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10 Scenes: 2009 Specials

“Have that on me.”

The End of Time Part Two


Behind the Scenes of Single Father

Interview with DT from the press pack:

And is it true you went bowling with your “family” before the shoot started?
We did indeed. We all had such a laugh and threw ourselves into it from the off. It was a funny one because back at the beginning we were trying to fashion a family bond to try and make the drama feel as real as possible.

Instead of lengthy rehearsals on set, we just hung out and got to know each other bowling and playing football in the park.

Did you beat them at bowling?!
Well, it’s not that I didn’t win, you understand, they were given the bowling “bumpers” as help, which I thought was grossly unfair, quite frankly!

I told them I had been the Scottish Under-17 Bowling Champion just to unnerve them – but it didn’t seem to work. But, at the end of the day, they had the bumpers to help them - not that I’m bitter, not that I’m being competitive against children. I wouldn’t want you to think that!


David Tennant + Tumblr [Part 1/6] (insp.)


Oh, oh, oh, sir, I cannot.
- What, my lord?
Make you a wholesome answer.

anonymous asked:

Soooo, the koala is like Eccleston, the cockatoo like Tennant, the snail with the cupcake on its head reminded me of Smith... Am I crazy for seeing all of this?

The koala is Simm, the bird is Tennant, the snail with a cupcake on its head is

a snail with a cupcake on its head

Desserts and pastries are legitimate (but time-sensitive) headwear


“[Rose] was - ah - a girlfriend, really. I know we don’t say it, but she sort of was.” - David Tennant, Raleigh Comic Con, 14/03/2015. 


“He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing.
The fury of the Time Lord.”