i mean the q are awesome

  • Klaus: Caroline Forbes... How do I begin to explain Caroline Forbes?
  • Matt: Caroline Forbes is flawless.
  • Enzo: I hear her hair is insured in $10,000.
  • Elijah: I hear she does car commercials… in Japan.
  • Rebekah: Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
  • Kol: One time she met John Stamos on a plane…
  • Bonnie: And he told her she was pretty.
  • Damon: One time she punched me in the face… it was awesome

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Hi Emma! Just wondering whether you have any tips for studying during the school holidays? My school finished for first semester on Friday and now I have three weeks of holidays before second semester starts, but I really need to study because I have my year 11 preliminary exams a few weeks after term starts. Any tips? xx

Hellooo! Here are a few things you could do:

  • plan out what you need to study - either print off your subject outline or make a list of things you’d like to cover. Even though it can be daunting, I found working through a list of topics and being able to cross them off really useful when trying to cover everything.
  • make a schedule that works for you - since it is holidays don’t force yourself to study every single day for multiple hours. I’d say trying to fit a couple of hours every few days is good. If you’re not going out too much, then you can obviously increase the amount. I like to plan my day out on a piece of paper or in my study schedule printable. I usually don’t strictly plan hour by hour but as a rough guide. I’ll try to put a flexible finish time and not underestimate how long a task will take. If I’ve put effort in to the schedule and then put it on display, I’m usually more inclined to follow it!
  • limit your times - this kind of goes with the above, but remember not to over schedule or spend after hour sitting at your desk. Have a productive hour or two (with breaks) and then you can move on. I think you’ll be more inclined to keep studying throughout your holiday if you’re not seeming to be sitting, bored all day. I usually say to myself “right, work between 10am-2pm (or whenever) then I can do something more fun!”. If you have a day without studying at all, don’t feel you’ve let yourself down either.
  • reward yourself - create a system to celebrate completing a selection of tasks. By rewarding your progress you’ll build an incentive to work and reinforce productivity (great for your self-discipline!).This is also important since it is your holidays and you should have a bit of time for fun.
  • track your progress - this could be on a calendar, a pre-made habit tracker or on an app like HabitForge or Forest. Seeing your progress can help your see that you’re not wasting your time and that it is working!
  • put it in perspective - often when it is holidays we will put things off and leave them till last minute. Whilst studying can get boring, think of the pay off - awesome exam results! By dedicating that bit of time throughout your holidays and actually getting on with it means you’ll be super prepared and not regretful that you spent the past few weeks doing random stuff that didn’t really need to be done. 

I’ll link a few other posts that you might find interesting:

Hope this helps! Best of luck with your exams and have a fun holiday :-)

That’s the best part. That was definitely the best part out of everything. I’ve had guys and girls come up to me and say, “Thanks to your character, I came out to my friends and family.” That means more to me than anything. The fact that I got to play this character that I had so much fun with and we got to be on an entertaining show that’s one thing, but to have a small impact on people’s lives in that way… Words can’t explain. That’s just awesome.
—  Shay Mitchell [x] re: playing a queer character
Anything You Can Queer I Can Queer Queerer, a friendly queer writer competition

Here’s how this works:

I will prompt you with then questions, all in this post, so if you don’t want to see all this, either mute this post or blacklist “project inspiration gem”

You can respond however you like, via reblogs, asks, submits on my blog, however. I’m most likely to actually get the notifications if it’s reblogs tho.

I will dole out Queer Points as I see fit. These are arbitrary and mean nothing bc everyone wins in the end, but if y'all keep track of your QP then I will crown one of you Queer Ruler of All (but I’m not going to keep track so it’s up to y'all).

***note, I will not tolerate any aphobia here, so if you deny aces/aros their queerness, please unfollow or simply keep that to yourself

Question 1: all queers are valid and equally queer, but which of your OCs is like capital-Q Queer. Hella Queer. Super mega foxy awesome queer?

How sexy is your name?

Add the letters in your first name using the numbers below =) 

- Under 60 points= NOT TOO SEXY
- Between 61-300 points= PRETTY SEXY
- Between 301-599 points= VERY SEXY

  • A=100 B=14 C=9 D=28 E=145 F=12
  • G=3 H=10 I=200 J=100 K=114 L=100 M=25
  • N=450 O=80 P=2 Q=12 R=400 S=113 T=405
  • U=11 V=10 W=10 X=3 Y=210 Z=23

Don’t forget to add your name and your total!!!

 So does this mean Stephanie is the sexiest name ever? It’s over double the ultimate sexiest?

S = 113 T=405 E=145 P=2 H=10 A=100 N=450 I=200 E=145

Total =1570

Awesomeness! <3

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Im so happy that im bit the only one who loves dramione and zutara and sees a connection between zuko and Draco and the potential for a similar redemption arc!! Honesty that ask was awesome. Hey there, fellow dramione/zutara shipper!!

Hello! 😊

I think a lot of Dramione shippers see the connection! I mean, probably everyone who has seen the show and ships Dramione can relate. :)

Some Zuko fans get so mad when we compare Zuko to Draco, 😂. There’s an entire thread in FFN based on this. Their argument is that Draco is still a villain by the end of the series and pretty much an underdeveloped character.

I agree. But that’s what fanfiction is for! :D

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This might be a dangerous question but what are your ~feelings~ on the cancellation? General happiness or conflict?

I’m conflicted, honestly. They were pants in storyline and in characterisation. They made me unduly frustrated with their ignorance of the new canon. And the over sexualisation of Sally Mills was that kind of vomit-inducing “she’s a bamf b/c she wants to have sex with everyone” attitude that should have died with Jack Harkness.

However, they were occasionally funny (THREE PYJAMAS). The art was - occasionally - good. It kept us laughing (mostly at it) during the hiatus period. And there was backstory which inspired fanworks and ideas. If it was fanwork then it would be a proper treasure, just for the references to the original DGHDA alone.

But it wasn’t fanwork - it was licensed. And that made it dangerous. Dangerous because the woman lead was motivated by ~her unrequited love for the man main character~. Dangerous because the black man justified a seedy, sexual lifestyle because he had “man needs”. Dangerous because if anyone picked it up they would have 0 awareness of the awesome series that Max created.

I mean, if comic Ken was your only exposure to Ken, would you like him? Comic Todd? It’s just not OK to have authorised bastardisation like this, with so little care given that they couldn’t even spell the characters’ names right.

Yeah so… that’s my honest feeling. Conflicted.

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I'm a bit pissed at this recent viral story where a muslim dad showed support for his daughter taking off her hijab if she pleases. I mean yes that's awesome, but that's not the reality for a helluva lot of muslims. The left needs to be able to understand that there are different types of Islam, and no they're not all peaceful. My friend is an ex-muslim and her father disowned her for taking off her hijab. This needs to be acknowledged as well. (no I am not advocating hate against muslims, btw)

This is true and it applies to all religions. No faith is a monolith.

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hi, just wanted to say thank you for all the fabulous printables that you've put in effort for all of us to use! I admire you a lot!

Thank you so so much! I’m just happy that a few hours out of my day can mean someone has an easier day, week or month because I could provide a printable! I think that is super awesome and makes me really proud :-) x

'You Don't Get Many Songs Like That': Liz Rose on Co-Writing Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' Chorus

One of Taylor Swift’s secret weapons in her early hit-making days was Nashville songwriting veteran Liz Rose, who co-wrote a number of Swift’s best and biggest early hits, including “Teardrops on My Guitar,” “White Horse” and “You Belong With Me.” The latter went all the way to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and established the country star as a major pop player. “It’s really fun to start a song, and you can just hand it to the room, and they all start singing it,” Rose tells Billboard of the enduring smash, whose explosive shout-along refrain we just named the 20th-best chorus of the entire 21st century. “You don’t get many songs like that.” After Swift wrote third album Speak Now entirely on her own, she and Rose only collaborated once more – on 2012’s Red highlight “All Too Well” – but the latter has remained an in-demand country and pop songwriter, even winning a Grammy in 2016 for her work on Little Big Town’s surprise crossover hit “Girl Crush.” Rose spoke to Billboard about her memories of co-penning (and later performing) one of Swift’s early signature hits. Q: Was the chorus the first part of the song that came together? A: We always started at the beginning. It just flowed out, honestly. She’s so fast. And Taylor kind of knew – she came in with [sings] “You’re on the phone with your girlfriend…” And it just kind of flowed into that chorus. Q: Are there individual strengths that you and Taylor have as co-songwriters, where you put your emphasis on one part and she does another? A: We were always back-and-forth. She comes in with the story and the melody – I truly believe that she heard the production in that song while we wrote it. And that song always amazes me, because when I do writers’ night and I try to play it, I always make the audience sing it – or I make girls get up to sing it. And that chorus – it’s impossible to sing! I don’t know how she did it. Well, I mean, she’s young and she has a great voice. But the high-reaching [parts of the chorus]… usually I just stop and let the audience sing it. I’m like, “Y’all take this, I can’t do it!” Q: Was there a part of the chorus that once it came together, you guys knew you were good to go? A: Oh, man, just the way it flowed so fast. And I loved the way that it was [only] half of the chorus the first time – have you noticed that? I just think that was so cool, the way we did that. Q: It does seem like something you guys did a number of times together – where the chorus does shift as the song goes on, and by the third chorus, there’s a key word or phrase that gets turned on its head a little. What do you think the power of doing that is? A: It makes you want to stay until the end of the song. And I think that it makes a song more personal. It does it in [Fearless single] “White Horse,” and it does it in “You Belong With Me.” It just makes the listener feel like the writer and the artist care about the song – that they’re like, “Okay, you’ve heard it, but wait a minute – ‘cause I want you know that this really affected me, I’m gonna dig the knife in just a little bit deeper.” We were never through writing a song until we were through writing a song. Until the last line. Q: I noticed listening to the song recently that it almost sounds like a ‘90s rock song, the way the verses explode into the chorus. Was that something you guys were intentionally going for, or just how it came together? A: I think it was there when we were writing it. We wrote it, like, the day before she cut it. And she, I believe, wanted to make sure she’d written everything she could write for the record before she finished cutting it. So I think she came in wanting to write an up-tempo [number], and came in with that story, wanting to write this really fun, fast, driving song. And you can hear it in the guitar, in the work tape. Q: Do you think this is the best chorus you and Taylor ever did together? A: Absolutely. When I go out and do it – when I don’t even have to sing it [Laughs] – it’s pretty awesome! There’s a lot of joy in it. It’s really fun to do live, it’s really fun to watch young girls to 50-year-old women get up and sing it. Q: Do you have a favorite chorus of the 21st century, or a song that comes to mind when think of a great 21st-century chorus? A: Oh, gosh. Well “Girl Crush,” of course. [Laughs.] But that I didn’t write? Taylor’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” I mean, that song is amazing. And [Florida Georgia Line’s] “Cruise.” Think about what “Cruise” did, with FGL. Just that it makes you want to sing it, whether you’re a fan of theirs or not, it doesn’t matter. That song, it had a big impact on country music. And “Mama’s Broken Heart,” Miranda [Lambert], that Kacey [Musgraves] wrote. There’s some great ones.

MysticMessImagines Valentines week as of now, + Q&A♡

AAA this seriously blew up!! Thank you so much for everyone that has joined this until now! Its amazing that so many people are willing to do this and I am so happy we can all spread the love and appreciate every single of our RFA members!! Thank you to everyone who has shared and posted support, it really does mean a lot to us!
Mod Krys is also back which is awesome! And some people have already started working for the week which is great!!

I’ve also noticed that quite a lot of people have had some inquires about this project, so here are some FAQ to get you started, hopefully this helps you!

When will the event take place?
It will take the second week of February, where Valentines takes place!
So from Mon, Feb 13 to Sun, Feb 18

What is this event about?
The MystMessImValentine Week is a special valentines week that is coordinated by us, every day we will have a character theme appreciation ranging from youngest to oldest:

Yoosung- Monday (Take a look at all the Yoosung here!)

Unknown- Tuesday

Seven- Wednesday

Zen- Thursday

Jaehee- Friday

Jumin- Saturday

V- Sunday

Sooo what are we going to do in each day?
Well, it’s your choice! You can do small headcannons, write scenarios/imagines, draw fanart of that certain character, do crappy valentine pun cards of each person, whatever suits you!!

Do I have to do this with every single character?
It is absolutely your choice whether or not to do all days! You can do all days, or the days with characters you most like, or even just one day with the character of your choice! We’re doing this to have fun and appreciate all these cinnamon rolls so we will not force you to do every single one! We understand that some of us might be busy or have other personal reasons or just rly want to do one character, so it’s your choice!

What do I do once I finish my part for the project?
Well, you also have a variety of choices! You can submit it to our page, tag us so that we can reblog it, message Dae @losttimememo for her to reblog/post it, anything you’re comfortable with. **however, it is important for you to tag your work as #MystMessImValentine!!! So that way everyone can see it!
It would also be amazing if you could place a link to our first post http://mysticmessimagines.tumblr.com/post/155655538415/rfa-valentines-appreciation-week-mystmessim-1000 so that we can spread it around haha

Is it alright to post any nsfw/gore/sensitive subjects?
It is completely fine! However I would suggest to add a cut to the post or give a brief warning beforehand for our younger audiences as well as people that might be uncomfortable with it c:

How will the contest at V day work out?
Oo this is important!! Any participant that has joined the project, unless stated that they don’t want to join, will be put in a raffle by the end of V day and be randomly chosen for a special valentines art price by Dae! The results will come in a few days later and we will message the winner! There might be possibly more winners in the future and more prices but none of it is confirmed as of now, the amazing guys at @mysticmiraclesimagine have offered to help us with an art gift as well (a cute icon)! So as of now we will have 2 possible winners! More details about the contest will probably be given later on.

If you guys have any other specific questions, please message Dae at @losttimememo or just hit us up at our ask box! We are all super excited and happy that some many people have already joined and we can’t wait until February! It would be completely amazing if you guys could share/reblog this as an update so that everyone knows what is going on!

Thank you so much everyone!!
-The Mods at MystMessImagines

Hypable Odette Interview Transcript

(There were a few places where I couldn’t understand what was said at all so…)

Q: Is this your first Comic-Con?

OA: This is not my first Comic-Con. I shot a move called The Unborn and that was years ago and that was my first time. It was so awesome. I feel like it’s just evolved and become this really enormous great thing. It’s so fun to be here.

Q: How about this character? What can you tell us about Reign?

OA: Reign. Well I can’t say much because, well number 1, I don’t want to get fired right away, I mean I just started. But what I can say is she is one of 5 world killers. She is bio-engineered in a lab from Krypton just like Kara and Clark but her motives are much different then any of the other villains that we’ve seen in Supergirl season 1 and 2. She’s not out to kill everybody. She’s not out to rule the earth like other villains have. She has a very specific agenda and her story is really quite heartbreaking, it will be at least so that’s the spoiler ill tell. Not really a spoiler but…

Q: What about her makes her a worthy opponent for Supergirl?

OA: I think, and I hope I’m not speaking out of terms when I say this but I think they have very similar powers so in that way I think that- and also she’s one of 5 world killers, she’s going to be, I think, Kara’s greatest match so far.

Q: Is it fun to play the villain?

OA: It’s always fun to play the bad girl. Absolutely. Yes.

Q: Do you have a cool costume?

QA: I can’t say much about my costume but I will say its pretty kick-ass from what I know. I haven’t seen it. Yet. But its going to be really really special.

Q: How much have you dipped into the comics and creating the character for yourself?

OA: Yeah. I watched- I’m almost finished with season 1. I have a baby, I have a 2 year old so that sort of takes up most of my time and I have to prioritize and when I put her down I’m ready to go to bed so.. I’m in Vancouver right now diving into Supergirl not only the TV show but everything that surrounds it which is fun because its not, you know- I mean, I’m a fan of the genre but I don’t know much about it.

Q: Your husband was in brothers and sisters with Greg Berlanti and he very much creates a family. Is that something that has made this experience more special? Is there a chance of your husband being on the show at some point?

OA: Oh my gosh. I don’t know. That would be awesome.

Q: Who should he play?

OA: He should kill my character. That would be awesome. Actually I should kill him. that would work better. No, Greg really does create a sense of family and you know I worked on Brothers and Sisters for 5 episodes, Dave and I were about to get married and they brought in a new character for Justin to play and they asked me if I would do it and that’s just a testament to Greg and how he likes to keep it in the family and you know working on this show now is really special because it feels like its conventional and to be given this opportunity is - I feel really grateful. These guys here are so amazing. You can tell that they are a very tight knit group and they’ve welcomed me right away. its going to be a fun season and I thing its going to be much different than what we’ve seen so far in Supergirl in a great way.


From Brooklyn Steel 4/17/2017

My fourth time seeing these guys & it blew me away. The Whole She-Bang session and q&a was awesome - I was even selected to ask a question (a dumb, nerdy one) but Colin liked my Morrissey shirt! I got to be right up to the rail and right in front of Colin for the show and it was beyond words. Something I’ll surely never forget.

These are my favorite shots. I’ve got a few good videos as well. It was a time. I love them so much and they mean so much to me. The past 11 years of my life would not be the same without these people.

alecsexual  asked:

Friendly reminder that you're awesome and such an adorable cutie! ;;u;; Also, Baekyeol/Kaisoo are my OTPs to the max. I'd love to be your friend /shies away/ unless you don't want to be friends with me, haha. It's all cool! Also, just wondering if you have AFF?? Or do you post fics?? Any hella good recommendations? (I'm sorry pls ignore me you must have a billion asks already oopS) ;;; (p.s. I love your blog and the level-headedness of your replies!)

BaekYeol/KaiSoo fic Recommendations

(Read my reply to your message below the fanfic recs! :D) Before I start recommending stuff I’m going to answer you first with a no. No, I do not post fanfics lol. I want to, but after I write a chapter or two I lose all motivation to write any more. So basically, writing fanfics isn’t my forte lol.

Okay, so since you’re a BaekYeol/KaiSoo shipper, I’m guessing you already know the classics. In case you missed some, I’m just going to list them down again (since all the classics are breathtaking) ^^

[Legend: +Chaptered; -One-shot; ^Two/Three-Shot]

BaekYeol/KaiSoo classics:

The links I provided for “Anterograde Tomorrow” and “Absolute Chanyeol” is not where it’s originally posted. The original links of those stories are not accessible as of now, so the links I provided are where you can read them ^^ (i hope I won’t get sued for this or sumthing lol) and to read fics by: “jumpthisship”, you need to create a livejournal acc and join her community (she accepts anyone so don’t be lazy!) :D

Oh and, if I forgot any other classics, don’t hesitate to tell me. My mind got a little rusty since I accidentally deleted everything I wrote to answer this ask T__T

Since the fics I listed above are classics, I’m not going to give my opinions abt them. Instead, I’m just going to go on and list my personal favorites. So I’m sorry if some of these might not be of your liking, since they are my faves after all lol. But imo, the fics I’m going to be listing down are all worth the read, so here I go~

Personal Favorites <3 (From lowest to highest. Meaning, the last fic in this list is the best for me)

-CEO SOO IS DA BOMB. Lel, I mean…the Kyungsoo who fans cal “Satansoo” is def CEO DO in this fic xD I love how he’s all strict and all here even though he’s squishy af xD And I also love the slightly stupid Jongin here lel, but I just love tsundere Kyungsoo here xD Oh but beware, there’s also melodrama in here so it’s not just all giggles and that.

-This is just me, and my love for well-written smut. I hate reading smuts that seem…forced or unreal, or just anything cringe worthy actually (how the hell am I one to talk I’m young af). But anyways! Haha, policeman Yeol is hot af so…hehe if you’re searching for smut then read this xD

-THIS IS SO FLUFFY!!!! GAHH BAEK IS SO FCKING CUTE. KYUNGSOO, JONGIN AND CHANYEOL IS SO FCKING FUNNY AND EVERYTHING’S JUST FCKIN’. Loljk no. But really, this fic is extremely fluffy and heart fluttering <3 hihi it’s just squeal and giggle worthy bc Baek is so demn cute. Ugh, there’s no reason to not read this! >u<

-This fic has one of the simplest plots ever. But what can I say, simplicity is beauty. Such a simple story being told in expressive words and sentences, and the way Jongin and Kyungsoo’s relationship progress is just…wow. A very good read :)

-Again this is just me, and my love for well-written smuts hahaha. This fic has made me go whoo~ in more times than I could remember. But maybe it’s just bc I have a thing for dominance and submissiveness in smuts? Idk shame me now hahaha. Again, if you’re in search of good smut fics, read this XD

-I just read this actually hahaha. And I found it funny bc I can seriously imagine Baekhyun and Chanyeol acting like this. And then Jongin, Kyungsoo and the rest are just there getting completely annoyed bc of them. Just…very funny hahaha, read it for laughs, come on. Lift up your mood! ^o^

-This is long, so after reading it…It’s a damn rollercoaster of emotions. You’d feel all giggly, then you’d feel sad, then you’d feel giggly, then you’d feel all hot, then you’d feel all frustrated af. For a ride of different feels, read this fic! 

-Well, it’s….love. wtf? No, I mean…you’ll feel what the characters are going through. Like, you’ll get immersed into their world. Another ride of feels with a dramatic start and a splendid finish. A very good read :)

-This gives an outlook on life. Well maybe it’s bc it’s based on a vid, but still. This fic was as great as the vid it was based on. This fic is going to teach you to not judge anything by basing solely on it’s outer appearance and what other people claim to “know” about it. This is a great read not just for it’s feels, but for it’s moral lesson :)

-Lol, this is me and my love for well-written smut. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see tsundere Baek getting pwned and…well, you know what I mean haha. This is cute in it’s own way too!! (for me at least) And it has a sequel *Q* But I’m not going to post the link bc there’s only like…only 2 chapters and it’s still ongoing. And I wouldn’t wanna leave you guys hanging (although I’m pretty sure you’re going to be reading the sequel anyways).

-This is awesome and awesome and awesome!!! GAHH, it’s literally a “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” (this is an anime series which can kill you with laughter btw) minus the crack and with the characters falling in love with each other <3 This is super cute and adorbs! And it can also happen in the daily lives of some people so it’s very fun to read ^^

-mpreg! Okay, I’m still young and I know I shouldn’t be having good thoughts abt teen pregnancy, but I can’t help but find Kyungsoo’s pregnancy here as a cute thing. I’ve no plans for being a party goer (my parents would kill me first anyways lol) and I don’t want to be pregnant at such a young age…but I think. That teen moms are people who should be given an award. Not because they got knocked up at such a young age, but bc they chose to give life to somebody. They’re waay better than those teens who you think are good girls, but then you’re gonna find out sooner or later that they had an abortion, just bc they can’t face the responsibilities and consequences of their actions. This is another fic woth a good moral lesson. From the same author too, jjokkomi seems to be awesome at this genre xD

-THIS IS SO CUTE AND CUTE AND ADORABLE. To the highest level!!! Crazy Kyungsoo is the cutest evurr!! OMG!! KYAAAAHHHH!!! I’m sorry, it’s just that I squealed too much for my own good while reading this fic. Hahaha, kei-senpai (I’m feeling giggly by addressing her that >u<) is amazeballs in fluff! <3

-This is a little heartbreaking honestly. But overall it was beautiful <3 You’re going to fall in love with Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s relationship here, it’s just sooo…/sighs dreamily/. I swear kei-senpai takes my breath away with almost every fic she wrote.

-$w4g93r Baek in the house yo! HAHAHA! Baek was so epic in this fic! This fcker is so funny and cute and just…hahaha fic. I swear, kei-senpai is too good at writing fanfics that it’s becoming scary. Lol whoo this is the 3rd of my favorites!! SO THIS IS A MUST READ ALREADY. Now on to the 2nd~

-Bc as you can see, I’m not that fond of angst. I have a weak heart I guess. I don’t cry that easily but once a fic has struck my heart, I get emotionally unstable for some days lol. SO HENCE, I LOVE THIS HILARIOUS AF FIC. This has got me rolling on my bed and holding my stomach bc of too much laughter xD Otaku KrisHo, awkward KaiSoo and just..HAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CRACK FICS EVER, SO JUST GO AND READ IT. IDC IF YOU’RE IN A BAD MOOD OR NOT, THIS WILL DEF MAKE YOUR MOOD A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER XD. Oh and, kaspian writes sooo many amazing KaiSoo fics. If you’re KaiSoo deprived then just go “here” then indulge yoursleves ^^ (almost everything’s rated so…read at your own risk? lol)

Aaaand the top 1 is….

  1. +“Not Intended” -EXObubz [BaekYeol; romance, comedy]

-BECAUSE FARA (EXObubz) IS ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY. NI Baek is my favorite Baek amongst all the fanfics I have ever read. Baekhyun’s personality in this fic is just so…LOL. Literally, LOL. He’s funny af, but there are also lots of other qualities abt him that you’re bound to love <3  And his relationship with Chanyeol in this book? OH GAWD WOW, it’s so cute and funny but just…READ IT NOW OMG. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS THEN YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. LOL. READ IT. OKAY? OKAY. And also the other characters in this fic is funny. Just everyone in this fic is hahaha. But what’s amazing is that you can still distinguish one character from the other based on their personalities, despite all of them being funny. So I guess the characters are different kinds of funny? Haha, maybe Kyungsoo is occasionally funny, Sehun is unintentionally funny, Kris is annoyingly funny, just read this and fall in love. Not just with the story, but also with it’s characters :”)

So that was my fanfic recs! Now on to my reply to your tearjerking wonderful message <3


I actually didn’t know how to respond to your message because…wow. I’m staring at my screen while thinking…whut? someone thinks I’m an adorable cutie? wtf? U for real?

Okay I’m sorry it’s just because…I’ve never read such flattering words in my life so I didn’t know how to properly react so hahaha sorry for my crappy reply. Just…THANK YOU SO MUCH OKAY? KNOW THAT I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU BC OF YOUR KIND WORDS TT___TT

You’re ultimate OTP is BaekYeol/KaiSoo too? YESSSS!! OMG c’mere and let me hug you! (/TwT)/ /sends virtual hug/

Dafuq do you mean I might not want to be your friend? I’d be damned if I ever though of not befriending such a sweetheart like you ; A ; So yes, we’re friends now darling, go ahead and ask me all you want, I will never mind. I love answering questions <3 You actually read my answers? AND YOU EVEN THINK I’M LEVEL HEADED. well I’m not okay, I’m literally flailing around rn GAWD THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME TTwTT

PS. Sorry if this was a little delayed, like I mentioned, I accidentally deleted everything I wrote so…just imagine the pain of having to rewrite everything above. Gahh, and there’s school too. So sorry darling, my answer also became a full-blown fanfic rec post.. I hope you’re fine with that XD

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Hi! I was hoping to ask about the romcom challenge, I don’t mean this to sound negative, I am excited for the sharing of ideas/generating awesome new content/encouraging each other along the way! So my Q is, what is the reasoning behind the min 5k rule? In a gift exchange, I’d understand if it was to make sure everyone receives a gift of equal effort, but as a story written for everyone, why the exclusion? I don’t think shorter fics would take any well-deserved credit away from longer works...?

Hello anon! 

I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I appreciate you being really polite about your query. 

There were several reasons that the word minimum was instituted:

  1. While this isn’t an exchange, this is meant to function more like a big bang, to promote longer and more intricate works by the fandom. Anyone is always welcome to write their own AUs and make them as short as they like outside of the challenge. This was meant to encourage a different style of works. 
  2. Movie plots are fairly intricate and involve a lot of events. In order to really get a feel for that AU and the plot, I felt that establishing that word minimum would make sure that this happened. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to follow the movie point by point, and can definitely run with your own inspiration (change setting, role swap, etc.). Still, I thought that 5k was a good ballpark number to have this happen. 

That said, if you end up writing 4k words that really captures the movie, I wouldn’t stop you from participating or anything of the sort. The word minimum is meant to set “the challenge” and the guidelines for the event and the types of works it’s meant to encourage. I ran this event last year for another fandom, and the word count worked out really nicely, which is why I kept it for this one as well.

I hope that this answers your question! And if you have any follow up issues, feel free to come back to me and we’ll discuss them. This event isn’t intended to be exclusionary, so I would be happy to address your personal concerns. Thanks!

Sonata in the Key of T(rollando)

Network Executive: We think you’re perfect for this role Orlando. We’re ready to make an offer.

Tro: That’s awesome. I’m sure my team will be in touch with your business affairs guys to work out all the deal points.

Network Executive: Oh yeah. Totally. Just one thing though…

Tro: What’s up?

Network Executive: The whole… social media thing.

Tro: How do you mean?

Network Executive: It’s just… we totally love how you engage with fans. We’d just need you to do… less.

Tro: Less what?

Network Executive: Like, you should absolutely live tweet with the fans and do fun Q&A’s and stuff.

Tro: Um…OK.

Network Executive: But maybe, I don’t know… less direct criticism at the showrunners and writers.

Tro: When have I ever personally criticized a showrunner?

Network Executive: On your last show.

Tro: Can you give me an example?


Network Executive: There’s just some concern that you’re a bit aggressive in calling out the show?

Tro: I see.

Network Executive. We love what you do though. It’s very clever. It’s just that there are a lot of politics involved.

Tro: Let me make sure I’m hearing you. If I’m on the show, and the writers are doing something that’s actively hurting the show, and ignoring the fans, I should just… do nothing?

Network Executive: It’s not the right forum. People take it personally. I mean… do you want to be a media critic or an actor?

Tro: (ignoring the last question) But you want me to live tweet?

Network Executive: If you could that would be amazing.

Tro: Are you paying me for that?

Network Executive: (confused) That’s not really our policy.

Tro: Cool. Totally get it.

Network Executive: Thanks man. We really appreciate your understanding.

Never gets a call back. Reads in Variety that the part was offered to someone else.

Q&A meme thing

tagged by @cienie-isengardu​ (btw awesome questions, cienie!)

1. Your own Original Character(s) you like the most? 

Out of the already introduced ones I like Nathan a lot. Nathan is open-minded, kind and well-meaning, but he has killed to protect others and he wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. Almost no one alive is aware of just how deadly the guy can be. On the very few occasions when Belgar was killed and left him to fight alone Nathan meticulously murdered every single beastrider present. It was in the days before the Swarm got their own reincarnation system, so no one lived to tell the tale, and Nathan doesn’t brag.

Since his retirement most people have grown to see Nathan as this mild-mannered goody two shoes and a softie. Little do they know.

2. How do you feel about Darth Vader?

Darth Vader is iconic. You cannot have Star Wars without Vader. I watched the old movies a lot as a kid and I always thought he was a very cool antagonist. The moment when his helmet was removed before he died was very powerful to me as a kid, it probably contributed to the love for tragic villains that I have to this day.

3. Are you night owl or early bird?

I’m a pigeon, meaning I function best when getting up not too early and not too late. But I have insomnia, so it doesn’t always work.

4. Tell me something about your favorite female characters! Who are they?

I did a lot of thinking about it recently, and I’ve found that 90% of the time my favorite ladies are usually those that could have been men and been basically the same: old-school Lara Croft, Toph, Azula, GLaDOS, Demona, Lina Inverse.

My conclusion is that I don’t care for traditional feminine qualities in fictional women: gentleness, sensitivity, sweetness, compassion, tolerance, nurturance, passivity. The fictional women I like best are aggressive, ambitious, driven and pro-active, and usually humorous. I also like the occasional femme fatale.

The closest to a more traditional idea of a woman I ever liked is Nynaeve from the Wheel of Time. She’s an obnoxious, bossy, demanding, controlling, passionate chick with a strong sense of self-worth. She starts as a ‘wise woman’ of her village and rises to a global power while snatching the local Aragorn as husband on the way, all the time sassing everyone off and pushing everyone around. She isn’t a warrior, but why would she need to be one when she can verbally bully any nearby man into doing her bidding. Ain’t she a peach? XD

5. Do you have story (or any other creative project) you wish to publish one day?

I have too many. XD Together with Luffik we plan to self-publish at least two series of novels. Plus our video game, Eyes of the Swarm. I also have a personal literary project that I am slowly poking at in between.

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Its been a moment since VidCon and I was able reflect on the experience and answer some Q’s about what VidCon means to me.

Also shared some pretty awesome life updates!!!

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I also recall watching a vid where arin was going like (talking about metal gear awesome or something) "YEAH I SAID THE N WORD IN THAT, SO WHAT I DONT GIVE A SHIT" or whatevs (tho i dont recall what series he said that in) meaning he acknowledged saying it but he doesnt even feel bad for it or regret it lmfao..........

also if memory serves i remember him say the q slur super casually like as a substitute for “lgbt”. idk why straight ppl cant grasp that its still a hurtful word that wasnt Universally reclaimed….. i used to be a gg fan too some years ago but their “jokes” really got to be just too much. honestly i think they actually got worse as years went by
(I’m assuming these were sent by the same anon)

To be Real the game grumps fandom loves to pretend that shit god better when Dan joined but tbh it got worse because Dan is this “attractive cool dude” that sings about using women as sex toys but because he’s so nice it’s okay!!!!

Like, Jon is a terrible person and even going back to Jon era episodes during my (very recently ended) gg phase would rot me to my core but Jon never excused his blatant racism y'know? Jon wouldn’t spend an entire epsiode going “oh I’m so sorry and I love you guys wahwahwah kiss my poor white guy feelings uwu”

Also Arin. I think what people fail to see is that Arin started out as friends with Jon. Like he was actively okay with running a show with a fuckin white supremacist and ARIN KNEW THAT!!!! That wasn’t a development in recent years this has always been Jon!!!!! And Arin has known that!! Arin is just the same as him!!

Arin just has a cute “oh I love pink ”“girly”“ shit and I am okay with saying that I’m attracted to men even though I’m straight which makes me so progressive and excuses all the racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic shit that I say uwu!!”

And for some reason people will excuse that shit!!!! I gotta give em credit, those two white boys know how to pretend to kiss y'alls ass!!!! (not @ you anon) but some of y'all need to learn that just because someone is “"nice”“ doesn’t mean they can’t be a raging fuckin piece of shit !! Thank you and have a good night!!!

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