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okay, this may be a random and not necessary mean anything, but here is what kind of thought struck me today regarding the mixtape, next season and the possible endgame for deancas: the mixtape was labelled "dean's top 13 zepp traxx", right? but isn't it a bit uncommon to make top list of 13 songs? I mean, usually you pick a number which is divided by 5 (5,10,15 etc). Could this be writers hinting to us again that something meaningful between dean and cas is gonna happen the next,13th, season?

So I reblogged this post the other day by @margarittet because it was such a brilliant piece of meta on this that I feel like I don’t need to say anything more. 

That meta post touched on what you are talking about above, because 13 probably isn’t a coincidence and the writers most likely didn’t do the maths on how many Led Zeppelin songs an average cassette tape could actually hold, though for the hell of it I am gonna give it a go. Because why not.

Basically a cassette tape can hold around 45 minutes of song time on it. That averages out to around 11 - 15 songs of the average modern day song length of 3-4 minutes long.

Led Zeppelin songs on average are longer than that, at least 6 minutes long, though some pass the 10 minute mark on their own. It would have made far more sense to pick a top ten for LZ as logically, the only way to fit 13 LZ songs on a standard cassette tape would be if you were only picking the shorter songs, which means you’re skipping some of the best (which Dean totally wouldn’t do). Sure we can imagine Dean went and bought the fancy new cassette tapes with far more space on them, but Dean has always been pretty old school about these things and I just can’t see him going for all that modern stuff. If he was gonna do that, he could have made Cas a CD instead, or a playlist on an Ipod.

Whilst I doubt the writers sat down and worked out song timings and cassette length, the number 13 does make little sense in general and as you say, a top 10 would be far more obvious. So yes. Basically my point is that the number 13 was not pulled out of thin air. It was significant. Just like every single other thing in that entire scene was extremely significant. The whole moment was a spectacular display of storytelling, script writing, editing, production design, everything. It was bloody genius.

Just like the fact that Dean spelt ‘Track’s’ with 2 ‘XX’s to give the double meaning of kisses, the number 13 was part of the message. 13 is an important number. 13 is where we are headed. 13 songs, 13 seasons, and two guys who have been dealing with their unspoken feelings for each other for far too long. 

Unlucky for some? But not for Dean and Cas. I’m calling it guys. Season 13 is when it’ll happen. This isn’t based on the mixtape alone, but just a general feeling based on where season 12 has taken us. Destiel is happening, and I would put money on it happening in season 13.


Hi friends. I put out a fic rec list a while back, and since then I’ve read a lot more, cried a lot more, laughed a lot more. So here’s another fic rec list for YOI! Most of these are different authors, in an attempt to spread the love. 

As before, it goes fewer bookmarks -> more bookmarks, in a very blatant attempt to give exposure.


Resting pulse by cafecliche: I’m crying all the time, when I read this fic. It’s amusing and witty, while capturing the Victuuri characterizations perfectly, and also THERE IS PINING. This author’s other fic also address anxiety beautifully, so go forth. Go read all of the cafecliche. Do it for your wellbeing.

Kiss, You’re On Camera by Ashida: THIS IS SO SWEET. They’re at a baseball game, and Yuuri’s neighboring seat gets taken by an attractive stranger. God, it’s cute. Please check it out.

Stay the Night by Shadow_sensei: Your heart won’t be ready for the twist at the end of this. You could never be ready. This story is haunting and I mean that pun in all the best ways—it’s also got a beautiful dreamlike, fairytale (more like scary story) feel to most of it.

Shall We Skate (Through Time) by counterheist: counterheist has written MANY quality fics (also see BREAKING NEWS: Local Man Would Like to Date Other Local Man), most of which have me laughing. God, counterheist is great. This time travel AU also INVOLVES PHICHIT, my man, deals with consequences and, finally, provides great plot.

Yuri Plisetsky Saves the (Figure Skating) World by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom): Yuri Plisetsky’s interpretation of Viktor running off to “coach” Yuuri. It’s so canon compliant it HURTS—like hurts your stomach, because you’ll be laughing. Also the author is a darling.

A Heart of Paper Cranes by missmichellebelle: Besides being a fantastic human being, this author handles fluff, first time meetings, and anything your heart could desire with aplomb. I love this fic to pieces, and I love the sweet honesty of the Victuuri in it. *swoons*

Meet me halfway (in the future) by MissSpock:  I LOVE THIS FIC?? I love MissSpock, who I discovered and promptly blazed through all the fic of. This excellent time travel fic explores jealousy in a ironic but honest way.

Nuclear Hearts Club by butterbeerbitch:  The best of mutual pining and high school. I think I recc’d butterbeerbitch on my last list too, but I need you to listen to me. This fic has beautiful musings on childhood, which are giving me nostalgia in ways nothing else I’ve read has, and it is heartbreakingly gorgeous. This is poetry, it is prose, I cannot believe this is a real human being writing this. While they have stunning imagery, they also aren’t scared to make gross, hilarious comparisons. Please read this. Do it for me.

Like a design by jinlian: Canon-verse, and very sweet and humorous.

Life Unwoven by rougeandtonic:  TIME TRAVEL AU. WHERE YUURI TIME TRAVELS… BOTH WAYS. You get double the Victuuri, all of the pining, all of the miscommunication being healed, and just… oh. I love this fic. I think about it constantly. I’ve totally already screamed a lot about rougeandtonic on my Tumblr, but I. Do Not. Care. Like, this author probably hates me at this point, but I can’t help it.  Please read their work: kokoro no kaze is another of my favorites.

Lullaby of Birdland by Orchids_and_Fictional_Cities: Yuuri is a figure skater and Viktor is a jazz pianist. It doesn’t hesitate to deal with heavy topics, and the author knows. Their. Jazz. I’m drooling over this fic as we speak. Listen. I don’t understand how this has only 142 bookmarks at 7 chapters. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Meet Me by the River by c0rnfl0wer: do you want Slavic mythology and traditions handled masterfully and presented along with high quality love and pining? Then read this fic! Also, check out c0rnfl0wer’s other works, I can’t imagine how much research and effort he puts into his writing.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach by futuresoon: I can’t figure this mystery fic out for the life of me. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Do you like mythical creatures? Do you like mysterious and handsome men? Do you like food? Check this out. This quirky, supernatural fic leaves you curious, and ironically hungry for more. Might be on a hiatus, as a warning, but word on the street is that it’s not abandoned.

I see the universe in your eyes by fangirlandiknowit: Oh god. From Yuuri’s POV, and it’s so descriptive, so emotional. This was written a while back, but I just discovered it and it is quality.

(offer me) that Deathless Death by melonbug: VIKTOR IS DEATH in this beautiful and moving fic that’s wrapped up in mystery and prose, but which I want to continue reading forever. There’s some phenomenal life observations in here, too.

Shut up and let me hold you by shysweetthing: I’ll never be over shysweething’s writing. I KNOW I recc’d this author on the last list, but you have to understand that it has brilliant dialogue, clearly understands YOI and episodes 11 and 12, and presents what was absent/only hinted at from them in a way that simultaneously soothes and breaks your heart.

These Frozen Nights by viciously: GEEZ so Yuuri can see ghosts, and Viktor doesn’t know… This fic is just ethereal and shocking, but still domestic and the Victuuri is sweet.

Taking the long way home by thankyouforexisting: Vicchan doesn’t die (so you already know this is gonna be good) and Yuuri doesn’t get drunk, so this fic explores how things change. It’s just… lovely. The dialogue is hilarious and magnificent, the AU is a great idea, and I’m loving this slow build.  NO, THANK YOU for existing, thankyouforexisting.

cover story by fan_nerd: Every frickin time I think back to my pre-AO3 account days, I remember a great fic and have to search for it. Every time I do, IT IS BY FAN_NERD. I love fan_nerd. This is a roommates AU, and is top notch.

Just Like a Stranger With the Weeds in Your Heart by MooseFeels: This ABO fic is just. Just. I tend to obsess over rhythm in my writing, and this fic has rhythm in excess. It just slides smoothly into your head, and astounds you.

Prove Me Wrong by homsantoft (tofsla): I started reading this and thought, oh, another soulmate AU, it could be decent. BUT I WAS A FOOL. This is not any old soulmate fic—it is beautifully handled, and I am unworthy of this and the one other fic by this author for YOI. PLEASE READ IT.

America goals by magnetic wave: Phichit is probably my favorite YOI character that isn’t Viktor or Yuuri, and this fic captures him so well. It also is a fic where you can see a perfect Phichit and Yuuri dynamic, without having to rely on Victuuri at all. I am in love.

Singularity by springsoldier (ladydaredevil):  I think I also recc’d this author on the last list. Do you care? I don’t care. You have to see this. It’s a STAR WARS AU. It’s so understated, and glorious, and hilarious. The Yurio is excellent, and the storyline is handled realistically. Finally, a Star Wars fic that shows you how a good Jedi deals with love.

A Lesson in Wanting by awesometinyhumanbeing:  I AM FANNING MYSELF. I love this fic! I love the trope of being in love with someone you’re married to, but being unable to deal with it. Reading the lines here just make me want to cry, and by the time things are finally resolved you will be incredibly invested in their happy ending.

Butt Stuff by Plumpie:  Yuuri gets an invasive… butt procedure. And Viktor is his nurse. Every moment in this is amusing.

At Home by SuggestiveScribe: SuggestiveScribe is pretty prolific, or was back a few months ago, and all of their works are breathtaking. Please check them out. This one’s fluffy, domestic despite the travel, and fun.

Katsuki Yuuri: Ascended Fanboy by Defiant-Dreams (DefiantDreams):  I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. Yuuri is a commentator, Viktor is still a skater, and everyone is exposed to their mutual and very obvious crushes in this great comedy.

Blackbird by sixpences: If you read nothing else I’ve recced to you but you still read this fic, I will be happy. This extremely well thought-out and planned fic showcases Yuuri and Viktor as intelligence operatives during WWII and the Cold War, and is brilliant in its complex portrayal of the issues at the time. Also, they’re ridiculously cute together even in heartbreaking circumstances. There is homophobia in-universe, but the handling of it is sublime and it’s there for a reason. I JUST UM. DEEP BREATHS EVERYBODY. THIS FIC IS SO GOOD.

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare by exile_wrath:  Okay so listen. I am a very sensitive kid. This fic made me have a LOT OF FEELINGS, and is sublime. I will say there is definitely some violence, but it’s handled as well as this author handles everything, and the story as a whole transports you to this whole other Beauty-And-The-Beast but darker world! It’s very imaginative.

Constellations (Things You Left Unsaid) by DasWarSchonKaputt: I love Yuuko, and anytime she shows up in this fic I scream. This fic is just hilarious and deals with Yuuri’s feelings of inadequacy quite well. A+ role reversal AU!

Take Hold by Lavender Prose: Have I ever mentioned that I’m a complete sucker for soulmate AUs? I am, and this one is stunning and thorough in its worldbuilding. Also, check out the author’s tumblr for short but effective drabbles.

Kings in Couture by slightlied: I think a lot of people have also heard of this one, but I don’t care. The first two chapters are excellent, and accompanying drabbles for this universe can be found on the author’s tumblr, and they are also engaging. Just visit the author’s tumblr—it’s a lot of quality content of all kinds, and she’s bursting with ideas.

Now When Arrows Don’t Penetrate, Cupid Grabs the Pistol by ken_ichijjouji (dommific): AHAHAHA this fic, it’s funny. Also, it stars Phichit and almost every possible couple in YOI, so you know it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Worthwhile by surveycorpsjean: People like to watch Viktor suffer, but it’s always from pining. This fic handles the concept that Viktor can have major insecurities and struggles too, showing through heart-rending metaphor. And of course, it shows that Viktor can still deal with these things while having and deserving a loving relationship. Ah, homophobia warning here, but it’s a fic dealing with a lot of real world issues.

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0: Listen here. This is my favorite identity reveal fic. Somehow this author takes a plane ride (normally a terrible experience for all) and makes it into a rollercoaster of good times and cuddles and wrenching revelations. I love this Viktor, and this Yuuri, and the pacing is just right, as well as the Viktor/Yurio dynamic.

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood and MapleTreeway: probably a fic that everybody knows, but it’s so well planned and such a great take on selkies that I can’t help but recommend it. There’s actual poetry in here, folks, as well as great prose—dream scenes, sweet romantic getaways in bays, CUTE SEALS. And, for a time, a mystery! Just… read this fic, if you’ve somehow missed it.

Centripetal force by braveten: Braveten is pretty well known, so you’re probably like “kiaronna why are you showing us this, of course we all know this fic” but this is my FAVORITE OF HER FICS and it’s going to get recommended, dang it. If you somehow missed this adorable masterpiece and like college fic, check it out. One of the chapters also made me hide in a bathroom for a while to deal with my freakout about emotions.

Unfortunately, because of life, I haven’t had as much time to explore the tag… or much time in general. so if you’re one of the works I love but I missed you, I’m sorry! 

Hopefully you readers will share my enjoyment of these amazing works!

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my main issue with wttm is far from yuri's wardrobe choice (honestly it's so in character??? what else was a teen who was told he couldn't do something gonna do smh) but more that the fandom seems to be taking the leaked scenes as ot@yuri which, being between a 16 and 19 year old, really rubs me the wrong way (you definitely didn't deserve that nasty ask tho what an ass)

ahhh okay! I totally get what you mean! 

I personally take it as a platonic ota//yuri thing. They literally just met so I really hope that Kubo would take time to slowly build their friendship before anything more happens (if it’s gonna be a canon thing ofc).

Tbh, I actually don’t mind if ota//yuri never becomes canon. Their friendship seems to be a very important part of the story, and I don’t mind if they just end up being best buds. I think YOI’s theme is all based on love, and love between friends is just as important as love in a relationship.

But I can’t make anyone think the way I do. It’s interesting to hear a different view of this whole wttm thing tho!

Drabble Time!  I know a couple people were wondering how Shouta was dealing… with a side of Shuji.

Shouta didn’t look up from what he was working on.  He wasn’t particularly in the mood to deal with anyone today.  Especially if that anyone was Shuji.  "Go away.“

Shuji just hummed and rested his hip on the side of Shouta’s desk.  "Yuuri-kun didn’t come to class today.  It wasn’t a known absence either.  Is he sick?”

Shouta shrugged.  No, Yuuri wasn’t sick, but Shouta was pretty sure that he didn’t want to come to school.  Shouta hadn’t wanted to come to school, but there wasn’t a competition or an exhibition to hide behind.  Yuuri could at least convince his coach to say there was some sort of unexpected practice that cropped up.  Surely, Alexei wouldn’t punish Yuuri for Shouta being an ass.

“I know it’s not show related.  I’ve been going to most of Yuuri-kun’s practices at the arena just to make sure I have the tempo down.  I might not be performing during his practices, but consistency is key.”  Shuji took the chair at the desk in front of Shouta and straddled it so that he could lean on Shouta’s desk.  Shouta glared, but it was half-hearted at best.  He could feel Shuji’s eyes taking in everything, including the tell tale redness to his eyes.  Shouta looked away.  "Kuso.  You broke up with him, didn’t you?“  Shuji’s voice was barely a whisper.

There was no way that Shouta was going to answer him.

"You mentioned that it was going to be hard, almost impossible to make it work if he was moving to Sapporo, but I didn’t think that you’d actually do it.  I mean I hope–”

Shouta kicked Shuji in the shin.  It was the least that he deserved.  He fought back a grin at the howl that Shuji let out.

“That was not cool.  I wasn’t going to say anything bad.”

Shouta just gave him the “I don’t believe you look”.  It should have been painfully familiar to Shuji.

“No, really.  I was going to say that I hoped you could work something out.”

Shouta couldn’t help the snort.  "I thought you were going to say that you hoped that I would so you could have a shot.“

"Maybe I was thinking it a little, but I wouldn’t have said it to your face!”

Shouta couldn’t help but laugh.  "There’s that, I suppose.  I guess you aren’t a total waste as a human being.“

Shuji grinned at him.   "At least you have some sort of sense of humor.  Though really, how angry would you be if I tried?”


“Why not?  A little high school fling?  Something fun to end the year on before he goes to Sapporo and I go to Tokyo.”

Shouta shook his head.  "Yuu-kun isn’t like that and you know it.  He’s not–“

"But maybe he could be.”  At Shouta’s glare, Shuji backtracked.  "All right, no, probably not, but there’s no reason that he has to be lonely the last few months of school.“

"It’s not like I told him that we couldn’t be friends anymore.”

“I like how you think that he’ll still want to hang out after that.”

Shuji was right.  Shouta knew that Yuuri probably would be spending as little time as possible with him, but it wasn’t like he didn’t have other friends in the IS track.  Granted, the next closest friend he had was Shuji… Damn it.  "Don’t hit on him.“

"How am I supposed to not hit on him?  I don’t think I know how to not hit on that beautiful boy.  If I didn’t hit on him I’m pretty sure he’d think I wasn’t feeling well.”

Also true.  Shouta had never really hated anyone more than Shuji right then.  He didn’t even hate the Russian as much.  He pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Tell you what.  I won’t do anything that I wouldn’t normally do.  Fair?”

Shouta looked down at the Math sheet he needed to complete.  "Not in my opinion, but then I don’t really deserve fair, do I?“  Shouta sighed.  "This sucks.  But Yuuri will probably need a friend.”

“My point precisely!”

Shouta rolled his eyes toward the ceiling.  "And you’re going to take advantage of the situation, aren’t you?“

"Maybe just a little, but then where would the EXCITEment be if I didn’t?”

Shouta just blinked at him.  "Is it possible for you to have a conversation without mentioning the name of your band?“

"Probably, but why should I even try?”

Oh Shuji….

Rewatching the “Na Na Na” video, I feel like Kobra Kid got most of the best scenes in the video. I mean, all the guys have great shots, but a lot of them are just generic Killjoy things–driving the Trans Am, shooting ray guns, punching Dracs, etc. But Kobra’s scenes actually hint at his personality and interests. We see him using a power glove, helping the girl hack into vending machines, doing a karate kick, reading “MURDER” magazine, and flinching and covering his ears at the sound of a gunshot. I think that’s a credit to how much personality Mikey gave the character. I feel like even Gerard saw Party Poison as more of a symbol than an actual character, but Mikey turned Kobra into a real character with a personality.

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The stuff with Finn and force sensitivity is ugly. I appreciate you trying to put a positive spin on it but it's difficult to see this as anything beside othering Finn and antiblackness.

Lucasfilm honestly just doesn’t seem to get what a Big Deal Finn is. Like, if they had cast a white guy as originally planned and pulled a bait-and-switch that would be a fun twist. But when you cast a black guy and put a lightsaber in his hands you’re setting up certain expectations for people who don’t get to see themselves as the big damn heroes very often, and so to be all “LOL GOTCHA” is just…ignorant at best, mean-spirited at worst.

I STILL REFUSE TO GIVE UP HOPE but I’m way less confident than before and I don’t blame anyone for being disheartened.

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Apparently Chris Cornell's mother in law is talking shit about Eddie on her Twitter. Wow

Now that’s classy. In all honesty she seems distraught, maybe confused and looking for someone to blame. She’s angry. Her comments about Eddie are disappointing and upsetting. Very upsetting, at first. It’s worse that she isn’t being direct. Vaguely shit-talking Eddie publicly on social media is just really low. Some of the things she said are just unthinkable. I hope that Eddie never hears any of what she’s saying. I think it’ll hurt him more. Eddie might be withdrawing after Chris’ death. Sometimes it hurts so much that you don’t know the words to reach out to someone. I can’t blame him for not saying anything yet. Eddie has to grieve in whatever way is best for him. Maybe touring will be a way to get his mind off it a little and move forward. So I can’t blame him for not cancelling his tour, either. And if Eddie’s words mean so much to her, why not reach out to him, make sure he’s alright? She expects something from him without even the slightest concern about his emotional well-being. Above all, who’s this slander going to help? I hope Chris’ mother-in-law can stop pointing fingers. And I hope that in time, she and the rest of Chris’ family can cope.

Also like some of what she said should totally be kept offline and she is betraying Eddie’s family’s right to privacy if she goes on like this.

Also I fucking hope Alternative Nation doesn’t get wind of this because they’re gonna have a field day exploiting it if they haven’t already.

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So my so called DD has been very mean lately and i dont mean in a nice way either. His anger has been getting the best of him and he has been yelliny and screaming at me. I know its been hard lately cause he lives in another state. He doesnt let me do anything, not even hang out with the 2 friends i do have with out accusing me of sleeping with them. I do everything i can to try to make him happy. But i never feel good enough. I dont knkw what to do anymore.... thoughts? Advice? HELP?!?!

Goodmorning class and welcome to emotional abuse 101. The only way you can fail this course, is if you don’t do anything at all. So please…leave that mother fuck! I will be our first example. Our book today is: You’ve got me fucked up in the head. 3rd edition.

I’ve been in his shoes many many years ago; I didn’t let her have friends. especially, not guy friends. I didn’t trust anyone with her. I was always so scared that she would leave me. And I was the one who pushed her away. I hated the person I was back then. I didn’t realize how hurtful I had be come. Emotional bruises take longer to heal and no one is aware of the pain you’re in. Darling it’s only going to get worse and only you can end it all.




REQUEST(S):  “Any Race imagine but if it could be funny that would be amazing because I love Race and I’m in the mood for funny. Thank you for doing this!”

“If you wrote race x reader I would love you forever”

SUMMARY: Y/N is breaking one of the most important and enforced newsie rules. And, worse than that, she’s got a crush on her way too attractive selling partner that simply won’t go away.

A/N: okay so apparently i’m incapable of writing short imagines because this’ll have a part two coming soon. there’s not too much race x reader in this one because it’s more of a buildup, but next part will have more of that. i tried my best to make it funny, i guess? and by that i mean i just let the narrator (reader) go with barely any filter on their thoughts so, enjoy!


When it came to being a newsie, there were rules in place that really should be followed. I had never been one to really favor breaking the rules without necessary, so I followed as many as possible:

1. Pay for your papes
2. Do whatever it takes to sell them
3. Don’t steal anybody’s anything
4. Do not come back with papes left unless you want to be eating them for dinner

There are some rules, however, that just have to be broken. Such as lucky rule number five:

5. No girls allowed

This rule in particular was bullshit in my opinion, and really it was there for no reason. Why would The World deny having more papers sold just because a girl was selling them? Honestly, it’s like these guys know nothing. But, you know, it wasn’t too much of a setback. It just meant getting up earlier than all the other boys to make sure all my hair stayed tucked in my cap, wrap up my chest a little bit (since boys aren’t exactly supposed to have breasts) - oh, and no talking. Ever.

Me attempting to imitate a boy’s voice was just too pathetic, and this way I would never slip up. Sure, it takes a lot of restraint to not scream at some of the boys sometimes, but it pays for the food. Plus, the minute the boys found out I was “mute” they rejoiced - according to them I was a gold mine. All I needed was a selling partner, and we’d make easy money.

Race had jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes I wish he hadn’t. It’s much harder to pretend to be a straight boy when your partner’s smile is so cute you’re pretty sure it’s not even legal. And, God, that damn smirk of his. How’s a girl supposed to stay in control when he’s making some dumb joke, sporting that smirk with his hair all messed up from a day of selling papes? It’s just unfair.

And of course I had wished for someone to confide in. I hadn’t talked at all in months, and I could barely remember what my voice sounded like. When I got time alone, sometimes I would whisper to myself under my breath just for relief purposes. There’s just so much to talk about, and I haven’t gotten to say any of it all because of some stupid rule that says I can’t be a girl if I want to sell papes. From the very beginning I had been dying to find someone who I trusted enough to tell without them blabbing to everyone, but I just hadn’t worked up the courage yet. I certainly hadn’t planned to have Katherine find out because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

She was walking with me on the way back to the lodge and she was working on an article, thinking out loud at she wrote. “Ugh, I need a good synonym for amazing. I’ve used that word like five times already.” She ran a hand over her face, obviously in distress, and it just kind of slipped out.

“Phenomenal.” Her eyes widened and she looked up from her paper at me slowly, shock overtaking her face. I slapped a hand over my mouth as I felt the panic start to take hold of me.

“You - you can talk? Oh my god, oh my god. Were you just pretending to sell more papers? That’s some damn good commitment you got there…”

“Please don’t tell anyone!” I squeaked, which was very much the wrong thing to do, because up until this point she had only heard me say one word - and gender is kind of hard to determine from four syllables. However, when you’ve said an entire sentence in your much-higher-than-a-boy’s voice, that kind of gives it away. For a second time, she freaked.

“You’re a girl! That’s why you don’t talk! That’s hilarious!” She broke out laughing as I stood there, still scared out of my mind but a little bit calmed by her lack of anger. “I won’t tell any of the boys, promise,” she breathed, smiling. “Oh, but this is so great! Finally, another girl I can talk to about these damn boys!” I laughed at that, and soon we were both giggling like idiots.

Suddenly, her face lit up. “How long has it been since you got to, you know, lose the getup?”

“Don’t know, lost count.” I shrugged and she squealed. Grabbing my arm and dragging me in the opposite direction of the lodge. “Kath, we’re going the wrong way.”

“Nope, you’re not going to the lodge.”

“I’m not?”

“No, you’re staying at my place and you’re going to get to be a girl again for tonight.”


“Hey! Anybody seen Mute?”

A chorus of ‘no’s came as a response, and Race sighed. He’d left his partner with Katherine, but they had yet to make it to the lodge and it was already dark. Jack was worried as well, both of them concerned that something had happened. Mute was a great selling partner with all the sympathy he ignited, but he was a scrawny guy and if someone had attacked them, Race wasn’t sure Mute would’ve been able to fight them off. Eventually, it got too late, and both he and Jack fell asleep.


An hour before the boys woke up for the morning, I came sneaking through the lodge door, already prepped and ready for the day (hair clipped in place thanks to Katherine, and breasts securely flat). I’d spent the night with Katherine sharing stories and finally talking about all the things I’d been dying to say. Saying Kath was excited when I went on a rant about how annoyingly attractive Race was was an understatement - the reporter was ecstatic. I tried to calm her down - “it’s never gonna happen, Kath, to him I am and always will be a boy. And even if he’s gay, I can’t even speak” - but it was no use.

We hadn’t actually ended up sleeping. Instead, we’d spent the early hours making me look like a boy again, with some added improvements. Before I’d left, Kath had given me a book, so when I arrived back at the lodge and there was a little while before the morning bell would ring, I sat on my bunk and read.

The minute the morning bell rang, the lodge filled with noise. All the boys were waking up and fighting for space. In order to avoid the chaos, I walked outside, leaving the book on my bunk. I was enjoying the small noises of a New York morning when suddenly someone was standing next to me.

“You and Kath get back alright last night? Didn’t see you before I fell asleep.” The mere sound of Race’s voice made my face heat up and I hated it. The fact that he had noticed my absence made my heart skip a beat, even though I was sure it was more of a brotherly type of “this kid can’t even talk he needs to be protected” kind of way. I nodded as a response and he gave a little nod of his own.

After the previous night I wanted more than ever to tell Race everything. Maybe if he knew I was a girl things would be different. Maybe if I could actually talk to him, this whole thing would be easier.

“Mornin’ boys!” Jack came up behind us with Crutchie beside him. “Hey Mute, Kath get home okay?” Before I could respond with a nod, Race was talking.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” He pointed down the street a little where Katherine appeared to be sprinting toward us at full speed. When she reached us she was panting heavily, attempting to relay what must’ve been important news.

“The Delanceys… they’re coming here… heard something about a girl Newsie,” she said in between breaths. I felt my heart stop in my chest. Being discovered as a girl by the boys or Katherine was one thing, being discovered by the Delanceys was another. They wouldn’t hesitate to take me away for breaking the rules, and I don’t think the fact that I’m a girl would stop them from roughing me up a bit.

“I think we would’ve noticed if one of was a girl,” Romeo said, causing all the boys to laugh. By now everyone was up and gathered. Katherine kept glancing around and I could tell she was panicking. I made brief eye contact with her and I’m sure she could see the fear in my eyes. She was doing a better job at hiding it. I was about to start shaking uncontrollably. In the distance, The Delancey brothers could be seen walking in our direction.

“You smell that boys?” Race called out, smiling as the Delancey brothers scowled. “It smells like we got the bad kind o’ company!”

“I’d shut your mouth if I were you,” Morris growled.

“We got reason to believe one of you maggots has been breaking the rules. Youse hiding a girl in that lodge of yours.” Jack stepped up to Oscar confidently, no hesitation  in his stance.

“What - you sayin’ we wouldn’t be able to tell if we’s had a girl selling papes with us? We ain’t hiding no girls.” I wondered what would happen if Jack knew that he was lying. More importantly, what would happen if the Delanceys started poking around? They so much as knock my cap off my head an I’m a goner. It was too late to pull it down to hide my face more, it would be too suspicious. Plus, it was already blocking my face some, as usual.

I tensed as the brothers started walking through the crowd of boys. They were met with plenty of laughs and jeers, and quite a few jokes made. The world stopped.

And then started again as the Delancey boys begrudgingly left, not having found what they were looking for. The newsies taunted them as they walked away and I let out a sigh of relief.

“That was a close one,” Katherine gave a little laugh.

“Whaddya mean?” Jack asked, and I froze again. “Why was it a close one?” I watched as Katherine tensed up, trying to form some sort of explanation the wouldn’t give me away.

“Well, you know, I - uh…. I thought that, maybe, he was gonna… hit you? Yeah! I thought he was gonna hit you, but he didn’t…. So it was a close one?” Jesus Christ, Kath, really?

Murmurs were starting to get louder throughout the crowd as everyone began to search for the supposed girl among them. Race wasn’t looking at me at all, and I really don’t know whether I was relieved or offended. Maybe he trusted me too much to think I would lie. Not that I ever actually said I wasn’t a girl. Or, you know, said anything at all. If I was any of these boys, I would honestly choose myself as suspect number one. Who trusts someone you know nothing about because they can’t tell you? Ridiculous.

“It’s only a close one if one of us is actually a girl,” Crutchie spoke up. I could tell he was trying to save Katherine, God bless his pure little soul, but Kath and I were in deep shit now.

“Well, I mean…” She shot an almost unnoticeable glance my way, as if asking if it was okay. I almost nodded yes. Almost. Except then Morris Delancey was back and standing behind Katherine, and I was ready to just drop dead because this entire situation was one big piece of shit that I was not planning on when I didn’t sleep at all.

“You got information you’d like to share?” Morris asked Katherine. Her face contorted with anger as she spun on him.

“If I did I certainly wouldn’t tell you!

“I think we left a little too soon earlier, didn’t get a chance to really check.” Oscar Delancey was standing directly behind me and his voice sent chills down my spine. How the hell did he even get there? It’s not even noon and this has got to be the worst day of my life.

And then Katherine did exactly what she shouldn’t have done. She glanced at me. And Morris saw it. In seconds, he was walking towards me. As I prepared to exposed, or maybe even hit, Race stepped in front of me quickly. He stood defiantly, staring Morris down.

“Move out my way.”

“Leave 'im alone, he ain’t done nothin’ wrong. He can’t even speak.” Okay, maybe not the worst day. Some good things have happened. For instance, Race has showed that he cares about me twice already. Plus, if I looked down just slightly I’d have a great view of his ass (not that I’m thinking about that at all).

“Aw, have we got ourselves a poor little mute?” Oscar taunted from behind me. He was closer to me now, making it much harder to stay calm.

“I said leave 'im alone,” Race spoke, his voice much more demanding (which was damn attractive but now’s not really the time for that).

“Whatchya gonna do 'bout it?” Oscar Delancey’s hand came down on my shoulder and my entire body tensed up. And then I was off. I sprinted past Race, Morris, and Katherine. I heard the Delanceys shouting and running after me, and I was sure the boys were in absolute chaos because by now they would’ve realized that I’m the girl who broke the rules and became a newsie.

As I reached a familiar alleyway I took a sharp right and tucked myself against the wall, watching as Morris and Oscar ran past my hiding spot. I headed further down the alley, coming to what appeared to be a dead end, but really it wasn’t. Race had shown me this place our first week as partners. After a little bit of squeezing, I was through the other side and strolling leisurely down the street, headed in the direction of the lodge. I wasn’t sure what would happen when I returned, but I really had nowhere else to go.

As I got closer I could sense the commotion. I was positive at least some of the newsies had gone out to sell papes, but Race and Jack would’ve stayed behind to question Katherine. Davey would be there by now, and I wondered if he’d been filled in yet. As I walked into the lodge I got five pairs of eyes all suddenly on me. Race, Katherine, Jack, Davey, and Crutchie were all sitting and talking.

“Mute! Thank god you’re okay, we were so worried!” Crutchie was smiling at me and I couldn’t help but be confused. It was Crutchie after all, but even he seemed a bit happy considering he should’ve just found out that I’d basically been lying to him. No doubt Kath had explained that I wasn’t actually mute, and I had a real name that definitely wasn’t Mute.

“Oscar sure scared ya, but you’re safe with us,” Race smiled at me (and my heart melted).

“Sorry I missed it, Mute,” Davey gave me an apologetic smile. “I can’t believe the Delanceys really thought one of us was a girl,” he laughed.

Wait, what?

I caught Kath’s eye and she winked at me. No way. Absolutely no way. I sprint away while they’re talking about a girl secretly being a newsie and they still don’t figure it out?



side note: I don’t mean to offend anyone with the picture of what a girl is painted in this imagine, I’m basing it more off standards/expectations of girls during the time period

I mean, when a man reaches…a certain age,” he tried again, “he knows the world is never going to be perfect. He’s got used to it being a bit, a bit…” “Manky?” Nobby suggested. Tucked behind his ear, in the place usually reserved for his cigarette, was another wilting lilac flower. “Exactly,” said Colon. “Like, it’s never going to be perfect, so you just do the best you can, right? But when there’s a kid on the way, well, suddenly a man sees it different. He thinks: my kid’s going to have to grow up in this mess. Time to clean it up. Time to make it a Better World. He gets a bit…keen. Full of ginger.
—  Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

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Hi, loving this blog! If you don't mind me asking, could you help me with something? I'm translating a handwritten text but I can't find any translation for ていうが. The closest I got was ていうか which means "I mean", right? The whole sentence is ていうがこいつ睫毛なげぇなぁ by the way. If you can reply, thanks!

This is a really interesting question! Learned something new in pursuit of the answer.

Yeah, it could be “I mean,” “rather,” kind of like one of those filler or buying time phrases.

I think the best way I can put it is kind of like, “Hm, how should I say it?” in English. (also “how can I put it” like I used earlier in the sentence.)

So in your example, it could be “I mean, the guy has eyelashes!” or “Well..how do I say this….the guy has eyelashes!” or whatever. I think it generally goes at the beginning of a sentence but as a filler, it can really go….anywhere that needs to be filled.



if you want people to leave you nice tags on your work… really the best way is to do the same to other creators… a little kindness can go a long way and very often you get back what you give. want kindness and excitement? give kindness and excitement. 

BTS reaction to finding you watching Doctor who

Anon:  Could I request a bts reaction to them finding you watching Doctor Who and whether they’d join you or not and like it or not? I’ve been watching it nonstop lately so yeah thank you! 💕


Drama queen. He would get attached to it quickly. He would be very dramatic over every character’s choice… or death.

“Oh my god… Did he just… Stob it. This is too much”

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He wouldn’t be really into it at first but he would finally like it. When you both talked about the series, you would end up discussing about who was the best charcater, etc.

“Are you serious? I mean, Doctor Who is obviously better than him. He’s the proganist for something, duh”

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He would say he didn’t like it and would call you a weirdo in a caring way for watching it. One day you would enter your room to find him on the computer screen watching the last season while eating popcorn and with a box full of tissues ready to cry.

“This is not what it seems. I can explain.”

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He would be really into the series. I think he’s the type of guy that would send Doctor Who memes, tell internal jokes and wear merchandising.

"The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes… Okay, this was way too much.”

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I think that as Yoongi, he would call you weirdo for watching the series but otherwise he would watch it with you. I think he would get a litlle emotional when a character died.

“So this is all? No. I can’t. I need a minute…”

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Confused. Would get names mixed up all the time. Wouldn’t get the plot of the story. Would forget about some importants actions, etc.

“Wait… Didn’t she die? Oh, okay…”

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He would watch it at your back on purpose so he could spoiler you and tease you about it just to make you go angry. He would regret it then when you spoiled him in revenge.

“Okay, okay… I’m sorry. Please don’t hit me.”

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I know how to solve the nipple piercing debate! Clarke gets one pierced and leaves the other alone so that way the people reading can just ignore half the boob smut that they don't like and Lexa gets the best of both worlds! I mean it's Clarke's boobs and Lexa is gonna love them either way, and maybe Clarke got one done cuz she was feeling rebellious but also didn't want to be too considered too edgy and get both pierced

Lmao genius

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touch the skyrim or car boys ??

o o p s Big Secret: i keep meaning to watch car boys from beginning to end but have yet to actually do it. i’ve watched a few random episodes but other than that, i keep forgetting to watch it

touch the skyrim on the other hand has ruined my entire life in the best way possible and im lov it

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I'm 5'0" and I weigh 115 pounds, and I want to get back to 90 (I was 90 all throughout middle school) my tummy pokes out and my thighs are h u g e. Do you have any tips on how I can reach my goal?

Your body is growing up, and a lot of times that means weight gain. I know it’s hard to accept, but accepting it is the best way to move forward and get on to important things in your life. You don’t need to be 90 lbs to be loved, cared about, or accepted. I’m here for you, but please try to find peace in your body. 😂

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can a witch turn me into a bird tho that’s the question can my desire to join my avian brethern be fufilled

If the witch is sufficiently powerful, yes!

Some spells that change forms are usually just curses – meaning that after a while you’ll poof back to normal – and some are usually just visual spells – meaning that those that see you will think you’re a certain form when you’re really another – but those that have the skill, the talent, and (most importantly), the ‘oomph’ can alter your form indefinitely!

I have a friend of a friend of a cousin of an uncle on my mother’s side removed twice from my family’s daughter’s best friend’s older brother’s niece who did that once. Wanted to be a Beautifly, but after the spell was done, she learned (the hard way) that in order to keep the form, she needed to quack under a full moon every second Sunday. Which is hard to do with a proboscis.

True story!

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Hey babe- seeing the shit you are going through has made me rethink how I have been in previous relationships. I have broken up with 5 people, 3 of which over text. I never knew how much it hurts. I am so sorry and thanks for helping me realize it

I mean, Sam didn’t break up with me over text. It began that way but we called each other so it ended face-to-face. Break-up’s can differ depending on feelings and commitment and seriousness and your partner. I hope your partners didn’t suffer too much. Don’t be too hard on yourself either. There are a lot of reasons to end a relationship. I won’t lie and say that I’ve never broken up with someone in a bad way / a text, sometimes it happens. All we can do is do our best to be kind to the person we’re breaking up with, I suppose.