i mean they hung out all the time


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah


We were all fooled and like the team finds and rescues Matt and he might like give Shiro a brotherly hug or happy to see Pidge but then he looks over Shiro’s shoulder and is like: Keith?

And then Keith sees Matt and yells in excitement: Matt!

And then they run to each other and embrace and everyone but Shiro is confused because Matt and Keith were in a secret relationship or something.

And then all the ships fall apart. I mean I’m just saying. Keith somehow knew Pidge was a girl and knows Shiro who has to have known Matt so wouldn’t that mean that Shiro, Matt and Keith probably hung out but Pidge wasn’t in the garrison at the time so she wouldn’t have known them other than as “her brother’s friends” and we’ve been hinted to Sheith and Shatt but what if it was all a rouse!? I’M TELLING YALL THEY’RE GONNA PULL THE RUG FROM UNDER US.

Why is Guang Hong Ji x Phichit a rare pair.

I mean Guang Hong has a flippin crush on Phichit. It is on the official website.

“He yearns for his friend Phichit a little”


They are two of the cutest characters and they seemed to get along in the Cup of China and they hung out a lot.

“In the result he often uploads his selfie pictures on SNS”

Do I have to talk about this selfie alone together. I bet they do this all the time. 

I don’t know. I can see Guang Hong talking to Leo about Phichit 24/7 and Leo being like “I know Guang Hong I was there I saw it”. Leo is the best wingman. Fight me.

Feel free to add more cute things about them because I will never shut up with this ship and the lack of content makes me super sad.

Why Have I Not Seen These:

These are pictures of Harper and Monty’s room! Which means they live together and they spend time in their room! At least enough for the crew to decorate it. I love all the  cool design elements and how lived in it looks, Harper’s bag on the dresser, clothes hung up, the blanket on the bed, the artwork and calendar. 

And this one is Abby’s lab! It looks like someone is injured and someone else camps out next to the hospital bed!!! Who could it be?

Also possible Abby is just spending a lot of time in the lab and has set up camp in there herself.

However, these bloody pieces of gauze indicate someone is indeed injured!

This pic could indicate that several someones are sleeping in medbay, or it could just be a staging area!

More of Abby’s lab!

There’s a new door on set!

I hope you enjoy this small aesthetic and I hope this is something you would enjoy

Thid ties in with my previous Jungkook aesthetic

- Jungkook had asked you out on a date after Christmas

- He was planning to give you his present

- But before he could even go he had to find a present

- He spent days trying to find you a present

- BTS had no idea where he would go after they hung out

- When they asked him what he was doing he finally confessed he was trying to find you a present

- They decided to “help” Jungkook but all of their gift ideas were to ‘much’ (if you know what I mean)

- Finally Jungkook gave up and started looking trough the Internet

- He finally was able to find a present that was ‘Just Right’

- When it was finally time for your date Jungkook went early to prepare

- He put a wrapping bow on his head and then on his hand he made a tag saying “To: Y/N From: Jungkook”

- When you got there you were surprised to see Jungkook dressed like that

- You went over to him and read the tag

- Jungkook looked at you and said “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

- Jungkook became red like a tomato

- You took his bow off and kissed him on the cheek

- “I love my present” you said to Jungkook

- After you gave him your present wich was a hoodie that had his name on the back - The rest of the day you walked around the city and went to eat I hope you liked it 😄 2nd Day of Aesthetics

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Honest Hour: What are your feelings towards Leon?

I know that this is in reference to the “anti-honesty hour” thing where I’m supposed to tell blatant lies, BUT you said honesty hour. Honesty. So I can give a legitimate answer here…

Leon is made of absolute sunshine and has so much love for life and all of the people he meets; he has so much motivation to be the best he can for not only himself, but for others as well. He refuses to call us “fans” and he calls us family instead. That has to mean something. He actually takes the time to respond to people when he can unlike other…I don’t know, celebrities?

He stayed and hung out with people for 3-4 hours at katsucon even though he was running on like an hour of sleep. And he gives the best hugs. Literal sweetheart. The ultimate lovebug. The man all men should probably aspire to be.

If someone pointed to him and told me that was the guy I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with, I’d be cool with it.

Hey guys :)

This is just to apologize about tonight…As I hung out with my friends, I couldn’t spend much time to write during the day and as I got home late in the afternoon I couldn’t complete the preference that was supposed to be up and the other prompts as well so they would all be posted for tomorrow as I will be at home the whole day. Again I am so sorry for these delays…I really don’t mean to disappoint you all but I promise they will be up tomorrow :3

Trying to figure out a good way of not seeing notifications (likes/reblogs/follows) on my dashboard, but also somehow not miss people tagging me in posts

I get reeeeeeally hung up on what people say on my art and in the tags. Most of the time people are very nice, I have a largely positive experience in the tags of my art (which wow I’m glad people like my stuff hlksjdf). BUT MAN some people are just kinda mean or miss the point or like to reblog things and state how much they hate it and it always super bums me out despite all the nice things people have said to the contrary. I only remember the bad things, and I want to stop this cycle, you know?? I’d like to get back to posting my art because I enjoy drawing and not worrying so much about what people are saying about it :Tc 

But if I turn off my notifications then I miss people’s mentions and art from people and stuff! Which I don’t want to do, I love seeing things people make for me or think I’d enjoy!

 Ssssso this is my dilemma  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

oh gosh okay so HERE’S THE DETAILS: the show was AMAZING  —  I mean genuinely incredible  —  all of the performances held their own & even though I went rufus-inclined I was honestly blown away by how the three men captivated all of us with their acting. From laughing out loud at the witty one liners to feeling genuinely sorry for Yvan or Serge themselves, I am still in total awe of the portrayals they all gave. I’d never been to the OV before, either, so it was a whole series of first time experiences for me. 

After the show it was raining but we hung around outside the stage door with a couple others  (Tim came out first & was so friendly & more than happy to stop for signatures & pictures despite the weather). We were waiting for about fifteen minutes after that for Rufus & even though the rain did get heavier  (good old England)  he, too, was ever so kind about photos & autographs (when he saw me his first words were “oh you’re waiting in the rain!”). 

My mum mentioned taking a photo  (which she called a selfie before standing in front of us lmao)  and Rufus started rambling on:  “more like a you-fie really…or an us-fie…or a demi…”  which made us both laugh while waiting for the pic :’)  I got a little hug before we left, too   —  the rain was pretty heavy by that point & we didn’t want to delay anyone else waiting but !! I’m so happy I met him & still can’t quite believe it; he’s such a warm & easygoing person that I honestly didn’t feel as starstruck or as nervous as I thought I would be once we got talking.  

If I could go back & watch it again I would.  It will definitely be one of my favourite evenings, forever.


Life lately is up and down and busy and humdrum all at the same time and i have a lot on my mind buuuuuut at least I’ve been dressing well, working hard, and getting back into running and yoga so I mean whatever everything else will sort itself out i guess. Also flatmate and I did some feng shui and hung a rug from the radiator so there’s that


Today is a really special day for us because it’s Valentine’s Day, which is the day we met and hung out for the first time back in 2015, and it’s also our one year anniversary! Looking back on all the memories we’ve made together over the past year as a couple makes me feel extremely lucky. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate your whole being. You’ve made my life so much happier, and I can’t wait to make more amazing memories with you! You’re my best friend, my girlfriend, and the best person in my life.
I love you to the ends of the earth Natasha ❤️

what is even up with all of the ace hate on the tumbls

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So Gillian has said she hasn't been with a woman since post-college but the 90s were an interesting time. She hung out with many bi/lesbian women. This is all speculation (and wishful thinking) but maybe when she says she 'hasn't been with a woman' she means relationship but there were possible hook ups. I would understand wanting to keep that quiet because who talks about ppl they casual dated/hooked up with. there is so much gillovny speculation - imo this is more interesting. thoughts?

Well…. I don’t feel comfortable speculating on whether Gillian may or may not have “hooked up” with women casually outside of a relationship, but what I can say is that Gillian’s consistent appreciation and love for women never ceases to make me smile.

When so many women have struggled in their sense of sexuality and sensuality, Gillian Anderson has been a prime example of what it means to be self-accepting, openly displaying her love for women in all its forms.

She is a champion of women, and I admire her strength to use her privilege to fight for those who may not feel they have a voice.

I’m sure she is a blessing to the women she has loved (both romantically and platonically), and we are blessed for the example she sets.

I Like You Very Many

Happy Destiel Day, everyone!

Enjoy the fluff.


“Ice cream?”

“Yeah, ice cream. What’s wrong with ice cream?”

“Dean, it’s the middle of September.”


“Don’t you think it’s a little cold for ice cream?”

“It’s never to cold for ice cream. Are you in or not?”

“Fine. I’m in. But it’s your fault if I get sick.”

“Sure, whatever. I’ll meet you there in an hour, okay?”


Cas hung up the phone and stared at it for a few moments before finally setting it down. He could feel his heart beating hard in his throat.

Dean had invited him to go to ice cream. So what? People went out for ice cream all the time in completely platonic ways. This didn’t mean anything except that Dean had a weird taste for cold food when it was already cold outside.

But it felt like the two of them had been teetering on the edge of something for…well, for as long as they’d known each other, really. Still, these last few weeks, Cas had begun to wonder if something was actually going to finally happen between them. And now Dean was inviting him out on something that felt suspiciously like a date right after what had happened three days ago.

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So, my regular psychologist is out on maternity leave. In the mean time, I’m seeing one of the office’s students.

Aside from the weirdness of seeing a new person about things that are, obviously, very personal, it’s shed fresh light on some things.

The whole daydreaming thing, for instance. I hardly ever think about it because it’s just…always been that way. I used to picture a cartoon version of myself when I was a kid who hung out with all my favorite characters. There was this whole overarching plot to it, where Mighty Max made portals for everyone so they could hop through dimensions and the dinosaurs from We’re Back could go to Agrabah to help Aladdin or like my bedroom or my playground or Hollywood from Cats Don’t Dance. So on and so forth. After a while the cartoon me went away and dimension-hopping was way less common between characters–but this is a thing I would do CONSTANTLY. Every hour, every single day, just ALL the time.

It’s more under control now but I mean…I still do that. Every day, every hour, still all the time.

I was trying to tell this new girl what tactics I use to encourage myself to fall asleep, which is basically not trying to turn my brain off at all, but imagining the character(s) falling asleep or being all tired and cozy themselves. Which, fyi, SUPER effective. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used the Salazar brothers needing to snuggle up together in a cold environment to drift off. Sibling fluff is ridiculously good at lulling me to sleep. It’s plotless and silly and wonderful.

ANYWAY, this led to me trying to describe this whole constant daydreaming thing.

And good god, when I say that shit out loud it sounds EXHAUSTING.

It’s not. Really. It just sounds that way. I promise.

  • Regina: So then my mom gave us back our memories and now we're BFFs!
  • Emma: Wait, wait, wait. So you're telling me that Zelena tried to steal your life, steal your boyfriend, and has consistently antagonized all of us, but because you hung out one time when you were, like, 12 all of a sudden it's "Let's get ice cream and sing Let it Go"?
  • Regina: You're right. We *are* just like Elsa and Anna.
  • Emma: Not even remotely what I was getting at.
  • Regina: If you think about it, it's practically the same story.
  • Emma: Absolutely false.
  • Regina: I mean, what does their story have that ours doesn't?
  • Emma: A refreshing lack of attempted sororicide.

with all i am seeing on facebook about ally newbold and daisy fest - i thought i would share my story.

i knew ally when she lived back in florida. we were part of the same social circle. she was very well known, for many different reasons. i had hung out with her a couple times in groups, at parties and gatherings and shows, and every time was uncomfortable. she had always been very mean to me, although i was always nothing but nice to her. i am bigender and prefer to be referred to and recognized as a female and its been this way since i was in grade school. i was born female and have overwhelming amounts of testosterone in my body. ally was the first person to point out to my friends and even some acquaintances that i grow facial hair. she had referred to me, on more than one occasion, as a “he/she” and a “tranny”. it was very hurtful and people recognized this. she started to become less and less liked, so she did something crazy to up her game. she told a lot of her friends, (i even heard this myself), that she only does what she does and hangs out with bands to “rape them”. she had repeatedly bragged about “raping” soupy campbell, explaining in detail how “easy” he was. i don’t know if she actually did any of this, which is why i am quoting it, and wouldn’t want to confirm any of this, just bring light to what she was bragging about and saying. she had said she was going to see how many band guys she could “rape” and had went on to say that it “shouldn’t be a problem” because of her looks. i don’t know what she was looking to gain out of this, but she definitely lost a lot of friends and had to start hanging out with other problematic people. i had been seeing a friend of hers when i was younger and he was much older than me. i was a virgin at the time and he had asked her advice on how to deal with me not being sexually experienced. he said he wasn’t comfortable discussing it with me. she had laughed about the situation, calling him a “pussy”, and told him to break my hymen in my sleep. she pretty much taunted him because he would not rape me. she is an awful person and her problematic bullshit is the reason she had to move out of florida. it has hurt me for a very long time that so many people support her photography and spend time with her and praise everything she does. i saw that she had recently got into an accident and requested money to pay her medical bills. i would never wish pain and suffering upon somebody, but it upsets me that so many people gave money to a bully and a self-proclaimed rapist. please stop supporting ally newbold. please stop making her feel like she is an okay person. please stop being her friend. stop having her around.

Clarke: *forgives Bells after 3 days for his role in the deaths of 320 sky people, as well as the fact that belly knowingly and actively tried to prevent the arkers from coming to earth which would have resulted in all of them dying, and the fact that Bellyboy forced the 100 to trade wristbands for food, and that thing where he hung murphy and blamed Clarke for it, and that time he contemplated dropping Clarke into a pit of spikes, and when he captured and tortured lincoln and generally all that time he was a selfish dick*

Blarkes: yeah, I mean, obviously, Bells has got those freckles and he cried and he told her about his mom and he cares so much about Octavia that he ties guys who make out with her to a tree and leaves them overnight, I mean despite his disgusting actions he’s just got a huge heart and a lot of manpain and Clarke can see that and she’s very forgiving so of course she did

Clarke: *begins the process of forgiving Lexa for mt. weather after more than 3 months of having time to contemplate this and coming to the conclusion that she would have done the same thing Lexa did and she totally understands why lexa did this*


Let me tell you about this receipt.
So as you may or may not know, I went to fanimecon this weekend and hung out with all the Homestucks. One of the shops in the area carries Faygo. If you know a thing or two about the Homestuck fandom, Faygo is a somewhat important thing to the fandom. Last year, because of things that happened in the fandom at fanime, the store made a rule that only five Homestucks can be in the store at any given time.
That means when the Homestucks want Faygo, they send five people to go get some. I volunteered, and ended up buying 10 bottles of Faygo for the people that gave me money. In total, the Homestuck fandom probably bought more than 50 bottles of Faygo throughout the course of the con.
We made sure to thank the store and tip them a lot for helping us out, and for selling us pretty much all of their Faygo.