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I'm so sorry that your dick parents did that. I'm so sorry that those douchebags can accept a perfect human like you. You will feel better soon. I wish you the best of luck :) I am always here to talk to Insta: MayxJune Wattpad: KawaiiOkiana and also on here. I love you so much : )

okay , thank you sm that means a lot 💖

Monster (Pt. 1)

snowlikesandinqatar: I LOVE UR IMAGINES!! THEYRE SO GOOD I LITERALLY CRY 😭😭 can u do an imagjne where the reader gets into a huge fight with isaac and then he hits her and they break up but later the reader gets a call that isaac has gone crazy without her?? thnxx 😚

A/N: Aww thank you so much! That means a lot to me :) I hope you like it x

(for everyone asking where I find my Daniel Sharman gifs, he was on a show called The Originals and played a character called Kol Mikaelson/Kaleb)

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Word Count: 1116

Warnings: Abuse, mentions and attacks at social anxiety, language

A/N: Isaac’s a huge douchebag in this. HUGE. It’s out of character and kind of harsh, so be warned.

“You’re misunderstanding,”

“No, I think it’s perfectly clear.”

“Oh my god Y/N! Will you stop twisting everything I say?!”

“Twisting, really? Because I think my boyfriend just called me mentally damaged, and said he didn’t want to be with me.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Oh? Well I’m sorry, tell me what else ‘she’s got some serious issues, I don’t know if I can deal with it much longer’ mean?” you scream, quoting the conversation you overheard him have with Allison.

Isaac’s jaw clenches, and his eyes turn from his usual stormy blue into amber yellow. He scowls and starts yelling,

“You know what? You do have issues, sorry someone had to say it.” 


His words like shards of glass splintering your heart. Out of everyone, you thought at least Isaac would understand.

“I can’t believe you, you selfish prick!” you say lashing out.

He growls, “Oh I’m the selfish one? Get over yourself Y/N! We’ve had to cancel so many plans because of you and your panic attacks.” 

You were fuming, you couldn’t believe this. He knew you struggled with bad social anxiety, “You’re a fucking jerk, you know that Isaac Lahey? A fucking jerk.”

He laughed, but it wasn’t his usual joyous outburst. This time it was dark, cruel even, and when you looked up at Isaac he towered  over you, yellow eyes glowing, “Stiles has panic attacks too, but that doesn’t stop him from actually getting on with life. We had to cancel the music festival again because of you, you had to ruin it for everyo-”

You slap Isaac across the face, “Fuck you Isaac Lahey.” tears were running freely down your face.

He looks at you baring his teeth, angrier than ever, and slashes you in the stomach with his claws.

You gasp.

It was as if everything was in slow motion as his claws teared open your skin. You clutch your stomach, rivulets of blood pooling into your hand. You look up at Isaac, horrified, and see him back in his human form, stormy blue eyes widened in surprise and disbelief. 

He drops down to his knees in front of you, tears spilling down his face, “Y/N, I didn’t mean to! I’m so sorr-”

You push past him, still clutching your bleeding stomach, tears blurring your vision as you run to Stiles house. 

How could he.


It had been a week.

You’re stomach was all stitched up, and you hadn’t spoken to Isaac since. You stayed at Stiles’ house with him and Sheriff Stilinski whilst he tried to cheer you up from your heartbreak. 

You were currently sitting alone in Stiles room; he was at lacrosse practice and you didn’t want to risk running into Isaac. 

You couldn’t even look at him.

After what happened you didn’t go to school once, partially because you were injured, but mainly so you wouldn’t have to look at Isaac’s face.

Your phone buzzed, interrupting your thoughts. You ignore it and continue grieving. 

Your phone buzzes again. 

You groan, picking it up, looking at the caller ID before you answer.


“Y/N?! Oh thank god! You have to come over right now.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“It’s Isaac,” 

You immediately tense up, staying silent, “Listen, I know what he did to you was absolutely horrible, and I’m not asking you to forgive him,” 

Scott pauses and turns his voice into a whisper, “But he’s a mess Y/N, I’m scared for him. He won’t leave his room, he hasn’t ate; he’s not stable. He can’t control himself, and with a full moon coming up who knows what he’ll do. He’s going to hurt someone Y/N.”

He already has

You let out a shaky breath, “I don’t know what do you think I can do about it.”

“All he’s been doing since he last saw you is cry and say your name in his sleep.”

Your chest tightens, but there was no way you could ever forgive him for what he did. Not just for the physical stitches in your stomach, but for the mental pain he caused that couldn’t just be stitched back together, “Please Y/N, don’t do it for him. Do it for me, do it for the rest of the pack. I’m not asking you to forgive him, just please see him, talk some sense into him.

A single tear escapes, “Fine, I’ll come over.”


You reach the McCall residence, hesitating before knocking the door.

The door flies open immediately, revealing a disheveled Scott who pulls you into a delicate hug, breathing a sigh of relief,

“Thank you so much for coming. I know this is difficult for you, we haven’t forgiven him either for what he did to you.”

You just nod, giving him a tight, broken smile. Scott leads you upstairs and halts at the top of the staircase, “Are you okay?”

“No,” you whisper tears already spilling down your face that you wipe away hastily, not wanting Scott to see you cry.

“You don’t have to do this.” he says softly.

“Yes, I do.”

He gives you one more small squeeze before leaving you standing alone in front of Isaac’s room. 

You gather up your courage and twist open the door, the room’s a mess and there are objects scattered all over the floor. Isaac’s head is in his hands and he’s shaking, “Scott go away, I told you I don’t wa-” 


He looks up at the sound of your voice, fragile and shattered, “Y/N?” he looks down and shakes his head, “I’m dreaming again, aren’t I?”

You shake your head, still standing at the door avoiding eye contact, “No, it’s me.”

Isaac looks absolutely devastated, his face is pale and his hands are bloody from punching holes in the wall. There’s silence between the two of you, before he whimpers something that breaks you even more,

 “I’m just like my father.” he lets out a gut wrenching sob, breathing heavily and shaking, body drenched in sweat,

“I’m a monster.”

He looks up at you, and both your broken eyes meet, “I don’t deserve you.” he says, “You should leave, because if you stay I’ll be selfish enough to try and convince you to take me back.” 

You let out a sob. Your heart still ached for the boy, even after everything he did. He is the only one who ever made you feel special, the only one who elicits sparks from you heart, and yet he was the only one who completely destroyed your world, the only one who could cause you so much grief. 

It was love, and it sucked.

You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for what you were about to say,

“Isaac, I…”

A/N: Read part 2 here

Thanks for reading x


The fact that a whole lot (I’m sure 90% is merely an exaggeration for the sake of comedy, hahaha) of the plot twists in these Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games seem to stem from douchebag Pokemon trying to deceive naive Pokemon/the heroes was something I’ve always felt was a thing in at least the first two installments of the series, (Red/Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky). However, it wasn’t until…recently…*ahem*…that I finally seemed to notice just how prevalent this story element was. Which is really quite amazing, especially considering how much I personally hate the trope and wasn’t taking any more of it by the time *cough* Undertale *cough Flowey cough* came around. But better late than never, am I right?

Also, MAJOR SPOILERS for Special Episode 5: In the Future of Darkness incoming for these next two comics!

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For the ask meme: 1, 5, 16 and 17! (Long time follower here btw, I don't think we've talked but you're great and I hope you're having a fantastic night!)

Aw thank you, I hope you have a great night too!

Who’s your favorite character? 

Look no further than my icon

Which villain was the best? 

I mean, does anyone expect me to not pick Bill? I made like 10 videos about him. He’s awful and I love him

Soos or Wendy? 

I love Soos a lot, but Wendy’s monologue in The Last Mabelcorn can’t be topped, so I have to pick her.

Would you say you found Bill more humorous/funny or creepy/scary? 

I like fandom’s more creepy interpretations of Bill, but in the show I can’t take him that seriously. He’s basically a fratboy douchebag demon which I find hilarious

We are all very concerned about the pointed mentions of aliens and Chairman Douchebag and co. possibly going for Junior, but there’s another dimension I don’t think a lot of people have considered:

In order to get Junior, they’d have to kidnap him from (presumably) the other aliens. And as we know, both Junior and Tucker are alien ambassadors/religious figures. Do you guys realize what this means?

If the mercs take Junior, not only will they be hurting Tucker, they could start another war.

i automatically assume that the people who are bashing laurel for bringing sara back are not older siblings. is that wrong? 

i know everyone is different but if my baby brother died and there was some mystical way to bring him back, i’d do it. in a heartbeat. don’t get me wrong, he’s a little douchebag (he’s a seventeen year old boy - of course he is) but he’s my responsibility. he’s my kid. he’s my whole heart. that’s just what being an older sibling means??? 

 being an older sibling is a lot like being a parent. it’s like having your heart walk around outside your body. and if your younger sibling dies? i would imagine that would be the worst pain in the world. younger siblings are not supposed to die first. 

 soooo yeah. i totally get why laurel is doing what she’s doing. i can’t say i wouldn’t do the same thing. and i don’t think i’m alone in that. 

is it selfish? probably. is it wrong? don’t know, that’s a complicated question. is it understandable? 100%

Lots of people are jokingly mentioning that Kevin should be as ugly as his personality, but I think it’s a wonderful choice to have made him attractive.

Attractive people in real life aren’t always nice. In fact, much like Kevin, they can be real douchebags just like anyone else.

I’m grateful that nobody in the show is swayed by his prettiness, I’m grateful that Stevonnie gives kids a chance to realize that just because someone’s hot doesn’t mean that you have to give them the time of day.

OK. But why does Hyun Min get called a douchebag and persecuted for dating willing women and exercising his right to break up with them when he’s not interested anymore. 

Sure he dates a lot of them. But to laugh at someone getting rejected and saying they deserve it. I mean I really don’t see what’s so bad about Hyun Min dating countless women when he doesn’t force them into it. Doesn’t act like he’s a good guy and break their heart. He doesn’t hide that he struggles with commitment. And some of them very well know that once he breaks up with them he grants them any wish their heart desires. And even go into the relationship probably just for that wish, or just because he’s rich. Sure he charms them, but he never forces them into it. And i’m not saying the girls deserve to get their hearts broken, but when you know that a guy is a playboy and willingly date him then you’re not completely exempt from blame either. Those women most likely don’t even really want Hyun Min for him, they just want him for the money or the wish granted at the end. 

Meanwhile we have Ji Woon who has abusive tendencies and solves everything with violence, and yet his actions are romanticised every damn time…he gets to play “hero” in an attempt to for redemption. 

thanks show

Happy birthday soprana-snap

On Chloe Price’s Apparent Ableism

I’m really sad that Original Timeline Chloe was actually pretty ableist. Think about it: she parked her truck in two handicapped parking spaces.

She was ready and willing to take money out of Blackwell’s Handicapped Fund, and it’s likely she’s the one who did the obscene graffiti in the parking lot.

Note: It’s possible they could have been accusing her of the other graffiti in the parking lot, as a lot of them match her style, but this also could involve her. It might not, though, because her style is usually cleaner and has thinner lines.

It sucks that a character that I really liked is actually kind of an ableist douchebag. I think the universe had a means of somewhat punishing her by making her paralyzed in the New Timeline that Max created. Either that or it has some sense of irony. I don’t know, though. 

It’s possible that (if the graffiti wasn’t hers) she could have just done those things without thinking. If Max just says, “You really wanna take money out of the Handicapped Fund?” she’ll stop. So, the question is: Chloe Price: Ableist Douche or Just Ignorant?

To be honest I think someone’s online behavior says a lot about them. We generally dismiss mean people online as “trolls” but if someone’s first instinct under the cover of anonymity is to be an evil douchebag then something’s off about them as a person. Often we express our nastiest, most repressed thoughts online. However, if it’s easy, if it flows naturally to be sexist, racist or homophobic online then that’s who someone is as a person. They’re not “trolling”, their actual personality is horrible. They’re just hiding it out of fear of being judged.

I wanna clear something up . . .

This isn’t a huge deal but I guess there seems to have been a minor misunderstanding about how I feel about Markiplier???  I just want to clarify since I have a lot more followers now than when I previously made a post about this.

I do not hate Markiplier.  Hate is a very strong word to use.  I have a very confusing mixture of feelings for Mark that are hard to explain without someone getting mad at me.

Sometimes, I think he’s a douchebag.  He can be a dick to people.  He can be narcissistic.  He gets overly angry at times.  He is mean and cutting sometimes to game developers.  And there have been some ways he’s handled his community that I strongly disagree with.

BUT.  And this is a MAJOR “but”.  I also think he is one of the most gifted leaders I’ve ever seen.  He knows how to make people listen.  He’s extremely charismatic and he is using it for good.  He uses his “fame” to promote charity, to encourage others to treat everyone with respect and love.  He has an excellent sense of humor, and he has wisdom about certain matters beyond his years.  He has a unique way of viewing the world that I would love to hear him talk about for hours on end.  He’s the kind of person that can spark a fire and keep it burning in people’s hearts for a long time.

Mark is a very complicated human being, and sometimes, my personality and his personality clash and I get frustrated with him.  But I have decided that even when he frustrates me, ultimately I’m going to support him.  Because I believe that he is more than that, and he is someone who should be heard and followed.  Above all the other negative things I feel towards him, deep, unending respect is the strongest of them all.

So yeah.  I just wanted to clear that up in case some people were confused. :)


Hour long video to screenshot woo! xD

Screenshots from Until Dawn #1! :)

This game was really cool! I really like the story line so far in the game and the game looks really good too. The exaggerated facial expressions on the motion capture of the characters was really weird though but the acting is really good in this game which I feel makes the characters seem a lot more realistic and the atmosphere of the game a lot more immersive. But yeah I do like this game so far it’s interesting and I don’t mind watching Jack play a game for a hour. :] I mean it’s kind of a pain to re-watch and screenshot but I do really like the unedited videos. Haha! :)

Also anyone else think it’s funny that Hayden Panettiere’s character is named Sam? xD