i mean the second picture looks so wrong

TEEN WOLF THEORY TIME - including the newly leaked Stydia kiss and what I think it means.

I know it hurts, but try and forget the kiss for a second - I know, it hurts, but stay with me. If you look at the picture above, at first Lydia doesn’t smile, she has a straight expression; also if you look extra close, she has tears in her eyes. I may be completely wrong, but I have a feeling, she had predicted something to do with Stiles’s disappearance, but she is keeping it on the low, so she doesn’t worry herself or Stiles - she gave him different information, or loose information and that’s why he was telling her she was clever. Also, this scene takes place it the dark, they are both wearing the clothes from the ‘Remember I love you’ scene.

I think after he runs off and says, “I did it anyway,” is the last time Lydia sees him before he bumps (putting it lightly) into the wild hunt. Then he runs around, being faced with his Dad, Liam, maybe even malia and Scott - people he loved, people who love him and they have no idea who he is. He is running out of time. Back track to when I spoke about Lydia have a banshee sensation, because it isn’t death, the feeling Lydia got did not freak her out, but the feeling of dread does and she realises -  she needs to find Stiles. (Banshee’s predict death and being taken by the wild hunt is close enough to that, so that’s why Lydia is able to keep his memory longer because this is like death.)

After Stiles is taken, I reckon Lydia will scream. Also I hope the camera pans to everyone else, who loves him and maybe they suddenly just freeze, because their subconscious knows something is up.

In a future episode, Lydia has Stiles’s jersey, meaning they might all need an item to help them remember him. I mean Scott obviously has the photo (that is missing a person, it’s quite obvious,) and Malia has been seen wearing a jacket that looks familiar to the one we saw Void Stiles wear in 3x18 Riddled, of course, the jacket most have belonged to Stiles, but as ’ the new evil’ promo has suggested,  the Wild hunt seem to be only taking villains ( and confused Stiles for Void)or maybe this is hinting at the possible return of VOID.

I am very excited for this season and heartbroken that it’s almost over, but I couldn’t ask for a better sent off.

(Btw: I am British and we’ve only had two seasons over here - they’ve cancelled it now! So you know…how I watch it *wink*…so can no one PM me or ask questions next Tuesday because I can’t watch it until Wednesday and I would normally watch it early, so I can talk to you lot about it, but my friend and I are skyping it when we both finish school, so you’ll have wait for the emotional gif sets I’m afraid.“