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I love your post about Gemma.I mean,she seems like a very nice girl.I'm sorry if she has difficulties with the fandom but your brother is very famous.I don't think the posts about he and his bandmate are the worst thing you see on sm,even Louis blocks people who talks shit about H.I've seen people writing horrible things.She has saying anything about it.Not even when Nora' friend wrote on IG about a very disturbing and sexual comment(Harry finge** him)or when Bellassai writes about H'ass.

yes, that’s why i think she is struggling to navigate the fandom. she is in contact with those people, knows them personally, can have a conversation about her concerns, gauge their sense of humour, decide if she can/wants to separate certain things. and come to a decision that we may or may not agree with. but what i think is important for her to remember is that The Fandom isn’t this huge elusive entity. her words have an impact and while some of the comments that prompt a reaction aren’t from the smart, funny, respectful part of the fandom they hit the smart, funny, respectful part just as hard.

I see a lot of really nice posts about feminine trans boys, and I want to make one for tomboyish trans girls:

masculine trans girls are as beautiful as they want to be.
beauty isn’t everyone’s goal.
if cis girls are allowed to wear baseball caps and jerseys and jeans, so are trans girls.
short or buzzed hair doesn’t stop you from being a girl.
it’s cool to be a cis tomboy, which means it’s cool to be a trans tomboy.
anyone who says you’ve gotta be hyper-feminine to affirm your gender? they can go get fucked.
you don’t have to conform to gender roles.
you don’t have to be beautiful.
you are you, and you are a wonderful woman.

I did another animation of the girls haha

I always imagine Matilda like the person who’s always taking selfies and filming herself to see how beautiful she is but it’s very distracted and forgets to use the camera instead of the video

These characters belong to Eddsworld, I just own the art

Have a nice day!

- Bigi

I’m tired of seeing posts with girls who are super thin yet still have an hourglass shape
and big boobs with the caption, “body goals.” Like I get it, they look nice, but that’s a super specific body type/shape that most of us probably don’t/won’t have even at our most fit. You know what body goals are? Appreciating your body for what it can do in its current state. Knowing that if you put in more work your body will be capable of doing more. I mean I know that often times we want to look thin because of the images that the media is constantly shoving in our faces, but getting healthy means so much more than what we look like. It’s a feeling and it’s a mindset.

Lean and strong, the scale doesn’t mean a thing (don’t mind the bruising from cupping). I witness so many people focusing purely on the number on the scale, and that’s not what it’s about. It’s about treating yourself with respect and finding the right balance that allows you to function as the best possible version of yourself. I had a goal to reach 210lbs by the end of this month, as I want to compete in the 198 weight class, but one year later and I am still sitting at 232lbs. I could be frustrated, but how could I be upset when the physical progress is so apparent? I’ll keep grinding, and maybe I will lean out to 198. As long as I continue to get stronger, leaner, and healthier mentally/physically/emotionally, I am moving in the right direction and I cannot be anything but happy about that.

Because a Secret Santa isn’t good enough.

Greetings, fellow Gallagher Girls (and possibly some Blackthorne Boys)! That’s right. It’s that time of year again. If you remember this from the past three years, then you already know what this is. If not, then keep on reading!

If you would like to participate, here are the rules:

  • You don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice. :)
  • You must be a fan of the Gallagher Girls series (that doesn’t mean you have to have a fan blog like me; being a fan is just fine).
  • Have your ask box OPEN and allow ANONYMOUS messages. I will be checking!
  • REBLOG this post ONE TIME and only one time so that I know who is participating and that it will spread out to more people.
  • You must reblog this post before December 7, 2016 at 11:59pm PST. Anyone who reblogs after this time will not be allowed to participate. (This year, I have decided to set a specific deadline because I ran into a lot of problems in previous years trying to add people at the last minute, and I really don’t want to have to deal with that again. I apologize in advance, and I hope you all understand.)
  • You can like this post to bookmark it, or for your own personal enjoyment, but likes won’t count.
  • Lastly…DO NOT DELETE THE TEXT!!! This is all the information that everyone needs to know in order to participate. If you delete the text, I will find you, and you will be automatically disqualified. I am not kidding when I say this.

I will do this once this gets a decent amount of notes (20+). Otherwise, pretend that you never saw this post. 

Yes, everyone will have a Classified Santa, and everyone will get to be a Classified Santa (there’s a difference!). No one will be left behind (unless your ask box, fan mail, and/or messenger is closed/disabled, and then I will have no way of contacting you, which will be problematic and also unfortunate for you).

As a Classified Santa, your job is to anonymously message your assigned person at least once a day every day until Christmas. Send them nice messages asking them how their day was, what they plan to do during the holidays, their favorite book in the series, etc. Feel free to give them compliments or carry on a normal conversation, too! Then, on Christmas day (December 25th), you will reveal yourself! 

Hopefully, when this event is over, you will gain a new follower and have a new friend! Shout-out to Leah (@rebeccabaxter)​ and Shirley (@maceymchenrys​ / @lun-aria​)! Seeing your friendship on my dash always makes me happy. ^_^

What I’ll be doing: Going through all the notes and messaging people who they’ll be a Classified Santa for. This takes a really long time, so I thank you all in advance for your patience.

Additional important notes:

  • My primary way of messaging people who they’ll be a Classified Santa for will be via standard messaging (your ask box). If I message you via submission or the chat system, it’s because I’m on ask limit and I don’t want to keep you waiting. Just a heads up!
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  • Most importantly, have fun, be nice, and PLEASE don’t send hate! We want to maintain a happy and friendly environment for everyone. :) 

If you have any questions or concerns, just message me and I’ll be glad to answer as soon as I can.

Happy holidays, and happy reblogging! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

P. S. This is optional, but it would be awesome if you tagged your responses with #ggcs2016. 

I’d like to take a minute to break character.

Thank you so much to everyone that follows me and finds humor and joy in this blog. When I first started to gain followers, I felt bad. It seemed mean to poke fun at these guys who are so socially oblivious that they make the kinds of posts that I reblog and comment on. Then I realized that for every guy who has complained about being friendzoned, about girls taking “nice guys” for granted, about their waifus and how otaku they are, about how no one understands how deep and intellectual they are, there are ten girls out there who have been made to feel devalued, objectified, and belittled by those guys.

I stopped feeling bad.

I started this blog as a bit of a joke, knowing there were already a bunch of blogs out there that did pretty much the same thing. I hoped that my satirical commentary on neckbeardy posts would be funny to people, that my thinly-veiled disdain for these types of guys - disguised by this “king of the bronies” persona I’ve cultivated - would highlight how ridiculous they are and maybe make people rethink what they say to women they are supposedly interested in. I thought that maybe mixing humor with a socio-cultural message would be a good way to maybe make a difference, or at least brighten someone’s day with a chuckle or two.

950 of you seem to agree, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. May your fedoras always be tipped, and your neckbeards always euphoric.

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So I found out that a girl I like is trans I sort of guessed that she was because her name was too perfect and she was 5'11 but now I don't know how to feel and am questioning my sexuality again I'm terrified of dick because of past abuse but I like her but she just so happens to have a dick WHAT DOES IT MEAN

Hey! Just so you all know, I have asked in the past not to receive this question anymore. It’s okay if you haven’t seen that post, so this is me asking nicely to anyone who sees this one: please don’t send me this question anymore.

The reason I don’t want to get this question is because:

  1. It’s not my place to discuss other people’s genitals.
  2. It’s not your place to discuss other people’s genitals. The only time this should ever be discussed is with your partner, if you two are considering getting intimate. Even if you’re anonymous, unless you get their consent, it’s pretty disrespectful to talk about their junk (that they’re already probably dysphoric about) with a stranger online. You more than likely wouldn’t discuss a cis person’s genitals with a stranger. Please don’t treat us any differently.

That being said, I am going to answer this question, to the best of my ability, because there is an enormous amount of misinformation spreading around. 

I will be talking about penises in this, so if you are uncomfortable with that, do not read on.

I want to preface this by saying if you don’t believe you two will be sexually compatible (due to your past trauma or anything really), and sex is important to you in a relationship, do not pursue this relationship. It is just going to end badly for both parties involved. A trans person’s relationship with their genitals can be complicated. Some trans people are dysphoric about their genitals and wish to have bottom surgery. Some trans people are perfectly okay with their current junk and do not see it as “male” or “female”. 

Some trans men refer to their clitoris as their penis, and some trans women refer to their penis as their clitoris. This is because the two are made from the same tissue, and all penises start out as clitorises, and all clitorises are underdeveloped penises. Interestingly enough, when on hormones, a trans woman’s penis can shrink and act like a clitoris (does not get fully hard), and a trans man’s clitoris can grow and act like a penis (gets fully hard).

That didn’t have anything to do with your question, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re going to be intimate with a trans person. That being said, this is very general and not the case for every trans person, so it is important to discuss what your partner is and isn’t okay with before having sex with them. This is the case for both cis and trans people, anyway.

Now, consider this information and ask yourself if you are penis repulsed or simply repulsed by having sex with a man. If the earlier, you will either need to break it off, or have an honest conversation with this girl (that is of course if you BOTH reach the point where you want to become intimate. if not, please don’t bring up her junk to her. seriously.. don’t). If the latter, then congrats, you’re good to go because having sex with a trans woman is nothing like having sex with a man. It is having sex with a woman, because she is a woman. 

If you have any further questions on this, please discuss it with your partner. If you are not close enough with your partner to discuss this yet, it is none of your business anyway. Genitals are personal to each person, and everyone has the right to be private about theirs. Trans people are no different.

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yo so, as a fat girl who REALLY hates how she looks and is super self conscious of it... idk, thanks for the fem!Roadhog post, it was really nice to see??? idk how to articulate what I mean properly but yeah it's nice seeing people encourage that bc it makes me feel a little less eh about how I am

nothing to thank me for hun! it is a problem that needs to be addressed and tackled. it’s deeply rooted in our standards of beauty and how unreachable and unfairly set it is for women. and because of that it seeps into character design which is why we see such varying male body types in games and the majority of the female cast are all slim and identical. AND as a result of that we see artists take those various male body types and slim them down to that identical body type when doing this

and honestly it needs to fucking stop

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btw I do agree that the antis are trying to call out carries but these last few months since jay passing has become unbearable and I have friends on both sides who are nice but then choose to get in heated posts and its certainly difficult for a chill blog. as for amy - when i first found that she was a old er lady doing what she did I mean - its not about being mean - it;s about srsly worrying what the end game of a person like that may be

Sorry that Louis and his friends and family getting attacked constantly is “unbearable” for you because you don’t get quite as many fun gif posts on your dash, I guess? Like, this just sounds kinda shitty tbqh like. Sure, your friends who are larries may be nice but they are actively going about trying to ruin Louis’ life, attacking his son, and the girls in his life whether they make the post themselves or just believe it to be true. People calling out shitty behavior isn’t really ABOUT you. It’s about calling out the shitty behavior and trying to hold people responsible for what they say and do online. 

 flurry-of-dancing-buttcheeks replied to your post “Twewy Question”

imo Neku seems like a jerk but only until near the end of the game you learn he’s actually a really nice kid. he’s an awkward teen who doesnt want to die, c'mon.

Honestly my main argument is “That’s the point”

I mean complaining about Neku’s jerkiness is like complaining about the girl in Labyrinth being a whiny brat at the start of the movie. The point is they start off that way so they can be developed out of it. You’re not supposed to like/approve of their initial state. 

And honestly…besides the whole Shiki thing at the end of day 2 I don’t think Neku’s that bad. Yeah he’s jerky but a good portion of it is inner dialogue which…you can’t tell me everyone is an utter saint in their head

So, here’s an idea: for all those trolls who post those one off jokes like “guys listen i’m [insert ridiculous kintype here]kin” then tag it with “nah im kidding otherkin are gross” or whatever

Let’s give them an incredibly warm welcome to the community. Spam them with invites to skype groups and suggestions for forums. Ask them about their kintype. Submit a bunch of pictures like “Hey! I saw you were Betty White kin so I found this rlly nice screencap from the Golden Girls you would like!”

Nothing mean or hateful just. Overbearingly nice.

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Has Hannah been done yet? :D

nope! i feel like…i should know more hannahs…but the only one who comes to mind was a rly mean girl from our rival tennis team :/ we used to have lessons together but she was Awful. i don’t hold it against other hannahs, though!! you seem nice based on your emoticon usage ahaha.

link to the ask game i’m doing

So apparently a bunch of kawaii/pastel blogs are going on this anti-ddlg kick. While I agree that people shouldn’t sexualize their posts, I don’t think its fair to tirade against ALL ddlg blogs. For example, mine. I post a lot of pastel and pink things. I also post sfw ddlg posts. While I don’t know if mine is one of those they intend to block if they find, I don’t appreciate the mean posts that attack non sexual acts of ddlg. For example, one girl was attacking pacifiers. I don’t think its nice to attack us just because its not your personal taste.

I do think it is fair for them to want people not to reblog their posts and add sexual captions or for those wanna be daddy doms to send them messages. However, when you have a PUBLIC social media, especially tumblr, you have to expect anyone to share what you post. If you want to control how and what gets used by who, go to Facebook where you have to add friends and only they can use your stuff