i mean they hung out all the time

Jealousy Games 01

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Index: 01, 02, 03

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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Aries; you are an old friend, maybe a boy who I will love forever. My first love. Every time i’m around you I can’t help but smile and laugh.

Taurus; the most down to earth person I will ever know, your are like nature itself. Unpredictable but beautiful

Gemini; we hung out, I thought it went amazing. We laughed so much, I couldn’t stop smiling all day. But you never texted me again, and I felt lost.

Cancer; you are someone I will always look up to, a person who has heart. You know when something is wrong and will do anything to stop it. I respect you.

Leo; I try to convince myself you are someone genuine, but you never prove it. It’s always about you, I know you’re kind, however you will always put yourself before others.

Virgo; you are so relatable, I always find myself happiest when i’m with you. I feel like I can be anyone, you’re not afraid of judgement and I love that.

Libra; most social friend, you’re so cute. You’re not scared to stand out or to speak up and that’s pretty cool. I think you’re a box of fun.

Scorpio; I can tell you anything, you get along with everyone really well but you don’t see it. You don’t realise how beautiful you actually are, that mysterious side will always intrigue me.

Sagittarius; where do I even start? You’re so god dammn annoying I can’t help but love you, you look for truth behind everything. Never afraid to say what you want, the question “Why?” will be forever with you.

Capricorn; the most organised person I know, you will always be one of my close friends. You try to please everyone and I know it gets to you, you’re amazing whenever. So stop worrying.

Aquarius; you’re that person who has everything, the looks, the personality. But sometimes you lack heart, amazing and funny but no passion.

Pisces; you’re so timid, you have anxiety over everything. But you’re beautiful and pure, I just want to protect you and make you tough. This world is too harsh for you.

reblog on what the signs mean to you, if you want. i love seeing different interpretations


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah

Dreams - Dylan O’Brien

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dylan x Reader

Words- 4,944 (not sure how this happened ;) )

Warnings- alot of fluff and smut

AN: Ok so this is my first fic and i’m super nervous to post this. I just wanna thank @ninja-stiles for helping keep me motivated and helping edit.

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Best friends are supposed to be with you no matter what, they’re supposed to be there for you through everything, always be happy for you and support you.

Dylan was exactly that. We have been friends since we were little, neither of us can actually remember a time when we didn’t know each other, but our moms tell us we’ve been friends since the womb. Dylan has been there for me through everything crappy that life has decided to throw my way, and I have done the same for him. But not once did I ever think that being happy for him would kill me inside.

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bts reacts: you sleep in his hoodie

anon asked:  can i request bts reactions to you sleeping in their hoodie because it smells like them? Thanks xx

note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so if i use a specific pronoun, let me know so i can change it! :) also, none of these gifs belong to me, all credit to their original ownerssss

yoongi:  i just imagine him coming home one night because he’d stayed late, walking with light footsteps and softly closing doors as he passes through them, as if not to wake you up, and then  he just sees you asleep, loosely tucked under thin sheets and wearing his hoodie, and he would just pause, hand lingering on the door frame and a fond smile on his face.

hoseok:  “y'know, sometimes i wonder why you even take so long to pick out pyjamas to wear my clothes to bed everyday.” he’d tease.

“yours is more comfortable than anything people sell anywhere- probably because of the millions of times it’s been through a softener, washer and drier cycle.” he’d laugh a little at that, turning over to face you.

“honestly, you can keep it. you wear it more than i do.”

namjoon: "i was thinking about something the other day.“

"when are you not thinking about something?” he’d give you a look out of the corner of his eye that just read, ‘good point.’

“i’d just realised why we only have to do half the amount of laundry that everyone else does- it’s because you literally own no pajamas.” he’d gesture to the oversized hoodie that hung loosely as you lay next to each other. “i have no problem with it- no problem with any aspect of it at all. just thought i’d let you know.”

seokjin: "so what you’re telling me is, when it’s other people’s clothes, it makes them a million times more comfortable?“

"i mean, not just anyone. but yours are.” with your head resting on his chest, you’d feel the rise and fall of every chuckle; every breath.

does it work reversed? maybe i should try wearing your clothes to sleep?”

“with those shoulders… not a chance.”

jungkook:  “hey ___, have you seen my- oh, never mind.” he’d sleepily walk into the room, rubbing at tired eyes and sitting next to you. you didn’t lift your eyes from the tattered novel in your hands, only yawned a little. 

“you can’t blame me- it smells nice.” you shrugged, not a trace of guilt there at all.

“___, it smells of me.”

“exactly. gotta love the smell of stale perspiration.” he’d game slightly and you’d laugh, nudging him gently to let him know that t was a joke. “i’m kidding, i’m kidding. you smell great, don’t you worry.”

jimin:  i just imagine him being all cute and blushy about it, with soft brushes at your arm every now and again, and little whispers telling you how much he liked seeing you in it met with gentle eye smiles, with evenings ending in intertwined hands, falling asleep on sofas and the synchronized sound of tired breathing.

taehyung: "y'know, i was wondering where that’d gone.“ he’d laugh softly, the sound tainted by the dodgy webcam quality and internet speed. "you really miss me that much?”

“what, did you expect me not to miss you? you’re making me sound like a bad person, you know. of course i miss you.”

“you miss me that much?”

“yes, tae. of course i do.” his face would visibly light up a bit, a smile upturning the corners of his lips as he gently whispered, just quiet enough for you to hear, ‘that’s good to know.’

this blog was a mess but so am i so it’s all fine, i hope this was okay for you, anon! :)

here’s my masterlist, just in case you liked this, and moodboard requests are open cause i just really like making those and it makes me feel like i’m doing something productive when i have writers block :))

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✰ * º ❛ you’re the worst sentence starters. ❜

‘  who knows their own address?  ’
‘  are we feminists? is this feminism?  ’
‘  i’m not a sidekick! i’m beyonce, not kelly rowland.  ’
‘  your cockaholism may just be about the least important thing in the world to me right now.  ’
‘  i wouldn’t call 10 a.m. ‘really early’.  ’
‘  cool! let’s add cocaine to the butt stuff.  ’
‘  you can’t leave! i love you!  ’
‘  do you even know what love means?  ’
‘  now go make me some bagel bites.  ’
‘  love isn’t about having somebody get you things. love is putting someone else’s feelings above your own. do you think you could ever do that? honestly?  ’
‘  do i look like a fitbit? i don’t give a shit about your sleep.  ’
‘  why are you yelling at me? what are you doing in my house?  ’
‘  i need you to act like a human person and pick up your damn phone when i call your skank ass!  ’
‘  you know, after i cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.  ’
‘  did you wear your booby shirt?  ’
‘  if i don’t get a night off soon, i think my liver is gonna slide out of my body.  ’
‘  i’m peeing blood and i briefly forgot the word for telephone.  ’
‘  you’re right. she’s gonna hate me.  ’
‘  you think i’m an unfriendly treacherous mountain?  ’
‘  we’re adults! we can do this ourselves.  ’
‘  you’re losing your hair.  ’
‘  practicing what? dying alone?  ’
‘  i told the spice girls i was dying in order to get free concert tickets.  ’
‘  i learned blue balls were a myth when i was 12.  ’
‘  i’m not much of a cleaner.  ’
‘  you’re not much of a human!  ’
‘  did you slither out of your mothers cooch yesterday?  ’
‘  i can’t believe i finally made a new friend and i tried to bang her the first time we hung out.  ’
‘  no offense, but you’re kind of making my skin crawl.  ’
‘  i’m not comfortable about feelings.  ’
‘  aren’t we lucky we’re both in professions where we can day drink?  ’
‘  i’m glad this is a one-night thing so we can reveal all this awful shit about ourselves.  ’
‘  what do you mean you watch tv on your computer?  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m doing here. i’m not even attracted to you.  ’
‘  you two are poison people. this is gonna end so badly.  ’
‘  if you wanna go, just go.  ’
‘  why can’t you just let this be over?  ’
‘  you and i, we’re inevitable.  ’
‘  move in with me.  ’
‘  i just humiliated myself by accepting your non-marriage proposal, i cannot now move in with you.  ’
‘  you’re just doing this as a hail mary because you know you’re about to lose me for good.  ’
‘  what i have finally realized is that the worst possible draft of my life is the one without you in it. i hate it, but you goddamn floor me.  ’
‘  oh shit… we’re gonna do this even though we know there is only one way this ends. whether in a week or twenty years, there is horrible sadness and pain coming in and we’re inviting it.  ’
‘  she stayed! you say she forced you, but we both know there’s not a person on this planet who’s ever had a good outcome trying to force you to do anything. she stayed and that means something whether you wanna admit it or not.  ’
‘  i’m not doing anything… i’m crying in my car.  ’
‘  don’t start keeping secrets now.  ’
‘  the only thing i need from you is to not make a big deal with it and be okay with how i am and the fact that you can’t fix me.  ’
‘  no, i’m mad at you because you think you can fix me! you can’t fix me! i don’t need to be fixed!  ’
‘  it’s like you have amnesia. every day you think things are gonna be different.  ’
‘  maybe you can understand this: i feel nothing.  ’
‘  i’ll be back in a couple of days.  ’
‘  you stayed? …you stayed!  ’
‘  you just said ‘boyfriend.’  ’
‘  i understand that my actions could lead you to feel a bit unwelcome and i’ll work on not being such a control freak.  ’
‘  i’m done comparing this to what normal people do.  ’
‘  normal people are terrible.  ’
‘  when i look at you, i swear i can see years years into the future with you.  ’
‘  …i love you too.  ’
‘  i’ve just heard that you’re the worst.  ’
‘  i tricked him into giving me back rubs, saying it made me horny.  ’
‘  obviously, i thought it was, like, boring as shit.  ’
‘  clearly you used to jack off to hemingway in high school.  ’
‘  i’m an irresponsible monster who burned down her apartment with a vibrator.  ’
‘  if there is even a remote possibility of breakfast and you don’t wake me up, i will never touch your dick again with any part of my body.  ’
‘  jokes on you, dummy, i’m already horny.  ’
‘  oh my god! that is so sexist and mansplain-y.  ’
‘  if ‘i love you’ is like a promise, it’s just a promise to try real hard. doesn’t mean you can’t fail.  ’
‘  i shit myself earlier and that is only the second most embarrassing thing that has happened to me today.  ’
‘  you knew who i was, you don’t get to act surprised now.  ’
‘  bam! carpe those diems!  ’
‘  i have to gone girl myself and start over where nobody knows me.  ’
‘  i’m going to have a baby.  ’
‘  i just want my kids to be sad when i die.  ’
‘  i didn’t want to kill him. i just snapped!  ’
‘  i feel guilty because of how much he suffered… and because you stabbed him on purpose.  ’
‘  you’re so getting murdered.  ’
‘  i can’t tell him my brain is broken.  ’
‘  don’t stalk me again because you suck at it.  ’
‘  back off, bitch.  ’
‘  don’t go.  ’
‘  i got your back, always.  ’
‘  you might not be useful in the radish sense, but you’re a good friend and you make people happy.  ’
‘  when i get back, you’re going to take me to a real bar and feed me cheap whiskey until i forget about that time i stopped being able to have sex with my boyfriend ever again because he took me to a bar that only served water!  ’
‘  so, would you say it’s a… problem-free philosophy? it’s like… no worries for the rest of your days?  ’
‘  did you just quote the lion king to me?  ’
‘  hey, um, so listen… i think you’re funny and cute and i’d like to take you on  a date with me for a date.  ’
‘  why did you put a murder tour on your list?  ’
‘  you even quit a rewards club because you couldn’t handle the commitment.  ’
‘  wear your stains on the outsides of your clothes.  ’
‘  see? dogs eat nachos.  ’
‘  hey, that’s your best garbage bag. you going somewhere?  ’
‘  i’ll be out by the time you get back. have fun, you deserve it… whoever she is.  ’
‘  red licorice vodka?  ’
‘  send money, loser!  ’
‘  and you date him… willingly.  ’
‘  my heart is a dumb dumb.  ’
‘  i’ve always been able to flip myself back over eventually, but… i ran out of times. this is how i am now and it’s not okay with you, nor should it be.  ’
‘  i suppose it’s good that this happened now, instead of like, ten years down the line.  ’
‘  the world is absolutely lousy with people and i hate them all. i hate everyone but you.  ’
‘  what the hell is wrong with us?  ’
‘  let’s make a pact never to feel anything around each other ever again.  ’
‘   i’ve never eaten a blueberry.  ’
‘   i’ve always had one foot out the door. with everything. especially with us.  ’
‘   so, you might just suddenly bounce out of here?  ’
‘  can we just… bail?  ’
‘  you’ve had a little too much to drink, didn’t you, buddy?  ’

patience is key | M

Jimin x Reader 

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 4,437

Life out of high school couldn’t have been better. You were on your way out of your parents house to finally living on your own. A job that you simply love, I mean, until you head off to college to work the job of your dreams, and best of all Jimin. Your new boyfriend. The last few months you’ve had with him have literally been the best; he spoiled you all the time. You did feel different and at times, a bit awkward considering you were now in your first real relationship. Next to you, Jimin hung out with his 6 closest buddies, which you didn’t have a problem hanging out with either considering they were also friends with you. Every once in awhile when they are all free, you all set aside a day where you all can hang out together.

And today was the day.

You woke up on a bright Friday mid-morning to the sound of constant buzzing on your nightstand. You slowly opened an eye to reach over to your nightstand to cease your vibrating device till your eyes widened at the time and the numerous missed calls from no other than, Jimin. Your eyes drifted down your lockscreen of the countless times Jimin called as you scrolled through previous notifications from the night before. You sighed happily and cocked your head to the side as you unlocked your phone to call him.




You immediately pulled your ear away from your phone as you covered your mouth immediately, letting out a stifled laugh, slowly lifting the phone back to your ear with a slight smirk stretched across your lips.

“Hey baby.”

You responded with a innocent smile stretched across your lips as your heart immediately fluttered at the sound of his voice.

“What are you doing, have you forgot that we are meeting up with the gang!?”

You sighed while your eyes drifted off around your room, your fingers fiddling with delicate fleece gently rested over your thighs.

“I know babe, I haven’t forgot, will you come pick me up?”

Obviously Jagiya, now get ready, I’ll be over there in 30.”

You simply melt when you hear him call you ‘jagiya’, you lifted the fleece up just below your chin with a slight as your eyes closed tightly in pure happiness.

“Jagiya … Jagiya!”

You heard a faint voice echo throughout your head as your eyes slowly opened, coming back to reality.

“I’ll be ready.”

You replied gently, simply lost in his voice. Jimin chuckled softly and sighed.

“Alright chubs, I’ll see you later.”

You released a soft giggle at his little nickname for you, it’s too cute. As you both hung up, you rested your phone back on your nightstand, connecting it to its charger as you turned to the opposite side of your bed, stretching. You stood up and walked to your nearby dresser and opened your drawer. “Hm..” You scanned through your numerous outfits. “It will .. just be inside so.” You grabbed a pair of black and white adidas shorts and lifted your head to your doorknob which had the black overhead hoodie you had happily stolen from your boyfriend. You smiled widely and nodded, satisfied with your choices. Tonight you will be meeting up with Jimin and the others at Jimin’s house to watch some movie. Jungkook chose, lord help us, probably some horror or action movie, which you can handle. After showering and freshening up, you walk back into your room and lay your new pair of underwear across your bed. A sinister smirk stretches across your lips with thoughts of how this night could go, being the bold tease that you are would Jimin like puddy in your hands. You have only had sex a couple times, but he’s always been quite shy. You chuckled evilly and removed your towel and slipped into your new underwear, feeling so confident as you stepped in front of the mirror hanging on your wall. The scarlet red really enhanced the glow of your skin and really made you look mesmerizing. Not to mention as your turned around in front of your mirror the way the slight clinginess made your curves even more pronounced, which really made you feel great in your new set. After gawking at yourself, you walked over to your bed and slipped the oversized hoodie over your head and slipped on your shorts. After getting dressed and slipping on a pair of old converse, you walked over to your nightstand and picked up your phone and stuffed it in the hoodie pocket. Reaching behind your nightstand, you unplugged your charger and stuffed it into your purse. As you took one last look in the mirror, fluffing and fixing your hair, you gently pulled the hood over your head and closed your bedroom door. Making your way downstairs, your phone buzzed. You lifted it from the pocket and took a glance to see that Jimin texted you.

‘Be there in 5.’

Perfect timing.

Your mom was in the kitchen making the last preparations on dinner for the family as she noticed you making your way towards the door.

“Headed out honey?” She asked, tilting her head as she watched you unlock the door.

“Yeah I’m going out to meet up with Jimin and the others.”

She was delighted to hear.

“Alright, have fun, got your keys?” You gave her a slight nod and shook your purse as your keys made a faint jingle. She gave you a nod.

“Don’t stay out any longer than you know you’re not supposed to.” You gave her a nod and smile as you disappeared behind the door. You scanned the street outside of your house and then back down at your phone. About 2 minutes later, you saw Jimin’s car appear in front of your house. Your heart skipped a beat as you watched the driver’s side car door open slowly, as your boyfriend appeared. He looked like pure boyfriend material. His hair in a bit messy, a clingy black t-shirt that really brought out his muscles, which you immensely enjoyed. His tight, ripped skinny jeans which intensified those huge thighs, god, you could go on and on about how great your boyfriend looked. You quickly ran down your steps and ran towards him, jumping into a passionate embrace as his large arms wrapped around your waist. He left soft pecks against your cheek as he gently set you back on the ground and motioned you to get into the car.

“C’mon, we gotta beat the boys.” He responded as he got back into the car. You nodded and made your way around the car and got in on the passenger side, closing the door. He did the same and started up the car. As you drove off, you quickly snatched the aux plug and inserted it into your phone. On your way there, you sang your heart out to Jay Park’s ‘All I wanna do’, which Jimin found hilarious as he watched you flail your body around like an idiot. It wasn’t too long after your karaoke session that you arrived at the house. You both stepped out of the car and headed to the front door. You still can’t get over how astonishing your boyfriend’s house is, just huge. You walked ahead up his front steps as he locked the car. You couldn’t help but feel as though he was staring at you as you walked ahead, your eyes quickly peered behind you. You weren’t wrong. He had his hand gently rested over his mouth as his eyes couldn’t tear away from the shorts you were wearing, You had to admit, the wear comfortable around your lower body and they really looked nice on your ass. You smirked slightly at his reaction.


You sighed and bent over, adjusting the tongue of your shoe, main objective to tease him a bit more. Your eyes shifted to the corner to see Jimin, walking passed you. Hm? Odd. He would have broke after that. You stood up and walked to the front door with him as you fixed the wrinkles in the hoodie. He tilted his head as he watched you fix the hoodie, unlocking the front door.

“Isn’t that, mine?”

You slowly lifted your head with an innocent smile as you stuffed your hands into the pocket.

“Maybe?” You responded with a giggle as you walked inside. You heard Jimin chuckle as he turned to see the Jin’s car parking in his driveway.

“The gangs all here.” He announced with a bright smile as he motioned them inside. One by one, they made their way out of the car and up the front steps, tackling you both with love, and aggressive hugs.

“Where we watching the movie?” Taehyung asked as he glanced around the house, as if he’d never visited before.

“Downstairs.” Jimin responded, wrapping an arm around you, walking alongside you. You all made your way to the basement, where his indoor theater room was located. Astonished everyone took their seats while you and Jin were in the kitchen preparing popcorn. After a few minutes you both arrived, meeting up with the rest of the boys to watch the movie. You placed the popcorn on a nearby ottoman and hopped onto the huge sectional, squeezing next to Jimin. They left an available for you next to Jimin at the end of the couch. How sweet of them. Namjoon turned off all the lights in the basement as you leaned over to see Jungkook. “So, what do you have in store for us?” Jungkook smirked evilly.

“A horror movie.” He responded.


Didn’t really bother you much so you shrugged as you leaned back against the couch, turning your attention turned towards the screen. You shivered a bit and Jimin noticed immediately. He reached behind himself and pulled a nearby fleece, laying it across your lap. You sighed happily as you rested your head on his shoulder. However, about 30 minutes into the movie, you began to feel uneasy, as Jimin rested his hand on your knee, running his thumb around your knee in a circular motion. Your head slowly rose from his shoulder as you rested it gently on the cushion behind you. Slowly, his hand rose higher, and higher, causing you to swallow nervously.

What is this all of a sudden? He was always so shy to touch me.

You decided to brush it off, until you a low whimper escaped your lips, Jungkook’s attention turned towards you as you quickly cleared your throat to cover it up. Jimin’s hand was gently rested on your inner thigh, his index finger delicately brushed up against the thin fabric of your shorts. Your breathing became a bit heavier as you tried to control yourself. You were actually getting into this movie and if he kept this up, who knows what would happen. You casually tried to brush his hand away. With that, his hand gripped your inner thigh quite aggressively, making whimper again, which caught now Taehyung’s attention. He turned to see your face slightly red, at least, he could tell by the flickering of the screen.

“Y/N, are you okay? Are you not feeling well?”

Your eyes shifted to see Jimin’s reaction.


His eyes were glued onto the tv the whole time.


You then looked down at Taehyung, who was sitting on the floor in front of you.

“Don’t worry about it I’m fi–”

You stopped immediately as you felt his soft, cold fingers slide underneath your shorts and up your panties, swiftly brushing his middle finger against your clit. Your eyes were widened as your head slowly turned to see Jimin’s head tilted to the side with a smirk stretched across his plump lips.

Cocky bastard.


Taehyung’s soft voice caught your attention once again as you turned back to him, giving him a slight nod of assurance. He turned back to the movie as you slumped down in your seat, your body on fire as his finger moved in a slow circular motion, over, and over, and over again. Faint pants escaped your lips as you felt Jimin lean close to you. Aggressively pulling on the collar of the hoodie, he brought his lips to your ear as he spoke in a low husky voice.

“Now you see how it feels to be teased babygirl.”

You felt your heart stop at his words. Dirty talk was everything to you, and coming from your boyfriend made it a 1,000 times better. You leaned in closer, as he brushed his lips against the edge of your ear. You could feel him smirk as he moved his fingers a bit faster, your lips parting as you released another whimper, not caring who heard at this point.

“You thought you could get away with that huh? You naughty girl.”

With a sudden push, he shoved a finger inside you, having you throw your head back against the backboard of the couch, releasing a delicate moan into the air. The slow, teasing circular motions had you squirming for more, your body screaming for more, screaming for him. You heard a soft chuckle from Jimin as he suddenly retracted his hands quickly, pulling them out of your shorts as your head slowly dropped back into place to see everyone staring at you. You swallowed nervously and smiled.

“I-I’m okay, honest.” You responded weakly, causing Jimin to look away as if he was innocent. After your statement, you had a couple lingering eyes, but in the end they all turned back to the movie.  You sighed in relief, turning back to Jimin.

“W-Why the hell did you stop?” You whispered, squirming next to him which made him chuckle, leaning over, leaving gentle pecks along the curve of your neck which made your body grow hotter and hotter with each kiss. After one last peck, he lifted his head and whispered in a deep, sensual voice,

“Patience Kitten, besides, I think my bad girl deserves a punishment.”

Are you, fuckin serious?

He pulled away, his attention fell back onto the movie as if nothing happened.

He made you sit there, agonizing till the movie ended. You watched as the credits rolled up the screen, ‘wow’s and ah’s’ were heard around the room as the movie reached its ending. You sat there frozen. The members attention fell on you, pointing at you, worried. Jimin waved them off, reassuring them.

“She’s fine, just a little scared is all.” He convinced as you finally snapped back to reality seeing everyone’s eyes fall on you. You quickly jumped to your feet, slinging your arm around his.

“R-Right right, just need some sleep guys, don’t worry about it.”

The guys exchanged glances and shrugged it off, walking upstairs. Jimin followed them as you stayed put, collecting up the remaining garbage that laid across the floor.


You made your way upstairs to the kitchen with the dishes as Jimin waved everyone off. You were in the kitchen rinsing out the popcorn greased bowls when you heard the front door shut. You attention slowly turned to the entrance of the kitchen, as you saw Jimin leaned there against the wall.

“I-I could u-use some help.” You mumbled, quickly turning back to the dishes, hiding the fact that you were blushing like crazy.

“I can see that.” He whispered from behind, swiftly taking both of your hands away from the bowl and pinning you against the nearby wall, his lips crashed onto your soft pair. You slung your arms around his neck, and your legs around his waist as slowly made his way to a nearby guest room, sitting you down on the floor. You lifted to see your boyfriend standing there, the tips of his hair lightly coated with sweat gently stuck to his forehead. His eyes full of lust, and flickering in love.

“Bed, now.”

Such demand in his voice made you melt, frozen in your very spot. You watched as Jimin’s hands gripped the ends of his shirt, and seconds later was over his head. God, the sight of those perfectly toned abs was a blessing. You wanted to kiss, feel, it was killing you. You slowly stumbled back until you hit the edge of the bed, Jimin scoffed and charged at you pinning you down violently as he attacked your lips and neck with kisses. Your echoes already filled the room as you felt those plump lips attack your neck. His teeth sank into your skin, pulling away slowly until there was nothing but an ocean of purple and blue spread across your neck.

This, was not your soft mochi anymore.

In a swift movement, the sweatshirt was over your head and thrown into some random place in the room. Jimin paused and stared as you threw your arms over your chest.

“D-Don’t stare so hard!” You begged as you watched Jimin’s shocked expression transform into a lustful smirk.

“What, I simply can’t stare …” Jimin paused as he aggressively groped both of your breasts while leaning down to your face.

“ … at what’s mine?” Your head was tilted back against the pillow below you as you simply could not believe what was happening. He gave your breasts a sweet slow rub as he rested his face between your breasts, sliding his hand behind you, unbuckling your bra.

“Buying new underwear, mm, you must have known this would happen.” He mumbled as he unhooked your bra, snatching it off and tossing it in some other unknown place propping himself up to hover over you, getting a clear view of your naked upper body.

“Ah Y/N, I can’t control myself anymore.” He then lowered himself again, kneading one of your breasts as he sucked on the other. Such overwhelming pleasure took over your body, your toes, your fingers curled in as the sweet sensation spread through your nerves. You watched as his tongue wrapped around your erect nipple, his teeth delicately grazed over your nipple, enclosing around as he pulled it upward. You released a long dramatic moan into the air as it echoed around the room, as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close to your breast.

“J-Jimin..” You moan breathlessly, squirming around. You stop suddenly as you feel him stop sucking as he then lowered himself slowly, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down your breasts, down your stomach, to your panty line. Jimin slowly lifted his head to see you looking down at him.

“Jagiya … be a good girl, and scream for daddy.” He demanded, biting on the waistband of your

panties, pulling them down. You simply couldn’t believe what was happening in front of you, he was alway so innocent and shy, what happened!? But you couldn’t continue being nervous anymore.

“Okay.” You replied confidently until you felt his lips enclose around your throbbing clit. Your fingers intertwine with the sheets below you as you cocked your head back quickly, moaning in overwhelming pleasure. Lowering your head, You watched Jimin’s head slowly rise to meet eyes with you, he was waiting on you to finish, you knew it.

“Okay … Daddy.” You replied, resting your index finger over your lip, turning away from him, blushing furiously. He chuckled, grazing his fingers gently down your hips until his hands sank into your thighs, lowering his head once again.

“Good girl.” He replied as he blew a gentle puff of air against your clit, causing you to whimper, your back arching slightly. His tongue slowly trailed from your clit to your oozing core.

“Look at how wet you are.” It was such a sight to his eyes, he dove right in, licking viciously, grabbing you by your hips to pull you in closer. You watched as the bedroom suddenly became a blur with every flick of his tongue.

“Faster~.” You begged as you rested your hands on both sides of his head as he sped up, putting your body under a spell as he worked his magic. His hair felt amazing against your fingers as he moved his head back and forth. He smirked smugly as he loved hearing your begging, with that, he forcefully slid in a finger, and another, curling it slowly inside you lifting his head to see your reaction, which pleased him. The way his name rolled of your tongue had anxious to see more. He pumped you harder, and faster, harder and faster. Your legs stretched out along the sheets, back arched a bit more as you took in each and every pump, your body overflowing in pure ecstasy. You felt your lower stomach suddenly tighten, you were close, but you didn’t want to cum on this note, it was too soon. However, as you were thinking, Jimin noticed that as he felt your muscles suddenly tighten around his fingers. You felt pressure suddenly escape your body. You looked down confused until you watched his hand reach his for the button of his jeans. You couldn’t resist it anymore took over, quickly reaching over help him. As the button was undone, and zipper was unzipped, off came his pants. It had been a while since you have had sex, but as you saw him once again, it was like it was your first time all over again.

“Jimin…” At this point you had no words, your hand however was doing all the talking as your fingers slowly snaked around his large throbbing bulge hidden under his boxers. A low hiss escaped his lips as he felt your touch. You enjoyed his reaction and lowered yourself till you were between his legs.

“It’s my turn babe.” You whispered as you brushed your lips against his hardened cock, rubbing it slowly. He threw his head back suddenly as he felt the delicate touch of your lips press up against him. Slowly, you pulled his boxers down, dropping them on the floor as you finally could see his throbbing length standing in front of you. You chuckled evilly as if devil horns appeared on your head. You sighed happily and lowered your self again, gently kissing his tip. You felt his warm precum coat your lips, sending shivers down your spine. The sour taste trailed down your throat, which made you release a soft muffled moan against his tip, he released a groan under his breath which turned you on even more, gaining the courage to, you finally lowered yourself, having his full length slide down your throat. You whimpered in slight discomfort, sending slight vibrations, which he very much enjoyed. After a few seconds of getting used to it, you began to suck lightly, running your tongue along his cock from the bottom, to the tip. Jimin had no reaction, you could feel him twitch in your grasp. He sat there, motionless, his fingers twitched as he felt your teeth graze softly, finally he moaned breathlessly, the ends of his hair soaked in sweat from the overwhelming heat. The pleasure, he couldn’t take it anymore as he pushed you off of him, pinning you back down onto the bed and fixed his position so that he was ready to enter inside of you.

“I need you … now.” You watched as his chest heaved up and down, his muscles were flexed as he had you pinned down, the lust in his eyes, the hot pants he released, you needed him.

“Please.” You moaned as you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck. He rested his head on your shoulder as you did the same. After a few breaths, you threw your head back, releasing a sweet pleasure filled moan into the air as it echoed across the room at the anticipated entrance you’ve been anxiously waiting for. There was slight pain as he remained still, letting you take it in. Warm puffs of air bounced off of your shoulder as he slowly began to move. You heard Jimin mumble about how tight you were which made you giggle lightly. After a few more thrusts, he quickly got used to it and thrusted a bit deeper. You quickly burrowed your face in the curve of his neck and released muffled moans as he thrusted into you. Your mind couldn’t focus on anything else besides what was going on right then and there. The shared heat between you drove you crazy, causing your brain to fog completely. Balancing himself on one hand, he gently brushed his thumb over your clit which made you snap instantly. You screamed his name, there was no keeping quiet anymore. Your body heat covered every inch of your body. Your fingers dug deep into his back, the small orbs of sweat from his back rolled down your fingers as you pulled him closer, making sure you weren’t leaving no space between you two. You felt him smirk against your shoulder as he pounded you deeper, harder, and faster. Over, and over, and over again. With every pump you begged for him to move faster. He just knew where to thrust, hitting your g-spot every time, perfectly. There was that feeling again. The knot in your lower stomach. It was more powerful this time and boy were you close.

“J-Jimin, I’m-I’m close.” You moaned, he knew you were, and you knew he was too. His thrusts became sloppy as his breathing became more hitched, your heart was beating an unbelievable pace as your stomach became tighter and tighter.

“Y-Y/N–.” He pulled you closer until finally, he threw his head back suddenly after thrusting his last few pumps inside you, releasing a sensual moan into your as he finally released himself inside of you. The hot sensation suddenly flowed inside of you that you couldn’t take it anymore, you screamed in pleasure as you came yourself, holding him the tightest you could. After having every last drop fill you, he slowly pulled himself out of you, you released a faint whimper as you both collapsed on the bed, laying next to each other, breathing heavily. You slowly rolled over so that you were laying on top of his heaving chest. You could hear his heart thudding loudly as you smiled at the sound of his voice.

“That .. was amazing.” You chuckled lightly and propped yourself up so that you were looking in his eyes.

“Now, why couldn’t we do that earlier?”

Jimin smirked and patted your head. “Patience is key kitten, you deserved your punishment.”

You rolled your eyes and laid your head back onto his chest, sighing happily.

- admin K

Alarm -Tom Holland

A/N: This one is trash. This gif and the song Alarm by Ann-Marie are responsible for this imagine, please don’t hate me. Enjoy? Part 2

I set my alarm on 3am in the morning. No I’m not a psychopath and I really love to sleep but Tom just happened to be on a whole different time zone than me. It’s been a little bit over four months since he entered a plain to fly off to film his new movie. It’s been hard. It’s been lonly. Really lonly. This distance thing was just not compatible with my emotional state and I was having a hard time. So was he. That’s the reason why I woke up at three am in the morning everyday to see his stupid face.

My alarm went off and I shut my eyes open being a little baffled for a moment. As I remembered what my alarm was for I reached for my phone and unlocked it.
Seconds later I could see Tom facetiming me and I accepted his call with a sleepy smile.
“Hey.”,I said and rolled onto my back rubbing my eyes, trying to get rid of the slight burning sensation.
“You’re really tired aren’t you?”,he said and I put my hands away immediatly.
“No? Who said that? I could run a marathon.”,I joked and winked at him.
“Shut up. You wouldn’t run a marathon at anytime of the day.”,he chuckled and I smiled again.
“You know me.”,I said and we both fell silent staring at each other and I felt my heart sink.
“I really miss you Tom.”, I finally said and my voice sounded chocked up, not as confident as I would want it to be and he sighed.
“I miss you too.”, he said and ran his fingers through his hair looking really stressed which made me worry.

“Don’t worry about it. You just have a month left.”,I said quickly and put a smile on, which didn’t feel all that real. My heart was pounding in my chest and I couldn’t put my finger on why.
“Tell me about your schedule. What’s next?”,I added and changed the subject to take his mind of the real issue.
“Oh…uh-..there is this event we’re working for which really stresses me out because it is a huge deal. There’ll be an after party to that. I don’t really know if I’ll go there, I have to do this other thing which still needs a lot of work and I’m not even sure…”

“Hey.”,I interrupted him and he looked up into the camera .
“It’s all going to be fine. Don’t stress yourself.”,I tried to calm him but he rolled his eyes.
“Yeah that’s easy for you to say.”,he said and even though I knew that he was salty because of all things he told me about, his attitude still bugged me.
“No need to be an ass about it.”,I said with furrowed brows and he ran his fingers through his hair again. Rougher this time.
“I know! I’m sorry. It’s just so overwhelming and you’re so far away and I just can’t…concentrate.”,he groaned and pressed his palms over his eyes.
“Did you tell Harrison about this, T?”,I asked now really worried but he shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter anyways. I just have to get it done.”,he said and seemed to be annoyed but I couldn’t quite tell why.
“That’s not true. It does matter. I don’t want you to get sick Tom. Please talk to him.”,I tried to convince him but he let his shoulders sink.
“I gotta go, Y/N. We’ll start shooting soon.”


“I love you, darling.”,he said and blew me a kiss.

“Tom!”,I said now more persistent but he just cracked a half smile and waved into the camera.

“I love you too, dumbass. Go be awesome now.”,I said finally and and waved back before he hung up. It’s not really necessary to tell you that I didn’t sleep well that night. Might as well have ran a marathon. Would have been less tiring.


The nice thing about our relationship was that there were no hard feelings after a little argument like that. We just kept going on with our lives because we understood each other. I knew he was being a little butthurt because of the stress and it was understandable.
The next day I didn’t set my alarm because I waited it to be 3am like a psychopath. I was holding my phone in my hand excitedly and smiled to myself. As soon as it was 3:00am I dialled his number and waited with a big grin on my face for him to pick up.
“Hey pretty girl. What’s up?”,he picked up and I squealed while jumping up and down.
“Gues what?!”,I said inbetween my excitement and pressed my palm against my lips.

“What?”,he laughed and his eyes were glowing with curiosity which made me even happier.
“We got it! We got the apartment we were rooting for!”,I exclaimed and and threw my fists into the air.
“Did we really?!”,he said and got up from where he was standing.
“Yes. Yes. Yes! The agent called today. I didn’t want to wake you up from your sleep. You barely get any.”,I said and smiled from ear to ear.

“I wish I could’ve been there. I wish I could hold you right now.”,he sighed and let himself fall onto the couch in his trailer.
“I know. Me too. But keep your head up. We will be having our own apartment soon. Do you know what that means? I’ll be always there when you come home. Even if it is late in the night and you can come cuddle with me or not. I mean we can do lots of other things in bed, you know…Try to think of that.”,I teased him and he playfully glared at me.

“Can I tell you something?”,he asked suddenly. We fell silent and were just enjoying each others company when he broke the silence. I knew he would, I waited for him to break it because I knew something was troubling him. He had this restless expression on his face where he would furrow his brows slightly and chew on his bottom lip.
“Of course. Shoot.”,I said and looked at my feet which were leaned up against the wall. Was that a different shade of blue on my right foot? Damn it.
“I’m having troubles.”

My head shot to my phone and I saw him look down on his feet. But I didn’t say anything because I saw that he needed time to process what he was going to say.

“I’m really having a hard time over here.”, he said and fell silent for quiet some time and panick started to rise in my chest.

“What is it Tom? You can tell me.”,I assured him with a gentle voice and wished he was right next to me so I could lay my arm around him or just take his hand in mine.
He opened his mouth to go on when suddenly I heared a knock on his door.
“Wait a second…”,he said and put his phone on to the table so that I watched the ceiling for a couple of minutes.
“Darling, I need to go. There is a complication with the event next week.”,he said as he picked his phone up and I nodded.

“Yeah, thought so. Go. I’ll call you tomorrow. We really do need to talk Tom.”,I said carefully and he nodded but was lost in his thoughts.
“Love you.”,he said and after I told him also, he was gone.
That was our last nice moment I would ever remember about us. That was also the only moment he tried to tell me about his issues.


From that day on everything began to go downhill. While I wad at home, trying to organize the apartment thing, being excited, Tom was stressed.

“Tom?“I asked for the third time and he snapped.

“What? Y/N I really don’t have time for this and I don’t really care right now! I’m trying to organize last things about the event in three days and you are asking me about a contract? Hell I don’t know okay? I don’t care! ”,he almost yelled and I was shocked. He sighed and started massaging his temples with his free hand, obviously annoyed with me. The thing that I was bothering him with and that he didn’t really care about was our future. That hit me right in the guts. I was only asking him about when we’d be able to sign the contract. A simple question. I felt a knot build in my throat and my eyes started watering and I became angry with myself. I looked down not wanting him to see how much he got to me.

“Darling, I’m sorry. Everyone is pressuring me right now. I didn’t mean to take it out on…”

“I think we should hang up.”,I interrupted him and didn’t look up, trying to gather myself together before I would look into his eyes.

“Y/N please! I didn’t mean-…I wasn’t…”

“I need to go Tom. Go finish your work. I’ll finish mine.”,I interrupted him again and he fell silent.

“Bye.”,I only said and hung up on him without waiting for an answer.
He called four times after I hung up and sent me three messages but I ignored all of them. If I talk to him right now, this is going to become a huge argument. We’re both on the edge of our nerves and we don’t need to stress that.

We didn’t talk for three days in which his important event happened. I had time to cool off and called him the morning after the event but he didn’t pick up. He was probably asleep with a huge headache. I smiled to myself imagening him having a hangover and sleeping it out, on his belly, face burried into the pillow. I called him five hours later but he didn’t pick up. Now it was getting a little weird because he should be awake by now. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to wait and not push him. He was probably still busy. Post event things? Who knows. I made myself a nice cup of sugary tea and chose a movie to watch while I waited for him to call back.

But he didn’t.

I called him the following two days three times a day but he did not answer once. Finally, it was a thursday night, I called Harrison when my alarm went off at 3am in the morning.
“Hey!”,he picked up and I exhaled thankfully.
“Harrison! Thank god! Is Tom with you?”,I said immediatly and and walked up and down in my living room.
“Y/N! Hey- yeah,uh…i mean no. He is not. He is…out?”,he stuttered and I furrowed my brows.

“Harrison.”,I said with a warning tone.

“Alright I’m officially stepping out of this. You guys need to talk. That’s all I’m going to say. No Tom I won’t shut up. You shut up. Gosh! You’re the one with the problem and I am…”, he kept talking but the rest got cut off as he hung up. Oh shit. This was about the other night. I broke his heart. I should have been supporting him through his stressfull times but I blocked him. I pushed him away.

I took my phone and wrote him a message.

Dearest love,
I fucked up. I am so sorry for pushing you away when you needed me the most. I’m sorry for being a bitch (even though you were a dick to me before that but that is long forgiven)
Tom, I always want to be by your side even if you have to be away for several months for shooting and promo. I’ll be done with college in a year and than I’ll be able to travel with you. We’ll have the best time of our lives. I’ll be waiting for your return in two weeks. We’ll talk this out when you come back, just know that I still love you. From all my heart.

I sent it and waited for an answer with a big smile on my face. The smile faded with every passing minute. He didn’t reply and I was left a crying mess the whole night. I messed up big time.


I came back from college the next day feeling numb the whole time and threw myself on the couch. I didn’t eat much and my body felt sore. I was watching a TV show when someone knocked on the door. When I looked at the clock I wondered who it could be. It was past midnight.
When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Tom?!”,I squealed and threw myself around his neck, pulling his body close to mine, breathing in his scent.
“What are you doing here?! Come in!”,I said and pulled him inside closing the door behind us.
“I missed you so much.”, I sighed and pulled him towards me again and placed my lips against his. It took him some time to kiss me back but when he did I felt my heart lighten. Like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
He pulled away after a few seconds and stepped back. I was going to say something but he held me off.

“We need to talk.”,he said and his chocked up voice made my body stiffen.
“What is it?”,I said and furrowed my brows worriedly.
He looked up from the floor and I thought my heart stopped when he looked into my eyes. His beautiful brown eyes were red and watery from crying, his lips were trembling and swollen because of the constant biting.

“Tom what happened?”, I said now panick rising in my voice and then it hit me.

“First I want you to know that I still love you with all my heart and I am so, so sorry for what happened. You’re the only one I love, you have to believe me…”

“What happened?”,I interrupted him and formed my hands into fists by my side trying to controll my rising anger. This couldn’t be happening.

“I cheated on you.”

My world stopped spinning. My heart stopped pounding. Everything was awefully silent. It was too loud.

“What did you say?”

“Please, you have to listen to me! I’m begging you. I didn’t mean to…I was anxious and stressed. Frustrated really. I know these aren’t excuses for what I did but…”

“Did you kiss her?”,I interrupted him without listening to him and he held his breath.

“Answer me! Did you?!”,I screamed and he nodded.

“I did.”

“Did-…Did you sleep with her?”






“I did.”

I fucked up. I am so sorry. My words echoed in my head. I am so fucking dumb.

Before I knew what I did I already had smacked him right across his face. My whole body was shivering and it felt like the room was spinning.
A sobb escaped my throat and I pressed my palm against my mouth to stop the rest. I just threw myself at him and kissed him like a fucking moron! My sight got blurry because of the tears in my eyes and finally they escaped. It was a silent cry. One where you know that it has no point. One you know, will destroy you.
I stumbled back slowly and shook my head trying to get rid of the images my mind made up of him being tangled in bed with another.

“Please you need to listen to me. It was a big mistake. You have to believe me. I don’t even know her. It just…happened. I was confused and on edge. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I need you to…”

“Shut up. Shut up! Shut the fuck up!”, I screamed and pulled at my own hair while shaking my head furiously. And then I went mad. I stormed towards him and started throwing punches and pushed him backwards out of the room while yelling at him.

“Get out! Get the fuck out! I don’t want to see you. Leave!”

I slammed the door shut and slid to the floor balling my eyes out for the love of my life. He did the same thing on the other side of the door.

The alarm in my bedroom went off. It was time to call him.

He fucked up big time.

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9 and 14 with James, maybe the reader is James's younger sister. Bonus: she's been secretly dating Sirius? Love ur fics btw I'm honestly just in awe everytkme I read something u written

I actually don’t like the way this one ended, but it has to end this way, due to the prompts, and it’s 3am and i’m weak. btw this is the longest prompt i’ve ever written, it’s 8 pages long and 2650 words. lol. 

9. “You hurt her, I stab you, okay?” and 14. “Take a deep breath and please calm the fuck down.”

Falling for your brother’s best friend was, perhaps, one of the biggest cliché’s in cliché history. It’s the type of cliché that is recycled as the plot of (most) erotic romance novels for bored, middle-aged witches. And as much as you hated cliché’s, it was your reality.

It started in your fifth year, in the Astronomy tower while a rowdy, victory party raged below you. An innocent kiss, which had led to a passionate make out session, which evolved into a heated shag against the wall, rushed and sweaty and delicious.

Of course, the guilt had harassed you every time you and Sirius met up. But you couldn’t resist him, and it suddenly wasn’t just about the sex anymore. It was secret dates in Hogsmeade and nights spent inside a make-shift pillow fort, sipping fire whiskey and talking about the future. It was cuddles and forehead kisses and tickle wars and picnics beside the Black Lake. He held you like a promise of protection, and Sirius never broke his promises.

It was… beautiful.  

The fear of getting caught intesified, however, when Sirius moved in, because it wasn’t just James anymore, it was your father, too. Father and son are very much alike, much to your dismay. But, for some odd reason, the risk makes everything more exciting.

Just thinking about the nights you spent, tangled with Sirius in an ocean of white sheets and earth-shattering pleasure makes you feel light-headed, and you squeeze your thighs together, the delicious ache between your legs Sirius had left intensifying. His body hovering over you, skin against skin, his lips spilling over your neck, his hands mapping out your curves, pushing in and pulling out rough and hard and fast

“Good morning, Lulu,” James greets, his childhood nickname for you on his grin. You dispel the images of the previous night as James bends down and kisses the crown of your head. You throw an orange at your affectionate brother and it hits the back of his head. “That’s rude.”

“Well, I am a Potter,” you remark, taking a bite of your pancake.  

“That, you are.”

“Though mummy could have had a steamy, summer love affair with some hunky, young muggle called…Steven”

“Why Steven?” James asks, popping a piece of bacon into his mouth and chewing languidly.

“I don’t know,” you remark, “it was the first name that came to mind…”

“Well, you’re not naming my child,” James remarks, piling his plate with bacon and egg.

“It’s not as bad as – I don’t know – Harry,” you retort, leaning across the table and stabbing a piece of fruit with your fork.

“That’s a fucking awful name,” James cringes, “I quite like the name Elvendork. It’s unisex and very practical…”

“That’s not a name!” you exclaim, “That’s just sounds smashed together.”

Just as you say it, Sirius Black enters the kitchen, the scent of his cologne infusing the air around you. Your heart dances like leaves caught in a summer breeze.

“Morning Prongs,” Sirius nods, before taking a seat beside you, “Morning Minnie.” Your nickname on his lips makes your heart melt through your ribs and pool somewhere in your panties. 

“Mornin’ Padfoot,” James mumbles through a mouthful of food, oblivious to your blushing cheeks, “Wouldcha pass the waffles?”

Sirius grabs the plate of waffles and leans across the table, dropping them in front of James. His arm grazes against yours as he does so, and it leaves invisible scorch marks on your skin.

“So, whats the plan for today?” Sirius asks as he begins to fill his plate with food.

“Well, Moony and Wormtail are coming by today,” James remarks, taking a sip of coffee, “And I think we were going to have a game of Quidditch.”

“Excellent,” Sirius grins, delightedly.

“As long as I’m not on the same team as boof head here, then I’m in,” you quip, tossing a nod in James’ direction.

“Come on, (Y/N),” James whines, “We’re the unstoppable duo. What would Godric Gryffindor say if he knew his star seeker refuses to get along with her Captain?”

“I think he would agree with me once he learned how much of a competitive asshole you are,” you drawl. Sirius snorts, and something about his approval makes your heart swell with pride.

“I’m just passionate.”

“You’re just fanatical,” you snip, “It’s bloody embarrassing.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell us how you really feel,” James drawls, though the corners of his lips are pinched in a loose grin.

“This is somewhat awkward,” Sirius confesses, “Especially when the salt is sitting in the middle of your upcoming family lawsuit.”

“You’ll get use to our bickering,” you smile, passing him the salt “If I don’t stab him with my fork first…”

“Regs – I mean – Regulus and I used to argue all the time…”

You and James shared a furtive glance as Sirius talk a bite out of his toast, his gaze boring holes into the butter dish. Silence hung over the breakfast table, filled only with the scraping of cutlery and the crunch of toast and bacon. An urge to take Sirius’ hand under the table overwhelms you, and you place a hand over his. Sirius shoots you a grateful glance, eyes brimming with grey melancholy.

“Anyway, Pads” James says, his voice rippling through the silence. You jerk your hand away from Sirius, “What do you think of the name Elevendork?”

“Ah, good name. It’s unisex,” Sirius grins and you face palm.

Neither of you are naming my child,” you grumble, and hearty laughter bubbles in the air.

“Alright, that’s it, I’m having a break,” you announce, throwing your broomstick on your shoulder and pacing away. James zooms down and staggers to the ground, his hair windswept and eyes bright.

“Potters don’t have breaks,” James snaps, chasing after you, “Come on, team Potter is on a winning streak.”

“James, you are pathetic,” you drawl, “I’m starving and I have to pee.”

“Yeah, Prongs, it’s not as though this is the Quidditch World Cup,” Remus adds, catching up to the two of you, “It’s your backyard for Merlin’s sake.”

“It’s still Quidditch,” James snips, causing both you and Remus to roll your eyes.

This is why I’m not on the Gryffindor Quidditch team,” Remus mumbles, stabbing a thumb in James’ direction. You stifle a snigger.

“Giving up already?” Sirius calls after you, “We’re just getting started.”

“No wonder you’re playing so poorly,” you remark, spinning around to face him and walking backwards, “Honestly, my grandmother could play better than you and she’s dead.”

Remus barks a laugh and awards you with a fist pump.

“Aw, that’s cute,” Sirius grins, jogging up beside you. “Pretending to act like you weren’t distracted out there is so sweet.”

Heat tickles your cheeks and you spin around, curtaining your blushing cheeks with your hair. “What are you talking about?”

“Yeah, what are you talking about, Pads?” James inquires, brow raised suspiciously.

“I’m just saying, there were plenty of opportunities for Minnie to catch the snitch, yet she seemed…distracted.”

Sirius was right. Your focus had been lingering between Sirius and the lean muscles flexing beneath his Quidditch shirt. Sirius seemed to be giving you a knowing grin and you averted your gaze, staring at the ground.

“Hey, can you guys wait up,” a flustered Peter pants, trailing behind the four of you.

“Sorry, Wormy,” James drops his pace, walking beside Peter while you and Remus walk ahead. Sirius sends you a flirtatious wink before joining Peter and James, and your cheeks flare as you and Remus pace toward your house.

“You know I hate to say it but…Sirius is right,” Remus mumbles.

“I wasn’t distracted,” you say, brashly, “I was just waiting for the right opportunity.”

“Uh-huh,” Remus nods, “Like how you’re ‘waiting for the right opportunity’ to tell James about you and Sirius.” You gape at Remus and the sandy-haired boy chortles, shaking his head, “I may hang around idiots but that doesn’t mean that I am one…”

“How long have you known?” you ask, fiddling with the hem of your shirt.

“That doesn’t matter,” Remus smiles, batting the question away as though it had materialized in front of him, “What matters is that you’re honest about your feelings. For James’ sake.”

You sigh, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “You’re right. Dammit, Remus, I hate it when you’re right.”

“I know,” Remus grins, proudly, “You also love it, though.”

You shake your head and jab him playfully in the ribs, “Yeah. I do.”

Remus and Peter had left after dinner, but the formers words hadn’t left you at all. He was right, after all. You have to be honest and clear. It’s the least James deserves.  

Swinging on the swing strung on the large sycamore tree behind your house, you feel the summer breeze tickle your cheeks and filter through your hair as you try to figure out what to say. A lot had happened on this swing, which was large enough to occupy two people. But this was your spot of thought and contemplation.

Before you can string together a proper sentence, however, you hear familiar footsteps approach you, and then his voice fills the night air.

“Looks like you could use some company…”  

You regard him over your shoulder, “What makes you think I’ll want yours, Sirius Black?”

Sirius sinks into spot beside you. “Don’t know, really. I just have this gut feeling that you do.”

You laugh, trying to ignore the heat radiating from Sirius onto you. Your bare thigh brushes against his, igniting sparks beneath your skin.

“Is it the same gut feeling that lands you in detention all the time?” you quip. Sirius chortles.

“Nah,” he murmurs after a beat of silence, “It’s better.”

You feel his gaze sweep over you and you suddenly feel self-conscious of every centimeter of skin on your body. You wish you had chosen a prettier sundress, or slapped on more make-up.

“What is it like?” you whisper, daring to look into Sirius’ eyes.

Sirius raises a hand and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. His fingers trace your jaw and travel down your neck, wrapping around your pulse point. “It’s like…fireworks or Butterflies, flying in formation. And it always happens when I’m around you.”

“Sirius…” you whisper, “we have to tell James.”

Sirius nods, his thumb gently dragging across your throat. “I know.”

You see the guilt flicker across his handsome features, and something chews away in your chest. This is just as hard for him as it is for you, you can tell. But if James truly loves both of you, he will understand that this is so much more than chemical lust. It’s love. Strange and magical and beautiful. It’s you and Sirius, sitting on your swing, bathing in moonlight and basking in the glow of one million stars.  

Leaning forward, you press your lips to Sirius in a languid kiss, your lips whispering how much you love him. Sirius kisses back, his other hand moving to cup your cheek before wrapping around tendrils of your hair. It’s not the first time you’ve kissed him, but every time your lips meet, it’s like he’s igniting every dying star inside your soul, sparking every flame into a wild fire, and he burns but you love it.

When you break away, Sirius plants a tender kiss to your forehead and you rest your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapping around you protectively. Both of you fail to notice that you’re no longer alone, and it’s only when someone clears their throat that the two of you leap apart, jumping from the swing and spinning around.

“By all means, snog in front of me like I don’t exist,” James drawls, his face contorted into what looks like a cringe and a grimace. But there’s a fire in his eyes that is only lit by rage, and it swallows you up in hazel flames.

James,” You murmur, “Please, listen to me…”

“My best friend is snogging my little sister and I’m supposed to just listen to you,” James growls, moving toward Sirius. Sirius steps back but James keeps charging toward him. You step between them, pushing a gentle hand against James’ chest.

“James, take a deep breath and please calm the fuck down.

“Calm down?!” James roars, “Calm down?! Are you really going to tell me that?”

“James, please.”

James’ eyes dart between the two of you before he rakes a hand through his hair.  

“My sister and my best friend,” he mutters, repeatedly, as he begins to pace back and forth. “How long? How long have you been shagging my sister?”

“It doesn’t matter, James.” Sirius says, his voice steady but his eyes pleading.

“Yes, I think it does fucking matter!” James snarls, voice venomous and low.

“No, it doesn’t. Because I love your sister, James. I love her. I always have, and I always will.” Sirius snaps, but there is no anger in his voice, “She gives me purpose and hope and I’ve never been more happy in my life. I fucking love your sister, James, and I will sell my soul for her happiness without a hint of hesitation.”

Unshed tears glisten in your eyes as you gaze at Sirius, and his hand moves to cup your own, holding it flat against his chest.

“You mean everything to me, (Y/N). I love you more than those three words could ever mean. I love you. Just you. Always you.”

“I love you too, Sirius,” you whisper, biting down on your bottom lip, “I love you so much.”

Moving toward Sirius, you throw your arms around him and capture him in a warm embrace. He buries his face in your neck and you press a gentle kiss to his neck and it’s beautiful, it’s perfect, it’s real.

And it’s in front of James.

You break apart slowly, before turning to James, whose face in unreadable. You gaze at James, begging him for his blessing, because as much as you love Sirius, James is your brother and you love him, even when you think you hate him.

“You…You love him?” James murmurs. You nod fervently and take Sirius’ hand. James’ eyes flick toward Sirius. “You love her?”

“More than anything.”

There is another still silence, in which the tension threatens to bury you alive. James’ hands tear through his hair again before a laugh of disbelief leaves his lips.

“My sister and my best friend,” he mutters, and then a flicker of a smile crosses his lips, “My sister and my best friend!”

Unbelievably, amazingly, James is grinning, and it’s such a dramatic change in mood, you have to blink several times to believe it.

“My sister and my best friend!” James steps forward and slaps a hand on Sirius shoulder, beaming at the two of you.

“So…y–you’re not mad anymore?” Sirius stammers, hardly able to believe it himself, “We’re still…friends?”

“It’s going to be…weird…and I’m still angry that you kept this a secret from me but…my sister and my best friend.” James smiles, before adding more seriously, “You hurt her, I stab you, okay?

Sirius gulps thickly, “I – er – believe you.”

James nods, before a grin tickles his lips and he beams at the two of you. You take Sirius’ hand, interlace your fingers with his, and you smile because this is okay now, no more secrecy, no more sneaking around, this is real and this is okay.

It’s cliché, but you don’t care anymore. Fuck clichés. This is love, and it’s real.

Friends fans will understand what i did there ;) also, yeah, i’m not super proud of James’ reaction in this, but it has to be this way so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

no more prompts please

The Summer Fling (Chapter 6) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “John F. Kennedy International Airport”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: Welp, it’s 4:47am, and this will post at 10, my dedication to you people borders on lunacy. I hope you like it. I’m sorry if it’s not my best, I am tired. 

Summary: Dylan picks Y/n up from the airport after her trip to visit family for the Fourth of July and deepens their connection and trust.

Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven

Originally posted by ageofthesith

Dylan O'Brien:  You come home tomorrow morning….. :)

You:  omg… i do?!

Dylan O'Brien: haha shut up.

Dylan O'Brien : Um, did you have plans for tomorrow when you get home?

You:  i land at 6pm and i was just going to take the airtran from JFK to Jamaica and I was going to take the subway from there, why?

Dylan O'Brien: Do you have any interest in seeing Spiderman?

You:  tomorrow?

Dylan O'Brien:  Yeah, if I came out and picked you up from the airport, would you be in the mood to see the movie with me that night?

You:  you’re gonna drive all the way out from the Montauk to Brooklyn to get me from the airport to then see a two hour movie and then drive three hours back to the Hamptons and not fall asleep and crash and die….

Dylan O'Brien: Well when you put it that way… Yeah, I still want to see you.

Dylan O'Brien: And I want to see Spiderman :)

You: :)

You:  well, i want to see you, so if you really want to do all of that, then yea. I’ll see Spiderman with you tomorrow night.

Dylan O'Brien: i’ll see you at JFK at 6. text me when you land and send me your flight info?

You:  okay. goodnight, Dyl.

Dylan O'Brien: Sweet dreams, Y/n. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

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Why is Guang Hong Ji x Phichit a rare pair.

I mean Guang Hong has a flippin crush on Phichit. It is on the official website.

“He yearns for his friend Phichit a little”


They are two of the cutest characters and they seemed to get along in the Cup of China and they hung out a lot.

“In the result he often uploads his selfie pictures on SNS”

Do I have to talk about this selfie alone together. I bet they do this all the time. 

I don’t know. I can see Guang Hong talking to Leo about Phichit 24/7 and Leo being like “I know Guang Hong I was there I saw it”. Leo is the best wingman. Fight me.

Feel free to add more cute things about them because I will never shut up with this ship and the lack of content makes me super sad.

3-year-old Wingman (Connor Murphy x Reader babysitting fluff)


3-year-old Wingman (Connor Murphy x Reader fluff babysitting AU its fuckin lame)

3000+ words

Ps: im bad at revising

TW: angst, lots of swearing, toddlers, very very brief mentions of depression, anxiety, and suicide

You saw a dim light flicker from the corner of your eye as you played Uno with your young nephew, accompanied by a slight ding signaling you got a text. You knew it was probably Connor.

“You can get your phone, it’s okay.” your nephew told you, sounding wise beyond his years for a 3-and-a-half-year-old. He was the most adorable thing, and you couldn’t get over it.

“Nope, buddy. I need my full concentration for this game. I’m not gonna lose to you again. They can wait a couple of minutes until I demolish you at this Uno.” you replied sternly, lifting your head up high, causing giggles to erupt for the small boy. You couldn’t help but smile back. But your lips fell when your phone started dinging over and over and over again. Your nephew peered up at you with big eyes, silently telling you to just get it. You put up a finger, putting your cards face to use your other hand to reach for your phone. You were right, it was Connor.

7 messages from Connor



what are you up to

i’m bored

my parents aren’t home


you’re my only friend i want to hang out with you dammit

You couldn’t help but to let a smile form on your face. This fucking kid. You couldn’t believe that this was the boy that barely spoke two words to you over a span of a month when you were lab partners. At the start of Junior Year, you had to take a physics class as a prereq for graduating. The class was filled with seniors, leaving you and this mysterious, and super scary Connor Murphy as the only two juniors. So, your teacher paired you up, resentment oozing out of Connor. You basically did the projects by yourself, him helping with data or equations you didn’t understand yourself, but you never actually talked much. You did your work in silence. Until you noticed he was writing some old fall out boy (A/N: I feel like everyone just mutually agreed on Connor liking FOB so I’m just going along with it.)  lyrics on one of his data sheets.

“That’s a good song.” You murmured, peering back at your paper, trying to work through this problem that made zero sense.

“You like fall out boy?” he mumbled, trying to figure out what you were trying to do by making conversation with him.

“Yeah, Pete Wentz was the love of my life for a while. They were actually my first concert back in middle school, when they made a comeback. But they peeked at From Under A Cork Tree.”  Connor smiled at this, agreeing silently with everything you just said. His smile was addictive, so you kept going. Seeing how long you could kept a conversation going and his smile up as well. You mostly talked at first. But his word count each week was increasing exponentially. Until you went a whole class listening to him talk about how The Smiths was easily the best band ever and better than Nirvana and that Nirvana is over-hyped because everyone romanticizes Kurt’s suicide while no one really actually cares about the depressed kid until they are gone. The conversation kind of died after that. Him feeling like he said too much, and you just not knowing what to say. Something told you he wasn’t just talking about Kurt Cobain. So, you kind of squeezed his hand momentarily, which he would never admit, made him blush like a madman and almost pushed him into a panic attack, he was so overwhelmed and caught off guard. Then, the game changed for Connor. It was bound to happen; a crush was going to form. Connor fell victim, falling hard. No one really reached out to him before, unless it was to make fun of him and get in his head. He was the school’s punching bag. Even school nerds like Jared Kleinman picked on him. He always noticed you before. You never laughed at him when other made jokes. But he didn’t realize that not only a friendship was forming, but a crush as well. And when he did, it was too late to abort. This boy was in love with you from the time you spotted those fall out boy lyrics to be honest.

Another ding snapped you out of your reminiscing.

6 messages from Connor:

Are you alive


no that’s ridiculous

of course you are


you never not text me

You texted him back quickly, knowing he was probably thinking of all the ways you just lying on the street dead to your body floating in the river face down. He confessed that this happened a lot to you. He’d just get bad, intrusive thoughts he couldn’t shake away.

im alive and well. Just babysitting my nephew Carter. HES SO CUTE

You snapped a picture of Carter playing Uno and sent it to Connor. Before you could even put down your phone, another familiar ding alerted you.

1 message from Connor:


you’re heartless

4 messages from Connor:

i know

guess i’ll go hang with my other friends


woe is me

shut up nerd

if you want, come babysit

1 message from Connor:

hell fucking no

well i have to go then. i gotta win this game of uno this 3 year old is putting me to shame

2 messages from Connor:

you’re so embarrassing why am i friends with you

i’ll be over in ten

You smiled at the last message. Connor wasn’t the only one with the crush. Yes, yours did develop later in your relationship, but it was definitely equal to Connors admiration for you. Connor didn’t really start opening up after about three months into your friendship. Once he talked about the whole Kurt Cobain thing, he kind of laid low for a little, you having to steer the conversation if you wanted it to live. He was touchy, so you had to handle him with care. You tried to bring it up a few times, to just get immediately shut down. You’d always ask in school, because you weren’t at the point of hanging outside of it yet. But he’d always change topic. It’s not like he didn’t trust you, it was everyone around him. Paranoid they were secretly listening in on your chats. So, you decided to take initiative. It was exactly 3 months of you being friends, so you asked if he wanted to hang.


“What…” he replied, seemingly uninteresting as he doodled along the margin of his already finished calc problems. He was actually a fucking genius. He wasn’t just artistic, but the kid had a brain. But that’s a different topic.

“You know what today is?”

“I ‘donno know,” all his words kind of running together, “Friday?”

“No.” you felt dumb now. “Never mind.”

“No what’s today. I like hearing your weird ass facts. Is it like, Morrissey’s birthday, or like the anniversary of The Queen Is Dead album?”

“You’re gonna find it stupid that I was even going to make a big deal out of it, so, never mind.”

“No, tell me.”




“Fucking god, (Y/N). Just tell me already.”

“It’s our ¼ friendaversary.”

“What? What the fuck is that shit?”

“See. I knew you’d find it dumb.”

“N-no, I just don’t know what the fuck that is.” Connor genuinely asked.

“We’ve been friends for three months, Connor. That’s what it means. I thought you were good at math?”

“That’s a thing? And people celebrate that? I wasn’t aware that was a milestone.”

“No, people don’t really celebrate it. But we do our own thing.”

“How is it three months?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, how do you figure?”

“Oh… It’s the day we talked about fall out boy. Remember?” You shifted awkwardly in your desk, realizing that knowing the exact date you first bonded was creepy.

“Barely.” he lied. Of course, he fucking did. He wouldn’t stop thinking about you that moment for the rest of that week. Then, he’d just think of you in general from that point on all the time. You consumed his thoughts, both during day and night. You were even in his dreams.

“We should, like, I don’t know… Hang out tonight.”

“We’ve never hung out before. What would we even do.”

“Friend things.” you sneered

“And what does that consist of.” he jabbed back.

“I don’t know, Connor. Like, use that vivid imagination of yours. Pizza and a movie. Pizza and video games. Pizza and anything. Pizza just had to be the foundation.

“Well, do you wanna go out somewhere. Or like hang out at someone’s house?”

“It’s getting cold out so we can hang at one of our houses, if you want?”

“Um, can we go to yours? My parents will be home and I don’t like to ask them things.”

“Sure, they won’t mind you’re going to be over right?”

“Um, I wasn’t going to tell them.”

“Why, are you embarrassed of me.” you joked. Connor didn’t respond right away. “Wait, are you?”

“No, of course not. It’s just…” he paused, pursing his lips, you noticed his prominent cupid’s bow. “It’s complicated.” he grumbled, “What time do you want me over for this stupid celebration.”

“Well if you think it’s stupid-”

Connor started speaking over you, “For this very awesome, cool, great, fan-fucking-tastic celebration. I misspoke.”


“Can’t wait.” he responded sarcastically, rolling his eyes. But you both knew he couldn’t.

That night consisted of pizza, of course. And Connor opted for old NES games, which he beat you at every single time.

“Okay, literally fuck Excitebike! It’s so dumb you can overheat your bike?” I shouted, throwing my controller.

“You’re such a sore loser.”

“I am not! It’s just Excitebike is dumb. Let’s go back to Punch Out!, or Galaga. I’m warmed up now, and I’ll definitely win.”

“You’ve said that after every single game.”

“No, I’m serious now, my game was just off.”


“Plus, I had drawing today, so my hand was already tired.”

“Whatever you say, (Y/N).”

“I think I broke my thumb last week squeezing it between my locker.”

“Of course you did.” he taunted, trying to resist a smile. His eyes were gleaming, he was enamored. He was trying even harder to not kiss you.

“I’m going to beat you next week.”

“Next week?”

“I mean, if you’re free.” you tried to not sound desperate, but failing.

“Do you see all my other friends lining up to hang out with me?” he deadpanned.

“Then, It’s a date.”

“Date?” Connor quickly caught your phrasing, trying to understand your intention.

You froze, “You know, not an actual date. Like, a platonic date, bro.” you tried your hardest to brush it off, but failing. Again. You scolded yourself for using the term ‘bro’. But Connor let it go, though he did feel wounded.

“Got it, bro.” Sourly putting emphasis on the latter word, “Play me again so I can fucking win for the millionth time.” he said, a little too aggressively.

“You good?”

“Dandy. I just want to prove I’m good enough for you.” he accidentally professed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you inquired.

“God, just play me. That’s what I mean.”

You didn’t want to press him. The tension in the air was at an all-time high. Connor never really got snippy like this with you. I mean, yes, he did sometimes raise his voice or make a rude remark. But he’d habitually curse under his breath and apologize immediately. You always understood, knowing all the pent-up anger inside him. But then Connor seemed to relax again once you started playing Punch Out!, taking his anger out through Little Mac on King Hippo, and then the two of you went back to having fun. In Connor’s head though, he definitely planned to kiss you that night, but the way to swerved the date topic, he lost all his confidence. Taking it as you’d never see him in a romantic light. That was almost 6 months ago, and he still hasn’t made a move.

You came out of your daydream once again when Carter yelled out Uno, well a version of the word.

“Unope!” he added a P in the end for whatever reason. You decided against telling him. How were you losing to a 3-year-old for the seventh time?! He placed down a red 4, excitement in his eyes. He definitely had a red, you could see it in his eyes. You looked at your hand, filled with about a dozen reds from the draw 4s he was hitting you with. So, you decided to take your chance picking up a card from the deck. A yellow 4.

“You aren’t winning today.” you placed the card down, smirking. The 3-year-old squealed out and slapped down a yellow 7.

“Outto!!!” he cheered, the bastard winning again. You couldn’t believe he had a yellow out of everything.

You throw up your cards in a joking manner, “You don’t even know the whole alphabet!” another fit of giggles came from your nephew.

“I least he can win at Uno,” a voice came through the door. “You’re a destined loser. I don’t think you’ve ever won at anything.” Connor trudged through the door in his beat up brown jean jacket and combat boots, his nose red from the cold approaching winter air.

“False!” you yelled out, going up to Connor and giving him a bear hug. He slung an arm around you, bringing him closer to him. He rested his chin on your head, inhaling your scented shampoo. He couldn’t pick out the scent, but you reminded him he needed to wash his hair soon.

“Solitaire doesn’t count. You literally okay that by yourself.”

You pushed him away, “Whatever, shut up. I’m not a sore loser at least.”

“You totally are though?” he remarks back, “You make up excuses. You just told your nephew he doesn’t know the alphabet because you’re angry you lost.”

“I said, whatever! Shut up.” you fake yell like you’re pissed off. “Connor, this is Carter, my favorite nephew. Carter, this is Connor, my least favorite friend.” Connor waved awkwardly at the child before him, Carter got up from his chair and jumped down. He tugged on his skinny jean pant leg that was still too big because he was so lanky. His legs were skinnier than yours.

“It’s touching me.” Connor whispered to you.

“Carter wants you to pick him up. He probably wants to tell you something.”

“How do I pick it up.”

“Connor, why are you an inept alien? Like you aren’t from earth.”

Connor leans down and scoops up Carter, Carter whispering something in his ear.

“Both our names do begin with C. You are correct. Here I thought you didn’t know your alphabet.” Connor repeated what Carter told him aloud, looking over at you and raising his eyebrow. Carter whispered again, cupping his hands around his mouth so you wouldn’t hear.

“You know until L,” he paused, listening more. “Yeah, no I get it, it does get confusing at that point.” Carter continued. You couldn’t help but to burn up at the sight. Your two favorite guys. “Yeah, I’ll stop talking out loud.” you assumed Carter asked him to keep the next thing a secret. Connor starts to turn red and looks at you for a split second. Connor puts Carter down, trickery written on your nephew’s face, bashfulness on Connor’s. Carter ran into your living room, picking up train tracks and started to build.

You squeeze Connor’s thin arm, “What did he tell you?”

Connor smiled lopsidedly, “It’s a secret. I can’t tell you.” he confidently takes your hand and dragged you into the living room. The three of you spend the day playing with trains, then move to watching rug rags, then back to trains, and then finally Carter passed out fast asleep coloring with Connor at the table. You pick Carter up, leaving Connor to keep coloring.

“Is he knocked out?” Connor realizing you left, walking to the bottom of the stairs, watching you walk up them with Carter on your back.

“Yes, finally. I thought we were going to have to play trains again. A girl can only play with Thomas a number of times before she goes a little stir crazy.”

Connor catches up to you on the steps, “I can put him to bed, if you wanna clean up downstairs.” he proposes, you nodded and let Connor take Carter off your back. You watched as Carter curled up in Connor’s chest, having your stomach dropped.

Shit. You really liked Connor.

You realized you were just staring at Connor, making him shift awkwardly under your stare. “Um, I’m, uh, yeah. I’m gonna go do that.” you chuckled awkwardly, going downstairs. Mentally punching yourself in the face for being weird. What the hell was wrong with you, you thought to yourself. You start with the crayons, putting them back in the box. You picked up pictures that Carter drew. You laughed at the stick figures, most of them being Connor, him, and you. Flipping through the pictures, Carter start drawing you and Connor holding hands, then there was one of you two dancing, then the last one displayed you kissing. You smile softly, thinking about the possibility of what Carter told Connor that he blushed so furiously at. You looked over at the end of the table, realizing a turned over paper where Connor was sitting. You glanced at the stairs making sure Connor was still upstairs. You creep over to the paper, turning it over.

It was you. Where you were sitting, coloring, looking down with strands of your hair falling in front of your eyes. Eyes that seemed to sparkle, smile lines that corresponded with an closed smirk, a soft dimple marking your cheek. He made you look so beautiful. It was so…  realistic. And, just amazing.

“Don’t look at that.” Connor hissed, trying taking it out of your hands.

“This is me…” you stated, trailing off.

“It’s nothing. Let it go.” he continued, not sure if he meant the paper or the topic.

“No, I have questions.”

“I’m not playing 20/20 questions. Just forget I drew that. Rip it up.”

“What did Carter tell you.”

“I have to go, (Y/N), it’s getting late.”

“Just tell me, Connor.”

“The secret? The stupid fucking secret some 3 year old told me?”

“I wanna know the secret you’ve been keeping from me for like 6 months.”

“And what the fuck would that be.” He knew what you were getting on about.

“Tell me how you feel about me.”

Connor blushed, “I’m leaving.”

“Stop,” you run in front of the door. Placing a hand on Connor’s chest.

“I can’t do this right now.”

“Then when will you?!” You whisper shout, remembering Carter is still upstairs sleeping,

You two stared at each other, both feeling vulnerable. Connor clenched his jaw.

“Never. You’re too good for me. You’re a thousand times too good for me. I don’t deserve you. I’m a loser, a freak. And you’re, I don’t even fucking know a good word to describe you. You're… just… perfect. And I know deep down you don’t actually like me. Just let me go home. I’ve embarrassed myself enough, don’t you think.

“You’re so dense, Connor.” You grabbed the back of his head, doing what he should’ve 6 months ago. Really, what you should’ve done 9 months ago. Your lips collided together. The kiss itself was flawed: Connor kissed you back to roughly, your noses bumped, and both of you kind of smelled like wax from the crayons. But it was enough. It was more than enough for both of you. It was perfect.

“Finally.” a tiny voice said from the top of the stairs, “Took you guys long enough.” You both snapped your heads over, breaking the kiss. It’s the fucking kid.

“Talk to us when you know the alphabet.” Connor called out, kissing you lightly this time like he’d never hurt you, and he never will. Carter trotted back to his room.

“Someone needs to tuck me in again.” Carter yelled. You looked over at Connor.

“Yeah, I got it.” Connor told you, and started for the stairs. “Oh, and if isn’t obvious, I fucking love you, (Y/N).”

You rolled your eyes at his word choice, but your stomach did back flips, “I fucking love you, Murphy.”

Why I Need You

Characters - Bucky Barnes, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Summary/Request - Yay! Could you write one with Bucky? He and the reader are in love with each other but don’t know how to tell the other. Maybe some commentary from the other Avengers? Little smut if you’re not opposed to it ;)

Word Count - 4,441

Warnings - Smut…Fingering, Unprotected sex… A little bit of language, little bit of angst..and of course some fluff
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - First ever Avengers/Marvel fic, so be gentle XD
Couple songs included are Think A Little Less, She thinks she needs me, and This Is Why I Need You
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Working with the Avengers was a challenge to say the least.
An enjoyable one, but still a challenge.

This was why Y/N had opted to keep her apartment in the city. So she could have a safe, familiar place to escape to when things got just too… heroically crazy.

It was rare that she would stay at the Tower over night, but Tony had a room set up for her anyway.
When nights like last night came around, she was glad to have a bed to sleep in rather than having to crash on the couch.

Just like every morning, Bucky and Steve had gotten up before everyone else in the Tower and had gone for a run. When they got back, they were a little surprised to see everyone still asleep. Each went to their separate room, to shower and get ready for the day before finding their way back to the kitchen.

Steve and Bucky settled onto the island stools, the former man looking to the latter. “So,” he began.

They had been silent their entire run, but now Steve had Bucky in his clutches…

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Title: Into Focus
Character: Peter Parker
A/n: I really hope we get to see more of the photographer aspect of Peter’s character in later movies.

“Do you have any idea what you’d want for your birthday?” You asked Peter as the two of you made the usual walk home from school.

Peter shook his head. “I already told you that you really don’t have to get me anything, just make a card or something.”

“Don’t be so lame, of course I’m getting you a present,” You said, lightly elbowing him. “So, come on, help make my job easier.”

Peter made a zipping motion across his lips. “Nope.


“Ned, can you help me out with something?” You asked, balancing your phone between your jaw and shoulder as you scrolled through various shopping sites on your computer.

“Look, if it’s about the English homework, I don’t really get it much either.”

You chucked. “No, I got that done an hour ago. But I need help picking out a gift for Peter.”

“Oh, okay. What do you have down so far?”

You went through your short list of things you had bookmarked, all of which were met with noises of disagreeance.

“Eh, I’m not really liking any of them so far. What else do you have?”

You sighed, leaning foward to rest your head on your arms. “That’s all of it.”

“Well, looks like we have a lot of work to do before Pete’s birthday.”

Your head shot up. “You mean you’re gonna help me?”

“Of course,” Ned said, but after there was short pause. “But in return, you gotta send me the English homework.”



With Peter’s birthday coming closer, you and Ned spent a lot of your free time trying to narrow down your options for a gift. The two of you had been on every shopping site known to man, but so far you only had a few things picked out, none of which that stood out to you.

“I wanna make this special, I finally have money of my own so I’m actually able to get him something nice.”

Ned glanced over his laptop screen to give you a look. “Oh okay, I get it now.”

“Get what?”

Ned’s smile got wider. “You know.”

“I really don’t.”

“You know..,” He said, waggling his eyebrows. “You having a thing for Peter.”

“Oh come on,” You said, going into full denial mode. “Seriously?”

“Eh, you can deny it all you want. But everyone else notices the doe eyes.”

Your eyebrows shot up. “I do not make doe eyes.”

“Maybe, but Peter does.”



“Hey, do you wanna come over and hang out for a bit?” Peter said, showing up at your locker as you started to shove your things into your backpack. “I can order pizza.”

“Ah man, I would. But me and Ned have to do something.” You told him, trying to give him as little detail as possible.

“Oh, that’s okay. I can just tag along instead?”

“No!” You said, much too quickly. “I-I just mean, it’s kind of a me and him thing, y'know?”

Peter didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to tell you that. “Yeah, yeah. It’s fine, don’t even worry about it.”

“You’re a doll,” You told him, giving his shoulder a punch. “But we’ll hang out soon, okay?”

Peter didn’t even have time to reply before you took off down the hall.

That was incredibly weird, even for you.

But he was interested in what the two of you were doing. Most of the time, all of you hung out as a collective group. There was the off occasion when Peter would invite you over, but that was more because Aunt May liked having you over for dinner every now and then.

Peter just wasn’t under the impression that you and Ned were that close.


“So, are you free tonight to come over? Aunt May’s making in dinner and wanted me to ask you.” Peter said, once again at your locker after the school day ended.

Just as you were about to answer, Peter could see walking up from the opposite end of the hallway.

“Sorry, Pete. Ned and I are doing something.”

“Again?” Peter couldn’t help but feel a little irritated at this point. The two of you had been running off almost everyday for the past week, and each time he was left out of the circle. He’d try and work his way into tagging along, but you were dead set on Peter not being where you two went.

“Yeah, but I’ll stop by tomorrow, okay?” You said, giving him a smile before catching up with Ned.

Peter’s brows furrowed together. What were the two of you doing?


You looked proudly down at Peter’s present, you had spent the night trying to figure out how to wrap it in the most neat way possible. You had even gone out to buy some fancy ribbon to place around the whole thing.

It had taken some time, but you and Ned finally came up with the perfect idea for a gift for Peter, and you were quite happy with it.

Carefully placing the present into your bag, you left a small note on the kitchen counter for your parents to read so they knew where you’d gone.

You practically sprinted the whole way to Peter’s apartment complex, coming up to the door and knocking rapidly.

Peter was the one who answered, and you instantly pulled him into a hug. “Happy Birthday!”

You had caught him off guard, half because you actually showed up and the other half because of the sudden hug.

“Thank you,” He said with a laugh, returning it before showing you inside. “I’m surprised you made it.”

“Of course I’d make it, what do you mean?”

“Just like, the whole thing with running off with Ned, like every day for the past week.” Peter explained, trying to say it in the least bitter way possible.

“Oh no,” You said, reaching around to pull his gift from your bag. “He was just helping me pick this out for you.”

Peter slowly took it from you. “You didn’t have to.”

“Yeah, but I did,” You said, practically bouncing from excitement. “Open it!”

Peter laughed, starting to undo all the nice wrapping. “Oh wow,” He said quietly once he could see enough of the box to know what it was.

Peter looked up at with wide eyes. “Oh wow.” He said, flipping open the box and pulled out a camera.

You gave him a broad smile. “Do you like it?” You asked him, setting the box on the sofa while you moved to stand beside him. "It’s not very fancy, but I thought it was perfect to start out with.”

“No, No.” Peter said, carefully flipping it over as he examined it. “It’s perfect.”

“Good, took Ned and I days to decide on what to get you. You’ll get his present later though.”

“How much was it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” You said with a cheeky smile before pulling him to the fire escape. “Come on, let’s try it out!”

It was late into the afternoon, so the sky had already begun to shift into various shades of pink and oranges. “This is a great view, give it a whirl.” You encouraged.

Peter brought up the camera to his eyes, taking a second to get used to the features before the skyline came into focus.

He was just about to press the button when he glanced over at you and saw the pure expression of happiness etched across your face as you had all of your focus on the city.

Peter found himself aiming the picture at you instead, and that was when he took it.

“Did you get it? How does it look?” You asked him, still keeping your gaze outward.

Peter pulled the camera down and smiled at you. “Perfect.”


Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2,176

Warnings: some angst, lots of fluff

Prompt: Jared and Y/N move in together very early in their relationship. Y/N feels out of place and decides to leave abruptly, without telling Jared where she’s going. Ten months down the road, Jared has still hung onto her and still loves her and she realizes that she’s loved him all along. Based on the song “Austin” by Blake Shelton. 

A/N: This switches between Jared and the readers POV. Hopefully it’s not too confusing. There are lines when POV’s switch, it’s just never stated. 

When you moved out to Vancouver to follow Jared, the two of you had only been dating five months. It was a huge step in your relationship. Jared had gotten a job on a new TV show called Supernatural, and instead of leaving you behind in Austin, he asked you to come with him.

You hadn’t been able to find work in Vancouver, but you helped out around set as much as possible - mostly with cleanup or setup. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t what you wanted to do in life. You had dreams of your own that practically begged to be fulfilled.

Jared got up early in the morning everyday to get to work. You shared a small apartment, just big enough for the two of you and his two dogs. It wasn’t much but it worked. Occasionally, Jensen was there too, in the spare bedroom, but when they left every morning, you were always completely alone.

You had already bought a plane ticket back home. It was a hard decision but after a long phone call with your brother and one with your dad as well, you decided it was right. You packed everything you needed, keeping it hidden from Jared - not wanting him to worry. Although, maybe it was a dumb idea to just leave him a note instead of calling him or talking to him face to face. But you were too afraid, and the plane would be leaving in a few hours, and it felt like the right thing to do, at the time.

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Just Beg Me To Stay (Part 2)

A/N: So this has a character introduced in to it that we have seen in Season 8 but she’ll probs be better explained in the next part! Just FYI. Song mentioned is MOVE by Luke Bryan. And yeah… I think that’s It lol. One more part to go!

Part 1 is here

Dean x Reader, Emily

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:1700+

Tags: @the-great-irene @avengersgirllorianna @sdavid09 @codename-petrova @lipstickandwhiskey @today-only-happens-once @clemsonstatemom @deansgurlimagines @crazy-pleasures-and-crazy-habits @secretlywritessupernatural @kaedynce @zombi3gyrl07 @sandlee44 @itsjaybro16 @peachpoccs @kathrynxox333 @lovelifelovebooks

You honest to god had no idea where you were. It had been over a month since you had left the bunker, and you had been on autopilot ever since. You never stayed in a town to long, frequently picking up your clothes off of shitty motel floor and shrugged them on, escaping the “conquest” of the previous night and praying to whatever high being that the dude wouldn’t wake up as you made your way out. It had become a routine. Drive. Eat. Drink. Dance. Sex. Sleep. Drive. And so the cycle went.

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The Pastel Boy With A Tattoo

Summary: Dan and Phil are total opposites but they don’t hate each other. Dan is the quiet, pastel boy while Phil is the punk boy who likes to cause trouble at school. Phil discovers Dan has a small secret that makes them realize that they have more in common than they thought.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 3,185

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The Cat’s Out Of The Bag {Jay Park} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt:  Can I request a jealous Jay Park smut? Jay is your best friend and he’s jealous of your time with Christian yu and fucks you loud enough for Christian to hear PLZZZ

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warning: smut, 

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“Try Me” (M)


Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: Smut (M), A little bit of angst

A/N: This is a scenario i had in mind for awhile and it’s inspired from the fic Talk Now by my favorite scenario blog @noonatrash so be sure to check them out they’re awesome!

Summary: You and Sehun have a strictly sexual booty call relationship and Sehun makes you submit to him a little too easily.

It’s been 2 weeks since you last spoke to Sehun. It felt good. It felt different. You’ve had some time to reflect on the way you handled things. “Never again” you mumbled to yourself, disgusted at your own behavior.  He made you feel so numb, to everything. He made you feel good but also so mad and you didn’t know how to handle a guy like him but you were hooked and there was nothing you could have done about it.

You were sitting at home on your bed, dim lights and the silence of the night coming through your window. Your phone screen lit up showing an unfamiliar phone number. You crooked your face to the side presenting a confused expression. “Who the fuck is calling me at 2 am? This better not be Chanyeol on about how I drank all his bubble tea again”. You decided to answer the call, already ready with an excuse for drinking 3 cups of bubble tea. You picked up the phone and waited for the other side to start talking but only silence draped the other line.

“I need you.” A familiar voice appeared as your eyes widened. “You have to be kidding me” you thought to yourself, letting out a scoff. “Don’t you have some other poor girl to booty call Sehun?” he was surprised at your sudden response. “Yes. But none of them are you.” He let out a breathy response. “Sehun, I thought I made myself clear last time we saw each other….” There was a short silence, “You mean when I fucked you to submission and you screamed my name all over my apartment?” he said smugly. “Sehun we’re over.” You announced once again before you quickly hung up.

Sehun hasn’t left your mind the entire week after he called you again. Why did he think you would act this stupid again? He really doesn’t know anything about you, you thought to yourself.  Sitting on your couch and drinking another bubble tea cup you stole from Chanyeol’s apartment.  It was another Friday night that you didn’t have a date to. The only company you had was the chocolate bubbles and the 5th season of Friends. You weren’t even bothered to wear pants, you were wearing your black revealing lace panties and a long V neck shirt that was a bit transparent but you couldn’t care less.

Your drink long gone and already on season 6 when you heard a loud knock on your door. You glanced at the clock, “2:30 AM” you scoffed to yourself. “If it’s who I think it is, then I might as well have fun with it.” You mumbled to yourself as you got up to open the door.  Swinging the door to an all too familiar face, you flashed your fake smile at the tall broad shouldered man. “What are you doing here Sehun?” you let out a laugh but he didn’t look too amused. 

“Why don’t you answer my calls anymore?” you remembered you blocked his number last week and didn’t even get those calls in the first place. “Sorry I’ve been busy” you put out an overly fake frown and crooked your head to the side. He pushed you aside and let himself in. he walked up to your couch and wrapped his arms above his chest, leaning against the side of your couch. “Busy? I see….” He laughed. “I’m sure watching Friends in your underwear is real tiring.” He crooked his head at you. “It sure is more fun than sucking your dick” you let out. He scoffed at your statement, “Playing hard to get are we?” 

you took one step closer to him sporting an all serious confused look on your face. You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips inches away from his, slightly touching. “Is there something in the words “We are over.” That you do not understand Oh Sehun?” you looked straight into his eyes. He leaned closer a bit and grabbing your waist to bring you to a kiss right before you pulled away and waved your finger at him. 

“Ahah if you wanna touch my lips again then it’s gonna cost you way more than just touching my waist Oh Sehun.” You smirked at him. He let out an impressed giggle before grabbing you by your waist and lifting you on his shoulder, one hand on your ass. He walked over to the dining table across the room and dropped you on the glass table, throwing the candle stands you had on the floor and sliding you further. He spread your legs apart with one brief action before standing still between your legs. “fine.” He said, looking at your underwear.

He grabbed your underwear and roughly tore them apart, letting out a growl. Grabbing your hips, he slid you closer to his body and it only took 2 seconds before you could feel his tongue on your clit. He didn’t go easy at all. He flicked his tongue on your clit, teasing at first but giving in faster than you. He attached his lips on your heat and sucked on your clit while swirling circles around it. He bit it slightly, earning a loud moan from you as you arched your back and grabbed his hair. You could feel his smirk against your opening right before he licked it and entered his 3 fingers in. pumping hard back and forth until you finally graced him with another moan, trying to hold in to not let him enjoy himself too much. He crawled all the 3 and hit that spot in you he knew all too well. 

Another moan took you by surprise; you closed your eyes and shouted “FUCK” at the top of your lungs, encouraging him to continue. But it wasn’t a surprise to you when you felt emptiness again. He pulled his fingers out and stood still in front of your burning heat again. “Get up.” He said, panting. You sat up on the table and shot him a look, not doing as he said. You saw him flick his tongue and move his head from side to side slightly impressed from your persistence.

He grabbed your thighs and pulled you to his body. You raised your eyebrow at him, looking at his now hard cock. “See something you like?” he smirked at you. “Yeah” you said, he smirked again. “My lonely bubble tea that I didn’t get to finish” you giggled. His smirked dropped at your sound and his grip on your thighs hardened. He grabbed your waist and slid his lower body between your legs, expecting you to wrap your legs around his waist again like always, but at his surprise you didn’t. Instead you swung your legs in the air, shooting him an innocent puppy eyed look in your eyes. You knew exactly how to play him. 

Approaching your lips, intending to kiss you roughly, you turned your head away and blocked him with your hand. “It’s a shame you think that little tongue game of yours is enough for me” you laughed in his furious face. “My bad” he let out and pulled his jeans down, shoving his entire length in you in one sharp go. An instinct made you grab his shoulder with your fingers, leaving white marks all over it from the sudden pain.  He began to move his hips against yours, grabbing your thigh with one hand and his other hand busy on your clit again. His thrusts were rough and desperate almost like he was aching for you. His dick thirsty for you those past 3 weeks.  

Dropping his head back and moaning your name, the grip on your thigh marking blue marks all over. You could feel his hand giving up on your clit until you finally felt that spot you liked so much. Stars in your eyes and a ball of warmth in your stomach, you came breathing out a warm moan against his ear. He came too and made sure that you knew what name came out of his lips.

Avoiding his lips once more, you got up from his embrace and headed straight to the shower. He leaned his hands against your dining room table, panting and shaking his head at your actions. A dark thought dawned his mind and he was not ready to give up just yet. Not until he got to taste your lips.

You got into the shower, facing the wall and striking a smile at your actions. Before you could turn on the water, you felt a hand on yours. Turning on the cold water, it hit your back and you hissed at the sudden sensation. Before you could notice, you were pinned against the wall face on. His lips reached your ear and hands gracing your curves until they got to your hips, gripping them tightly, tighter than his earlier grip on your thighs. His cock stroked your entrance and without any words he entered you again. He pinned both your arms against the wet wall and bit your neck, drawing hickies all over it. 

His thrusts were even worse this time. He was really desperate and you could feel your walls responding. You let yourself let loose and you let your head drop back on the crook of his neck. He looked at you once before he sped his hips and went even deeper in. working on your G spot with a couple hits and your entire body gave in against the wall. He let his cock enjoy your orgasm a little longer before you felt his warm cum on your back, being washed away by the cold stream from the shower head.

Sehun turned you around to face him, pinning your back against the wall. He kept his gaze on your lips, not letting anything else distract him. “What’s the cost?” he asked seriously. “This thing” you pointed your finger between the both of you. “Is on my terms now.” You said, keeping your gaze on his lips too. Your eyelids closed as you felt the touch of his lips against yours. Kissing you passionately, his lips cold and wet from the water and drops falling from his chin, he gave into you.

When your friends are traveling

Alya and Nino are very loyal friends. Even when they are on a trip, they are always ready to drop anything for a phone call from their best friends. Ao3 link.

I finally wrote the story from this post. It is a series of short, silly scenes. Alya and Nino are secret badasses but they always put their friends first. 

“Hey, bro, what’s up?” Nino’s voice came from the cell phone.

“I’m sooo bored!” Adrien moaned, falling back against his bed. He had been so lonely ever since he graduated lycee six months ago. He wanted to go straight to University but he struck a deal with his dad. If he modeled full time for two years, he could study whatever he wanted. He had been managing it until Nino had left two weeks ago for a two month trip around Europe with Alya. He was happy for his friend but he missed him. Life was so boring without him.

Nino laughed. “Sorry bro. It must be so boring being a supermodel.”

“It really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Adrien laughed. “I’m surprised you have time to talk to me. When is Alya going to drag you off somewhere?”

“Don’t worry.” He paused for a moment. “She’s busy.”

Adrien laughed. “What’s she doing?”

“Just making a deal with the mob. I’m keeping watch.” Nino said casually.

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