i mean they were married

Ok but Matt’s mom gave Stephanie a necklace that says ‘family’ on it and I’m lowkey emotional.

I bet people who haven’t watched Hannibal enjoy a show like The Following a whole lot more. I just started episode seven and so far this show has made me feel exactly nothing. I mean for a show that has Poe as its central theme, it sure is lacking in poetry…

Does it get better? Or has Hannibal just truly broken me?

i want Andrew to be a survivor okay i want Nurse and Andrew to meet again 8'l

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I need to know now, favorite bachelor/bachelorette from mineral town

w-well…. this may come as sort of a surprise, and I’ve kept this hidden from all of you for a long time. But there’s actually another true husband that I have. My favorite harvest moon character that I’ve adored for years now…
and… that is…

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FFXV Second Play Through Thoughts

So I am doing a second play through (Just finished Chapter 7) of FFXV (of course as a new game + because who doesn’t enjoy slaughtering beasts and demons at a level 80 when they are level 10?) and there are so many things I am noticing that I did not notice the first time:



- First play through I never truly appreciated how beautiful of a man Ignis really is in this game.


- I feel like Ignis had to be aware to some degree that the reason the wedding was being held in Altissia was because Regis felt something might go down.  I can’t fully believe that Ignis didn’t have some inkling on what was to come.


- It became very apparent to me how ok Lunafreya and Noct were about marrying each other.  I mean they weren’t ok with the circumstances, but the fact that it would be to each other they seemed totally fine with.


- Ignis’s back flips during battle are everything.


- I can’t not believe that the boys didn’t give Prompto shit for taking a ‘self defense’ training class with Cor prior to departing on the trip.


- Cor clearly cares about the well being of Prompto.


- I get Xenia Warrior Princess vibes from Monica.  I wish we got more screen time from her.


- If I was Gladio I would have been way more angry that Iris didn’t call me first before Noct.


- Ardyn is still the personification of stranger danger.


- The first time around I missed that Sania was at Hammerhead and Gladio was talking with her.  I could only imagine what they were talking about lol.


- I feel like Takka lived for some in depth conversations about recipes with Ignis.


- Prompto clearly had it bad for Cindy, I mean pick that man’s jaw up off the floor bad for her.  His feelings for Aranea and Iris were more casual “hey those girls are cute…” sort of thing.


- Noctis was a cocky little shit in Chapter 2.


- I still think the guys are idiots for taking Ardyn up on his ‘offers’.


- Did Carbuncle always photo bomb my photos or did that come from an update?  Because it’s god damn cute.


- Base Busting is still as funny as it was when I did my first play through and Prompto really needs to start a side business doing this.


- The little details are still amazing the second time around.


- Apparently Iris can ride Chocobos and I never knew and her Chocobo in my game was hot pink and it was everything.


- Iris should have just come along for the whole journey, she is queen.


- Talcott talking about his late grandfather still breaks my fucking heart.


- Replaying the game makes me think that the girl Gladio meets during the ten years of darkness is someone who works at the power plant in Lestallum.  I think the big guy has a thing for built women.


- I haven’t watched Kingsglaive but is Loqi and Caliglio in that movie?  They just seem so random in this game to me.


- I feel like Dustin is the ninja assassin in the crownsguard and you can’t convince me otherwise.


- I love Prompto, don’t get me wrong, but my god sometimes he can be such a whiny bitch. It makes me wonder how on earth Ignis put up with that on their journey.  Like I just envision Ignis yelling at him in the Regalia saying “he should have went when they were at the last rest stop and that he needs to hold it” since he will not pull over just so he can go pee and then Noct making some comment about going off the side and Ignis getting more mad lol.


- How many books did Gladio bring on this trip?  So far I have seen a total of 3 different books.


- I get the Ignis/Aranea shippers…I 100% get it now and I am on board.  I just want them to out sass each other and end up making out.


- I also am 100% in Gladnis hell on second play through.


- And I am still on the Noct/Iris train.  I am really loving Iris more playing the second time.


- I need more Cor in my life, thank the six he is in Gladio’s DLC.


- Cid reminds me of a guy that has seen some shit in his life time and will never let you forget that fact.


- I really need to know what the Reggie/Cid fallout was.


- Even on second play through I still needed to give Prompto Chocobos over Gladio needing to make sure his sister was ok in Lestallum.  He just needs to ride those Chocobos all day!


- I used to think I had a bad coffee addiction, until I was introduced to Mr. Ignis Scientia who quite literally gets cravings during battles and at inappropriate times.  Like, Iggy seriously get your shit together.


- This game had some very under used strong female characters and I am very upset they were not used to their fullest.


- Aranea needs a spin off game.


- When Aranea is talking with Prompto about MT’s being demons my heart just broke and I cried a thousand tears.  I am still unclear as to if he really knew he was an MT at that point (I mean I know he knows he was from Niffelheim) but the fact that he might have just made that conversation even harder to hear.


- Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Cindy either swings both ways or is into the ladies based on the fact that she coaxed Holly with a dinner?  Just something about the way Holly talked about it made me get that vibe.  Maybe it’s not so much that she is married to her job as it is that she plays for the other team.  Or maybe Holly is really into her?  I am ok with either.


- Dino is just a gigolo trying to make that dolla.


- Ardyn is still stranger danger 101.


- The Titan battle is hands down the best battle of the whole game.


- Also I don’t know how I missed the Fallgrove tomb being robbed and having no weapon in it the first play through I did.


- Gladio is way too casual about his scars when he rejoins the group.  I would have never let him just brush it off like that.  I mean the man’s chest looks like he just had open heart surgery.


- Also how could Noctis not know the hunter in the power plant was Gladio…it was painfully obvious even when you had the sound on mute.


- I definitely yelled at my TV screen “Fuck you Holly I am getting these demons even if I melt to death in this power plant” when she came over the radio telling me to abort the mission.


- I still overwhelmingly really love this game.


I will post again when I play through the rest of the game.  But I can not wait for the Gladio DLC at the end of the month.  Cor and him are looking so fine in that trailer.  Also anyone else getting the vibes that Cor is really immortal from that?  If he is I called it months ago lol.

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I ❤you and your writing. B + C met during a games night at mutual friends when they got ultra competitive over a game of Monopoly. It's only right that he proposes during a game of Pictionary with the gang. Except Clarke is so focused on trying to win, that the 'subtle' theming of all the clues (i.e. totally obvious films/books etc about love and marriage, especially picked by Bellamy) totally passes her by... Cue much hilarity amongst their friends, and much exasperation/love from Bellamy. ❤

Thanks for the prompt!! I tweaked it a little, firstly because I was going on memory and forgot it was specifically pictionary, and then secondly because the thought of someone proposing to me in public/in front of people genuinely horrifies me and I couldn’t bring myself to write it lmao. Hope you like it anyway!


“So, marriage.”

Bellamy drives off the road, blinking at the TV as Princess Peach zooms across the finish line while his screen is black, Waluigi falling into the abyss.

“Was that intentional?” He asks, finishing the race on autopilot and in twelfth place, as Clarke snuggles into his side and presses her smile into his shoulder.

“It was a conversation I’ve been trying to figure out when to have.”

“And you decided the last three seconds of Rainbow Road was the right time?”

“Two birds, one stone.” She tilts her head and smirks up at him, and he can’t help the way his irritation instantly disappears. She might be ruthlessly competitive, but he’s also like ninety percent sure she wants to marry him, and he can’t find it within himself to be upset about anything when he’s thinking about that. “So what do you think?”

“What do I think about marriage? In general?”

“Sure. And to me, specifically.”

“Is this you proposing?”

“No way,” she snorts. “You know I don’t half-ass anything, ever. If I propose, I’m gonna sweep you off your feet.”

He grins. “Fair point.”


“So–” He shrugs. “I don’t know. Marriage in general has never been a big dream of mine, mostly because I was pretty relieved Mom never married any of the guys in her life. It’s not like– It was still hard for her to leave some of them, but it would have been harder if there were legalities involved.”

Clarke kisses his shoulder again, nuzzling into him a little, and he puts his arm around her. “As a child of divorce, I can attest that the legalities don’t make any of it easier.”

“I guess I didn’t get the appeal of it for a long time.” He pauses. “But ever since we started dating… Well, I get it now.”


He kisses her hair. “Yeah. I want to tell everyone all the time how awesome you are and how awesome our life is together. It’s a lot easier if we do it all at once, with all the people important to us watching. And then everyone else can just take a hint from the rings.”

“Sappy,” she accuses, but he can hear the smile in her voice.

“Plus there are tax advantages and healthcare and stuff.”

“Well if it’s for tax advantages.” She straightens a little, still under his arm, and picks her controller back up.

“Hey.” He pokes her in the side. “You can’t just leave it at that. This is when you’re supposed to tell me what you think.”

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this is officially the second time in several months that a man has casually told that i’d make an excellent wife

and man was this time a doozy

Your OTP grew up together and how cute is that

- you wrote me a love letter in first grade but I thought you were gross I’m so sorry

- our moms were friends so we had to see each other every day but we somehow never got bored of each other and so here we are

- I was definitely the cuter kid you can’t possibly fight that

- you stole my favorite toy as a kid and apparently you found the same toy online because there’s one sitting on our dining room table with a note of how sorry you are and it’s really sweet but I have no idea what I’m going to do with this

- I had a crush on you in middle school and you keep teasing me for it and we’re in a relationship

- I have seen every single one of your life milestones and I’m really glad I’m one of them

- no, I didn’t know everyone called me that in high school and I could have spent the rest of my life not knowing that insulting nickname, why did you have to bring it up

- we thought we were so cool in high school but now we both know to never mention that time of our lives

- when we were seven your sibling said something mean to you so we ran away together and it only lasted a few hours but now when your significant other says something mean to you it could last forever I’m just saying

- everyone knows we’ve been friends forever so when you tell them something ridiculously untrue about me as a kid they all believe you (alternate: all those rumors are true so I KNOW you’re the one spreading them)

- I had an extremely embarrassing crush in middle/high school/college and you keep bringing them up and I never should have told you anything (bonus: I say my relationship with you is embarrassing and you never mention it again)

- we went back to the pond we used to hunt frogs in and it’s not nearly as impressive as I remember being

- I’ve always loved you but I’ve never been in love with you and I’m genuinely proud to be your kid’s godparent

- I hated all your significant others and I’m starting to figure out why and I really really hope you feel the same

- I saw you eat ants in kindergarten you can’t possibly do anything to scare me away now

- I mean, really, we kind of got married when we were seven under kid law

- we’ve been together for several years now and we still can’t get our families to realize that we’re in love we have not been platonic in forever

- we got really stressed about relationships and sex and everything so we agreed we’d test the waters with each other and I kind of want to try it again now that I know a little more

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Eye of the Hurricane

Pairing: Fred X Reader

Prompt: You’re a Slytherin just trying to get by with all the crazy nonsense happening around Hogwarts lately. All you wanted was some peace and quiet so you could finally pass Transfiguration. Unfortunately for you, Fred Weasley has decided that you are to be his new friend. Just great.

Warnings: None

A/N: Cute prompt idea! Hoping to really buckle down on writing these days. Plus this one is pretty long, and I’m quite proud. Feedback always appreciated!

Originally posted by livingstills

The lake at Hogwarts was a very peaceful place. You often liked to go there just to escape all the chaos and noise from regular Hogwarts. These days, it felt like no one in this school cared about their grades anymore. It was all Potter this and Malfoy that. Especially in the Slytherin Dungeons. Which was why you decided to pick this spot exactly to resume your Transfiguration studies. Unlike most others in your house, you somewhat respected Professor McGonagall and did not want to be on her bad side.

You were sat beneath a large birch tree looking out onto the clear waters. You were shaded just right so that the sun wasn’t in your eyes, but the reflections from the water provided the perfect amount of light to study your textbook. The occasional gurgles from underwater (probably from the giant squid moving about) made for excellent white noise.

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Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus (Dress Rehearsal Clip 2)

Teruma as William T. Spears Suit

I’m just sitting here
dreamily staring at him
Teruma I’m so proud ;w;

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No offense, but this is starting to look like the whole season 3 'Nyssa/Oliver wedding is not happening' mess all over again. I don't mean to offend, but you were so certain that they wouldn't marry them. So completely certain, even went as far as saying Thea/Roy were more likely, until it all fell apart. I'm starting to get that feeling that we are willfully rationalizing certain aspects to fit our "they will reunite" mold again.

I always chuckle at asks that start with “no offense” because that’s a real good tip off the person is about to say something offensive. lol. Generally speaking, this was low level. It’s hard to get offended when I readily admit I’m wrong a lot. 

Ehh… Oliver married the only lesbian on Arrow so I think you could cut me a little slack for thinking that was IMPOSSIBLE. Cause it should have been impossible. But let’s not dwell on those dark days. 

Here’s other things I was wrong about:

I didn’t think they’d break Olicity up in S4. Or go the Baby Mama route they did. I thought they’d get back together in S4. I didn’t think Oliver would kill (or should) Damien Darhk. I couldn’t see the full picture on Prometheus, who turned out to be awesome. I was absolutely not expecting the bomb in 5x17, that they’d name Oliver’s darkness and force him to really confront it. And on and on and on. Sometimes Arrow surprises me. Sometimes Arrow disappoints me. That’s watching television for me and I’m okay with that.

Olicity getting married in S3 did make narrative sense. Was it fast? A little crazy? Sure that’s the fun, but the evidence was there for the finale. Especially since they followed it up with a ring in 4x01. The reunion made sense in Season 4. The evidence was there in the narrative. It’s always a question of WHEN Arrow is going to pull the trigger on these particular storylines for me. Not if.

But here’s the thing. I always believe. That’s how I ship. I don’t ship blindly. I watch the show as carefully as I can. I can admit when a couple doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell (RIP Stelena). But that’s not Olicity.  Shipping for me is believing in the couple. Believing they will find their way to each other. So, if Arrow sets up the possibility for those options within the season you bet your ass I am going to believe it can happen. And guess what? IT CAN.

You believe Ken. You don’t believe Olicity will reunite. That’s fine. You do you. I believe Olicity will reunite. This season. I will continue to blog about it. I will continue to believe it until it happens. So, if that offends you in any way there’s lots of other blogs out there. But this is me. I’m not going to change. My faith in Olicity is unwavering.

Knot because I love you, just because I care (Part 6 of 7)

Her visa was up. He offered to help. That’s what friends are for -right?

Also on ff.net and AO3

It wasn’t regret that she woke up feeling. How could she when she had Killian’s arms wrapped around her and his lips pressing kisses at her neck? To be honest, she was quite unable to quantify her emotions as she kissed him goodbye and slipped off to work. Pointedly, neither had broached the subject of the meaning of the impromptu sex.

And that was why Emma had spent part of her lunch break scrolling through her phone, trying to think of someone she could talk to.

Mary Margaret was straight off the list. The woman couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.

David was a ditto. He never kept anything from his wife (see first point).

Ruby would lap up the gossip, give her some outrageous advice and then tell everyone anyway.

Tink, well, Tink was great but a little bit too ‘new age’ for Emma to turn to for advice. She’d probably recommend that she light a candle and realign her chakras or something.

Through a process of elimination she decided that Belle was really her only choice. Level headed, intelligent, and best of all, discrete.

“I was surprised when you called,” she smiled as she joined Emma at a little Italian cafe half way between both their places of work. “But I really can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than a real Italian coffee.”

Emma nodded and smiled tentatively. “Well, we don’t often get much time to just hang out.”

Their waiter arrived and doled out the menus. Emma tried to focus on the words but instead she started squirming in her seat.

“True. I’m glad you called. So, how’s things?”

Emma took one look at Belle’s wide smile and frowned. “It’s Killian. ”

“What - what?”

“Or maybe it’s me.” Emma slumped down a little in her chair.

“What- I’m confused, are you two having problems?”

For a second, Emma questioned what the hell she was doing here with Belle (hell, with Killian). But with momentum behind her, she splayed out her hands on the table and whispered, “I slept with him.”

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That’s strange. This book said that when a woman winks at a man the man will have a crazy nosebleed!

Anything For You, My Love.

Masterpost: {x

Pairing: Hamliza

Summary: Eliza just found out she was pregnant and she’d only been married to Alexander for five months. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be too thrilled, but he was determined to prove it otherwise.

Warning: hella fluff

Word Count: 3,498

“One spoonful of sugar or two?”

The words were nearly drowned out by the copy machines buzzing behind her. Not only that, but her eyes were weighed down from the exhaustion she was facing.

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At difference of Hyde’s loud proposal, Eric to Donna’s is smaller but not less theirs.

They are going home after his dad’s barbeque and Hyde’s very-Jackie proposal, when Eric starts talking about how it’s been a while since he fucke up with that attempt of getting married while they were still kids. She can laugh about it now, just a little, and she is too high in bliss for her best friend to care that much about it. Eric looks at her as she says how Jackie will be all crazy about her wedding until it happens, “That’s the big difference between us.”

“You didn’t get crazy about our almost wedding?”

“Well, I did. But not like that, I mean– not really. I think, if we were about to get married now, I so WOULD get real crazy.”

They laugh and the conversation is left there.

Except, he wants to see that. And when he realizes he is ready, like for real this time, he searches for a new ring and the right moment to do the thing. But nothing seems to be it, a week passes, then a month, then a few more, and when he doesn’t notice, it’s Hyde and Jackie’s wedding.

He finds himself smilling at the way Jackie’s hair is basically falling on her face now, she hasn’t stop dancing and goes back to drag Donna to dance with her, and they laugh, and oooh. This is it. This is his moment.

Eric waits for Hye and Jackie to go, and as he and Donna laugh to go to their hotel room, running around and jumping like kids, because maybe they are a little bit drunk, they get to their room.

She’s jumping on the bed when he finds the ring between his things. He walks slowly to her as she strips and lets her butt fall into bed, Eric gets into one knee and smiles up to her.

“Marry me?”

Donna laughs, because he must be joking! They are both a little bit drunk after all, but when he only moves his head to one side with a sweet smile, waiting for an answer, she starts babbling and having problems finding her words until she has a laugh attack until he asks again, and this time she starts nodding like crazy and then yelling ‘yes’.

They end up jumping in bed before getting into it to celebrate themselves.


I forgot to upload this o: 

its my submission the the MakorraWinterProject, it is also a How I Met Your Mother Crossover :P