i mean the longer you look the better it gets

Fire can be use for more than just heat.

This came from my annoyance at Red in the original post. I mean really? It took years for alien S/O to come clean to Sans in the classic uni; it would take much longer for them to come clean in Red’s horror of a uni! And then I had UF Grillby pop up and go “Fuck Sans, this little one is my Phoenix.” So here you go, Grilby gets to hold Sans’ tab over him and our little Alien S/O gets a better ending.

“Ambassador? Your six o'clock is here.” The human that stood at the door to your office looked nervous. Considering just who your six o'clock was, it was no surprise that she seemed stressed. Even if it was just the older of the two skeleton brothers, Sans could be very intimidating. More so after the two wars that had followed shortly after the monsters had gained their freedom. One against the humans that weakened both sides and the second against the combined Might of the intergalactic council.

The second didn’t last long. There was no way the council was going to allow all that negative magic off the planet. At least here the twisted magic could be contained and slowly de-tangled. After all, the corrupted magic that had been the time loops hadn’t just effected those under the mountain.

“Show them in then go get dinner for yourself. I might be awhile. I’ll call you when I’m done.” She nodded, hurrying from the room for a moment before escorting not one but two Skeleton’s into the office. Once done, she quickly turned around and nearly fled the room; closing the door behind her. You frowned, setting down the document you’d been reading. Of course the Edgelord himself would come with his brother.

“I must admit, I am rather surprised you both actually showed up.” Sans, half a step behind his brother, flinched. He was sweating, fat red droplets appearing on his skull. Good, you were still very sour over how the whole thing had ended. Breaking up with you had hurt but you got over it eventually.

It was the fact that he left you in Grillby’s bar after a very publicly ending it. He had wanted everyone to know he wasn’t connected to you anymore. Basically he had done the equivalent of tossing chum into the sea then shoving you in after the sharks  showed up. And he knew it.

 “Captain, I’m glad you came. Mother dropped off a few more details for next months state dinner.” You start to lean back for the folder your mother had dropped off hours ago when Papyrus stiffens and glares at you.

“YOU SAID YOU WISHED TO SPEAK WITH SANS!!!” His tone is sharp and he’s uneasy around you. Since the break up the two of you hadn’t spoken the way you had once. After the Barrier was brought down the tension between you two had just gotten worse.

“I actually don’t have anything to say to Sans. He, on the other hand, does.” You nodded to one of the couches in your office. Both skeletons looked at the couch carefully. You were perhaps a little to pleased when Sans paled and stood a little straighter. Grillby just sat there; a picture of poised elegance. He locked eyes with Sans unerringly, leaning forward a little when shorter skeleton started to look at you.


“You do not have the right to call my Phoenix that,” Grillby hissed out low and quiet. Papyrus took half a step forward and materialized a bone in warning. You cleared your throat before this could get any worse.

“I will remind you gentlemen that my office is a no contact zone.” You walk around the front of your desk, seeking out the folder you had originally spoken of. Papyrus shifted to watch you while still standing between the other two monsters. Grillby didn’t speak again and Sans seemed unwilling to try to speak to you again. Once you had the folder you returned to the front of your desk; ignoring the rather intense staring contest in favor of giving Papyrus the folder.

“Mother knows your preference for perfection Captain so she wanted to make sure you had this with time to spare.” You held out the folder while ignoring the very visibly sharp bone Papyrus was holding. He looked at you for a long moment before taking it, frowning at you. Sans and Grillby were still just staring at each other. While it was a tense situation it was no where near the weirdest that had happened in your office.

“You have a week to pay off your tab, Sans.” Sans twitched when Grillby spoke again. It was only due to years of being in the underground that kept him from full on jerking. He finally broke eye contact with the bartender to look at you. You just snorted at him, looking away.

“Did you really think I was going to pay for your meal after what you did? I was a little more focused on keeping all my would be rapists away.” Your words were sharp as you spoke and this time Sans did jerk. Papyrus aimed a glare at his brother and you didn’t eve feel an iota of remorse.

“right. a week…” You waved them both towards the door after that, suddenly just done with all this. The two left, Papyrus starting to rant at his brother once out of your office. You could hear him all the way to the elevator. Even after the door closed behind them.

Two very warm arms wrapped around you from behind after a moment. Grillby nuzzled into your neck, carefully turning up the heat to get you to relax a little. You sighed, leaning back against him for a quiet moment. He gave a pleased hum, holding you tighter.

“Are you going to stop mopping around my office now?” You ask him quietly, teasing.

“I do not mope.” Grillby nipped at your neck in reprimand, pulling you closer. He held you tightly. “I think you do need to pay for such a slander against my character.”

You snorted, turning a little to look at him. His eyes smoldered in a very familiar way. Well, you had already sent off your assistant for dinner. Might as well take a stolen moment for yourselves.

(Hums “Happy Birthday” to herself as she posts this)

Think of these as little Extras.

Izumi and Sig no longer fuse with one another as it could severely damage Izumi’s health, but they don’t mind, it just means they get to spend more time with each other.

However even if Roy and Edward’s imaginated fusion were true, I don’t think that would have stopped Izumi and Sig from fusing when they were younger, they love each other too much to give a shit what they look like! lol

The exec sous was watching me do bread and she was like ‘yo do you measure every single one?’ And I’m like 'yeah well I mean I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on how good the bread is now that I’m on the station and I think it’s cause I’m the only one who actually measures it, like yeah it’s an extra step but I mean if it means I get a better product and a better yield it’s kinda worth it’

And she just looks and me and goes 'and you’re still way faster than the older bread guys so like, keep it up dude’

Like ahhhh yes dude I am no longer the bread king I am the bread GOD

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Truth or truth for Yamazaki: Is there a particular Shinsengumi captain you would like to get to know better as a person? If so, which and why?

Yamazaki frowns. “No,” he responds. “The less personal my relationships with the captains are, the better. My work requires a level head and an unbiased attitude, which means that I can’t afford to make either friends or enemies lest my outlook on my missions be clouded.” He sighs, as though this explanation is merely something he has recited often, and no longer carries the same weight or meaning it once did; in fact, he looks almost sad. “Besides, the captains are my superiors, so I must keep a respectful distance. If any of them—with the possible exception of Okita-san—were to approach me, I may spend enough time with them that I could develop some sort of friendship… but I could never approach them first.”

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What do you mean 'give it time'? I thought u see results quickly when you diet

People jump from diet to diet so much.  You’ll never see results from a program if you do RT4 for a month, then paleo, then raw, and so on and so forth. 

RT4 isn’t a typical “diet”…the LONGER you do it the better results you get.  You probably won’t start seeing the results you desire until 2 years into it, but you gotta actually DO it for one, and stick with it.  Look at all the long-termers getting hella legit results.  It works!

What we want is a lifestyle…something that is sustainable for the long haul.  A “diet” mentality won’t last very long.  Soon you’ll go off the diet, and binge, and regain all the weight you lost and more, and get into worser health.  But if we create easy to sustain eating habits and exercise habits then we got a recipe for success, for life.  

I decided to combine some of the advice I’ve given in the /artvice tag on my blog in one post.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone walks a different path in a different pace. Maybe that person you look up to is a quick learner OR they’ve been practicing way longer than you have. And everyone has their own specialty. Maybe that one guy has amazing concepts for his work, and you don’t, but you’re good at conveying a certain atmosphere. Doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

  • It’s important to draw as much as you can, the more you do the better you get. Even if you’re unhappy with what you create. Not doing anything won’t get you any further. BUT…

  • Do not pressure yourself! Not everything you draw has to be great or meaningful. If you don’t feel like drawing it’s OK not to. Or you can get that idea of “everything has to be meaningful” out of your head and just draw whatever you feel like. Your houseplant. An old photograph, etc.

  • Draw stuff for yourself, draw what makes you happy. Don’t draw stuff because it’s popular or because it’s what other people like (unless you get paid for it of course). Art is about self-expression most of the times, it’s a great outlet so don’t let that be influenced by other people.

  • Remember that looking at the real world and photo references is a great way to learn. How can you ever learn how to draw an ear if you’ve never properly looked at a real ear? And it’s OK to stay dependent of references. Some people are better at memorising everything, others aren’t. 

  • Your own art style isn’t something that just falls out the sky at once. It’s a matter of years of drawing and development, and probably a progress that will never stop. 

  • Don’t forget the great things you’ve already made when you feel like everything you’re drawing at this moment sucks.

  • If you get an art block you could change medium, go from pencil to ink for example. Draw something you usually won’t draw. Give yourself odd drawing-assignments to challenge yourself.

  • Be patient. We all start with drawings that are obviously not good at all.. and that’s logical. No one starts with full knowledge of a certain skill. 

  • Don’t wait for inspiration to come, it’s best to keep looking for anything that could inspire you. Draw. Who knows what kind of ideas that random shadow-y scribble you did will give you.

  • Art is ups and downs, practice practice practice, and not giving up!

This is all I can think of atm.

Here’s also a small post I wrote on inspiration


“I will leave the Sanctuary.” You say to David and Emily.
“What? You can’t. Negan will freak out.” Emily says in shock and David nods in agreement. “You remember what happened to Dwight?”
“I know, but his stupid rules. I can not take it any longer. I-we deserve better.” You mumble and they say nothing, knowing that you’re right.

“Bella, can we talk?” Negan asks, his eyes full of anger and you swallow hard.
“Sure.” You simply say.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He hisses and you roll your eyes. “Don’t fucking roll your eyes at me.”
“I don’t know what you mean.” You answer, smile slightly at him.
You’re afraid that he’ll find out that you plan to go.
“Is this a fucking women thing?” His gaze getting softer as you nod and for a moment he looks relieved.
“Everything will be alright.” You stroke over his arms.
Both of you going through the Sanctuary while he tells you about his new plan until you suddenly hear groans and moans out of one of the rooms.
“Negan, no!” You scream but it was too late, he already opened the door.
“THE FUCK?” He yells as he looks at Emily and David.
You always told them that they have to be careful, because Emily is one of Negan’s wives.
“Shit.” You mumble as Negan grabs David and throws him against the wall. You grab Negan’s arm before he could punsh David in the face.
“Negan, no!” You shout, but he ignores you, trying to get free from your grip.
“They know the fucking rules.” He growls and pushes you away. Emily gasps in shock as you can hear how David’s nose breaks.
“Emily, go!” You say and tackle Negan on the floor. “Go.” David nods, taking his clothes and disappears with Emily.
“You shouldn’t have done this.” Negan slowly stands up and grabs your throat. “Do you have a fucking death wish?”
“No, but I want to leave the Sanctuary.” You say out of breath and his grip becomes loose.
“Why?” He hisses, but you don’t answer. “Tell me fucking why.”
“You don’t see it, don’t you?” You take his hand from your throat. “We do everything you want. We follow you without asking. And we get nothing for it. Sure we survived and I’m impressed how you keep us alive, but that’s all? A little room and risking our life every day without a day of freedom? I don’t want to live like this anymore. It´s better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.”
Negan looks at you for a few seconds before he sighs.
“What do you want?” He asks and you can see that your words touched something in him.
“Let Emily and David alone and I will stay.”
His jaw clenched and he looks you straight in the eyes, you don’t know what happen next if he’ll kill you or agree.
“Good.” He tugs your hair and whispers in your ear. “But just because you are my fucking favorite.”

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Hi! I was able to get a full-time job recently (yay!), and it's my first job at that (double yay!), but aside from staying with it for a while to get some job experience, how long should i wait before updating everything (or at least relevant things)? Like my resume, or linkedin, to be specific. I wanted to do it all the first day, but I'm not sure what's appropriate.

Update everything right now while you still have all the helpful things in front of you like the job posting and job description. You can use those to create a list of your duties that you can update later if you get more or if your job description changes. The longer you wait, the harder it is to write these because everything because second nature to you.

Updating your information does not mean you are looking for a job, but it will help you be better prepared when you are ready to look. Additionally, with the exception of your LinkedIn, no one will see these documents and no one will know that you’re planning your next career move. Your LinkedIn is an entirely different matter in which your employer will be happy if you update it right away, because it reflects the work you’re doing for their company.