i mean there was a lot of good and I had a great time despite how embarrassed I kinda am now

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

This is the last Bunker Reads I will be doing. From now on, my fic recommendations will only be taking place as reblogs, mostly because it takes a lot of time to compile the fics and add my comments. I might come back to this habit next summer, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve loved doing these!


  • Lame by @writingthingsisdifficult (Reader x Sam) - The ending of this was absolutely perfect! I mean, the whole thing was perfect, but Sam was so sweet and the reader’s embarrassment/flustered-ness was something I think that all Sam!girls can relate to.
  • Untitled Fluffy Sam Drabble by @trexrambling (Reader x Sam) - If there was an emoji for a dreamy sigh, I’d put it here. This was adorable from start to finish, and the little repetition at the ending was super duper cute and ugh I just loved this one a whole lot!!
  • A No-Win Situation by @winchesterprincessbride (Reader x Dean) - Ha! This one made me laugh aloud, and I can totally picture this kind of thing happening between the reader and the boys.
  • Imagine Calling Sam to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (Reader x Sam) - This would so totally be me. (I had to call my boss to come kill a spider for me just the other week.) The reader’s little rant made me laugh because I relate to it on a very spiritual level, and I’m so very glad that Sam is there to kill spiders for damsels in distress!
  • The Klutz Curse by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Dean) - I loved this so, so much! It kept making me laugh, partially because Dean’s clumsiness is just so laughable, but partially because the whole idea of a klutz curse is definitely something that would happen on the show, and I think that Dean is the perfect character to write for it. Great job!
  • It by @seenashwrite (Reader x Dean) - It is such an interesting concept, and I would highly recommend that those of you who read this read through the description of It that’s linked at the end of the story, but this was so full of fluff and intrigue and humor as well! Your writing is beautiful, and I loved all the description that was linked in among the vagueness of it all.
  • Imagine… Listening to Classical Music by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dean) - Dean was so sweet in this! It was short and just the perfect amount of fluff where it was sweet and sappy, yet also believeable and something that Dean woud definitely consider doing for someone he loved. You write a very thoughtful side of Dean, and I love it! Plus, I love the detail about them not using the reader’s car anymore since they typically drive Baby!
  • Silences by @percywinchester27 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so sweet, and you write really well without dialogue! (Not that I don’t also enjoy your stories with dialogue, but you get what I mean.) I was just thinking last night about how the reader and Dean would definitely have peaceful, silent moments between them in their relationship, and I think you portrayed it really well!


  • Tape Hiss by @lipstickandwhiskey (Reader x Dean) - This was so amazing, and I think one of my favorite little parts is how you described Sam as giving Dean a “dry ‘f*** you’ look.” I also really, really loved the reader showing up. Sam’s line there was so cute and ugh, I love reunions.
  • Useful by @revwinchester (No Pair) - I loved this for many reasons, but partially because it literally could have been an episode! Your characterization of both the BMOL and the American hunters was so spot-on, and I loved the ending with Jody!


  • Scare by @bambinovak (Reader x Sam) - This was so, so good! You’re such an amazing writer and I was head over heels for this story from the moment it began. Their arguing and actions were so real life, it’s almost as if this was an episode! I loved how you wrote Sam, especially the part where he admits why he’s so mad.
  • Don’t Think, Don’t Speak by @wideawakeandwriting (Reader x Sam) - I loved this, despite that there was no happy ending! It was short but you managed to pack such a punch in those words.
  • He Should Be Here by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Reader x Sam) - This made my heart hurt! There’s nothing I hate more than the stories of daddies and mommies who left their kids behind, and I just can’t handle it when it’s either one of the boys!! (On the other hand, I would totally read more if this was a sequel, because the ending made my blood run cold. Yikes.)
  • Pieces of Us - You Found Me by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - I was so, so hopeful that this was going to be fluffy. And then you broke my heart. So, I’m not even sure what to do because I’m kinda mad after re-reading this, but yeah. It was great and if you want your heart broken then 10/10 would recommend you read this because it’s angsty and it’ll kill you.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • The Darkside by @growningupgeek (Reader x Sam) - I love this series! It’s the perfect mix of darkness from Lucifer, plus the little bit of hope that Sam will find Y/N! I was really excited when I saw that this was a series after I went to add the first part to this list, and I can’t wait to see what Lucifer has planned for Y/N, as well as seeing how/when Sam will get to her once again!
  • World’s Best Dad by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dad!Dean) - I am such a sucker for dad!Dean, and you write him so well! I love his interactions both with the reader and with Gracie. She’s an adorable kid. Also, the crazy plot twists are my favorite! I loved the proposal, and her parents’ acceptance and willingness to love Dean and Gracie just made my heart melt. Plus, **SPOILERS** the reader wanting to adopt Gracie just killed me! Ugh. This is definitely one of my most favorite series recently!

Non-Reader Works

  • Transplant by @zepppie (Dean) - I loved this! I think I’ve read a book where a similar thing happened, and I’m wondering if it’s the same book you read! **SPOILERS**  This is something you don’t normally read about in fanfiction, and I loved it because my dad is on the heart transplant list. I love getting to read things that are real-life situations similar to my own (kinda), so I’m glad I found this!
  • Homesick by @mrswhozeewhatsis (SamJess) - This was so cute, but it also made my heart hurt. Poor Sam has no idea what’s coming for him. My poor babies! Some part of me wishes that they could’ve just stopped at the Pilot and had a happy life together. Jess was so good for my Sammy.
Less Stressed (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Warnings: Cursing, jared gets a boner

Prompts: 36. “My sims get more action than I do.” 48. “Maybe you should move your hand.” 53. “Why are you staring at me like that.”

A/N: Yo, this was hella fun to write… and yes, i did just promote NSP’s Attitude City album,,, also has anyone ever heard of a good ending because I sure haven’t,,,


“Hey, loser.”

Your best friend, Jared Kleinman, sat down next to you at the lunch table. You were currently not eating and instead cramming for the Spanish test you had next period. Jared watched as you bit the cap of the pen you were holding.

“Isn’t that my pen?”

His voice broke you out of your thoughts and you glanced at the pen. You, apologetically looked at him.

“Sorry… I’ll buy you a new one later.”

As you returned your attention back to the book in front of you, he scoffed.

“(Y/N), why are you even stressing about the test? You’re smart enough to wing it.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Uh, that’s you, Jared. You can get away with not studying. I can’t.”

“Well, sure you can. Here, I’ll teach you.”

He closed your book and put it in his backpack.

“Jared! I need that for next period, you dick!”

“Jared, quit tormenting her.”

You looked up and saw Alana and Zoe sit down with their trays. Jared scoffed again.

“I’m not tormenting, I’m helping.”

You tried to grab for his bag, but he held his arm out so you couldn’t get to it.

“Says you!”

“(Y/N), you’re my best friend and as my best friend, I’m allowed to make you less stressed.”

“You’re doing the opposite of less stressed.”

“Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”

“I actually hate you.”

“Impossible. I’m too cute and lovable.”

You rolled your eyes and buried your head in your arms. Alana and Zoe looked to each other and giggled.


You were sitting in Jared’s car with your arms crossed over your chest. You were avoiding Jared’s gaze and looked out the window. You were 100% certain you failed that Spanish test. No thanks to Jared.

“(Y/N), I’m sure you did fine.”

“Fuck off.”

“Aww c’mon, don’t be like that. Hey, I know something that will make you feel better.”

As he stopped at a stoplight, he turned his phone on and connected it to the aux cord. He began playing Ninja Sex Party’s album: Attitude City. You couldn’t help the smile creeping up on your lips when he began belting the lyrics and turned the music up so loud, the car vibrated.

You knew you couldn’t be mad at him for long and he knew that. You know he means no harm and is only looking out for you, but it annoyed you to no end. Mainly because it made you fall in love with him more and more. Despite how cliché it was, you couldn’t help the massive crush you have on him. But you knew he would never feel the same way, so you push all of those feelings down inside of you and never dare let them come out… at least not in front of him.

He parked the car in the parking lot of a small convenience store. 

“Why are we here?”

“Because we are going to need snacks.”

“Who said I was coming over?”

“Fine, guess I’m gonna play the new Splatoon game without you…”

You gaped at him. 

“You wouldn’t dare..”

He shrugged and continued inside the building. You quickly unbuckled yourself and sprinted to catch up.


You followed Jared into the basement and sat down in the recliner with your snacks and drinks. It was going to be a long night of video games, you could already tell. 

Your parents didn’t mind you spending the night at Jared’s, just as long as you checked in regularly and weren’t doing… other things. He sat down in the huge beanbag chair next to the recliner. You both picked up your controllers and waited for the game to load.

The night was filled with a lot of yelling and cheating. Jared had tried to distract you when you were in the lead. You swatted his hands away and laughed.

You won and he was not happy. He demanded at least four rematches. He just couldn’t beat you in this game and it irked him. He was the one who taught you how to play video games. He was the one who filled you in on the story of most games. He taught you everything he knows. Now, it’s gone too far.

“I can’t believe you’re good enough to beat me now. I’ve created a monster.”

“Hey, don’t get upset because I’m better than you.”

He stuck his tongue out at you. You walked out of the room to use the bathroom.


When you got back, you stood in front of Jared, who was sitting in the recliner. He tried to look around you to see the tv screen.

“(Y/N)! I can’t see.”

When you didn’t move, he paused the game and looked up at you.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I was sitting there.”

“So? Sit somewhere else.”

You crossed your arms and stood in place.

“Are you seriously pouting right now?”

“I’m not moving until you do.”

“Well the only way I’m moving is if you make me.”

There was no way in hell you could force Jared to move. So the next best thing to do, is to weird him out into moving. You walked up to him and sat on his lap. Your legs hung over the arm of the recliner and your body was on top of his legs. He sat still, scared to move in case he touched you inappropriately and you would get mad at him for it.

“(Y/N), what the hell are you doing?”


“You can’t sit somewhere else?”

“Mmm, nope.”

“You’re so childish… and that’s coming from me!”

Jared realized you were sitting on his left hand. He tried moving it out from under you, but you wouldn’t budge.

“(Y/N), I can’t play with one hand.”

“Maybe you should move your hand.”

“What the fuck do you think I’m trying to do? You made it go numb.”

You were acting unbothered by his complaining and looked at your nails. Jared groaned. 

“Can you please stop acting like a child?”

“Nope sorry.”


He managed to move his hand out from under you to continue playing his game. His right arm rested on your stomach while his other arm supported your head. You wouldn’t admit it, but you actually enjoyed this really… really weird position. Little did you know, he enjoyed it too. Mainly because your ass was just in the right position. 

He tried not to think about it and prayed to god you didn’t notice anything. He glanced down at you for a moment. You were just watching the tv and didn’t seem bothered. He let out a shaky breath.

Everything was fine. Neither of you were saying anything. You were just genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Everything was great until your back started to cramp and you shifted on his lap. He immediately paused the game and stood up. You went crashing to the floor.


He knelt down near you to make sure you were okay. He placed one hand on your back.

“Holy shit, are you okay?”

“I was until you stood up. You could’ve warned me.”

He chuckled.

“Let’s be honest, you kinda deserved it.”

He took your hand and helped you up. You settled for laying down on the couch instead of sitting in the recliner. 

“NOW you don’t want the recliner?”

“My back hurts.”

“Of course you move when I was comfortable.”

“As much as I would love to sit in your lap again, I think you were a little too comfortable.”

He blushed and avoided your gaze. He scratched the back of his head. He was cute when he was nervous.

“Ah.. sorry.”

“I mean, I didn’t think it’d be so easy to get you ha-”

“(Y/N), it’s me we’re talking about. You think I just fuck girls all the time? No. I get jealous because my sims get more action than I do. It’s embarrassing.”

You laughed. You continued to watch him play his game.


Jared looked over at you after three hours. You were passed out on his couch. He turned off his console and walked over to you. He picked you up and brought you to his room. He placed you on his bed and covered you.

He looked at the clock on his table. It was 3:00 AM and he yawned. He removed his glasses and sat them on his table. He slid in next to you, careful to not wake you. He looked at your back and smiled to himself.

Without thinking, he ran his hand through your hair and let it run down your arm and stopped at your waist. You turned to face him. You fluttered your eyes open and made eye contact with him.

You saw him gulp and you just smiled. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. When you pulled away, he had a dopey smile on his face. He cleared his throat and whispered,

“See? I told you I’d make you less stressed.”

You hit his arm and rested your head on his shoulder and fell asleep. He smiled down at you and pulled you into his chest.

He kissed the top of your head and fell into a peaceful slumber with a smile on his lips.

Fake us - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 2

Title: Fake us

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,610

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hii can u do one kinda like the french mistake but in reverse where J2 are sent to the spn world (dean and reader have feelings for each other but don’t know yet) and in the “real world” jensen is married to the readers actress and dean is jealous xo

Part 1

@jodyri @starswirlblitz @liger26 @yaya-snowflakes

“And-” you swallowed thickly, looking back at Jensen “-How did we- I mean you and your wife-”

“We. It’s fine” he smiled softly at you, making your heart skip a beat.

“Kinda long story” he chuckled, lowering his voice when Dean shot him a glare.

“Well… we have time” you smiled softly and he nodded his head with a grin.

“We- it’s not something special, or romantic I guess. Although she sees it as that.” he laughed softly, shaking his head and you bit your lower lip smiling.

“That I will get to decide. Spill it” you laughed and he chuckled as well.

“She- You were casted during the fourth season, ment to play a family friend for the guys. We hit it off very quickly. You-were always easy to hang around with. At least for me I guess” he breathed out a laugh, shrugging “I had no idea how you could put up with my craziness like it was nothing.”

“Oh that was nothing. Better question how she cut up with you being a stuttering mess and still manage to realize what you wanted to say!” Jared pointed out and a small giggle left your lips at Jensen’s wide eyes.

“Are you reading that book ok what?!” he shot him a look and Jared raised his hands in the air, making Sam laugh as well. Not Dean, certainly not him.

“Ye-yeah” Jensen cleared his throat looking back at you “That too. A little. Ok maybe a lot.”

You giggled at his obviously embarrassed expression and red cheeks “That is a sight I would love to see”

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Cheeky (Soriel Week Day 2: Sleep)


((totally plotless, pointless fluff, aka my specialty \o/ AO3))

That first time, it took her a little while to notice; it was, after all, not unusual for them to fall into companionable silence in between jokes, or as the conversation came to a natural pause and she was content enough just to lean back against the door, comforted by the knowledge that there was still a friendly voice on the other side.

Said voice, however, had now been absent for long enough that the silence was growing less comfortable, and more awkward. Toriel frowned, fidgeting with her paws as she ran through the conversation in her head – she had been enjoying the company as much as every other time, but now she was beginning to worry if she could possibly have upset or offended him in some way.

“My friend?” It occurred to her that perhaps he had already left, but that would have been very unusual – they always said goodnight before parting ways, and in any case, she would surely have heard…Then, pressing her ear to the door, she heard it: the quiet but distinctive sound of snoring, a steady, rhythmic rumble reassuring her that her friend was still present – in body, if not in consciousness.

Toriel pressed a paw to her mouth, stifling the giggle that bubbled up in her throat so as not to startle him. She would leave him in peace for a few more moments, she decided, smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Moments soon turned into minutes, until it became apparent she would have to take action: as unexpectedly endearing as it was, she could hardly leave him asleep in the snow all night. Besides, she was unsure what could be considered an appropriate amount of time to sit watching – well, overhearing – a stranger sleeping, but she was fairly certain they were about to surpass it.

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Fairy Tail and Bleach crossover

As requested by ultramayuko19870 :) And also anon and ukitakedragneel ;)

…Fair warning I’ve only seen 300 episodes of Bleach so far (and rely mostly off spoilers) and these are the ten I came up with… I tried okay? If you are not familiar with the Bleach fandom, feel free to skip this list.

Gray and Yoruichi:

Yoruichi: Are you fast?

Gray: Not anywhere up to your level.

Yoruichi: Okay… random character quirks… Do you like randomly taking off your clothes?


Yoruichi: Ah-hah!

Gray: I-I don’t like it!

Yoruichi: But taking off your clothes in front of other people is so fun right?

Yoruichi: The looks on their faces are priceless!

Gray: Hey I don’t do it on purpose!

Yoruichi: Really? Not even to impress any girls with your awesome naked body?

Gray: NO!

Yoruichi: Well you’re no fun.

Rogue and Kyoraku:

Rogue: So I heard you also have shadow powers.

Kyoraku: Yeah, my Zanpakuto lets me rise out from a shadow and stab my opponents in the back.

Rogue: And your ‘Zanpakuto’ is your sword?

Kyoraku: Yeah well technically I have two; I’m kind of special that way. Only one other guy’s got a dual Zanpakuto.

Rogue: I’m kind of special also, being a Dragon Slayer but there are a few others too.

Kyoraku: We should hang out sometime, I think it’d be pretty nice to compare more, and your ‘magic’ is interesting…

Rogue: I’m not really a people person.

Kyoraku: Aww well that’s too bad, we could’ve had some fun drinking.

Rogue: I don’t really drink.

Kyoraku: Shame, I know some great drinking games.

Rogue: No thank you. Something tells me your games are… different.

Kyoraku: …Now whatever would you mean by that?

Lyon and Toshiro:

Toshiro: An ice user? I guess we have that in common.

Lyon: Yes and I aim to be the strongest ice wizard around.

Toshiro: I already am the strongest ice wielder in Soul Society.

Lyon: Someone as small as you? That is quite surprising…


Lyon: If you had issues with it you should have just said.

Toshiro: …Well in that case, I also have issues with my white hair and strange eyes, they push people away. And I guess I have a pretty cold nature…

Lyon: I also have white hair and my eyes are pitch black, and as for personality I once ordered an entire village to be destroyed; keep trying.

Toshiro: …Wow. Way to ruin a character quirk.

Gildarts and Kenpachi:

Gildarts: So I hear you’re a father too? Isn’t having a daughter just the best?!

Kenpachi: Eh whatever, it’s nothing special.

Kenpachi: I found mine in a blood bath after I presumably slaughtered a bunch of people and named her after the only woman I ever admired who was also a pretty violent lady and killed a lot of stuff. Your relationship anything like that?

Gildarts: …No-! What the-? NO!

Kenpachi: That stuff’s boring anyway, wanna fight?

Gildarts: …I cannot let you run into Natsu.

Erza and Unohana:

Erza: Well I don’t see why we were matched up.

Unohana: Yes, it is rather surprising.

Erza: I mean, it’s not as if we have anything in common.

Unohana: True, it’s not as if, despite my appearance, I inexplicably terrify people.

Erza: And I’m sure it wouldn’t be because of how good we are with a blade.

Unohana: Jokes aside, I’d like to know how that ‘requip’ technique of yours works. It’s quite boring being deader than most dead people.

Erza: Magic exclusive I’m afraid.

Unohana: Shame… it would’ve been nice to have something like that ‘Second Origin’ too, my final form of power was a whole lot of goo.

Erza: Goo?

Unohana: It’s exactly how it sounds, worst Bankai ever.

Mirajane and Yumichika:

Yumichika: Well I’m pleased we were put together, you are incredibly beautiful. Almost as much as me.

Mirajane: Thanks for the compliment; it must take talent to praise someone and yourself at the same time.

Yumichika: Yes, I’ve gotten rather good at it over the years.

Mirajane: And of course you have had so many of them, in death you have eternal beauty even if nobody ever gets to see it.

Yumichika: …That seemed like it was both a compliment and an insult at the same time. That should also take quite a bit of… talent.

Mirajane: It’s a gift. But I forgot to mention, I’m surprised to see you managed to keep such good lucks while in a squad of sweaty men. And you smell nice too.

Yumichika: …You do not insult my squad, okay? I’ll get angry if you do.

Mirajane: If that’s a challenge then I’m ready to give you a fight. It’s not as if we both have dark, at one point hidden and slightly disturbing powers.

Yumichika: Yes, nothing like that at all.

Jellal and Shuhei:

Shuhei: Cool tattoo.

Jellal: …Thanks, but it’s more of a birthmark…

Shuhei: Hey? Are you okay, you seem kinda weird…?

Jellal: Oh it’s nothing, it’s just… you also have a very interesting face tattoo.

Shuhei: Oh thanks, I got it to copy the hero that saved my life from a monster when I was young.

Jellal: When I was young I was possessed by what I thought to be an evil ghost and now I’m stuck in a world of angst.

Shuhei: Sorry to hear that, hey weird though; isn’t having a crush on someone just the worst? They always tease you about stuff and never notice your feelings and you end up getting embarrassingly naked in front of them.

Jellal: The woman I’m in love with almost kissed me until I pushed her away, now I travel round the continent defeating evil guilds of wizards while she is forever away from me and I receive no affection from anybody like that; all on account of me being an idiot. Hence the world of angst.

Shuhei: …Do you wanna go get something to drink? I know a great place to cry into your alcohol.

Jellal: Yes please, I feel that’s appropriate.

Cana and Rangiku:

Cana: You like embarrassing people in inappropriate ways?

Rangiku: Oh yes! Getting Izuru and Shuhei down to their underwear is so fun, the looks on their faces is funny.

Cana: And groping my comrade’s chest always gives her the best look on her face!

Rangiku: Ooh that is good, I wonder if I should try that more with the WSRA…? I bet the looks on their faces would be priceless!

Cana: We should talk more over alcohol! There’s this great story…

Rangiku: Oh I’m interested! I’m buying!

Cana: …You’ll regret that.

Risley and Marechiyo:

Marechiyo: So because she’s obviously jealous of how attractive and wealthy I am, Captain Soifon treats me horribly.

Risley: Well that’s not right, you’re fast right? Can’t you do something with that?

Marechiyo: She’s faster… I’m also pretty sure she wants me dead, just because I’m so much taller and she’s really short. But I’m always standing loyally behind her!

Risley: Wait a second; are those crisps you’re eating?

Marechiyo: Yeah! Do you want some?

Risley: No thanks… You say you’re standing loyally behind her all the time? And you’re so much taller than her?

Marechiyo: Yeah!

Risley: …I understand your captain so much now.

Natsu and Ichigo:

Ichigo: Hey.

Natsu: Hey.

Ichigo: I’m the protagonist of my series with weird orange hair.

Natsu: Mine’s pink.

Ichigo: I have all this power that just keeps becoming kinda useless in the next arc as the enemies get stronger.

Natsu: Same. And I may in fact turn out to be evil, or a sort of enemy that isn’t evil but would be looked at as a threat.

Ichigo: And I have weird hollow powers inside of me that is definitely a kind of threat and should be treated as an enemy even though he’s really my sword!

Ichigo: I also seem to have no interest in women even though occasionally I’ll blush and get flustered when they do something semi inappropriate.

Natsu: Me too, though I did see my best friend naked once. That didn’t bother me too much…

Ichigo: And I was once on a beach surrounded by ladies in bikinis and didn’t care much for it.

Natsu: Wow that’s pretty awesome!

Ichigo: Yeah, we should try and hang out sometime!

Natsu: Definitely!

[Brotp feels are in the air]

Natsu: So… wanna fight?

Ichigo: Nah, I don’t really enjoy fighting that much.

Natsu: …You could’ve been so awesome.


Newt watched with a slight glare as he watched the dashing Gryffindor flirt with you shamelessly. There was a tiny little ball of fire growing in his stomach, and no amount of water could stop or put out this slowly raging fire.

He was handsome, Newt would admit that, he had some good-looks, Newt could tell because all of the other Gryffindor and Hufflepuff girls ogling him. He huffed, now that he thought about it, he wasn’t all that great.

The boy’s name was Kenny, and for some reason while it had girls swooning, it had Newt spiting it out like poison. Newt was tightly holding his quill, his hand very stiff as he took notes. The Gryffindor was quite persistent and he seemed to just want to flirt with you….

“So, Y/N, I just had a thought, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘u’ and ‘i’ together.” The growing smirk on Kenny’s face sickened Newt. You rolled you eyes to Newt’s likings, though he could see the small smirk creeping up on your gorgeous features.

“You know, that reminds me, if I could change the alphabet I wouldn’t, because ‘n’ and ‘o’ are already together…” she trailed off. Newt snickered quietly, loving how you shot him down.

Aw, come on, you know you love me! I mean I’m every girls dream,” Kenny boasted,“I’m strong, smart, handsome, and brave - I am in Gryffindor after all,” You just sighed, while sifting your body slightly closer to Newt’s who was sitting right next to you.

Every girls’ dream,” you repeated to which Kenny nodded,“Every girls’ dream but mine.” Kenny huffed,“Who’s your dream boy then?” To that you smiled softly.

You still wore the same sweet smile since the day he met you. Newt smiled in memory of that sweet day. The day you stumbled on to the Hogwarts Express and into his compartment. He had just stumbled on the train himself, and was excited about the whole magic thing. Though he was very shy, and no one wanted to talk to the quite blue eyed boy.

When he found himself an empty compartment, he settled down his stuff but not before he turned to hear you clumsily stumble in. “Um, hi! I’m Y/N, and I can’t seem to find an open seat, mind if I sit here?” He shyly told you you could sit there in a quiet voice.

“Oh, goodie!” You chirped. Newt grew a small smile from your response. For the first ten minutes it was just you talking, and boy did you talk a lot. Though Newt didn’t mind, not one bit. He learned so much about you, and it made him happy to have let you sit with him.

Finally, he decided to talk some as well, and the rest of the way to Hogwarts was filled with the chatter of the two young souls.

He didn’t know how he’d ever forget that day, it was the same day he met his best friend and he one true love.

He was snapped out of his happy thoughts when he heard your voice. “My dream boy, well he’s just amazing,” at hearing your thoughts Newt felt his heart ache, at the same time he was sparked with curiosity to who this lucky boy was.

Despite you being a “dumb”, “boring” Hufflepuff, you were favored by many of the boys at Hogwarts and many liked you, like Kenny did. Though none would ever - ever would love you like Newt did.

“My dream boy, he’s so smart, and he’s absolutely to die for,” Kenny listened with hungry eyes, while Newt’s eyes held hope and love as he listened to your angelic voice. “He’s quite shy, but he’s a whole bunch of fun once you get to know him! He’s got the loveliest blue eyes!” I have blue eyes, he thought. I can be shy, he thought. “He’s passionate about what he loves, and he’s the sweetest thing - he’d give the moon to me if I asked, and he’s so kind and gentle,” You rambled on and on about this boy, Newt was still trying to figure out who it was, and was having the utmost difficulty with it.

“Bloody is he great!” You ended your little speech with a sigh. Kenny looked a little sour, and kept glaring daggers at Newt every now and then. Newt was puzzled though, why was Kenny glaring at him? What had he done, beside glare at him?

Anything else? Like, I don’t know, being strong? Being brave?” You rolled your pretty E/C eyes and sighed,“Not everything is about you, Kenny. And not all girls care about your strength or your looks, you know.”

“Yeah, but most do!” He snorted. With that class was over and you and Newt both left hurriedly, wanting to get away from Kenny and get to lunch quickly.

“So, why so quiet, Newtie?” You asked sweetly, the way you asked him absolutely melted his golden heart into nothing. “Um, just thinking, love,” he said while looking down, missing the blush dusted on your cheeks.

“So, who was the boy you were talking about? Mind me asking, you don’t have to answer that, I was just curious, you know? I know it’s kinda a personally thing and all,” he rambled on, while blushing a little and scratching the back of his head.

“You really hadn’t guessed who it is, Newt really?” He seemed embarrassed but nodded anyways. “Well, I’ll give you a red flag, you know him, I’m sure of it.” Newt tilted his head, he didn’t have many friends, let alone know many people, so his options where cut short. “Are you sure love? Because I’m drawing blanks.” You blushed while giggling,“Positive.”

At lunch Newt kept pestering you about who it was, and you could hear his voice and the hints of bitterness in it while he talked about himself not knowingly. “Well I’m sure whoever it is, he sounds like a real player,” you laughed, positive Newt had never even had a girlfriend, you were sure you were the only girl he actually talked to (let alone even look at).

“I mean, someone can’t be as nice as you say and claim, sounds like he’s faking it, Y/N!” He said while eating some Shepard Pie. “Honestly, as your friend, I do not approve!” You could see the fire in his eyes as he said it.

Fine, one more clue. He’s got the loveliest obsession with beasts, magical ones that is.” Newt rolled his eyes and huffed in annoyance,“See! I’m sure that - ,” he paused, putting down his fork.

“B-beasts?” He stuttered out, looking at you for assurance. You giggled and nodded,“Magical beasts, Newt.” He blushed brightly, but his blush died down and a smile grew fast on his face.

“Beasts, eh? What else do you happen to like about this ’certain someone’?” It was obvious he finally picked up on who it was.

“Oh, everything! He’s the perfect boy for me, his sweet personality to his lovely looks. Now enough about me, who do you fancy?” You laughed while trying to keep a straight face.

Newt smiled brightly at you while inching closer to you. “Well, she’s got to be fantastic, and she is. She’s beautiful - absolutely stunning actually! She holds everyone’s attention once she walks into a room, and it’s true.” He gushed on,“Bloody - did I mention her being the kindest, most golden person on this planet? She’s a social butterfly and I? The simple moth that’s so dull and lonely without the butterfly.” he stopped for a second and gently grabbed your hand.

“She’s also the smartest person I know, especially smart on her vast knowledge of creatures, you know? Hey, by any chance do you know her?” You smiled softly, tears of joy pricking your eyes, he was so sweet.

“As a matter of fact, I think I do, sweet boy.” He leaned in a little closer and their noses touched softly. He closed his eyes and even forgot about then being at lunch in the Great Hall. “Who, my love?” You smiled and softly pressed your lips to his, he gently kissed you back.

He had no bloody clue to what he was doing, but neither did you, and either way it sent fireworks off making both your heads spin.

When you pulled away, he laced your fingers together and the smile appeared once more. “I’ve waited so, long to do that, Darling. You have no idea how good that felt.” You smiled while kissing his nose,“I have an idea, Scamander.”

With that the two of you were claimed a couple, though not many knew, besides some other Hufflepuffs. Though you were sure news would travel fast.

Later that day, during some free time, you and Newt went for a stroll through Hogwarts and was spotted by Kenny and his band of Gryffindors.

“Look! There’s the lovely girl,” Kenny cooed, you simply ignored him while squeezing Newt’s hand slightly. “Come on, please tell me why in the world it’s not me you like!” He asked, still obviously thinking about the “mystery boy”. Kenny paid no mind to Newt who was smirking like mad, though he was looking down either way.

“Becuase I have Newt!” You said proudly while holding up your laced hands.

“You? Why do you like him?” Kenny half snarled, half laughed. “Because, you’ll never be half the man he is! And who cares for less than half, when you can have the whole thing?” You say slyly while pecking Newt on his cheek.

With that you left, Newt immediately kissing you when you were out of sight of the angry Gryffindor boy. “You, my love, are truly remarkable!” You kissed him on his nose and said while looking lovingly into his eyes.“That makes you fantastic!” he chuckles but questions,“Why me though?” You smiled before whispering,“Because there’s no other beast-crazy-sweet-innocent-loving-gentle-silly-clumsy-Hufflepuff-boy like you!” With that you kiss him once more.

Newt never dreamed he’d be so happy he kissed you back sweetly while he felt the fireworks work their magic.


“Why am I the one who has to go down there?”

“Because you were the one who wanted to watch that movie.”

“Are you scared, Shin-chan?”

“No, but you are.”

“Wh-what? No! Ahem. I mean, I’m not. At all. Nuh-uh. Not me.”

“Is that why you’re trying to convince yourself in a million ways?”

“I’m not trying to convince myself.” Takao said. Then, under his breath he added, “I’m trying to convince you.”

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You’re The Sibling of Another Celebrity (Calum/4)

Request: Imagine being the younger sister to Madden brothers, and also the opening act for 5SOS. You always get stage fright and only your brothers can calm you down. But one day, they were late to the venue and you were just about to go on stage. You become panic because you were nervous and you started crying. Then Calum take your hand and begin talking softly to you and you begin to calm down. Your brothers were impressed with Calum cause no one else has ever get to calm you other than them.



You sit backstage in your dressing room, alongside the rest of your band. It’s the third and final night you’re playing in LA as 5 Seconds of Summer’s opening act. Being asked to tour with them was amazing; you’re an upcoming band so it’s a great opportunity to get your name and your music out there. Although, you kinda feel as though this opportunity was just handed to you.

Your brothers have tried telling you that you’re just being stupid; that you’re talented and worthy enough as a band to share the stage with one of the biggest bands in the world right now. But that’s what they have to say. They’re your brothers, they wouldn’t say anything different. 

You suppose it was a spur of the moment thing when Michael once suggested you open up for them on their next tour, so maybes they did just want you there and it had nothing to do with the fact they were close friends with Joel and Benji Madden, who just happen to be your brothers. But you’re very aware that 5sos’ fans are aware of you and your friendship with their idols, and some of them never fail to accuse you of leaching off of other people’s fame; particularly your brothers. It really pisses you off. Just because you’re associated to another band in some way, it doesn’t mean that you’re using them. You would never be so malicious as to use your own brothers for fame. Why would you?

You’re checking your phone irrationally every five minutes. Your brothers said they would be here in ten minutes. That was half an hour ago. They’re never normally this late, but they got caught up in the studio and then they hit rush hour traffic because of it. You guess they can’t really help it if they’re running late. But you really need them there.

This is the first time you’ve done a tour as big as this. You’re opening for 5sos in nearly every leg of their tour, minus the Australia/New Zealand leg. That’s huge to you. You’ve always struggled with stage fright, but this tour is intimidating you. You broke down in front of Joel and Benji a couple weeks before tour started, threatening to quit. Obviously they remained rational and promised that they would be there before you went on every single night of the tour to prepare you. But it’s just five minutes before you go on and they’re nowhere in sight.

“(Y/N)?” Your band mate, Thea, asks you, “(Y/N), are you okay? You look kinda sick…”

“I AM sick!” You shout, “I’m sick of waiting for my brothers to turn up when they promised me they would be here at least half an hour before we were due on stage every fucking night of this damn show!”

You shouted so loud that everything around you stopped. Everyone had stopped to face you and everything’s gone silent; the only sound is the Nirvana song that’s still playing from the stereo.

You run out of the room in tears. You’re so embarrassed. You’ve never shouted at anyone like that before, and never so publicly either. 

You’re not paying any attention to where you’re going and before you know it you’re being jolted backwards, “woah” a guy’s voice says from in front of you.

It’s Calum.

“S-s-s-sorry” You stutter, finding it difficult to breathe.

He looks you up and down. From your wobbling knees, shaking hands, and your chest franticly moving up and down as you search for air, to the tears running down your cheek. He looks…sad.

He brushes a loose strand of hair behind your ear, and looks you directly in the eyes, “Are you okay?”

You try and take a deep, slow breath, but it’s impossible. “I…can’t….breathe”

For a moment he begins to panic, but he regains his composure pretty quick.

“Right okay…shit…erm….look at me, okay….shit…erm…take a deep breath through your nose….and then let it out through your mouth” He says, “Like this”

He gives you an example, and then encourages you to do the same. You do. You follow his every movement. It takes a while for you to find your breath again. You hit this cycle of being able to breathe before panicking about panicking again and then panicking even more. But you finally seem to be regaining your control.

He lets out a sigh of relief, “Holy shit, you had me scared to death”

You try to crack a smile, but that’s hard to do when all you want to do is cry, “How did you know to deal with panic attacks so well?”

He grins, “I’ll let you in on a little secret…I didn’t. I just guessed. I didn’t even know that that was a panic attack”

That makes you laugh which, in turn, makes him laugh too.

“No but seriously, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?” He asks once the two of you had entered an awkward silence.

You sigh, “I don’t know if I’d be able to explain without sounding like a baby”

He furrows his eyebrows, “Well unless it sounds like something on the lines of goo-goo-gaa-gaa, then I’m not going to think you sound like a baby.”

You laugh again, but he continues.

“Come on, Madden. Try me” He encourages

You roll your eyes, “You know how you and the boys made that comment last night about how my brothers are always here for every show?”

He thinks for a minute, and then nods his head.

“Well…” You continue, “That’s because they’d promised me they would. I struggle with stage fright with any performance I do. But this is on another scale, and it panicked me even more. So they said they’d come to every show to help prepare me. But now it’s like two minutes until I have to go on stage and they’re not here. Honestly, they’re the only people who can calm me down and I guess I just panicked”

A smile appears on Calum’s face, “Well look at you now…you’re calm. Right?”

You’re taken aback by his question at first, but then you realise that he’s telling the truth. You’re surprisingly calm, and your brothers are nowhere to be seen.

“I suppose you’re right. Thanks Cal” You smile back at him

He shrugs, “No worries…but hey, don’t panic about being on stage. Every great performer gets stage fright at some point. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You know me and the boys used to be nervous wrecks the first time we went on a world tour? We still do get nervous. Whenever we’re playing somewhere new, or a venue that’s bigger than anywhere we’ve played before…we get stage fright. It’s just important to hold onto the fact that this is something you’ve always wanted to do; something you couldn’t see yourself not doing. Hold onto that, and don’t let your fear of messing up or looking like an idiot stop you from pursuing your passion.”

“What if I do mess up or look like an idiot?” You question

He lets out a small laugh, “You laugh it off. What’s done is done. People’ll get over it soon enough. I mean, just look at Mikey. He’s fallen over on stage more times than I can count, and he burnt himself on a pyrotechnic. Despite the fact he felt humiliated over it, he just laughed it off. Made a joke of it. That was that. There was nothing more to it”

You smile up at him, “Thanks Cal….thanks for being amazing”

He winks, “Are you flirting with me, Madden?”

You blush up at him, but someone else replies for me.

“She better not be!” Joel’s voice says jokingly from yours and Calum’s side.

“And what if she was?” You question, smirking.

Joel points at you, “She’d be in a lot of trouble”

You know he’s only joking. If you had have been flirting with Calum, Joel would more likely teasingly encourage you two to go out on a date. But Joel is quite good at reading situations, so he’s probably sensed that this is a time that requires humour. Or maybes he’s just noticed the dried up mascara on my cheeks from when you were crying. Either way, he’s now taken you into a huge bear hug and is squeezing you to death.

“You okay? We’re so sorry that we’re late. Traffic was horrendous.” He says to you, before letting go.

“It’s okay. One outburst, one panic attack, and one Calum Hood later and I’m fine” You smile, hugging Benji.

“You calmed her down?” Joel asks Calum, turning to him while pointing back to you.

Calum nods his head, “It was no big deal. Just a few deep breaths and a soft voice”

Benji shakes his head, “No big deal? No-one - literally no-one - can calm her down besides us. We’re impressed”

Calum laughs, “Honestly, there’s no need to be. She was great; she did really well”

Joel nods over to him, “Thanks man. Nice to know she trusts you enough to let you help her.”

Calum looks at you, “Any time”

“Now come on small one” Benji begins, patting you on the head, “Let’s get that make up of yours sorted and on that stage”

Benji and Joel lead you back to your dressing room while Calum heads back to his dressing room. You’re going to have to find a way of thanking him for helping you. But not just your typical thank you. You want him to know that you’re really grateful that he was there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on. 


anonymous asked:

Hi! So I'm currently still in grad school (one semester left until student teaching!) and I'm in a classroom management class and feel so overwhelmed because there are so many theories and I have no clear idea what my personal philosophy is yet but I have to write it for the final exam and I'm just kind of freaking out about it haha. Any advice for developing your own??

Okay, so this is my soapbox rant about teacher education on guidance: 

Undergraduate was great. I loved it. I loved learning theory and getting all these tips and tricks and talking to lots of other preservice teachers about what they were learning and it was great. However, it has been my experience that teacher educators tend to be a little…let’s say, trivializing, when it comes to lots of issues that we have to face in the classroom, most of which have to do with guidance and discipline. 

I took a class on guidance and discipline, I did. And in that class, what was I taught? By a teacher who would not hear anything to the contrary? By a teacher who made it sound like any teacher who didn’t do it her way was lazy or unfit to teach? I learned that if a student is throwing a temper tantrum, you need to take that student on a walk around the school to calm them down.

Honestly. Some of us put up a fight, we questioned her, “How can you leave the class like that? What do the rest of the kids do?” And we were told that your aide would watch them, that they would already be engaged in an activity, that – if you were a good teacher, the subtext read – they would not even notice that you were gone.

So now, with that in mind, I will let you in on a little secret: I completely bullshitted my way through undergrad. I wrote long papers about why children should never be retained in a grade. I made detailed drawings of my dream classroom, which included a private playground only for me that included a pond. (Yes – a freaking POND. My professor loved it.) I made PowerPoint presentations about why it is never appropriate to take away a kid’s recess time, not even for one second. I was the perfect preservice teacher on paper, with perfect plans for how I would lead my classroom, and perfect methods for guiding my students’ behavior…AND I WAS LYING. I got a 4.0, all by lying. I suspected, at 19 years old, that many of my professors were…well, kinda full of shit, to be honest. And by the time I graduated at 22 I was sure of it. 

When I went back for grad school, I took this class that was weirdly made up of first-year grad students and undergrad seniors. I was already teaching while going to school. They sat in this class (which coincidentally was taught by the same professor who taught that godforsaken guidance class) and sounded just like everyone does when they’re still preservice – they spouted their theory, and dissected the dangers of timed math tests, and scoffed at the thought that some teachers would have the audacity to discipline a child for calling out in class. “He just wants to participate!” they argued. “We should be encouraging students, not getting them in trouble when they want to learn!” And I nodded, and smiled (because damn it, I was keeping my 4.0 for my master’s degree), and I thought about how they were actively shitting on a lot of the things that I was currently doing with my class…and I metaphorically rolled my eyes and I just let them be. They’ll see, I thought. They won’t believe me if I tell them now, they’ll think I’m just a jaded educator who isn’t trying…but they’ll see.

What you learn in undergrad is fantastic, it truly is. I honestly enjoyed every semester of college, despite knowing that I didn’t 100% agree with everything I was learning. Take what you’re getting. Absorb the knowledge. Theory is wonderful. Tips and tricks and ideas are great. Being familiar with research is a must. But please know that you’re likely being fooled, if only just a bit. True teaching does not come from theory. I can rattle off big words and talk to you about theorists until you’re bored to sleep. But when I walked into my classroom on my first day as a teacher, I was not thinking about the zone of proximal development. When two of my students got into a fistfight on the playground, I was not concerned with which Piagetian level of development they were acting within. When I had a kid crying in my arms because no one wanted to eat lunch with him, Urie Bronfenbrenner was the furthest thing from my mind. Teaching, and I mean ‘the act of standing in a classroom full of kids every single day’ teaching, is something you learn as you go. It really, really is. 

So right now, your personal philosophy – the one you have to write for class and the rest of us had to write as well – is probably not what it’s really going to be like. I’m embarrassed of mine now, to be honest, because it’s so very ‘what the professors wanted to hear’ and not at all ‘what I actually do’. Sometimes I had to just do things for the grade and move on. I’m sure there are some people I graduated with that truly believed in everything they wrote and are striving to achieve that in their classrooms today…but not me. Should I feel bad? Maybe I am lazy and unfit to teach. (But I don’t think so.) 

Don’t feel like you need to have it all figured out now. Talk to real teachers. Think about the times you’ve spent in a classroom, whether it was as a student yourself or in a teacher role. What seemed to work? What didn’t? Choose the theories that most closely match up with what you think is a realistic approach to running a classroom. It really isn’t fair to make teachers write guidance plans based on all theory/no practice…but here you are and there I was. Do your very best. Be open to changing your mind when you get to your student teaching, and then even more when you get a classroom of your own.

Good luck. xx

ficlet: Blind Date

Anonymous asked you:Another Fic Idea: Blind Date. Cosima’s expecting a tall blonde on a date and Delphine’s meeting someone too. Cosima assumes it’s Delphine. Delphine doesn’t have the heart to tell her no.

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writingwithiron was the anyone that wanted the follow up to this. As much as I love the idea of platonic gajevy, I love them starting out as platonic and then, falling in love even more.

Still not completely satisfied with it, but maybe part 3 will be enough to redeem it.

Natsu stepped onto the end of the buggy and ignored the harsh glare from his cousin. “Well, are ya ever gonna tell her?”

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Formatting a bit iffy because I’m posting this on mobile. Based on this post, written because being around all the lovely Reigisa senpais on twitter is giving me too much feels and this is the only way I can deal with them.

Title: Res perit domino

Characters/Pairings: Rei Ryugazaki/Nagisa Hazuki, shamelessly implied Makoto Tachibana/Haruka Nanase

AO3 link: here

Notes: I did tell you I was busy studying. Seemingly unrelated title means “the thing perishes with its owner”. That is, if sonething bad happens to a ‘thing’, the object of a contract, the responsibility falls on whoever has been the rightful owner by then. …those aare probably not the most correct words, but cut me some slack, okay, I started writing this 5am my time.

Here come the words. Hope you’d like 'em at least…


It’s silly, I know, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

Let me elucidate - what I am referring to, of course, is the single most irrational thing I have ever done in my entire life. It was the time when I had thought it sane and normal for me, a honest-to-goodness novice, to go out swimming in the ocean alone at night.

Now, I am aware that one must first acknowledge their mistakes in order to learn from them, but - but I’m very certain I’ve acknowledged this one a long time before, so why am I still thinking so hard about it?

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