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Lie about love - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Lie about love

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Castiel x Reader (slight, not really)

Warnings: Possessed Reader

Prompt: Reader gets possessed and tells Dean lies about reader&cas just to hurt him, but then cas comes and exorcises the demon and Dean thinks that what the demon said was true (bc of huggin etc) but then time skip reader tells the truth about her feelings?

“Do you think she’d ever have feelings for you? Dean Winchester?” she scoffed, spite in her voice but Dean couldn’t bring himself entirely to hate it because it was your face, it was your voice, it was your eyes- your everything that he actually loved. He couldn’t bring himself to be strong an face the monster because he was actually facing the woman he loved more than anything. She laughed. But it was not the same laugh that would usually make his heart skip a beat because unfortunately it was no longer you that laughed.

“Like hell” she scoffed “She’d rather kill herself than fall for you, much less get any closer as far as a relationship is concerned.” she said in a hiss “You’re one big damn flaw, Dean. Broken, in every possible way. You are a mess, a man with daddy issues, womanizer and an alcoholic. What would she ever want to do with you?” she scoffed and Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat.

He fought so hard to not let it show how much your words were getting to him.Because he knew it wasn’t yours words exactly it was her words because she was the one speaking. But in the very end she was inside you, she could see all of your thoughts and feelings. How could Dean be sure she was only lying to him?

“Shut up.” Dean growled, his hands not even flexing to throw the holly water at you like he would do with any other demon. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt you not even when it wasn’t actually you.

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Sometimes I feel like Sarah Manning doesn’t really get the love she deserves? Like?! She’s such a hardworking and caring mother! She gave up her drugs for her own daughter and pretended to be someone else and went through all this scary shit so she could get Kira back. Like she fights HARD! She’s a fighter! And plus she’s got great style and a sexy ass deep voice. Also Sarah and Felix’s relationship are probably one of the most precious?? Cause while she has the bad ass attitude there’s like this soft fragile side to her like when she finally realized that Adele was actually Felix’s sister and she was no longer his only sister and there was like this heartbreak on her face but like she wasn’t gonna break down so she remained strong and like speaking of strong she’s kind of the glue??? Like to everyone? I mean… she holds all the sestras together. Sarah Manning is a beautiful strong ass babe and one of the best clones.

Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 16: Comet Fall

[Author’s Note: On the occasion of my birthday, the 23rd, I want to extend my gratitude to all my readers for your amazing support and feedback for my work – I am thrilled and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift than to be experiencing this! Consider this chapter my ‘reverse’ birthday gift to all of you – there is more to come…]

“He can’t be Firaan,” Ryder protested. “It doesn’t make sense!”

“How does it not make sense?” Evfra demanded hotly.

“Why don’t we ask him?” Jaal asked. They fell silent, looking down at Tajix, his shallow, ragged breath the only sound. It was labored, but steady.

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Could you do the water jug scene?

Oh but of course… lets keep the positivity going shall we?

Ok so lets start from the beginning of this scene actually. Our lovely duo is out carrying water back to camp and Daryl not only can’t stop looking at Carol but can’t seem to shut his damn mouth either. Mr. Chatterbox it seems.

“I get it.. you don’t want to talk about it.. You ok?”

I mean how cute is he here checking on her, talking to her as if he just can’t stop either. Mans lucky he didn’t trip over his own feet.

Her answer is a throwback to a scene exactly a year before. “Gotta be.” And he gives her a little smirk almost like he remembers having this exact same conversation in reverse. It’s adorable.

He mentions for the first time ‘starting over, with each other’ and then proceeds to remind her that ‘you saved us, all by yourself..”

There is just so much awe and so little ego in this statement. He is in total awe of her, not only that she did what she did but that’s she’s here with him again. He’s still just completely over the moon about it. You can’t just tell by looking at him.

“We got lucky.. we should be dead..”

Not giving herself any credit, and showing some alter in her mood. Daryl knowing her as well as he does is slowly picking up on this as she notices the car and seems pretty interested in it and changing the subject. He can sense it, even if he’s not sure what it is. So he desperately tries to keep talking to her.

“Hey we ain’t dead.. and whatever happened, happened.. lets start over.”

He is telling her that he doesn’t care what she did, or what happened. That it no longer matters. All that matters is here and now. Notice the ‘lets’ in that start over statement. Translate to ‘how you and I start over?’  Talking about doing it together. He may not know for certain what she’s planning to do but his senses are up and after just getting her back he needs her to see that he’s here.

“I want to.” She says quietly, her face saying that she does but doesn’t think she can or deserves to.

“Well you can.”

Carol is considering this, and checking the battery on the car, desperately trying to focus. to not see the look on his face at that moment. And tells him they should keep this car in mind in case things go south.

And now he’s really sensing something so in one last ditch effort he offers to carry one of the jugs for her…

COMPLETELY FORGETTING HE’S CARRYING 2 ALREADY cause he’s so focused on her and doing and saying anything to keep her attention, and he’s all nervous and fidgety as it is, with the back and forth on the foot thing he does and of course SPLASH down goes the water jug in his hand in hilarious fashion.

I mean this a guy can rapid fire kill walkers with great precision but does this when trying to be chivalrous with a woman who obviously didn’t need any help.

Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it people.

And he is just…

The cutest embarrassment ever and you can almost read his mind ‘wow I really suck at this shit..”

But Carol’s face just says it all. He is so damn precious to her she can’t help but smile. How could she not?

Smooth Dixon. Smooth.

I love this one because it goes from serious conversation, more talking than Daryl has done in like an entire season, to adorably hilarious in the space of minutes.  The fact that tough sure handed Daryl, who tends to use few words turns into clumsy chatty Kathy around her is so very adorable.

And I mean yeah sure guys always act like this around women they are not interested in at all.

Right. Tell me another one.

(these are not my gifs but I’ve had them for so long I forgot who made them so credit to whoever did)

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omg hi!! i saw this on other blogs but who would you associate your mutuals as wanna one? like __ is jihoon or something you feel? I thought it would be cute to ask!


Jisung - @danielsoftgf @ongjins

dian is like the SWEETEST MOM/DAD on this site i swear omfg she’s so freaking adorable and always checks up on her kids AND UGHH SHE JUST MAKES ME SO SOFT SOMETIMES


Sungwoon - @alliwannado-w1

idk she gives off this cute and adorable, but deadly vibe?? NOT LIKE SHE’S GONNA MURDER ANYONE BUT I MEAN LIKE she’s super SUPER talented at everything and is SOSOSOSO KIND but could be really scary if she’s mad idk HAHAH

Minhyun - @seunghyuks

she’s beauty, she’s grace, but she can also punch u in the face :^) when i first started talking to her she was super super nice n polite like minhyun and i was like she’s so precious??? but that was before i found out she can also throw a mean roast sometimes :(( but i lov her sm

Seongwoo - @laisgrl

I BARELY STARTED TALKING TO HER BUT JANA ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH OFMGOFMG her sense of humor has seongwoo shaking rn like all she has to do is just breathe and i’ll be on the floor possibly in a coma

Jaehwan - @kimjaehwanswife

ogmofmidf lucy reminds me of jaehwan so much just because of all her random but funny as hell shitposts all the time like i luv how she can just keep talking and talking and it’s just like a nice refresher on my dash nd i feel like she could probably outscream jaehwan if she wanted to u know

Daniel - @perkwoojin

she’s so?? well rounded?? good at everything?? OK LITERALLY JAS CAN WRITE, SHE CAN EDIT, SHE CAN GIF, AND SHE’S FUNNY ON TOP OF THAT LIKE WTF SHE’S THE FULL PACKAGE which i kinda relate to daniel bc he’s well rounded too AND I ALWAYS SAY THAT I HATE HIM BC HE’S MY BIAS WRECKER but i mean it w love which is why i’m always mean to jas a lot too luv u 🅱️ish this is the only time i’m saying it 

Jihoon - @porkjeojang

BC SHE’S SUPER FLOWERY AND ADORABLE I JUST LOVE HER she’s also really really freaking pretty like wtf she could probably kill a man if she did aegyo she just really brightens my day and my dash with her personality and WOW i love her so much 

Woojin - @pinksausageduo

AGAIN i used to think she was like an awkward person to talk to BUT LIKE AFTER 0.5 SECONDS SHE JUST BECAME RLY OPEN AND CHATTY LIKE WOW DID NOT EXPECT THAT and her dance moves are absolutely FIRE just like woojins :’) 

Jinyoung - @wannasseu

she used to seem like really quiet ish to me which kinda reminds me of baejin during the first few eps of pd101 when he was unconfident but as i talked to her more, she turned out to be SUPER FLUFFY AND HELLA RELATABLE A LOT LIKE TALKING TO HER IS SO MUCH FUN AND IT’S ADORABLE WHEN I COMPLIMENT HER WRITING WITH MEMES AND SHE GETS SUPER SHY ABOUT IT 

Daehwi - @laignlin

ok i used to think she was all sweet and adorable and stuff on the outside but NO this girl loves to roast me and CAN BE REALLY SASSY A LOT BUT she also makes my day 1000% better w/ how energetic she is or how passionate she is about her hatred for school JUST SO RELATABLE GUGHHG 😩😩😩 and her snapchats keep me alive in the morning i luv u :(((

Guanlin - @woo-jin-young

i mean she likes memes, she dabs, and she’s hot so what more do u need to see her similarities with guanlin (also her sense of humor makes me choke sometimes i’m so in fucking love)

ok looking at this now this is probably not accurate at all but idk i guess its also like a mutual call out post bc i luv u !!! im so sorry this was so bad LMAO

“Mama,” Viktor whispers, tugging at her soft skirt. “Why is that man kissing her hand?” He points at the television, an old movie with a prince and a girl that has ash on her face and glittering shoes on her feet.

His mother pulls him closer. As she tucks the blanket around him, she says, with eyes soft and bright in memory: “It’s what you do when someone is precious to you.”

“I thought that’s what kisses on the mouth are for.”

“That’s different.” His mother runs a hand through his hair until he’s all warm and the snow outside fades. “You only do that when you really mean something, when you want to be with them forever. When they’re worth more to you than all the gold that there is in the world.”

Twenty-four years later, a bouquet of white daffodils rests on a gravestone. In its centre, defying a thin layer of snow just so, lays a red camellia. It takes four days until the gardener removes the flower, and finds the card.

Mama, it says, I understand now. You don’t have to worry about me. He didn’t kiss my hand back, but he put the only gold I ever wanted on my finger, so that’s fine with me. 

30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day 3: Favorite Female Character 

okay, the amazing thing about this show is that it has such a brilliant cast of female women. They are all incredible and it’s really really hard to choose a favorite. BUT there are two characters that definitely stand out from the rest:

Shelagh Turner~ 

Originally posted by marialujan22

Shelagh Turner could punch me in the face and I would thank her. I mean, look at this precious angel. Shelagh will forever and always have my heart. She has been through SO MUCH over the 6 series, and yet she continues to be such a strong and brilliant woman. It takes guts to accept who you are and she literally left the religious order for the man she loves and she still is true to her faith. She is also an incredible and loving mother. The way that she loved Timothy even while she was a nun was just incredible, and she loves Angela so so much and came terms with her unconventional yet amazing family and was perfectly content with her life. Also SHE HAD A BABY AND I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT. She’s also an incredible nurse and midwife, and has the voice of an ANGEL. 

Trixie Franklin~

Originally posted by midwivesofpoplar

Don’t even get me started on Miss Beatrix Franklin. Trixie was my original favorite when I started this show, and her character really stands out to me. Her character growth over the seasons has just been incredible. She started off as the fun blonde and she is so so so much more than that. She has overcome so so so much and still remains a brilliant light. She is so loving and caring and would take a bullet for any of her fellow nurses. I also think it’s so admirable how she’s not hiding anymore that she goes to AA, and she’s really pushing herself to recover and be her best self. Not to mention her outfits are ON POINT. fashion goals™ for life. I could say so so much about Trixie but words are hard. I just love her so much!!! 

Magic In May

This is the first naughty story I’ve ever written. 
All names/places/etc. are just part of the story.  I hold no ownership other than being the author of this story.


I seriously can’t believe I actually bought tickets for this concert. I have wanted to go to Memphis In May since I was a kid but, for one reason or another, had never gotten the chance. That was about to change. My resolution for this year was to break out of my shell. To do things that I’d always wanted but been afraid to do, things I’d always talked myself out of. I’ve always focused on making other people’s lives better, disregarding what I wanted in favor of everyone else being happy. This was the year to do things for me.

There are so many incredible artists on the roster for this years’ festivities. The Pixies, Paramore, Jenny Lewis, Hozier, Lenny Kravitz….the list goes on and on. I couldn’t wait to get there. I wanted to get lost in the crowd, to feel the music pulse through my entire body, to close my eyes and let the sweet melodies take all my cares away. If we’re being honest here, there was one musician I wanted to see above all others. From the moment I first heard his voice, even before I knew his name, I was done for. His voice had a way of making me weak in the knees, a feeling I hadn’t experienced since I was a teenager. He’d even infiltrated more than a few dreams over the years. Ed Sheeran. A man almost a decade younger than me.

Part of me was embarrassed to be swooning over him like a lovesick girl. But then again, part of me didn’t really give a damn. I’d tweeted him a few times, not expecting any sort of reply, of course. It was something of a thrill to me because I, in fact, am incredibly, painfully shy. I could not talk about someone I actually knew in the way that I spoke of Ed. I’m not that bold. Not by a long shot. I guess part of the thrill of saying what you want over the Internet to a complete stranger is the knowledge that you’ll never actually run into that person.

I’d begged my best friend to go with me for a girls weekend. We hadn’t been able to have a fun, crazy adventure since we were sorority girls in college. I desperately needed to break out of that rut. I’d been feeling so confined in my day to day life. I needed to feel something. I needed to be wild and free, even if it was for a small time.

We get to the hotel and drop our stuff off in the room. As we grab dinner we chat over what our plans are for the concert and which shows we have to see. There are a few lesser known artists that will take the stage before Ed does but I really want to get as close to the stage as possible so I can actually see and hear the music. I’ve been to a few concerts before but had never gotten great seats. The way I see it, hanging out through a few sets that I’m not terribly excited for is a very small price to pay considering that I’ll have a fantastic spot in the crowd for what I considered the main event. We get there way before his set and thankfully, we actually made it close to the front. I’m amazed at our luck. We end up having a great time listening to the other artists that time flies by. My friend starts teasing me as it nears time for Ed to come on stage. I roll my eyes at her but inside I am freaking out.

Another hour passes and I’m getting antsy. After what seems like forever, it’s finally time. I realize I’m shaking as he walks on stage. I’m actually nervous to see him. I’m mesmerized by his shy demeanor, the way he speaks to the audience like we’re friends instead of fans. He starts in on his set and I’m in heaven. He plays a few mashups as well as crowd favorites. He begins playing the opening chords for Little Bird and I melt. …strawberries taste like lips do…  I listen, eyes closed, arms dancing in the air as I twirl to the music. The song ends and I open my eyes, the spell broken as the audience screams and claps in preparation for the next song.

Ed begins to play Give Me Love as screams of happiness fill the air.  …all I want is the taste that your lips allow… He’s watching me. Wait, he’s watching me? Surely it’s someone behind me. I turn around and survey the crowd, trying to pinpoint who the lucky girl may be. All I see are happy, excited faces so I turn back around and get back into the music. I look up at Ed, a wistful smile on the edges of my mouth. I see him look in my general direction and he smiles which piques my curiosity. I once again peek on either side of me to see who he’s smiling at but I’m still unsure.  I look back up at him just in time for Ed to ever so slightly nod his head in my direction and wink. I stand there like an idiot. I tell myself it’s all in my head, that I’m seeing things. Why would he be winking at me?

He drifts over to the edge on the other side of the stage and picks up a small stuffed bear that had been thrown onto the stage. While chatting with the audience, he casually walked back toward my area. Before I can even work out what is happening, I’m holding the little bear. He’s wearing a little t-shirt that says “Ted Sheeran”. It’s absolutely precious. I look to my friend for some sort of explanation & she screams in my ear that he gave it to the security guard who then handed it to me. I’m still processing what just happened when I notice that everyone around me has started jumping up & down. Ed has launched into a spirited rendition of Sing and the crowd is going wild. I go to put little Ted in my cross-body bag when something snags the zipper. I put it up to my face and it dawns on me that my new furry friend has a backstage pass tucked in the back of his sweater.

Holy shit. What does this even mean?! I’ve had nosebleed seats at every other concert I’d been to, so I had no idea what I was supposed to do next. Who would be there? How many people did they give these to? My mind was so full of questions and, as usual, I was over-thinking things so much that I didn’t even realize Ed’s set had come to an end. My friend says that we need to head back to the hotel. I silently reach into my bag and pull out the backstage pass. Her expression is one of disbelief; mine is one of awe. She asks if there are two & I sadly shake my head no. This is not fair. I’m supposed to let my best friend miss the opportunity of a lifetime since I only had one pass? No, I can’t do it.  I decide that if we both can’t go, then neither of us will. We walk silently towards the trolley waiting area. I close my eyes and lay my head against the pillar. Fuck. My inner voice tries to cheer me up, listing the positives for the night. At least you got to SEE him, you had a lot of fun with your friend, and at least you’ll have the backstage pass as a nice memento of your trip. I concede that the voice is right.

I go to hug my sweet friend but her phone rings before I make it to her. She answers and her eyes widen. She mouths “it’s my ex boyfriend!” then goes to sit on a bench away from the noise. I see the trolley nearing the pickup point and I motion to her that it’s time to go. She waves me off so I go see what the big deal is. She puts her hand over the receiver and whispers to me that he said he misses her and wants to talk about their relationship. She’s going to back to the hotel and talk to him. She says I should head back and use the backstage pass. I tell her it’s not fair but she insists. “Maybe this night could have a magical ending after all”, she says as she nudges me back toward the venue. I watch her hop on the trolley and take off.

I start to walk back toward the stage and I realize I have no idea where to go. I end up back where I was standing during the concert, the crowd long moved on to other stages. I lean on the security fence and let out a sigh. Staring up at the stage, i understand now that the opportunity has passed. I mutter to myself that it’s probably better this way.  I guess I should begin the trek back to the trolley station. I can always sit it out at the hotel bar if my friend’s conversation takes a steamy turn. I’m happy for her. She really loves the guy. I hope their conversation is going well. Lost in my own thoughts, I don’t realize that someone is behind me until they tap me on the shoulder. Naturally I scream and whip around, keys in hand, with my mini bottle of mace swinging from the side like a missile ready to strike. My unknown assailant pulls his back the hood of his jacket a small bit and I realize it’s him. Ed Freaking Sheeran. In the flesh. Standing in front of me.

He tells me he looked for me backstage & I thought I skipped out since he couldn’t find me. I numbly shake my head no in response. I try to explain what happened but it just comes out in a jumble of words and incoherent sounds. He’s laughing at me, eyes crinkling at the sides. I am so embarrassed, standing there mumbling like a star struck loser. He tells me he’s glad I accepted his backstage pass & manage to squeak out a thank you for the pass. He says that he had a bit of a headache earlier and really doesn’t feel like being around a bunch of loud, screaming people right now. He asks me if I want to go somewhere and hang out. He looks a bit flustered and then apologizes if that came off too forward. I stare straight into his baby blues and shake my head no. I may be insanely shy but I am not a person who is easily left speechless. I collect my thoughts and tell him yes, of course I’d love to hang out. He smiles and says “brilliant” then grabs my hand and we make a mad dash for a black tinted SUV parked on the side of the road. We barrel into the vehicle and I can’t help but let out a long laugh. Is this real life? He flashes a dimpled smile at me then asks where I want to go. I don’t know Memphis any better than he does so I shrug my shoulders. He rolls down the partition and politely asks the driver to drive us around for a while until we figure out a plan.

As the partition rolls up, he asks me what I do for fun. I explain that I’m a small town girl so I’m fairly sure whatever I come up with will be lame in comparison to his rock star life. He lets out a low laugh and says that it is constant debauchery. Seeing the slightly uncertain look on my face, he admits he was joking and says while its a pretty incredible life, he hopes one day to settle down and raise a family. I’m taken aback by his comment and it warms my heart. He’s really sweet, I think to myself. We pass an arcade and he squeals that we should go play. We spend the next 3 hours playing old school video games like Pac-Man & Pole Position. He’s very competitive but then again, so am I. Before the arcade closes we take our handfuls of tickets up to the counter and are rewarded with glo-stick necklaces and temporary tattoos. I tell him it might be fun to use these glow sticks to play glow in the dark hide and seek. He’s game and so he asks the driver to take us to a park and we head that way.

The park we stop at is pretty nice.  There’s a picnic/grilling area, a playground, a walking trail…plenty of places to play. His security team fans out to provide security and privacy as we begin our adventure. We play on the playground for a while, seeing who can swing higher.  We decide to put our glo-sticks to good use and play hide and see. He finds me then I find him. We chase each other around like children. We’re giggling like mad & having the best time, that is, until I trip over a tree root and face plant in front of a famous musician. Are you kidding me?! I keep my face buried in the pile of leaves I fell in, humiliated beyond words. Can the Earth just swallow me whole, please?! I hear a thud and a very theatric “ooooooh” and then Ed comes crashing down next to me. That sweet man faked a fall to save me from embarrassment! I decide to man up and face my unfortunate situation. I raise my face and look over at Ed. He’s staring at me with a goofy grin and leaves sticking out all over that perfect ginger hair. He turns, reaches over and takes my face in his hands, smiles and then kisses me ever so delicately on my lips. I bolt up in shock and run towards the jungle gym, climbing up into the slide tower and curling my knees up under my chin. I feel like a child. I mean, who does that?! I sat there, silently berating myself for my behavior when I hear leaves crunch and his voice calling my name. “In here”, I say, and stick an arm out of the tower to reveal my location. He climbs up easily and sits down next to me. I can see his face in the moonlight. He’s so beautiful. He takes my hand in his and says “I’m sorry, love, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I turn towards him and tell him that he didn’t, that I’m just shy and admittedly not very good at flirty situations. I slowly look up at him & he’s just staring at me, a shy half smile on his face. I nervously smile back. “May I kiss you?”, he asks and I nod yes. My body shakes with nervous energy as he gently places his lips on mine and kisses me softly. I can’t help it, a small sigh escapes my lips. He looks into my eyes and then leans in to kiss me again, but this time it’s more intense & I respond fervently. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer, our legs becoming intertwined. I place my hands on his chest, resting my palms on his collarbone. I feel his heartbeat quicken and I know mine is doing the same. He slowly pulls away from me and looks into my eyes. “Would you like to come back to my flat?”, he asks and I give him a confused look. “Flat…flat…um, my room…my hotel room.” I just nod. We walk silently back to the SUV and wait for his security team to settle back in so we can head back. On the way back we sit silently, pondering, until he asks if I want to watch a movie & order room service & I tell him that sounds fantastic.

We head up the service elevator to avoid the crowds and slip into his room. For what feels like the 50th time tonight, I’m in shock. His hotel room is exquisite and I’m fairly sure it’s bigger than my whole house. He plops down on the over-sized couch and motions for me to come over. We kick off our shoes and plop on the couch and he reaches for the phone. “Yeah, we’re gonna need some fries, a bottle of ketchup, some Oreos, a few Cokes, some chocolate, a large bottle of tequila, a couple of limes, a salt shaker and a bottle of orange juice. Thank you.” He puts down the phone and says sheepishly that he didn’t realize how hungry he was. He flips on the tv and scans the channels for something to watch. I think I saw a Harry Potter film flash onscreen as the channels fly by so I asked him to go back. It turns out to be the fourth Harry Potter movie and luckily it’s only about 10 minutes in. “Harry Potter”, he says, smiling widely, “Brilliant!”. We settle in and get caught up in the movie.

Ed leans into the side of the couch and adjusts his body to where his legs rest on top of mine. I very tentatively roll up the bottom of his pant leg and begin to massage his feet. He leans his head back on the couch and let’s out a long sigh. I ask him if it feels good and he mumbles in contentment. It’s been a very long day, he says. A knock at the door declaring room service pulls us out of our trance. Ed walks over and rolls in the cart, tipping the server as he goes. Back on the couch and snacking, we invent a drinking game while watching Harry Potter. Anytime someone says wand, you take a half shot. If they say Wizard, a whole shot. If there’s a shot of Snape looking angry, two shots.  “We are quickly sloshed, of course.

I head to the kitchenette to grab a glass of water. After chugging a whole glass, I turn to walk back to the couch. I don’t make it far, however, as Ed is standing right in front of me. He cocks his head and smiles, pulling me in close to him and kissing me slowly. He slips his tongue into my mouth and gently presses me up against the refrigerator. I get lost in the kiss, my mind swirling. I feel my hands go up in his hair, gripping gently as I kiss him back. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his torso as he carries me over to the couch. He lays me on my back and leans over me, his fingertips running slowly over the top of my shirt. He looks into my eyes with an unspoken question and I nod. He bites his lip. I bite mine. I’m nervous, scared even, but I know that I want this – I just can’t believe it’s really going to happen.

My hands slide nervously under his hoodie and begin to pull it up. He has a plaid button up on underneath and we both fumble with the buttons, desperately trying to reach skin. He unzips my top on the side, pulling it over my head, allowing him to run his fingers over my bra. My back instinctively arches to his touch. I need to feel his skin against mine. He finally fully discards his shirt and looks down at me then buries his head in my neck, leaving a trail of tiny kisses down my neck and right shoulder. The hair on his chin tickles, sending me into a fit of giggles as he rubs it against my neck. Suddenly he stops and looks down at me. I wonder what he’s thinking. He takes a deep breath and contentedly sighs, lowering his head until his lips meet mine. I feel his body move on top of mine, his legs straddling me as he runs his fingertips slowly from the bottom of my legs up to my shorts. The sensation is incredible. I never knew something like that could produce such a glorious feeling.

I pull him to me for a kiss and run my fingernails down his back. He moans loudly and leans in, taking my earlobe in his mouth and gently tugging it with his teeth. My eyes roll back into my head at how good it feels. Slowly he runs his fingertips up my leg, going past my shorts and toward the inside of my thigh. My breath quickens nervously. I move my hands to the front of his jeans and begin to unbutton them. His breath catches in his throat and I can feel him growing even harder as he struggles to kick off his jeans. He reaches under me, taking hold of my shorts and sliding them off. We lay there, kissing in our skivvies, rubbing together with delicious friction.

I feel so naughty. I’ve never done anything like this before.  I am not a ‘one night stand’ kind of girl.  Hell, I’ve never slept with someone I wasn’t in a serious relationship with. Even though I’m in my early thirties I’ve only slept with a few people. It’s not a casual thing for me. Yet, here I am, pinned down on the couch by this beautiful man, feeling frenzied and a bit out of control. What has gotten into me? It seems as though my wild side has taken over. I slide my hands down to take off his boxers and grab his ass. In response he hooks his fingers through the sides of my panties and slides them to the floor. He stands up and holds out his hand for me. He kisses me as I stand while he gently pulls my legs around his waist. He backs me up against a wall and adjusts me so that my entrance is positioned over the tip of his penis.

Slowly, he begins to press himself inside of me. His progress is excruciatingly slow on purpose, teasing me, enjoying the look on my face. After what seems like forever, his length is fully buried inside me. We don’t move for a few minutes. We stay locked in this position, kissing deeply, until I feel his thrusts begin, soft at first then more rapidly. I honestly have no idea how long this has been going on but I don’t ever want it to stop. He bends his head, never breaking rhythm, and takes one of my nipples into his mouth and begins softly swirling his tongue around in a circle. That does it. The most intense orgasm of my life courses through my body. It feels like lightening is coursing through me. He buries his head in mine, moaning as my walls crash down on him. He proceeds to up the pace, driving himself harder and harder into me. I feel him twitch just before he explodes inside me. I feel another orgasm coming so I ride him as furiously as possible, crashing into him with such force that he loses his footing and we fall to the floor.

I start laughing, delirious as I process what just transpired. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me gently as he looks deep into my eyes. I snuggle into his arms and lie there with my head on his chest as our breathing and our heartbeats return to normal. He strokes my hair with his soft touch and I feel myself drift off to sleep.

I’m slowly awakened by a soft melody. It’s dark except for the glow of the television in the other room. I look around, trying to get my bearings, trying to remember where I am. When it dawns on me I bolt upright, attempting to cover myself with whatever I can find. I look around and find him shirtless, sprawled out in chair in the corner, the guitar laying on his belly as he lazily plays a tune. “I’m sorry if I woke you, but when I get a song going in my head I have to work it out. Sitting here watching you sleep gave me inspiration.” “I don’t mind being woken up by such beautiful music,” I reply softly, then continue quickly, “Um, I’m not sure if it was all a dream, but then again since you are sitting there it couldn’t have all been a dream, but I just want you to know that I am not a groupie and I don’t go around sleeping with people just to get a cheap thrill”, I continue. I don’t know why I feel so defensive. Well, yes I do. My behavior last night was definitely not what I consider my normal and I needed him to know that. I didn’t regret it by any means but I felt like he had to know that this was not something that happens often…or ever.

Laying his guitar aside, he stands and walks over to me, all the while gazing deep into my eyes. “Yeah, I kind of figured that, with the way the night began”, he says, “Thank you for taking a chance and coming with me last night.” He smiles, running his hands slowly down my cheek in a gentle caress. I timidly bring my hand up and slowly run my hands through his hair. It’s all so surreal. Just a few days ago I was sitting in front of my laptop watching his music videos, wishing so badly that I could just have that one chance to know what it felt like to touch him. I feel a tear slide down my face as my body starts shaking with emotion, the gravity of my present situation taking its toll. He pulls me close to him, kissing my tear away, a questioning look on his face. “Why are you crying, darling?” I look at him through slightly watery eyes and shake my head. “It’s kind of a ‘whoa’ situation”, I try to explain, “it’s like I never thought this would be something that would actually happen to me.”

He flashes a smile at me then draws me in close to him and just holds me. I wish I could bottle this moment. He leans his face in to kiss me. My hands glide down his back and I feel him take a deep breath. I return his kiss with more fire and passion than I have ever known. His hands slide down my still naked body, discarding what little I had covering me. His lips follow where his hands once were. I run my hands through his hair as he begins a trail of kisses down my body. I let my head drop back to the floor as I give in to his touch. I am literally weak in the knees. I couldn’t walk if I tried. Ed quietly stops what he’s doing and gently leans down to pick me up off the floor and carry me into the bedroom. He lays me on the edge of the bed as he kneels in front of me, burying his face in between my legs. I grab a handful of his hair and push my hips into his face as he moves his tongue all around. I let out an audible gasp as he slides one finger into me and then another.

I suddenly realize I am gripping the bed sheets so tight my knuckles are white. Just as I am about to explode, he takes me between his teeth, flicking his tongue rapidly. The scream that escapes from my mouth is one of pure bliss. I come so hard that I am gasping for breath, fighting to regain control over myself while never wanting that delicious feeling to end. As I lay there, aftershocks of the powerful orgasm still coursing through my body, he brings his face up to mine and kisses me deeply, tasting myself on his soft lips. I swirl my fingertips down his chest, stopping at his pants. My hand grazes his jeans and I feel how hard he is. I flip over on the bed, pinning him into the position that I was in just moments ago. I kneel before him and motion for him to lift his hips so I can remove his jeans. I slide them off and toss them across the room. He’s not wearing boxers so I get an up close and personal view. I can’t help myself, I slowly flick my tongue over the tip a few times, wanting to taste him.

He says “don’t tease” and runs his hands through my hair, grabbing a handful as I take him deep in my mouth. I slowly pull him in and out as I lick his length. By the sound of the little gasps and moans that escape his mouth it seems as thought he is greatly enjoying himself. He looks down at me with those kind blue eyes opened wide and whispers softly, “Baby, if you don’t stop now I don’t think I will be able to.” I shake my head no, never straying from my rhythm. I continue to lick him up and down as his grip tightens on my hair. I take him as deep into my mouth as he can go but it’s not until I start playing with his balls that he finally loses control; with a shudder that courses through his body and a gasp of pure pleasure, he comes deep in my throat over and over. Shaking from his intense orgasm, he relaxes his grip on my hair. He pulls me up to him and takes my face in his hands. He stares straight into my eyes as he touches my forehead to his. My heart feels as though it’s about to explode. This most certainly has been a ‘break out of my shell’ experience. One I would remember always.

Sasuke’s Feelings About Sakura Throughout the Series- Part 2

Part 1

Dedicated to anon and caramelpocky 

insvnevibes and k-punch As promised here’s part 2 :)

Now it’s the big SS FoD forest scene. But before that I want to look at Sasuke’s thought process before even waking up.

What’s so interesting here is that Sasuke thought he failed his loved ones- that he lacked the strength to save his family.  He felt helpless and thought he just watched them die. He was already in a downward spiral about his strength when he was sleeping and he woke up to Sakura’s beaten face, the whole helplessness to saving his loved ones was glaring his face again- he failed to protect his family AND he failed to protect Sakura.  But now, he can avenge Sakura because of his “granted” power.

He’s so hellbent on avenging Sakura that he even asks her to point out the perpetrator repeatedly.

And the look in his eyes is piercing and determined in these various panels- he’s not going to stop until he finds out who hurt her and make them pay. ASSes who say there were no development of Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura in the beginning need to pay attention closely to this part. If Sasuke truly did not care for Sakura as much as his family, why did he have such a strong reaction to Sakura’s black and blue face especially after thinking of his loved ones? There’s always this connection between Sakura and the Uchiha family in Sasuke’s eyes and thoughts (first in the Bell test, earlier in the FoD chapters, in this FoD moment, and plenty more in future chapters). It’s subtle but readers can definitely pick up on it.

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i have three cats: -artemis (my precious kitty) is only a year and two months old ,,, she always helps with my anxiety by sitting and purring on my chest :’)) she also does this thing where she just rubs her face on my cheeks till i breathe correctly -bubbles is our black cat ,,, we found her as a stray and she kinda acts like a dog ahaha -hugo is my brother’s cat and he has brain damage (and is kinda mean and fat) ,,, but i love him sm okay they’re all so precious okay

artemis is . a precious angel??? what a BLESSING. give them all hugs for me, especially hugo bc i am also mean and fat

OK may I just point out one thing:

Ash has all these people (and countless friends who are not in Kalos) rooting for him

While Alain has only her:

And it’s sad.

but where you are is home | A Regina & Roland fic

A/N. This is for the lovely @onceuponahappytime. Everytime someone spews uncomprehensible hate in your inbox, I’m gonna write a fic to fight fucked-up words with creative ones.

A huge, huge thank you to my adorable sister, @thisisamadhouse. You help me keep my chill when I’m insecure about what I write, you yell at me in all the right moments, you inspire me for all the sister feels in my writing. Thank you <3

This is post Robin’s death - but there’s no Jekyll/Hyde storyline, no Split Queen, only Dimples Queen angst and sweetness. Because this is what should have been in the show. You’ll also find Swan Queen Brotp and Mills Sisters feels.

Unedited, all mistakes are mine, I wrote this while listening to I will always return from the Spirit soundtracks, you’re welcome for the pain.

They’re nearing the town line when she gets the phone call.


“I don’t know where you are but you’d better get to the clock tower, and quickly. The extras from Camelot and else are freaking out and I’ve been asked to open a portal for them to go back home.”

She frowns and makes an impatient gesture at Emma who’s slowing down, waiting to hear about the new development, to keep driving.

“And why should I care about the medievals’ whereabouts?”

“Because Robin’s boy band is taking Roland home.”

She freezes, her grip bruising on her phone.

“I’m coming.”

She hangs up and barely spares a glance for Emma as she says, her words frantic, “Pull over and wait for me, Miss Swan.”

Then she’s gone in a wisp of purple.


She staggers and almost falls on the sidewalk as she materializes near the clock tower, her legs wobbly even as she runs towards the gathering, her heart pounding harshly in her ears, drilling frustration and fear into her skull, hazed words wheeling in her head to the rhythm of her heels I can’t lose him too I can’t lose him too I can’t-

He’s in her arms before she’s even managed to catch a glimpse of her sister’s red hair, before she sees the wooden frame tearing through reality and all set to be the mean of another heartbreak for her.

His head collide with her stomach and knocks the wind out of her, but she doesn’t need her breath to kneel down and cradle him against her chest, her lips finding his warm temple, her nose tickled by the thick, curly locks of Roland’s untamed dark hair.

He’s shaking against her and that’s enough to make her find her voice again.

“Hello, my little thief.”

He pulls back to look at her, and the tears he’s been too shell-shocked and confused to shed at his father’s funeral are pooling in his eyes, but he holds them back again, pale and brave and shivering, and she wants to cry herself when she thinks how he’s outgrown childhood’s easy sorrow in the last few days.

“Don’t send me away, please.”

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Prompt; when the boys meet your baby for the first time


“Are you ready to meet your uncles, Evie?” Harry cooed to his daughter.

Evelyn Rosie Styles was born a couple days back. She has Harry’s famous smile, and his piercing green eyes, but what he loved about his young baby daughter was that she had your hair and her nose.

His daughter looked up at him as if she understood what he was saying. He looked over to you, peacefully sleeping trying to gain back some rest.

This morning the hospital was lively, and so was Evelyn. He was trying to let you rest but your motherly instincts kicked in and you woke up.

“Harry?” you called him. Harry moved from the doorframe carrying his bundle of joy.

“Yes, love?” He said leaning down and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Pass me Evelyn, so she can eat. I don’t want her to get hungry when her uncles come by” you said to him with a slight chuckle.

Evelyn was placed in your awaiting arms as she looked up to you. “My little Evie” you cooed.

Harry walked over and closed the door as you brought the side of your hospital gown down enough for Evelyn to feed.

About 5 minutes or so the young baby some content and at that same moment you were dressing up the door was knocked on.

“Knock.Knock!” you heard Niall exclaim.

Harry walked over and opened the door to see four awaiting uncles and her three aunts.

Everyone walked over to your bedside and greeted you with flowers and balloons.

“Where’s our youngest Styles?” Louis questioned then the room was filled with baby chuckles from her crib.

“There she is” Louis beamed as he walked over to the crib and gently picked her up.

Eleanor walked over as the rest of them as they huddled from Louis.

“She’s so beautiful” “She looks like her mother” “What a precious baby girl” “Hi little one” “She looks nothing like you Harry” “She’s beautiful like her mother”

Everyone’s statements jumbled together as they all fell in love with your daughter.

Evelyn was passed down from Louis to Niall then Zayn and Liam and then back to you.

The boys then decided to go get a coffee down at the small cafeteria in the lobby.

Sophia walked over to you first beaming with joy.

“She looks just like you” she said softly touching Evelyn’s hair.

“Don’t tell Harry but she looks more like her mummy” Eleanor joked.

“I’m in love with her” Perrie said ecstatically.

Truth be told, the little bundle of joy was your whole world. Every second you found her more and more beautiful all the way from her little toes to her little nose. She was perfect.

“She is perfect. I mean she has my eyes and my hair, but what I love is her is her eyes. I fell in love with Harry’s and I’m in love with hers” you gushed about your daughter.

Suddenly the boys walked in with huge smiles all around. Harry walked over to your bed and kissed his two precious girls.

“Can I hold ‘er” Niall asked.

You nodded and handed her over to him. The moment she fell into his arms once more she brought her little stubby arms and touched his face. All ready from a tender age you both new that she was going to be everyone’s little special girl.

“She’s going to be spoiled so much” Liam stated as he tickled her tummy.

“There’s no doubt about that” Louis restated.

“When can you leave the hospital?” Eleanor questioned.

“The doctor told us that in about 2 days” Harry answered as he intertwined his hand with yours.

“Then it’s settled once little Evie leaves here there will be a lot of gifts at her favorite uncles house” Niall proudly said.

“Who says you’re ‘er favorite?” Zayn asked.

“I ‘an be ‘er favorite” Louis stated.

“Lads, I think I’m ‘er favorite” Liam followed.

“Oh boy” Harry laughed.

“Boys, I think that we are her favorites” Sophia said as she pointed to Eleanor and Sophia

“We’ll see about that” Louis answered.

“Sorry mates and ladies but she is going to daddy’s girl” Harry proudly said as he gently walked over and held his little girl.

“I love you Evie” Harry said as he placed a gentle kiss on her nose.

 How cute is Harry and little Evie. <3

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monster falls au!


- Wendy’s mother would be / would have been a phoenix.

- The shapeshifter thinks he’s free once he’s broken out of the ice capsule and fled from the bunker. Nope! He’s going to learn the hard way what it’s like to be stuck in a single, dreaded human form.

- Wizard McGucket may be slowly turning into a full-fledged demon instead, to take Tempus Fugit’s place (Nutters and I made the au and I’m still in love with it- Here’s the tag!!).

- There are gems were Gargrunkle Stan’s bones should be.

- Carla McCorkle is a tiny fairy who hovers around Gargrunkle. She is a precious old lady and must be protected at all costs-
I mean, she can still fuck you up, but chances are you’d have to face an angry, hulking gargoyle first if you try to harm her.

- The Mayor has been de-aged to a dashing young man in his 30s. He is also a faun. Who am I kidding, he’s Alex Hirsch, supreme overlord of deer and mankind alike.

Okay. I. Look, we know you people are all very upset that Sherlolly is actually a contender in becoming canon and having idk status and shit as a ship, but let me tell you, no matter how much we pray for canon we have been the most un-canon ship for ages. Do you know how uncanon sherlolly is? Do you know how people never took it seriously? LITERALLY NEVER? 

You know what I thought when I saw the trailer? I didn’t think go “OH OMG YES MORE SHERLOLLY THIS TIME THIS IS THE BEST.” 


Molly is so so so expendable in the eyes of others. I’m happy we’ve become such big contenders but I swear I don’t have high sherlolly expectations. I just want Molly to live. That’s how less seriously sherlolly has been taken. I get stress and anxiety thinking about her face when she cries. The bar is literally that low. 

And we’re all very excited but there is a part of us that is dreading this. Our favourite character could be dead, and literally no one is going to care. Nobody is vicariously dating Sherlock through Molly, we are dating Molly through Sherlock. Or through an occasional stand in best friend. Leave our Molly alone. She is precious and needs protection. 

i mean. She’s also rad as hell and will be fine protecting herself but pRoTEct her for God’s sake. 

#ProtectMollyHooperSquad - I vote we make this the official Sherlolly s4 tag. 

Cheers, Stress, and Love, 


Kurobasu sibling appreciation post pt. 2

Ok, but Midorima and Takao running into each other while babysitting/spending time with their little sisters. 

Midorima’s little sister used to be a sickly child, so she didn’t get out much until she started school. It’s left her with a near-terminal case of shyness, to the point where she has difficulty talking to strangers without squeaking and stuttering. Personality-wise, she’s almost the complete opposite of her brother, though, just really sweet and open and with an almost compulsive need to be liked.

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I always say this and some of you might be tired of seeing me saying the same thing over and over again, but Lana Parrilla is so damn precious. She doesn’t have to do half the things she does. She could be enjoying her vacation home with her family, but instead she travels all around the world to meet us, her evil regals, because she knows how much it means to us. I mean, she’s been doing it for almost 4 years, come on. She has faced awkward situations, stressful moments, but she never gave up on us. No matter what you ship, she’ll always be respectful and make the best of it. She’ll hold your hand, look you in the eye and tell you things will be alright. She’s that kind of person. And I cannot thank her enough for everything that she’s done for me, for my friends and for each and every evil regal out there. Anyway, the message here is, as it have always been: I couldn’t have chosen a better person to be a fan of, and I wish some people took the time to think about how wonderful she is, inside and out. 

I'm still all over how the bass in Felicity's voice was ALL OUT MURDEROUS when she was telling Oliver to get his sister and END THE GAME.

I mean, I need to watch again. How she stepped up and Sara and Diggle are pushed to the background and it’s just her and Oliver, face-to-face, almost chest-to-chest. How glorious that moment was. 

Even the look on Oliver’s face kills me, because someone isn’t questioning what he has to do, and whether or not he should trust Isabel’s intel, and whether or not he should actually go alone. He was tired of fighting his prerogative, when precious time was ticking away.


  • *Star places her hand on Marco's pudding as he's about to eat it, pushes it down and before Marco could say anything, gives him a B.S. excuse and walks away with a frown on her face*
  • Me: Uh-oh. Star didn't. NO! NO THIS IS BAD! It's over. Starco is dead.
  • Silent: Spoilers, dude! anyways, don't worry about it! Ships get like that all the time, I mean if the ships never got negative interactions with each other, there wouldn't be any interesting build up, recovery and it would be dead from the start. Every ship has those. Ups and Downs.
  • Me: *instantly feels a newfound confidence and cheeriness returns*