i mean she has all the precious faces

“Mama,” Viktor whispers, tugging at her soft skirt. “Why is that man kissing her hand?” He points at the television, an old movie with a prince and a girl that has ash on her face and glittering shoes on her feet.

His mother pulls him closer. As she tucks the blanket around him, she says, with eyes soft and bright in memory: “It’s what you do when someone is precious to you.”

“I thought that’s what kisses on the mouth are for.”

“That’s different.” His mother runs a hand through his hair until he’s all warm and the snow outside fades. “You only do that when you really mean something, when you want to be with them forever. When they’re worth more to you than all the gold that there is in the world.”

Twenty-four years later, a bouquet of white daffodils rests on a gravestone. In its centre, defying a thin layer of snow just so, lays a red camellia. It takes four days until the gardener removes the flower, and finds the card.

Mama, it says, I understand now. You don’t have to worry about me. He didn’t kiss my hand back, but he put the only gold I ever wanted on my finger, so that’s fine with me. 

Do you remember that one theory?

You know, the one where I speculate that Mikleo is related to Velvet. Well even though it seems very unlikely considering the ending (unless she has a cousin that everyone doesn’t know about cuz let’s face it Artorius would’ve killed them if we did) it still seems odd that Mikleo and his family resemble the Crowe family. I mean Mikleo, especially when he gets older looks fairly similar to Velvet, Muse looks like a fusion between Velvet and Celica, and Michael looks like an older brunette version of Laphicet (The dead brother not the precious malak kid). I can’t be the only one that sees that right? It seems pretty odd that it’s all coincidence right? … Go to bed becca.

Precious Princess

I have a lot of feelings on the topics in this earlier post and I can’t shut up about Lannisters, so I wanted to make a series of posts expanding on what I said earlier. (You might wanna read the previous post first.)

“It was not a game for girls. I was my father’s precious princess … and Tywin’s too, until I disappointed him. My brother never learned to like the taste of disappointment.“

I think the term “precious princess” has two meanings, much as “sweet sister” might be taken at face value but is also used ironically. I think "precious princess” in this specific context is both endearing and dehumanizing. It’s a prime example of Westerosi patriarchy.

On the surface, Genna as Tywin’s precious princess indicates that she’s important to him. Family members are usually important to Tywin. Lannisters, in Tywin’s thinking, are a breed apart and “worth more”. As I listed in the previous post, all the other instances of “precious princess” in ASOIAF refer to actual, formally acknowledged princesses (Myrcella, Arya), while the Lannisters obviously lost the right to their crowns centuries ago when the Targaryens conquered them. To call Genna a princess suggests, at least to me, that she’s viewed as someone special, even among so many very self-important members of a very self-important family. 

But I think there’s also a darker meaning that readers are meant to take away here. While calling someone precious means they’re well loved, it also describes an object of great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly. (After all, the most famous example of “precious” in fantasy is the Precious. GRRM is well aware of the history of the genre. Think about what’s precious: precious metals, precious stones, etc.) While I’m sure Tywin loved Genna, I think Tywin also viewed Genna as a precious pawn to be used to advance Lannister prestige and power through marriage. (Love and dehumanization aren’t mutually exclusive.) Genna even says she was her father’s, and Tywin’s too, which suggests some degree of ownership over her. 

Moreover, calling Genna a princess puts her up on a pedestal, from which she would inevitably fall. When Tytos betrothed Genna to lowly Emmon Frey, he squandered one of his most valuable pieces on the gameboard, inspiring Tywin’s public outburst. As I mentioned previously, I think Tywin aspired to wed Genna to Roger Reyne’s heir, or perhaps even to the young Targaryen prince, since a certain woods witch’s prophecy hadn’t happened yet. But Tytos transferred ownership of Genna to the Freys, and Genna stopped belonging to Tywin when Emmon Frey became her “lord and master”. 

In my previous post, I linked to this post about how women in medieval times traditionally wielded power through men, and this (lack of) power is a central part of Genna’s character imo. We’re introduced to Genna in conjunction with her husband, who is “peering out from behind her” and waving around a signed decree that’s as ineffectual as Ned Stark’s paper shield. Emmon’s inadequacy chafes Genna, as much as Tyrion’s (lack of) height and Cersei’s lack of a cock chafe them.

And the tragedy, to me, is that Genna feels at least partly responsible for her failure to access power, even though it was out of her control. She failed to become the wife of someone as proud and powerful as Tywin, just as Tyrion failed to grow taller. Both disappointed Tywin, but this is Tywin’s standard operating procedure, making people feel responsible for the abusive situations they’re in.