i mean their characters in my rpg have this storyline i adore

But I mean, god fucking bless Laura Bailey for being a woman who clearly loves the hell out of both romance and D&D and doesn’t see any reason why she can’t combine them, because she and her friends are telling themselves a story and she deserves just as much of her own favorite type of story in the mix as anyone else does. Because it’s a lovely, public confirmation that someone like me can belong in the D&D world just as much as anyone else, that D&D/RPGs are exactly whatever you want them to be, and that there’s no one right way to play this game or tell these stories. I am so often left to feel a little bit on the outside of SFF geek culture, because my primary literary loyalty is to the romance genre, and even those people in SFF who defend romance usually do so because it makes money, not because they see any value in the genre itself. And gaming is SUCH a toxic subculture in SFF for women who don’t pull the “I’m not like other girls” bullshit, so it’s really amazing to have this now-popular D&D show that’s letting romance be one of the major ongoing storylines, where it’s just one part of what’s happening with the female character in question - but yet, something she’s allowed to be excited and enthusiastic about without anyone in-game or on-screen shaming her for it. 

I just have a lot of feelings about feeling welcome in SFF circles as a romance fan, and how much I love Laura for being utterly unapologetic for what she wants in this storyline. I adore her for it.

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If you're still doing the impression thing, Scarecrow pls ^^


Ok…it was s a long journey of rant and despise, actually (a friend of mine knows how much I complained about him for a month X°D) I simply hated him. With all my heart. I don’t remember if my first approach to his character was through the comics or the games (I think comics), but I know I despised him XD it was the most intense feeling towards him. I found him horrible. I know he was a villain and a villain doesn’t certainly require a pleasant personality but…he was actually an awful person. I despised his attitude and I despised his philosophy, he made me angry XD I really felt the desire to fight him XD

I know Edward is a villain too, but he has a precise psychological background, and then he has a condition he hardly can fight, so I felt more sensible towards him rather than Crane who simply chose to follow a vengeful path and chose to be an asshole AHAHAHAH. I was very angry with him, because he was an intelligent man, a professor, a psychiatrist, a man who loves the knowledge, who loves the mind, who should loves to be a mentor to the others, an inspiration…but no, he chose to be the Master of Fear and a misanthropic grumpy man. Actually, he chose to let his aggressors win in a manner of speak, because the path he chose was the most destructive and he knows, he certainly knows he stuck in this kind of life because of his terrible choice, but he is stubborn and still too angry to become really aware of this…? Even if he seems to enjoy to be an asshole he has always a choice, because for me he has his own problems of course, but he isn’t a madman or a real sadist, or a psychopath etc…

These were my thought at the beginning…


…and now I I still think in this way, but now I’m aware of my love for him. You know, no? When you hate someone too much, apparently, in a very irrational way, it’s because you recognize some traits of your personality (unconscious or conscious, defeated or forgotten). In this case I dreamed of him a lot. And those dreams help me to accept him like one of my fav character. Seriously.AHAHAHAH(I actually have a wonderful relationship with my dreams, because I studied and I’m still studying the subject. So I always analyze my dreams…even these kind of dreams, apparently stupid AHAHAH)

So…after a month of complaints I began to appreciate some shade of his personality, I began to understand his motives and everything because I know how it feels to be vindictive and angry with everyone, but I overcame these feelings during my life and I took a philanthropic path. He remembered me those past feelings and I hated it. So I hated him and his choices. And when I acknowledged this without saying it loud to myself, I began to dream of him and so my Unconscious chose The Scarecrow like his champion for scold me.

The end of the story is: I hate/love him. I want to punch him in the face. Stupid grumpy old man…

If I was a villain I would be him.

Ah! the irony…


“Fear of Faith” - One of the best stories with him. Set on the storyline of “No Man’s Land”, Crane wants to play the part of the Devil and wants to destruct everyone’s hope, without his toxin. Because he is a lovely man as always. But in the end he just take what he deserves: a lot of love, compassion and forgiveness and these things make him go in tilt. Priceless.

“Year One: Scarecrow Master of Fear” (1995) - a classic. One of the best artist and design, in my opinion. Thanks Bret Blevins

“Batman Shadow of the Bat: The God of Fear” - Storyline: Nightfall - Our lovely Crane wants to become a God. A classic.

But the honorary mention goes to Gordon:

Crane: “Had enough? Is the City prepared to declare me God yet?”

Gordon: “Listen to me, you murdering maniac! I—“

Crane: “No, Gordon! You will listen to ME— i have a tanker full of fear-gas centrally positioned! Unless you officially announce my godhood, it will be detonated at midnight precisely! Time is running out, Gordon. This is your last warning!”

Gordon (in his precious naivety): “Scarecrow, you’re being illogical! How on earth can we make you a god…?!*CLICK* Scarecrow…?”

“Absolute Terror” - An other precious story with him without the toxin.

“Mistress of Fear” - This is an interesting story because it serves a purpose, in my opinion: to highlights his wrong choices and his, in a manner of speak, irrational consciousness of this. He is adamantine about them, they are the certainties of his life, but Becky…she was a mirror image of himself, she was the other path. The one he could have chose. The right path. She was everything he hate but also everything he fear because her presence invalidated his belief. That’s why he tried to make her his Mistress of Fear: to destroy her and restore the perfect reflection.

“Batman Adventures Annual - Study Hall” This is the Crane in whom I want to believe. The academic. I like him in his all villainy glory, but sometimes some writers forget this aspect of his life, of his forma mentis, in favor of a more sadistic attitude. But he was a professor and this is a vocation, I don’t think is something you can delete from him.

I also love the other BTAS comics with him, where you can see again the inner struggle and the tragedy of this man.

And last but not least, of course one of the best moments in the history:

Crane: I am the master of fear! The lord of despair! Cower before me and witness terror!
Harley: Hi, Professor Crane!
Crane: (normal voice) Good evening, child. (then) Worship me, fools! Worship me! Scream hosannas of anguish to Scarecrow, the all-terrible god of fear!
Robin: I think he’s getting better.


Crane is a professor again and teach again. I want him with his students. ahahah


- I don’t really like Year One Scarecrow and his background. I loved the southern gothic setting, it was suggestive, but I think his whole past was an exaggeration, a bit over the top…? I don’t appreciate too much when the writers insert family issues to trigger the psychological development of a character, I think is overused and boring (even if I can understand the reason d’être of this) I also think the art style, chosen for this comic, it wasn’t good for this kind of story. It’s beautiful, but is…cute, and also the Scarecrow is extremely cute, even in his costume (which seems a costume from some RPG XD) so when I read it I’m always distracted by its cuteness X°D I don’t know…I don’t think this is a good thing for the master of fear and his background?

But I would love to see this story illustrated by Finch.

Actually I would love to see everything about Scarecrow illustrated by him…

- I like the New52 Scarecrow, his background, even here, is boring and I don’t like it, but I think for the rest was quite vivid and well…Scarecrow. I also appreciated the Cycle of violence, despite the story, because I fell in love with the art of David Finch (I ADORE the pages of Crane’s past) and I loved the moment when he cried with the girl’s drawing in his hands.

I don’t know…if I ignore his background (but even the Cycle of violence AHAHAH) I can say I’m quite satisfied for his appearances during the new52.


Crane/Jervis | Crane/Riddler | (and I appreciate some interaction with Harley, Selina and Ivy. At least I love to read fic with them XD)


- I think the change of the Scarecrow’s behavior, during the games, is a precise intention of him.

I mean, during Asylum he was clearly over the top because he needed to be a madman to scare the doctors and maybe to experiment on what kind of behavior was more effective. In fact, he was always polite and irreproachable during his session with Young but harsh and sassy during the other sessions with other doctors. After the incident, he decided to change strategy and became what we saw in Arkham Knight (Actually I think it was the REAL Crane)

- Ok…this is a stupid headcanon but I need to say it:

I think his hair do the “Studio Ghibli’s thing” when he his angry. And one day I will do an animation of this.

Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games!

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