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I dunno sometimes i really feel bad for RH, like...
Anonymous said: I dunno sometimes i really feel bad for RH, like maybe she loves CS but it seems like CS heart belongs to someone else Answer: Still think she’s with CC. Also, pretty sure KJ and CS...

Anonymous asked:

I dunno sometimes i really feel bad for RH, like maybe she loves CS but it seems like CS heart belongs to someone else

Still think she’s with CC. Also, pretty sure KJ and CS are going on two years, so if she has been pining after him, he’s pretty much been unavailable since close to day one.

Again, Cole isn’t teh ghey and if he were, certainly wouldn’t be with that junkie dullard—-and Lili is definitely NOT with Casey. However…..

If all of this WERE true, why would she hate Lili so much???? I mean, at that point, again, isn’t Lili just doing the job the PR Overlords forced upon her? And wouldn’t her “taking it too far”, just be on them, as well????

I mean how could Lili “rain on Cornholio’s parade” if Cornholio and Casili were both real or even one of them??? It’s as if there’s yet another gaping hole in YaoiMeme’s theory….

I can’t stand KokeJ, but I certainly don’t think he remotely inhibits SH…..


The more RH does fucked up things, the more I realize how brilliant a businesswoman she really is.

Thank god she’s not in politics. There is enough manipulation there.

A) Lili hasn’t done anything remotely “fucked up” or “manipulative”

B) How would this make her a “brilliant businesswoman” (I love the sexist, outdated terminology, once again)?

I mean, I get PedoT only knows about jacking off and door to door canvassing, but I’m not seeing how Lili’s actions further either of those….



I would like to make the paint brand “Angelus” known. It is a special paint that is for leather, faux leather, rubber, and similar surfaces.

This is literally the best paint you can buy if you love a pair of shoes, but they aren’t in the right color for your character.

This stuff coats VERY well AND the coats of paint bend with your shoes. This means no cracking!!

In the photos above I took black rain boots and painted them with Angelus Turquoise. As you can see, they don’t look black any more! It’s so good!

I managed to paint two boots with a little one ounce bottle of the paint, and I still have a third of the bottle left over!

The paint dries very fast, so you can put layer on top of layer on top of layer without it streaking.

You can get the paint on Amazon and it comes in every color!

I just really wanted to make this known!! :D This stuff is amazing!

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: In Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang says “It’s raining” or “It’s a terrible day for rain” at his best friend Maes Hughes’ funeral, held on a day with clear skies. It seems like he says this because he begins to cry after he says it. But when you think about it, Mustang is “useless” when it rains/when he gets wet because he can’t use his flame alchemy. He equates rain to uselessness. So when he says it’s raining at Hughes’ funeral, he means that he feels useless/helpless now that his best friend is dead. The writing in this show has the ability to rip out your heart and stomp on it when you’re least expecting it, then kick you while you’re down. I am NOT okay. 

me: harry, is it raining?

harry: um i think…in my opinion…it’s important to remember…you know…that people have different…interpretations about the weather, in my personal opinion. um…i’m never gonna tell anybody…you know…that their opinion about the weather is…wrong. maybe, one person might say it’s raining…or…that, you know, it’s not. i mean- like i said…everyone has their opinion and….i personally think that’s amazing. 

me: nvm, i’m gonna go check myself 

Aries moon had feelings coming in rushes, like the water that crashed up to the shore. They’re like batteries with loaders that don’t have limits. There’s a kid within every Aries moon, don’t kill it. Don’t you dare.

Taurus moon has feelings like the weather, the soft weather I mean. I’m talking about rain cascading down roof panes and snow melting to water. They always have their timing right, they know when to talk.

Gemini moon is like a little warrior, their words are their biggest weapons. Their feelings are like the wind, it’s hard to escape the wind. Sometimes their caught in whirlwinds, sometimes they’re biking and the wind doesn’t stand in the right direction.

Cancer moon is the ocean, the rush, the flow, the still. Feelings that will empower them, drown them. They’re so protective, with lunar dust in their hair and flowers engraved in their life. But sometimes their flowers wilt, and sometimes the ocean becomes wild.

Leo Moon is gracious, generous, their life is like a dance clip. With graceful hands and dramatic movements, their feelings take them over like a wildfire spreads out over forest trees.

Virgo Moon is the librarian, the quiet before the storm. The one with the secret knowledge, with books stapled onto each other. They know what they do, and can’t take it when they’re ignored. They have a huge eye for detail.

Libra moon is the harp, the piano, the instruments and the harmony. They’re love and they’re peace, with lacy voices and cute smiles. These people can make a great sensation in your home and private life.

Scorpio moon is an over-thinker, the type who doesn’t want to leave their bed. But also the type to hug you from behind, their feelings give rushes like water churns in rivers. And when they explode, trust me, they know, they don’t want to drown you in their problems.

Sagittarius moon is the archer, the one who chases the sun and escapes their own fires. They run from the feelings in their chest, change the subject. They’re adventurous, addicted to the thrills that life has to offer. They’re smart, philosophical.

Capricorn moon is a hard worker, a family person. Feelings of earth run through them, little earthquakes without time tickets may erupt. They push themselves a lot, often without second thought. They’re competitive, but often they’re also competitive to themselves. Because they want to improve.

Aquarius moon is part of a clan, a person with a friendly personality that often gets along with everyone. They’re their own person, and even though they belong to their group of friends- they don’t. They’re original, unique thinkers. They come up with solutions, ideas and thoughts no one ever dares to speak out loud.

Pisces moon is a dreamer, the kind you catch staring out of the window in class. Watching the birds. Or the kind plucking flowers to make something for a dear friend, a mysterious person. Manipulative on the inside, with feelings that can’t be explained, only imagined.

—  Moon signs

“Quickly men! Into formation!”

“Sir, what purpose does this formation serve? None of us is aiming with even a remote chance of hitting any possible enemies and we’re in serious danger of starting a forest fire.”

“Shut up Steve. It looks awesome.”

(Photo by @nicolasbruno on Instagram)

The Last Jedi - Some Reassurances

My inbox is very busy right now, but I most wanted to address two questions on The Last Jedi people have concerning 1.) Poe and 2.) Kylo’s redemption. I cannot respond to any of these asks directly as they spoil elements from the film, so if you are interested in hearing my thoughts on these hot-button issues please delve beneath the cut.

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Here’s a side by side comparison of the Lunar Flower from Wolf’s Rain and the Nightblooming Cereus species known as Brahma Kamal that it was based on

hands to myself // selena gomez


I dreamt of happier times…