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rodimus & minimus are such chill pals being guys being dudes being bros

Now that’s an interesting question. Technically, they’re all dangerous. I mean, Tavros could sic a pack of wolves on you if he wanted too, but that wouldn’t exactly be in character, so you’ve got to go with intent.

The top and bottom picks may be fairly obvious (for this point in the story anyway) but let’s make this a good old fashioned countdown! That said, three trolls will remain unranked:

If Aradia is coming to kill you, it probably means that you were going to die anyway. Saying Aradia is dangerous is like saying that a tree branch is dangerous, but not the tornado that flung it towards your house. As such, I just have no idea where to put her. Should she rank high or low because of her disposition? And of course, this is based on Aradia from before she got her body and the new robo-hormones that come with it. Who knows what that will do to her standing on the list.

Feferi and Gamzee simply haven’t expressed enough emotional range for me to judge them yet. I can’t say what it would take to get either one of them into a murderous rage since I have absolutely nothing to go on.

With those out of the way, let’s get to the list, starting with the least dangerous:

  1. Tavros: Well, duh. Vriska is honestly trying to get him to stand up for himself (figuratively speaking) and it’s still a struggle. In all honesty, Tavros is the only troll I would call “safe”. From here on out, we’re talking about increasing levels of danger.
  2. Karkat: This may come as a surprise given his general demeanor, but so much of his rage (and the consequences thereof) is directed inward. It’s almost hard to imagine Karkat actually hurting someone else when he spends so much energy hurting himself. Don’t forget that he resolved the fight with his lusus by giving it some ice cubes roe cubes to chew on. That said, I’m sure he’ll find it in him without too much difficulty.
  3. Kanaya: Girl’s got a chainsaw and and no compunctions about using it. She’s also willing to play ball with some of the more dangerous trolls on this list, which speaks to a certain level of confidence when the shit hits the fan. Really, the only thing keeping her so low on this list is the fact that so many other trolls have shown an eagerness for violence.
  4. Nepeta: Hurt her friends, and she’ll literally rip you apart with her bare hands and wear you like a cloak.
  5. Sollux: Rounding out the center of the list is Sollux. His diagnosably erratic mood and phenomenal psychic powers make him reasonably likely to resort to violence.
  6. Equius: Equius is an oddball on this list. He’s pretty good about taking his anger out on his robots, but on the other hand he’s so incredibly stronk that he often breaks shit unintentionally. Your own physical fitness had better be up to scratch if you plan on interacting with this troll.
  7. Terezi: Her will to taste justice done burns bright, and despite having no super powers of her own, her ability to follow through on that desire is in no way hampered. I debating putting Terezi lower on this list because of her insistence that the people she targets should deserve her wrath. In the end I decided it doesn’t matter. Terezi is not one who should be crossed lightly.
  8. Eridan: We haven’t seen much from him yet, but he fancies himself Vriska’s kismesis, and has been directly compared to her by Feferi. That alone is enough to rank him near the top of this list, but let us not forget his ambition to wage war with the terrestrial trolls. Perhaps his eyes are bigger than his stomach, but he’s set himself up to be a troublesome troll indeed.
  9. Do I even need to say it? Of course it’s Vriska! The girl kills with little to no remorse, has frighteningly powerful psychic powers and has tangled with one of the most powerful beings in the series. It really is no contest.