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Warnings: Threesome, daddy!kink, breath play.

“If I were to mysteriously disappear, no warning or trace whatsoever, would I still be responsible for finals?” Jeonghan questions as he stares hopelessly at the pile of open books covering the table. “I mean, if they can’t find me can they reasonably expect me to continue in my academic endeavors?”

“Probably,” you shrug as you flip through your notes in search of that one particular line that seems to be avoiding you, “universities are relentless. I’m sure they’ll still be sending us those awful ‘what’s happening on campus this week’ emails long after we’ve died.”

A highlighter flies across the table and smacks you in the forehead. “I’m going to speed along that process if you both don’t shut up,” Jihoon growls as he drags his fingers through his hair, just a little too roughly. He fixes you with an accusing stare and huffs, “I have an Anth final in the morning and you promised to help. I want to get back to the studio sometime this year.”

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Writing #2


Sirius entered the dorm to find Remus asleep on his back, legs spread across the mattress. A sore sight. James was already asleep, slightly snoring, and Peter was curled into a ball in his own bed.
Sirius made his way to his trunk and changed into his pyjamas, went to brush his teeth, and then climbed under the covers with Moony.
“Hmm,” Remus murmured, his eyes slowly opening.
“Shhh, go back to bed, it’s just me,” Sirius answered, and then he turned on his side and draped an arm over Moony. Remus looked over and stared at Sirius for a few seconds before settling back down and closing his eyes, which had seemed full of sorrow.
“Hey…” Sirius started. “What’s going on?”
“I’m just tired.”
“Oh… sorry I woke you up.”
A few minutes passed and Remus’ breathing wasn’t slowing down, meaning he hadn’t fallen asleep.
“Are you okay? Did I do something?” Sirius couldn’t help but ask, propping himself up on his elbow, peering down at Moony’s face.
“I… I’m just… I don’t know.”
He was looking at Sirius in a strange way, slightly sad, slightly… confused.
“You’re not feeling good, I can tell. You can tell me anything. I know I always rant to you about my parents, you can let things out too, I really don’t mind.”
“I just… I don’t understand.”
“What don’t you understand?”
“Well… why me?”
Sirius was genuinely confused.
“What do you mean, ‘why me’?”
“I… I come with so many problems, and I’m much more trouble than I am fun… so why’d you pick me, of all people?”
There were a few seconds of silence while Sirius turned this over in his mind. Then he smiled.
“What are you talking about? The werewolf thing? I… I really don’t mind that, honestly, and none of it’s your fault, anyway. I… I like waiting for you to wake up in the hospital wing. I hold your hand… And I’ve always wanted to help you, haven’t I?”
“But why? Aren’t I just the shy kid?”
“No… no, you’re not, Remus! You’re… you’re… I don’t know, Moony, you just… I don’t know how to explain why I feel attracted to you, I just do! It’s your hair, and cute smile, and occasional freckle, and your laugh, and your shyness! It’s part of you and it’s attractive, I just… I have to say it.”
Sirius was blushing now; he had never really admitted this to Remus. Of course, he would compliment him all the time, but he had never outright explained that this was what turned him on, the reserved side of Moony that was actually just a façade for his snarkiness and smouldering smiles.
“It’s the intelligence, and the sarcasm, and the scars…”
At this, Sirius recieved an incredulous eyebrow.
“Yes! Your scars! I love them, they’re part of you, and I love every part of you, Remus, I really do, I really… You’re enough, Remus, you’re definitely enough, you’re so much to me…”
This was so personal, and Sirius felt so weird just putting himself out there for Remus. Sirius had always been scared of loving someone to the extreme, but this was what was happening right now. He had fallen hard for Remus in first year, REALLY hard, and he had kept it hidden for so long, but now that Remus was his boyfriend, he wanted to make him feel loved and accepted and appreciated and…
Remus was still looking at him with a sad smile, disbelieving.
“I wish I could prove to you that I mean everything I just said… I’m not lying to you, Remus, I would never lie to you like that. I would never get your hopes up. I love you, Moony, I love you…”
And he kissed Remus, slowly, surely. Sirius was the kind of person to put a lot of fiery passion behind every kiss, but this time it was gentle and loving. He turned over to put his knees either side of Remus and laid his hands on Moony’s shoulders, rubbing circles on his chest with his thumbs. Ths kiss continued, and Remus was really into it, moving to a certain rhythm, putting his hands around Sirius’ waist and pulling him closer. Sirius reached around to lay his forearms on the mattress beside Remus’ head, taking a breath and then going back for more, deepening the kiss; things were getting more heated. Suddenly Remus broke away.
“I… I do believe you love me, Pads. It’ll just take some time. I’m still not used to this.”
“It’s fine. I’ll love you when you’re ready to accept it, too.”
“Thanks,” Remus whispered in Sirius’ ear, then he pulled Padfoot even closer and grinded up against him. Sirius made a small noise and kissed Remus heartily on the mouth, taking his lower lip between his teeth. Remus was a master at control, he wasn’t making a single sound; Sirius thought he would make a good bottom, but (thankfully) that wasn’t how things were.
All of a sudden, Remus grabbed Sirius and flipped him around. He was now on top of Padfoot, a hungry look in his eyes. He looked at Sirius first, looking for confirmation, and Sirius nodded. Remus grabbed the bottom of Sirius’ shirt and pulled it over Padfoot’s head. As soon as the fabric lifted off his chest, it was replaced immediately by Remus’ mouth, his tongue dragging over Sirius’ collar bones. Sirius whimpered, and Remus lifted his head up.
“No no no please don’t stop,” Sirius begged, reaching his hand over to push Remus’ face back to his chest.
“Wait, I’m just getting my wand, you’re making a lot of noise and I don’t want to wake Peter and James up.”
Remus reached over to his bedside table and cast a silencing spell over the curtains around the bed, before immediately falling back onto Sirius and taking his nipples gently by the teeth. Sirius arched up and grabbed Remus’ hair, growling. Remus bobbed down to Sirius’ underwear, but before touching anything down there, he licked a stripe from Sirius’ belly button to his jaw. Sirius watched him, eyes dark, burning on the inside for more contact, until Remus got back to eye level and kissed him fiercely. Sirius could taste his own sweat. Remus pulled away and made his way back to Sirius’ boxers, and just fucking… waited.
Remus waited and watched Sirius as Sirius’ eyes widened. He had realized that Remus was just going to make him wait, for how long, he couldn’t tell. Sirius knew he couldn’t say anything, because Remus would just roll off of him and go to bed; in the beginning of their relationship, Remus started doing this, making Sirius think that he was going to keep going, and then stopping mid-action, staring at Sirius with a slightly evil look in his eyes. At first, Sirius had begged Remus to continue, not to let his cock untouched, but then Remus would just get up and go do something else, leaving Sirius alone and confused. It had taken a few times for Sirius to understand that he wasn’t supposed to talk; he was supposed to wait it out, for however long Remus decided to deny him any further action.
And that was what was happening now. Sirius was already growing restless, his eyes frantic. And Remus was just fucking grinning. Sirius clenched his jaw and closed his eyes, deciding to try to endure this, because he was feeling needy, but this was just Remus’ style.
It felt like an eternity before Remus started touching him again. Sirius immediately let out a sound of relief, and Remus brought a finger to Padfoot’s lips, shushing him.
“You are not allowed to make a sound. I want you to pretend that I didn’t cast that silencing spell and that any noise you make, no matter how small, would wake up the others.”
Sirius quickly nodded. He fucking hated when Remus did that, because he wanted to let him hear how much he enjoyed being controlled, but at the same time it was really fucking sexy, and it was all part of the game.
Remus brought his hands back down to Sirius’ underwear and grabbed the waistband, making sure to touch the least skin as possible, denying Sirius any contact. He slid the boxers down; Sirius’ cock was already rock hard. This was what Remus’ technique did: it made him imagine everything Remus could be doing to him. Moony’s mouth was in the perfect position to just reach down and take the head, but Remus took his time. He climbed back up and kissed Sirius ever so softly on the lips, still being as gentle as possible, so as to give Sirius goosebumps and a feeling of “I can’t take this anymore just fucking have me”. Remus smiled into Sirius’ lips, and then peppered kisses on his jaw and neck. He sucked very hard on Sirius’ pulse point for a few seconds and then pulled away, leaving a mark.
“You’re mine,” he growled into Sirius’ ear, and, not leaving Sirius any time to react, he snaked back down Padfoot’s body and licked the precome off of the head of Sirius’ cock. Sirius wanted so badly to moan, or at least just loudly exhale, but he knew he couldn’t make a sound or Remus would pull off and walk off to Sirius’ bed to sleep alone.
Remus’ hands were on his waist, on his thighs, in his hair, and it was so hard not to scream because now Remus was sucking him off, hollowing his cheeks and taking as much of Sirius as he could. Sirius reached up from his hands’ position on Remus’ head and put some fingers in his mouth, imitating Remus’ movements and keeping himself from whimpering out loud. There was a feeling coiling itself inside of him, and he was beginning to shudder, and Remus was so fucking GOOD at this, swirling his tongue everywhere and making all the right moves. Sirius was thrusting himself into Remus’ mouth, and Remus grabbed Padfoot’s hips and held him down. Sirius was still feeling close, and that reflected in his body: he was silently panting, his eyes shining, everything felt hot and he was sweating.
And then Remus pulled off and wrapped the fingers from one hand around the base of Sirius’ cock and balls, and oh fuck not this again.
“You’re not going to come until I tell you to.”
Sirius’ fingers were still inside his mouth, and God he just felt like begging because the feeling was so uncomfortable, he was on the verge of pleasure and Remus wasn’t letting him let go. Still, he nodded, and there were almost tears in his eyes.
“You’re gonna suck me off like the dirty fucking whore you are, Sirius, and you’re not going to touch yourself and you’re not going to come. Is that understood?”
God, it was so fucking sexy, how Remus kept all of this vocabulary just for Sirius, and it succeeded in turning him on even more, which he didn’t know was even possible at this point.
“Sit up, and keep your legs apart.”
Sirius did as he was told. Remus settled himself on his knees between Sirius’ thighs, and almost without warning, thrust himself into Sirius’ mouth.
“Keep your hands behind your back. You can’t touch me with anything other than your mouth.”
Sirius marvelled at Remus’ composure, his cock in Sirius’ mouth not keeping him from having a steady voice. Sirius was licking stripes up Remus’ dick, kissing the head, sucking and grabbing. Remus’ hands were on his shoulders, squeezing, his nails slightly digging into the skin, making more symbols of belonging, marking his territory. Sirius loved it, being forced to take Remus when he told him to, not that this was a problem. He concentrated on pleasuring Remus, not on his own unattended cock. Remus was fucking moaning now, and Sirius smiled. These were some of the only moments where Remus got the better end of the deal, in Sirius’ opinion, so Sirius always made sure to do as best as he could and show Remus with his mouth how much he appreciated these intimate times. Remus was shaking now, and was now pulling at Sirius’ hair. In a sudden moment of release, Remus came in Sirius’ mouth, and Sirius swallowed a little before Remus surprisingly said something new.
“Keep it in your mouth. I want to see you trying not to spit my come out as you fucking take me. I want to see my come dripping out of your dirty fucking slut mouth, Sirius. You’re so beautiful when your lips are white.”
It didn’t taste as good now that Remus’ come had been in his mouth for a while, and it was a pretty big mouthful, but Sirius was willing to try.
“Lie back down, spread your legs again.”
It was really hard to keep the come in his mouth now that he was lying down. There was already some dribbling down the side of his face. He couldn’t help swallowing a little, and it felt better. Remus reached over to the bedside table and opened the second drawer, grabbing a bottle of lube. He put some on his right hand and spread Sirius’ ass with his left. This time, Remus didn’t make Sirius wait before sliding a finger in, probably because he knew the come in his mouth was a slight problem. Sirius squirmed at the sudden feeling, but Remus was already putting in a second finger, and a third. Sirius already felt full, but it wasn’t the same feeling as Remus’ cock. Before putting a fourth finger in, Remus looked up to silently ask if this wasn’t making Sirius feel uncomfortable, and slyly smiled at the come dripping on his lover’s face. Sirius wasn’t shaking his head, so Remus inserted a fourth finger, stretching him out. Sirius was clenching around Moony’s fingers, accomodating the feeling, the fullness that was already there. It burned slightly, but it was mostly pleasure. He wanted to open his mouth but the come, now definitely lukewarm, would have dripped down everywhere.
All of a sudden, Remus pulled his fingers out, and Sirius thrusted at the lack of fullness. The emptiness was soon replaced by Moony’s cock, full and engorged, still wider than the four fingers. Sirius just wanted to fucking gasp, and he kind of did, come spirting out of his mouth, landing on his chest and cheeks, but his mouth was still pretty full. He understood why Remus liked seeing him like this, completely unravelled, different to his usual composure around friends, his mouth filled with Remus’ own come. That must be so fucking sexy to look at.
Remus had started slow, letting Sirius get used to the thickness, but now he was slamming into Padfoot, hitting a sweet spot every fucking time, and the come was moving around in Sirius’ mouth and God he just wanted to spit it out but if Remus saw him doing that, he would pull out. The bed was creaking and Sirius hoped the silencing spell was still working, because he definitely did NOT want his friends waking up to this. No time to think about that now, though, because the pleasure was building, and oh God, he was getting close again and he really hoped Remus would let him come and God he just wanted to kiss Remus so hard. Remus pounded into him one last time before the coil unravelled and Sirius was coming hard, his eyes blacking out for a second. He grabbed at the sheets, at Remus, at his own thighs. In the distance he heard Remus telling him he could swallow and talk now, and God it felt good to let the come slide down his throat and to pant. They hadn’t found the time to have sex a lot in the past few weeks but Remus had definitely made up for that tonight. There was come all over Remus’ stomach and all over Sirius’ face, so Sirius knew he had one last thing to do. He sat up and licked his own come off of Remus, kissing the scars he found. Remus always sucked in his stomach when Sirius did this. He laid back down when he was done and Remus passionately licked the dripped come on Sirius’s cheeks and jaw. Then he kissed Sirius deeply, using his tongue to taste more of their mixed come inside Padfoot’s mouth. Sirius’ hands danced over Remus’ back until Remus laid back down beside Sirius.
“You’re so fucking sexy, Moony. I mean it. The come was a good idea, I mean, it’s really hard to keep it in but it’s so sexy, even for me. I meant everything I said before, you mean a lot to me and I appreciate you, with your problems and your qualities. I mean it.”
“So you go from talking about come to talking about how much I mean to you. At least be consistent, Padfoot.”
“Hey! No but seriously, you get kinkier every time and I love it.”
“Okay, Sirius, I’ll keep that in mind.”
Sirius went back to his original position of hugging Remus from the side, kissing Remus’ chest before letting his head fall back on the mattress.
“I love you too, by the way. And thanks… thank you for loving me through everything, it really means a lot.”
“At least be consistent, Moony.”
“Shut up, Pads. Go to sleep.”

Saving Water (Baekhyun) [Smut]

Heavy breathing was the only sound that filled the room. Baekhyun and I were under our fluffy duvet, both covered in a thin layer of sweat after our morning round (if you know what I mean). I looked over to him and he was looking back, a small smile on his face, if one were to analyze it, you can sense the cocky feeling behind it.

I sat up from the bed and took a deep breath, making sure that the covering down fall from my chest. Baekhyun was watching me with content, one hand was rested behind his head while the other sprawled out to where I had laid.

“I’m going to get cleaned up.” I told him, he hummed before I removed myself from the bed and grabbing some clothes from the drawers. I had brushed my teeth then turned on the shower. It was a 45 second wait before the water became the perfect warm temperature. I jumped in and sighed, rinsing out my hair.

Just as I bent down to grab some shampoo, a hand placed itself on my butt and squeezed. Soft laughter erupted from Baekhyun when I stood up in surprise.

“Mind if I join? We can save water.” he smirked as he moved his hands to my waist to keep me facing him. I rolled my eyes as he pulled me closer. The water soaked his hair within seconds and they were dripping from the locks.

“I’m afraid we’re not going to get any cleaning done if you do, Byun Baekhyun.” I raised an eyebrow at him. He bent down towards my ear and at the same time, both hand traveled down to grasp my butt again.

“I won’t mind that.” he whispered before nipping the lobe before pulling away. I leaned up to place my lips over his and he kissed back. During this time, I had no idea he made a move to grab the body wash from behind me. I jumped when I felt the liquid hit my back and he laughed again as he pulled again and turned me around.

“Shhh…” with that, he started to use the body wash as a way to move his hands all over my body. He started to spread the soapy liquid from my stomach and up. His delicate hands move around my chest, rubbing the soap over them.

I mewled at the feeling of his hands caressing my boobs. He leaned in closer to place his lips on my shoulders. I could feel my nipples getting hard again as he kept on lathering the soap. I turned my head for him to place his lips over mine again and this time, the kiss wasn’t soft. It felt heated and I could feel myself getting aroused again. I could tell he was too because his member poked at my thighs.

He turned my body around and gently pressed me against the wall, not breaking our make-out. He used his knees to spread my legs apart so he could stand in the middle. One hand didn’t stop fondling my breast as the other held my thighs at his waist, his tongue invaded my mouth and both of ours fought for dominance.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he pulled from our kiss. I nodded before placing my mouth over his collarbone. I gave him little kisses that turned into biting the moment he eased his thick member inside of me. A moan left my throat as he pulled back and slammed back in.

“Baekhyun..” his name came out as a sigh as he continued his thrusting. By now, both his arms were holding my thighs as he pushed himself into my and my arms were thrown over his shoulders. My head craned back in pleasure and he took the opportunity to latch his mouth on my neck, biting and leaving marks for me to cover up later.

I could feel his grip on me getting a bit tighter, meaning that he was getting close. I couldn’t lie, I was getting close as well, the feeling was there in my core. His hips were snapping quicker than before and he was letting out deep breaths.

We could see our breaths because of the hot water that was hitting us, making the experience somewhat hotter.

“(Y/n)…I’m going to..” he mumbled onto my shoulder. I nodded and ran my hand through his hair, gently gripping to let him know that I was close as well.

After a few more thrusts, he finally let go at the same time I did. The both of us let out loud moans as our climax hit. He pulled himself out and leaned against the wall to support himself.

“Let’s really get cleaned up now.” I breathed and he agreed, but not after giving my butt another squeeze.


Shortest I’ve ever wrote. But I hope you liked it, anon! ♥


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Shaking your head and staring directly into the very familiar stare of your husband, you watched Barry press his palm flat into the glass between you before hearing him say, “Look, I don’t know why you’re doing this… And I don’t know what happened to us but…” Flicking his eyes to the ground for a moment, he drew in a hard breath and fixed his gaze back on you before forcing out, “I do know that no matter what, I’m always going to love you. Whatever that means… Whether you’re waking up next to me or you’re out there fighting the Flash. I love you more than anything else in this world…”

“Even now?” You asked, your brows furrowed and your voice dropping to a quiet rush before letting your eyes fall to the crimson leather covering his digits as they curled against the glass. “Even after going beast-mode on you and knocking you flat on your ass?”

“Till death do us part…” Came his mirthless jest as a sad smile pulled at the corner of his mouth.

With something akin to a glare, you lifted your gaze back to his face before grinding out, “Then let me out of this box…”

“I can’t do that, princess…” He replied, shaking his head. “Your powers… I don’t know what it is but you’re changing. Okay, you’re not yourself… I think whatever is going on might be making you sick.”

“I’m not sick.” You growled, baring your teeth and balling your hands into fists. “I’ve never felt better…”

With his lips forming a hard line and his big eyes fluttering to a brief close, he said, “I think you should get some rest.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Married to Barry and being an Enemy of the Flash without Knowing Who’s behind the Mask*

@hj12700: Okay so January 27th is my birthday & I was wondering if you could do a Barry x reader & they’re far into a relationship or married but don’t know the other has powers but the reader is basically a bad guy & was trying to kill the Flash with her power to transform into other animals. Barry finds out who she is when he knocks her out & confronts her as the Flash when he locks her up in their metahuman prison & she mentions having to go home to Barry be4 he got worried, if you could that’d be gr8

A/N: This deviated a little bit from the way you asked for it to end but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have/had a great day and you got everything you wanted! <3


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“I hope,” you groaned, swinging one end of his Mother’s body onto the hard, wooden lifted platform, landing with a thud, “this proves how much I love you,” you huffed out, resting your hands onto your knee caps, your heavy breath’s compelling your body to hover over and relax until your breathing patterns went back to normal. Jerome laughed, placing strands of hay over the body, in attempt to cover most of it.

“Really, (y/n), you need to get into better shape,” he commented jokingly.

“Screw you,” you groaned. He chuckled.

“Ah, that reminds me,” he remembered, “there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Besides, ‘Thank you, (y/n), you’re most amazing and irreplaceable person, ever, and I don’t know what I would do without you’ what else is there?”

“Well, that’s one of the many, I’m sure,” he remarked cheekily, “but even as though you are my best friend, you were there for me when I was younger when my Mother continued to beat me and treat me like an insignificant burden- you even somehow made me feel better, and I’ve always wanted you to be more. I love you. I’m in love with you.”


Thank you! Thank you very much!’ Aaron said bowing slightly when the music faded out ‘So the next song means very much too me. It played in many important situations in my life like road trips and dancing in my underwear in kitchen’ he smiled ‘But the reason why all of them were so important was because of one person’ the crowd cheered making Aaron look down with a big smile. They knew who he was talking about. ‘Who unfortunately…. couldn’t be here tonight’ he took a deep breath and tried to cover that his smile faltered ‘But I’m gonna sing it today anyway! To be closer to her….Jesus this was cheesy…’ he laughed and pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘Alright! Alright!’ he raised his hands and silenced the crowd ‘Okay without further ado… Blonde hair blowing in the summer wind A blue eyed girl playing in the sand…’ he started singing and the musicians had a hard time getting through the cheers.

Aaron clasped the microphone and closed his eyes. He remembered every time he had heard this song with you. It was played on promenade next to the beach where he met you. He heard it playing through your door when he came to invite you on a first official date and his hand were sweating. It was the song both of you sung on top of your lungs while driving and the song that was a background noise in the morning when he asked you to move in with him. He heard it multiply times when you sung it in the shower or hummed mindlessly during evenings when both of you layed in bed. It was the song that when played loudly always ended up with you twirled by him on a dance floor or you sung it in obnoxiously loud duet only in your underwear while cooking. It was a good song. Your song.

Yet you weren’t here today to hear it. 

He knew it wasn’t your fault. You had to go to London because of your work. He had his job, you had yours and he understood that. The only problem was that he hadn’t seen you for three months. Both your schedules were so busy that you could barely find time to talk for longer than a half of hour. Add time-zones to the mix. But you always managed to communicate. There was always a good night phone call from both of you when you knew the other went to bed and you both woke up to detailed e-mails describing each others days if you couldn’t talk it through. It was hard but you managed.

You had called him before he went on stage and told him how proud you were but he still couldn’t help that there was only one face he really wanted to see in sold out Irving Plaza and his heart ached a little bit when you were nowhere to be seen. 

Aaron opened his eyes and looked at the crowd. People were singing with him, filming and dancing. He couldn’t help but smile and get more into his rock star role he simply adored. 

‘Ain’t we all just runaways I knew it when I met you I’m not gonna let you
’he sung but his voice faltered when he looked to the left ‘I knew it when’ a laugh bubbled from his throat and he covered his mouth for a while, the biggest smile making its way on his face ‘I held you’ he continued but everyone notice that something was off. But he only looked at his left where you stood laughing and singing along. When you saw him staring at you you waved and mouthed to come back to singing pointing at the crowd‘I wasn’t letting go’ he finished. The music kept playing when he looked at the crowd ‘I’m sorry I’m so sorry….just…give me a second…I…one second’ he said looking back at you. He nodded at the band to don’t stop and jumped from the stage quickly passing chairs to reach you.

What are you doing crazy?’ you laughed when he bumped into one of the sits and apologized profusely ‘Get back on stage I-’ you were cut by a pair of lips connecting with yours. It was sweet yet sure and longing.

You are here’ Aaron smiled placing his palms on your face 

Yes I am silly’ you said putting your hand on his wrist ‘I couldn’t miss it could I?’ this question earned you another short kiss. 

You’re staying?’ he asked his fingers rubbing small circles on your cheeks.

You nodded ‘I finished everything. I’m all yours’ he kissed you once again but this time it was stopped by cheers from crowd who finally noticed what was going on. You both turned in their direction. Aaron turned completely red and looked down at you.

Sorry’ he laughed when he saw all the phones pointed at you.

You don’t apologize me but get on this stage!’ you shouted pushing him lightly and slapping his butt ‘For luck!’ you giggled when he looked at you with mocked shock on his face. He quickly reached for your hand and pulled you for one more kiss before he jumped back on stage.

I’m so sorry for the small interruption but wow… today is definitely one of the best days of my life…I…Oh God’ he laughed and put his head in his hands ‘Sorry for lack of professionalism but I love you!’ he shouted to the microphone pointing at you ‘I love you and I missed you!’ crowd cheered and clapped. 

Aaron took the microphone from the stand and told the band to come back to the tunes he stopped at ‘ We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams hold each other till the morning light...’ 

You were definitely the one who shouted the loudest when he put his hands in the air and returned to his rock star role.

Your favourite rock star.

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this guy gives me chest pains….
>here< you can hear his performance of this song if you haven’t before

school got cancelled which is great but i let my dog out to shit but he ran up my driveway which meant i had to stomp through a shitton of snow to get to him which means me in my underwear in big ass snow boots swearing under my breath running up a snow covered driveway like an asshole at 5

i don’t know what we’re calling this but i know a lot of you are super upset with me but that’s okay because that means i’m doing my job

Part 1

Obi-Wan does not realize he is crying until he collapses in the Great Hall and finds himself gasping for breath and trembling violently. He pulls his knees up to his chest and covers his cheek with his hand, trying to calm down.


He looks up to find himself staring into the warm brown eyes of his crèche master. The man who had cared for him since he was an infant. His soothing Force signature wraps around him and Obi-Wan struggles to remain silent. He quickly turns into a blubbering mess but Ali-Alann simply clucks over him. The tall man gathers Obi-Wan into his arms and picks him up like he weighs nothing.

Obi-Wan allows himself to be carried back to the crèche. He thinks miserably that he would much rather spend the rest of his life there than as a Padawan. He does not have to be a Knight to be a Jedi. There is nothing wrong with being a crèche master.

Ali-Alann sets him down gently on an empty bed and sits beside him. A hand touches his own where he is still clutching his cheek.

“Let me see.”

Obi-Wan allows him to take his hand away but his sobs turn choked and hard. He nearly doubles over with the force of them. Ali-Alann holds him close and rubs his back lightly. Obi-Wan grabs desperately for something to hold, something to ground himself, and the crèche master’s tunics bear the brunt.

He eventually calms, but that is a subjective term. He gasps and hiccups on halfhearted sobs and tears continue to trickle down his cheeks.

Ali-Alann’s hands are careful when they touche his cheek. The pain flares brightly and Obi-Wan flinches.

“I apologize. Will you give me permission to clean the cut?”

Obi-Wan nods dazedly. When Ali-Alann moves away to a cupboard, his tears come anew. He cries into his hands like a child and feels shame curl sickeningly in his belly.

“I will have none of that in my crèche,” Ali-Alann says softly, pushing Obi-Wan’s hair back. “There is no shame in crying. And I will never allow someone to think that there is.”

Obi-Wan realizes how badly he misses being taken care of. His crèche master gently cleans the cut on his cheek and then hands him a soft cloth to wipe his face with. He brings Obi-Wan a glass of cool water and makes him lie down on the bed. He might have used a Force suggestion to put him to sleep, but Obi-Wan couldn’t be sure

When he wakes, he finds that nearly two hours have passed. Ali-Alann is there with a fresh glass of water and a warm hand cupped under Obi-Wan’s chin.

“Who did this to you, Obi-Wan?”

Obi-Wan knows his reaction is visible and palpable. He cannot hide it.

Ali-Alann tuts at him. “You have to tell me, little one. I will not let you leave until you tell me who hurt you.”

His eyes fill with tears again and he squeezes them closed to avoid seeing the gentle face of the man who raised him.


It is said with quiet, concerned exasperation.

“You will not be in trouble. I am not going to rush off and reprimand someone. I just want to know who hurt you.”

Obi-Wan’s lips tremble even as he presses them together tightly. He sucks in a gasping breath and keeps his eyes closed.

“Master Jinn.”

He hears the shocked breath Ali-Alann does not mean to take. He does not open his eyes. A minute passes before the crèche master speaks.

“We will handle this. We will handle this carefully and thoroughly. You are safe here with me and you are welcome to stay as long as you like. I don’t have a clan right now so I can be with you as often as you want. But I will not force you to stay if you wish to leave.”

Obi-Wan finally opens his eyes but casts them down. “I’d like to stay. I think.”

“All right.” Ali-Alann smoothes Obi-Wan’s hair, rubbing the back of his neck lightly. “You are allowed to leave whenever you want. And only crèche masters or council members are able to open the door to come inside. You are completely safe; I promise.”

He nods, but he still worries.

“If you’d like, you can help me sort through the clean laundry. Or you can stay here and rest,” the crèche master offers.

Obi-Wan looks up at him. “I’ll help you with the laundry.”

Ali-Alann smiles sadly at him, setting his hand on his knee.

“Let’s get started then.”

They fold and put away six massive laundry carts of youngling-sized tunics and leggings. Obi-Wan wishes he could live in the crèche again, alongside his crèche master and children who look up to him. All the kids his age have been chosen as Padawans or shipped off to the various corps so his peers would be younger than him. He would not care as long as he was happy.

Their task takes the rest of the day and Obi-Wan is shocked to feel his upper back muscles seized up and tight. He tries to roll his shoulders and loosen the muscles as he shuffles off to the bed Ali-Alann set him up to use. He is asleep before he hits the pillow.

He wakes momentarily when he feels gentle hands situating him under the blankets and smoothing his hair. Cool fingers brush over his cheek before they leave again. He drifts off knowing he is safe in the place he began his journey to become a Jedi.


Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re the daughter of Jessie and Pete. When Daryl notices the bruises on your arms he confronts Pete about it.

word count: 1707

approximated reading time: 9 minutes

“He’s not good for ya”, Daryl grunted under his breath looking into the distance. A penny for his thoughts. Was it something from his past? He always dropped the topic when I tried to ask him about what he had done before the apocalypse but Carl had dropped a few hints leaving me to believe that his life hadn’t been too nice before all this.
“He’s my father!”, I yelled back.
“That doesn’t mean shit.” Daryl’s eyes grew small as he watched me closely. “Ya think no one notices the marks on your skin.”
Shocked I tried to cover the bruises on my arms. I knew he had noticed but as he also knew that I was probably the clumsiest person alive I had thought that he had believed my lies.
“When did he start hitting ya? And when did ya lose hope that he would stop one day, huh?!” Daryl looked at my arms then back into my eyes. “He ain’t gonna stop because he feels like it.”
“You’re not gonna start a fight with my father!”, I hissed stepping in between Daryl and the door. I understood he was angry, he wanted to protect me because in Daryl’s opinion that was what he had to do. But… Pete was my father. He was a good man and he was a good father. If not always then at least sometimes… When I was young. Yes, we had so much fun together. We would go outside and feed the ducks and fishes in the pond. We shared a lot of good memories with Mum as well. That was the father I knew. “He’s not that bad”, I added whispering.
“He needs to be stopped, ya hear me!?” Daryl grabbed me by the shoulders to force me to look at him, listen to him. “Your brother’s afraid of him, your mother is…”
“I can protect Sam”, I insisted.
“You can’t….”

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Exo’s Reaction - Accidentally Knocking The Wind Out Of You

Hey thanks for the request @bellona-dreamer and I hope you like it! <3

Thanks to my girl, @hipster-shiz for helping me <3 


Xiumin - *He’d sit you down and make sure you were okay and the feeling of guilt covers him* I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to

Lay - *He wouldn’t realize he did it and when he does, he’d constantly apologizes as he feels so bad and shower you with kisses* 

Kai - *He’d hate seeing you struggling to breathe and would feel really guilty for what he’s done, hating himself for it*

Suho - *He’d make sure you’re okay, make sure you had anything you needed so you were okay again and would tear up because he might have actually genuinely hurt you*

Kyungsoo - *He’d immediately help you and tell you to relax yourself to feel better and afterwards, because he feels really bad, he’d cook your favourite meal for you*

Tao - *He wouldn’t know what to actually do apart from sitting you down and rubbing your back. He’d feel so bad that he’d cry into your shoulder, saying how sorry he was*

Chen - *He’d hate himself for it and wouldn’t leave you alone because of it, he’d wrap his arms around you and cuddle you as his apology*

Kris - *He’d try anything he thought of to help you and would wrap his arms around you, pulling you close and kissing your head, apologizing as he pulls away and frowning* (You’re Baekhyun)

Chanyeol - *He’d rub your back for you as you start beginning to be able to breathe again and he’d smile at you sweetly, kiss your forehead* I didn’t mean to do that, I’m sorry

Baekhyun - *He’d try to help you get your breath back and would make sure that you were okay and wouldn’t leave you go*

Sehun - *He’d have no clue what to do and would quickly pop us hyungs a message for help and would follow the instructions and would give you loadsof cuddles as a sorry*

Luhan - *He’d immediately feel so bad and apologize while rubbing and patting your back to help you get back to normal again* I’m so sorry baobei 


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Sovereign: Chapter 1


Rating: M

Summary: Liz ascends the throne after her parents die. Several other kingdoms decide to take the opportunity to invade her country in its weakened state.

A/N: I was halfway through chapter 10 of Up In Flames and this story wouldn’t leave me alone. So, here’s chapter 1 :)

Prologue and aesthetic here.

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“Open the door Y/N,” you stifled as gasp as your puffy eyes looked up to the locked door across the room.   

“Just go away Steve. Please, just go,” you whimpered, wincing at how pathetic you sounded. You wiped your nose with your shirtsleeve as he banged on the door again.  

 “Please Y/N. Just let me in. I can’t stand this, at least tell me what’s wrong baby girl,” he called back, pushing up against the door. You were fully aware that he could break the door but he still held himself back, letting you calm down and have your moment.   

“God Steve. You make me feel like I’m not good enough. Just go, please, I don’t want you here,” you whispered back, just loud enough that you were sure he could hear. Steve froze in his place, listening to your sobs as you tried to cover your mouth, breaths coming harder and harder.   

“What do you mean? What did I do Y/N?” he asks desperately, pressing his ear against the door, hoping to catch anything you whispered too softly.   

“I could never leave my best girl,” you breathed out, sniffling as your eyes continued to drop tear after tear. Steve closed his eyes with a hard sigh as he understood what you had said. 

“You heard that? Y/N, please. We’ve been over this before. Peggy meant a lot to me but she’s not here, she’s in my past, you know that,” Steve replied, trying to not let the slight annoyance building up show through his tone.  

“She’s not here, but you still can’t stop with her. You said yourself you wished you could take everything back just to be with her. How do you expect me to react?” you asked, raising your voice as you sensed his concern fading to make room for anger.  

“I expect you to act like an adult and be reasonable,” Steve replied bluntly. You huffed in anger, wiping away your tears as you got up from the bed and stormed across the room to the door. Opening it to Steve’s surprise, leading him to stumble as his support disappeared.  

“I can’t believe you. If you think I’m not being reasonable than just go. It’s obvious you don’t want to be with me. Go then, see if I care! Don’t come back here Steve, not until you understand who really is being unreasonable.”

Word Count: 397

Gif Credit: I am making no claim. They ain’t mine.

Muse Pt.3

The source of inspiration

Members : SeokJin ( Jin), Namjoon( Rap monster) , and Hoseok (J-hope) || xReader ||

Warning : Smut, just … pure smut Hi mom !. I mean someone needs to remind me what the plot was. 

  Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5

You walked out, the freezing breeze sobering you up. Only now did you really regret wearing a dress that revealed more than it covered. You rubbed your arms, your breath still shaking from what you saw, the disgust making your heart shiver.

“ Are you okay ?” Hoseok, who had been sending someone off dashed to you, seeing the state you were in.

“ Hoseok, right ?” You stuttered looking up at him with quivering lips. He nodded smiling at the fact that you remembered his name. “ Does your offer still stand ?”

“ What offer ?” He furrowed his eyebrows, burying his hands in his pockets feeling the cold creep up on him.

“ To get me out of here ” He stared at you for a moment before flashing you a quick smirk, turning away to where he had been standing.

“ Jiminie, I got just got busy ” He dragged a set of keys from his pocket, throwing them at him, “ Make sure to lock up”. He extended his hand to you, the smirk lingering “ Let’s go then, my house is just around the corner ”. You urgently glanced back at the entrance, it was a matter of time before one of them came out looking for you. Not wanting to even be in the same place as Namjoon right now and feeling too ashamed to face Jin, you leaned closer to Hoseok, pulling his arm.“ I’m going to freeze, hurry up”

He didn’t lie when he said his house was near because it didn’t take long before you found yourself in the elevator leading to his apartment. You let out a deep sigh, releasing your grip on his hand when you realized you had been holding onto it too tightly, and for too long. His eyes studied you intently, taking in everything you had to offer, until he met yours.

“ Did the boyfriend do something ?” He broke the intense, tension brimmed and suffocating silence .

“ I’m single ”

“ I mean, I don’t mind but I need to know if I will have to avoid someone starting tonight ” He chuckled, cornering you into the side. “ Especially with what I want to do to you right now ”

“ Not by choice but I am single ” His lips were already on yours before you even finished. You didn’t know if it was you or him, but you tasted the hint of alcohol as his tongue explored the outline  of yours. The kiss was messy and desperate, on both ends, as if you had been craving each other for ages and only now able to relieve it. Hoseok pulled back licking his lips, breathless, when the doors opened. His hand reached down, intertwining his fingers with yours, showing you the way.  

You were only one foot inside when his hands were roaming all over you, tugging your already short dress up to reveal what was hidden of your thighs. His fingertips harshly tracing red lines on the inside of them, trailing up to your back pulling the jacket off of you. Hoseok pushed you inside the house, closing the door with a slam and swiftly pushing you back against it. He peeked at you through his damped bangs, a mesmerizing set of eyes staring right into your soul with pure desire.

“ Are you sure about this ?” He whispered, his raspy lust-filled voice making it hard to refuse him. You know it was wrong, it felt wrong … it is wrong.

“ Are you ?” You cheekily replied unable to hold back the moan scraping your throat when he bit down the soft flesh of your earlobe, his tongue swirling the metallic bud of your earrings. Satisfied, he smile against you lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist leading you towards the bedroom. You took the meantime to kiss down his neck, harshly nibbling at the skin. He groaned when you sucked too hard on his collarbone, enough to bruise.

“ Patience, babe, patience ” He set you down on the edge of the bed, pulling away to rid himself of his shirt then coming down to bite in your lower lip between his. Hoseok drove you down onto the cold sheets with his weight as he continued to abuse your already puff lips. He reached down for your chest only to be met with the rough fabric of your dress.

“ Take it off, now ” He stood up, letting you do the same. You stepped away from the bed, your back to him.

“ Unzip me ” You brushed your hair to one side; glancing over your shoulder at him and biting your lip. He inched closer one arm wrapping around your waist yanking you flush against him. The feeling of his erection rubbing against your back making you wetter, needier, than you were to begin with. His free hand moved the small few strands of hair you missed before out of the way, making sure to feathery caress his way back to the zipper. He pulled it down, in an agonizingly slow movement. So slow it was frustrating that you, as soon as it was at your reach, pushed him away into the bed and turned to face him again opening the rest and slipping the tight piece of clothing off your body. As seductively as the movies had taught you.

The corner of your mouth advanced further into you face, forming a triumphing smirk when he uncomfortably squirmed to relieve the straining hard-on in his jeans as he watched you. Thanking the higher power that reminded you to wear matching lingerie before going out, adding to your self-confidence. You knelt between his knees, undoing his pants and sliding them off of him with his help, you let his erection finally sprung free. Looking up at him with doe eyes, in a feigned innocence which you knew was a weakness to most guys, you licked up his length tasting the salty pre-cum starting to drip down. His breath hitched and his head was throw back when you took him all in, hollowing your cheeks to tighten around him more as you started bobbing your head taking in more and more of him as you went on. The sound of his moans and low curses adding to your arousal so much that you could feel the dampness spreading on the thin fabric of your panties. You flattened your tongue to let him slide smoothly down, trying not to gag at the feeling of his tip brushing against the back of your throat with a slight burning sensation. You released him with a plop, having lost air for a moment.

“ Don’t stop ” He ordered with a hint of plea and desperation present in his tone as he glanced back at you with dark and half-lidded eyes. You pumped him a few times with your hands, the combination of your saliva and his pre-cum serving as lubrication allowing your hand to move easily up and down. He growled seeing how you enjoyed teasing him “ I swear you’ll regret it if you don-” You cut him off by putting your mouth back on him sucking harder than before, picking up the pace. His hand ran through your hair gathering it into a fistful, to have a better look at your face while he thrust harshly into your mouth, making tears well up in your eyes. He hummed, his free hand wiping it away.  He bent forwards, releasing you from your bra then circling the hardened nipples as he pulsed against your tongue, alarming you that he’s close. You picked up the pace, leaving him no choice but to hunch back, his lips parting in euphoria as you hit the right spot. He finally released into your mouth with a few hollow thrusts up, spasming as the peek of his orgasm hit him. He jerked your hair back harder as you rode out his high with a few more pumps before sliding off of him, you swallowed the salty cum wiping the excess that dripped down your chin with the back of your hand. He pulled you up capturing your lips with his, tasting himself on your tongue, while you straddled his waist your knees resting on the bed. His fingers went immediately  active again tracing random patterns on the outline of your slit but not quite hitting where you needed him the most. You whined into the kiss lowering yourself onto him for more friction.

Hoseok shook his head, pulling back to look at you smugly “ eager, are we ?” and you rolled your eyes. He pushed the fabric away letting a slender finger run down, your now exposed slit, making you shudder at the contact of the skin. “ So wet already ” he scoffed, his hands leaving you completely as he leaned in for another kiss.

You pushed yourself off of him, supporting yourself with your hands on his shoulder. You smiled darkly, licking the corner of your mouth, still tasting him a little. “ Right now, I don’t want your kiss ” As you spoke, you saw something shift in his eyes, the shadows of lust taking over him completely. He violently turned the both of you so he was on top, careful not to crush you with his weight but still pinning you down so you couldn’t move.

“ What do you want then ?” He played with the rim of your underwear, pulling it away from your waist then releasing it back painfully. Hoseok repeated the action teasingly, his gaze brightly twinkling under the light.

“ Are you gonna make me say it ?” You shifted yourself  further into the bed, finding a much more comfortable position, your fingers messing into his hair and gently pulling the short strands on the back of his neck. He nodded, much to your dismay. “ Ah, maybe we should stop” You joked, letting your hands fall to your sides out of his touch. Hoseok laughed, the vibrations of his voice sounding like music to your ears.

“ You might be saying that now, but you’ll be begging in a moment ” He lowered himself again, this time grasping the skin of your neck between his teeth, biting down while he finally slid down the fabric away from you and throwing it to the ground, where your dress laid.

“ All talks, I would want to see you tr-” He pushed in without warning, not giving you the time to ease in his size as he started to thrust inside roughly, your walls clenching down at the sudden intrusion yet he was still able to slide in easily with how wet you were. You let out a strangled moan of his name feeling his erection growing even bigger inside of you, stretching you further.

“ Hoseok-ah ” You moaned, his pace not slowing down as it was becoming painfully fast.

“ Still not what I want to hear ” He let out between pants, having came once, he was confident he could last much longer, test you much longer. You pushed yourself to meet him, easing the force of his thrust when he growled at you, shaking his head with a smirk. Hoseok grounded the palm of his hand over your breast, rubbing harsh circles and squeezing it a bit before continuing his way down until he sunk his fingers into the flesh of your waist holding you down against the mattress. He started pushing in slowly and deeply, hitting all the right spots even ones you didn’t know would make you scream out his name in euphoria. He slowed down even more, settling for grinding inside your throbbing walls, his hips moving in circles. There was a moment of affection as he ran his finger down your neck, a thin layer of sweat forming.

Hoseok noticed the fading hickeys on the curve of your shoulder, shaking his head “ Let’s fix this ”. He ran his tongue over it, you could feel the knot of heat in your stomach flourish. He sucked in the sensitive skin, leaving his mark over Namjoon’s, subtly making him disappear entirely from your mind. Gentleness was over when he pulled out to the tip before plunging back down, pushing you up the bed, if his other hand didn’t pin you down you were sure you would hit the headboard. He stopped again, moving to capture your lips in a passionate and deep kiss your tongues wrestling together, swallowing your cries.

“ Please …” You pleaded, dropping the last bit of your pride when you couldn’t take the lack of friction  anymore, when he rested his forehead against yours panting.

“ Please, what ?” He smiled obscenely and dirtily. The second thrust was rougher, slightly burning when the loud sound of skin against skin echoed through the room.

“ Fuck me, harder ” You moaned, his name caught in your throat with one last thrust before he pulled out completely.

“ That’s more like it, turn over ” He commanded, a sense of dominance spilling from his voice. You did as he said, laying back down on your stomach, your back to him. His hands found your waist pulling up to your knees in front of him as he positioned himself between your legs again. Hoseok pumped himself a few times before entering you once more with the same harshness as before. He bent down, fitting perfectly on the curve of your back, taking your bouncing breasts into a strong grip. Picking up the pace, sliding in and out in a steady and intense rhythm, begs and moans leaving your body completely enveloped in utter pleasure the heat pooling down your stomach until you were unable to hold yourself up on weak elbows, collapsing onto the bed. He straightened his back, squeezing and sinking his fingers into your cheeks, sensing that you were close by the way your walls were clenching harder on him, almost painfully. He reached down finding your clit, making it his goal to pick up both paces to turn you into a screaming mess. With his fingers circling and tugging at the overly-sensitive nub it wasn’t long before the knot unveiled and your orgasm hit you harder than ever. You groaned into the sheets, you whole body spasming violently, he helped you ride out your high with shallow, half-hearted, thrusts before picking it up again feeling his own orgasm creeping up on him. He gave it a few last powerful pushes, pulling out and finishing on your back, the white cream sprinting all over your skin covering you in thick lines of cum.

Hoseok collapsed next to you, the room filled with heavy breaths and the lingering scent of sex. He pulled you into his arms, your head resting on his chest, trying to gather his senses. There was a long moment of silence before any of you could function enough to utter a single word. “ Let’s get you cleaned up ” He said, sitting up on the bed and looking down at you with an ironically innocent and bright smile.

“ What a kid ” you scoffed, laying on your back, your eyes plastered on the ceiling.  

“ A kid that just made you scream so loudly, I’m sure everyone in the building knows my name by now ” He spanked you playfully before standing up to grab a towel.

Okay, okay hear me out first, I know I promised to never put you through my smuts again but seriously I watched the Onstage DVD and … the rest is history. This is just a shameless smut, sorry xD

Hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think.

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His Best Girl Part Three. Steve x Reader

part two

word count: 2,278

His blond hair and light skin contrasted with the dark blue shirt that hugged his body. The sleeves were rolled to his elbows, revealing the veins in his forearms, and his black pants hung low on his hips, elongating his torso and showing his narrow waist. I did my best to breath and not obviously adjust my dress in my nerves.
“You made it, huh?” He offered me a glass of champagne.
“Yes, we did,” I accepted the glass, fingers brushing over his in the exchange, “thank you.”
“Y/N, you look…” I watched with some anxiety as his eyes covered me from head to toe more than once, “…you look stunning.”
“Oh,” blush started to fill my cheeks, “well thank you.”
“I mean it,” I looked up to meet his blue eyes, “you look absolutely amazing.”
“You don’t clean up so bad yourself, Captain,” I teased.  Of course he cleaned up well! He’s Steve Rogers! He and I kept chatting while Natasha spoke with Clint and Tony. I didn’t know at the time, but she kept an eye on me and Steve as the party continued on.
I stayed with Steve most of the evening, only breaking away to freshen up or gain some encouragement from Nat. All she had to do really was to give me a wink when I’d make eye contact with her. My nerves were settling finally after all this time and now I was able to speak confidently to Steve. We ended up back with Bucky after a few hours had passed and the summer night started to cool off a bit. We all had a few drinks, but it was just enough to keep me warm. It barely effected Steve, but he enjoyed it still for some normalcy. He was an extreme gentleman to me all evening: took my empty glasses, replacing them with a new one, introducing me to a few other agents that I had yet to work with, bringing me in on inside jokes with him and Sam, and sometimes resting his warm hand at my lower back if I got quiet. Around midnight, he looked me over once again and smiled.
“What’s that look for?”
“Am I not allowed to smile while I’m around you?”
“Well yeah,” I snipped back, “as long as you’re being nice.”
“I’d never be mean to you, Y/N. I was just enjoying the view, that’s all,” he admitted. He scanned the crowd and you saw his eyes squint at what he searched for. “I’ll be right back. You stay with Buck.” His spoke loudly enough to hear, but it was practically against my temple, so it sent a shiver down my spine. “I’ll be right back, you guys.” He excused himself to the rest of us who were talking together, but I didn’t watch to see where he ended up going.

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Just like being stuck home alone on Halloween, handing out candy to the trick or treaters all night, when your doorbell rings once again. You grabbed the bowl of candy and pulled the door open. “Deliver-oh.” Your mouth dropped open at the sight in front of you. Your next door neighbor, Luke, who you barely knew, was standing in front of you wearing nothing but a pizza box covering his, you know, “pizza.” You couldn’t help the loud laugh that came out of your mouth. His face turned bright red as he tried explaining. “I’m sorry, I thought it was gonna be your brother and I didn’t mean for you, or anyone else for that matter, to see me like this.” After about five minutes of you laughing, and Luke standing there awkwardly, you finally caught your breath enough to talk. “It’s fine, I really needed a little laugh tonight. You know, if you want to order an actual pizza, I wouldn’t mind having a little company, I do have a couple movies I’ve been too scared to watch alone.” You offered, Luke’s face looking a little confused. “I mean if you want to.” You added. “Of course I do- I mean that would be cool. I’m just gonna run home and put pants on.”

Family Man Part One

The glint off his blade in the moonlight gave him a thrill that no liquor or roller coaster could compare to. With every careful step toward a nightmarish monster he felt more alive than he ever felt before, or would ever feel until the next monster he stalked. There was no orchestra in the background; no audience cheering him on, all Dean Winchester had in this moment was his silent mind and the grip on his machete.

One wrong step on a fallen branch and he would be dead, one breath too heavy and his cover was blown. Years, a lifetime of years, under his belt made him stealthy and dangerous. It’s why he was here in the depths of night with a werewolf on his radar.

A snarl broke the crisp starlit air.

One precise swing of the machete and silence found its home again in the woods around him.

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