i mean she was working for him

Just a little something here that I just only noticed yesterday while I was making this gifset. But Luna is like wearing a nightgown there, which has a very symbolic meaning in my opinion. She is about to slumber , almost ready to rest. But she cannot not yet do that fully, as we know she continues on aiding Noctis even after her passing in some ways. 

Darkness is taking her away and Noctis drifts off into the light. He lives, she dies. He walks in the light, she slumbers into darkness. Awaiting the light of the chosen one to pierce together with him through the darkness, to know eternal peace together at the end.

This is purely my interpretation, and works for me and makes it even stronger, their relationship I mean :D 

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BM's hashtags imply otherwise as well as the timing of him abruptly unfollowing, blocking, and deleting her photos while she was in Scotland in April. Anyone who was following him at that time will note how many been cheated on quotes he faved on ig during that time. It's OK to like Sam, I just don't like to blindly support someone just because he played one of my favorite characters. Nice guy he may be in work mode with friends, but privately can just be your typical actor.

Oh, so you mean his brother doesn’t know he’s been cheated on? Because he still likes Mackenzie’s IG postings. And he still follows her. How do you explain that?

Many breakups are not friendly. Billy added these hashtags weeks, if not months after the breakup, so who knows why he did it. We have no idea what kind of person Billy is. We have no idea what kind of person Mackenzie is and how they were as a couple. They could have fought from dusk till dawn for all we know. A few laughing pics on instagram don’t give us a real picture of a relationship. 

But let’s assume you’re right and they did indeed fall in love while she was still with Billy. I’m old enough to know that such things happen. You can’t help falling in love, you just do. And if it makes you realize that the relationship you’re living in is not the right relationship you’ll end it. Or sometimes you just live in a relationship longer than you should, just because you don’t find the courage to end it and then you’ll meet someone and it suddenly is all clear. 

Hate it when people claim they’re angels and have never once done something morally questionable in their lives. “ He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” remember? 

Time Stand Still Chapter 3, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction
Schmaltzy-sexy-sweet morning after


“It got me thinking: I’ve spent so much of my life doing that I’ve missed out on simply being. And now I’ve …” She trails off, the eyes that had held such fire a moment before suddenly soft, almost shy.

He moves so that he stands toe-to-toe with her, lifting her chin until their eyes meet. “And now you’ve what?

“Now I’ve got somebody whom I very much enjoy just being with. Work has had us right out straight for the whole of our relationship. I mean, we’ve never had a proper honeymoon, and here it is closing in on our second anniversary.”

She pauses to set the cooking utensils and empty cups in the sink and fills it with water. Then she turns back to him, leaning back against the side and settling her hands on his hips. “Forgive me if this sounds maudlin, but I think you’ll understand: when my time is up, I won’t be kicking myself for not having worked another ninety-hour week. But if I could have had one more morning lying in your arms, feeling your heartbeat and listening to you breathe … If I could have sat beside you and watched one more sunset, or listened to you read Burns to me by the fire … If I could have in any way loved you better; longer, and I missed it … I’ve already done that once. Twice, actually.” She looks at him with fire in her eyes once more, her shoulders set. “I’ll not do it again.”

“Sweet girl,” he whispers, pulling her into his arms, their foreheads resting together. He waits, holds her. Knows she’s got to work through her thoughts. He has been here, has felt what she’s feeling for some time now, but she had to get there on her own. Because now that it’s her idea, she’ll own it, and when Isobel gets a bee in her bonnet heaven help the fool who tries to stand in her way. “I know you love me.”

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Why would Azula force Zuko to come back, what does she want from him? Like how would this work since Zuko technically fought against her along side Aang and Katara if he hadn't gone bad? Also since in the comics it showed Azula forcing Zuko to go back does that mean Ehasz was going to do the same thing in the show?

I am sure that it was not an accident that things happened the way they did in the comics. Ehasz was involved in the comic’s story and he wrote The Awakening, so I am sure that is what he wanted to happen in the show. The part where Azula forces Zuko to go back home, and he only went back because he was worried about Iroh. Definitely no accident. Not the Maiko parts, though. If you look at Maiko in The Awakening, it is not flattering at all. I am sure the Maiko stuff was handled by Katie Mattila. We know Ehasz didn’t always agree with Bryke and that the story was changed after Book 4 was cancelled. As for why Azula wants Zuko back, it is quite simple.

Lo: Almost perfect.
Li: One hair out of place.
Azula: Almost isn’t good enough!

Everything going on in The Avatar State was connected to the Book 2 finale. Aang’s Avatar State issues, and Zuko choosing between his sister and uncle, etc. I think the scene of Azula having one hair out of place was also foreshadowing of her victory in Ba Sing Se. She cannot be satisfied when things are almost perfect.

She took Aang out, and she is 99% sure he is dead. And without the Spirit Water, he would be. She doesn’t know about that, but she does know that he was in the Avatar State when she shot him. And because of this, she probably is worried about the slight chance that he could be alive. 

I think that is why she wanted Zuko to come back with her. It makes more sense if she needed him for some reason, and it also made sense that he wouldn’t trust her. She lied to him before and he suspects that the only reason she’d want him to come home and get his honor is if she was using him for some ulterior motive. It is Azula, after all. Why would she be so interested in helping her brother become a war hero with nothing in it for herself? 

It also makes sense why Zuko would go home when Azula used Iroh. If he sided with Iroh in Ba Sing Se, she would obviously know how close they are. She knows that would be the one thing that he would come back for. And her dialogue at the end indicated that no, it was not actually “his” decision. It was an unwilling choice made under coercion. And the conniving grin on her face indicated that she was in fact using him for something. She needed him to come back. Which is more consistent with her personality, no question.

Azula: You seem so downcast. Has Mai gotten to you already? Though actually, Mai has been in a strangely good mood lately.
Zuko: I haven’t seen Dad yet. I haven’t seen him in three years, since I was banished.
Azula: So what?
Zuko: So, I didn’t capture the Avatar.
Azula: Who cares? The Avatar’s dead. Unless you think he somehow miraculously survived.

Now, why would Azula automatically ask if the Avatar was alive unless she already suspected it? Zuko didn’t capture or kill the Avatar so he had a right to be worried about Ozai. Him being so anxious was not unusual. But Azula seemed like she already thought he might be alive beforehand. That would explain why she wanted him to come home and why she was questioning him. Just in case. She thought he might know something about the Avatar and was hiding it, which means that she questioned his loyalty and didn’t trust him, either. After Zuko reacted the way he did, she became convinced that her doubts were true.

Zuko: You have another motive for doing this. I just haven’t figure out what it is.
Azula: Please, Zuko. What ulterior motive could I have? What could I possibly gain by letting you get all the glory for defeating the Avatar? Unless somehow, the Avatar was actually alive. All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and foolishness. But you said yourself that was impossible. Sleep well, Zuzu.

Zuko did NOT trust her and he seemed like he had no idea why she would possibly tell Ozai that he killed the Avatar. He seemed like he was confused about everything that was happening, but he knew that she had an ulterior motive. I think in the original story Zuko probably didn’t know why Azula wanted him to come home and he only realized it at that moment. This makes far more sense to me. I always thought it was OOC that Azula wanted her brother to come back home so badly.

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Going with your theory of Jemma being close to fitz but also a double agent - I think it would be really interesting and cute to have like a pepper & tony at the beginning vibe, like Jemma is fitz assistant but he's with hydra and she's secretly with shield.

Hi Anon!

Oh the fic possibilities we have here.   

They’ve given hints that Jemma in the Framework as gone “underground” and is going to be very surprised where she wakes up.  It would be fantastic if she goes in undercover like she did in Season 2, only this time her target is Fitz or something he is working on, posing as his assistant or someone who works for/with him.  Or she completely blows off her avatars original mission to get to him instead.  

  • I mean I am so down for Jemma kidnapping him away from Radcliffe,  Ward, and the rest of the team to try to get through to him.  

Or she is Hydra like the others and going undercover for them.  

SO MANY fun possibilities here!

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Azriel. I think he loves to be in control of everything. His thoughts, his actions, his reactions. Not in a bad "I need to control EVERYTHING" way. It could probably be because of his abusive childhood where he couldn't control what happened to him. But out of the iron control he has on his rage, the fire and thoughts, I think one thing he can't control is his reactions to Mor. Like when she's upset he takes a step towards her, like he can't help but want to comfort her.He's such a complexity!!

I love this so much! I agree, I think that control (and being disciplined) is very important for him. And you’re right, it’s not in a way that means he will be controlling of other people - it’s about himself. Pushing himself to work, to be good at his job, to keep his emotions under wraps. And I don’t think that he is the spymaster just because of his power, or just because he and Rhys are close. I think it’s because he is really dedicated and loyal and he has that level of control, and so he is damn good at his job. It does bother me, though, the things he is probably required to do to others in order to get what he needs.

Also, that thing about Mor. Exactly. I’ve posted this in hot man gif form before, but he totally seems to be unable to keep his cool around her. Obviously it’s not like he becomes a chatterbox or telling everyone how he feels, but there are those little things that reveal what he is feeling, that body language, the way he gets protective of her. omg my heart. I think it’s interesting that both of them seem to lose their chill when it is about the other person - him when they are with the mortal queens and she is getting upset/frustrated, her when Feyre won’t stop asking questions about whether or not she cares for him.

ANYWAY this was supposed to be about Az, not moriel. These ideas align with others I’ve been discussing with people, and I think that control is very much a defining facet of his character.

Just Garnet Moments

  • All the times she picks up steven. That one time she picks him up and puts him on top of her fro then walks away
  • “But I think you’re just mad cause you’re single” *finger wag* (ICONIC)
  • When she’s so eager to show off to bismuth she’s the first to rush in to spar, how she can’t stop smiling the whole time 
  • “i’ll show you how its done” *cracks knuckles* *goes stiff as a board, faceplants and immediately passes out*
  • When she does the 3 eye blink and tongue out at baby steven to try and make him laugh, something we can assume would usually work, then “my power means nothing to a child”
  • HER CLOSENESS WITH STEVEN….how shes the first to really see his potential and give him a chance, how she feels safe enough to be vulnerable around him and admit when she feels scared or weak….she loves and trusts him so much
  • shes so hyped about steven learning to fuse shes SO HAPPY….when she makes the special sign for stevonnie. that was so cute 
Do you regret it?”
    “I don’t know.“ Her voice shook. “Everything.”
     He was quiet for a long moment. Heat flooded her cheeks. She opened her mouth to tell him to forget she asked, but finally he said, “Just because we didn’t work out doesn’t mean you weren’t the best thing that ever happened to me. Because you were.”
     "Yeah,“ she said with glistening eyes. "You, too.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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In parts of the episode where nyma steals the blue lion the big flag is LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND LANCE (made up of the bg) like the sky is pink and there's smth behind him that's purple and the ground is bluish if I had the screencaps I'd send them but it's like. That Has To Mean Something

…ok so i might of just had a realization though??

like, yeah, the bi flag colors are there

but also

one might not think that the use of color in this episode is a big deal, but with the way this episode is set up? how can you not understand the subtext here??? the moral of the story in this episode is Lance doesn’t need to go flirt with other girls because it won’t work out for him (Lance went off with Nyma, but she turned around and stole his lion), however Keith rescuing his lion and unchaining him did work out in Lance’s favor. that, paired with the bisexual flag colors in the background, AND the rainbows too

and also including the fact that Keith was really eager to get Lance out of the pod and getting upset over him not remembering their bonding moment (and also the “i cradled you in my arms!” line),

you cannot just shove all of this into one episode and tell me this doesn’t mean anything. 

and now i’m thinking back to what Jeremy Shada said about Lance maturing and eventually falling in love with someone in this interview

this right here:

that “one person you fall in love with a little bit”, my dudes, is Keith. it has to be Keith. who else could it possibly be?

you could argue it’s Allura, but she clearly has no interest in him.

but you know who does have an interest in him?

basically what i’m trying to say is i feel like this episode could be a metaphor for Lance and Keith’s developing relationship in the future seasons to come

question. i was reading ‘hockey shit with ransom and holster’ and i noticed this:

so, if the locker room court is judged by the captain…does that mean jack had to wear shades and dole out judgement? 

i’m just thinking about sweet sweet jack zimmermann sitting in the archives trying to find precedents about old judgments from previous captains and managers. they are not organized men and women; it has taken him many hours to decipher their scrawled minutes from “court.” the librarian comes up to him, worried by the sweat on his brow and his serious expression.

“are you working on a project, dear?” she asks. (she is likely 70 years old. she went to samwell. she was alicia zimmermann’s librarian.)

“no,” jack answers, looking up at her with the most intense expression she’s ever seen on a student. “my team keeps shitting in the bus and i need to figure out how much to fine them.”

this answer only raises more questions. 

“So,” he smiled, “tell me yours.”

“My what?” She replied.

“You know, your love story, tell me about the guy who made you obsessed with the idea that you’re better off alone.”

She scoffed,
“It wasn’t a love story. Far from that. Barely a story actually. There was fighting, ignorance, stubbornness, cancellations, toxicity, emotional torture, and let’s not forget the constant competition of who cared less. We just didn’t work and I know that killed him just as much as it hurt me but lord knows he was a hell of a lot better at hiding that than I was. We were actually crazy about each other, I know, hard to believe right? I mean, there were times I hated his guts and I swore to myself I would never talk to him again and I meant it too, at the time.. But it never lasted long, eventually we made up, apologised, fucked, you know.. The usual “make up” stuff. But it wasn’t along until the next fight, and I think it just got exhausting, you know.. To keep going round in circles. The routine got boring and there’s only so much pain you can put yourself through before you say enough is enough. And one day, enough was enough and we accepted it, we wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe in another lifetime but certainly not this one.“

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Can we apretiate how the dark personas went full circle?! Dark was created first, by fans creating a character based on Marks spooky skits and livestream intros. When Jack started gaining a following many Markiplier fans started moving to Jack or adding him to their faves. As there was so many people from the Markiplier fanbase they wanted a spooky character for Jack as well and getting inspred by Jacks own creepy moments created Anti. Jack then went ahead and made a new kind of fanservice, that is working a fan character into his videos, creating an incredible fan event. This sparked even more buzz in the Anti-dark fanbase and defienetly inspired Mark to do something unironical with that character, thus making official Dark in his videos.
Can you trust him?” She asks, the cigarette dangling from her fingers. “Can tell him anything without feeling judged? Can you call him and know he’ll answer, or call back as soon as he can? If you’re hurt, and I mean really hurt, will he drop everything and get to you as soon as he can? Will he be there for you when someone you love dies? Will he look after you if you’re sick? Will he hold your hair back after too many tequilas? Will he be there? Does he try to see you, even if he has work early or a busy week?” She holds my gaze as she brings the cigarette to her berry lips. “If the answer is no to any of those things, maybe he’s not the one?
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// alter ego advice
Vigilante AU

Based on an idea I got from jumping on board this post thread

  • This is post-reveal, aged up. The kids are about 19 or 20 for the main part (18-19 when the initial incident happens)
  • Chat Noir fucked up under akuma affluence and killed someone with Cataclysm—which could not be reversed due to sheer destructive power that caused it, the same way Cataclysm can never destroy a Lucky Charm. He was blamed for the death.
  • Akumas have stopped coming, Hawkmoth is waiting to see how this plays out. It works to his advantage because people wonder if he’s trying to protect Chat Noir. Maybe he was in cahoots with him? Maybe they both were?
  • Police tried to arrest him, the government tried to demand he surrender himself, etc. He’s clearly an adult now so they’re planning on treating him like any other adult suspected of a crime. Chat considers doing it to appease people, Ladybug says hell no. Publicly. In no uncertain terms.
  • And by ‘no uncertain terms’ I mean she either said something along the lines of “if you want him you’ll have to come through me” and “kiss my polka-dotted ass” or he actually ended up in police custody and she forcibly freed him before they could remove his ring.
  • Ba da bing, ba da boom: suddenly Paris’s beloved heroes are on the wrong side of the law.

  • Fast forward a year or so. Hawkmoth is still an asshole so akumas are still happening. LB and Chat are still fighting them because what else can they do? Letting the akumas rampage would solve nothing.
  • Adrien and Marinette have revealed their identities. Adrien moved out and has his own apartment. They both attend university. Marinette alternates between spending nights with her parents and Adrien.
  • They are dating, duh
  • None of their family members or Alya and Nino have any idea they’re Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • Things are pretty much like they were before except now they have to dodge police and citizen’s arrest while trying to fight akumas and “patrols” were less about fun and more about sneaking around and searching for crime and dodging ‘traps’ set for them.
  • Nothing like a game of cat and mouse with two heroes and police helicopters.
  • Most of the major landmarks, including all of their most notable haunts, are now monitored for them. The Eiffel Tower is almost entirely off-limits to them since it’s a difficult location to get to and from without traveling on the ground.
  • There are no more public celebrations and events about them, though thanks to locals protesting, the statue of them in the park was left alone. But tourists still do come to the city hoping the glimpse them.
  • The mayor offers like once a month to pardon Ladybug and go easy on Chat Noir if they turn themselves in.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir embrace the vigilante title by going after normal crime as well as akumas and performing rescues. Paris is actually pretty safe now. Backstreet muggers beware. But apart from that they try to behave and remind everyone they’re really only trying to protect the city.
  • There’s probably an incident like in Spiderman where they have to go rescue people, police try to arrest them, but let them go when it becomes clear their job isn’t done yet.
  • About half of the population don’t really care that they’re vigilantes. Neither does half the police force but they gotta do their jobs. Kinda like the Batman and Gotham PD relationship.  
  • But a lot of people still see them as a problem, think they’re secretly in cahoots with Hawkmoth, etc.
  • Some people see Chat Noir as the source of the issue and blame him for “dragging Ladybug down with him”
  • Chloe and Alya are still mega fans of Ladybug. The Ladyblog isn’t quite what it used to be and Alya has to deal with frequent comments about running a blog dedicated to vigilantes


  • Chat Noir’s suit is pretty much the same except for his bell and tail. The bell is gone entirely; he can’t have something that makes noise like that when he has to be able to sneak around silently. After a few incidents where people tried catch him by the tail, the belt now has small spikes on it instead of holes. He doesn’t use it as a weapon, merely as a deterrent. (Ladybug’s suit is impenetrable and she can still seize him by the tail if necessary)
  • Ladybug’s bright red suit was spotted too easily (pun 100% intended) so she and Tikki had to come up with something different. Her suit is mostly black now with maybe some red spots or accents. She wears a braid instead of pigtails and the ribbon(s) are woven in with the braid.
  • I am open to ideas if someone wants to draw them

Fu and Other Wielders

  • Though Fu did approve of their decision to preserve Chat Noir over their hero status. They’re not meant to be textbook super heroes, they’re meant to fight evil and, in this case, free a kwami and Miraculous from evil. And if they have to act against the law to succeed then so be it. Wouldn’t be the first time it’d happened.
  • Fu has been hesitant to hand out other Miraculouses. If he chooses any other Miraculous hosts to help them, then he is either going to force someone into a vigilante role or, worse, the person might end up at odds with Ladybug and Chat Noir, or at the very least forced to appear to be in order to keep public favor.
  • He has discussed this with Marinette and Adrien.
  • Chloe does not become the Bee in this—Adrien and Marinette are aware of her opinions of the vigilante situation and neither of them trusts her to not stab them in the back.
  • Possibility of Fox Alya (though she’s not called Volpina because that word is Italian). Probably Renarde or something, unless that word has another meaning I don’t know about like ‘chatte’.

ta da

tagging @hchano @amynchan @sinfulpapillon @australet789 and @kryallaorchid because reasons

  • what she says: i'm fine
Never Let Me Go - FeyRhys Fic

A/N: So, I did a thing. It’s been a while since I wrote a fic and I’ve been working on this one for a while. This is a little different because it’s not written in first person - but I figured that’s the joy of fanfic, I can do what I want :) Reviews are everything to fanfic authors, and they really do mean a lot to me. They are what keep me writing. 


She hadn’t seen him since the war with the King of Hybern had ended. And if she was being truthful with herself, it was because she was hiding. She wasn’t ready to face him, wasn’t ready to talk to him, to accept what had happened to her - not after her sacrifice.

In just a few short years, her world had been completely turned upside down. From the moment she had killed Andre in the woods, everything changed. And when Amarantha snapped her neck Under the Mountain and she woke up as a High Fae, she promised herself that she would learn to adjust to her immortality. It had taken time, and an internal battle with unimaginable suffering, before she willingly accepted her fate. And once she learned what Rhysand was to her, once she had found her mate and her family, found the person she was supposed to spend eternity with, she was filled with immense joy.

But that was all so long ago. Before The Great War. Before she had to give it all up.

***Chapter 1 below the cut***

Keep reading

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Steve Cap, someone got him to do a school visit to a kindergarten in Brooklyn. Traykor

“Are you sure this is smart?” Steve asked, as he followed the event organizer down the hallway. Bright decorations in a variety of languages welcomed him to PS.375 Jackie Robinson School. “I mean, I’m not trained to work with kids or anything.”

He’d worn his least-threatening uniform (no tac straps or supply pouches, no cowl, and no gloves) but he still felt like some kind of terrifying giant, especially since most of the art on the walls was at child’s-eye level. 

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to teach a class,” she replied, amused. “You just walk into the classroom, tell them hello and that you’re from Brooklyn too, let them ask you some questions, and hand out the little history booklets.” 

Steve had insisted on vetting the “LIFE OF CAPTAIN AMERICA!” booklets before they were printed, but they were harmless little comics about his life growing up in Brooklyn. Sanitized, maybe; they left out the gang wars and the worst of the grinding poverty. But still. Educational. 

“We’ve had great feedback from the Local Heroes program,” she continued.

“Yeah, Spidey says he loves doing the Queens schools,” Steve agreed. “Lucky we have so many heroes regional to New York.”

“All right, here we are,” she said. “Ready?”

Steve squared his jaw. “Ready.”

Inside, a group of kindergarteners were sitting in a semicircle on a large, brightly colored mat, being read to by a teacher. Steve faintly remembered his early school years as having a lot less carpeting. He barely heard the introductions being made; by god they were so small

“Hi,” he managed stiffly, when he saw the teacher looking at him expectantly. “I’m Captain America. I’m, um, from Brooklyn too.”

The children stared up at him silently. 

Ah, hell with it, he thought, and let himself down onto the carpet, crossing his legs, boots tucked up under his knees. His shield clanked, and he took it off his back, setting it against his knee. “I grew up around here,” he said. “I was born in Vinegar Hill.” 

One of the kids reached out and whacked his shield with one hand. It resonated, and there was a chorus of “oooooh”. Steve grinned, pulling the shield around in front of him, and drummed his fingers on a sweet spot. The shield let out a low whine. 

“It’s made of vibranium, a special metal,” he told them. “It sings when you tap it. You wanna try?” he asked a girl in the front row, who made a tiny fist and banged on it. 

“My brother plays bucket drums on the subway,” one of them announced, and scooted forward to bang out a clumsy rhythm on the shield. 

Steve, before he really understood what was happening, found himself surrounded by small, damp children, banging on the shield and firing questions about it at him. He didn’t even remember he was supposed to give a speech or hand out the booklets until the event organizer touched his shoulder. 

“Captain America has a few other classrooms to visit,” she said. The kids looked disappointed. “But he left some books for you!” 

“Be good, read up on your history,” Steve said, as he stood and mounted the shield on his back again. The children all nodded. 

Outside, in the hallway, he grinned.

“I guess it makes sense they’d like the shield,” he remarked. “Brooklyn kids like to make a lot of noise.” 

My husband called me a troll because when we went out to dinner tonight I asked our waiter (who had been friendly, attentive, quick, and kind of awkward. You could tell he had probably just ended training) to see the manager working and the poor guy looked like he wanted to cry. I mean, it was a busy Saturday night and he really was doing his best. He goes to get her and bolts to the kitchen while I sit there and heap praise on the kid because he was so fantastic, and not just to us, but all the tables around him. She starts laughing because it turns out he is new, and she couldn’t wait to tell him because it would be a real morale booster, and she thanks me and heads to the kitchen.
Like, 5 minutes later the waiter finally comes out, grinning from ear to ear, and thanks us for saying that to his manager. We tell him of. course, repeat the praise to him, and he takes our check blushing. We leave a 40% tip and head out the door.
Basically, tip your waiters well, and if they go above and beyond, maybe tell a superior. They pretty much only hear complaints.

I’m replaying all the routes and all I can see is how everyone is so mean with Jumin for no valid reason, except maybe for Jaehee because of her work but even then she really exaggerates with the hate, I can only feel sorry for him because he really doesn’t deserve it, especially from Zen, Zen is really mean and all his words are meant to hurt just because of his brother, something that has nothing to do with Jumin… I just want to give him a lot of love because he’s a good man and totally misunderstood…

Originally posted by califlair

“When my child was born and took her first breath and then when she put that tight grip on my finger […] 
With that experience I had at the birth of my baby girl, everything changed. I’d do more when it’s for my baby girl. She’s freed me from my own self, which makes life far more interesting. I now look at life through the eyes of a pure spirit, which is really, really fantastic. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are just exponential, and the meaning of life and how I see things are clearer. Sure, I’m still doing a photo shoot today and she’s not around. But when I do have her, I’m just not available to anyone or anything. I don’t care who’s calling. I’m with my baby.”

- Jeremy Renner on how being a father has changed him