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What are your issues with the "Dark Materials" trilogy?

well they’re honestly mostly in how most of the women are treated? its not something i noticed when i was a little kid but reading it now some of it just feels…. bad to me. largely in how, once will is introduced, lyra looses some of her strength and cunning. in the subtle knife shes still good at weaseling around and all, but you can see how much she relies on Strong, Brave will, and in the amber spyglass she just… looses all that daring that really made her lyra. 

i get the “oh its because shes growing up and learning how the world works” but it just feels like… she lost some character. in the first book she manipulates a giant bear king into basically doing whatever she wanted (well, not quite but she had. a whole lotta power over him) by exploiting his weaknesses and taking advantage of her trickiness and quick-thinking, and earned herself the name “silvertongue”. in the third book, she spends half of it too afraid to act and revels in the bravery of tialys when he “dares” to talk back to the harpy she later named gracious wings. 

and well.. almost every other woman in the series is based so much off. being “sensual” its like, 60% of ms coulters character. even the witches have so much on how they take human men as lovers, and how gorgeous they are, and it all just feels… unnecessary. 

tl;dr: i like the series, but at least to me i dont like how a lot of the women were written and feel that maybe…. a middle aged man to write the story of a 12 year old girl, especially after adding a love interest

“The writers turned Miles gay”

“I don’t want Miles to be bi. I want him to be straight so I can date him”

“OMG. Nothing against gays but I want Miles and Maya”

“Miles is just using Tristan”


I DON’T WANNA WATCH AND THEN                                                                        C O M P L A I N

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