i mean srsly look at this art!

Did people ever understand the meaning of kidnap? It always getting on my nerves whenever I see people accused Jumin of kidnapping MC. Like when guys? Jumin never kidnapped MC even in his BE!  Have you ever played his BE or his route at all?

Let’s look to this definition of kidnap by Cambridge Dictionary (British’s and American’s meaning):

If you’ve done reading, then compare these definitions to jumin’s actions during his route (even in his BE). Was it fit to this definition? I think Nope.

Please get your facts right. I know there are people who dislike him but please at least don’t spread lies!!!

Have they never get it in their language class? Like srsly?


it’s so anoying that none of these things actually look like the guy, but it’s still good practice. ‘started watching Black Sails (and by that I mean ‘i have seen it all in four days’) and. well. Billy. just Billy. toopureforthispirateworld

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You and Whamuu are basically brothers, but Im curious to know something. Which one of you would be the older brother?

(( Actually, Wamuu is the older brother, being 12000 to Santana’s 10000, according to canon.
But, one: 
-I’m pretty sure Araki did not think through those ages, because wtf that means Wamuu was like a 2000-year-old baby when Kars and Esi picked him up and yet he looked identical to Santana who was probably only a few years old AT MOST, seriously what the hell,
And, two:
-Due to them both being babies when they got kidnap-adopted, and Kars & Esidisi probably not caring so much about birthday dates, neither really knows how old they are for certain.
So I’m just going to say they’re roughly the same age, and will fight over who’s older. :V ))

Gabi Garcia looks like a humanoid Jasper and she´s beautiful

Since I am practicing mixed martial arts(MMA) and brazilian jiu jitsu(BJJ), I have the honor to interact with terrifingly strong and skilled women even though there are just a few of us in this male dominated sport. 

And being a nerdy kid I often make connections with these women and fictional characters (because srsly they look like superheroes) and I just think the su-fandom should be aware of Gabi Garcia.

I mean, just look at her! Not only is she super buff she´s also a tall woman (6.1 ft) wheighting 201 pounds of muscle. Even big men look tiny next to her

And she´s a super successful martial artist and BJJ black belt with 10 BJJ world championships (9 of which are gold, 1 silver) 2 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Championships (which are the most legit, in my opinion) and has a MMA record of 2 wins, 0 losses (active since 2015). Look how she towers over her opponents!

If she would ever decide to cosplay as Jasper I would lose my shit. She would be just perfect! 


Obligatory welcome silks for the new gen one I picked up today because I have no self control when it comes to pretty guardians with a sketch by @gainstrive that happen to look a lot like my original progen before I scattered her colors. So I’m happy to have such a pretty lady in my lair again, and doubly happy that she came with pretty art. <3 

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if sm cut johnny's hair i mean even if they cut 1cm grgfrrrrrhshsh why are they ruining his art work alike hair ?¿?¿? i refuse to believe it 😭 yes srsly i dont remember what was the last time johnten had some sweet love couple time ????

probably back in 1863 when Ten wrote Johnny the bible of john ten the famous birthday message.
I’m still sad that Johnny’s hair is gone because it was a work of art indeed, but that palm tree looks hot and he’s gonna come back with other nct members in june so I guess that kinda makes up for destroying art

Nanu / Kuchinashi from the recent Pokemon Sun Moon game \ o / 

like srsly u guys can swoon over that shirtless professor, or that emo-looking boy with the Jojo pose for all I care, I’ll just cling on this ossan & never let go fight me >8D 

yoonjin moments compilation post #runera

so as the run promotion era ended, i really want to make a post for anything yoonjin that has happened because whoa.. i kinda surprise because apparently there’s quite a lot or maybe it’s because i got to talk and have an intense discussion about yoonjin with a bunch of lovely little shits from @yoonjin-network so we got to catch a lot of their moments recently–not to mention our I.F.L.M.M.B.L.D.T.F.Y. session. if anyone wondering, it stands for “I Fucking Losing My Mind But Let’s Do This Fuck Yeah!” where we usually do an impromptu yoonjin scenario because these little shits just can’t hold theirself sometimes *sigh*

so i dedicate this post for you guys. just to summarize what’s just happened in the spare of 2 months. we can’t let the moment be forgotten.

this post contained a lot of photos and gifs so I put this under the cut

^that^ is me after finishing this post btw


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uh. there was this “meet the artist” thing going on on tumblr and i thought “lol i’ll do that bcs i have no idea what to do with my life”

anyway, hello to all of you who know me and who don’t. Maja, Pisces (24.02.1997), Polish. i look hella different irl than in this pic, but i’m not exactly the “artist”, meaning i can’t draw properly and how i want to lmao

i love: Nightwish, gays on ice obv, Miraculous, all these tv shows like SPN and Doctor Who, colour blue, stargazing, pasta, sushi, girls, nsfw shit, polka dots patterns, May, zodiac, drawing stuff i enjoy

i hate: life basically, my mom’s zodiac sign, sport (srsly), meat except chicken, my art school, cold and emotionless people, responsibilities, being adult, upcoming final exams and diplomas and many other things, but i’ll close the list here bcs either way i would never stop complaining

00:57 here in Poland, night night

Everyone’s going about how the wedding banner characters might be Lyn or Eirika or Azura or whatnot, but…

What if the one on the left is like, Felicia?

You never know, it may just be a different art style, maybe…

Well, we’ll just have to see in four days.

hey guys just wanted to tell u that whenever any of u follow me, reblog my art trash or send me nice messages i get so embarrassingly hAPPY like srsly it means the world to me and idk i felt i needed to say this bc im worried that i might look ungrateful to all of u but i swear im not, im just rly shit at expressing myself

OK I’ve been drawing these nerds’ hair for like 2 years, and the first year I’ve been drawing them (for the rest of team (S)SSN)  I only had a shitty, 3 second screencap to use as my ref. So my muscle memory is from shitty drawings based on a shitty ref. For 2 years. Incredible.

SO its time for me to stop bullshitting and actually learn how to draw them (at least, simplified) because I’m still mad that their faces and hair don’t look right (to me) in my art style SO HERE’S SOME OF MY NOTES and I’m sharing in case u guys wanna use it too.
I AM NOT FORCING MY CONCEPT OF HOW TO DRAW THEM ON OTHER PEOPLE. (Srsly I feel like I’ve been drawing them wrong forever I mean???) Also my simplified style is the foundation for when I do more detailed drawings, so I’m starting with that

Sun’s jawline seems to come to a taper. His hair is fluffy, but way shorter than how I’ve been drawing it in my simplified style. The silhouette of his hair is more round instead of star-shaped or pointy like I’ve been doing. Hrgh. His hair all seems to slant away from a certain point at the top of his head (I forget the term for that)

Neptune seems to have a rounder jaw, which to me, was one of the more immediate qualities of his face when he first appeared (compared with the existing dudes in the show, at the time) Neptune’s hair looks like water waves + Sonic the hedgehog’s qullis (lol) and sweep to the right (his right) and forward, from the back. Front hair spills over his goggles, while the rest kind of points up.

Sage has a pointed face, but it doesn’t necessarily taper like Sun’s does. But Jesus, that jawline is strong, like wtf. Also his hair is windswept af. His hair actually slants a bit to the left (his left) The more prominent sage leaves tufts of his hair in the front  seem to subtly point back, while his hair in the back points forward

Scarlet’s jaw is  more prominently shaped than what his faced looked like in the V2 opening, and his hair has some “slits” in the ends, instead of it all being one cohesive edge of hair (IDK how to describe this okay I’m sry) Not sure if Scarlet’s hair has a widow’s peak but that’s just how I prefer to draw his hair.  But based on other shots of his hair, both sides of his head are shaved, and he just wears the rest of his hair to the right side of his face., which covers his eye and ear.

anonymous asked:

QUESTION why are you such a elitist


question: why are u such a nosy cunt?

no srsly. i dont even look at myself as an elitist considering i dont have fancy blog themes or edits, and neither do i care about editing my txt too much.

if being aN elitist means writing novels then i do apologise for being gifted with the art of writing flawlessly in a language that isnt even my mother tongue.

but with all due respect if u dont like me, dont follow me. im neither here for the fame, nor the drama, i just want a good time doing what i enjoy the most: writing.

devilxlord  asked:

So at the convention in Russia, Alex Hirsch said that Stan would draw in a style that would be fun and silly. And you're totally a Stan heh. You always have a way of making your drawings look so funny, it always makes me smile and laugh :D especially the latest drawings you did of pirate!stan and fords wanted posters!! Hahaha. Anyway I've said too much 🤐 thanks for sharing your drawings with us ❤️✌🏻

That must mean that we both do those exaggerated expressions ourselves while drawing, hahhah!

But seriously, that is so incredibly nice to hear! I’m so glad my art has brought happiness n such to you! :D Tytyty for the compliments, you are too kind! <3


E-E-E-Eye contact……. aside from the skinship, there’s eye contact!!!

Suddenly, I have this headcanon that whenever everyone is focused on something or someone else, these two would be like, making eye contact with each other without really meaning to… As if they want to get a glimpse of the other’s reaction about the situation since they’re still getting to know each other but then, they end up getting locked up in that gaze and can’t help but blush a little coz they’re thinking and doing the same thing so they smile at each other instead. >////v////<

These dorks are srsly making me feel embarrassed ugu


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