i mean this is still ugly

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CC also had Clary be sexually assaulted by her brother to show that a monster who murdered people, who murdered a child was a bad person. And she didn't allow Clary to deal with what happened. She originally wanted to kill off Alec. She didn't show Magnus dealing with his best friend's death. Clary and Izzy hated each other. She had Clary and Alec be awful to each other. And had Alec shove Clary and threaten her. Magnus was slutshamed. Simon dated two girls at once--without telling them...

Yep!! Also @ the Alec shoving Clary thing: it was a huge two way mess, she was being very homophobic by using his sexuality/love for Jace against him I mean that doesn’t justify him pushing her against the wall and literally threatening to kill her like that’s still so ugly

Internet is running out my patience. 

I get it, if you never saw Hoechlin doing anything else and the guy means absolutely nothing to you and the first time you see him is in that HIDEOUS new poster from Supergirl, yeah, I get that he won’t be your cup of tea for now. But I’m reading so much hate on Facebook just because a stupid picture!

YES, it does have too much photoshop. NO, it doesn’t show just how attractive Hoechlin is, and, honestly, it kinda messes up with his features and his neck, I don’t really know why they wanted to make him as ugly as possible, but still. Stop comparing him with Cavill, stop comparing him with Welling, or do it when we already have SOME scene of him as Superman. For now, is a fucking poster. You can’t judge how good an actor is going to be just for the amoun of photoshop the stupid crew decided to put on him.



“She loves you, you know,” says Peeta. “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,”Gale answers. “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well she never kissed me like that.”



“White women’s feminisms still center around equality…. Black women’s feminisms demand justice. There is a difference. One kind of feminism focuses on the policies that will help women integrate fully into the existing American system. The other recognizes the fundamental flaws in the system and seeks its complete and total transformation.”

– Brittney Cooper | Feminism’s ugly internal clash: Why its future is not up to white women

Edit July 26th, 2016: @unrealcityusa said: I mean, would you prefer Trump? Hillary sucks, but while we fight for systematic change at the grassroots level the reality is that one of either Trump or Clinton will become our President come November, and we’re being dishonest to our comrades of color, our Islamic comrades, our LGBTQI comrades to act as if the two are equivalent. It requires tremendous privilege to look at the two and go “yup, they both are pretty much equally bad.

Lesser evilism doesn’t fly with me. Trump isn’t worse than Clinton anymore than Clinton is worse than Trump. This is not to say they are “equally” as bad as much as it acknowledges how uniquely bad each of them is. We do something sinister when we use the language of equality to describe oppression. By introducing a weighing mechanism – this is, after all, what using the word equal does by invoking imagery of a balancing scale – we posit that somehow we can quantify the misery Clinton has wrought upon the world through her neoliberal imperial polices and pit it against the aggregated harm of Trumps xenophobic rhetoric and capitalist exploitation. Of course, that’s preposterous. 

And yet, the moral gymnastics of trying to accomplish this comparison DOES in fact have material consequences, usually in the form of a dichotomy: American lives versus non-American lives. In that scenario, the decision is not just a dichotomy, it is a hierarchy too, because to liberals, progressives, and conservatives American lives ALWAYS matter more. You are right to point out privilege, because it is an enormous privilege for Americans to hide behind the loosely constructed concern for our comrades of color in America, our Islamic comrades in America, and our LGBTQIA comrades in America while playing Russian roulette with our non-American comrades of the similar strips.   

my BD art folder is telling me that i made more than 100 drawings for this blog so let’s celebrate !!! and also thanks so much for following even if i haven’t been very active lately~

Jacob Lessio vs Lucy Heartfilia

So, I am extremely worried about the Spriggan 12 all being back in general, but one that stood out to me is Jacob. 

In the latest chapter, he says this after discussing his failure to defeat Fairy Tail with Ajeel:

He’s pissed the fuck off that he was defeated. Now technically, Lucy, Natsu, and Master Makarov all defeated him, but there is one person that is to to blame entirely for his defeat. 

Lucy Heartfilia. It all started when she kicked his ugly mug across the guild hall, shown here:

Ah yes. I love that panel. Anyway, she then reveals that she was able to escape with her celestial spirits help, meaning her magic overpowers his on a defensive and probably offensive scale.

At this point, Jacob is only a little pissed off,he still thinks he can win against this naive little girl. But in truth, he is naive.

He decides that the best plan for action is slicing her up.

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This is where Natsu steps in. Interrupting his previous plans, and throwing him entirely off guard. 


Lucy reveals once again how tactful she is. She tells him his comrades are in there, and she knows it includes Marin. That beautiful genius.

Yep. Here he is realizing this woman has completely fucked him over with one chess move.

Look at that. He’s got those black and gray anger clouds behind him. He’s beyond pissed off. He is furious.

Lucy throughout the entire battle was the main person obstructing all his moves, and in my opinion, the one who basically defeated him.

So I would imagine, he wants revenge. Served cold and with a knife. 


Daehyun being called a pig(on his recent vlive) is not okay! Acting like it’s karma, or he deserved it because of mistakes he’s made is really honestly very ugly. Daehyun broadcasts for us a lot and this isn’t the first time a fan has been rude, nor is it the first time fans have been shitty to him in general. You don’t like him? Fine! That doesn’t mean he deserves nasty comments. None of B.A.P deserve nasty comments! I’m glad that Daehyun was able to take that fan’s comment and talk about what he learned, but I’m still saddened that a fan felt the need to make a comment like that to him in the first place. 

Here’s an update on this thing i’m doing….. .. …

People who say Ghostbusters isn’t feminist must live in a world where women who aren’t attractive by hollywood standards, specifically and especially fat women, dominate the movie industry as protagonists in a film where their being fat or unattractive/not conventionally attractive isn’t a running joke

I mean when was the last time we got a female-led film where the woman was fat and not conventionally attractive and yet the protagonist (not the well-meaning side kick to a hollywood beauty queen) and didn’t have to have some magical weight lifting transformation to be attractive to the men in the same film? And she wasn’t the butt of jokes for being fat or “ugly”?

Spy 2015, directed by Paul Feig 

And I suppose Hairspray, before that? I’m not coming up with any more tho. I’m thinking about Rose in Agent Carter, but she was still a side character so idk if that counts.

Whenever I see women complaining about the Ghostbusters film being the wrong kind of feminism, I think “Yes skinny pretty white girl who dresses fashionably, wears the kind of makeup you see in movies, and looks like a plethora of white actresses in hollywood, tell me more about how this movie where the women don’t look like you,is not your kind of feminism”

Wonder Woman is coming out and it’s gonna be great, but Gal Gadot is still basically a supermodel / goddess who guys are crowing over. Mad Max was fantastic because Furiosa looked put through the ringer in the way most women magically don’t when put in an apocalyptic film, but under all that, she was still Charlize Theron and still was the attractive leading lady Hollywood would call for.

I’m always happy to see women like Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones in a film that isn’t one big fat joke. I can’t wait for the sequel to Spy, if there is one.

ALSO! Kristen Wiig was skinny but not Hollywood skinny, she wasn’t set up to be “the pretty one” and it’s so so good to see a woman who’s skinny onscreen without having to be magically hollywood sexy 

now that I think about it sehun said ‘I like men’ so hes maybe gay not bi…and you know what that means ??? I STILL SUPPORT 15132/10 WOW CANT BELIEVE I LOVE HIM TO THE MOON AND BACK THIS IS IT THIS IS HIS TIME TO SHINE!!!!!! UGLYS LEAVE MY SIGHT!!!!!!!

Am I the only one in the G/T community who doesn’t mind Giants who look a bit “ugly”? I mean… I know handsome giants are surely nice, but… isn’t that a bit stereotypical ^^;? I know my own giants are also bara and bishi, but still. I like Giants who look a bit more different :3 

Let’s also accept them \o/

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I'm still kinda floored that so many people can just go "straight means heteroromantic heterosexual", without any evidence that society at large uses the split attraction model or that people would consider a man who is only romantically interested in women "half-straight" or "not straight". Like...how often does the word "heteroromantic" pop up, whether in schools, offices or clinics? And when this is brought up, the answer is "it's safe to assume that society uses these standards." Um?...

The split attraction model is literally only a couple years old… i don’t… understand. Like, I know the argument then becomes “well that’s because the str8s ASSUME attraction means both!!”

but that just means that they don’t really care how you parse it?? like… no one cares if you aren’t sexually attracted to your husband (most ppl would just say ~join the club) or if you’re just banging people w/o committing

no one… cares so long as you’re being hetero

I’m glad that Marina Joyce seems to be fine(perhaps not but at least she doesn’t seem kidnapped) but what really made me weird is that her mom seemed kinda pissed that all this happened. Like if people felt concerned that your daughter was seriously hurt why are you mad that people tried to intervene and call authorities? She was like “the police shouldn’t have been called”. Ok in this case they shouldn’t have but would u rather people did nothing if something WAS going on? Why aren’t you at least thankful like Marina was? That lady just…doesn’t sit right w me

The disabled community needs to stick together. We may not have the same disability but when I see a disabled person get slapped with microaggressions and ableism, I have to step in as another disabled woman. I especially hate hearing people say, “You don’t look disabled,” or “You’re still beautiful!” What does that mean? I guess they’re talking about us not having physical or visible impairments but that’s still ableist because having physical deformities doesn’t mean one is physically ugly. Sorry. It doesn’t. Maybe in this lookist and abled-bodied society we thought people with scars and visual disabilities meant “ugly” but it doesn’t. I hate being told, “Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you’re THAT type of disabled so why do you care to defend those people?” I’m not visibly disabled like others (until my speech loses control or have certain quirks/tics and triggers) but doesn’t mean I can’t defend those who are visibly disabled and with “worse” disabilities. 

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i want to know if andrew still buys neil new clothes after everything that happened (neil doesn't need to run anymore so he can have as many clothes as andrew wants him to buy, right???)

im getting these asks and ahh im not good at these at all but?? i try??? ((andreil kinda makes it somewhat easier though?? i spend a lot of time thinking about them lmao))

  • andrew definitely keeps buying neil new clothes…… expensive, designer clothes
  • i mean hell, he can’t leave neil to dress himself??? he’d probably go back to his ugly oversized clothes and andrew can’t risk that
  • so every time he comes home from a game (when they still play in different teams) he brings something for neil
  • the first few times it happened (which had been back at PSU) neil always said “you don’t have to get me anything”
  • andrew never said anything, but one day he just says, “i know” and neil realizes then that andrew wants to (but does he know its because andrew hates his oversized clothes and would burn them if given the chance? who knows i don’t) so he stops saying anything because andrew wanting things is a big thing ok
  • every time neil walks out their bedroom wearing the last clothes andrew got him, andrew looks at him up and down and nods slightly to himself
  • neil cant help but smile softly because andrew looks pleased with himself (as much as andrew can)
  • but honestly andrew should just become a personal stylist boy has some serious good taste in clothes
  • neil doesnt mind. they both like to spoil the other with different things
  • andrew likes to spoil neil by giving him clothes
  • so he lets him
  • when they’re together (because they dont have any upcoming games or are finally in the same team) neil lets andrew drag him to stores and accepts every piece of clothing andrew gives him, mumbling “i’m not doing anything” after andrew mutters a “shut up” when he sees neil’s small smile
  • you know neil would end up in some “top 50 best dressed male celebrities” list
  • he’s the 24th
  • bullshit, andrew thinks
  • neil is definitely the 1st

Okay I just reblogged a post saying it shouldn’t change but an all male mean girls would include:
-wearing basketball shorts and Nike socks and those ugly flip flop things
-no homo

But like everything would still be the same besides these.

Feel free to add anything, I need a good laugh