i mean these are works of art jesus christ

Touched for the Very First Time

HEY look who it is!!! remember like six months ago when i wrote this fic? here’s a part 2!! (u don’t have to read part 1 for it to make sense, they’re just set in the same universe and they’re both from dan’s pov)

warnings: SMUT, rimming (my fave) and masturbation and a facial nice

(ps thank u to roz for being one of many who asked for a part 2 and also the one who suggested it have rimming thank you!!! u were honestly the reason i didn’t give up on this fic like 5 months ago <3)

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Christ is the artist and we are the canvas that breathes, we see the lines being drawn and marvel at the craftsmanship and precision of His skill, praising Him for His work in progress. Sometimes we wonder what He is creating, wondering what the purpose may be. Sometimes we get bored and say “He will not create anything good out of such a mess of lines and shapes.” Only we are not the artist, we see what we see. The artist sees the end, sees the beauty in the chaos and draws with the end in mind.

You are a living and breathing canvas, make sure you have Christ’s signature on you. There will be other artist that want to draw on you, who want to make you something else. Only Christ can make you a masterpiece, only Christ can leave His image of beauty and truth on the walls of your life. You are a breathing canvas, one that is being drawn and sculpted by a master of the arts. It is best to leave His work to Him and simply say “Here I am, use me.” and when you do, you will be amazed by the beauty that He creates in you.

How sweet it is to say unto Christ “Thy will be done” for it means that we have surrendered all our dreams and hopes of what we think is worth seeing and given them over to the artist who knows what is beautiful and altogether good; For He is beautiful and altogether good.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Jesus, His Grace and the Gospel