fluff – I had to this first because I need some fluff Im down today and Im also tired


  • Zen shows his affection with words he likes to praise you
  • He likes to cook for you sometimes.
  • A lot of kisses not just on the mouth he kisses the forehead, cheeks and your hands.
  • Zen is the type to just randomly pick you up
  • He needs a lot of affection so snuggles and cuddles you when ever he can.
  • Loves it when you randomly show him some affection like hugging him out of nowhere.
  • When he sits on the couch and you randomly sit on his lap he will not let you you.
  • If you are alone on the couch Zen will join you and cuddle up to you.
  • 24/7 attention seeker
  • In bed big spoon or small spoon cuddles what ever you like more he is fine either way as long he gets you to close to him


  • He is a bit shy at first but he will get over that.
  • For a while he will be holding hands as much as he can.
  • Cheek kisses and heavy blushing – also cooks for you.
  • He will stumble out compliments that are cute and cheesy - like your eyes are as bight as stars probably got them from Zen or a romance movie
  • When he feels more bold he will kiss you randomly -sometimes fails and kisses your nose or chin instead-
  • He likes when you hug him or hold him he will hug you back but it will take a bit till he gets himself to hug you or hold you tightly.
  • When you sit on his lap he will die.
  • Loves to cuddle once he gets used to you being that close to him – wants 24/7 cuddles and affection since he loves you so much.


  • She is not really used to cuddles or showing affection so she will give you compliments.
  • She compliments your clothes and she will always make sure that you eat and get enough rest mom mode tm
  • Jaehee will often text you and asks how you are.
  • When you had a bad day she will give you a back rub
  • You will have to be the one to start a cuddle session for a while Jaehee loves it when you cuddle her.
  • Specially when she had a hard day you then hug her and snuggle her till she forgets her worries.
  • The first time she cuddles you is when you watch a sad movie together but after that she gets more bold with that.
  • Cuddles every evening you sit with her on the couch and cuddle while talking or watching TV.
  • Hugs and kisses you when Jaehee feels like it soft kisses on the lips.
  • Likes it when you hold her hands it makes her feel save.


  • He buys you presents you have to tell him that that is not what you want
  • He makes you pancakes on the weekends.
  • Jumin gives you a lot of compliments full cheese from romance novels that he reads for research
  • - like every time you touch me I´m blessed by a angel- like what are you reading Jumin
  • He gives you nicknames and you give him nicknames you both make everyone cringe
  • He loves t when you sneak a kiss on his cheek.
  • Is is not the best to just cuddle you he probably has a schedule for it – he never hold to it though he ever ends up cuddling you the whole evening-
  • Likes it much more when you are just hugging him and tell him that you want to cuddle.
  • Forehead kisses and head rubs, neck rubs and chin rubs -I´m not a cat Jumin but I enjoy it so its okay-
  • When he comes home from work and you greet him with a smile he melts and forgets his stress right away.


  • Silly puns but really he is just nervous since he never really had anyone
  • He tries to give you compliments but he is like do you come here often -I live here -
  • His nicknames are puns or something cute like angel – but then he double uses the meaning in german what is fishrod – like you are my angel because you fished for my heart-
  • Pulls out the real classics like did it hurt when you fell from the sky - don´t hit him he is trying-
  • You hug him since he is a cute derp – he loves hugs-
  • He kisses you on the cheeks sometimes on the neck when he is playful
  • Sometimes gives you a hickey
  • Loves to cuddle you when you sleep together face to face.
  • Likes to make sure that you are still breathing
  • He makes you sandwiches when you forget to eat he tells you that you can´t do that – you remind him that he would starve without you-
  • When he feels bad you have to hug him and hold him close even when he tells you o leave him alone.
  • He loves attention so give him a lot.

Spoilers just in case-


  • He likes to stay close to you he needs to learn how to show affection.
  • He holds your hand and makes sure that you take care of yourself.
  • Saeran feels often guilty when you help him he feels like he is a burden.
  • He hugs you when he feels really bad after a nightmare.
  • Saeran will need time to be able to cuddle you its needs a great amount of trust from him.
  • He shares his ice cream with you and stumbles out nicknames.
  • When he is at the point to cuddle you he blushes a lot.
  • Loves to get hugs
  • He will hold hands in public with you when he gets insecure.
  • Cuddles on the couch or in bed likes to be small spoon he feels more save that way.

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😭I Like You Okay? [Part 3] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Can u do a grayson imagine where him n y/n like each other, but neither of them tell each other but Ethan knows ofc. So u tried to move on. N Grayson been actin like an ass wit u cus he saw u out having lunch with Cameron Dallas (him Ethan n Grayson are friends in this) n u guys have a heated argument leads to him kissing n then to you guys having rough but passionate sex n u guys get caught by Cameron Dallas n Ethan coming back to the twins apartment.

Warnings: Kissing/Cursing

A/N: ¾ of I Like You Okay? Thanks for reading you guys and remember requests are open! I also felt this was sorta all over the place and I’m sorry!

Part 1Part 2 / Part 4

Originally posted by dolanslife

It’s been almost two months since Ethan and I had our make out session and when Grayson caught us. Grayson hasn’t spoken to me at all since then. Ethan and I had mild conversations here and there, but nothing was the same. Since I’m not so close to the boys anymore, I’ve gotten close to some other guys, one being Cameron Dallas. Cam and I have been messaging back and forth and have gone on a few dates and to be honest, he was pretty great. However, it felt so weird not texting Grayson or E about Cameron and I since we all basically weren’t friends anymore. I was lying on my couch since I had just woken up to a snapchat from Cameron.

‘Good Morning’ Was all that was said. He was lying in bed so I’m assuming he had just woken up as well. I snapped him a picture of my feet replying with ‘Good morning. How’d you sleep.’ I roll over on my side when my phone buzzes. ‘Would have slept better with you by my side ;)’ I chuckled to myself and I hear my phone buzz this time with a text from Cameron.

Cameron😍: I just woke up do you want to get lunch or something :)

I just smiled and replied ‘sure :)’. I knew he would probably want to go to In N Out since that’s where we always went. I went into my room and I threw on a simple white tank top with a gray cardigan. I also wore my light washed jeans and some sandals. I texted my Uber driver to meet me out front of my apartment. I walked out of my apartment to hear another door close as I close mine. I looked a few doors down and I saw Gray and E walk out with Sophie and Grayson holding hands. It’s been so long since I’ve actually seen them. Gray’s hair was fluffed down while Ethan’s skunk stripe was blue again. I didn’t say anything to them, but I left the opposite direction of them. I ran down the fire escape to see my uber car about two blocks away. I groaned angrily to myself as I picked up the pace. I almost tripped on a sewer grate, but I managed to survive. I opened the back and jumped inside.

“Where to ma’am?” The tan guy asked me. I opened my phone to see Cam’s text message which caused me to smile.

Cameron😍: In N Out? :)

“In N Out on Wilsheer?” I asked the the driver nodded. I was scrolling through all of my socials when I see Grayson posted a new instagram photo with Sophie. It was a pretty scandalous picture. It was of Grayson lying in bed shirtless while Sophie was straddled on top of him holding a camera.

The caption read My baby girl is a model and I’m her muse :) @ Sophiekmodelz. He’s her muse? If she was an artist I would understand. Ugh sometimes he was so dumb. I then started going through her instagram and she was absolutely stunning. Her hair fell so perfectly on her shoulders and was the right shade of blonde. Her skin was crystal clear and her eyes were a bright blue. Her lips were perfectly pink and her teeth were shining bright. I could see why Grayson chose her and not me. I stopped scrolling when I saw Ethan posted a photo on his instagram too. Gosh don’t tell me Ethan has a girlfriend now. It was a picture of Ethan with some girl, but the driver distracted me before I could see what or who was in the photo.

“Here.” He says and I give him some cash. I step out to see Cameron waving at me. I waved back and rushed up the steps to give him a hug at which I feel his lips press to my temple “

Hey you look really good.” Cameron says as his arms give me a tight squeeze.

“Thanks! You don’t look too bad yourself.” We sat down as Cameron had already ordered us some lunch. We first were just talking about small talk. He would make comments about how we met and the food, but he didn’t bring up the boys which I was thankful for. I think he noticed I was a little uneasy because he placed his hand on top of mine.

“Hey.” He said oh so gently. I looked up and smiled. He was smiling at me as his thumb rubbed the back of my hand. “Are you okay?” He asked leaning on the table. “You can talk to me Y/N.” He smiles which causes me to smile. I let out a sigh before looking back at Cameron. His hair was leaning to the right a little much, but he still looked so cute. His smile was making my heart continue to melt.

“It’s just” I began but began to trail off. “Today when I was leaving my apartment to come and see you I saw Ethan and Gray and I just miss them. I miss our movie nights, I miss helping them with their videos, I just miss having them there. I know it sounds dumb, but the fact that their lives haven’t changed without me sort of hurts. It’s like I didn’t mean anything to them ya know?” I let out a sigh. “It’s like we weren’t even friends in the first place. Like–”

“Did you not see Ethan’s instagram post?” Cameron interrupts. I looked at him confused then I remembered I was getting out of the Uber when I saw the post.

“No not yet. I was getting out of the Uber when I saw he posted a picture with his new girlfriend or something.” I said and Cameron pulls out his phone.

“Well I hope she’s not his new girlfriend or else this lunch is a little awkward.” I gave him a puzzled look which causes him to laugh. “Here look.” Cameron hands me his phone and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It was a picture of Ethan and I last year at Coachella. I remember Grayson took this picture of us. We were on our way back to the hotel to change for some act I can’t exactly remember.

The caption read ‘I miss my bestfriend so much @your_username’ I wish things could go back to the way they were before that interview. Before Sophie. Before everything. I’m sorry Y/N’

He tagged me. I mean I get tagged in hundreds of things so that’s probably why I didn’t pay attention to the notification. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes too. I missed the boys so much. They were honestly my best friends and all because of a stupid interview and the stupid kissing it was all gone.

“Do you want to go home?” Cameron asks as I wipe a tear off my cheek. “I can take you home Y/N it’s no trouble at all. Really.” Cameron says as he takes my hand in mine. I swallowed trying to get myself together.

“Actually do you want to come hangout at my place? I can order us a pizza and we can watch a movie or something if you want. I just don’t want to be alone is all.” I saw a smile grow upon his face.

“Yeah no problem. As long as I can pick the movie.” Cameron says which we both laugh about. Cameron helps me out of my seat as his arm was around my waist. We were still laughing. He was honestly the cutest. As we get ready to leave I noticed three familiar faces. I see Grayson’s dark eyes lock with mine. I see Sophie laughing as she’s talking to Ethan. I decided I would be a little bit savage. I grabbed Cameron’s hand and locked our fingers together.

“Lead the way.” I said as I follow behind Cameron. I look back once more to see Grayson staring me down.

“Dude what are you looking at?” I heard Ethan ask as he also turned to look at me. I quickly turn forward as Cameron and I disappear in the Uber.


Cameron and I had ordered a pepperoni pizza and decided for some odd reason to watch 13 Reasons Why. Cameron’s hand was intertwined with mine. I sort of slid closer to Cameron to where our thighs were barely touching. My phone was on the charger when I heard it ding. Cameron looked at me and smiled. “Don’t be too long.” He says kissing my cheek. I stand up and quickly walked to my phone. I saw a name appear on the screen that I haven’t seen in so long.

Ethan👑: Were you at In N Out with Cameron today?

Doesn’t talk to me for two months and now he wants to know about my life? I just swiped the message away annoyed with him. I let out a frustrated sigh when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and a pair of lips kiss my hair. “Who is it?” He asks as his hand moves to my waist. He was a whole foot taller than me. He was looking down towards my direction. My back was pressed against the front of his body as he held me. “Y/N?” He whispers in my ear. Just then my phone buzzes again.

Grayson 👑: Where the fuck are you?

I typed back ‘with Cameron’ and sent the message. Cameron could sense a shift in my body. “Hey Y/N who is that?” He asked caringly. “It was just Grayson. He was wanting to know where I was is all.” I said as my phone buzzed again. I was literally begging to talk to him two months ago and now I can’t get him to leave me alone. “Let me see.” Cameron says as he attempts to take my phone which I pull away. “Y/N?” He asks but I open the message first.

Grayson 👑: I think not. Get rid of him.

I was about to text back when I heard the door handle jingle. I then see Grayson wearing all black. He looked so good. Ethan came in behind him which he was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a gray shirt. “We need to talk.” Grayson says direction towards me. “You need to leave.” He directs towards Cameron. “I don’t have to do anything. You came here uninvited so you need to leave.” Cameron says as he attempts to square up with Grayson. “Hey back up.” I said pulling Cameron towards me. “Yeah Gray he’s not worth it.” Ethan grabs Gray’s arm trying to pull him back, but Gray jerks his arm away. “Y/N we need to talk.” He says again but I stand behind Cameron. “Dude leave.” Cameron says as he takes me in his arms. “I would fight you, but I don’t want to get any blood on Y/N’s floor.” “Why are you with this guy?” Grayson asks pointing at Cameron. “I mean how can you act like we never had anything? Does he know that my lips were on yours? Or how I caught you and Ethan about to cross that ‘just friends’ line?” Grayson chuckles and runs his hand through his hair and looks around the room. “Like are you fucking serious Y/N?” Cameron let’s go of me and looks at me confused. “You almost had sex with Ethan and you kissed Grayson? What the hell Y/N is that why you guys aren’t friends anymore?” Cameron begins to raise his voice at which Grayson pulls his shoulder back. “Don’t you fucking raise your voice at her again do you understand me?” He asks through gritted teeth. Cameron stands to his feet and throws a punch at Grayson but he dodges it. I look at the boys in shock. I was waiting for Grayson to throw a punch, but he doesn’t. “I’m out.” Cameron runs out of the door which leaves Grayson, Ethan, and I. I look between the two boys. Grayson scoffs which sent me over the edge. “What the hell Grayson? Are you fucking serious right now? Two fucking months of nothing from either one of you, but the second you see me out with another guy you two think you can come back in my life?” I was heated right now. “Newsflash you fucking can’t!” I turn away and I walk into the kitchen. I hear Grayson’s footsteps follow behind me. “Babe calm–” He grabs me and attempts to turn me around to face him.

“Don’t you fucking call me that. Don’t you even. Ever since that interview nothing has been the same. Ever since Sophie, that kiss, nothing is the same. I’m so pissed at you for leaving me like this!” I started crying as I was pounding on his hard chest with my balled up fists. “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.” I sobbed as I was still hitting his chest which he didn’t budge. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t do anything except take it. I finally tired myself out and cried into his chest which his arms wrapped around me as he held me.

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“What about Sophie? Why the hell can you have someone and not me? In what world is that fair?” I pulled away and wiped my tears.

“Sophie isn’t Cameron Dallas. Some guy you met on Tinder. Sophie is real and–” I cut him off.

“Cameron actually treated me like a person! He fucking liked me. If you and Ethan didn’t interrupt we would probably be making out right about now!” I shouted which struck a nerve with him. I saw his jaw clench and his eyes grow dark. I saw his hands ball into fists as he swallows I see his vein in his throat move.

“Don’t make me make you take that back.” Grayson growls lowly. I swallowed and wiped my tears. “I’ll make you scream many things then just my name.” His eyebrow raised as his eyes locked with mine.

“I hate you Grayson. Just go home please.” I said exhaustedly, but before I could turn around I was pinned up against the wall as Grayson’s warm lips kissed mine hard.

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Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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The Grayson Dolan Special (G.D)

Summary: You and your friends are going to a 4OU show. You decide to go get your hair done, and you end up getting more then just highlights. ;)

A/N: This is for @cassmoreiraxo. She had a dream about getting her hair done by Mrs. Dolan, so hopefully I did it justice! Hope you like it babe 😘
(Also the prices I used in this are actually real. Mrs. Dolan does charge $120 for a women’s cut… Guys I’m not kidding…)

Word Count: 4290 (I know its a lot. I had no self control I’m sorry!) 

Warnings: Some cursing.

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After a whole 3 months of saving up my tip money from work, I was finally here in Morristown, New Jersey, with my friends Angie, Aisha, Miranda, and Maddi. We were all going to see the Dolan Twins tonight at their first show in Freehold, New Jersey. I woke up in our hotel room super excited, because tonight was the night of the show. I heard light snores coming from Maddi who was laying next to me in our shared bed. I looked around the room, and all the girls were still sleeping. I chuckled lightly to myself remembering how we were all up late last night helping Miranda come up with ideas for her imagines, and talking bout how excited we were to meet the boys. I didn’t realize how early it was until I checked my phone. It was only 7 in the morning, and here I am wide awake. I knew there was no point in going back to sleep because I was already up, so I decided to go take a shower. 

 I got out of the shower, grabbed a clean towel off the rack and wrapped up my hair. I dried myself off, and started putting on my clothes. I kept my outfit simple, because I wasn’t going to be dressing up till later tonight for the show. I put on my Adidas sweats, and a plain white crop top. I removed the towel from my hair, and began to blow dry my hair until it was completely dry. I starred at my reflection in the mirror and I was really annoyed with the way my hair was looking. It looked so dry and lifeless. I was clearly in need of a touch up because my roots were starting to grow out. Not to mention my split ends, and faded out highlights. I cursed myself thinking about how I should’ve just did my hair like the girls told me too, back home before we all left for this trip. I didn’t want to go anywhere with my hair looking like this. I do hair for a living, how does that look when a hair dresser can’t even keep up with her own hair? I pulled out my phone, and started googling some hair salons around the area. I’m really picky about who does my hair, since I usually do my own. I scrolled pass a few salons but none of them seem to catch my eye, until my thumb landed on a salon called Bloom. I saw that it had a 5 star rating, so I immediately  clicked on the website. I was scrolling through the website and the pictures of all the hairstyles, and hair cuts looked amazing. I quickly noticed the prices and started to cringe a little bit. A women’s hair cut was about $120, and to touch up my roots where close to $97. In total of everything that I wanted done it would all come out to almost $400! “WHAT THE ACTUAL F….” I started to yelled, but I cut myself off remembering that my friends were still asleep. I popped my head out of the bathroom door to make sure I didn’t wake anyone.

 "What the hell are you doing? It’s like 8:30 in the morning?” Angie asked which startled me a little. She gave me a questioning look. “I think I’m going to go get my hair done. It looks pretty gross. Want to come with me?” I asked hoping that she would, I didn’t wanna go alone especially in a new place I’ve never even been too before. “It’s 8:30 in the morning and you want to go get your hair done? Yeah have fun, I’m going to sleep. Wake us up when you come back.” She said as pulled the covers over her head. “But I-” I tried to speak, but Angie cut me off with her fake snores. I rolled my eyes, and went to grab my Adidas Superstars and quickly slipped them on. I grabbed my purse, my phone charger, the keys to our rental car, and the room key, before leaving the hotel room. I walked down to the lobby, and out into the parking lot to our car that we rented for the weekend. I got in the car, and pulled the address of the salon up on my phone. The salon was only 15 minutes away, so hopefully by the time I get there they’ll already be open. 

* * * *

 I pull up to the salon and I was surprised by how big it looked. The building was painted a nice cool tone gray, with huge windows, making the building look very modern. The open sign was lit up, signaling that they were open. I got out of the car, and started making my way inside the salon. I stepped inside, and my jaw dropped. It was beautiful! The outside was big, but the inside was even bigger! The walls of the lobby area were covered in a rustic yellow paint, making it match the gray wooden furniture. The hair stations had black and gray painted walls, with gold chairs, and a huge vanity mirror at every station. I stood there in awe, taking in everything. I’ve never seen a hair salon so beautiful. “Good morning, can I help you? the receptionist asked, which caught me off guard. “Uh yes.” “I was wondering if I could possibly get my roots touched up, my highlights redone, and maybe a trim?” I asked as I was looking at the pictures of hair models on the wall. “Do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked looking back down at her appointment book. “No, I actually found you guys online, and decided to stop by because my hair could really use some help.” I said messing up my hair, causing the receptionist to let out a small laugh. 

 The receptionist took down my name, and instructed me to wait in the waiting area. I was waiting for about 10 minutes when a lady who looked like she was in her early 30s, with beautiful blonde hair that stopped a little below her shoulders, walked up to me. “Y/N?” She asked with a smile on her face. “Yes, that’s me!” I answered getting up from my seat. “I’m Rachel, if you would follow me please.” she said as she turned on her heels and walked me towards her work station. I sat down in the chair and she placed the styling cape over my body. “What did you want to do today?” she asked running a comb through my hair. “Well I was thinking of touching up my roots, touching up my highlights, and a little trim.” I said looking at my hairdresser through the mirror. She ran through the prices with me, and my jaw dropped. It was going to be $120 just for the haircut, then $97 for my touch up like the website said, but I didn’t realize how expensive my highlights would be. My highlights were going to be $177, plus the additional $160 for the blow out. “So your total for everything will come out to $554.” She said it so casually like as if it was normal for someone to spend that much on their hair. I stared at her with wide eyes, still trying to comprehend the number she just said to be. I stayed quite for a while, and decided to do it. “Fuck it, you only live once right?” I said causing her to laugh. She started to part my hair into sections, using the clips to clip back the sections of hair she wasn’t working on. 

 An hour in, and she had managed to cute my hair, and finish touching up my roots. Now all that was left, was to do my highlights, and then the blow out, and we were good to go. We had small talks here and there, avoiding any awkward silence between us. Turns out she has been doing hair for 8 years and shes been working here since they opened in 2014. “Doing anything special tonight, since you got this new look?” She asked me as she was wrapping up some strands of my hair in the foil. “Well me and some friends are going to see these boys called the Dolan Twins. They have a show in Freehold tonight. I’m pretty excited!” I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing the boys in person and not in a phone or computer screen. Especially Grayson, I mean of course I loved them both, but it was just something about Grayson that just makes my heart melt. I can see my hairdresser from the mirror looking like she was getting ready to something, but she got interrupted by someone calling her name. She excused herself, and walked towards the back room. I decided to Snapchat the girls, but as expected none of them were up because none of them read my snap. I opened up my Tumblr app and began scrolling through it reading a few imagines that I came across to kill the time. I was deep into my reading, when a voice broke me out of my concentration. 

 "I’ll be taking over for Rachel, she has someone coming in for a haircut in a few. You don’t mind do you sweetie?” the lady asked. “No, not at all. I understand.” I said looking up from my phone and into the mirror. I felt my eyes bulge out of my head, and my mouth hung open. It was Lisa freaking Dolan. As in Grayson Dolan, and Ethan Dolan’s mom! She works here? I asked myself. Trying to find a logical answer for what is happening. “I’m guessing you know who I am?” she asked with a chuckle. I couldn’t find the words to speak, all I did was nod my head, still in shock. “Well welcome to Bloom. This is my salon.” she said with a smile. Now I see where the twins get their smile from. I’m currently sitting in Mrs. Dolan’s salon, and Mrs. Dolan is putting highlight in my hair. What the actual fuck is happening? I took out my phone getting ready to snap something. I flipped it over to the selfie camera, put on the flower crown filter on. I held my phone out in front of me getting a good angle of both me, and Mrs. Dolan. She noticed, and bent down so she could fit in the frame. She flashed a smile, and I quickly took the picture, sending it to the girls. They were gonna flip when they see this! I was on my phone, while Mrs. Dolan was finishing up the last section of my hair. “Rachel the boys are here!” Mrs. Dolan said causing me to look up from my phone. I was looking at myself in the mirror when two familiar figures caught my eye. 

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“No way!” I whispered in disbelief. I guess Mrs. Dolan heard me so she gave me a playful wink. I noticed that they were walking over towards my station, so I just went back on my phone trying to act as natural as possible. Trust me on the inside I was freaking out! They look so much taller in person, and not to mention how muscular they were. I’m guessing they just rolled out of bed, and decided to stop by because their hair was all over the place. Grayson was wearing his Adidas sweats, with a white t- shirt that hugged his arms just right. I couldn’t help but notice we were pretty much matching from head to toe. Goals or what? His hair wasn’t the usual slicked up quiff. It was fluffy, and flopping over to the side. He ran his rather large hand through his hair and that was enough to kill me! Ethan was wearing gray Nike shorts, with a black t-shirt and even with no effort he still looked beautiful. The boys both gave their mom a kiss on the cheek, and it took everything in me not to squeal at the cuteness. I saw they boys look at me so I smiled at them. “Boys, this is Y/N. It’s her first time here.” Mrs. Dolan said, introducing me to the boys. Ethan bent down and gave me a side hug since I was sitting me the salon chair making me shorter then what I was already am compared to me. “Hey Y/N, I’m Ethan, and this is my twin brother Grayson.” he said, and Grayson flashed me the most gorgeous smile revealing his pearly white teeth, and the dimples in his cheeks. “I know who you guys are. I’m actually going to see you guys tonight in Freehold with some friends.” I said, trying my hardest not to sound nervous. 

The boys and I talked for a little bit, I was telling them about the girls, and about how because of them that we all met and became friends. They were honestly the sweetest guys! The boys ended up sitting in the station next to me, and Rachel started on Ethan’s haircut. Mrs. Dolan had finish highlighting and washing my hair, now I’m walking over to the drying station to sit under the dryer. As I started to head over to the drying station I heard Ethan say ”I don’t think that’s where her eyes are Gray.” Was Grayson starring at my ass? I could feel myself blush at the thought of Grayson starring at my ass as I’m walking away. 

I sat down under the dryer, and noticed Grayson walking up taking a seat next to me. He doesn’t say anything he just hands me his phone and I see that Snapchat was opened. I pulled out my phone and opened up the app scanning his phone over my snap code. I added him back and gave him back his phone. “See you tonight.” was all he before turning around going back to Rachel’s station to finish his haircut. He started snapping me, and eventually he asked for my number and we started texting. The dryer went off signaling that my hair was done. Not longer after the dryer went off, another stylist by the name of Michelle came over and told me to follow her to her station. I sat down, and she started on my blow out. I was still texting Grayson, and everytime I looked up from my phone and would catch Grayson starring at me in the mirror with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. I couldn’t help but blush. 

I starred at myself in the mirror, super pleased with how my hair turned out. My hair was now a light brown color, with blonde highlights. The hair stylist gave me soft bouncy curls, that cascade down my back stopping a few inches above my butt. “It looks amazing!” I said, thanking the stylist. I made my way over to the receptionist desk to pay, but she just looked at me and shook her head. “It’s already been taken care of! OH! Grayson wanted me to give you these.” she said handing me a purple envelope. I turned my head around to look at Grayson who was sitting in the salon chair getting his haircut. He winked at me and a smile formed on my lips. I said bye to the receptionist as I walked out the salon, and starting walking towards the car. 

“Oh My God!” I partially screamed as I opened the envelope. I was speechless. There were 5 VIP/Meet&Greet passes for tonight’s show. My phone went off, and it was a snapchat notification. From Grayson. He sent me a snap of me walking out of the salon, and the caption read “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave.” with the peach emoji, eyes, and the smirk. I snapped him back before plugging my phone up the aux as I headed back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, I stopped by Starbucks, getting some coffee for all the girls. I couldn’t wait to see the girls faces when I tell them everything that went down this morning. 

* * * *

I got out the elevator and headed towards our hotel room. I reached in my back pocket for the room key and opened the door. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” “WAKE UP!” I screamed. How are they possibly still sleeping? I tried throwing pillows, hairbrushes, and even shoes at them trying to get them to wake up. Nothing worked, all they did was groan and pull the covers to over their heads. 

“I met the twins today.” I said, and as if on queue they all darted up 

“You what?”

“You’re joking?”

“Did you dye your hair?” 

Everybody was speaking at once. “Bitch explain!” Maddi said sitting up on the bed. I told the guys about everything that happened, how I ended up finding that salon, and about how Mrs. Dolan ended up doing my hair, about the twins, everything. “You guys should check your snaps next time I send something.” I smirked taking a sip from my Starbucks drink. They watched the snap I sent them with Mrs. Dolan and I, and they all looked at me in disbelief. “Ok, but did you really spend $554 on your hair?” “I mean your hair looks really good, but $554 is a little bit over priced!” Aisha said stroking my hair. “Bitch a bit? That’s my car note!” Angie said taking a bite of her bagel. “That’s the thing though. I kind of didn’t pay….” my voice trailed off looking at the girls who all had a confused expression. “Ok, I’m confused again.” Miranda said. I giggled remembering how Grayson was sweet enough to pay for my hair. He didn’t have to do that, but it was sweet. I was bought back from my thoughts with the girls all yelling at me, asking to tell them what happened. “Well when I was getting ready to pay, the receptionist told me it was already taken care of. Apparently Grayson paid for it an-” I got cut off. “WHAT?” the girls all said in unison. “I regret not going with you. I’m so stupid. Why do I like sleep so much?” Angie said, causing me to laugh. “That’s not all though.” I said walking towards my purse to get the purple envelope. “Y/N I swear to god if you tell me you 2 had sex, I’m gonna kill myself!” Maddi said, her accent causing all of us to break out into a fit of laughter. “She went for a haircut and ended up getting the Grayson Dolan special.” the girls were still laughing at Maddi and her jokes. I didn’t say anything I just pulled out the 5 VIP/Meet&Greet passes and held them up. Tonight was going to be the best night ever.

We needed to leave around 5 in order to make it to the show for 7. It was an hour and 15 minute drive from Morristown, New Jersey to Freehold, New Jersey. So we wanted to make sure we had enough time just in case there was traffic, and plus we were going to need to find parking. Hopefully the line to enter wouldn’t be too long that way we can get a decent spot in the audience.

We were all finishing up getting ready in the hotel room. I helped them with their hair, and we all helped each other with our make up. Angie finished helping me putting on some highlight, so I was in the bathroom getting dressed. I decided to wear my black high waist shorts with a 4OU t-shirt that I made into a crop top. I didn’t need to do anything to my hair, because it still looked good from this morning. So I decided to wear the infamous pink “But I’m A Savage” hat, that I happen to be obsessed with! I put on my black hi-top Vans and looked in the mirror. I was pleased with how my outfit looked and how I looked in it. The shorts hugged my curves in all the right places. Especially in the booty area. I walked out the bathroom, and everybody looked stunning. We weren’t over dressed. We kept it simple and casual, but still very cute.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and it was 6:20pm. We probably would’ve gotten here sooner but Angie insisted she knew a short cut. It didn’t take us that long to find a parking spot, I guess since most of the fans were younger they didn’t really know how to drive yet so their parents dropped them off. We parked, and started walking over to the enterance. “Great! Look how long the line is!” I huffed. After 15 minutes of standing in line, we were finally inside. The guy at the door checked out tickets, and started speaking into his walkie talkie. We looked at each other confused, when he began to say our names to the person on the other end. After a couple seconds, some guy Maddi had recongized as the twins security guard approached us. He greeted us, and told us to follow him. We heard comments coming from the other girls but we honestly didn’t care.

We ended up somewhere backstage, and the security guard told us that we would be watching the show from here. We were all standing on the side of the stage, talking, and waiting for the show to start. 

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The lights went dim, and the video for their intro came on, and the crowd went crazy! We watched the show, our stomachs hurting from laughter. They were finishing up their Q&A and starting to wrap up the show. I starred at the boys in awe. I couldn’t believe I was here. This was unbelievable, I got my hair done in Mrs. Dolan salon. I got to meet the twins, Grayson Dolan asked for my Snapchat, and now I’m here, backstage watching the show with the 4 most amazing friends ever! This day couldn’t have gone any better. I was pulled out of my thoughts from one of the girls shaking my shoulders. It was Aisha. They were all telling me to go. Go? Go where? "What?” I asked confused. But then I heard my name being called. It was Grayson. I starred at him confused, not understanding what he was trying to do. Grayson walked towards me, and held my hand pulling me out onto the stage with him. “Guys this is Y/N. I met her today, and she’s honestly super amazing. She was at our mom’s hair salon getting her hair done, and we exchanged snaps, and I gave her my number and we sort of just clicked.” I was in complete shock at what was happening. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t ran off the stage yet. “Earlier in the show, I was dared to do something totally crazy, and something I’ve done before.” “Well I’ve never really asked anybody out on stage before so….” He paused for a moment, licked his lips. “Y/N do you wanna go get pizza with me after the show?” The crowd started cheering, and a bunch of “awws” were coming from the side of the stage. “Yes, I would love too!” I said. I was probably as red as a tomato right now. Grayson pulled me into a hug, and I felt his right hand cuff my butt, causing me to bite my bottom lip. The girls started wolf whistling from the side, causing me to hide my face into Grayson’s chest. “And if you guys want hair like Y/N come to Bloom, and hit up our mom!” I twirled and flipped my hair, playfully curtsying at the girls in the audience before I walked off the stage and back to my group of friends.

“WE LOVE YOU! PEACE!” the boys yelled before running backstage. We waited for the boys in their dressing room. We were talking about the show, and how it was the best experience we had, and how happy we were to have experienced it together. After about 30 mins, the boys showed up. “You ready Y/N?” Grayson said when he walked into the room. “Of course she’s ready.” Angie said, making everyone in the room including Ethan and Grayson laugh. I told the girls bye, and that I’ll see them later before I started heading out the door with Grayson. 

“You kids behave!” Miranda shouted. I flicked them off, and closed the door behind me. Grayson held my hand in his, as we made our way out the venue, and into his truck, heading out for our date.

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I read that apart from English, Arabic is a common foreign language in Kazakhstan and so I'm picturing Otabek knowing it and calling Yuri cute Arabic nicknames like "habibi" (sweetheart or love) or "habibi libbi" (love of my heart) and my little Middle Eastern heart is melting with the pure love I have for this hc

Soft Otabek with his heart eyes and small smiles and affectionate petnames just for Yuri is my favourite thing in the woRLD 

Yuri gets so flustered the first time he actually asks Otabek what those names mean that he reflexively calls Otabek a dumbass

You Get A Dog


It had been pretty rough the past few months and Fillip was constantly going on runs. Usually you wouldn’t mind but recently you had started to get lonely and it didn’t go un-noticed by Fillip. He saw the look in your eyes when he told you that he would have to leave again, you would put on a smile but it wouldn’t reach your eyes, it pained him to see you like this so he decided to do something about it.

“Darlin, do you know where the car keys are?” Fillip asked coming out of the garage, where he had been hiding away for most of the day. You where busy typing a document up for work, you where a lawyer and mostly worked with the club and this particular document concerned Juice.

“They should be hanging up in the garage, next to all the boxes babe” You answer without looking away from the screen hoping that he would leave you alone to finish what you had started almost two hours ago.

“I looked they’re not there” You sigh while shaking your head

“I don’t know where they are Fillip, its your car not mine” You sigh yet again when you hear him scoff, finally turning to meet the eyes of your old man. He stood leaning against the door connecting the garage to the kitchen, his leather vest hugged his body tightly from the way he had his arms crossed.

“Yer always using ma motor and yer the last one to use it so help me look. I need to get to the TM, my bike is actin up” He states before simply turning and walking back into the garage. You throw your head back and groan loudly, your annoyance only growing when you hear him laughing in the next room. Making sure to save your work you then proceed to shuffle into the garage entrance ready to give your man some cheek when you see it. The little bundle of adorable fluff chasing a ball around the garage floor.

“Oh my god” I laugh running over to the puppy who, upon seeing you runs over attacking your face with its tongue

“I’m going on another run in the next few weeks and I knew that I couldn’t leave ye all alone again so I though its either get ye pregnant-” you cut him off

“Yea no thank you, not yet” You say and he nods in agreement

“-So a puppy is like training for a baby, d'you like him love?” Chibs asked crouching down to pet the dog which in return licks his hand

“yes very much, thank you.” You smile turning to face him and planting a slow thankfull kiss on his lips “Love you”

“Love ye too darlin but we better get movin cause Tiggy’s dying ta see this dug”

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“Come on Alex lets go babe, I want to get to the cabin before it gets any later” I shout out of the passengers side of the car window towards the open door of the house. A few seconds later Tig comes running out and is almost at the car when he remembers that he needs to lock the door, I shake my head a familiar smile on my face as I watch him lock the door before jogging back over to the car.

“Sorry baby, couldn’t find the keys” He smiles starting up the car and pulling out of our driveway.

“ I can’t wait to get to the cabin for a few days” You sigh contently. The cabin was your happy place and Tig knew that, so whenever he could get a day or two off, that’s where he would take you.

“Yeah I’ve got it all planed out baby doll, make some dinner, have some desert then we’ll head to the bedroom for some fun loving” I laugh as he says this watching out the window as we exit Charming

“Looks like you’ve got it all planned out baby” I say smiling lovingly at him before returning my gaze to the window

“Oh yea I’ve been-”

“STOP THE CAR!” The car comes to a screeching halt as Alex looks as me like I’ve gone insane, which maybe I have.

“What the fuck Y/N?” I don’t answer him as I throw open the passengers side door and run over to the side of the road, Tig not far behind me.

“I saw a dog..” I mutter looking around the bushes for the small dog that I had seen walking into the forest area.

“It was probably a rabbit or something babe, their aren’t any houses up here except for the cabin. I don’t think that a dog would be-” I am quick to stop him as I spot the dog in the bushes

“Oh really is that why the dog is rolling around in the dirt Tiggy?” He raises an eyebrow before looking past me his face melting as he sees the little dog no older than about 6 months old. Alex drops to his knees and the dog immediately seeks his comfort and the look on Tig’s face makes my heart melt.

“Hey little guy, where did you come from huh bubby?” Tig asks while picking the little bundle up and brining him over to me, he pulls his attention away from the dog and locks his sky blue eyes with mine “I think we should take him up to the cabin with us” Tig says with a look of concern in his eyes and I give him a soft smile, moving forward to move his hair away from his eyes

“Yea I think we should, I mean we can’t leave him out here” Tig nodded in agreement as we made our way back to the car. I grab a blanket that we keep in the trunk to wrap around the small dog while we drive the rest of the way up to the cabin.

The rest of the night was spent giving the dog a bath and something to eat, I had no doubt in my mind that we where going to fall in love with the little guy. I watched from the couch as Alex played with the dog on the ground, it was jumping up on him and trying to grab Alex’s black curls with his sharp teeth making me laugh as Tiggy tried to get away laughing loudly as he does so. “I love him” I say and Tig gives me a look at say that he thought the same “We need to keep him Alex, I mean we’ve been talking about getting a dog for so long and this one is perfect babe” I say joining Tig on the floor the puppy immediately coming over to greet me. I watch Tig face as he has what looks like an internal debate with himself but when the smile formed on his lips I knew that he wanted the dog just as much as I did.

“THANK YOU!” I shout throwing myself on top of Tiggy and placing a kiss on his lips and placing my self on his lap.

“No problem Doll” He mumbles against my lips a smile on his face but we are quickly separated as our new dog jumps up and starts licking my face “Okay that has to stop”

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“OH MY GOD” I shout as I fall back onto the bed groaning loudly afterwards. I hear something fall from down stairs and someone sprinting up the stairs the next thing I know Juan is in the door way of our bedroom, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace as he looks round the room frantically.

“What happened! Are you okay?” He askes while walking over and looking over my body checking over for any harm.

“I’m okay Juan” I laugh as his reaction giving him a reassuring smile “I just saw this puppy on the adoption website, I mean look at his little face!” I shove the laptop in his face, his eyes squinting as they adjusted to the brightness. He takes the laptop out of my hands and takes the seat next to me on the bed before beginning to scroll through the website.

“You wanna tell me why you’re looking through a dog adoption site?” He asks while not taking his yes off of the screen.

“I always do it, I love dogs” I say shrugging “it’s no big deal I’m just looking I mean I know that you would never get one because of the mess and-” I’m cut of by Juice suddenly looking up.

“You want a dog?” Your caught off guard by the question but you simply nod your head.

“A dog would be nice…but babe you hate mess and a puppy is very messy-”

“If you want a dog then you can have a dog no ifs not buts, come we are going so the shelter” And that’s what you did. He drove you down and let you pick whatever one you wanted and took them home. It took a while and some adjusting to your lives but the little guys finally fit into your lives and Juice didn’t hate him as much as you though he would

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I hummed quietly and softly to myself as I worked on the dinner for tonight. I hadn’t seen Happy a lot this week so you thought that this would be a good opportunity to catch up with one another and have a romantic night in together. However this was interrupted when you heard noises coming from outside your front door. A confused look over comes your face as you stare at the front door where the whining sound was coming from. Making your way towards the door the noice gets louder and louder and when you open the door you are shocked as to what you find. Sitting in a basket in front of your door step was a little puppy playing with the blankets in its blanket.

“Aww baby, what are you doing out here in the cold?” You question and at the sound of your voice the little dogs head snaps up and if immediately tries to escape the blanket in an apparent to get to you. You smile at the dog as you make your way forward and pick up the blanket and once you have the puppy wastes no time in attacking your face with kisses making you laugh loudly. You don’t hesate to take the dog inside and place him by your feet in the kitchen as you worked after having given him a plate of meat. Around half an hour later you hear Happy’s bike pulling up out side but do not move from your position. As Happy walking into the kitchen expecting to have you greet him with a kiss he finds you one the tiled floor with a little dog using one of his socks as a chew toy.

“You got a dog?” Turning to smile at your old man he replies with an uncertain look.

“No, well yes and no. I found him outside our front door, someone must have left him out their” you shrug simply then continue to play with the dog. Happy continues to watch you interact with the puppy a smile pulling at the corners of his lips before he snaps out of it.

“I don’t want a dog” he stares firmly making you scoff

“Good because she’s not your dog, she’s mine” you say in a matter of fact tone while picking up your new family member and walking over to Happy sighing when you see the frown on his face.

“I promise baby, I’ll train her and she’ll be not trouble. Come on, I mean just look at this face” you says holding the small dog up in fort of his face. The dog simply sniffs Hap’s fave before licking him.

“Looks like you’ve made a friend for life” you giggled as Happy made a disgusted face before running over to the sink to wash his face .

“Keep that dog away from my face” that’s all you had to hear before you spent the rest of the night chasing Happy around the house with the dog.

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papofglencoe  asked:

Hi guys! A little fire-breathing flying reptile informed me it's going to be Alice's (aka thegreatorangedragon's) birthday on Feb. 16, and I was wondering if someone might be able to drabble a little something for her? There's no truer friend to the folks here and champion of Everlark authors, and I know she'd love to see something. (Bonus points if someone can give her a puzzle to figure out... I'm sure you've noticed she's a clever one). Thanks for everything you guys do. <3c

Originally posted by theonegirlblue

Happy birthday to the @thegreatorangedragon!! Thank you @papofglencoe for sending in the ask! Here is a fun little fic submitted by @peetabreadgirl just for you. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little one shot. Rated S-E-X. For sex. There be smut here, folks. Sorry if I ruined the surprise. Thanks to the girls who run this awesome blog and make cool stuff happen. Pbg

 Join ‘Em

rated E

It started out as a joke. A way to pass the awkward time while listening to the sound of my neighbors through the thin walls. But I can’t deny anymore that I wish the sounds Peeta and I are making were real. I don’t know what to do about it. He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember.

Since I moved into my place, Peeta and I have spent most Saturday nights in the studio apartment, scarfing down tubs of cheap udon noodles or greasy slices of pepperoni pizza, watching various movies from all different eras and genres.

But a few weeks ago I got a new neighbor. A very loud, sexually active one. Apparently said neighbor also has standing appointments on Saturday nights. Whether it’s for money or not, I’d rather not know. The neighborhood I live in is a bit seedy, so it’s a possibility. But in any case, the first time it happened took us by complete surprise. I was stuffing my mouth with cheese fries from the bar on the corner, Peeta beside me, a beer bottle tipped up to his lips, when it started.

The moaning and wailing were enough to make me lose my appetite, and Peeta looked white as a sheet. I tried to laugh it off, but it didn’t take. Peeta wouldn’t look at me, and to be honest, I couldn’t have looked him in the eyes either. I turned up the television, tried to watch the movie. Tried to ignore the knocking and cooing and ‘yes, right there, oh yes’s’, but it seemed the more I tuned them out, the louder they became.

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A Puppy for Bucky

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Natasha, Sam, Tony, Sam (OC)

Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, fluff, angst, talk of PTSD

Word Count: 4,782


Driving a motorcycle was scary in and of itself. Driving a motorcycle in New York City was down right terrifying. But driving a motorcycle, in New York City, on Black Friday when it was snowing was down right suicidal.

You zipped through traffic as fast as you could while still being safe, cursing yourself for being late to work. You spent half of your drive swearing at ignorant tourists that ran into the middle of the road without looking and the other half laying on your horn as you raced through Midtown Manhattan. You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t notice the cab that jumped the line at the red light as you bobbed around a group of people more concerned with their cell phones than traffic. You careened into the side of it and flew over your handle bars. With a loud yelp, you slammed into the unforgiving pavement and rolled a few feet before coming to a stop on the ground.

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❝ I wanted to do something nice for you ❞

Plot: Your boyfriend Jimin tries to cook for you but he ends to destroy everything. 


Words count: 1,4k

Genre: Fluffy 

For this cutie @rajwah12345, I hope you like it! Kiss, M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

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Look at him… How can he be so cute??? Someone help me.

“Nope.. nononono, dammit!”

Jimin’s voice manages to call you back to reality, you were too focused on your laptop to study for the next philosophy’s exam, one of the hardest and you hate it, you really hate it. You didn’t noticed the time go by, but when you finally look at your watch you realize that they’re more than three hours that your boyfriend is in the kitchen, doing something that you can’t still understand.

“Cmon.. Why?!? ”

“Jimin.. are you okay?” You ask, leaving the laptop on the couch and getting up from it begins to walk toward the kitchen. “What are you doing …? Do you want to destroy the house? ”

The closer you get and more you begin to smell in the air a strange burning scent and when, at last, you stop at the threshold of the door you know what kind of disasters were created by him for all that time.

The blond and fluffy Jimin, your boyfriend for over a year and a half, is surrounded by baking trays full of biscuits, completely burned. The cookie dough was able, and you can’t get how, to finish on the highest shelves and you can glimpse a quantity of dirty dishes in the sink and spread on the work top.

But the “best” show is Jimin. Flour has pretty much spread everywhere, especially in his hair that now are no longer as perfect as usual.



“What’s going on?” You ask giggling, folding arms to your chest by watching the show right in front your eyes. “You had a fight with some phantom that has now disappeared? I’ve never seen the kitchen so dirty! ”

“Go away” He screams embarrassed, bowing his head and avoiding your gaze as best he can. You find really adorable as his face turns when he’s shy and you only want to coddle him without ever stopping.

“What were you trying to do?”


“Babe… Burned cookies… Destroyed kitchen.. You cover with flour and chocolate.. ”

“What cookies? You’re hallucinating! ”

Giggling you approach him and let slide your arms on his hips, then going to cast off your hands on his “belly”. You can feel, under your fingertips, his defined muscles and with an effort you can manage to keep your mind “away” from certain types of thoughts. You are lower than him, he continues to appreciate this “particular” of you, so you’re forced to move your head to the side to see what he sees. The kitchen is in even worse conditions than what you thought, but you appreciate the vain attempt of your boyfriend to do something for you.

“You wanted to make cookies or they were a second choice…?”

“I wanted to make a cake. Even before I wanted to cook. But I realized I’m not Jin Hyung ”

“Nobody is Seokjin, Jimin. Do you want to cook together? ” You talkin’; going to place a soft kiss on his shoulder and smiling at seeing his face light up in your proposal. “I promise I won’t help, will you do it all by yourself.. So you can say you’ve cooked for me. ”

“Okay… But if I ask for help? ”

“I’ll help you, jerk. Come on, we should start to try to make these cookies. ”

His shyly smile is something that you’re not used to it, so suddenly you feel the uncontrollable desire to kiss him. With just one smile is able to upset you completely and how much you avoid to show it openly, you’re aware that he knows the effect he has on you.

He kisses softly your forehead, now more combative than ever, starting to move everything useless from the work top. You try to help him, but at every his glance, you got that he wants to do alone and you just have to watch, so you put your hands up in surrender, smiling shyly at him.  

“Why did you want to cook, Jiminnie??”

“I mean.. I wanted to do something nice for you. ” He whisper, even more embarrassed than before and feel your heart melt completely.

“You could dance for me. At least I know you can do it. ”


“Sorry sorry, no more mean things to my poor and sweet boy,” you mumble amused, finally able to get closer to the kitchen counter.

“Then.. You know that for first you have to measure out the ingredients? ”

“Ah.. Really?? ”

His answer leaves you shocked and you lay your gaze, for a moment, on the cookies, innocent and singed, taking one. Just one bite is useful to understand Jimin’s problem with cooking. You start coughing, the taste is something that goes beyond disgusting, while he lightly pats your shoulder to help you in any way.





His expression looks like that of a child that had lost his candy and that doesn’t help you, nay even more distracted by his gaze and you can’t remember what you were going to do and not even your name.


You look at him while taking the scale, unused until then, and rests her on the table with a combative gaze. It’s a war between him and the cookies, you’re more than sure.

“At least you know the recipe?”

“Of.. Right, the recipe.. OBVIOUS, I KNOW IT! ”

Yet more proof that he has no idea what to do, so you take the phone out of the pocket of your jeans and looking for a recipe for cookies, finding the one that seems to be the easiest of all. Always giggling you read aloud, for each ingredient you see him as he runs to the kitchen taking what he needs, biting your bottom lip from time to time because of his perfection, even covered with chocolate and flour everywhere.


“You have to measure out the ingredients, babe..”

“Right.. Then, sugar. "He says in satisfated tone and you at him while he’s biting the tip of his tongue to concentrate, the blond cowlick always falls in his eyes.

"Done! Now…now.. The flour. ”

When he picks up the flour bag, you already know that the disaster is going to happen. In fact, a few seconds later, you look at him stumble and you don’t even have time to record what happened.

You cough, flour came into your mouth and it’s a horrible feeling because it knead your palate with the tongue, while an exhausting sensation of itching starts to tickle your nose.


“Fuck..I…I… ”

“I’m not covered with flour from head to toe, I can’t… ”

“Jagi… ”

You cough again, taking off as best you can the flour from your face, puffing and seeing a small cloud of flour form in front of you. Yes, you’re completely covered with flour and the worst thing is you can’t be mad at him.

“You’re… You know that flour… Has properties… So is good for your skin? ”


“Huh, my beautiful and perfect love?”


You give him no time to take two steps that you’ve already taken the flour bag, at least what’s left of it, and start to run after him. Cookies can wait, your revenge no.

We don’t talk anymore

Prompt: I wanted to send a request for the song fic if you’re still taking them. Can I request “We don’t talk anymore” Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez? Just some ansgt and then some fluff?

A/N: It was really great to write this… sorry it took me forever, I wanted it to be great. I hope you like it and sorry if it’s a bit long.

Warnings: widow reader, fluff, angst. You’re Chris’s age.



“y/n, right?” my sister asked me. We were on a family dinner and suddenly the ex’s topic came. It was my turn.

“She was adorable, son, have you ever talked to her after?” I smiled.

“Of course not, come on, guys! We don’t talk anymore. She was my high school sweetheart, I haven’t heard of her in, what? Twenty years?” I shrugged giving the chance to tear another past relationship. But the truth was that I felt curious for her. We spent many amazing things, but we didn’t share dreams. We took different paths. And it was fine… until now.

I didn’t sleep that night wondering about her. We lost contact. We were so naïve, we believed that it was going to last. That we had something to live by, to fight for. But it was just an innocent thing. My mind processed pictures of our holding hands. Her curly hair moving in the air and the floral smell that she used to have. Her sweet giggling after one of my many bad jokes. Her shaking body undermine after our first encounter. I recalled the way she couldn’t hide anything, she had one of the strongest looks ever, and she showed every feeling through her look. She used to have the sweetest lips, and the smoothest, snow white skin. How could I forget her? How could she make me feel the same even when she’s probably not the same girl? How’s possible that this feeling still alive?

“Oh, baby, you received a letter from your old high school, do you want me to send it to you?” my mom inquired through the phone.

“It’s fine, you can open it and send me a pic because I’m not in a stable address right now, mom”

“Alright, let me see where I saved it…. oh, here it is.” I heard the paper tearing. “It’s a reunion. Next month…”

I was nervous. Even when I’ve done bigger things. I felt anxious. I was going to see her again, what if she goes with her husband? What if she still mad at me? I literally stood in the parking lot ten minutes after I parked. I felt like a teenager again. I wasn’t Chris the actor, I was Chris the student and (ex) boyfriend. I decided going without the tie and started to walk to the gym.

I didn’t recognize most of the guys and girls I used to hang with. They were totally different. They gave my name and a drink the moment I got there. I wasn’t that social in the school, but suddenly, everybody was my friend. I was talking with one of the football stars. He had a belly bigger than the ball. I heard someone calling her name. I tried to reach the voice, but there was a lot of people. I excused myself and went to the restrooms. In my way, some of my classmates asked for a picture. And after a flash, I saw her. My anxiety was gone because she was shyly standing in front of me.

She was different. She wasn’t using a bang and brides. She had her hair lighter and clear forehead. She used to wear her faded jeans and my shirts that were bigger than her. Now she was wearing a long skirt and a tight white shirt. She was radiant. She was a woman now. A breathtaking, gorgeous and clumsy lady. I took the last picture and I excused myself. But some guys ran into me and I couldn’t say no. Until Marisa came closer. She hugged me and, again, asked me for a picture.

“What can you tell me about y/n? I saw her but I didn’t talk to her” she smiled.

“She came because I begged her to. Since her husband died, she doesn’t like to go out much. She has to child, his name is Billy, and he’s so adorable. Maybe you should ask her those things, talk to her.” I held my breath, so, this is what happens when life, you know, happens. I recognize her dress and my way to her.

“Hi” I murmured, she turned around and smiled with that perfect, sweet smile.

“Chris Evans, wow!” she spoke. She left her drink and hugged me. Her body wasn’t the body of a teenager, mine either, but the difference was that mine reacted like a teen boy. I held her and she took distance. “I didn’t think I’d see you around. I wanted to say hello, but all your friends were there, so…” she apologized and I laughed.

“Yeah, right, friends… you should remember my friends. I can’t believe it, you’re so…” she laughed this time. Until her cellphone rang.

“Oh, hold on, it’s my babysitter, I need to get this” she excused herself and made her way out of the gym, obviously and ridiculously followed her. What the hell was I doing? I mean… I needed to know more, if she was doing fine, if she was happy, if she accomplished her dreams of become a teacher.

After three minutes, she came in.

“Hey, everything ok?” y/n nodded.

“Sort of, I got to go. I need to call my uber, I didn’t bring my car, it’s not like I wanted to get wasted it’s just that… I don’t drive if I drink because of Tim” She quickly spoke while typing. “And I’m talking out loud” I smiled like an idiot.

“Yes, some things never change” she nodded.

“It’s a bad habit. Anyway, it was good seeing you…” she approached and hugged me and when she made her distance again I cleared my throat to say the only thing that came to my mind.

“I wouldn’t mind to take you home, if that’s ok with you, of course” she smiled, and I recognized that smile, she was touched.

“Chris, this is just getting started, I don’t think you’d like to miss all the fun. It’s very sweet of you, but you don’t have to. This app is a blessing…”

“That’s not a problem, I’d rather being with you for a little while than spend my night with my friends” I responded ironically.


“You’re not married” she said out of the blues, ice breaking the car.

“I’m not” I added as I stopped on the lane.

“Why not?” I shrugged and kept driving.

“I guess I haven’t found the magic I felt since…” I stopped before saying something stupid.


“Well, since the last time I felt like that. So, tell me, what do you do now?” I changed the topic.

“I’m a kindergarten teacher. As I planned and dreamt. And I don’t ask you because I know you did it. And did it in a big way. I couldn’t be happier for you.” I smiled.

“It’s not a big deal, I love what I do, I really do. Ok, it’s my turn to ask… I heard you’re having a problem with the babysitter, I’m guessing you became a mom and a wife” she smiled and looked to the other way. I continued driving.

“Yes, I’m a mom. Billy is four years old. And I’m or was a wife, until my husband died two years ago”

“Oh, y/n, I’m sorry to hear that”

“It’s ok. We’re moving on, it’s what my husband would’ve wanted. It’s here.” I parked and opened my door to open hers.

“So…” I whispered.

“Would you like to come in? I could make some coffee before you come back to the reunion” she asked. I nodded.

“A coffee sounds really nice”

The babysitter left, y/n went up and came back with slippers.

“Billy’s asleep. So, tell me…” and then, the conversation began. It was like traveling through time, but more mature. We were adults now, talking about life, adventures and minor stuff.

“I had forgotten how much I loved talking to you” I said out of the blues. I saw a little guy in the kitchen entrance. And for my luck, he was hearing an avengers pajama.

“Mommy, bad dream” his sleepy eyes were the same color of y/n.

“Oh, come here, sweetheart” he rose her arms and she picked him up. “I’m sorry” she murmured. I smiled and grabbed the two cups and washed them.

“You don’t have to do that”

“Mommy, who is him?” he was so adorable. Her curls were heritage from her.

“He’s a friend. His name is Chris. Say hello” he said hello with his hand.

“Can I hug him?” he asked her mom. She smiled.

“You can ask him if that’s ok”

“Can I hug you? I was having a bad dream” it melted my heart, I nodded and opened my arms for him. We kept talking until he fell asleep in my arms.

We were on her door. She had put Billy in his bed. And during that time I felt my heart racing, should I ask her out? I mean, why not? But was it right?

“Goodnight and thank you, Chris” I leaned and kissed slowly her cheek.

“No problem, y/n” I gave her my back and started to make my way to the car.

“Chris…” I heard her. She walked as I turned back.


“It was good seeing you” she smiled.

“It was good seeing you too, I just wish we could see each other again. Would you like that? Maybe we could go for an ice cream with Billy?” she smiled.

“Chris… you don’t have to do this. You’ve been so nice with us. But you don’t have to feel like I’m forcing you to do this. It’s ok. I…”

“I understand that, but I’d like to do it. I’d really like to. Because you’re you, and I love being with you, even after all these years, after not talking… we have the same connection, y/n, you can’t ignore that. And I don’t want to come back to my life knowing that I had the chance to be in your life. I don’t want to be at the point of not talking anymore and daydreaming about how you are”

“I’m not. I just… Chris, it’s not the same. We’re not 17 anymore. You’re a worldwide star, I’m a kindergarten teacher from our hometown. It was good, tonight was good. But I don’t fit in your life now.” She rose and kissed my cheek. I saw her walking away. She closed the door and I made my way towards her. I knocked. Once she opened I cleared my throat.

“Hello, I’m Chris. I don’t know you at all, I don’t know anything about different worlds or different lives, I just know that I want to know you again. Please.” Her eyes were full of tears. She smiled and extended her hand.

“Hello, I’m y/n. I’d like to meet you again, Chris.”

NewtXReader - PART 5 - bitter sweet love


PART 1: here

PART 2: here

PART 3: here

PART 4: here

WORD COUNT: 2 1 6 0

Info: SMUT/fluff Finally. Newt had confessed.


The world froze, the realisation hitting you all at once.

He was talking about you.


“I’ve kept my feelings for you contained as long as I can…I know that’s not what you wanted to hear but I can’t keep pretending like last night didn’t mean something to me Y/N”.

He nervously ran a hand threw his hair, a sign of the struggle to confess his feelings. Newt was normally quite a reserved man, but also an open book at the same time. When he let emotion pour out of him, you knew it came from the heart, truth behind every word. You remained silent allowing him to let everything out.

“Just seeing your smiling face or hearing you heart-melting voice makes my worst days more than just bearable. You know I’m not the best with emotions…but on the off chance I can comprehend what love is…it is a direct result of you”.

You couldn’t speak, no matter how you wanted to scream that you felt the same, the words just wouldn’t come out. Panic washed over Newt has he realised what he just said, oh Merlin why did he say that? You probably didn’t even feel the same.

As he got up to leave in embarrassment you pulled him into a hug. In seconds your body is moulded to my his, sharing body heat as easily as you share your heart with him. You could never let another close to you like this, but Newt was different. You’ve never known a person to always have the right motivations, even when he’s wrong. There’s a purity to him, something more than just freckles and auburn hair.

“It’s always been you Newt” you whisper into his shoulder.

Drawing your head back you stare newt directly in the face, the world blurring as you look into his eyes. Tilting towards you, he gently presses a kiss your cheek, brushing it lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through your nerves, shivers that made your whole body tremble.

“I’m gonna have to get the firewhiskey to get a proper kiss?” you playfully teased, chuckling at his shyness. Giving you a cheeky smile Newt’s arms encircle your waist drawing you in, his lips hungry for yours.

Gently pushing you backwards on the floor, Newt deepens the kiss. Feeling the weight of his body on yours, you feel him - all of him- pressed against you. One had holding him steady and the other caressing your face, your arms reach up and tangle around his neck. A soft moan escapes your lips and Newt breaks from the kiss, lust hazing over his eyes. His hands creep up dangerously close the the bottom of your night gown. Was this moving too fast? He unsurely looked at you wondering if he was being appropriate or not, he didn’t intend to force you into something you weren’t ready for.

“Newt..it’s ok…”

As soon as those words left your mouth, his usual lopsided grin sprouted from his lips. His lips instantly engulfed yours again however this time in a fiery passion and his hands crawled further up the inside of your thighs. Shyly pushing your legs apart, he nervously looked up to you. Had he done this before? Giving him one last look of approval, he slowly pulled down your pants gawking at what lay beneath. He paused admiring for a minute, as you self consciously lay fully exposed to him. What was he thinking?

So beautiful” he whispered softly.

A deep blush washed over your face, as he rubbed your folds, his thumb grazing along your clit. Carefully he began rubbing intricate patterns on your bud, intensely watching your reactions. Almost as though he was studying one of his creatures, he took note of what pleased you and what didn’t, making the experience fully pleasurable. You wasn’t sure if he’d done this before or not, but you really didn’t care as the sound of your moans drowned out your thoughts.

He entered in a finger, not wanting to startle you. Your insides instantly squeezed around his finger, as he curled it up with every thrust. Your hips started to squirm, his fingers extremely long and able to reach deeper than you ever could.

Please…” You begged not caring how desperate you sounded.

Newt traced his tongue around your lips before flattening his tongue over your slit. You were at a loss for words, only a sound of pleasure shakily pouring from your lips. He delivered a long, slow lick and you moaned wholeheartedly, never experiencing such pleasure in your life. You were torn. You wanted to circle your hips but you were, for whatever reason, afraid he’d stop.

His tongue lodged itself into your opening and his sucking technique altering now and again to see what would make you tick. You’d always expected that oral would feel good but you never thought that it would be this amazing. Newt was amazing, his ability to study what was most pleasurable for you made him very experienced. He was gentle just passionate, shy but confident. Your hands rummaged through his auburn messy hair, gripping on for dear life.

Feeling yourself coming to your high, you held yourself back unsure to come in Newt’s mouth. He held tightly to your hips, refusing to let go he let his tongue persuading you climax. Your hips now where fully of the floor, your legs over each of his shoulders. Unable to hold out anymore you let out a load moan, the sound bouncing off the walls of the apartment.

Releasing your juices into his mouth, you allowed your head to roll back and hips arch furthermore. Newt cleaned you up with his tongue before gently setting your body back to the floor, in front of the fire.

He decided he didn’t want to move too quick with you, as you’d only confessed your liking for one another tonight. He didn’t have the courage to take this any further and from the looks of it, Newts mouth had drained all the energy from you. Feeling exhausted from the ecstasy, you attempted to calm your breathing, entwining your hands with Newts.

“Was it ok?” He nervously queried, unsure if you were fully satisfied. He just want to please you.

Newt that was…..” You voice came out raspy as you found yourself at a loss for words.

“I’m just happy I could make you happy” he smiled sincerely before lifting you up off the floor, bridal style.

Gently he set you on the sofa, placing himself beneath you. You lay peacefully on top of him, your head nuzzled into his neck. Your night gown was pulled back down although your underwear still lay on the floor. Both of you had failed to notice this however, both too overwhelmed in bliss. As the fire burned to embers you breathing settled back down, your eyelids heavy from the lack of sleep. Listening to the sound of Newt’s heart beat and his large hands running through your hair, you found yourself slowly but surely drifting off, knowing that this time you could wake up with no regrets.


Peeling your eyelids open, you found yourself still wrapped in Newt’s muscular arms. Peering up to his face you noticed his mouth slightly parted, a little droop on the side. He was the definition of adorable. Allowing yourself to relax in his arms, you eyes drifted aimlessly around the room, still throbbing from the night before.

It was only then you noticed your underwear still discarded across the floor, that you panicked. Oh goodness you couldn’t let anyone see that! You immediately jumped from Newt’s grasp, running to hide them away. Newt mimicked your actions, jumping up from the sofa startled with a panicked look on his face.

“Wha..what?” Disoriented he tried to make sense of what was happening. “Sorry did I wake you” you began laughing at his sleepy state, “just didn’t want anyone to find this” you held the underwear high, a smitten look crossing his face.

“No need to hide them, the whole bloody apartment heard you last night anyways”, Tina snakily remarked, shooting daggers in your direction.

She had waltzed into the kitchen with an empty mug of coco in her hand and a fowl look plastered on her face. Oh Merlin you hope she was lying! Red tinted your cheeks as you slowly backed out of the room to get dressed (not forgetting to take your knickers with you of course). Shutting the door to your room, your back slid down it as you replayed over and over again the events of last night. Getting dressed and packing the last of your belongings into your bag, Jacob came into the room to help move your luggage out. You however noticed that he never made eye contact with you, but simply said, “glad everything worked out for you and Newt”. Oh goodness he must’ve heard you last night as well.

“Y/N please remember a Legilimen lives in this house, your thoughts are bouncing around the entire room ”. Queenie shouted down the corridor, you face now practically a tomato.

As you made your way hastily towards the kitchen Newt stood there, holding his battered brief case in his hand. You gave the apartment one finally glance.

“Ready love?”

“Always” you smiled, walking out the door way, while the others followed behind.


As the ship pulled up to the harbour you bid your farewells to your new acquaintances, you’d miss them all…well the majority of them so much. Tina was the first person to approach you, probably just looking to get it out of the way, “it’s been a pleasure having you here, hope you have a safe trip home”.

‘Yeah only because Newt’s on the ship. You’d be willing it to sink if it was just me’ you thought.

You heard Queenie burst in a fit of giggles, she must’ve read your mind. Now out of everyone in America, she was the one who you would miss the most. In just a short few days you’d grown attached to her, her enthusiasm for life and love was highly contagious. From the minute she’d met you, she had been nothing but kind, even lending you one of her own dresses so you could go to The Blind Pig. “Oh Queenie” pulling her into a hug you whispered into her ear, “don’t tell the others but it is you who I’ll miss the most. Come visit me and Newt in London won’t you?” Nearly in tears Queenie replied, “of course I will hun…”.

Looking to Newt, then back to you she lowered her voice, “he really cares about you Y/N, I hope you know that. Trust a Legilimen” she cheekily winked.

Although you could even reply to her, Jacob engulfed you in a suffocating embrace. “You come back soon eh? Won’t be the same without you kiddo. Made a little something for your journey, I know I always get peckish when travelling anyways”. From within pocket Jacob pulled out the pastries wrapped in a silk cloth, though half squished, you appreciated them all the same.

“Now if you get hungry, you tell that captain there to turn his ship back around to New York and I’ll make up a new batch”,Jacob said attempting the most serious face he could muster up. Giggling you gave him a quick peck on the cheek, thanking him for his hospitality. You’d really miss him cracking his usual cheeky jokes back in London.

Glancing over to where Newt was standing you observed him and Queenie saying goodbye. Just as he was about to turn on his heel, she whispered something into his ear, although reading her lips you could see that your name had been mentioned. Newt gave a heartwarming shy smile before making his way over to you, linking his large hand with your delicate one. Boarding you gave one last wave to your new friends, before the ship started sailing away.

Looking towards Newt you saw his Bow tie was titled at an angle. “What is it with you and bow ties Mr Scamander” you exclaimed, going up on your tippy toes to fix it.

“Oh Merlin don’t tell your gonna start choosing out outfits now we’re together” he smiled down towards your small frame.

“Oh so we’re together now are we” you slyly raised an eyebrow, in a questioning way

“Wel-l that’s If y-you want to be-” he stuttered nervously, had he said the wrong thing?

“Newt I was joking, of course I do”.

You giggled at his naivety. His pearly white teeth where on full display, as he protectively wrapped and arm around your waist. Both of you caused to out into the sea, the gentle waves scattered the evening sun like the sequins that lay scattered from the festival. You admired the line of darker blue which marked the curve of the horizon, allowing yourself to reflect on your adventure in New York. “Did you enjoy your time with me?” You questioned Newt, wondering if his thoughts of the trip replicated yours.

Simply but surely he replied, “No time spent with you is ever enough”.


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A/N: A Dad!Seungcheol fic requested by @aesthedick-cheol! The day Seungcheol becomes a father will be the day I am finally complete. Bless and good luck to his future spouse lmaoo. Also, sorry I couldn’t think of a better title.. I’m sorry if this came out bad! Constructive criticism is always welcome on my blog so please if you have something to say! Anyways, thank you so much for requesting and I hope you all enjoy <3<3

Genre: Fluff

Character(s): Seungcheol, Reader

Word count: 1234??? 12? Who knows? I ain’t gonna count I’m sorry

(P.S. This gif makes me so soft…T_T)

“What do you think about kids?”

You and your boyfriend Seungcheol were sitting on a park bench, your head tucked in his shoulder, his arm around you as you watch a young family playing about on the grass. The giggles of a toddler echoed through the trees as the father chased him around.

It was one of the days Seungcheol could take the day off and today he chose to spend it with you. You had decided to go to the park on a whim, seeing that the weather was bound to be nice enough to spend the day out that day.

The weather was gorgeous, the sky streaked with pinks and purples as the day was coming to an end. The days had grew warmer as Spring gave way to Summer. The cool gentle breeze made you snuggle closer into the warmth that is your boyfriend.

You were taken off guard by the question and you looked up to see your boyfriend watching the scene before him with a fond smile. It wasn’t a secret that Seungcheol has a deep fondness towards children. He said it himself once that he wanted to have a big family one day.

“They’re pretty cute..” you started “I mean, they’re great but that also means you’d have to get up early and pay for tuition.”

You both laughed at that.

“Do you want kids one day?” he asked.

“Hmm, maybe? I think so..” you mumbled in reply.

You never really thought of it. You never really thought much about getting married before, let along having kids. But Seungcheol’s did question make you take a step back and think. You couldn’t help but blush as the image of Seungcheol playing around with your own children flashed in your mind.

“If you have kids, how many do you want?” he asked.

“Maybe three?? So the oldest can take care of the younger ones and the youngest can tease the older ones,” you let out a small laugh at thought of it.

“Three sounds good,” he chuckled in agreement.

You laughed and poked his side “Hey mister, what made you ask?”

He looked at you with a smile on his face, his eyes crinkling on the edges “Ahh, I don’t know.. I just want children of my own one day.. And now that I got you..” he tickled you on your side as you squealed.

“Cheol!” you squeaked, giggling. He laughed and kissed you on the cheek.

“I just thought you’d be a great mom one day,” he said. “I mean, imagine: our kids would get my good looks and long lashes and your personality.”

“Hey!” you smacked in in the chest. His laughter rang out, the kind where his gums shows and the sight of it melts your heart.

You smirked at him “How many kids do you want someday?”

“Ten” he quipped. You gasped and hit him in the arm.


You can’t believe your baby kicked to Nicki Minaj.

It was one of the days you felt cooped up just staying at home all day. Since you’ve taken your maternity leave,

So you begged Seungcheol to take you to their practice today to observe. At first he had denied your request, saying you shouldn’t get too tired but with enough puppy eyes and aegyo, Seungcheol’s resistance broke and so here you are sitting on the sidelines and watch the boys practice.

It just so happens when the hiphop team played Nicki Minaj on the speakers during one of their breaks when you feel your baby kick. You let out a startled gasp and Seungcheol was right beside you in a second. “What’s wrong, babe?! Are you okay?? Is the baby okay?? What happened??”

By this time, the boys have crowded around you, concerned and wondering what’s wrong. You looked up at your concerned husband with your eyes wide,”The baby kicked..”

There was a pregnant silence until the boys erupted in excited squeals and Oh my gods. Seungcheol’s face broke into a relieved smile and he finally let out the breath that he’s been holding. He gave you a quick peck on your forehead and laid his hand on your stomach

Vernon snickered “I can’t believe your baby reacted to Anaconda.”

“Oh! Oh! Try playing something else!” Mingyu called out. Vernon scrolled to his playlist and in no time, another Nicki Minaj song played, this time it’s Starship.

And so you found thirteen hands eagerly trying to get a feel on the baby’s kick. And as expected, as the beat dropped after the chorus, you could feel another kick, this time much harder than the first.

Thirteen boys jumped and made faces of astonishment at each other. Joshua and Jun were congratulating you and Seungcheol as Jeonghan grinned ear to ear. Seokmin’s eyes grew as big as saucers which reminded you of the first time Seventeen had gotten their first win. The room was filled with awe and joy and the lot of you were laughing at the hilarity of the situation.

“OH MY G O D!!” Seungkwan shouted, starring at his hand “I’m going to be a kimbap uncle!!!”

The boys laughed at that. You must’ve looked pretty disturbed at the realization that your baby reacted so much to Nicki Minaj it made them laugh even louder. Seungcheol on the other hand, has never looked so proud.

“What can I say, she has a good taste.” he joked.

Later that night, you both said goodbye to the boys in a good mood. Seungcheol couldn’t keep his hands to himself that he held your hand all the way home in the car. He helped you change, helped you brush your hair as you removed your make-up and helped you get tucked in for the night from your side of the bed.

His actions just spoke the words he didn’t say. To say he was eager was an understatement.

You were both half-asleep when his voice suddenly rang out softly “You know I will take care of you, right?”

Your eyes were heavy as you answered “I know.”

That night you fell asleep to the sound of his breathing.

It was a shame that Seunghceol wasn’t here right beside you.

Seungcheol and the boys had went to LA for the K-Con earlier in the week and are scheduled to be back two days from now. The both of you knew that he won’t probably be there when you deliver the baby but he’d promised that he would take the next flight back to Korea if anything were to happen.

So now here you are, waiting for the baby and through the waves of pain, you had decided to give Seungcheol a call. Apparently they had just finished with their event and Seungcheol was taking a break at the backstage when you told him you were in labor.

His parents from Daegu had come to take care of you while he was gone and they were the ones who brought you to the hospital when you woke up in the middle of the night when your water broke. You were whisked away to the hospital via a taxi and here you were, waiting to be dilated enough to finally push.

“Who do you think should be her godfather? Jeonghan?” The sound of car honking came through. You’re on the phone with Seungcheol as you waited and itt sounds like he’s stuck in a traffic. Your heart clenched a bit at the thought.

“Not Jeonghan.” you protested. You both had a good laugh on that one.

Seunghceol’s voice was full of mirth when he answered “Yeah, alright, not Jeonghan. I don’t want him to terrorize her like he did to Dino. ““Y/B/N, whose baby are you??””

You laughed at that and imitated in a baby voice “”Jeonghan’s baby~””

His laughter sounded a bit forced by now, as if he was trying to mask his anxiety, but the sheer sound of his voice was enough to calm you down. That’s the thing with Seungcheol; you may be separated by miles and schedules but you will always know that in the end of the day, he will be there with you. Like an anchor.

There was a silence before you spoke “Cheol.. It’s alright if you can’t be here with me, right now, at this moment.. I just want you to be here safely..”

You didn’t expect the tears that burned your eyes because you didn’t expected anything more from him. All that you said was true and you weren’t lying to yourself. You really hope that he would come back home to you safely. That’s all.

Because isn’t that what love is? Being selfless? You knew how much he wants to be here, as much as you do. You knew things will get in the way between the both of you but you’ve always worked it out.

And now you just want Seungcheol to come safely. To meet his daughter. His beautiful baby daughter. Seungcheol must’ve sensed the tears in your voice and his voice came through softly “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you..”

“No, Cheol, this is enough..” you sighed, your breath stuttering.

“You’re enough..”

You both talked and talked until it’s finally time for you to push the baby and you said your goodbyes as the doctor came. Seungcheol promised everything will be alright and told you he loved you.

You felt as if he was with you all the time.

Seungcheol arrived at the break of dawn. By this time, you were fast asleep and your baby was dozing off in her incubator next to your bed. She was born at sunset and was declared perfectly healthy by the doctors.

And she’s beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

While she has your complexion and your smile, she has his father’s dark hair and big, expressive eyes and yes, his lashes, too. You had cried the first time you held her in your arms.

Seungcheol crept into the dark room slowly, as to not wake you up. He went to your bedside and planted a soft kiss on your forehead. You stirred in your sleep and through your sleepy haze, you looked up to face him.

You felt a smile break on your exhausted face. “Hey” you croaked. 

“Hey” he whispered, kissing you once more, this time on the lips. You can feel his longing pour into that one single action. When you broke it, you saw his eyes glance at the incubator.

“Is that…her?” “Yeah.”

“Can I meet her?” “Of course.”

Seungcheol went around the bedside and went to pick up your daughter. She grumbled and frowned in her sleep but found peace when Seungcheol finally held her. He began to rock her softly and you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell at the sight. 

Seungcheol was really made to be a dad.

His gaze was soft and full of adoration as he looked upon his newborn daughter and at that moment you knew Seungcheol fell hard and deep and your daughter has his dad wrapped around her little fingers just like that.

“Y/B/N… I’m your dad…” you hear his voice whisper, “Y/B/N.. Welcome to this world.. Your mom and I are going to take a good care of you.. We love you so much..”

The lights from outside filtered through the shutters and casted a soft light on Seungcheol as his voice echoed through the darkness of the room in a soft lullaby. And at that moment, everything was perfect.

The boys came back two days later and decided to pay you and the baby a visit before you were discharged.

To say that the room got much, much more livelier was an understatement because thirteen loud grown men surrounded your baby like a moth drawn to a light. Joshua and Seungkwan especially took an extra liking towards the baby, cooing at her and getting excited whenever the baby’s tiny digits squeezed their finger. Seungcheol looked worried and exasperated every time the boys passes the baby between them but you know they would never do any harm to her.

Just like her father, her twelve uncles’s hearts were snatched with just a glance at her glossy obsidian eyes and rosy cheeks. You just knew she’s going to be as much as a heartbreaker as her father one day.

Later in the evening, you brought your newborn home for the first time. Your in-laws had gone back to Daegu and the house was quite when you both arrived, this time with your little bundle of joy. 

Y/B/N has been a pretty quite and demure baby so far, only crying when hungry and you couldn’t be more thankful for that. As you set her in her crib in the nursery, you got reminded of months ago when Seungcheol had went out of his way to paint the nursery himself. You, who was only four months into your pregnancy wasn’t even given a chance to touch the paints as he didn’t want you to get tired. Looking around, you could tell he had done an excellent job.

The walls are painted a soft blue, with white accents. The smell of paint was long gone, now overpowered by the lavender smell from the scented candles you bought not long ago. The white shelves were littered with soft toys and children’s book, for when your baby is a little bit older and the hanging toys hanging above the crib played a soft lullaby that’s slowly lulling your daughter into slumber.

You felt a strong familiar pair of arms circle your waist from behind as you looked over the angel thats you child. Seungcheol’s lips descended on your neck, a ghost of a smile on them as his warm breath fanned along you jaw.

“She’s beautiful,” he stated. You leaned into his embrace, your eyes closed.

“She is.”

His hold on you became tighter,”Y/N.. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful family…”

You didn’t say anything. You didn’t have to. Because you both know that you love him, as much as he loved you, and with the arrival of your daughter, you knew that love just grew. 

So in the silent room, save for the lullaby playing in the background, with you encased in your husband’s loving arms and your child sleeping soundly in her baby crib, you found solace.

You found home.