i mean that is too violent even for me

Unwanted Attention

Hi guys! This has been in my drafts for ages and I completely forgot about it until yesterday! Hope you enjoy. :)

Plot: Harry has this one friend who loves hitting on Y/N.

Warnings: Curse words and handsy moments while dancing. Nothing smutty and nothing violent though. 

There was something off about Jordan. His icy blue eyes followed my movements like a hawk observing his prey and when he noticed me staring back at him he flashed me one of his sleazy grins. He was a handsome guy, there was no denying that, but from the moment he’d been introduced to me I could sense that he simply wasn’t one to take a hint. It wasn’t even about me being too pretty and him just finding me irresistible, not by any means. It was that Jordan couldn’t bear a girl not wanting him. His brain simply couldn’t comprehend how I hadn’t fallen to his feet yet. I shuddered under his sharp eyes and shrunk further into the warmth of Harry’s side. Harry didn’t look at me but responded by resting his arm around my shoulders and leaning his head against mine momentarily while chuckling along to one of Nick’s jokes, giving me comfort without having even noticed that I needed it. My eyes found Jordan’s once more and my heart dropped when he was still grinning, wider this time and with his brows raised. Almost as if he was trying to say that he accepted the challenge. 

Harry laughed loudly, squeezing me to him and I straightened my posture staring back at Jordan confidently. My hand rested on Harry’s chest, the other arm wrapped around his back and my temple leaned against his arm. I was saying something back clearly. The only reason I was here was Harry and Jordan could fuck off.


It was a friday night what naturally meant that Harry wanted to go out. From the moment I opened the door for him to enter my apartment he’d been talking about nothing else other than this bar which had only just opened in East London. Thanks to his ever charming soul he’d become friends with the owner and owned one of the few invitations to the opening party tonight.

“You’ve got to come with me,” Harry insisted, “Nick and Jordan are coming, too.”

“Sounds like a guy’s night out then,” I murmured, trying to decline his proposal as nicely as I could, “I don’t think I should intervene, Harry.”

“As if you’d intervene,” Harry said quickly, rolling his eyes as if I was being completely absurd, “You couldn’t possibly. C'mon, love, you’ve got to!”

Honestly, a night out with Harry sounded perfect. I loved seeing him dance, hearing him sing and laughing along to all of the silly puns tipsy Harry could come up with. We had spent many fun nights out together, starting with him helping me choose a dress and me painting his nails and ending with the both of us dropping on either his or my bed, too drunk to care about sleeping in our cloths and in each other’s arms.
Harry was the best company and every moment I got to spend with him was one I treasured. I didn’t like having to avoid Harry in order to avoid Jordan, but he’d already invited him and no matter my feelings for Harry, his friend truly was the last person I wanted to spend my night with. But at the same time… ugh.
I groaned and let my head fall back onto the couch, turning to look at Harry who was sprawled out next to me. He wore a hopeful look, his sparkling eyes wide and his lips set in a pout.

“Please,” he whined, “Nick’s been bugging me by calling you ‘Harry’s best friend who never turns up’ and he’s kinda right with it.”

“Oh shut up,” I laughed.

He rolled onto his side and began pulling at my arm, making me lay down as well so we were both facing each other. I hummed when his hand found mine so he could move his thumb over my palm in a soothing motion and I smiled at him lovingly, enjoying to just be able to appreciate him without him noticing, his gaze set on my fingers. His forehead was furrowed and his lips still in a pout, his expression resembling the one of a little boy who failed to understand something.

“We don’t even have to stay long,” Harry mumbled, focus still on my hand, “let’s just go, please.”

“Ugh,” I groaned and let my head drop against his shoulder in defeat, “fine.”

“Yehi!” Harry cheered, surprising me by jumping up with a sudden energy bolt and he threw himself onto my body, not caring one bit that his weight was crushing me.

His lips met the skin of my cheek in a loud kiss and I grimaced, batting his face away while laughing.

“It’s going to be great, you’ll see,” Harry promised, his cheeks stretched in a wide and confident grin.

I smiled and chuckled at how happy and cheery Harry was all of a sudden, but at the same time I couldn’t help a tiny pang of guilt in my tummy. He was thrilled to be going out and looked forward to spending the night with his friends and all I could think about was how this meant I would practically be exposed for Jordan to ogle me all night, silently undressing me with his eyes.
I watched Harry laugh as he went on with a story Jeff had told him and I wrapped my arms around his chest, cuddling into his side and I made a point of humming whenever it fit, letting him know that I was listening. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be all bad, I thought as I noticed the crinkles around his eyes and breathed in his familiar smell. After all, I wouldn’t be alone.


The alcoholic liquid left a heavy taste on my tongue and wrapped my head in a cloudy daze making me dizzy momentarily. My throat burned and I mentally cursed Harry for making me engage in his stupid drinking games. Still, I set the empty glass down only seconds after Harry smashed his own onto the countertop, scoring in second. Harry cheered and let his dimples show when he grinned widely and he held out his hand to high five me just when Jordan and Nick finished their shots too.

“I’d say we all know who’s the winner,” Harry announced proudly with a drop of tequila running down his chin and Nick rolled his eyes.

The bar was as crowded as I had expected it to be on a friday night, causing people to stumble into me whenever someone tried to reach the bar. The music was loud and everyone around us was dancing and laughing, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the building. So far Harry had been right, at least up until a few minutes ago. We’d been drinking good drinks and my tummy ached from laughing so hard at his stupid jokes, so it was hard to deny I was having fun. The best thing was that Jordan hung out with a group of girls for most of the night so far, only joining us minutes ago when he was done bathing in the girl’s attention. I’d lowered my gaze under Jordan’s watchful eyes and had hoped he’d just leave again.
Harry had stayed oblivious to me scooting a little closer to him and so had Nick. Only Jordan had noticed and his eyes had narrowed, never letting me out of sight.

“Such a show off, Styles,” Nick laughed and playfully pushed Harry by his shoulder, “Your victory was a close call between you and your bestie over there so don’t get too cocky.”

“I’m aware,” Harry laughed and send me a proud smile.

I giggled and shrugged, fist-pumping Harry.
He looked incredibly handsome, especially with the newly gained growth of his hair, the stubborn curls already fighting their way back. I knew he missed the length of his hair, but I secretly loved the short strands crowning his head. They were less likely to shield his pretty face from my view. Though I admired him for his effortless attractiveness, it bugged me how he could pull off anything and looked good even with his typical jeans and dad-shirt look. Everything suited him, which was surely caused by his confidence.

“But that’s on me, too,” Harry continued proudly, pushing our used shot glasses together so he could pick them all up in both of his massively big hands, “Who do you think taught her?”

Nick raised both arms with a laugh and looked at me for confirmation. A giggle fell from my mouth at the memory of Harry spending the night at my place many months ago, the counter of my kitchen littered with shot glasses and different spirit bottles as he lectured me on how it was my tongue’s fault that I couldn’t do it right. He’d even argued that the muscle in my mouth must have been to big and that I’d need to move it to the side more. The result of me trying had been a stained shirt and wet chest and of course a laughing Harry, but at least I was good at it now.

“S'true,” I agreed, “You won’t admit it but your instructions only worked 'cause I’m a talented student.”

Harry laughed. “Oh, so my teaching skills are shit, then? S'that what you’re trying to tell me?”

I was about to reply when Jordan’s rough voice interrupted us in a snarl, “Jesus Christ we get it. You guys are fucking each other just stop bullshitting us.”

He rolled his eyes, no humor in his expression and he seemed as if he was completely done with Harry and me. I shook my head and wanted to bite something back, but reconsidered and stayed silent. Harry had been so excited to spend time with his friends, I didn’t want to ruin it by starting a fight.

“Oh, piss off, Jordan,” Harry scoffed with a laugh.

“Oi,” Nick called, raising his brows at me with a teasing grin on his face, “What did I miss?”

He looked at me expectantly as if I was about to tell him the greatest story he’d ever heard. I gave him a playful push back.

“You guys,” I began, “are assholes.”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head, “I’ll get us another round.”

He nodded to the other end of the bar where all of the bartenders were gathered and turned to walk towards it, taking the glasses with him. How the hell could he fit them all in both of his hands? Thinking the same, Nick was quick to offer help and so he was gone and after Harry before I could beg him to stay.
Well… fuck. I was left in the exact situation I’d hoped I wouldn’t be in, one I’d dreaded so much it had made me want to avoid coming here in the first place. Already I could feel Jordan’s creepy vibe on me almost like a haze covering my body and my skin prickled. Silently I climbed to sit on Harry’s barstool, hoping to get away with distracting myself by my phone and to avoid any conversation with the unpleasant guy until my friends returned.

Jordan seemed to have other plans.

“You’re ignoring me now?” Jordan laughed mockingly, “Really? That’s ridiculous of you, doll.”

I tensed at the nickname and bit the inside of my cheek, then I turned off my phone and met Jordan’s eyes. You’re a prick, my head screamed at him and my hands clenched in need to smack his stupid grin off his face.

“How about we just wait in silent for Nick and Harry to come back?” I asked, my voice surprising me with a lot more confidence than I’d anticipated.

Jordan laughed once more, throwing his head back. “Well, I’m a rather vocal guy. You’d know if you’d quit playing hard to get and just give in to me.”

I visibly cringed and jerked back from the guy when he scooted closer, leaning into me so there were only few centimeters separating us. He picked up the abandoned beer bottle he’d been sipping on throughout the night and took two more gulps, allowing his eyes to stay fixated on me. Again he resembled so much a hawk who had found his prey of choice and was not going to stop before he got it.

“So,” He began, voice now sweet like honey, “You’re hooking up with him now, huh?”

I but my lip at the mention of Harry and shrugged his words off with a muttered “no”, raising my head to search for Nick and Harry in the crowd, hoping to see them on their way back. Unfortunately they hadn’t even reached the bartenders yet and when I looked back at Jordan, I could tell we were thinking the same thing. I’d be alone for a while with no one coming to save me.

“Looks like they’re going to be gone for quite a bit,” Jordan commented and he grinned at me, exposing his perfectly white teeth, “would be a shame if we just sat here moping, wouldn’t it?”

“I’m good,” I replied calmly, hoping he would let it go which of course he didn’t.

Jordan stepped closer, titled his head to the side and looked at me closely, similar to how a costumer checks the meat at the butcher’s when selecting what to have. My breath hitched when his fingers rested on my knee and he chuckled, moving them in a scratching motion and squeezing every now and again, making sure he prevented me from moving away. His tongue slipped out, wetting his lips and I pushed his hand away forcefully, only for him to grasp my wrist.

“C'mon,” he announced, pulling me from the stool and to my feet in a swift yank, “If Harry can teach you how to drink with a man, I’ll show you how to dance with one.”

Waiting for an answer or my consent seemed to be a waste of time to him and before I could react he’d pulled me off my stool and away from the bar. Soon we were surrounded by sweating and moving bodies, the music over here so loud I could feel the beat drum through my body. Jordan pulled me further and deeper into the crowd of humping people until he seemed satisfied with our location, far away from the counter to which Harry would return to soon. Jordan came to a swift halt and turned around to face me, releasing my wrist but encircling my waist so quickly I couldn’t move away. His arms tightened and he hummed, pulling me into his body so my chest was pressed against his. My hands settled onto his waist and I tried to push him off with as much strength as I could muster, yet I failed. His skin was hot and sweaty beneath my fingertips and I shuddered upon feeling his breath at my throat when he leaned in. His head pressed against mine and his fingers squeezed my hips.

“Jordan,” I urged into his ear, “let me go.”

Panic started to crawl through every vein of my body until I went rigid and my skin was littered with goosebumps. My throat was dry and all my brain screamed at me to do was to get out of the situation, to run away and hide from this gross man. Only how? His hold on me was too forceful and tight I had no chance of fighting him off. The only people who could help me were Harry and Nick and they had no idea where I was and would surely not be able to spot me in the sea of people either.
Ignoring my request, Jordan grabbed my hips tighter, his hold almost bruising and I gasped in shock when he began to move his own hips forward in a rough thrust, allowing our crotches to meet. I squealed and flinched back immediately, only to be pulled forward and held against Jordan’s body.

“C'mon, babe,” he laughed and repeated the movement of his hips, “Bet you’d let Harry have a go, huh? Why not me? S'it 'cause I’m not as rich as him? Or famous? Trust me babe, I can show you a better time, you’ll see.”

My stomach sunk and I shook my head. Unwanted tears shot to my eyes and spilled over when he moved both arms so he could rest his hands on my back, pushing me against his own body and moving me so I was forced to dance with him. He treated me like I was a doll and that sickened me more than anything.

“Let go,” I demanded, my voice now nothing more than a weak whimper, “You’re hurting me.”

To my great luck one of the girls dancing around us slipped in that moment and tumbled into Jordan, catching him off guard and knocking him right off of me. His arms loosened and I took my chance to push them away before fighting my way through the mass of people and away from him as fast as I my feet could carry me. I didn’t care how ridiculous I must have looked and didn’t stop until my eyes landed on the familiar and comforting sight of Harry and Nick standing at the bar where they’d expected me to wait for them. Neither of them saw me coming and when Harry looked up I had already thrown myself at him, embracing his shoulders tightly.

“Wow,” Harry laughed and Nick chuckled, but I didn’t react and only pushed my face closer into Harry’s warm neck in an attempt at shutting everything around me out.  

My body was still trembling and I swallowed repeatedly to keep stop crying. Only now did it truly sink in how forceful Jordan’s hands had been as I felt his hold on my skin as if it was still there. The skin tingled and burned. Surprised by my sudden neediness Harry wrapped his arms around me loosely and leaned his head against mine, allowing his nose to run along my cheek. With him it didn’t feel threatening or harsh, quite the opposite. With simple touches and without intending it, Harry calmed my distraught emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked with a gentle hum, amusement clear in his tone.

I just shook my head and loosened my hold on him reluctantly, only enough to not be strangling him. Harry pulled me into his side and held me there, smiling down at me with warmth in his green orbs.

“Where were you anyway?” Nick chuckled in, “We go get drinks for you guys and you reward us by disappearing.”

“There she is!”

Jordan’s voice roared from my right and I whimpered quietly, scooting further into Harry’s arms and away from Jordan. My head turned into his direction and I caught him staring at me with piercing eyes.

“Back with your lover,” he spoke in a chuckle, shaking his head, “fucking perfect.”

My face burned and I clenched my hands into fists. “Go fuck yourself, Jordan.”

Nick’s eyes widened at my sudden outburst and raised voice and he stepped closer. I could feel Harry’s fingers curl against my bare back, yet he didn’t loosen his hold. Instead he turned his body so he was facing Jordan as well and when I looked up his jaw was set and his eyes narrow, yet not at me but at Jordan.

“You guys what is going on?” Nick demanded to know.

Jordan faced Harry’s hard stare. “Have fun with her, I’m done.”

“Excuse me?” Harry demanded perplexed, though I could hear a hint of anger and his body froze.

I let my hand drop and rest against Harry’s chest, earning his attention and shaking my head at him. “Leave it.”

Jordan sighed exasperatedly and rolled his eyes once more. “I need a drink. Let me know when you’re done gawking at each other.”

He stormed off before either of us had a chance to reply. Nick turned to me and Harry let go of his hold so he could look at me as well. Their expression said the same. What on earth had just happened?

“Bloody hell,” Nick blurted, “What was that all about?”

My cheeks still burned and I closed my eyes, brushing against the heated skin of my face as I tried to collect my thoughts and form a proper sentence, one that wouldn’t send Harry off and after Jordan.

“We danced,” I began timidly.

“Yeah, we figured that much,” Nick nodded, “And? What set him off? Your lack of sense for rhythm?”

“Nick,” Harry barked and the smile faded on Nick’s face, slowly realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“Well,” I cleared my throat, “I didn’t exactly want to dance. He sort of made me and I got really uncomfortable after he wouldn’t let go and once he did I came back here. That must have pissed him off.”

“He made you dance?” Harry inquired, his eyes hardened and he held his breath, “How?”

I looked at him hesitantly and bit my lip. There was no easy or harmless way of saying this so I stayed silent all together. Honestly, I felt bad. Though Jordan hadn’t been part of Harry’s friendship group for long, I knew he liked him and me having a problem with Jordan would complicate things.
Harry’s tongue slipped out, wetting his lips. Suddenly his attention fell down to where his hand had subconsciously taken ahold of my wrist. Something in his expression changed and my chest felt tight. Harry’s worried gaze met mine momentarily, then he raised my arm up so he could get a closer look of my skin. One glance sufficed.

Harry’s fingers interlocked with mine and he gave them a gentle squeeze, his eyes full of sudden sadness and set on my face, silently communicating that he was sorry. My eyes watered and I bit the inside of my cheek, my own fingers squeezing his hand reassuringly. It wasn’t Harry’s fault.

“I’m going to kill him,” Harry promised me, voice stern and his eyes wide, “I promise.”

“Wha-” Nick began but Harry interrupted him.

“Her wrist is red, Nick! That’ll bruise for sure! Where else did he touch you, Y/N? Does it hurt?”

“Maybe my hip,” I replied hesitantly, tightening my grip on his hand.

A small noise left Harry’s mouth and he responded by wrapping me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated quietly into my ear, his breath tickling my neck.

“And that was Jordan?” Nick asked form behind me, “I never knew he was such a prick.”

“I did,” I muttered into Harry’s chest, my words quiet but he heard.

Harry’s hands set on my ribs and he slowly pushed me off, careful to be tender. When my eyes met his I shuddered. He looked incredibly angry.

“Are you saying he’s done that before?” Harry growled.

“No,” I replied quickly, “But… he’d stare. Longer than he needed to and especially when I’m with you he wouldn’t stop. And whenever you guys would leave he’d make stupid innuendos.”

Harry shook his head, sighing and closing his eyes momentarily. “I should have noticed.”

A frown took over his face and he pouted, adapting his child-like look and I couldn’t fight the smile from crawling onto my face. I reached out one hand and squeezed his arm.

“Don’t be silly, Harry.”

Nick watched us observantly and nodded. “He’s right though. We should have payed more attention. And I was the one who brought him around for the first time, too. I’m sorry.”

“Wait 'till I get my fingers on him,” Harry promised, his eyes fierce as they locked with mine, “He has no right to so much as think of you in that way, let alone touch you. I won’t have it.”

His head shot up and his eyes searched for Jordan’s face. I shook my head and stepped closer to him, raising both hands to his cheeks so I could guide his head and force him to look at me.

“Harry, leave it, okay?” I spoke sternly, “Please. I’m fine, I swear.”

“Fine?” Harry barked, “Your skin is red! Because of him! Y/N if you think I will just stand by while some dick mistreats you then you’re wrong. I will-”

“No, you won’t,” I interrupted, “It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s gone. And in the future you’ll know not to leave me alone with him.”

“As if I’d let him near you again.” Harry rolled his eyes and shot Nick a warning look when he began to quietly laugh behind us.

“Jesus, Harry. Don’t go all caveman on us.”

I turned to look back at Nick and smiled at his big grinned expression. My hands moved down Harry’s arms and I let one of them linger and grasp Harry’s fingers. Nick noticed my action and his face lighted up.

“Let me deal with Jordan,” he proposed, looking at Harry, “And you take your girl home, yeah?”

Harry shifted his weight from foot to foot and raised a brow at his friend, then he sighed and let this thumb caress my wrist.

“You tell him to never come around us again,” Harry commanded sternly, but something in his tone had changed and I could sense that he was calmer now, “Or else I’ll fucking ruin him.”

“Want me to quote you on that?” Nick laughed but nodded, then he leaned in to kiss my cheek softly before making his way into the direction Jordan had taken earlier.

Harry looked after him with almost an envious expression and I clenched my fingers around him, trying to get his attention back.

“Please,” I quietly begged, “Just take me home.”

My eyes pleaded with his and Harry bit harshly into his pink bottom lip. He sighed and frowned at me, saying: “Are you sure that you don’t want me to go after him?”

“Yes,” I answered without a pause for a thought, “Please.”



Harry’s hand felt good in my own, this I had to admit. He was warm, soft and knew without me having to say when I needed him to hold on tighter.
We’d slipped out of the club without saying goodbye to any of the people who’d recognized Harry and had hurried to catch a cab on the busy Londoner street, which lucky for us wasn’t difficult. On the backseat was where I’d allowed myself to drop any of the boundaries I normally lived by when I was in public with Harry and instead had crawled into him without hesitating first. And he’d welcomed it. Harry’s hands had settled onto my hips and he’d leaned in to cuddle his head into my neck while I’d led my face bury itself in his chest to breathe him in.

“I’m sorry,” Harry had whispered, “You’re the most important person to me. I should have sensed that something was wrong.”

I’d shaken my head against him. “I should have said something.”

Shortly after our messy car ride we were stood in front of my home, still holding on to each other’s fingers and without any sign of letting the other go. Harry’s head was held low and I noticed how he turned my hand around so he could look at it closely. A huff fell from his lips and I shook my head.

“Don’t freak out again, please?” I asked quietly, “It’ll be okay.”

I wasn’t as shaken up about the incident anymore, Harry’s comforting nature having its usual calming effect on me. There was no denying that I had been in danger tonight with Jordan’s endless game having reached its peak but it was over now and given Harry’s reaction to his friend’s lack of manners I was sure Jordan wouldn’t be a problem any longer. Maybe I should have gone to find the girl who’d saved me by stumbling just in time.
The feeling of Harry’s mouth meeting my cheek in a tender kiss brought me back to the present and I smiled widely, humming when he let his cheek rest against my own. His eyes were squeezed shut and his hands found my waist, pulling me into his body. I breathed in his familiar scent and relaxed against him, loving to finally have him to myself.

“We should tell them,” Harry began quietly.

“Do you really think that would have stopped Jordan?” I asked with raised brows, moving back so I could look at him properly, “He’s been suspecting that there was something going on between us for ages now anyway.”

My hands took hold of his shirt’s collar and I allowed my fingers to scratch his neck.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Fucking hell. The way he kept running his mouth tonight I already thought Nick was actually going to believe him. Wanted to punch him even before you told me about what he did.”

“Don’t you think he’d rub it into our faces even more if he knew he was right all along?”

“Hm,” Harry shrugged, leaning his body into mine, making me giggle, “So you think we should just continue to hide our relationship?”

His palm cradled my face and he leaned in to connect our lips in a quick and tender kiss catching me off guard in the best way possible. He didn’t allow his mouth to linger but pulled back and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“I want them to know, Y/N,” Harry begged quietly, “Hate worrying 'bout some bloke trying something the moment I turn around 'cause he thinks you’re still single.”

I shrugged in his hold and gently scratched his chin, “I’m all for telling our friends, my love.”

My lips met the corner of his lips and I smiled softly. “But don’t feel like you have to. It’s really only been Jordan who’d behaved like a dick to me. All your other friends are fine.”

“Well, good to know,” Harry chuckled, pressing a kiss to my jaw, “Seriously though I want people to be aware of you and me dating. Maybe not the media, but at least our friends.

"They’ll never shut their mouths about it,” I predicted, wrapping both arms around Harry’s neck.

He shook his head and let his arms sneak around me and I laughed softly when he began to sway us slowly. He was so beautiful, I thought. How could Jordan ever think he’d stand a chance compared to the amazing and wonderful man in my arms?
Harry kissed my shoulder, chuckling when I squealed under the tickling feeling of his hair against my skin.

“We’re just two friends,” he began quietly, “who fell in love with each other.”

I nodded and sighed. “They’ll understand.”

Hope you enjoyed it! 

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Liar, Liar - A Riverdale Imagine

Reggie Mantle x Reader

A/N:  (Y/F/F) = your favorite flavor, as in ice cream flavor. ALSO- thanks for the compliment, love. hope you like it!

Requested by: anonymous

“Hi i love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a reggie imagine where him and the reader are total opposites with the prompt "do you ever wonder what brought us together?” Pretty please ❤"

Warnings: injured reggie? like one “swear word”?

Word Count: 846


I press the ice pack onto the bruise forming around my boyfriend’s eye. “You know how much I hate fighting, Reg,” I mumble, focused on not pressing hard enough to hurt him more.

“I know,” he sighs. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s what you said last time,” I whisper, frowning, recalling the unfortunate number of times we’ve been in this exact situation.

“Hey,” he says, pulling my hand away from his eye. “I promise, I’m gonna work on it.”

I roll my eyes, but smile. “Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.”

His face lights up with a smile of his own, and he leans in to press a kiss to my forehead. “I love you,” he tells me once he’s pulled away.

“I know,” I smile, standing up and walking into his kitchen.

“Rude,” he laughs, standing up and following me.

“Do you have any ice cream?” I ask, peering into his freezer.

“Bottom shelf. Your nasty (Y/F/F) is still down there, I think,” he responds, scrunching his nose in disgust.

“You know, you look pretty cute with your nose all scrunched like that,” I tell him, laughing.

“I know,” he smirks, mimicking my own words. All I can do is laugh. “Hey, grab my chocolate one while you’re down there, would you?” he asks me.

“Ah, yes, you’re plain, boring, chocolate ice cream,” I say, smirking. I pick it up from the bottom shelf of the freezer- along with my
(Y/F/F) that he’d brought back for me previously- and slide it across the counter to him. He laughs, and takes two spoons from the drawer and walks over to me, handing me one.

He lifts me up into the counter, so that I’m sitting nearly eye-level with him. We both proceed to eat our ice cream in comfortable silence, until I ask him, “Do you ever wonder what brought us together?”

“What do you mean?” he asks, turning to look at me.

“I mean, let’s be honest. I love you more than anything, but we’re totally different!” He’s still looking at me, eyebrows furrowed. “You love football, and I can’t play sports to save my life. You get into fights, and I can hardly watch action movies because they’re too violent. Everybody knows you- everybody likes you Reg. And people don’t even know my name.” Reggie’s eyebrows are still furrowed, but he’s looking at the ground. “I don’t know. I just wonder sometimes how we ended up together,” I finish quietly.

Reggie looks back up at me, and stares for a moment. But then he steps closer to me, and places himself between my legs. He takes the ice cream and spoon from my hands and places them on the counter, and puts my arms around his neck. “Listen,” he starts, “I’m not really good with all this…romance stuff.” He laughs, and I smile at him. But then his tone becomes more serious. Not in a bad way, just in a way that tells me he means what he’s saying. “What I do know, for certain, is that, we brought us together.” I furrow my eyebrows, confused, but let him continue. “It wasn’t the universe. It wasn’t some… "higher power” or whatever you want to call it. It wasn’t our friends, or the school, that brought us together… It was us. You and me. I mean, you’re not wrong- we’re totally different people,“ he laughs. I smile, and pull his body closer to mine. "But this works because we work hard at it. It’s not always easy- you and I both know that.” We both laugh, and I lean my forehead against his. “But I love you. And there is no one else in the world I’d rather be with. And I’m grateful every day that we found our way to each other.”

“I love you, Reggie Mantle,” I whisper, smiling.

“I love you too, princess.”

“That was really romantic,” I tell him, smiling. He pulls away and puts the ice cream back in the freezer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says nonchalantly.

“Really?” I ask sarcastically, fake-glaring at him.

“Really,” he shrugs, feigning innocence. “No clue.”

“You’re such a dork,” I laugh, hopping down from the counter.

“Oh yeah?” he laughs, pulling me into a hug. “Keep it up, (Y/L/N), and you might just hurt my feelings.”

“What feelings?” I ask innocently.

“Oh yeah, really funny, babe. Right after I just poured my heart out to you,” he says sarcastically.

“Aha! So you admit it!” I exclaim, pointing a finger at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Comfort - Elijah Mikaelson

Request: Request: could you do a elijah reader where the reader comforts Elijah after they lost finn? (Your writing is amazing) ((Anon))

Pairing: Elijah x reader

Warnings: Mentions of losing someone. Crying.

A/n: As it turns out, I can cry while writing.

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Freya was inconsolable, Kol was sitting in silence, staring off into nothing, Klaus was being- well, Klaus was being Klaus. He was wreaking havoc to conceal his grief. You didn’t feel anything, you knew Finn for about two days, but he seemed like he was good- damaged, of course, but there was beauty somewhere under all of that pain and brokenness.

He reminded you strangely of Elijah. Elijah was so strong in the moment that Finn died, he was so solid, so much like the man you fell in love with in the beginning. He was always so strong, so powerful and formidable, but it took you less than a month to get through to him. You found out that his ice cold demeanor was just the outside, that on the inside he was strong for a different reason, for family, for love.

And he just watched his brother die. You didn’t expect him to straighten up and become everyone’s rock, you expected him to go upstairs, lock himself away to cry and smash things. He went to his room but the door was left open and he kept his back to it. Your feet barely made a noise as you stepped into the room. The air was heavy and his shoulders were slumped, his tie undone and his hair tussled.

“Elijah..?” You voice trails off as you lay a hand on his shoulder, as gently as possible.

“I love you.” He doesn’t turn around as he talks, but you feel the weight of his words. Like he thinks it’ll be the last time.

“I love you too, but this won’t be the last time you say it to me.” You keep your voice low, gentle and quiet, like when you talk to an inconsolable person at a funeral.

“No, I mean, I love you. With every fiber of my being, every muscle and every inch of my darkened heart, I love you so much that if I lost you-” Elijah’s voice breaks, and you think that if you see him cry you’ll cry too. “If I lost you I would die.”

“You aren’t going to lose me.” He swallows. “You aren’t going to lose me to Lucien or Aurora or hell- even Klaus, I’m always going to be here.”

“Look at me.” You grasp his shoulder, gently but firm enough to tell him you mean it. “Elijah. Look at me.”

He turns around. His eyes are red and puffy, his lips ruby red and his cheeks tinted violently pink. He looks so broken. You wrap him in your arms.

“It’s going to be okay.” He lets out a sob, his hands clawing at the small of your back as you both fall to the ground. “It’s going to be okay, Elijah.”

He holds you close to him, hands grasping desperately at your sides as he sobs into your shoulder. You run your hands over his hair and his shoulders as he cries.

“I promise you, we’re going to be okay.”

i don’t want you to go, but i want you so

basically, this is part two of Pain and part one is here let’s all suffer

“Why’d you kiss back?”

In the split second after Gina asks this, voice raw and ravaged as bloodshot eyes beg her to stay, hundreds of thoughts run through Rosa’s mind.

But she acts on instinct, and that instinct is to flee, to leave, to place as much distance as possible between herself and Gina.

She’s running away from her feelings again, and a sadistic voice at the back of her head mocks her for it.

Hands, her hands, shove Gina away- wringing herself quickly from rigid fingers that had wrapped around her arm so tightly. It’s an almost aggressive move that Rosa regrets once she carries out, but earlier thoughts revolving how badly Rosa actually wanted to give in and stay scare her even more.

Gina’s apartment door slams behind her and Rosa feels herself jolt in shock; an unusual feeling because as a cop with over a decade of experience under her belt, slamming doors and much louder, jarring noises are her stock and trade. But this entire situation has been so surreal and unexpected and Rosa feels like an empty hollow shell.

But when she thinks about it- is it really so unexpected?

An endless stream of appreciative stares and constant flirting had followed Rosa when Gina first started working at the Nine-Nine, and time did little to diminish Gina’s shamelessness. There had been winks and heated glances thrown at Rosa all those times Gina caught her doing yoga; “invites” to the gun range even though Gina didn’t know how to shoot-

“You could teach me, sweetie. Teach me how to gun, hun.” Gina chortled at her own little pun, and even back then Rosa had difficulty not grinning when Gina was being all… Gina. She had her charms, and those charms were admittedly very cute.

“I’m going to the gun range to blow off steam. It’s going to be endless shooting for hours. I need this distraction, Gina.”

Gina had only winked. “I can be your distraction for as long as you need.”

As always, Rosa had rolled her eyes. And relented, letting Gina have her way, which she found over the years to be a common occurrence for herself. Gina would want to do something, Rosa would say no, and they’d end up doing what Gina wanted after some careful persuasion. But that wasn’t always a bad thing, since it did end up being a fun afternoon… and half an evening.

What? They lost track of time, and ultimately Rosa achieved her goal of releasing her stress although she never taught Gina how to shoot a gun on her own; she kept insisting that Rosa put her hands around her as Gina aimed the gun. Still, they had a good time.

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uncommon alliances: part three

summary: you take advantage of the fact that pansy literally doesn’t care about house security, and decide to sleep in the slytherin common room with daphne and draco. also, the hogsmeade four has a lengthy discussion about dicks.

word count: ~3900

a/n: hi guys im back from the dead w another part of this series that has, essentially, no plot bc don’t we all love pwp! (; potter without plot!! what did u think i meant??? anyway there’s a discussion about dicks in here so if u dont wanna read that, it’s near the end, just ctrl+f “upside-down” and u’ll skip it, it’s just for a laughhhh

part zero  part one  part two

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Begonias | Jumin+V

Begonia — Plant.
Begonias are a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae. Begonias symbolize warnings about future misfortunes and challenges, along with caution from new situations.

GENRE: Angst.
CHARACTERS: Jumin Han & Jihyun Kim (V)
WARNINGS: Spoilers for the secret ends.



Secrets were always hard to keep.

When Jumin had grabbed him by the collar, things felt as if they were fast-forwarded, everything beforehand a peaceful serenity. Jumin Han was rarely lost himself from composure and control was his hallmark; and the thought felt suddenly sickening when he had glimpsed the bewildered look in his slate gray irises.

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Bad Ideas (Chapter 15)

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was to receive so many sweet messages about this fic yesterday, I love my readers you guys are the best!!!

This is a long update (4000+) and Peter has to work through what happened so he is pretty much all over the place. Wade tries to comfort him as best as he can. A few NSFW moments because its Wade and Peter so they need some loving!

Only one (maybe two?) chapters after this one, so if you need to catch up, catch up HERE!!

It was dark when they managed to find their way out of the abandoned building where they had been kept, and after realizing they were just in the next town over from home, Wade hot wired one of the trucks in the lot and they headed back  to see what was left of their lives.

It was gone.

“Jesus Christ.” Wade threw the stolen truck in park and jumped out of the cab, staring in disbelief.

His house and at least three fourths of the shop had been basically vaporized in the blast. A few chunks of the fridge had survived, there was maybe half of a bathtub lying in the yard. The apartment above the garage was non existent, and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was lying twisted and burnt in half melted piles.
What little was left standing was still faintly smoking, and the whole thing had been cordoned off by the police and firefighters for safety.

Wade wondered idly when he’d be getting a check from the insurance company, and if he could blame this whole thing on a faulty gas line.

“Seen if there is anything worth saving.” Wade instructed and took off towards what was left of the office, looking for his safe and the secret panel underneath it.

“There you are.” He tipped the burnt and blackened safe over on it’s side, impressed that it had survived at all. There was a little bit of cash in there but he wasn’t worried about that. No, he needed what the safe had hidden.
Buried in the ground was another safe, this one smaller, and Wade opened it hurriedly, pulling out several stacks of bills, an extra gun, and another set of IDs and paperwork for himself as well as a new cell phone.
It was an emergency fund if he ever had to pick up and run, and now seemed like a good time for that sort of thing.

“Pete!” He tossed it all in a bag in the truck and called for Peter who had been searching through the house for anything good. “Let’s go. We will stay in a hotel for tonight and tomorrow take off to a safe house I have across state lines.”

Peter just nodded, dropping whatever he was holding and brushing his hands off before climbing in the truck.

“Are you alright?” Wade asked finally, because Peter hadn’t said anything since they had escaped. Wade was willing to give him space to deal with whatever the fuck had happened back there, but he was also getting worried because the anger, frustration, bitter rolling from his omegas shoulders hadn’t lessened at all.

“It’s fine, Pete. We will just pick up and move on and start over. I’ve done it before, you’ve done it before. It’s fine. We can work out… all of this. Okay? Nothing we can’t get through. We’re gonna be fine. We’ll make it, baby boy.”

But Peter didn’t even look at him, just leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes.

“Alright then.” Wade gave one last look at what had been his home for almost five years now, and sped off down the drive.

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claireplaybook  asked:

Your prompts are open! Yay! Can we have more Iron-Pather drabble please. I'd love to see Protective! T'Challa who be like ' yes, mhm. Okay. I hear you. Now step away from Tony Stark or I will cut you. I demand it as King of Wakanda.'

This one is a bit over 1.6k words, so watch out for the cut.

Tony wasn’t very comfortable with running around in Wakanda like he belonged there.

It was still hard to believe some days that T’Challa really wanted him to be there, and he knew that he was bothering the Dora Milaje more than he should, so he really didn’t want to impose no the people in Wakanda as well.

So he stayed in the palace most of his time, always close to T’Challa, because he still wasn’t sure about his place there.

The revised Accords still weren’t through, mostly because a lot of people were unhappy with the changes made to them and so the emotions were high strung on that topic.

Rhodey was doing better, almost walking without another aid than the braces, and being away from everything, relaxing in Wakanda did wonders for him too.

Bucky was still somewhere in cryo in the palace, but Tony didn’t know where and he really didn’t want to anyway. Steve and the rest of the team were long gone again; T’Challa’s hospitality only covered so much, and so there was no danger for Tony to run into any of them.

Which was just fine with Tony, given that he still woke up with nightmares about the shield coming down more nights than not.

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If you’re looking for the whole series, feel free to scroll through here before a masterlist is born! ♥


[ Yifan | Thieving Hearts ]

\ Drunken Truths


That little bit happened to be half a bottle drunk down in clear shots.

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2p Russia and Romano head cannons.

I had no idea if you meant Romano or 2p! Romano. So I said ‘fuck it’ and did both. Sorry for 2p! Russia. He’s not a very popular 2p, so there’s not much on his personality…

2p! Russia

-Why did you have to exist.

-This good sir is a man of the mind. One who rejects his heart, for the most part, doing only what he needs to do in order to improve his economy. He certainly has no time or need for love.

-Then you came in, and ruined it. Increased heartbeat, inability to focus, and having his mind flooded with thoughts of you.

-Stereotypical crush. Emotionless bastard gets fucking flustered if you stand too close. God forbid you accidentally touch him.

-I’m not sure he’d kidnap you. Maybe if he ever got over the whole ‘holy shit they’re right there asdfghjk-’ thing. But even then, he’d regain some of his common sense. Some.

-At first, he doesn’t know why he feels this way, or what exactly this feeling is. Like, make it stop, but at the same time don’t, because it’s actually kind of addicting…

-The poor man is actually confused as hell.

-All he knows is that people aren’t allowed to be near you.

-It’s likely he won’t kill anybody, at least not directly, but ruining their lives? Collapsing everything they’ve ever worked for? All fair game.


-Angry Italian swearing? Angry Italian swearing.

-Believe it or not, he’s really good at acting like he isn’t a Yandere. Maybe because he’s so violent in the first place?

-And when I mean violent, I don’t mean ‘cut off your testicles and beat you with them’ violent. I mean “fucking look at them again and I’m going to shove your own asshOLE DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT.”

-”Roma, that’s impossib-” “WATCH ME.”

-After the yelling match, you two go home. The person flirting with you is never to be seen again.

-The biggest giveaway? Instead of being upset that you got flirted with, he’s super loving and smug. As if he knows you’ll never leave him.

-Poor bab is actually insecure as fuck, so gets jealous way too easily, and takes out way too many ‘threats’ that aren’t even close to threats…

-Does not want you anywhere near his brother. He’s lost too much to him, and he isn’t risking you too. Sure, he’d just take you, in the end, but if at all possible, he’d rather not kill his fratello…they’re still family, after all.

-You can’t meet Spain either. Again, whether he shows it or not, he cares for the ‘idiota’, and would rather not eliminate him, if at all possible. If it came down to it, he would, but he really doesn’t want to.

-Yes, he can kill them. I know he’s actually a coward, but they trust him a lot. One quick move, and it’s done. No chance to fight back.

2p! Romano

-Pffft. You, leave him? Oh, honey, that’s cute.

-Is almost always at your side. Honestly? He doesn’t do much for his country, letting other people run the show while he makes the whole place look good, so he has a lot of free time.

-Yeeeeaaaah, you can’t meet the 2ps of Italy or Spain either, but for different reasons.

-”Oh darling, no. I love them, really, but they’re such brutes. No, they aren’t getting anywhere near you.”

-Never gets jealous, because “Who would leave me for somebody else? Have you not seen me!?”

-However, does get irked if people try to get too friendly with you. Do they not see that you clearly belong to him? I mean, nobody else deserves you.

-Prefers to beg ask Luci to do the dirty work for him, but if it comes down to it, he’ll just poison their drink.

-Pretty possesive. “Why would you ever want to leave my side? You look better just being in the same room as me!”

-Vain as fuck, but definitely puts you on a pedestal above everybody else. He’s the best, but you’re a close second. Compared to most people, you’re a goddess, an angel. Yeah, the common folk can’t have you. It’s only fitting that you stay with him.

-Also super whiny. “Beeeeeeelllllllllllaaaaaaaaa! Pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeee!”

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Friend, thank u so much, I've never heard anyone question Sokolov like?? Had him pegged as a creeper at best in DH but he was useful so w/e, but we're supposed the care in 2? Between the merderous inventions, the Outsider's "he performs disgusting rituals", and Delilah heavily implying he took advantage of her when she was young... mm. MMM. No. Maybe he's a toothless old man now, but that everyone was buddies with him made me entirely uncomfortable. Can i at least be rude to him. Game, plz.

You’re welcome! I know for certain that I’m not the only person uncomfortable/angry with this whole Sokolov thing, but I haven’t seen people discussing it much neither. My guess would be that there is part of the fandom that jumped in from the second game and may believe this weird framing Arkane went with and people who remember what a sleazeball Sokolov really is just prefer to sweep it under the rug and focus on parts of the sequel that are enjoyable (like Emily being 100% badass).

Seriously I have so much dirt on Sokolov that if I wanted to list it all this post would become unbearably long. But in my reading Sokolov was clearly one of the villains of dh1 along with Burrows, Campbell and Daud. Actually I’m not a fan of the whole Loyalists betrayal plot point, because it takes attention away from the 4 guys I mentioned above. Because dishonored was a story about selfish assholes who made life miserable for others while cozying things up for themselves, which is painfully realistic type of bad guys. And now dh2 telling me that I should throw all of that out off the window and believe in redemption arc that consist only of warming your ass in Serkonos? It feels insulting.

And I would like to point out some of the ways devs managed to make this whole ordeal extra uncomfortable:

  • presenting Sokolov as the old and weak, he was kidnapped and hurt, in this game he is at clear disadvantage, they are using our natural empathy to sneak in their forced narrative, which feels pretty manipulative
  • biased framing; oh god, this one is so painful to look at, because it feels like writers both remember that he was awful, but at the same they already decided to present him the certain way, so they are standing on their heads to smooth things out or present them as not as bad, or even good. this is a really clear example:

[Sokolov’s] buzzing and glowing devices kept me safe

aka invention helps our protagonist = GOOD

while in Jindosh’s case his invention helps our antagonists = BAD (nice ableist slur there too, I wish dishonored wasn’t like that, goD)

the funny thing is that without this emotional narration I can tell you that both of Sokolov’s and Jindosh’s inventions are exactly the same thing: violent security mechanism, available primarily to the wealthy. I remind you that Anton’s wall of light, arc pylon and tallboys were the means that Burrows used to maintain his authoritarian power

who would have thought that having it turned against you would actually feel bad

  • okay rant almost over, now cherry on the top, some of the things that writers threw into dh2 to show Sokolov as more sympathetic OUTRIGHT CONTRADICT what we got to experience in dh1

there is a line from the Heart (aka device that is supposed to know the deepest truths about people so we are supposed to be able to trust it completely) in dh2: “In his dreams, he sees the names and faces of every subject he experimented on in the name of progress.”

that’s nice but we could see him interacting one of his subjects and we have this fun audiograph bit: As for test subject 312, after the characteristic sloughing of the skin, she should be dead by mid-morning tomorrow.

he didn’t even know their names and referring to someone by a number alone suggest he barely seen them as human. isn’t that something that The “I’ll say all your dirt out loud” Heart would rather comment on?

Loving A Lannister

Title: Loving A Lannister

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1k

Warnings: none, open end though

Summary: You have feelings for a Lannister, said Lannister however is too thick to see it while the other is actually quite aware.

(A/n: I suck at summaries.J)

Originally posted by gameofthrones-reactions

You giggled softly at Tyrion’s words. Truth be told he was short and not exactly the fairest of them all, but you absolutely adored his fast and witty sense of humour. The queen’s youngest brother never failed to brighten your day.

“You should stop Tyrion or she might fall off her horse laughing.”

While her other brother never failed to make your heart skip a beat. Jaime Lannister was for certain the most handsome knight you’ve ever seen.

“It’s not my fault I’m so unbelievably charming that she might throw herself off her horse for me.” Replied Tyrion quickly, winking in your direction.

“I’d call it shock about your lack of charm, brother.”

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Hiya! You're such a positive person in the JB fandom and I'm kinda disillusioned right now after this week's episode... I think I was caught up in Nik and Gwen's interviews and the hype and started to believe JB is happening this season but maybe not? I haven't kept up with the leaks but I'm starting to think that Nik and Gwen knew the JB fandom was bound to be disappointed and were trying to give us something to smile about... :/ how are you feeling about the whole thing??

Hi there, anon!

To start out with your last question first – I think you are implying two things with your question, right? On the one hand, what I think of the Gwen/Nik interviews in connection to the episode and an overall assessment of L’Episode du Blegh. I hope I got that correctly.

So, to turn to the first part of the question that I now interpret to be a part of it… I tend to read too much into things, so you have to excuse me in that regard, LOL. Anyway, do I think that Gwen and Nik have been riding the JB Hype Train only just to please us JB shippers?



For a number of reasons.

First of all, as much influential as the JB Media™ may be (we control the internet, guys!), we do not wield that much power that our most precious, dorky Dane, who is still finding out how social media work, and our magical unicorn of wonder will mean to appeal to *us* in that way. So, the assumption that they were trying to brace us for Le Blegh presumes that they’d feel a personal need to keep us JB shippers tuned, prepare us for the inevitable Le Blegh. And I don’t think that is the case.

Hand in hand goes that Gwen’s also been going on about that Wildling Fellow with the Beard™ in connection to Brienne (now, whether that was her personal choice or something communicated to her by HBO/managers/producers/what not is up to debate and not the topic just now). She wouldn’t have done that if her agenda was to somehow reassure JB shippers – or to prep them up for yet another scene. She would have chosen another language during that point of time to reflect on that matter, which she did not. So that, to me, already works against the hypothesis that she’d have interest or feel a need to brace JB shippers for something inevitable such as a short-lived, comical relief TB scene or Le Blegh.

Another reason – Nik is an epic, good-looking (epically good-looking) troll when it comes to spoilers. He is really good at saying a lot while saying nothing at all, so not to reveal anything spoilery. That is his kind of style, but it’s not really his style (as far as I have seen in the retrospective of his interviews on previous seasons) that he’d push one thing as a reassurance for fans to stay tuned.

Nik’s usual turn is to talk about Jaime at the point of time where we left off the past season before the new season airs. Which is a smart thing, because it makes him less vulnerable to reveal big spoilers – he only ever speaks of Jaime based on what is *common knowledge* and is canonically true.

So, I just don’t believe our two precious celebs would do that. On the contrary, I believe that they have been as JB-friendly as they were because a) both enjoy playing that relationship, b) Nik ships it, let’s be real…, c) Nik is happy to talk about anything but his character’s incestuous relationship with his twin sister for the umpteenth time – and who can blame the man, really??? and d) judging by another interview Gwen gave (when yet again asked about the Wildling Fellow who Shall Not Be Named and responded in a way that came across to me as her being rather annoyed on her character’s behalf that it should be about Brienne’s feelings and not that of said character not to be named), I also think that she is rather happy to talk about her character’s *deep* relationship with another character instead of that throw-away scene that got way more hype than likely anyone ever anticipated.

The point thus is that I just don’t feel like Gwen and Nik would do that. Nik loves trolling, but that is not trolling, really. It’s just not their style, as far as I can judge.

But anyway, the big point I didn’t yet speak of is that there comes another assumption with this assessment – that JB shippers will be disappointed this season, which they meant to brace us against by flooding us with some JB goodness in the interviews.

And I don’t think they will be in the longrun of the season.

I think we are going to get JB candy, even if we had to swallow some Blegh.

A lot of Blegh.

That is what makes most sense to me *at this point* - though, mind you, that is just my personal observation, I am no psychologist, behaviorist, or what not, I am not inside Gwendoline Christie’s or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s heads. I am just basing this on my reading of their past interviews in connection to the seasons that aired following their ipromos.

Anyway, moving on to the second part of the question.

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anonymous asked:

“It’s three in the morning.” From Marco to Tom? (By the way you're awesome I love all the stuff you post okay bye-)

Awww! Thank you so so so so so so so much! I really liked writing this and I had a fun time with it! Sorry it gets so angsty, I’ve been have some drama so it’s kind of showing up in my writing haha Enjoy!

“It’s three in the morning.” Marco rubbed his eyes sleepily. Tom climbed in through the window and fell onto Marco’s bed. He scrambled to sit upright and rubbed the back of his head.

“I-I know i just… was having some trouble sleeping is all.” Tom spoke, swallowing hard. Marco narrowed his eyes and leaned closer.

“Is everything okay, Tom?” Marco asked, concerned. Without warning the demon burst into tears and grabbed onto Marco, pulling him close and sobbing into his shoulder. “Woah! Tom, what’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Marco asked, holding him tight.

“I just had to see you.” Tom cried. “I-I had to hear your voice… I had to hear you tell me it was all going to be okay.” Tom sobbed. Marco felt a heavy feeling in his stomach, like he normally got when his Tom was this upset. Marco held him closer and kissed the demon’s face.

“Shh, it’s all going to be alright.” Marco promised. He pulled back and wiped away Tom’s tears. “Now tell me everything. I’ll make it all better.” he human promised, giving Tom another kiss on the cheek. Tom wiped away some tears and held onto Marco tighter.

“I had a bad dream.” Tom mumbled. “It was…” He stopped, bursting into more tears. “Oh Marco!” Tom cried, clutching onto him. “It was terrible I-I was screaming and screaming but they just… nobody listened and… you were gone and it was all my fault!” Tom sobbed. Marco hushed him and rubbed his back soothingly.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Marco assured. “Is that why you’re here so late?” He asked. Tom nodded and wiped away more tears. Marco kissed away his tears and rocked the demon back and forth. “Shhh, just try and relax.” Marco hushed.

“No!” Tom cried. “I-I can’t! Marco, I’m dangerous to be around! I’m no good! I’m a demon and you’re a human… I’m going to hurt you one day. And I can’t… I can’t live with myself if that happens.” Tom closed his eyes tightly and began shaking his head. Marco gasped at hearing this and held onto the demon as tight as he could.

“Tom, don’t say that!” Marco begged. “You help me, and you love me! You keep me safe and protect me. You always put my needs before yours. Tom, you’re so special. And could never ever hurt me.” Marco assured him. But all these promises just made Tom sob harder.

“How can you trust me?” Tom asked. Marco didn’t respond, he just took Tom’s face in his hands and gave him a deep kiss. Tom felt his eyes fall shut and he melted into the kiss, leaning into Marco’s touch. When Marco pulled away Tom’s eyes were shining and he was looking at Marco like he was the whole world.
“I can trust you because you’ve shown me how much you mean it when you say you love me. Everything you do for me, everything you say to me. Even just the way you act around me and the way you act towards me. And all those things make me love you too!” Marco beamed. “And the fact that you’re so cute and sweet helps a lot too.” Marco teased.

Tom laughed a little bit through his tears and hiccupped. “Y-you think I’m cute?” Tom asked, rubbing his teary eyes. Marco nodded and pulled him in for another kiss.

“I think you’re adorable.” Marco gushed. Tom blushed violently and Marco kept covering his face in kisses. “It was just a dream, you know that?” Marco asked. Tom sniffled and nodded, but his grip on Marco didn’t let up. “Here you go.” Marco sat up and took off his hoodie, wrapping it around Tom’s shoulders and pulled the hood up to rest on his head. When the demon was bundled up Marco then pulled him into a loving hug, and wrapped the blanket around the two of them.

“You look so tired.” Marco frowned. “Is this the first night you’ve had this nightmare?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I’ve been having the same dream for the past week… every night but… this time you actually died and I… I…” Tom trailed off and tried to bite back his tears. Marco hushed him and kissed Tom’s nose.

“Shhh, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Marco soothed. Tom seemed tense and unrelaxed, gripping onto Marco like if he let up he would float away. Marco reached up and ran his fingers through the demon’s hair. Tom relaxed a bit a this loving touch and Marco ran his fingers over to scratch him gently behind the ear. And like a charm, it made Tom relax and a soft purring come from him.

Tom snuggled deeper down in the covers and Marco’s hoodie. He let his eyes fall shut. No matter how hard he tried to fight it (which he wasn’t right now) he could never resist it when Marco showed him this affection. All Marco had to do was give him a light kiss and scratch his ear, and Tom would melt. It didn’t matter how angry, anxious or worked up Tom was. Marco could get him to calm down in less than a minute. And Tom would be fast alseep in the human’s arms shortly after that.

Marco felt Tom go limp in his arms, and his breathing evened out as he slept. “Oh Tommy.” Marco cooed, brushing the demon’s hair from his face. “I love you, don’t ever forget that.” Marco whispered. He held Tom closer and closed his own eyes, letting the sound of Tom’s soft purring lull him to sleep.

I’m not the type of person you should be falling in love with

Wrench x reader angst c;

Prompt: Wrench tells his s/o he can’t fall in love with them and that they need to leave before they get hurt because of his violent nature. He also explains he can’t be the type of person to fall in love with because of the risks that get included. He tells his s/o to walk away first or he will.

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You opened your eyes slowly and heard a voice. It was a familiar voice but you couldn’t make it out. Your head was still dizzy and your vision was blurry, but you thought maybe it was because you just awoken up suddenly. You asked yourself, “Where the hell you were. What happened? How come I don’t remember much.” Your mind started clouding with thoughts and the questions. You turned your head and saw Wrench sitting there along with Sitara, Marcus and Josh. 

“You’re finally awake.” Wrench said slowly. 

You were about to get up and ask what happened, but Sitara stopped you. 

“Take it slow. You been out for awhile now.” She said in a concerned voice.

“What happened?” You asked trying to stay up on the couch you were sleeping on. 

Josh helped you stay up while Sitara and Marcus explained the whole thing. You noticed Wrench staying quiet. You wondered why he wasn’t talking. Normally Wrench was the type to be worried even if he didn’t look like the type to care at all. This made you feel so unsure that you didn’t even want to look at him or say something to him.

“Wrench accidentally caused an explosion to go off and which destroyed part of our hideout as you can see.” Sitara said. “You fell unconscious and nearly survived the explosion. 

Marcus continued, “We took you to the hospital and they said you’ll be fine but there’s no serious injuries on you just some cuts.”

“Also some bounty hunters tried kidnapping you as hostage for Wrench to come out of hiding. He’s been having sound bounty’s placed on him.”Josh commented. “Also if you’re still wondering about the explosion it was a very small one but could still get one person hurt.”

You just laid on the couch processing what they had just told you. You thought how you were getting hurt by DedSec activities and not even being part of this hacker group. The only thing that was DedSec affiliated for you to be here was himself Wrench. Wrench stood up from his chair and whispered to Sitara, Marcus and Josh. They left the hideout, but Wrench stayed.

“We need to talk outside.” Wrench said, “Somewhere else that’s actually private.

“Isn’t this private enough for us?” You said laughing a bit trying to lighten up the mood and him. It was one your innuendo jokes you always told him.

“Just come on.” Wrench said in short voice. He led you outside and walked over to a empty bench. “Sit.” 

You sat down feeling bad. You were curious to why he was acting like you were both strangers. You felt cold it was starting to rain down.

“You need to walk away before I do.” Wrench said. That’s all he said while you just waited for an explanation from him. He didn’t say anything but just stared at you.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You finally asked.

“I can’t be that type of person you should fall in love with. There’s risks including.” He replied. “I think it’s time for you to walk away from me and for me to walk away from you. I come with too many risks that’ll got you hurt already. There’s no way you can love me with a violent nature.” 

You got up from the bench and grabbed his vest before he could walk away from you. “Wait what the hell are you even saying?” You yelled out.

“Walk away.” Wrench replied coldly.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” You said as you stood in the cold rain.

“I’m leaving you behind.” Wrench said without any further explanation.

There he was walking away from you. He was leaving you behind and left you in the cold rain. His words rang in your head, “I’m not the type of person you should be falling in love with.”

Make Me

Writing Prompt #3 “Make Me” requested by another lovely anon. Hope you like it hun :) 

Contains: language, teasing, slight noncon 

You bit your lip hard, fighting the urge to roll your eyes. You and the other Saviors had just returned from Alexandria, trucks just full of goodies. Once everything was unloaded and sorted, Negan “requested” that you accompany him to help with the inventory. Of course he did.

Letting out a sigh, you follow him to the storage unit, heart frantically beating with anticipation. For over a month now, The Savior leader had tried to persuade you to join his little menagerie of wives. And while he made an incredibly tempting offer, you just couldn’t set aside your pride to accept his proposal. You worked your ass off to get the high position you were in now. Ranking just under Simon and Arat, you answered to no one but Negan. You had respect among the Saviors and had all the tools and skills necessary to survive in this shitty world. Why the HELL would you throw that away just to sit around and do nothing except occasionally get a piece of Negan?

It wasn’t as though you hadn’t thought about that particular perk before. Several times in fact. The couple of men, you HAD decided to fuck while you were at the Sanctuary got the job done sure, but they didn’t hold a candle to what you imagined fucking Negan would be like. Then again fantasy was always better than reality, right?

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Carisi-centric thoughts on Eps 18x20, 18x21

I’m glad that’s over.

Overall Thoughts

This was an intense but unnecessarily convoluted episode. This case could have been solved in fifteen minutes, not two hours. At least it wasn’t another “rich white people he said/she said,” and all the characters got their moment to shine, but I can’t say I enjoyed it. It wasn’t bad, it just kind of dragged. There was no need to stretch this over two episodes. The squad had to track down about twelve different witnesses to the same crime. Eliminate a couple of those witnesses, a few of the racist rants, and a Hallmark moment or three, and you’d have one tight finale.

Benson’s Dilemma

I have to start here.

The characters kept saying it, but I don’t see what was so different about this particular case (other than the fact it was not about rich white people). Hate crimes happen every day. So do rapes and murders. Why would Barba suddenly decide to urge Liv to lie on the stand? That wasn’t just random and out of character, it wasn’t supported by the script.

If they needed Barba to do that to create tension between himself and Liv, if they wanted to make Liv look better by comparison, and more ethical than Barba, they needed to set it up better. I mean, it didn’t even make sense. When Barba was trying to convince Liv, he effectively said “I’m not saying lie, I’m saying maybe the witness was confused,” but what does that have to do with anything? Liv could only testify to what she personally heard. If the witness says, “I told Benson,” Liv can’t say, “oh, I don’t know, maybe she’s confused”. Liv can only say “yes, she told me,” or “no, she didn’t tell me.” Liv can only tell the truth, and she’s certainly not confused, so what was Barba’s point?

Also, we’re supposed to believe Barba would jeopardize his own career (which is already in the shitter, so maybe I’d buy that, actually), but also Liv’s career, and for what? So he wouldn’t lose? For justice? If so, why this case, and not last week’s case? Why not next week’s case? (thank God there’s no next week) Why not every case? Is this something he’s done before? Is this something he’ll do again, if he thinks he can’t win? What are his standards for lying? (probably “is it the season finale?” lol) Does he even have any standards? Where’s the line? Is Barba okay with perjury now? And from now on? Or was it a one-time thing?

Dodds Thoughts

I wish the writers had chosen Dodds Sr. as the only character to gently goad Liv into lying. That would have been enough. I don’t see why Barba had to compromise his own ethics. As a matter of fact, I loved the Dodds Sr./Olivia scene. It’s worth noting that Dodds Sr. didn’t actually try to sway her directly, not like Barba did. Dodds Sr. just offered her some perspective, and shared his own experiences. I loved that he said he had played it both ways, in the past. That was believable, for a cop in his position. It was subtle, and beautifully played, and well-written.

Bottom line, Dodds Sr. still let Liv make up her own mind. Barba tried to be cute, all “lol she was confused, Liv, can’t you say you were confused too? Pretty please?” which kinda rubbed me the wrong way. And Liv clearly felt the same. Compare her reaction to Barba (“are you kidding me, sis?” and then a hilarious rejection) to her reaction to Dodds Sr. (she legitimately asked for his advice, in the end, with that quote about Mike lol whos’ mike?, and she genuinely smiled at him).

I don’t know. The whole thing reeked of “omg you guys it’s the season finale and we need some drama”. I’m glad Liv decided not to lie.

But let’s get to Sonny:

Sonny’s Temper

Finally, the writers found a way to make Sonny angry in a believable way. In a way that wasn’t out of character. In a way that made sense in context, and didn’t come out of nowhere. Seriously, out of all the instances in which Sonny has lost his temper this season, this is the one and only time I felt for him, and thought he was justified. I mean, was it necessary to have him body slamming people left and right, throughout the episode? No. Was it necessary to have him (and everybody else) yelling in every other scene? No. But was it too much, or too violent? Also no.

This wasn’t random anger for no reason, this wasn’t just, “OK guys let’s all SHOUT all our LINES because it’s the season FINALE!!!!” (though that totally happened, too. They even got the usually very whispery Kirk Acevedo to yell, which made me laugh).

Sonny had a real reason to be mad, and that made a difference. Roughing up a perp is one thing, and it still makes me uncomfortable because I’m a SJW oops, sorry, I thought I was an SVU writer for a second, and I started using buzzwords :D

But shoving ICE agents, because they’re detaining a key witness, and they’re practically sending him to his death? Making Sonny break his promise, in the process? And letting rapists and murderers go free? That’s anger I can get behind.

I also appreciated the way Sonny and Barba argued without either of them losing their temper. They disagreed (and they didn’t even really disagree, because Barba was only suggesting to use the threat of deportation as a bluff sort of), but they just expressed their opinions as professionals, and as equals, without any yelling or finger-wagging. And they both (sort of) had a point. That’s the type of argument we might have seen in a previous season, and I enjoyed it watching it play out.

Sonny and Empathy

Finally, we got to see Sonny’s love for children, shining through. That was always one of Sonny’s main characteristics, and we never got to see it this season (aside from Great Expectations, a rare highlight). The way Peter conveyed Sonny’s dismay at busting in on a couple of little girls with a gun in his hand? It was only a two-second reaction, but it said it all. Same for the way he tried to be there for Hector’s poor daughters, kneeling in front of them at the hospital, trying to keep them away from their rightfully furious mother.

It was also interesting how Sonny was the only character who had strong feelings about threatening a woman using her children as leverage. Amanda and Liv, both mothers, had no such qualms (Rollins threatened multiple people’s kids, like five times, and Liv was fine with literally calling ICE). Barba also had no qualms, but then Barba isn’t exactly the most emotional person, lol.

I have to say, I didn’t enjoy those threats. Every time, I’d side with the mother (even the racist one, who otherwise made me shudder). Leave kids out of this (didn’t Liv and Amanda go through this themselves, in Real Fake News?). And don’t use shitty and scary immigration laws to threaten innocent people. It should be said, Soledad’s husband was certainly complicit, but Soledad herself was just lying to keep her family together. Yes, murderers would go free as a result, but her motives weren’t evil. Did she deserve to be separated from her kids?

And, the real question here, the one Liv and Barba ignored: did Soledad’s kids deserve to be separated from their mother?

That was my main issue (and also the main reason I loved Sonny’s reaction). I did agree with Barba in having little sympathy for Soledad, because ultimately she was lying, but what about her children? Barba had no sympathy for them, either. Sonny did (and Fin and Amanda seemed to agree). Sonny even sweetly said, “it’s late, her kids are asleep,” which was a wonderful detail. Liv and Barba were like, “Round ‘em up! Right now! Traumatize those kids for life! Coercion! Fuck yeah!” but Sonny actually stopped to consider the emotional implications for those kids. That one line, and the way he said it, it moved me. It was perfectly consistent with Sonny’s personality. He cares. He sees the big picture, but he also thinks about the little things, and how they affect others. Especially children. 

That’s why that was my favorite Sonny moment in the entire finale. It showcased his empathy, and his idealism, and his conviction in his beliefs. Sonny has always been unafraid to speak his mind, even if his superiors disagree.

Speaking of Sonny’s superiors, I wonder if this stunt made Sonny respect Liv and Barba a little less. Because that happened to me. And Fin, who totally called Liv out :D

Morality Thoughts

I may joke about it, but I loved how Sonny and Fin clearly didn’t approve of that stunt, of threatening a mother of two small children with deportation, and I appreciated the fact they were “allowed” by the writers to express those opinions to Barba and Liv, respectively. I also liked that Liv didn’t answer Fin’s question. That’s the type of “grey area” writing which was sorely missing this season.

This was the rare instance when the audience wasn’t expected to think Liv is 100% right, for a change, and the writers even had a beloved character like Fin call her out. They had an idealistic and sincere character like Carisi call out a more pragmatic and underhanded character like Barba. That was actually good writing (what???). Letting the audience draw its own conclusions. I wish the writers hadn’t waited until the finale to start doing that.

Stray Thoughts

This season didn’t give us much on the Barisi front (or on any front), but it did give us this:


Peter Gallagher is so handsome. And so talented. He brings so much to all his scenes. How does he do it? And why can’t the rest of the SVU cast do it too, lol? No one came close to his nuanced performance, last night (from the regulars, I mean. The guest cast was mostly fantastic). And his lines weren’t even that great. Honestly, how does he do it? I love him.

I also love not Eddie Kirk Acevedo. Were they trying him out as a potential new squad member, pairing him up with Sonny, and having him participate in an interrogation with Amanda, or is that wishful thinking? And does it even matter, now that we’ll get a new showrunner? I mean, they probably needed guest stars to fill the airtime, because the finale was 2 hours long and the show only has like 3 characters left :D

Fin still has a detective’s badge, right? Did I blink and miss him actually making Sergeant? And did I also miss a reference to his twitter-grandson?

Rollins, after shoving and practically headbutting that woman in front of her small son: “Honey it’s okay, your mommy’s fine! I’m just about to punch her in the face, but it’s all good! Go play with your Xbox!”

I liked Yusef’s reactions to Sonny’s naive remarks about America. “I get it.” “No you don’t.” Damn straight.

Did Sonny kick down that door literally ON that woman’s face? The hell? She was standing right behind the door as he kicked it! Sonny, sweetie, you’re no Derek Morgan. Leave the door-kicking to the experts.

Barba keeps getting swerved by Liv, lmao.

I won’t get into the politics of it all. I don’t have the time or the inclination. I’ll just say the script was way too heavy-handed. I mean:

random guy, for no reason whatsoever: “What is happening in this country? This is America, right?”

Sonny (and me): “…yeah okay thank you we’ll call you if we need anything else bye”

I am GLAD that’s over.

I’m saying this partially in response to trans people talking about detransitioned radical feminists as if our sole aim in speaking out is to make life more difficult for trans people. As if our criticisms of transitioning and trans politics constitute a malicious attack. I’m saying this also because we are entering a time of acute social and political crisis and we need to have as clear a picture of reality as possible.

Detransitioned radical feminists aren’t a real threat to trans people. We’re not putting trans people in danger by talking about our lives or disagreeing with them or having different ideas and opinions on what it means to be trans and transition. The people who violently attack trans people or deny them housing or jobs or health care and otherwise harass and mistreat them are the same people who’d attack me for being a dyke or a detransitioned women.

I don’t stand to benefit from people thinking transitioned bodies are gross or mutilated or unnatural. I don’t stand to benefit from people thinking that trans people are delusional or mentally ill or otherwise psychologically defective. Any stigma that attaches to trans people hits us too cuz we have transitioned bodies and trans histories. A lot of us couldn’t hid our pasts even if we wanted to. If people in general think transitioning people are crazy mutilated freaks, that doesn’t help me. That doesn’t help me get a job, that doesn’t help me get treated with respect, that doesn’t improve my life in any way.

So whatever I think of transitioning or how the trans movement thinks of gender, it’s in my interests to help create a world that’s good for trans people and everyone who’s ever transitioned. A world where we can all get good jobs and places to live and good health care and can find people who love and respect us. I still want trans people to have good lives even if I completely disagree with what a lot of trans people think of gender and misogyny and what causes dysphoria and all that. Disagreement and criticism is not the same as hatred or working to limit or harm someone’s life. It’s important to figure out who’s a real threat and who just says shit that makes you upset or pisses you off.

Right after the election, I read a whole lot of trans people considering whether to detransition for reasons of safety and it horrified me because I don’t want anyone feeling like they’re forced to detransition. Detransitioning should be freely chosen, not coerced. I don’t want to live in a world where people feel like they have to hide who they are.

The scary right-wing people who are presently gaining power in this country, they don’t care about our ideological differences or what words we use to talk about ourselves or anything like that. We’re all freaks and perverts and sinners to them. We need to remember this, all of us, trans people, detransitioned people, radical feminists. It’s not like this suddenly cancels out our differences or disagreements but it’s in all of our interests to keep things in perspective.

My attention has shifted a lot since the election and I’ve been paying a lot more attention to this coming administration and various factions of the right-wing in general, everyone from the “alt-right” white supremacists to conservative christians. Trans people may sometimes say some shit that frustrates me but they can’t fuck up my life like these assholes can. Now’s a real good time to figure out the difference between disagreement and danger and focus on surviving and resisting those who threatens all our lives and well-being. 

tumblr likes to talk abt how tumblr culture is bad but the thing everyone forgets to address when talkign abt it is how we make women gods. we refuse to see women having mistakes. you see so many posts about how women are pure and perfect and so nice and beautiful, and when anyone tries to point out that not all women are you get replies like ‘mmmmm maybe the women you know are just mean to you sweetie? :)’

how is that supposed to help anything?

as a wlw who has been abused by a woman, who has been abused in platonic relationships by woman, and who’s mother has abused them, it’s so damaging to hear this. to see and hear your abuse constantly being put down by other women who refuse to see that women could even be possibly bad. 

guess what, while men are perpetrators to a lot of crime, women can be just as bad. women can be just as evil. 

to say that women support women constantly, and then to see women on this site, this fucking hellscape tear each other down and apart and vague post each other and send each other death threats literally shows how wrong all of you are

women are mean. women are violent. women are bigots and abusive and bitches and just abt anything you can think. sorry this doesn’t fit into your narrative of the world but it’s true. 

in our quest to be equal and to support people and to end misogyny, we’ve become unfair. we’ve become blind. we’ve become too … i don’t even know. all i know is that we have stopped reaching for equality and being seen as humans to wanting to be seen as gods and goddesses and whoever disagrees with us is damned.

and i fucking hate it

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Grease Off

Character: Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
Word count: 720
Summary: A grease off between Moonbyul and her girlfriend. The victim? Solar, of course (ft. Solar) | #fluff #slightsmut

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To describe the look on her face in only one word, it would be; priceless.

Of course, Solar always had the funniest reactions, the best facial expressions, the loudest screams. But, right now, in this moment, she was at her finest. Wide eyes blinked owlishly, jaw falling open. You wanted to laugh so bad, as did Moonbyul, but no, you couldn’t. You both had to stay strong, even while looking at her priceless reactions. Because you two needed to stay serious.

This wasn’t just a competition.

It was war.

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