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He gotta give him that air you know

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Was your interest in the ocean mostly concerning intertidal zones, or did you just want to physically stay out of the ocean? Because intertidal zones are super awesomesauce, but the fantastic and wicked weird alien stuff happens deeeeep down. See: CHEMOSYTHESIS oh my god I was 14 when I first learned about chemosynthesis and I still smile like a goddamned idiot whenever I think about it. Have a nice day and thank you for making me think about marine biology

I just want to physically stay out of the ocean. It’s too big and has too many things in it, and my body is not optimized for surviving within it. All of the ocean is cool, IMHO, from a microscopic level all the way to behemoths… but submarines and SCUBA diving freak me out. It’s not actually the animals that unsettle me, just the physics of tremendous amounts of water. Riptides? The bends? Water pressure? Drowning? Fucked up.


You will always be
Everything good

the elevator scene analysis

so here’s my over-analysis on the elevator scene that nobody asked for. i hope you’re ready for Keith being a pining little shit

so Lance decides to check out the pool. of course he would! he grew up on the beach and is the guardian spirit of water. that’s totally something he’d be all over. he loves swimming.

so it’s kinda interesting that Keith of all people would also want to go swimming. he’s the polar opposite of Lance, he’s the fire paladin. water isn’t really his thing tbh? (doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy swimming though, but you get what i mean)

while it could just be coincidental that he decided to go check out the pool at the same time Lance did, i get the feeling Keith found out Lance was going swimming and wanted to join him but pretended that he didn’t know what Lance was doing ‘cause he doesn’t wanna make it obvious that there’s something else he wants to check out

what do you mean “what do you think you’re doing?” Keith??? he’s wearing swim trunks and a towel and is on the same elevator as you how can you not make the obvious conclusion that he’s going swimming???? you’re a terrible liar 

okay look, i know how i get when i have a crush on somebody. i will find literally any excuse to be around them, but will try to downplay it and make it seem like i totally don’t care. i’d recognize that kinda behavior anywhere. and Keith? totally trying to downplay it right now. “i just so happened to want to go swimming at the same time my crush did and stopped him in the elevator before he could go without me but pffsh i totally am NOT trying to find an excuse to be around him. i’ll prove it by making sure he knows we will be on opposite ends of the pool and i’m totally not interested in being around him!”

okay Keith, i think we get the point ;D (the way he says this line sounds so forced like he’s trying not to make things awkward oh my god)

if you go back and watch this scene, Keith looks over at Lance first. probably because he just realized he got stuck in an elevator, with his crush, while wearing bathing suits. the first thing running through his mind right now is probably “hHOL YSsHIT”

Lance looks over at Keith like “are you fucking kidding me right now” 

and Keith is like “shit gotta keep acting like this is the opposite of the best day of my life”

so anyways we cut back to this scene after a brief moment with Pidge and Hunk, and while i bet Keith would come up with any excuse to get close to Lance, i like to think it was Lance’s idea to crawl up the elevator shaft like this. he’s the kind of person who would come up with crazy ideas like this if he was that determined to get to the pool. i have absolutely no doubt Keith was internally screaming the whole time.

he proceeds to bicker with Lance like usual and they shove each other. if you look closely after Keith shoves Lance back though, you’ll notice he keeps leaning against Lance more than before. probably ‘cause he’s secretly enjoying the physical contact


poor Lance, he just wants to go swimming. let the dolphin boy swim

Keith: this is literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me don’t ruin it

Keith spots the vent shaft and they finally get out of there

listen, i don’t know if it was just intentional but it seriously looks like these two aren’t looking in the same direction. Lance is looking up at the vent shaft like “finally, thank god” whereas Keith looks like he’s just staring at nothing in particular, probably thinking to himself “well this was exciting but now we get to go swimming which is gonna be even better. nice”

tl;dr: Keith found out Lance was going swimming so he wanted to as well but pretended like it was just a coincidence, and totally was secretly enjoying the fact that he got trapped in an elevator with his crush. and based on all the pining!Keith evidence we have so far, i don’t see why this can’t be the case.

I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.

My theory...

So, before I get into this, I’ll tell you this question I’ve been asking myself: why did the ocean chose Moana?

Let’s take a look at Te Fiti:

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If you notice, she looks remarkably like Moana.

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I know people that think this is just the animators laziness, but I disagree.

As we know from the movie, the ocean saved Maui and brought him to the gods. However, as we know from the movie, Maui’s tattoos show his life story. Any time something big happens, a tattoo appears showing where he was from. But humans can’t do that, and he says: I wasn’t born a demigod. And we know that has lived for thousands of years. We also know that he is immortal. Since he has characteristics that gods do, does that mean that when his parents threw him into the ocean, he died? I mean, a baby that can’t swim, that would make sense. Let’s assume that he did die, who do we know would save him? Of course the goddess of life herself, Te Fiti. She would save a baby who didn’t have a chance, and give him a chance to live. But she didn’t stop there, she made him an immortal demigod and gave him the power of shape shifting through his magic hook.

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So, now that we have analyzed Maui, let’s bring back the original question: why did the ocean choose Moana?

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Moana in this scene saves a baby turtle from the birds. She made sure that the baby turtle made it into the ocean safely. And, if we already didn’t know from science, it is very hazardous for baby turtles to make it to the ocean because of the birds ready to eat them, this scene shows it very well too. No one came here to help the turtles, except Moana. She gave the turtle a chance to live. But does that sound familiar?

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Also, Moana befriends Heihei, and Pua. a pig and a chicken who wasn’t exactly smart. Heihei was threatened to be cooked for food, and Pua was a small pig. Not the obvious choice for companions. But Moana chose them, brought Heihei on her adventure, and made sure they were safe.

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If I were the ocean, I would choose someone to restore the heart of Te Fiti who had the heart of Te Fiti. Someone who makes life possible. Te Fiti gives life, Moana makes it possible. Moana makes all of the decisions for her village to keep it alive. As if the obvious looks weren’t enough to show the similarities.

Conclusion: the ocean chose Moana because she reminded it of Te Fiti. And if Moana was truly like Te Fiti, she would see that Te Ka was really Te Fiti and she wouldn’t run. Instead, she would see past the lava monster and see who she really is. Her gentleness will stop the monster and bring back Te Fiti. She would tame the heartless monster to bring the goddess full of love back.

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The nights were bitter and at their coldest in the winter.

Ritsu hated it; he hated the ache he felt where the chilling air touched his skin, he hated the murky nightlights and the winds. It made his fingers feel as stiff as bones, his nose, his ears bitten red. His warm breath froze in the air above him, the shingles of his roof digging feeling like rocky ice digging into his back, the cold seeping through his clothing.

But, the warm body lying on the roof of his house beside him made it more than bearable.

Shou hadn’t said a word for a while, lying completely still, his arms cushions under his head as he stared straight upwards. Ritsu knew he was struggling with something, could see it on the way his eyebrows knit together and his teeth worried his bottom lip. But he could feel it, too, a sort of crackling energy in the air that seemed to wrap around Ritsu, dripping into his bones and warming him from the inside out.

“Ritsu,” Shou finally spoke up, his voice sounding strained. Ritsu let out a low hum, turning his head to look right at him. Shou didn’t meet his eyes, his gaze pinned to the stars above them. He drew in a breath, gasps getting stuck on the frost in his throat. “If…” He gulped, eyebrows drawn together. “If I told you something. Something huge.” He looked over at Ritsu, his eyes warm and unnerving and comforting. Shou’s bottom lip was bitten between his teeth. Rising eagerness made Ritsu’s chest feel like it was going to cave in.

“If I told you something that could.. That could change this. Us… What would you say?”

The stars above them, hidden behind clouds that dappled the sky like paint, were unblinking eyes staring down at them. The cold stole the air from Ritsu’s lungs. “Uh,” He struggled to find the words, swimming around in his head. “I mean… I don’t know.” He shrugged, tried to be oblivious, to pretend that he didn’t know what Shou meant, tried to pretend his heart was beating against his ribs. “It depends on what it is.”

But Ritsu knew.

He knew what Shou wanted to say, to really talk about.

They had known each other for a long time, had been dancing around each other for months, years, never really able to find the words. They always spoke in intertwined fingers, warm touches, chaste kisses that always, always went unsaid. In laughter, in their conversations, phrases and silent words that were imbedded in the warmth of Shou’s body lying right beside Ritsu.

Ritsu figured they never needed to put a name to whatever this thing they had was. Because emotions, affection, feelings were something soundless that he didn’t know how to describe. They made him feel vulnerable.

Love was dangerous. It was tantalizing, with a charming drawl and beckoning eyes, hidden claws like daggers and fangs that could tear him apart.

Ritsu didn’t want to what they had, was afraid to give it a name, and had assumed Shou was the same way.

Now, seeing the way Shou seemed to recede back into himself, the energy that had warmed him to the very core slipping from Ritsu’s bones and leaving ice in its wake, made Ritsu realize he might be wrong.

“But,” Ritsu said quickly, Shou’s eyes, hopeful and aching, latched onto his face. Ritsu didn’t return his gaze, couldn’t bring himself to. He watched his words freeze in the air. “I would, ah, I would… tell you that, I mean. if you’re trying to tell me what I think you are then, then I-I’d say. I’d say I feel the sa–”

Shou’s laughter made him fall silent, made his bones melt in his body and the city lights around them feel as warm as the sun. Ritsu glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, taken back by how the blush tinging his face and his bright smile made the stars in his skin shine.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard you stumble over your words so much” Shou hummed, “or seen you this flustered. It looks good on you.”

Ritsu didn’t know what to say to that, instead reaching over and entangling his fingers in Shou’s hair, pressing his lips to his.

Ritsu didn’t really want to put a name to this, whatever it was, but if he had to for Shou’s sake, he’d call it love.

you can reboot as many times as you want but you’ll never take from me dolphins reporting to aquaman that they heard “yelling and screeching” from bruce wayne’s general vicinity at the beach which naturally made him think batman was being attacked when he was just having sex. arthur making fun of bruce for being called “Dee Dee” by his girlfriend and proceeding to joke “it’s not diana, is it? young man, that rope is not a play-thing!”. you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands

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Do you mind if I ask what's this anime you're talking about? Because so far from you you've blogged about I'm digging the lack of fanservice and moe face!

Hmm…. it depends on what you perceive as “the moe face” because that term is so nebulous and up to personal interpretation, unfortunately. I tend to define it as “characters looking much younger than their actual age, with typical anime style of drawing” not characters that are just as young as they’re drawn thus the designs are simply “cute” not “moe”. :v

In this case, I’m pretty sure you could enjoy:


It’s a very lighthearted show about a school for witches, that’s sure to give u a Harry Potter childhood nostalgia ;D. It actually feels exactly like a cross between this and Ghibli movies = cute, super cool action and absolutely no fanservice. Also female protagonists because that’s …. an all-girls school. The animation is so beautiful u want to eat it and the show is very funny but can be pretty emotional at times as well!

Addition: If you love Mabel Pines - you’ll love Akko - the main character, as well!! 


There’s also Mob Psycho 100 which… hmm I personally wouldn’t say qualifies as “cute” at all, unless some specific scene calls for it (mostly as a joke lmao). 

Extremely good animation - seconded! It’s not only insanely fluid but also uses SUCH UNIQUE TECHNIQUES, Yes you’re gonna see full sequences made via paint on glass or charcoal, pencil etc. This is… kinda an action show but it’s ABOUT action, it’s central theme is kindness. However unlike in other shows with the same theme it doesn’t feel forced. It’s so natural and all characters are so real and you’ll end up loving them all! This show’s not only super hilarious but it brought me to tears more than once… I’ve never seen anything so accurately showcasing character’s emotions through just the visuals.

So yea it basically has it all: almost no romance, amazing plot, animation and characters, humor!

Additional bonus if you’re a Gravity Falls fan: it has a conman character with a hidden heart of gold that actually cares about the main character that’s a middle school kid = so if u love Stan, you will love him! :D


Well, I’ve already talked about why this show is great [HERE]!


Then there’s a show that’s pretty heavy and entirely psychological, meant for the mature audience. - and yes there’s no fanservice here either. If u dig diving into twisted mysteries that make you question what’s real and what’s a figment of the character’s tortured psyche’s - Paranoia Agent is the show for you.

^^^ extremely creepy in context/paired up with the soundtrack = the intro is characters laughing in dangerous/deadly situations… the song is sickeningly joyous… you see nuclear bomb exploding, flood, war… and they laugh

It deals with so many kinds of mental illness or very serious horrible situations life puts us in, that make us feel trapped, absolutely lost. It can get VERY visually abstract and this gets more prominent as the show goes on so I won’t post any screencaps of this to not to spoil too much. 

The best thing is that despite dealing with very dark matters… the show does allow the viewer to draw some positive lessons from it. So you won’t just feel crushed after all that heavy stuff going on, more like… enlightened, emotional and utterly fascinated. I think it’s most helpful for someone with suicidal thoughts.

I’m yet to see enough anime to make a comprehensive list of those “safe to watch”. I realize there are way more out there but I’ve decided to only talk about those I’ve seen personally. 

But in general other movies made by Satoshi Kon (who made Paranoia Agent) are just like that show so go watch them too! Just as all of the Studio Ghibli movies are very fun, beautifully made, devoid of “moe face” and esp fanservice since this company is kinda like the Japanese Disney = keeps stuff kid friendly (but still some of the movies really do deal with heavy real-life matters like war or destruction of the environment! so it still stays very intellectually satisfying). 

Other shows to consider

Terror in Resonance: The designs are one foot in the moe and one in a more grounded style so it’s for you to decide if this sits right with you. There’s not really any fanservice except one scene where a female characters simply takes a bath, it’s not sexualized… but u can see the boobs so… yeaa be vary of that. But overall it’s a fast-paced mystery-driven show about serious matters such as terrorism, childhood trauma, how WWII affected the Japanese society and so on… Plus it has really really unique and great soundtrack! It ranges from fast-paced jazz to stuff resembling Sigur Ros… (and I love this character on the right so much > . <)


This is, a very chill show about a group of friends hanging out and solving small mysteries in their school and outside of it. The mysteries aren’t that important but still they got this kind-of Sherlockian vibe? (later on those books are referenced just as Christie’s). The mysteries are fun but most of all it’s about watching these high schoolers grow as people. I mean that’s not the most ambitious premise but trust me, this is incredibly pleasant to watch, it always made me feel so relaxed, at ease. It’d say it’s quite beautiful! And yeah the design is meant to be cute and typical “anime style” but, uh, characters look their age (I suppose) so in my opinion that’s not moe.

One could argue they got just one “fanservice episode” but I personally disagree - I mean if just simply showing characters going to a swimming pool and one wearing bikini… and the guy who has a crush on her getting subtly flustered at her getting close is fanservice??? then probably all of the healthy romance is. Idk to me it wasn’t over the top but very natual and tasteful. Plus this show isn’t romance focused - rather is centred strongly around friendship and opening to others.

Madoka Magica??? 

I’ve started this show recently, I’m 6 episodes in and so far there’s been no fanservice and I wouldn’t say the style is the typical “moe”(… but it kinda is… it’s complicated: character design is moe but how they are handled isn’t), esp if u take a look at how original the environment where the battles take place looks! 

Beware though - it can get pretty bloody and the show spirals into darkness further and further as it proceeds… straying continuously from the usual cutesy “magical girl anime” tone (=it’s not afraid to brutally kill off its characters)

  • Nagisa: Hey it's pretty muggy outside.
  • Rei: Is this another pun? Am I gonna go outside and find our yard covered in coffee mugs?
  • Nagisa: ... *smirks as he sips coffee from a bowl*
  • Rei: Dammit Nagisa, you're lucky you're cute.