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When rciel said that he doesn't need fake brothers, I wonder what he truly meant by the word fake. Did he meant 'fake brother' by not real brothers? Orrrr did 'fake brother' for him really meant a brother that is just pretending or not showing the real him, in other words, a brother faking to be someone else (which means he doesn't need ociel anymore). But I'm teeny bit hesitant bout that thought coz rciel said that he wont leave ociel's side anymore and stuff.. sorry, im confusing

(extra chapter scanned by @funtomscandy)

Actually, I think that this was just another hint that there were actually two brothers. That was before everything bad happened to them and at that time they probably had a very good relationship with each other. I guess they were so close that both thought they wouldn’t need anyone else because they had each other. Therefore, the twin’s words in that scene. So I think by ‘fake’ he meant someone acting like a brother but who’s not really a brother by blood – someone like a fag, as Vincent described it. And because he has a real brother – our Ciel – he doesn’t need them.

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Hey.. Im having pretty bad anxiety right now.. can you please help cheer me up? Sorry I don't mean to be an inconvenience I just.. God I feel worthless.. Love your art btw..

i’m very sorry you feel that way, anon, anxiety is the damn worst.
i’m not very sure what to say, other than the obvious fact that you’re in no way worthless. no person is. our brain likes to play tricks on us sometimes, and tricks include That feeling too, but you have to. challange those thoughts when you cath them. even if they seem seasonable in the heat of the moment, you have to challenge negative thought patterns as soon as you can recognise them.
when i have very bad anxiety, i usually try to find a bit of an isolted place (though too much isolation also leads down the same rode, then a bit of socializing can be very helpful) and just try to arrange my thoughts and fears logically. are they justified? are they reasonable? do my fears have a real, logical root i can solve in order for them to disappear? getting a bit grounded tends to help.
other than that though, looking for distractions is also a good option to just. calm down with. most recently i’ve been listening slash watching mcelroy products (mostly taz, cool games inc or car boys) and they’ve been very helpful in just. getting my mind off of things.
keep your chin up dear, and i wish you the best!! ♥♥

Humans are Weird: Memory and Grudges

So, Humans have this thing with keeping grudges and remembering every single wrong thing someone has done to them. And like, everyone deals with them differently. We have the petty people

Glock’norga: Human Anita can you help me?

Anita: Nope

Glock’norga: Why?

Anita:  You remember 10 months when you smacked me in the face with your tentacle and never apologized?

Glock’norga: Im sorry!

Anita: Its too late to apologize.

Glock’Norga: It was an accident though!

Anita: Well Im gonna accidentally not help you, bye.

We have the ones who actively seek revenge. And make sure the revenge is worse than whatever happened.

Jaliack: *Steps on a lego with a tack in it* Ow!

David: Ha! Thats what you get!

Jaliack: You put this here?!

David: Duh.

Jaliack: Why!?

David: A few days ago, you got peanutbutter in my hair.

Jaliack: I apologized! ANd you didnt get hurt!

David: You didnt sound like you meant it and I spent 3 hours getting it all out my hair! I told you I’d get you back!

And then youve got the people who’ll just take your apology.

K’lanack’ac: *Spills water on Jess* Oh no! Im so sorry!

Jess: Oh its fine.

K’lanack’ac: But it got in your hair!

Jess: Its cool dude.

K’lanack’ac: Ive just…. heard from the others that Humans can be a bit… mean when something bad happens to them.

Jess: Ohhhhhh youre talking about Anita and David? *Laughs a bit* They just hold grudges but I dont

K’lanack’ac: So… you wont ignore me when I need help, and you wont play a very mean prank on me?

Jess: Nah

“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!

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top five "mom" jeans?

i mean i don’t have many mom jeans but i guess these are some jeans i would put on like, eliza pancakes? yea i guess she isn’t a mom but she’s very “mom” to me. im not good at this stuff sorry lmao

1. @feather-sim‘s rose embroidered jeans

2. @citrontart‘s floral jeans recolor (i love this one for party wear idk why! it goes really well with cropped turtlenecks)

3. @sondescent‘s big belted bad boy jeans (i use these so much it’s not okay)

4. @waekey‘s high-waisted flared pants

Q & A

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and i can draw YOUR antro and animal characters

- I need good color reference of character from you

× i`m not draw:
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- crazy ideas like apple in hero costume excuse me

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First off, holy heckle you two smol but tol beans are gr8. Second, how would the RFA's reactions to MC being a politician be?

A/N: why thank you (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) ive never been called smol but tol, this is a first i dont know how to react aaaa ^^;; (ALSO IM VERY BAD AT THE WHOLE POLITICAL THING I DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS I WAS IN THE BACK MAKING SMART-ASS REMARKS SO I WENT WITH GENERAL STUFF IM SORRY)  ~Admin 404


           -You work in the government??


           - just because we work in the government together doesnt mean we all know each other

           -He’s actually really excited for you?? Like, you know what you’re doing?

           -You inspire him!!! He works really hard in school from now on!!

           -Just wants to be as successful as you, but in his own way!

           -All the attention you get (and that he gets from association) is amazing, he lowkey loves it

           -He does get a little shy every now and then, though

           -But that doesn’t stop him from being extremely proud of all the hard work you do!!!

           -He’s always there and read for cuddles if you’re ever stressed out!!!! He will cuddle all the stress away!!!


           -People in authoritarian positions make him kind of wary

           -So when he found out that you held an office in the government

           -He was a little…. well, he had mixed emotions

           -So proud that you worked really hard for what you wanted!!!!

           -But also! Oh my god why are you in such a position!!!! Please don’t get authoritarian with him!!!!!

           - okay but i wont zen, why would you assume i would

           -He’s VERY worried for you because? Holding office is dangerous??

           -There are some PSYCHOS out there MC!!!!

           -He may be a successful actor but the amount of media coverage the two of you get is insane!! He never expected it!!! But he adjusts almost immediately

           -Overall he’s so supportive???? He tells his fans about you and what you stand for all the time, it’s almost as if the two of you share a fan base




           -She’s!!! So!!!!! Proud!!!!

           -She’s also kind of lowkey jealous that you worked really hard and got to such a powerful position

           -Never wanted to see someone succeed as much as you!!

           -She might dislike being Jumin’s assistant but….hey… if YOU ever want one let her know because yeS MC, YES

           -Because she works with Jumin, she’s alright with all the media. Some days though, it gets to her and you have to assure her that it’s all okay <3

           -Always ready with a cup of coffee at the end of the day

           -Can sit for hours listening to your day, how you felt about certain topics, what you all are working on

           -She just really loves you and that you love what you do. She couldn’t imagine what you’d be like if you didn’t do what you loved!!!


           -You… you what

           -500% ALWAYS BEHIND YOU



           -Seriously, being the head of a business is difficult some days, he can’t imagine working in government

           -Though he has…thought about it

           - can y'all imagine jumin in the government omfg itd be almost like….no change

           -He’s extremely used to the media coverage, there’s no problem there, it’s okay MC

           -Stressful day at work? He’s bringing you Elizabeth

           -If you need help going through some paper work, he’ll get jaehee to do it help you sort it out!! He knows what he’s doing, it’s okay MC



           -MC, BABY, NO

           -His father is also a politician and it scARES HIM



           -He hacks into CCTV’s around your office as much as possible to make sure you’re okay

           -He also likes to hack into your laptop and send you cute little messages or stupid memes if he can sense that you’re stressed out

           -Completely stays away from the media that follows you. He can’t be in it, there’s no way

           -He does help you come up with new ideas to bring up in meetings, and helps you out with anything and everything when you’re too tired to keep your train of thought though

           -He’s proud that you’ve gotten as far as you have, he really admires your passion and will do!! Anything!!! his hacking powers!!! Can do!!! To help you!! You need to spread your campaign?? He’s got you <3





           -He thinks it’s absolutely amazing that you’re a politician

           -Since he knows you on a very personal level, he knows what you want to do and what you stand for!

           -You’re probably the one politician he is 100% behind

           -When you advertise your campaigns, it’s always aesthetically pleasing to the eye because he helps you with the design and it is just amazing

           - seriously if it looks pretty more people tend to look

           -He isn’t in the media when he’s with you as much because??? He’s behind the camera a lot of the time anyway

           -“Who said I was with MC? I have a camera, see? I’m with the paparazzi” “V get over here what are you doing”


           -I’m sorry MC, I must have misheard you

           -Did you say you were a politician?

           -Do you KNOW how DANGEROUS that is?

           -He’s always so worried for you

           -Knows that you’re one of the good guys because?? He knows you

           -Does not trust anyone else in the government so he kind of hovers over you when you get home

           -Just wants to make sure you’re okay!!!! Listens to any rant you have to relieve your stress

           -500% stays awAY FROM ANY MEDIA THAT SURROUNDS YOU

           -TOO MANY PEOPLE. NOT HAPPENING. NO. Not to mention??? He wants to stay away from his father??

           -Cannot imagine doing what you do. Loves your passion, loves how you just want to make the government better, and do what you can to please the people!! mc you’re the only politician he likes

which everymanHYBRID character you should fight
  • vinny: the man is a beacon of angelic light and goodness, there is not a bad bone in his entire body. were you to lay a hand on vinny you would instantly be cast out of society for being as cruel and unjust as you are. how dare you even think about fighting vinny. how DARE you.
  • jeff: he's probably fit but like 90% of the time he's laying prone in the dark listening to emo music and ignoring important plot elements so just. slap him around a little. you have the advantage and he probably won't put up much of a fight. fight jeff.
  • evan: evan is small but mighty and not afraid to die with nothing to lose. he hit slenderman with a baseball bat, what do you think he'll do to you? why would you want to fight him anyway, what has he ever done to you. do NOT fight evan.
  • alex: alex has enough to deal with and fighting him would make you a bad person, but he is very tall and his movements are probably slower, so if you're fast enough you could probably get a few good shots in. so fight alex, i guess, you monster.
  • HABIT: just because you want to fight him doesn't mean you should
Unbelievable *requested*

Teen Wolf - Isaac Lahey

Note: holy cow im like super stuck with my writers/reader block I just can’t function ugh well it’s been many months since I’ve written and I know I still owe you all bad boy with feelings part 3 and I’m on it I promise but in the mean time here’s this very badly written imagine… sorry😅

Request: I really guiltily like isaac when he’s newly turned (and kind of douchey) so I was wondering if i could request isaac flirting with say someone who’s sat next to him for most of the year in one of his classes??? idk if that makes sense haha?

Triggers: uhhh lol just bad boy feels I guess

The semester was quickly rushing away, and your lab partner, Isaac Lahey has been away for weeks. You being the nice person that you are, covered for him saying that he was very ill. Did Isaac know? Of course not. You two only spoke in class, he seemed to disappear in the halls of the school, he would show up to all his classes and go home. Also you didn’t want to see poor Isaac in trouble.

The day Isaac Lahey waltzed into class an hour late, you couldn’t help but suck in a breath. This was not the Isaac you knew, no this kid had a whole new aura, get up, vibe, everything. This Isaac strode with untouchable confidence, the leather jacket was new too.

“Mr. Lahey… looks like you’ve taken your sweet time nursing yourself back to health” the lab teacher said, raising a questioning brow at him.

“What?” Isaac said, he looked confused and taken by surprise.

“Y/n has been updating me about your illness..?” The teacher said. Now realizing your lies.

“Oh, yeah… had a virus” Isaac said with a tight smile.

He rolled his eyes when his back was facing the teacher, and found his usual spot beside you that has been left unoccupied for weeks, except currently someone was sitting in his sit, quite cute too, if you do say so yourself, but he had nothing on Isaac.

The teacher stepped out the class with his coffee which was empty, clearly he was annoyed.

“Behave, class” he muttered before closing the door.

Isaac looked at the boy sitting next to you, and raised a brow at him. Still the boy not getting the message he looked over to you and started pointing out things in your notes. Isaac firmly placed both hands on the edges of the desk and look that guy in the eyes.

“Beat it, before I beat you” he said in all seriousness.

The guy immediately collected his things and found a seat in the back, and Isaac proceeded to carelessly seat himself, legs spread, bag thrown on the floor and he twirled a pen in his hand.

You could here the girls on the other side of the class start their usual gossip. “Who’s that?” A girl said, clearly not paying attention to anything. You could basically see the heart eyes on her, which only caused you to roll your eyes.

“That was a bit excessive don’t you think?” You said not looking at him. “What, he was in my seat” he said, shrugging.

“I don’t know… that was kind of a douche move” you said now looking at him to see what reaction he’d give.

He laughed slightly, and rolled his eyes, a sigh leaving his mouth. “Douche move?” He said, looking at you “You don’t even know that half of it” he said, he seemed to staring at something straight ahead so the blank chalk board.

The teacher came back sipping on his coffee, which slammed down on his desk

. “Which reminds me, you’ve been covering for me, babe?” He whispered to you.

It took you a second to realize he was talking to you. What had he called you ‘babe’? This was your brain taking a second to decide if you were going to be sassy or try not to take it personally. You finally decided to take it easy.

“And have goody two shoes in trouble, not a chance” you whispered back.

“Goody two shoes died a week ago didn’t you hear?” He whispered, not looking at you, giving you the impression that he didn’t care all that much.

“Aw, that’s too bad, I thought he was pretty cute” you said, mimicking the same careless body language.

“Oh really?” He said, raising a brow at you.

“It’s really a shame” you continued.

The bell rung and you made your way to the door, without waiting for a response from Isaac. Before you left the class, you turned to catch just the slightest smirk on Isaac’s face, which left you with a pleased grin.

He followed behind you, it felt different to be followed by him, almost as if you could get in trouble just by being near him. The hallway cleared quickly as students made there way to their next class, and your class being on the other side of the school you’ve already accepted the fact that you were going to be late.

Isaac unexpectedly trapping you between his body and the cold lockers pressing against your back. Your heart was racing, you hated to admit it but you secretly loved this transformation of Isaac’s.

“Not into bad boys?” He whispered, leaning downward.

“Nope” you barely whispered.

Isaac’s new wolf senses didn’t need to tell him you were lying, he could tell by the way you didn’t push him away.

Before either of you could say anything, you heard the unmistakable voice of coach yell from down the hall.

“Hey! You two get to class!” He yelled, not impressed as he walked down the hall.

A small gasp left your mouth before pushing Isaac away and running to class. Isaac was not the only goody two shoes in the school. You couldn’t tell if he was following you this time, because you were completely focused on getting to class.

You had a mini heart attack when you saw Isaac nonchalantly leaning against the lockers in front of your class. Slightly out of breath you glared at him in surprise.

“but how-” you started but never finished.

“That wasn’t very nice, you should’ve at least excused yourself before running off” Isaac said disregarding your unfinished question.

You squinted at him, unbelievable, you thought. You rolled your eyes before entering your class. Isaac smirked to himself as he walked down the hallway, listening to your heart racing.

Your very uninteresting class had passed and regrettably all you thought about was Isaac. You were making your way out of class and to your absolute surprise Isaac was leaning against someone’s locker, examining he’s nails. As much as you wanted to catch his attention, your inner self told you to stay away from boys like him, boys who’ll break your heart in a snap of a finger.

You were so engulfed in thought, you didn’t even feel someone circle their hand around your wrist.

“Ahem” you heard someone clear their throat right next to you.

Snapping you out of thought, you curiously looked up to see the one and only Isaac Lahey, a slight smile in his face.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” Isaac said, more in a stating tone than questioning.

“Try what again?” You asked, surprised as to what he was talking about.

Pulling you toward him, now pressed against his chest. You gasped, dropping your backpack.

“Isaac?!” You questioned his actions.

“Y/n” he said, rolling his eyes.

Gently placing a hand on your cheek and gazing into your face as if he’d never seen you before.

“Isaac…” you whispered

“Y/n, shh please” he said, trying to refocus

“Please? Your manners returned” you grinned

He closed his eyes and grinned with you. Completely forgetting you two were standing in a school hallway. He very carefully placed his lips onto yours, you shared the sweetest of kisses, almost something you’d expect from the 'old’ Isaac. Old or new he was the same deep down. Imaginary fireworks were going off in the background that’s how magical that kiss was.

“You’re unbelievable, Isaac Lahey” you said with that same grin.

“You’re just as unbelievable, Y/n” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“MOVE!” Someone from behind you two yelled, since you two were in the middle of the main hall and the bell had just rung.

“Hey, SHUT UP!” Isaac yelled back.

“Hey he just stole my line!” Stiles said to Scott, somewhere in the hallway.

Isaac rolled his eyes, inevitably.

“You better not make me regret this, Lahey” you said with a wink.

hey guys i know we’re all kinda united over a band that sends a message against suicide which means we’re indirectly just a group of suicidal ppl so i want all of you to know that i love you very much and i’d be heartbroken if any of you were harmed and you all deserve the very best. i love you. guys. and you can come to me with anything and im sorry that things are so hard

  • imagine when jeremy and jean have a fight, they ignore each other instead of lashing out.
  • so one time they had this really huge fight before they sleep, and jer and jean sleeps back to back instead of cuddling (i would like to think they share the same bed even if they fight, so fight me on this!!!!)
  • but then jeremy being jeremy, can’t stand tensions and anger. so he turns around to face jean’s back, and he sees jean’s shoulders shaking silently. 
  • so jeremy gently reaches out to jean, and places a hand on his shoulder as a silent gesture.
  • jean stiffens at first, then realizes its jeremy, so he relaxes against jeremy’s touch, never mind that they had a huge fight.
  • so jeremy gently coaxes jean to turn around with his hands, and jean lets him be pulled. 
  • its dark in their room, but jeremy reaches up to jean’s face to wipe away the tears that he knows are there, and jean just lets him be. 
  • when jer doesn’t move his hand away, jean just lets jer cradle his face. 
  • and Jeremy Knox is so In Love with his french bean, he leans up and kisses jean softly.
  • jeremy can feel jean’s shaky breaths when they break away, and he’s sorry that it’s his fault they fought this time round. he didn’t mean to say things that would have brought back bad memories. 
  • jeremy presses a kiss to jean’s forehead as a silent apology, and jean releases a shuddering breath as he wraps his arms around jeremy.
  • maybe they’ll speak about their fight in the morning. but for now, jean is content with being okay with jeremy again. 

anonymous asked:


I’m sorry to hear you’re sobbing, but I completely agree! It’s very harsh to call Yuuri an asshole, but to Victor’s perspective it would certainly seem like that’s how Yuuri was behaving. To Phichit, too. Until the reasons behind his behaviour are exposed, it does look pretty bad from their point of view.

We know of course that the reason Yuuri is lying to Phichit is to protect him from the upset Phichit would feel. Ever since this started, Yuuri’s biggest fear was that it would affect Phichit’s performance. Yuuri is terrified that what happened to him would happen to Phichit and everything Phichit has worked for would be lost- all because of Yuuri. If Yuuri told Phichit he was being used as a bargaining chip in blackmail against Yuuri, Phichit would devastated but more than that, he’d be angry. His focus for the competition would be completely gone as all he’d want was justice for Yuuri. Yuuri knows this, so he’s keeping his mouth shut and telling the easiest version of the story he can. I think Phichit will understand that if he learns it, but he would still be hurt.

Yuuri avoiding Victor is pretty low from the outset, but it’s only because he knows he has to let Victor go but he’s unsure how to do that. Yuuri really cares about Victor, more than he’s admitted to himself even, I think. But he also knows that Victor won’t accept him just up and leaving, not unless Yuuri can convince him that’s what Yuuri wants. Yuuri is really good at being misleading, but he tends to avoid straight up lying. He’s more along the lines of obfuscation and deflection. Yuuri doesn’t think he’ll be able to lie to Victor outright, so until he can think of something to tell Victor, he’s avoiding it. And of course he fears he can’t tell Victor what happened, because Yuuri feels that Victor will choose Yakov over him.

Which isn’t unfair logic. Yakov has been like a father to Victor, but even if not, Yakov has coached Victor for almost 20 years. Yuuri and Victor have only known each other 3 months.

I think a big part of Yuuri is also hoping for a solution. He’s going to try and solve what Yakov is holding over him, without anyone getting hurt. Unfortunately, the likelihood of everyone getting out of this without someone getting hurt along the way is slim.

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Somehow I came across stan twitter.. and like, its disgusting. People acting like their activist for their cause (LGBT/racial issues etc) while also saying they also want Emeraude to drown. I literally read that. The majority of stan twitter also seems to only put up with Matt- not Kat or Dom because they’re white. And yeah, they love to say that Matt is really uncomfortable with Dom and he needs saving. They just constantly uplift their favs and degrade/abuse anyone who seems to wrong them.

oh yeah 100% the twitter fandom is a horrible horrible horrible place lol i mean it’s not like tumblr is much better but twitter is just an abyss you would do very well to stay away (activism? honestly nothing makes me laugh harder…..very little ~~ actual activism~~ here my friend it’s usually just overgrown toddlers pretending that the drivel they say is important™ somehow just t b h )

i mean sorry you caught me in a bad mood lol im probably gonna regret saying this but honestly………………….like the whole thing about “matt being uncomfortable with/not liking dom” is so ridiculous it’s almost amusing if it weren’t people saying rude things about real people and real friendships (not the fictional characters that they are able to manipulate and interpret to suit their warped perspectives) just to push some kind of bizarre twisted agenda that is so warped that to this day i cannot for the life of me figure out what the goals and purpose of it are 

unfortunately for them no matter how much they want to co-opt him matt is not ~~one of them~~ and the only type of fan that he’s professed to dislike are people exactly like them and i don’t understand how that doesn’t get into their stupid heads tbh

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Shance headcannon: Shiro likes to be around when Lance is cooking, like he didn't do anything, he just likes to be around. Sitting on counters leaning on the fridge. Lance dosent even mind, he just works around him, even calling out for specific cooking items and Shiro will get them for him. Just some cute domestic fluff. (Ps: Sorry you had a bad day Hun)

I bet Shiro REALLY likes that concentrated expression he has when he cooks, like… whenever Lance looks at him he’s usually smiling or smirking with that cocky grin, he’s always very very animated. But when he cooks, he just looks calm and focused, and Shiro really loves watching him like that ❤

Ps: Thank you ;;; It’s much appreciated

ezialamperouge  asked:

Paisley, I want to ask you and your followers to send every good thought you have to/for my cat. She is ill and I can not help her. Im in a queue to visit a vet for the end of august (she is feeling bad NOW and it doesn’t get better..). I do not have the means to pay. I can only hope, really-really hard that… everything will be okay. Hope with me? I feel so heartbroken right now, I would really appreciate it if you all would wish my cat to get better too. To Live. Please, can you do that?

I am so sorry you’re going through this! Please know my kitty, who I’m very close with and have known since I was a little girl, is getting old and is on her last leg and is on so many meds… I know how this feels. Vets are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.

Here’s what you can do. Can you start up a PayPal or some page where people can donate you money? I will reblog it, I will try my best to spread it around as much as possible. You’ll probably need a couple hundred dollars because vets are just that ridiculous but it’s very doable.